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Warning: Wincest but as gods no longer related, lots of PWP at times, sorry but as Sex gods, what do you expect? Angel love also, kinks may show up, lots of graphic language and imagery. Don't like please don't read. It gets really smutty so if this bothers you, please don't read it. I don't mean to offend anyone.

Hello, my faithful readers…I recently had a conversation with my inner fan-girl about a character from one of my favorite movie franchises and just had to add them. You recognize it once I mention it…just forgive me later please, she talked me into it!

Here's how it went down:

(Author has just seen Fast 6, is exiting theatre and groaning as her Inner Fan-girl begins to rant.)

Inner Fan-girl: Aw, shit, they made us watch Han die again! Fix it! Please Fix it!

Self: I can't…I don't do straight story like that, I like my man on man sex…sorry.

Inner Fan-girl: Well, change it to an alternate world and make them fuck like crazed monkeys! Do it or I will haunt you, I will…you know me….

Self: (gulps) Yeah, I know you…fine, I'll do an alternate world for them and save Han, might take someone else though…a life for a life kind of thing….

Inner Fan-girl: Do it! Do it! Wait…who you killing off now? Not Dom…or Brian, I'll get you if you do…

Self: Just a few, um, love interests…

Inner Fan-girl: Not Mia, right?

Self: Relax, not Mia…I know she's your favorite…might get the others though…

Inner Fan-girl:(is quiet for a minute) Do you have to…let Letty stay at least?

Self: Sorry, it's Han or the love interests…can't have both. Besides I don't see them allowing them to mate to each other and have gay sex, do you? (arches eyebrow as Fan-girl pouts then groans in surrender) I never said I couldn't bring them back later though, sulky thing! Maybe as angels or something, Heaven would never be the same if I did…lol. That would make the story more interesting anyway…

Inner Fan-girl: I suppose not, as long as you bring them back I'll drop it. I get why you had to get rid of them for a little bit…yeah, they wouldn't like their men being like that. Fine, do what you have to do, save Han. Word of warning, the readers aren't going to like this or that…just a warning, you're so getting flamed! Hee hee…

Self: Not if I warn them first and post adequate warning…they just won't read it then, right? So no flames or offending a soul. See?

Inner Fan-girl: You are a sneaky bitch, aren't ya? Well, what ya waiting for? Christmas…get writing…I know your muse, she's on speed dial…don't make me get her started on your ass.

Self: Oh, don't do that! I'm writing, I'm writing…she's a little mad at me still for killing off some good guys in my last evil fan fic still…I'll be good! Writing, Writing!

Inner Fan-girl: That's a good girl…now kneel and worship me….

Self: Yes, ma'am.

Well, you heard her…this is an alternate version of 'Fast and the Furious' World. As promised, I am saving Han but leading him into temptation and lots of gay sex, the other hunks, too. Matings galore to our sexy Winchester Sex gods, too…I look forward to that part most all! That and seeing our Hanny not die! I don't want to risk my muse's wrath or my Fan-girl's, they are brutal when they're pissed…that and she apparently showed me whose the Master in our relationship…mean thing.

So…warnings…All the guys have gay sex and straight. Baby is still alive as is Mia but not Letty or Suki…they had to die, to save Han someone had to die in his place…you heard that, right? Oh, don't look at me that way! I'm bringing them back in the next chapter…Heaven needs some racers, too, don't ya think? They'll come back to their men and then again, giving them angel powers could be fun. Imagine Letty and Suki with those kind of powers…I feel bad for those other angels, this isn't going to be pretty…hee hee.

There is a lot of racing and adventure though. I made them hunters and immortal, and gods, so read on if this won't offend you.

Remember, this is a deviance from the original 'Fast and the Furious' genre thing, not even resembling their movies now…don't read if you can't handle me doing that. Just a word of warning…there is a lot of sex and their stories aren't pretty.

This alternate world has not been kind to our favorite 'Fast and the Furious' guys and I had to kiss their boo-boos all better…Supernatural style, and in my favorite Winchester Wincestually kind of way. of course….

Plus, back to more Winchester related topics, I thought those Olympians needed to learn to get along with law better, so I decided to add some. Hope you don't mind the change up and I added more Olympian kids to this one, so get to know them, okay?

Olympus is changing and it's going to be even cooler now, and kinkier, too!

Gotta go, I have some sexy Winchester Sex gods to worship and I'm late. They might punish me if I am. Geez, I wonder if it will earn me that spanking they keep threatening me with…I can take a little longer in that case…yeah.

Yeah, these gods are definitely going to be so much fun to worship.

Plot: Olympus is going through some changes and kids are aplenty. New threats come their way as well as new friends and allies, and old friends long forgotten. But with change comes pain and they get their share of that, too. And did I forget to mention that there are now demons on Earth again, how messed up with that?

And not always in the fun 'this is kinda kinky' kind of way either.


(Meeting of the gods)

Dean was in the middle of his favorite kink so far. Being bent over Eric's lap with his dick locked between his Master's thighs and getting spanked hard until his ass was red and painful, hopefully leading to him fucking him while the skin burned there!

God and Bobby stood watching and got hard from it. "Spank him more! He needs it." God teased. Then shrugged. "We're having the Meeting of the Gods at the end of the week. I'm setting up a tent across from Olympus there by Friday to hold us all, all of Olympus, including the kids, are required to attend. Get your notes together on what you intend to discuss by then. And Dean? Make sure to address the issue of them using their powers too much on hunts around the human unmarked hunters. They are getting careless and not listening when we bring it up. It needs to be dealt with." God said frowning. The other Hunters were getting suspicious thanks to some Olympians not using the hunter ways to stop their prey and not being careful who saw them using their powers. He was getting really tired of having to mind-wipe them and it would stop or he'd do it for them!

Retraining would be in order if it was not ceased soon!

And they wouldn't like it one little bit…he'd make sure of it!

"See Sam, too. I think he mentioned some stuff he wanted to discuss the other day, too. Oh, and Wayne was looking for you earlier, he had some stuff he thought we should add to what we were going to discuss. Something about adding some human Hunters to our Marked ranks, friends and such he thought had the right to join us. He said we were discriminating against them." Dean said and Eric paused his blows, knowing this was important.

"You are." Eric said and gave Dean a knowing look. "Yes, you are. Don't look at me like that! You act like they all will try to kill you. Some are good men, it's not fair to lump them altogether like that…how would you like it if others did that to you…just good for sex…huh?" He saw Dean grimace in anger and nodded. "See? It's the same thing you're doing to them."

"But most Hunters kill anything even remotely supernatural!" Dean spat but let Eric hold him where he was.

"Um, I know at least fifty Psychic Hunter who would disagree with that thought." Bobby said and Dean got quiet. "Being psychic did not make them any less human nor any less of hunters. Wayne is right. We should at least evaluate our hunting friends and allies to see if they would fit in. It's not fair to let all the human hunters die out. Human hunters are important!" Bobby said insistently and God looked at his Mate in surprise.

"I didn't know you felt that way." God said. "Do all of you feel that way?" He seemed to be considering it.

"Most of us do. We all have friends we've known for years among them, even Maat and Thoth. We were going to bring it up later but now seemed as good a time as any to tell you I suppose." Eric admitted and shrugged. "Some or all of the Nightstalkers have already said they'd like to join us. I said I'd tell you. I just got too busy and forgot to before now."

"Dean?" God said and Dean nodded in surrender, realizing he had been wrong.

"Yeah, we should let them do that." Dean said sadly. "I was…prejudiced. At least have them check their minds to make really sure they won't be against us if we brought it up first. They pick one wrong person to bring in here and we could all end up the Hunters' next most wanted prey." Dean shrugged. "They have families and such like Dad did. We could consider offering them homes here on Olympus or in town as well… Their families would be much safer that way. Most hunters worry about their families all the time they are hunting, it distracts them from their jobs. This could help with that problem for them, too." He nodded now. "It's up to you and Sam now. I'm for it."

"I'll do that." God said and went to shut the door behind him. "Your ass has healed. He'll just have to spank it again…" He laughed. "You have two hours to finish your scene here, Eric. Us head gods have meeting in the kitchen to discuss what we need to bring up at the god Meeting this weekend. I'll have Sam bring his laptop to keep track of the topics and what we decide." God left now but added. "So going to spank you that way sometime myself; you seem to enjoy it."

"I do!" Dean agreed and poked Eric softly with a finger. "Spank me again, please, Master?"

And, as Eric spanked him again with his hand this time, Dean moaned softly and God knew he definitely would be doing it sooner rather than later. He so wanted to make him moan that way for him, too!


The meeting took several hours but they did decide there were some things they needed to discuss right now with Olympus. Tonight possibly. God said that the Sex gods could do this one themselves. They agreed to do it and saved the notes to a document to go over later.

Then headed out to the courtyard to have their meeting, summoning everyone there, even the ones not currently on Olympus, including the townsfolk. Obeiron and the Faeries came to listen as well; they figured that they were part of Olympus now so that meant that it was important they know this stuff, too. Sam tugged Wayne and Eric up with him; they would bring up the Hunter idea for them.

A reaming was in order and they all were so not going to like it.

As soon as they were all assembled into an ocean of beings, the Head gods used magic and power to bolster their voices so all could hear them.

"This is not a Meeting of the gods. It is however a Meeting of Olympus and we have some things to discuss with you all. Sit and listen. You kids, too, sit over there on the porch. You should hear this, too." Dean motioned to the girls and boys, who all sat listening attentively like the others. "First, we have been hearing that you have been showing your powers on hunts too much, and not hunting the way we taught you to. Yes, it is easier to just use the powers but the other Hunters will figure out what we are and most will not understand! You risk our exposure every time you do this! They must not find out about Olympus or us here unless…damn it, just be more careful or we will require you get retrained! Don't endanger your home here, it's laziness and sheer stupidity to be so careless; so stop it!" Dean turned to Wayne now and he stood up to speak.

"Besides the power issues, which I agree with, we have been discussing the other Hunters. We all have friends among them, most that we have known for years and have hunted with as well. I would like to suggest we use all our mental powers to see if they will be receptive to our cause and will accept us. And, if they are willing to, we should let them come here and know the truth. Take the mark and join us here." Wayne said and shrugged. "We were once human, some of us were. We value the humans so why should we value the human hunters any less?"

"We would give them shapeshifter powers, along with Eternal Servanthood when they take the Mark, to let them be safer and able to protect themselves better. The Mark would make them targets, like us, so be careful who you tell and be sure you are unobserved when you do. We don't want to attract unwanted attention to ourselves here." Dean said and they all nodded. Their protection at the moment was mostly due to the fact that the others didn't know they were what they really were. A lie that kept their home here safe and hidden.

"Also, we pop everywhere too damn much on hunts; that is the biggest issue most of us are guilty of. Hunting isn't a pop in and out sport! So what you will do and, I will brook no arguments on this point, so don't even try!, you all will get your own cars, build them or buy them, and you will make them work right before you take them anywhere! All with mechanic experience will work on them with those with none, and that means we will be helping you, too. Dante, Victor, Bobby, Dorian, Angel, and most of the Psychic hunters, and Eric and Hef, too, we all will be helping you with your cars every free chance we get…anyone else with experience, feel free to help, too. It is required so that we get you all cars or trucks, or motorcycles, that run and you can take to hunts! This should go a long way to reducing some of the overusage of powers on hunts." Dean said and they all stared, worried.

"What about those with hunting partners? Can't we share cars?" Dan asked and Dean nodded. "The room here isn't infinite, so how many cars will we be working on at one time? Not against it but… some of us have cars we already use. Do we have to move them to make room? Can we make garages or something to get them out of the way?" He asked, looking at Wayne fondly and smiling. Wayne was his Hunting Partner and husband; both Mates like most of them here with the gods themselves.

"Those with partners only need one vehicle, share the car or whatever vehicle you choose to have, with them. We can set up a large area over there behind the sheds to work on them. It's closer to the parts and tools you'll need, and should accommodate up to thirty vehicles at a time if we put them closer to each other and still leave room to move between them to move around them all. Set up a tent over the area to hold the snow and stuff from them…if it happens or something…We Norse gods make it rain sometimes and we can't let there be rain in the engine compartments, it would hurt them." Dean agreed. "So, start looking for bodies for your cars, get Bobby and them to help choose the right parts and engines you'll need, and see who starts theirs first and which mechanic helps you if you don't know what you are doing. Work together as much as possible, the cars will be put together and ready sooner if you do. You can park your cars and vehicles back by the theme park area to make room for the new ones. We can magically make more room for the cars and such as we need it. Olympus extends indefinitely in every direction, I'm sure we will have enough room." Dean said then had a thought. "Some of you can't drive a vehicle, no shame in it, thousands of years and you didn't have to know it, but…now you do. So, those of you who can't drive or never learned will go down to the license branch and get the handbooks, then get your learner permits. And we will teach you how and you can get your Licenses. No driving without the permits and one of us is always in the car with you when you are learning to drive! Once you pass your tests, you can drive the cars by yourselves. You can work on them even without a license so that will be required, too. Also, stay away from the Car Angels. They are not available to student drivers and they will hurt you if you try to touch them. Try it and you will never do it again, trust me. Dante knows this. Ask him. Any questions?" Dean asked and looked to see if any hands shot up. He saw none and looked at Sam, the signal for him to bring up his points.

"I would like to address the Sex and Communications issues. Yes, as the gods of Sex that may seem funny but…this is a serious security risk for us. Some of you have been careless in your conversations about Olympus around the innocents and the women you are sleeping with. Men, too. You assume cause they are asleep that they aren't listening to you! If you must talk to us around them, go away and keep it private. Be careful who you choose. They may not be Incubi or Succubi but they can freak out and blab…we don't need the attention! If you choose someone to marry or love, check them out first, let our psychics test them, see if they are receptive to life here before telling them about it. Do not let your penis decide this for you! It is not a brain, so do not listen to it where Olympus is concerned!" Sam sighed and knew this sounded mean but it was true and needed to be talked about now! "You find someone? You court them, woo them, call them and date them, get to know them, then have them tested to see if they will accept life here. Don't just think because you love them that they will! I am not being cruel here but there are kids and families at stake here, and I will not allow them to be endangered because one of you mistakes infatuation with love!"

"Also, there are Hunter bars! Be aware of when you think you might be in one. Hell, we'll come up with a list and locations of all of them for you and get it to you soon, so you won't make that mistake again! Do not discuss Olympus there or anything to do with it! Watch what you say, and don't think that if you use code words, innuendo, or even vague hints that they won't figure it out, because if given enough time, they will. We are all tired of mind wiping people that you keep getting careless around, other hunters included. We are tired of it and should not have to keep doing it because you can't keep your mouths shut! And be careful with what you do with your powers. They are not there to show off to the people you are sleeping with or want to sleep with! That is not what they are for; so knock it off! They are to fight evil and save people, not to get a stripper to give you a freebie! Yes, I caught that. I won't say who you are but you will stop that now! And cut down on the popping in and out of hunts! Like Dean said earlier, Hunting is not a pop in and out sport! You drive there and you drive home! If you pop out, be more discreet. Again, the mind wipes are getting tedious and they will end now!" Sam shouted and added. "You know better, we should not have to keep doing this!"

Many nodded in agreement and looked ashamed now. The gods were pleased they were getting the message. "You keep doing this stupid shit and you won't like the punishment. I promise you that."

"When you hunt, don't use the powers so much to get your targets, use the hunter skills you have. Use Hunter weapons! Others are noticing and you are being careless! Careless and stupid will get us to kill you so quit it or we'll make you quit it, got it!" Sam spat, he'd been dealing with these slip ups for months, monitoring their marks and seeing what was going on. He'd had enough! Mind wipes were unnecessary if they were doing their jobs right. "If you can't do this, we will require you all retrained and you will hate it, I promise! We will restrict you to Olympus, there will be no sex for you from anyone. It will be boycotted for you! We will make you take training 24/7 and you will hate us for it! We will go over everything until you get it right, understand?" Sam said then went on. "Any more stupid mistakes and using powers to hunt and not using your hunter skills," He gave them a hard look and they looked away, knowing he was right here, they were getting sloppy and it could get others killed if they kept it up. "Yes, we trained you, so we know that you know how to do it right, so don't think that cuts any ice with us! It will be mandatory to be retrain. And we will enforce it, so remember that, got it?!" He sighed in frustration again and continued, knowing this was partially their own faults and admitted as much, too, with his next words. "I know we have been busy lately but now we think we need to step up and refresh most of you on how to hunt right; so let's hope we see improvement in you or that will happen really damn soon!"

"Any questions? Am I being in any way unclear?! Basically think before you act and do it right, that's all we're saying here. Anything we need to clarify?" Sam asked and waited, dead silence met his ears. Then he smiled sarcastically, "Good then we don't need to have this conversation again, do we?"

"How did you know that we doing those things?" One man asked afraid and Sam just smiled, opening his hands knowingly.

"Sex god here, remember?" Sam tapped his head now and the man nodded, "Sex and love? I know shit. We monitor you guys, to see if you need help. Unfortunately, it wasn't you needing help that we found when we did it most of the time."

"Sorry." The man said and sat again. Sam could tell he would do better now. He was one of the ones he needed to address privately. He was making too many rookie mistakes for the experienced Hunter he was, and it needed to stop.

"Well, that's it. Be more careful and do what we say. You are not five years old and we do not need to keep telling you this stuff. You aren't idiots, you already know you have to do these things but keep not doing them anyway. Be smarter, hunt better, behave more Hunterly on hunts and. remember, we are hidden here. We don't need the attention; not if we want to do our jobs right. We do not need targets on our backs now and nor do any of you. So behave!" Sam said and they dismissed the meeting, him and the others now discreetly talking to individuals that they felt needed more individual attention to deal with their issues.

And when they had all dispersed and were sent back to their hunts, Sam smiled as Dean leaned in and asked, "How did you know they were doing all those thing? We both know you aren't that much of a god to do it like you said you could…" Dean teased and Sam shrugged, chuckling.

"I monitor them through their marks. A lot." Sam said laughing now and looking at God as he approached, nodding in approval. "Did we cover everything? Anything else you wanted us to discuss?" He asked. "I thought those were the more immediate issues to deal with right now. Hopefully this sinks in or…"

Yeah, more training sessions and those others would not like them in any way; those gods would make sure of that much! No more stupid shit would be tolerated here. They needed to be more vigilant and careful and their Head gods hoped this would help it sink it better.

"No, you covered everything. You discussed what needed to be addressed and very thoroughly, too. I couldn't have done it better." God said then smiled as Dean slid him a look. "Dean? What are you thinking?" Dean was definitely getting a kinky idea here and they couldn't wait to hear it…and do it immediately after this, too!

"You said something before about spanking me…Us, right?" Dean said leering at Sam's ass and God got the hint quick.

"Yeah, I did." God said and smiled, gripping their asses firmly as he pulled them close and vanished to the bedroom with them. Sam helped work Dean over God's lap, his dick tucked between God's spread legs and pressed against God's own, exciting them both even further. Adjusting him so his stomach wouldn't be bumped either.

"We've been naughty…" Dean teased and winked at God then leered at Sam while he licked a petal-like lip. "I sucked his dick a lot today." Sam nodded as Dean said this and they ended up watching as Sam stroked himself hard to tease Dean now and it worked. The man moaned with want and desire at the sight of his lover so hard and ready for him. God, too. That was one sexy man, damned if he wasn't! They both agreed and bit back the urge to just give up the spanking and get to the fucking and sucking of Sam right then. That naughty man was just begging for it!

"Yeah, that does need addressed. I missed it. You are going to have to do it all over again after this. I need to see if it is worth another spanking…" God said and lifted a hand, brushing his ass with it. Dean moaned as a soft blow tapped his ass and another harder one followed, and with every harder blow he moaned louder and humped up to meet each one as much as possible until God had to hold him in place. Hitting him repeatedly so that more moans and cries followed.

And, as the blows stopped, louder cries and moans followed. Dean, the other lovers could tell, they'd know those dulcet tones anywhere. They wondered if his ass was red now and if those gods and lovers of their Sex gods would let them do the same to them later.

They had been bad…their lovers thought and got hard from the sounds of sex that followed now.

Then thought those two both needed to be punished, when Sam was spanked and moaned in that sexy way that only he could, over and over as it matched the loud blows they heard as well. Then the shouts and harsh cries of pleasure that flooded the house turned them on even more. Until their gods' orgasms threw the sex and pleasure wrapped in their powers through all of Olympus, making the rest of Olympus feel the spankings and the sex and cumming hard and fast with them every time now. No one had a thought of anything but sex and their orgasms for hours! Even when Dean sucked Sam eventually and God fucked Sam at the same time, spinning their powers' spells even more around Olympus and sharing their sex and orgasms with them all again. Then Sam sucked Dean while God fucked him, and it happened all over again. Leaving all of Olympus, for the most part, feeling sated, sore, and very well satisfied like they themselves had all been the ones properly spanked and punished but…they most definitely did want to do it all again…really soon, too!

And, as the gods lay resting afterwards, their lovers and Mates joined them in the bed to show their appreciation for the sex and orgasms their powers and pleasure had given them. Including their own spankings and hard thrusts to make a point or two…

Then their orgy ended up lasting all night, which no one minded honestly. And they prayed the sun never came up. They weren't even close to done punishing those sexy men in their bed yet.

They had been really bad…and extended punishments were definitely in order here. And as their cries of sex and need filled the air again…the others had time to think that if this was how they treated them when they were bad…

Then they never wanted those gods and their other lovers to be good. Being bad felt way too good to ever let this end for any of them. In fact, as they came inside them and then they fucked the others in return now, Sam and Dean decided they needed to be worse

Cause, who knows, it could lead to more spankings…something they really enjoyed and never wanted to stop from happening to them now. Yep, they thought as they were eventually fucked again and begged for more…

More spankings were definitely in order now!


The tent was ready and everyone was there, all but those in LA and the ones in Europe.

All had been called back and the human hunters were running the other's hunts now.

Thrones were erected magically for God and the Head gods, and the others as well, as the others sat on blankets and in wooden chairs. All waited for it to start.

"I have made some decisions. Olympus will be changing in some ways. And it will be done, this is not a discussion. It is a way for me and them to let you know what we've decided. Some points will be discussed but not many. So just listen." God said and they all nodded, listening raptly now.

"You will like these changes, don't worry. Especially you townsfolk. You have been left unprotected for too long so I am extending Olympus over the town." He smiled as the townsfolk gave a happy sound. "There will be less restrictions, of course. The clothes boycott won't be on you all, the mark protection that kills everyone without it won't apply within the town limits and the town itself. There will be tracers on all of unmarked ones already there or the ones that arrive and are new as soon as they hit town, so we can track who comes and goes. We can keep out most of the bad stuff, but with the protections being lighter things may slip in if they can pose as human well enough but you keep an eye on that stuff for us, and let us know if you suspect anything! Even the littlest thing, you report it to us."

"We will be sending some of us to live with you all in town, in posts around town. Some hunters, some gods, some wolves and vamps. We'll be there on outer parts to guard you as best we can and be there for you if you need our protections and help. Jodi, you will be a guardian with them, your house is right at edge of town and you have the most power of the servants in town. You are in charge of the town's defense so be vigilant. You're the general there. They report to you then you report to us. It's a system, use it." God advised.

"What protections won't we have?" Jodi asked and worried. "I don't like this lesser protection stuff at all." The others agreed miserably. Not as safe as they could be so the unmarked ones wouldn't be hurt or wouldn't notice their existence there! "This sucks! We need the same protections you got here. I see your point but we don't have to like it!"

"We can't do them all without messing with or killing the unmarked ones there. You will be protected from as many monsters as we can protect you from with it. But the ones we can't will be covered by the ones we send to live among you and protect you from the rest of them since ours must live there but ward your homes against the Evil things like we showed you and it should work somewhat. The tracers will pick up on what they are and tell us immediately; so there is no real risk there. There are monsters that pass as human, Rugarus not changed, Strygas, and I know it's not enough but it's the best we can do and still make allowances for the unmarked ones…I'm sorry. That's what the others are there for, to protect you the way the wards can't." God promised and they nodded. It was a good compromise, and they would have guardians to help keep it safer.

No ghosts or demons, things of that sort. So that was okay. Their homes were already warded and the others could secretly ward the other homes of the unmarked ones without them knowing it, so that would help keep the unmarked townsfolk protected, too.

"You will be New Olympus, and here will be Olympus Central or Primary Olympus. This is how it will be referred to among us marked ones." God said and they nodded.

"I can't keep my Angels here. They don't belong in this world anymore. Olympus and the gods here were supposed to already be taking care of this world for me but…they aren't ready yet and their numbers aren't high enough, so…I had to place a time limit here. I can't keep extending my troops where they aren't even supposed to be! This isn't my world. It's theirs, my sons' World! I will be living here, ruling the other Worlds from Olympus but acting in an advisory capacity only to my sons by then. So, after twenty years, do not come to me, go to them. My angels are needed elsewhere and, for every moment they are here, they are unable to save or help someone in other worlds, and that cannot keep continuing! Your kids are the protectors here and there are not nearly enough of them to do their parts. So, there are new orders here. Mate, produce them and multiply as much as you can in twenty years, cause when that time comes, my angels are gone but the ones here that are mated with my sons! Yes, that means you need to have sex. You don't need to be with them forever, one night stands work too! Pick lovers and have them. The pregnancies will be short, three to four months. Kids will be grown up in one to three years, depending on powers and level of Immortality. They will be born to serve so keep that in mind and will have marks from birth, even you townsfolk's kids! You will get powers like Bobby and them did. So when one shows up, you come to us and we'll train it up." God said then sighed. "This world will suffer if you don't. It will die if it does not get its protectors! Gabe, Sam's son, will be the Head of all the protectors and new Earth Angels! He's in charge. Then when Cas and Gabriel have their son. Yes, Cas, you're pregnant. Congratulations, Gabriel." He laughed and shrugged. "Your son is Gabe's Mate and helper, so encourage it, then let them be Mated and marry whenever they want to. Don't interfere, he'll be needed and I will up his Powers to make him able to work with Gabe better, plus being both god and Archangel will make him a born Archangel like my babies will be with my Godmates. The same goes for Gabe, Sam. Dean. No overprotectiveness. This is necessary and you need to allow it!"

"Now we will have human hunters soon. Wayne and the others have been busy all week talking and feeling them out. Close to a thousand will be joining us by the end of next week. So if you see cars swarming, ignore it." God said and seemed to think now. "Most will live in town, so I need a list of properties available in town so we can buy them and get them set up for them to live in because many will choose to live there. There will be kids so prepare for that." God said then added. "For the matings and kids, you can mix any breed or species, no limits. So choose however it suits your sexual tastes. Sabine and the witches will be in charge of the births and you human doctors can work with them to ensure safe pregnancies; we will be sending you to them. So be ready for it."

"You want a Mate, ask them. You both choose to, you tell us! We need to know the pairings to determine the care your children will require." God said softly and they smiled, understanding that. "We don't approve them but we need to know, so comply please! You choose one and they don't want to, or don't swing that way, don't force a fit for yourself! Find another and try again, there are plenty on Olympus that will say yes, so don't worry about that."

"Will the sex gods do it? Will you? Even the gods there, the mated ones?" One person asked and they nodded.

"Yes, for the most part. Some don't share outside the marriage but we do." Dean said and nodded to him and Sam.

"I'll do it if asked." God said and smiled.

All of the gods but two or three stood, and said they would, too. He was pleased with them for volunteering. "It's not a Mate thing or marriage but for the kids, but we'll do it. No commitments so don't ask. You need one first, look elsewhere. We'll do the sex. We love the sex, but don't want to be with you forever or as permanent Mates." Artemis said and they nodded. They had suspected as much.

"Your kids, most of them, will be related but…not as brothers and sisters. They will form Mated Pairs with others like the girls have with their brothers. Not always with their siblings but with the others born, probably." God looked at the Sex gods. "You Sex gods, you do not hunt anymore and you do not run them. I do that from now on. You spread love and lust to the world, pop around, spread it with those orbits and waves of hands, get the population booming like you were supposed to. Those powers are great here on Olympus but it was not why you got them! Your jobs are to spread it around to the world, so get busy! It is needed and you will do it. Just wave your hands and let it go. It will find the right targets and do its part. You will get more help with that part later as you have more kids with your lovers. They will not be your kids, they will be love gods, sex gods, and/or lust gods. So train them accordingly and let them have sex with who they like, even you guys. Not your sons or daughters. Think Cupids with more Sex god in them than usual; so they will be very horny little things, just warning you. You will be in charge of them, so remember that. They will help spread your powers further without it just being you two doing it. The powers think for themselves now; though I assume you already knew that. Let them go and they will do their parts all by themselves; no need to track it and wait for it to return to you. It won't. Once gone from you, it stays with who it finds and does it work. Go from place to place and do that daily." God ordered them and they nodded.

"Sad to say, some of the unmarked human hunters will die out and that is necessary, too. Your kids will take their jobs and so will we on Olympus, and the new human ones that are coming. They will grow up knowing of us and accepting us. Then we can hunt in the open the way we need to, not in secret like evil things. It was not meant to be this way but…that can't be changed now. Save their lives, give them long ones, and when they die, they'll go to Heaven and stay there. Earth will no longer be theirs to be responsible for, that would be your jobs." God said and raised a hand. "It's cruel I know but…can't be helped. I hate it, too. That's why we are adding all the human hunters we can now, so they all don't die out and are able to keep going on."

"Also, the Pagan gods are dwindling and only a few bad ones remain. The rest are good ones and have approached me about peace talks. I have agreed. They are in charge of them from this moment on, you got Pagan god stuff to discuss, you see Sam and Dean; I got the rest of it. They own the Pagan god part, that's their baby now. Also, there will be a council to govern them of course, like we did with the vampires. Sam and Dean will head it like Dorian does the vampires. Don't groan, son, it won't stop me or change my mind! You will do it and I can make you; so shut up and do it!" God warned Dean when he went to object and shut his mouth with a loud snap! Sam looked like he'd eaten a bad lemon but they went quiet and glared at their father. "They just want to go back to hiding and protecting nature and animals; they want nothing to do with humans so that will be an easy job. You leave them alone to do it, keep an eye out for misbehavior then deal with it; warnings then killing. I won't tolerate slaughter just cause you don't like or trust them. That doesn't matter to me as much as resolving this Pagan god shit soon as possible. There are much bigger threats to deal with now."

"What threats?" Felson asked curious. "How big is 'bigger'?" He thought that sounded really bad for them now.

"Demons. Not the smoke ones either. I have to explain how the worlds work to explain it properly. So bear with me. I created the worlds, all of them. Many of them and all beings in them were…different from each other. They all had to have demons, that was a necessity." He smiled at the Sex gods' looks and shrugged. "And, yes, some had to be bigger and meaner than others…sorry, had to be so."

They rolled their eyes at their Dad/Godmate and did their best to ignore their annoyance. "They almost killed us!" Dean grumbled and God just looked at him pointedly.

"But they didn't. I knew they wouldn't, that's why I let the others come help you. I knew you'd do your parts and get rid of the Senior Partners for us. Helping William in the process." God smirked but added, "Yes, demons like the smaller ones you saw in those Hells are coming here or are here already, well, ones like them; only a few got out. See, the worlds are all composed of energy, and, like energy, their energy is kinetic. It is always moving and building up until it has to be purged. All the energy in the Worlds is composed of the same elements technically. The energy is the same but what is in each world isn't. So I made vents, really small ones. The vents let some energy out in slow but regular intervals. Some demons found ways out of those vents. And, like the energy that passes from one world to another, so the demons will, too. Until they get here, and may stay or may move on. There's no telling how they'll think. They too have Free Will so they are harder to predict actually, much like mortals and many beings I created are. It adds spice to it all, doesn't it?" He didn't wait for answer here.

"Yes, demons are back and coming but not to us yet. They are going to Hell, but can't get in. I've sealed it until Linc grows up and takes the thrown, then he will fight them with the others of Hell's chosen soldiers. Maat, Thoth, Wayne, Dan, and his Mate, and Mati, of course. They will make short work of it. They are there to subdue them, command their respect and make them fear their wrath but not kill them; not all of them at least. Some will die but not all. Most will be trapped there eventually but will escape at times like the others used to. They will be dealt with by us or the kids. Just as before, we can handle it. They will be hunted like the old ones were and die like them but be more noticeable and blend in just as well, more or less. Some may shift, most will, and seem human so again they will be hard to find like the others were. But holy words and water will reveal them, traps will work, and all other things will be the same, Iron hurts them, too. Fight them like before but they hit harder and have more powers than the others did; so beware of that. You will need to use your powers to fight them; gods and all of you. You with the Eternal Servant bond should get powers in a couple weeks or so. Once they show, they will need to be trained up so come to us to tell us when they show. Also those in town that were too young to take the Eternal Servant thing will get it at sixteen so send them when they get that old and it won't hurt them, promise." God explained.

"Again, all are necessary so don't argue; it will do no good to try. I mean for it to be this way and this is the way it will be, I will brook no arguments on it! I am God, that's what I do." God stated very firmly and they knew it wouldn't do any good to fight against it.

"The Sex gods have finally reached full power and, even with sigils and cloaking, can never be hidden again. So again no hunting for them anymore, or Connor. The Norse powers are too strong. And the Sex ones are way too…rampant to fight, for them or the ones they touch. And all are fairly lethal and very…potent would be an understatement of Cosmic proportions. They are not gods with powers now, they are the Powers Incarnate; they are Lust and Love embodied in god forms. Their very touch will set you ablaze with each power and own you now. So no hunting, no battle, not anymore. The world needs them as Love and Lust and it shall have them. You fight and they research. I run the hunts, remember that now!" God said then smiled. "You are very volatile now, lovers. Enjoy it!"

"Kids will live with their parents that bear them, or one of them if it is just a mating to just have kids. Usually the mother. You barren females can have them, too, now. Males are able to have them, too. For you gay ones, and partners, barren ones, a fertility Idol should do it, or I could do the touch thing I did for my Godmates. Or the ritual which is tedious so it should be avoided." God cringed. The ritual was very long and took forever. Shorter means were needed now. "All of Olympus will be responsible for them though, even me. There will be other Omniscient protectors like Joreal, even for the kids in town. Some will live here on Olympus, for the Olympian kids, and some in town, for the ones there. Each will protect and tend to their needs as required. Not the town itself. They are there for the kids, to protect them. The others are there to protect the town. Don't ask the Omniscient Protectors to." God warned and they nodded. "You will know them but do not reveal them to the unmarked ones. They must be secret." God informed them and smiled. "Some children of us Olympians will not hunt. It would be too dangerous for them to do so. Not to hunt: Huntress goddesses, god of night (Remmie). god of day(Rommie), Linc, the Fire Pheonix kids, the Ice Pheonix kids, but Dean's son will be Hunter King, ruler of all the Hunters of the World, guardian and king over them so they do as they should; so he will Hunt and often, learn as Dean did with John!" God laughed now.

"Yes, one of these you carry now, Dean. One will be a boy and he will be the King of the Hunters." God smiled at Dean's surprised look and laughed. "Also not to hunt: Moon goddesses, most of my kids with my Godmates, they will serve much the same as the Archangels used to do before from Heaven for Creation, observing and helping only if really needed. They will live on Olympus and help out here. All of the god kids will have some Trickster abilities, mostly the making of 'Creations' one. Shapeshifting as well. All the kids will be required to attend two years of High School with the humans in town and attend two years of college at the local college as well or more, if they decide to pursue a degree beyond those two years. Some of the gods and immortals, humans and all of Olympus could attend College as well, get degrees as well but still have to make time for their duties on Olympus; that was mandatory! Education is important. Sam, you can go back to school here at the college. We'll pay for it, and get your law degree." God said and kissed him. "You finish what you started. It's safe to do that now. Okay?"

"Yes, I'll do that." Sam said grinning happily and they were proud of him for it. Dean sat thinking and made up his mind to go as well, maybe take Engineering. Automotive, of course.

"We have millions and millions of dollars. We can pay for all who wish to attend college for however long they wish to go. Two years or more is fine." God said then smiled as many got excited. "The kids' college education is paid for, not to worry. We'll take care of them if you need us to. Stay close though, it's not safe to be marked and far from Olympus right now, plus we worry. So stick close as you can to Sioux Fall's colleges please." He saw them nod and knew they would now. "The Protectors for the kids will be as such, see me after the meeting please if I call your name: Kali, Apollo, Bacchus, Magdi, Modi, Dorian, Dante, Gabriel, Cas, Sam and Dean, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Ash, Laurie, Behman and Felson, Karis and Varis, Angel, Eric, Jodi, Peter and Tara, Michael and Balthazar, Cyrus and Stefano. Those will do for now. See me soon and I will imbue you with the Power Joreal has with kids' protection and such. Any questions?"

"I won't change my mind, and I live here now, so this is my Heaven, and I will run it accordingly with them to rule with me. These are the new law and rules but if you need them explained further, tell me now. I don't want any confusion or anything unclear between us and what we expect of you. Of how you can help this World and those in it. Do your parts and the World will find peace and you all will be safe. It is all a bit strict, I am aware of that but it needs to be this way. So give it a chance. We do love you all but our mission on Olympus is more important than our feelings for you all. We will love you even more if you would please try it. We know you can do it and it is odd but you will find it no different than before. You will still exist as before, I promise, no changes will be made but your missions will be changed now. Bear with us, you will still love it with us, we swear it!" God urged and hoped they would. He knew they would adapt easily if they gave it a shot. They would still be happy here, that would not change! He knew it and hoped this didn't scare them.

But if he was leaving them in charge of this World in twenty years, these changes should start now. So they would be able to do their jobs. And save the World in the process. It wouldn't be an easy road they followed nor an easy task they had ahead of them, the evil would be greater but with these changes and such, they would succeed. He'd given them the tools and skills to use them, and the means to grow into their duties and their lives as such. They only had to grasp them and do what was required of them.

"Time has been frozen for this meeting. It has taken three days to do. But when time resumes, a minute will not have passed. I dared not risk harm to Creation to deal with these issues or this meeting. So don't freak out when it does start. Just leave and go home, you protectors join us and we will do this quickly for you." God said and smiled. "Any discussions can be done later and all we did here will be explained further at your convenience, of course. I am always here to listen and tell you these things, explain them. Don't be afraid to come to me, I need you to be clear on this and embrace these ideas. These are rules, laws, and will be obeyed and come to pass. I just need you to be willing to do so and not fight me on them." God said then waited. "Ready?" He held up a hand and then waited.

"Yes, baby, do it." Dean agreed and they all nodded.

A whip of power flared out then waned. Then God smiled again. "It is done. You may go now."

And they hugged them on the way out then left quietly, all thinking of the things they'd learned. All agreed to obey him and he nodded in love at them.


Soon enough the hunters arrived, and they nervously awaited their arrival.

Sam and Dean stood at the gate, definitely waiting for an ass chewing they were sure was coming. They were willing to bet most of those hunters knew them. Sure enough, half an hour later, they were watching as most of them parked across the way and most of them were annoyed with them.

They all knew the Winchesters, and Joreal, and might possibly be annoyed at Bobby, too.

They all got out in stages, close to a thousand, give or take ten or so.

"Sam, Dean…" An older man said with a distinctly annoyed tone to his voice. "John?" He also added in disbelief.

"He's not John, well, not strictly John, that's Joreal, he's an Angel and partially John…sort of…we can explain that. Wait for the others, chew us out all at once. Let us explain first then do it, you'll see why we didn't tell you." Sam urged and the man looked amused.

"Besides the fact that you thought we were bigoted, blood thirsty people who hated anything not human and assumed we would kill you on sight if we knew?" The man said. Eyebrow raised in a sarcastic gesture Dean had only seen Sam pull off. And it made him squirm guiltily, the same as Sam's look always did, too.

"Yeah, that…Can it wait? We'll explain, we promise." Sam said and the man nodded as the others crowded behind and around them, all marked apparently or the wards would have killed them. Their Father had been a busy God apparently….they thought with amusement.

"How about we take this discussion inside?" Wayne suggested, there were a thousand men and women here; someone was bound to notice.

"Um, did you mention Olympus yet?" Dean asked Wayne.

"No…I left that out!" Wayne sneered sarcastically. "Yeah, they know all about it. Let them in, have the meeting. We're a bit exposed here."

"Sorry, no need to get snippy, lover." Sam teased but had the wards send them in. "Now, before you get mesmerized, we need to talk. And that is not John, well, it was, damn it! Can we sit somewhere to talk…"

He shifted nervously. They all knew the boys and were pissed they'd kept this from them. Fuck! Sam swore. He had to tell them everything.

Soon they were in the courtyard, most of Olympus with them. All had introduced themselves and made friends with the men, who found them all quite charming and nice. Again, they eyed the gods in annoyance bordering on anger and offended.

"Okay, let us talk then chew us out, promise?" Dean asked softly, "We're sorry we just disappeared on you…"

"We assumed you were dead! We mourned you! And you were alive and here in Paradise the whole damn time! We were your friends, we watched you grow up, raised you, too. What made you think we'd judge you for this?! Most of us even attended your weddings, jerks!" Kevin Perkins said. Dean noticed that Daniel Elkins was there, too. They'd saved him from vamps a while back. He'd given them the gun and went into hiding. He looked furious. "We cared about you and you just…lied to us!"

"Not lied! It's complicated." Dean began.

"Uncomplicate it!" Another spoke up.

Okay, correction! A room full of pissed Hunters, and all at them…okay, maybe killing the gods wouldn't be because they were supernatural now, but possibly might be because they were prejudiced assholes…uh huh!

Bobby joined them and Joreal, and God. They all quieted but glared.

All listening intently though. But also notice that even their lovers looked pissed. Yeah, they had made the hunters sound like petty things. Boy, they had a lot of groveling to do later…Sam thought with dread.

"Yeah, you do…" Bacchus growled and the hunter next to him patted his arm. "You said they'd try to kill us. Well, they haven't and you lied to us!"

"Didn't mean to…" Dean said softly and bit a lip, the words not coming out like he'd hoped they would.

"We were human, granted that was true. Dad did die. He is Joreal, John remade into an Angel. He is John kind of. Linc, the boy there by God, he's our son. He has the part of John that went to Hell in him wrapped in God's Grace, he's the Devil. He'll rule Hell but not like Lucifer did, he'll control them and work with us and Heaven to take care of creation. So please be kind, he's just a boy and he's good." Sam urged.

"Devil or not, he looks just like John." One man said and smiled. Linc went to him and climbed onto his lap. "You can sit with me, son. I got my own son. He'll like you once we move here. Once your Daddies explain why they assumed we were evil men to us." Curtis said coldly. "Start at the beginning."

"Okay." Dean finally managed. "Dad lost Mom to the demon…" Joreal's hand on Dean's shut him up. "Let me tell my own story, son. I tell it better." Joreal urged his lover.

"Okay." Dean said then let Joreal speak.

"I lost Mary when the demon tainted Sam with Demon blood. He burned her on the ceiling. I watched her die and barely saved them from the fire. I got lost in revenge for a long time after that, left them alone a lot, was a bad father." Joreal said, leaving out the sex parts, that was their business and no one else's. "Then the demon started killing my friends and threatened my family. Elkins loaned me his gun. I…did my best to trick them but they captured me, infected me." He got quiet. "I was finally freed by the boys threatening the demon with it and then them refusing to kill me with it." He glared at them now. "I said to kill me but no! You wouldn't."

Calming down, Joreal continued. "We were hurt, badly injured. A rig controlled by the demon went after us and rammed the Impala, nearly killing Dean and me. Sam scared it off with the gun and we were in the hospital, Dean dying, me injured but recovering." He sighed. "I had to save him and I knew what the demon wanted. So I summoned him and offered him my soul in exchange for saving Dean. The bastard taunted me, had me give him the gun. I slipped him the fake. He never noticed it really." Joreal chuckled. "Idiot."

The others laughed, calming down the more they listened.

"Anyway, he let me say goodbye to twist the knife in. I gave them the real gun, and said my apologies, warned Dean he may have to kill Sam, which he didn't and I'm so glad for that, and then went to die. The demon took me to hell and basically tortured and raped me for a couple thousand years or so. It was literally Hell but I held onto the hope that one day I would be free, did what it took to survive, you all know that feeling." Joreal said sadly. Many nodded. It was a common concept they had all embraced from time to time. "I was the one that pushed it into their heads that Hunters only accepted humans, that everything else was fair game where being evil was concerned. I was wrong but that's how they started thinking that way, especially Dean. He took all I said to heart, like it was the gospel. Sam was less trusting, always questioning everything; such good instincts he had, so forgiving really. I tried to make them both into hunters but only got Dean that way. Sam kind of did it his own way, he had that knack really."

He nodded to Dean now.

"After he died, we got lost. Hunting and such, Me and Sam did our best to keep up the way Dad wanted us, too. But Sam was different because of the demon blood; it poisoned our lives." Dean admitted. "His powers were showing by the time we saw Dad again."

"What powers? We never knew this." Kevin said offended.

"Death visions, some telekinesis. He didn't use them but the Death Visions showed when something about the demon showed up on our radar. We'd been hunting for a year after Dad died when he was taken from a diner. The demon got him, along with other 'psychic kids' as the demon called them. That was after Gordon had went after us; Gordon had such a hard on to kill Sam, and we were always running from him."

"He said Sam was the Devil, evil or something…" Gregory something said, another hunter buddy they'd known.

"He wasn't! He was tainted and it wasn't his fault. He was bled in his mouth at six months old, how could he have stopped that, tell me that much…!" Dean demanded in offense.

"He couldn't have. I didn't say he was evil, I said Gordon said he was. Relax, we get it. Gordon made us look bad in your eyes. Keep going, we paid him no attention. We thought he was insane, for the record. We never saw you as anything but good men and good hunters. Go on." Gregory urged.

"Sorry, it just pissed me off that he'd judge Sam that way and that Dad dared to say I'd even consider killing him. I'd never have done that!" Dean said bitterly but continued. "We found him too late. He was killed so… I made a deal. Like Dad did. Yeah, we're bright bulbs, no need to say it. No deal with the demons ever ends well." They all nodded in agreement but let him finish. "A year for his life, no welching or getting out of it in any way. That happened and Sam would die again. And I couldn't have that. Sam wasn't helping, always trying to save me from the deal but there was no way out of it and I think we both knew that." He got quiet.

"Ruby, the bitch!, a demon…wait, missing a part. I always lose my head where that bitch is concerned, sorry. Fucking hate demons and they hate us, be warned. You join us and demons will hate you for even knowing us! Demons hate Winchesters and that will never change. They have a real hard-on for us for some damn reason! We attract them like flies and they often want us dead, so…just saying. They either want to Turn us to their cause, fuck us, or kill us and often all at the same damn time! Ask Sam; its true!" Dean growled. "So I made the deal, we fought about it, avoided you guys like the damn plague, and ran for all we were worth from the inevitable. Gabriel tried to warn us but we didn't listen… I died a lot and Sam cried a lot and we both broke inside for a hundred damn Tuesdays, repeated over and over to teach Sam I had to die but it didn't work…he's the stubborn sort, kept trying, got me back and, well, I still died…again." He said sadly.

"You're not alone there. Demons hate most hunters, they love to kill us…although they do seem to hate you guys more, we've noticed…" Gregory said uncertainly and they all nodded. Yeah, something about that family just really pissed them off and made them homicidal toward anything even Winchester-like!

"That's true, demons hate all hunters, it just seemed they hated us Winchesters more for some reason. Probably because they didn't get Sam to be their boy king like they wanted him to be." Dean admitted then continued. "Well, then my deal came due and Sam was right there when they dragged me to hell. I was dragged to Hell right in front of him and, as I died, I watched it break him at the same time it broke me, too... I couldn't see it but it had come for me and I couldn't stop it. I wanted to stay but I knew I couldn't... The Hellhound…" He got quiet, his eyes lost in the memory, ghosts of the past haunting his eyes. "It tore at my chest. Killed me, stole my soul and took me to Hell. I was tortured for thirty years there, three months here on Earth. In so many ways I lost count, kept on a rack and just…I gave up. They gave me a choice, the same one every night. Tortured me and gave me the damn choice that Dad refused to make. Said it would let me off the rack if I would get up and torture others. And one day, they had Sam, or a demon looking like him, torture me nearly to death over and over and rape me until I was a mass of pain and blood, and, God help me, I gave up! I couldn't take that every night! Not Sam doing that to me…demons I could handle and not lose my mind, but not him!" Dean swore viciously and the sky clouded up, lightning sparked and they looked at him worried.

"Son, calm down. Your powers are showing." God advised and Dean looked up and nodded, repressing his rage and the sky just stayed cloudy. The hunter shifted nervously but Dean got their looks.

"Told you that you'd hunt me if you knew what we were." He said bitterly.

"Not going to but tone it down. We trust you not to hurt us. You should have told us this! We could have helped you guys. You didn't have to bear it alone!" Kevin said softly, worried for them.

"We didn't. We had Bobby; every step of the way. At our backs and backing us up. Helping and loving us as his sons. We were happy sometimes, don't get us wrong. Bobby made our lives better, gave us a home and family we needed so much. Dante and Dorian did, too. But the deal, they couldn't have stopped so we bore it as much as we could." Dean said hugging the man in question. "You kept us sane, Bobby."

"You did the same for me. I was just an old drunk until you came along and then I had a reason to feel important, felt really needed and loved again." Bobby admitted.

"Us, too." Sam said and they nodded. "Dean died and I got lost. We're like the other's compass. One goes away and we just spin without direction. One dies and we don't function at all. We go onto autopilot and that always gets us into trouble. So codependent on each other we couldn't live without each other in their lives and not fuck it all up in the end. We know you know that and we don't regret it. We were soulmates and lovers at times, in denial, but we were in love and damn if we didn't ignore that as much as we could and it got us into trouble more often than not and the evil fuckers used it against us every damn time! We are each other's greatest weaknesses. We were then and we still are now. It can't be helped so we accepted it." He paused here and got quiet, crying a little.

"Dean was gone and Bobby tried…but the world made no sense without him. I got drunk often, fucked around with men and women often, was into everything trying to find a way to bring him back but nothing worked." Sam said then continued wiping tears away as Dean held him close. "Go on, baby, you can do it." Dean urged him on lovingly.

"I never even told you this part." Sam admitted quietly. "Don't hate me, okay?"

"I won't. Never could." Dean promised and Sam nodded.

"There was this woman, and she was a demon; I knew that. Bitch had been coming to us for over a year while Dean was alive, hinting she could save Dean from his deal while he'd been alive. A total lie of course but, stupid me, I was willing to take any leap I could in hopes of saving him. She showed up a few times and then, after he was gone, she was always there. If I'd listened to Gabriel, I could have avoided her. He'd warned me but I didn't listen." Sam said softly. "She offered me a deal. Yes, I was aware of how bad deals with demons got, and, yes, I still managed to make the deal. We aren't a bright bunch, Winchesters, we get that! She said I could work my powers up, strengthen them without becoming a demon of course, and keep hunting. I was a crap hunter without him and suicidal on top of it, waiting for something to kill me once I had to accept I couldn't bring him back. I just figured that as dirty as my soul was, I'd join him in Hell if I died instead. It was better than being without him."

"Sammy!" Dean cried out softly now. "You didn't…"

"Yes, I did." Sam said nodding. "I wanted to die, Dean. Go to Hell and be with you, it's all I ever thought about for a long time!" Sam admitted as he saw Dean crying a little. "Life without you had no meaning and I hated it. So I worked the powers, dirtied myself, and one night, she kissed me. I felt nothing but emptiness but she was there and I hated her, I hated life, I hated myself and, fuck, I just plain hated! So I fucked her and we kept fucking until you showed up and caught me doing it. I drank her and used her and didn't care! I was lost and spinning and you were gone and I just…I wasn't there anymore…" Sam sobbed now. "I'm sorry, so sorry, don't leave me! I didn't… I just…Dean, don't leave me!"

"Shhh, not leaving you. You see why hate her, don't you!" Dean hissed in fury at Sam's pain but kept his powers from responding to it. "She's gone, you're fine. I'm here. It's okay, I forgive you."

"Still love me?" Sam asked in a quiet voice.

"Always, always loved you! Never will stop either." Dean said and Sam nodded.

Wiping tears away, he sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm not a crybaby but it was a really bad time for me…" Sam admitted.

"We would have helped if we could have. You never told anyone, Sam. She never would have gotten that much of a hold on you if you had just come to us first! We'd have hunted with you. Hell, a few of us would have tried to help you get Dean back even!" Another man said and Sam nodded. He'd had friends but he hadn't seen them.

"I figured you'd kill me if you knew." Sam admitted.

"Yeah, and now we're back to thinking you were jerks about that particular thought…continue your story." Kevin said in annoyance again, so much shit they could have avoided if they'd just trusted them more!

"One day, there was a knock. Ruby was there, I was feeding and getting ready to…well, you know. And I opened it. There was Bobby and there was…Dean! Alive and healthy and his eyes were sparkling and his…he was there! I thought I was dreaming again, always happened that way. I open the door, he's there alive; every damn night like a hope of hopes I never dared think I'd get. I didn't believe it was him, thought it was a shapeshifter or he was vamp or something. She'd left by then and I didn't care. But there was shame in me for what I'd done. I knew he'd hate me and be disappointed in me…so I said nothing." Sam smiled softly now. "When Bobby said it was him, I just cried and hugged him tight, and never wanted to let him go. Cursing every demon we ever met while also praising whoever gave him back to me. Bobby cared but I didn't. I had what I wanted and nothing else mattered. He thought I'd sold my soul and, trust me, I did try but they weren't giving him up."

"Not to go off topic, but how did John, I mean Joreal, get to Heaven and that?" Another asked.

"He had gotten Sam back, made his deal. There was gate, the Devil's Gate, it opened with the Colt. This guy, Jake, a soldier that killed Sam and won at Cold Oak." Joreal explained about Cold Oak for them then continued when the others nodded they understood. "So he was the last one and had won. Azazel used him to open the gate with the gun he took from Sam when he'd kidnapped him, and it blew the iron apart keeping the trap locked. The demons got out and they managed to lock it again but Azazel went after the boys. I had slipped out with the other demons, it was a mass revolt so no one noticed me there. I helped stop him from killing Dean and held him while Dean shot the fucker with the gun. I watched him die and then…I faded a bit. They looked so heartbroken to see me go but I had no choice." Joreal said sadly. "I went up instead and ended up in Heaven, with Mary and my friends. God took the Hell part out of me and I was sane again. I was freaked for the first hundred years in Heaven, to be honest. Insane and chained up cause I just kept seeing Hell and feeling it; no amount of Angelic healing helped so he pulled it out of me and I was better. I lost stuff of course…all the fatherly stuff. They used Sam and Dean to…abuse me often."

"As in…" Dean asked gently.

"Beat me, tore me apart, fucked me often and in every way, and I enjoyed it. I knew it wasn't you and I knew I had to endure it. However I just thought that if I did it, even if I hated it or loved it, then I might eventually get out again. I never gave up that hope." Joreal admitted. "So Hell destroyed the father stuff. It was the first thing to go actually, then God pulled out the Hell part and I lost all the father feelings from it. So I wasn't John their father anymore, he'd died when Azazel took me to Hell. I was Joreal, living with half a soul with a woman I'd adored my whole life. Until God made me an Angel and sent me to them to watch over the kids and serve them on Olympus. Of course we fell in love and Mated pretty soon after; no father stuff to interfere with it and their powers helped a lot."

"That's…awful!" the hunter said and Joreal nodded.

"Yes, it was. But being with them made it better, worth every bit of that pain." Joreal admitted. "And having Linc and a good Hell ruler was a great outcome, too. He's a great kid, and, Devil or no Devil, I see him as my son, too, now." Joreal had a thought now. "Do you remember our time in Hell, Linc? I draw a blank when I try to remember most of it."

"I remember it. My soul does but I don't let myself feel or see it. That is a past life to me. I only need it to know about Purgatory, the Pit, and to join me to Hell. Otherwise, the stuff that was done to us, I have no wish to know it further than that." Linc admitted and they nodded to each other, smiling.

Joreal and Linc forever joined by the separated pieces of their split soul, never to be whole again. But neither hated it; they had each other and would be close for all Eternity because of it. John was his own son and Joreal was the rest of John; that was just the way it was and they knew it couldn't be changed, so neither cared to try.

"So, Dean came back. Then what?" Kevin asked, getting the conversation back on track.

"Well, I was in a tailspin already, a death spiral of sorts. Dean coming back didn't change that." Sam said bitterly. "It just slowed down my fall to rock bottom. I was addicted to demon blood and fucking a demon, and lost as a man could get without dying. Dean only saved me from the last part. The rest was still happening." He said then paused. "I'd sneak out to get my fix, work my powers, fuck her and get the blood. The blood took me over and drove me to have sex which conveniently enough, she made sure it was with her every damn time by then." Sam shrugged, not looking up. "She kept manipulating me, saying Dean wouldn't understand and I believed her. I kept drinking the blood and then, one day, Dean caught me in withdrawals. I was trying not to drink it and shook all the damn time. Every demon we fought made me want to cut it open just to drink it again! And, well, whenever it was so bad I wanted to die and thought it would kill me, she'd called. And I'd gone to her and he followed, caught us doing our thing, was disgusted with me. We fought and he said if I left that I could never come back." Sam said softly.

"I was too...addicted to care, and too angry that he didn't support me more and hated me for something I had no damn control over, at least that's how I saw it. I wasn't thinking clearly. And I hated him for stopping loving me over something like that when I needed him to hold me and talk to me and tell it would be alright!" Sam said then pushed Dean away. "You treated me like a fucking Demon! After telling me you would accept me no matter what happened. Every promise you made that you would always love and be there for me, you beat me up for it, you knocked me out, then just broke every promise you ever made to me at the same damn time, and I hated you for that! Then you locked me in the Panic room and had me dry out and I fucking wanted to alternately die and kill you for breaking my heart that way." He shouted angrily and God had to remind him now to watch his powers, too, as snow fell slowly over them and they looked at it in surprise.

"Dean is more lightning and rain and lately Sam is more snow and blizzard, with the cold weather. It's a new power change. Sorry, folks." God apologized. "Go on, Sam." He urged.

"Long story short, my powers tried to kill me and they had to strap me in then they died down days later and I was freed. Dean and I weren't getting along very well after that. I was always angry at him and Bobby. We separated and we both got lost again. Then we got back together when I thought he might be hurt and it got better. He was nicer and I tried to be nicer. And Bobby…there were eggshells and really carefully worded sentences for a long time after that, let's leave it at that. The trust was gone between all three of us, a lot of shit we never said that we should have, and a lot more shit we said that was better left unsaid, and a boat load of emotions we never dealt with. And still haven't. But that's another 'Elephant' we'll deal with later." Sam said quietly. "Yes, we'll discuss that later but for now, let's get this long and painful conversation over with, shall we?"

"Yes, let's do it." Dean said sitting away from Sam now. He was waiting but truth was there between them and it hurt them. They could all tell.

"We didn't know who had pulled him out but…It was Cas. Heaven had 'plans' for us it seemed." Dean said bitterly. Then he explained the seals, the Apocalypse, the swords and vessels shit, the angels killing each other and all of that in detail then added. "In the end. Raphael failed to use Cas and Gabe, or Balthazar the way he wanted to and they became our allies and friends, very dear ones." Dean said fondly. "We love you guys, we always have."

"We love you, too." Gabriel said and they went up to comfort them while forcing them to sit closer. "You love each other, don't let the past divide you now. Stop with the fighting shit."

"Sorry." Dean said and took Sam's hand. "I'm sorry, Sam. I should have been kinder about your addiction. I was jealous of Ruby touching you and the blood thing. I hated you for going to her and doing that, and, fuck, I messed us up. I'm sorry."

"Me, too. I should have let it go after I got out of the Panic room, but I was so angry then. It took a long time to realize that they had planted the anger inside me there for a reason. I was….was stupid…again. So easily led astray." Sam said softly.

"But every way you went always eventually led you back to me, so let that go, baby. I'm the end to every road or tunnel you face. I'm there to catch you, it'll always be me." Dean reassured Sam and he hugged him now. "Mine, all mine."

"Yours." Sam agreed.

"Dean, you do this part." Sam said again and Dean nodded.

"Then it became obvious that Lucifer had to go to stop the Apocalypse. So Sam came up with a plan, a really stupid plan! He would open the cage, let Lucifer use him and jump in it, taking Lucifer with him." Dean rolled his eyes there, mumbling angrily. 'stupid suicidal self-sacrificing brothers!'. "He managed to convince us that he could do it then control Lucifer, which was our monumentally stupid mistake from square one."

"He said yes and Lucifer was so fucking smooth! He said he'd let us try it and if it worked, it worked. He knew it wouldn't work… it was damn trick and we fell for it!" Dean growled and a drizzle fell as he fought to control his powers again. "He took Sam, and Sam…seemed like he'd won at first but then he smiled and opened the cage only to lock it again. Then he said he was teasing and it was cruel, that Sam was gone. And he left. I just broke." Dean admitted. "Sam was gone, but there. Not Sam but Lucifer and I couldn't go to anyone but Bobby. I was sure you would kill Sam if you knew and I still had to find a way to save him!" He caught their looks and nodded, smiling wryly. "Yeah, we share the same 'do whatever it takes to save the other person' sickness, sue us!" He shook his head sadly now, as if clearing away cobwebs and pain. "I got lost then he was there, but soulless, I didn't know that at the time but I found out later." He explained the fight by the car, the near Apocalypse, Sam taking control, jumping in the hole. How he'd ran to drink and whoring then, then Sam was there, them hunting again, the 'finding out Sam was soulless' thing then the Alpha stuff with the Campbells, getting Sam's soul back later from the cage and being put in, the wall Death put up, Raphael breaking it, Sam falling apart then recovering. Then the werewolf attack and almost dying except for Gabriel giving them the god essences and powers. And how that led to them being the Sex gods they were now. "We stopped it…but it cost us so much…Sam, his soul, it broke us! It always breaks us…every damn time." He said with a tear in his eyes which he wiped away now, regret in his voice, clutching Sam's hand tight.

"So all the weather and the death and the horrible shit, the hunter's dying, the witnesses? Those were seals!" One asked in disbelief.

"Yes, they were. And we were the only ones that could stop them." Dean said and they looked at them in horror.

"How could you…you were only two men!" The hunter said and they shrugged.

"It's always our job, every fucking Cosmic plan, every time the World needs protecting, we get the damn job! Yes, we argued that, too. We're just two men but we got the same answer." Dean said softly.

"It was your job to fix it every time." The man said finishing his thought and suddenly realizing why they might not be so trusting of others. Damn, they were used a lot!

"Yes, we were. And, yes, it was our jobs. And it either fucking killed us or beat us up and left us for dead to stop it, too." Dean said harshly. Then sighed. "But I digress." He took a calming breath. "No good Cosmic plan worth its salt ever worked out better if one of us didn't die for it and the other got left behind to fall apart from losing the other one." He laughed bitterly. "Fucking hate it."

"Me, too." Sam said quietly.

"Not anymore, no more killing you or hurting you, you got us now. We won't lose you and we'll be there fighting with you now. No more of that; that was a different life." Gabriel said.

"How is it different?" Dean fairly shouted. "We got powers, sure. But now we get to not just protect the people, the Hunters who don't or can't know us, we got everything trying to kill us personally and you guys, we got families and loved ones and we know something will come after you and maybe take you from us just to see us hurt, like all hunters deal with, I know. We got fucking Creation to save, the World to save and protect, a World that can't know we are taking care of it and have to get really creative in doing it without them knowing about us, which isn't easy, let me tell you! We got responsibilities we never knew we'd have and we're doing our best here. And all we can think of is 'What if we fuck it up? What if we just get everyone and everything we need and try to love and protect killed?' What does that make us? Heroes…or murderers?" Dean admitted. "Never asked for this. Never wanted to be a god but here it is. I am, you are, and now you all sit here and see us for what we are. And all we can do is hope you'll help us, forgive us for hiding from you, and pray you can join us, because we really need you guys to help." Dean said begging them. "We'd love you and protect you and your families! We're not cruel masters. Sure, we own you and you belong to us. We own your souls now and you don't get Heaven. But this is Heaven, too, and God is here, and we are here, and it's just a good as that other Heaven, don't you think? Haven't we made it nice for everyone? I know its sex and stuff but it's more than that! It's safety. It's family! It's sanctuary from the evil. It's a place you can go that nothing can take what you love from you and you can relax sometimes, and get a good fuck, too! So, why not just live here with us?"

"We are Sex gods. This is our Home, it can be yours, too." Sam said, eyes hopeful. "We want it to be your Home, too."

"It will be. Tell us the rest." Kevin urged and they nodded.

"Like I just explained, I got lost, drank, whored around, hunted, almost drowned in my own pain." Dean admitted. "What Sam did but without Ruby. We killed her by the cage when we released Lucifer." Then he paled and looked at Sam. "Tell them, Sam. They have a right to know."

"We…fuck!" Sam swore. "It was our fault. We'd like to say we were manipulated the whole time but that would be lie. We just fucked up, that's what it boils down to." He saw the hunters' faces and nodded. "Yes, we were just human and we fucked up. But this wasn't a little one; it was a huge one!" He sighed. "Ruby said that if I got strong enough, I could save the world, by killing Lilith. I believed her cause I had nothing else left to believe in I suppose." He nodded. "We were separated then and drifting; lost without each other, of course. I went to kill her and I didn't know that she was with Lucifer and Lilith was the last seal. The one that freed him. It was all a damn plan and I fell for it." Sam said bitterly. "Brady, my roommate, introduced me to Jessica, he was a demon, and then they killed her to Turn me darker, which worked. All the other people that were close me besides Bobby, Dean, and Dad, all demons! Hurting me so I would Turn dark and do this one thing, free Lucifer and, God help me, I did it. I didn't know she was the last seal or that she was the way to open the gate. Dean warned me about her, I didn't listen. Cas warned me, again I didn't listen but to a lying bitch, I heard every word. I hate that!" He growled, fought his powers as a blizzard threatened then died down to a soft snow again. "I killed Lilith because she was going to kill Dean. Basically, that's it. She knew he was my weakness and she threatened him, said she'd kill him and then I'd be willing to be with her, let her own me. I said no and killed her for it. Then I realized the truth when Dean burst in. Ruby was gloating that I'd done good and he was free, we'd be together now. I did my part well, great job! I hated her and there was no one to blame but myself for any of it. Dean burst in with Cas and we killed Ruby out of spite. There was this light as the cage opened and then we were on a plane. God put us there and saved us. Thanks, Dad." Dean said and God nodded.

"I wouldn't let him get you, never would!" God said.

"You let this happen to them? All of that shit, you let them go through it! What kind of God are you!" Kevin shouted angrily.

"I'm God. I wasn't there when my sons started it! But once started, I had no say in it! I had to wait to play a part that wouldn't destroy Creation and you with it! You have no idea how finely shit has to balance to keep Reality from destroying itself, and, trust me, you don't want to either. I did my best. I got Cas and Gabriel to help them and that's all I could do right then." God said and they got quiet. "Running Creation is damn hard and my sons took advantage of that fact. I wasn't in Heaven and they threw a tantrum! They wanted the Apocalypse, and they chose my sons, yes, my sons! I made them and they took them, out of their happy loop of being with each other as lovers the way they were supposed to be, and planned an apocalypse, then knowing they needed a Winchester to do it, they took my sons' souls and put them into these boys and doomed them to this! They wanted Paradise and wanted their own way! The Apocalypse, if Lucifer and Michael had fought it, would have destroyed everything, killed Sam as Lucifer by Dean's own hands and destroyed him entirely in the process, but they didn't care. They did this, not me! Creation needs balance and Cas and Gabriel gave me that balance!" God quieted now then added. "The boys here are my true sons, not created like the Angels at all. They were born when I was, out of my own Grace, those souls were born. Sam and Dean are my real sons, never doubt that I love them. I hated that they chose my sons for this terrible destiny! I watched them be hurt and hated every minute I couldn't help them!"

"Go on, Sam, finish it." God said as he watched their worried faces.

"Well, I'm really sorry I started the Apocalypse and got the gate opened, and got Mom killed and Jess, and you and Dad." Sam said softly, looking down. "It's my fault. I did it. The demons only did it to get to me…and I did it."

"Not your fault! None of this was your fault. You didn't have anything to do with Mom or Jess dying, you didn't mean for the gate to open, Jake did that. Azazel used you but he failed to make you do what he wanted you to do. I'm so proud of you for that! Then the Lucifer thing was one big trap you couldn't have avoided any more than I could have, so that was not your fault and you were manipulated, we all were! So stop that thinking right now…I love you and I could never love anyone who did those things on purpose! You are mine, you are a good man, and I adore you, and, yes, you made some really bad choices and so have we, and so have I, but nowhere in there does that translate to it being all your fault! We carry the blame, too. Most of it was demons and, like I said, they either want to Turn us, fuck us, or kill us, and often at the same time, and more often they really really like to do them to Sam!" Dean said addressing them briefly. Then looking at Sam again. "Not your fault, you were always a good man, always. Even with the demon blood, you were always good enough to take it and keep swinging. My Sammy was stronger than all of them and I still get to hold him in my arms to this day and know he's still here and swinging even now. Never give up, Sam. You never give up, don't start now."

"I won't. It just hurts and sometimes feels like it is my fault, even if I know it wasn't." Sam admitted. "So, I opened the gate, the angels wanted Vessels, I said yes thinking I could overpower Lucifer. Such a stupid idea really." Sam continued now. "Dean showed up to save me. Tried to talk sense into me…"

"Do you still see him? Lucifer? The Hell memories?" Kevin asked worried for him. Such pain that bastard's memory must have inflicted on Sam…Dean, too!

"No, that ended when I died…after the attack. The god stuff killed it, I guess." Sam said and smiled in relief. "I had to die before it ended apparently."

The others looked sad now, he had needed help and they hadn't been able to. Their eyes accused them of leaving them out of their lives too much again now and they nodded guiltily, knowing the hunters were right.

"Then Michael tried to use me to kill Sam, during that Apocalypse battle. Then Sam jumped in and Michael made me jump in, too. The cage was a terrible place, they tortured us often and hard. Michael didn't but Lucifer…he really liked to inflict the pain on the soul, trust me." Came a voice. They turned in surprise, turning to see the only person they knew it could be. Adam ran to hug them. "You missed your visit, I was worried!" Adam said.

"We got busy, bro, sorry." Dean said conjuring a chair between them for Adam. Joreal stared at Adam with tear filled eyes and they paused to remember why. Then saw the same look in Adam's eyes. Rushing to clear up the confusion, they touched him to show him all they'd discussed already, especially the part about Joreal being part John and Linc being part John, too.

"Dad?" Adam said softly. Joreal nodded and they moved his chair by Joreal so they could hug. "Go on, guys. I'm okay…let me stay where I am…." His voice was muffled as he buried his face into Joreal's neck and cried, holding him tight. Joreal looked like he was doing the same thing, staring down at the son he had thought to never see again, and horror in his eyes along with love and all the other things he was feeling at the moment as the thought of trying so hard to keep Adam out of the demons' reaches and he got taken that way by angels. He'd thought staying away would spare him the effects of the Winchester Curse, as he thought of it, but he'd failed and his sons had all paid the price for it.

"I'm sorry, Adam. So damn sorry!" Joreal said hoarsely, squeezing him tighter. "I thought by staying away they'd leave you alone."

"They didn't, you did your best. It's fine now." Adam said and hugged him still, too. But their hugs were loosening as the tears were stopping. Joreal still kept him by his side, mostly relieved and happy to have all his sons with him again, even if two of them didn't feel like sons anymore, nor were there any son and father feeling between them. Not there had been many family feelings there between them to begin with, their love, desire, and lust for each other had pretty much killed those off around the teen years for all of them really. But his fatherly feelings for Adam had never faltered. He'd never had one wrong thought about him. Apparently he only got one son, even though he'd fathered three of them.

"Okay, we'll talk later, Adam, promise." Dean said then smiled. "That's Adam, our half-brother. He's like you, Marked, Eternal Servant, but a god like us. A god of Healing and that kind of thing. He can heal anything and even bring one back from the edge of Death but not from Death itself. Death already warned us not to let him try that. He's going to Medical School to be a surgeon! He's really great at it, too!" Dean said grinning with pride. Glowing with it actually!

"A doctor? You're going to be a doctor?" Joreal said in shock and a lot of pride, too.

"Yes, in two more years. Plus an internship for a bit here in town. It's all arranged. I go to Helsing Medical School in Helsing, New York. It's hard being away from them but it's necessary. I'll live here when it's over and help on Olympus more. Oh, damn it!" He ran for the gate, "Sam! Dean! Dad! Come quick! Please say he waited in the car!" Adam begged loudly and they ran to see.

The man stood at the wards, eying them like he could see them. Running glowing fingers along them and making them glow from his touch. "What the hell are you?!" Dean demanded and yanked Adam to him hard. Adam struggled at first then rolled his eyes, going Still. Glaring impotently at his older brother's clearly overprotectiveness, per usual!

"He's my husband, you ass! We got married last week. I was bringing him to get Marked and to meet you guys. Now let me go." Adam said and they stared from him to the man, not letting go yet.

"And, again we ask, what are you?" Dean demanded. Not letting his hold up that he had on his younger brother.

"Hermes?" Artemis said in surprise. "Where were you? What the hell are you doing here? Boys, meet our younger brother, and all around coward, I might add. Hermes, the Messenger god and god of Medicine." She tried to glare but ended up looking more annoyed than anything, hugging her brother anyway. "I missed you!"

"Hello, sis." Hermes said smiling. "Don't be so shocked! I know my Home when I see it." He saw them look at Adam and shook his head. "And, no, he didn't know it was me. I've been hiding among humans for centuries, and seeing as I am the messenger god, I'm a great Chameleon. I have knack for hiding my godhood. Still love me, Adam?" Hermes said. "I didn't lie but…well, we just met a few weeks ago and I was going to tell you…"

"Weeks? You met him weeks ago…then just married him…really?!" Dean said in worry and anger.

"I'm a grown man! And he's a grown…god, okay, I can deal with that. We fell in love, had sex, got married. Big deal." Adam said. "Mark him and let him in or else, Dean! I mean it!" Adam demanded, his older brother looking like he was going to do no such thing! "I will leave if you don't…"Adam went to go then.

There was flash and they were back on Olympus then and the two Winchester brothers glared at each other, then looked away in frustration. Sam took the initiative and quickly pressed the Mark into the god, complete with the Servant vow and memory of how it was on Olympus now to help him adjust to it faster. "We need to talk! You, too, god man! This is not over. But we have to finish this meeting and then we'll deal with you."

"Not likely but go for it!" Adam said standing his ground. Sam finally stopped it by hugging the man and welcoming Hermes properly.

"Go sit with your family, Hermes. They will want to see you." Sam insisted, easing Dean away in his own gentle style. "Adam, go spend time with Dad, he missed you. He thought you were dead."

Then addressed Dean. "You are being an Ass!" Sam stated simply. Dean went to speak but then he closed his mouth firmly at Sam's warning look. "I knew Apollo one minute and wanted him for myself so you can't say things can't happen that fast and you know it! We'd never have half our Husbands and wives, or lovers if we were the slow moving types. Adam found the one he loved, granted we still need to talk to the god but that just a preliminary thing, you know he can stay and so do I. Adam is not a kid and if he loves this guy, and we don't want to drive him away, maybe you ought to get your head out of your ass and accept his decision before he leaves us and doesn't come back. Cause if that happens, I will add a whole new dimension to the term 'hoarding the goodies' and 'go fuck yourself' where you are concerned!" Sam growled. "Dean, you don't want to drive Adam away and he is so happy, don't ruin it for him; for us, okay?"

"Okay, but he's so… and it's so sudden!" Dean said worriedly eyeing his brother who sat by his Dad, talking excitedly. Smiling like a fool…a happy one…"Fine, he's happy. I'll see if he stays that way. I'll give him a chance." He looked at Sam and had to ask. "You wouldn't have done that to me, right? Not really? The 'hoarding the goodies' and 'go fuck yourself' stuff, right, baby?" He searched Sam's face for the truth.

"Yes, I would have." Sam said but kissed him to soften the blow. "But now I don't have to. Play nice, Dean."

"I will." Dean promised and they went to the crowd again. Turning to Adam, he said softly. "I'm sorry, Adam. I was just freaked by the way he was touching the wards and being a god and the sudden wedding, to which we weren't invited, I might add…but that's neither here nor there. I'm happy for you, bro. I love you, you know that. I'm just a bit…" He struggled for the word.

"Volatile? Annoying? Pushy? Pain in my Ass for all of Eternity?!" Adam teased with a quirked brow over hazel eyes.

"Um, no! I was going to say stubborn." Dean groaned in despair as his brother hugged him now. "Such a girl. Bet you got the girl parts now, too, bro."

"Look who's talking! Yeah, I've kept in touch and know everything you've done so far here. Bobby blabs everything. I may seem like I should have girl parts but you actually had one, so you have no room to talk. And I want to see my nieces and nephews. You forget what birth announcements are? Little squares of decorative cardboard, with words on them…like say? 'Dean and Sam Winchester have given birth to three beautiful girls, Samae, Denae, and Mati Winchester'? Nine kids in and not one announcement yet? You want to bitch about who was more thoughtless here? I have a family to spoil and you neglected to mention them. I have to depend on Bobby for my information when my brothers should be the ones mentioning it, don't you think?" Then he grinned and whispered. "Linc is so handsome, bro. I'll meet the rest of the kids later at the shindig."

"What 'shindig'?" Dean asked suspiciously.

"The one I'm throwing to celebrate my marriage, of course." Adam said then went back to being hugged by Joreal. "Go on, finish, I want to hear the rest."

"Well, Gena, our wife, she was trying to help us, dreaming and joining us in our bad times, psychically watching us in her sleep. Anyway, Sam and I were fighting, actually Lucifer and I were, and I was trying to reach Sam and there was this light from the ash tray where we got a toy soldier stuck when we were kids. It reached Sam, he remembered our life together. Then he was able to take control. He jumped in the hole and left me there, mourning him and wishing like Hell I'd jumped in with him! Adam had been pulled in, too, by Michael and they were both locked in. I fell apart, and spiraled." Dean got quiet again. "Then he came back, and he was there at my door but he was different but I didn't know it. For months he seemed off but I didn't quite know how. It was the subtle differences that I picked up on. The voice was wrong sometimes, the walk was forced at times, and he…we…we'd loved each other for years and he just…seduced me in and I gave up, and we were lovers and happy, and he was so cold to everyone else sometimes and…shit happened, the truth came out. Cas found he had no soul. So for a year and a half, we were together and he only cared about me…until we finally got his soul out of the cage with the help of Death, Manny, and Gena. Come here, honey, show them." Dean urged and she turned her back to them then shyly turned to face them again. "Lucifer did that to her when she went in human form into the cage after Manny got her in, and got Sam's soul out of it! He clawed her and Death tried to heal it but the scars were stuck there, and healed as best they could be. She did that for us and we love her for it. Sit here, honey. You do look pretty tonight, let me hold you." And with a nod, she sat by him and let him cuddle her to his side.

"I was a wreck after that, my soul was badly damaged and I was trapped in Hell memories and they were killing me, both physically and mentally. I was seeing Lucifer everywhere, had my own 'Lucifer' figment talking to me all the time, until we were helped by a Cosmic Plan and leave it at that. Let's just say some supernatural help arrived and my mind got fixed. My sanity was intact, I should say. My soul was still damaged but it got better after that. Lucifer went away more often and I learned to ignore him better. The Hell stuff was there but I dealt with it better. And I could function again." Sam said, leaving out the confusing 'going back in time' trip and him saving himself as an angel in disguise. They barely understood it, and, while pertinent to the story, he had no idea how to explain it without confusing the crap out of them all. "We were better after that, the Apocalypse was averted, I was fine and then….werewolves. Not like the ones here. Evil ones. We went after them and got killed for it. Gabriel showed, healed us, gave us his Trickster powers and made us gods. We had a rocky start but got it right-ish. Tried to hunt until Armageddon happened. Needless to say, we're still working on it and haven't quite got this god shit right yet but we're pretty good at it now. The others seem happy with us and we're really trying to hunt in our own way here, since we can't hunt or help you guys like we used to. We just figured we had powers now so we should use them to help you guys still, just in secret. Just figured you wouldn't understand if you knew about us…" Dean looked away ashamed. "We should have at least told you guys, our friends. I'm sorry."

"Armageddon, it happened! Where?" The hunter asked again. He must have missed the huge ass 'battle of angels and demons' memo there… "We didn't fight in that!"

"Surely we'd have been called into that…right? Sam, Dean! Say you didn't not ask for our help again with that, too?!" Gregory said with suspicious eyes on them and they had the grace to squirm and avoid their gaze; guilt there in the movements. Even Adam eyed them that way, and Joreal.

"It was…okay, a big deal. We dealt with it! Well, they did. Michael and the Angels, Bobby and them did, I suppose. Yeah, he was out of the cage and we freaked when we saw him, so sure he'd hurt Sam again. It scared the crap out of us to see him there! Anyway, we got a barrier up in time to keep the demons out and let the Angels in but then we tied ourselves to the damn thing and had to be beaten unconscious to avoid dying as the demons broke through it! Okay, we didn't really have time to call for help, sheesh! It was a surprise to us, too! One minute we're having kinky sex then the next 'hey, demons are coming!' Yeah, we didn't have much time to make a plan there." Sam teased then smiled. "Crowley, the King of Hell, he was the 'Moriarty' to our 'Holmes' most of that time, he heard we had powers and were gods, figured we'd come gunning for him and struck first." Sam shrugged. "He wasn't wrong, we would have…eventually…we weren't that familiar with the powers yet. We were demigods, for Olympus' Sake!" Then he chuckled. "He was pissed though, damned if he wasn't!"

"Anyway, we got knocked out by Bobby and Gabriel, beaten unconscious really, to bring down the shield. Michael freaked us out by being free of the cage, blah blah blah, Armageddon hit them head on. The Pala came alive to protect us, Bobby and them fought, Michael won, Crowley lost. Demons went bye-bye! Sam did a Pleasure Slave thing on Michael, since we apparently had gotten a Godlike power boost from Tricksters to Sex gods and Head gods, Major ones like Zeus was, for saving the World, without knowing it, again! God kept it in the yard and no one knew it ever happened but us." Sam said smirking. "I forgave him for the cage thing and Adam was safe by then so we were happy. Michael had gotten him out earlier and he was in Medical School. He'd forgotten us because of a spell Michael had done on him. God had gotten him out soon after he went in; he was needed in Heaven. When we Marked him, it triggered his memories again but we talked it out and he got better after that. We had Michael adjust his mind so he could deal with Hell stuff and basically helped him think normal about it all. We didn't want him going through what Sam did so we did all we could to spare him that. We didn't mean to bring his memories back, it just…happened."

"We hit a rough patch, things happened, we adjusted. Then there was Dante's wedding to Sam, and we wanted to tell you then but we were afraid you'd freak out and then the gods showed up, then the vamps and wolves. We did the hunts and then it just got bigger and bigger and Artemis brought us Olympus and we took it over as the Head gods. There was a prophecy…Bobby knows where it is and what it says. We never word it right." Dean looked at Gena, "You know it best, tell them it, please?"

"My Dad was a Hunter, like you, before he was killed. I got his journal and…the mark they give you? I was born with mine. A spirit told him I was meant to be with them as their servant, they were my lovers to come, my Mates. He wrote it, I read it, and I waited for them to come. The Sex gods I was meant for, born to be with, and serve. He had a prophecy in there that the spirit also told him. It goes, excuse me if my phrasing is off but it's bit wordy and complicated…The prophesy states that 'Sex gods will rise from those of noble blood and who made the ultimate sacrifice, whose souls remained pure though Hell itself sought to destroy them. It speaks of soul-mates born in the wrong forms and powers given in love by a Holy One. It says these beings will become the Sex gods, gods of Love of all kinds and they will carry power around them, pulling others to them with it. They will bring the good parts out of the bad ones, and protect the Warriors of Good and the Fighters of Evil. They will bring life to the Immortal Huntresses of Heart, Mind, and Soul, who will be Huntress goddesses that will become the protectors of Hunters and Warriors of God, of Innocents, guiding the souls of those who fight Evil in all its forms. They will bring together Fire and Ice and claim it as their own, uniting that which is separate and making it one through them. They will usher in the new Age of the gods, and stand between the World and Creation , and the Evil that seeks to destroy it. They will be in charge of the Earth, with Heaven at their sides." She paused here and added. "They will be fair, and of green and mixed eyes, they will come with love not force, and they will save the World. They will bear the name of a gun, the weapon they will be."

"That is the Prophecy and they are the Sex gods it predicted. And we are the good that will come to fight with them. They save the World and I trust them to do it. I love them." She said then sat by Dean again.

"Sorry we didn't trust you but…we had trust issues…Forgive us but not all hunters are understanding as you all were, and even you have to admit there are quite few we'd scare enough to try to kill us on general Principle. We have too much at stake to risk that." Dean said and they nodded but said.

"We weren't just any hunters. We fought with you, helped you as kids, proved ourselves to your family…damn it, you should have come to us as soon as you became gods and needed help keeping up the hunting! We wouldn't have blabbed to the ones that would have went after you." Gregory said with his feelings hurt, and not the only one they could tell. "I get that. After all that crap you were bound to have trust issues but you could have at least considered telling us weren't dead!"

"We did but…" Dean shrugged. "We were scared and new to it and were having kids and we were afraid to risk it. If it had went wrong, so much could have been lost."

"Okay, we understand that. But from now on, you trust us, right?" Gregory asked and they nodded, holding up hands.

"Yes, total trust." They promised.

"Fine, we forgive you. We get it and, by the way, good job on coming out of all that even partially sane, and alive…damn, that was one shitty life! We can't imagine how you survived it and still keep doing it but…we'll fight for you and, yeah, our families can come see you. Not all of us will live here, but there is town so…that's an option." Kevin spoke up now. "You look happier now than you did when we knew you as humans, though. Clearly this god thing suits you well. And it is nice to see you are alive and not killed by something like we imagined you were!" The man scolded them. "It's not nice to let your friends think you are dead!"

"Sorry, again. Won't do that again. We good now?" Dean offered and they nodded.

"Yeah, just a little stung you didn't trust us but we're good." One man said.

"Does he hunt?" Gregory asked, looking at Adam.

"No!" Both gods fairly shouted in firm tones.

"Oh, that kind of normal. Okay." The man said then nodded.

"I could if I wanted to, Gregory. Ignore them. They seem to think I have no mouth or mind and they can speak and think for me whenever they like. All that's lacking is me on their knees and their hands up my ass. I'm not your damn puppet, guys. I can speak and act for my own damn self, thank you very much." Adam said sarcastically. "I do however feel my powers would be more useful in the healing and taking care of the Hunters and such areas though."

"No hunting." Dean growled at Adam. "Over our dead bodies."

"Haven't we already covered that?" Adam said smirking. "I choose not to hunt for my own reasons, not because my bullying brothers decided it for me, never doubt that." Then let Hermes lead him away to introduce him to his brothers and sister formally. So proud of his 'doctor' husband now!

Between his brothers treating him like a dog they could tell to 'Sit!' and Hermes showing him off like a prize poodle, Adam was sure he had suddenly grown fur, a long tail, four paws, and a lustrous coat that had just won his first place in a damn dog show somewhere! But, being used to the 'dog show' feeling by now… after all, he was their new shiny trophy they showed off to everyone!, he just took it in stride and nodded…reminding himself to have them brush his lustrous coat for him later so he could win the next dog show, too!

His brothers just scowled at his current thoughts and looked even more annoyed with him then. While his husband and fellow god managed to mumble apologies for treating him like his pet to show off. Sam and Dean made no such apologies…and Adam wondered that if he was a dog, would he have peed in their slippers by now, and if his brothers knew just how irritating their habit of treating him like their prized pooch really was! But then again he knew they didn't so he just sat back and relaxed anyway.

Because, besides being the most annoying brothers on the planet, they really had loved and missed him as much as he'd missed and loved them. And they were his brothers. And even that bridged any amount of annoyance with love…eventually.


There was champagne, and there was music. Couples dancing and people talking. There was also those looks, looks that said 'we need to talk' that his brothers gave him and his husband. Looks he was pointedly ignoring!

Hermes was getting alternately hugged, scolded, and talked to like a five year old now as well. A very badly behaved one. "You knew how to find us, you could have checked in more! We thought you'd died like the others had! Why'd you let us do that? Were you that cruel?" Artemis growled in annoyance at her own brother's behavior. Hermes now intimately knew just how Adam felt about his brothers, too. Loved his family but damn they were…cute when they were annoyed with him. "You couldn't find us to tell us you had gotten married. Invited us? We'd have showed up…you ashamed of us or something?!"

"It was sudden and we'd have renewed the vows here after I met you all again! It will be an Olympian thing, I promise!" Hermes begged. "I thought I could help more if I stayed where I was guarding Adam. I was told I couldn't leave him!"

"You could have called or something! We do still have mind links, remember?" Apollo scolded him. "We were worried."

"Sorry, I should have got in touch." Hermes said embarrassed at his behavior toward them now.

"Forgiven, my wayward brother." Bacchus said laughing as Hef ran in and hugged the little god, who was clearly much tinier than he was.

"Can't breathe, you big oaf!" Hermes gasped as Hef squeezed him but loosened the hold without letting him go. He saw tears in his brother's eyes and melted though.

"I mourned you!" Hef said quietly, wiping the tears away. "You were cruel!" He said anger creeping in with sadness taking place there, too. Hermes rushed to comfort him and let him know he hadn't meant to hurt him, he was only doing what he was told. He apologized profusely now for not keeping in touch and was relieved when Hef smiled and said he would talk them more now, spend more time with them, too. Hef and Hermes had always been close that way.

Adam now faced his own dilemma. Sure, he was ignoring them in hopes they'd let it go, but, of course, ignoring looks and ignoring voices in your head demanding answers were two very different things really. The command there in their voices made him mingle more, act like he hadn't heard them at all, and made him wonder if he needed to be kneeling or some shit by now. But that was not happening! They may be bossy things but he was also a stubborn thing, too. And, in true Winchester fashion, he was going to make them work for those answers. Just to prove a point.

And they knew it, too.

So they also mingled and glared at him, eyes telling him to go to the study. His eyes gave them the 'What did you say?' look and moved on. Hours passed and he could almost hear their teeth grating, well, Dean's. Sam seemed okay with his marriage. Dean had questions. He always had questions; it was his thing. Sam may have questions but he was subtler about it. Dean didn't do subtle, he just demanded his answers and expected them; sooner rather than later and right when he demanded them, too.

Which was why Adam was making sure he delayed their conversation as long as he could.

One, it gave him time formulate some responses that wouldn't piss off or irritate the he-man that was his older brother much more than he already had and also in an attempt to clear away the anxiety that Dean might not like his husband, even though he belonged there. Plus, he thought that it would do Dean a lot of good not to have someone jump just because he told them to! He'd been obeyed that way for far too long in Adam's opinion. He would learn that Adam didn't give a damn how loud or demanding he got; he was not going to just give in easily and be his bitch about it.

That and he thought Dean needed a lesson in humility and to be reminded that just because Adam was his younger brother didn't make him any less equal to him in any way, Head god or no Head god! He'd obey him on orders from him as his Head god but, as his brother? Yeah, that was not happening!

"In here now!" Dean ordered in his head again. "Both of you right now."

"As my god or my brother?" Adam countered.

"Brother but I can make it a damn order if I have to. Adam, I mean it." Dean demanded with his tone and eyes flashing with irritation and anger.

"Fine, bossy thing." Adam sent and grabbed Hermes who was edging his way anyway. Clearly Dean had been ordering him to come to him, too. Artemis and his brothers joined them now. They wanted to help explain it, too. Once there, he flopped into a chair and spread his arms in a grand gesture. "Well…I'm here…ask away." Adam said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, like the classic rebellious brother that he was, and rolled his eyes at Dean's look of annoyance. Not flinching or looking away as Dean tried to stare him into submission. That was not going to happen and they both knew better. Then he smiled smugly when Dean looked away first, ducking his head, happy he finally saw how futile his attempt at cowling Adam was; Adam may be the younger brother but that didn't make him any less Alpha Male or not as strong or more important than Dean.

Sam sat by Adam now, patting his shoulder. "He's just worried and wants to be sure you aren't rushing into things. Talk to him. He loves you, you know how he gets." Sam said quietly and Adam nodded. Dean meant well but he sometimes barreled in without thinking sometimes, especially where his family was concerned.

"Just tell me about you and Hermes…please?" Dean added the 'please' as gently as he could, letting Adam know he was trying.

Adam nodded. "I was in classes and noticed him hanging around. Then in the bars I frequented, so I approached him and teased him about it. I think I accused him of stalking me…"

"You did. Your exact words were, "Are you going to keep stalking me or actually ask me out this time?" Hermes said then laughed.

"Then he said, "I might actually ask you out this time…" Adam said smiling lovingly at the god and Dean observed them looking that way, and it sunk in finally. Seeing it written all over their faces, soppiness and all around 'too lovey-dovey not to be real' love. "And he did, took me out to this Italian place and kissed me on the spot, too. Everyone stared! It was one of those very straight, 'don't be caught dead having a gay moment' type of places, too. He wasn't ashamed to be with me and I never really cared if others approved of my sexual preferences anyway so…I didn't care either."

"Then a few weeks later, we gave into the realization that we were in love and he proposed." Hermes said smiling. "He's such a dominant guy! I love that in a man…" He teased his husband who nodded grinning.

"You better." Adam teased back before looking at his brother again. "We made love and then got married the next day at the court house, a Justice of the Peace thing. Any other questions?" He raised a brow in amusement and Dean shook his head.

"Um, you said he ran away. What happened back then, Artemis?" Sam asked and she sighed.

"Zeus had claimed me by then. I was effectively his whore and trapped there. Bacchus had gotten Apollo out. Zeus had set his sights on him by then. Apollo was really good at hiding from him for days and months on end, it's one of his powers also, if you haven't figured it out yet, evading detection, like Hermes has, they share that power actually. So when it became clear they couldn't get me out without risking being grabbed themselves, I told them to run away and try to get me out when it was safer for them later." Artemis said sadly. "He tried to rape Hermes but he brained him with his Cadacus, his staff with the snake thing at the end? Well, he hit him and ran while Zeus was bleeding on the floor. Hermes may seem weak but he's got some strength behind him when he wants to have it. He ran and we haven't seen him for Millenia; until I saw him by the wards earlier. It doesn't surprise me that he's Mated with a human. He was fairly human himself from the start and he did prefer being with them to being in Olympus for the most part. That always pissed off Zeus and Hera; that he chose humans to fuck over Zeus and Hera. He offended them by doing that I think." She chuckled. "Playing second to humans bruised his ego, and Zeus had a hell of a lot of Ego to bruise really."

"I was afraid so I ran. I should have helped Apollo and them free all they could from Zeus but…I was scared and ran to where I could hide better, around the humans. I cloak well and, more often than not, feel human to others. I don't have any fire powers or anything but the god fire and mine isn't that strong actually, no more a flickering flame than fire really…I don't really have any powers except for speed and super strength, my chameleon gift, cloaking as human, shifting forms, and teleporting." Hermes said. "I had no way to defend myself against him the next time he came after me so I had to get out of there. I still don't."

"Apollo, how did you get away then? I assume he didn't just let you walk out, right?" Dean asked curious.

"He had me pinned under him, fingers in my ass, and my powers were…suppressed by god chains holding me down. A friend, Hercules, showed up and helped get me out, then I pulled out my Sun powers one last time; it was a flicker but it worked. His robe caught fire, he flailed, and Bacchus grabbed me and carried me out of there. And Hercules got left behind, covering so we could get away…see, fire from the Sun may not kill him but it did hurt him enough to help give Bacchus and Hercules time to get me away from there and into the catacombs under the temples. With the chains wrapped around me, I was powerless and helpless, and would never have been able to get myself out on my own. He feared our powers, us Major gods; so he cheated with the god-chains to hold us down and keep us from using them on him." Apollo said chuckling. "He tried that with Bacchus before me and Bacchus wrapped him up in vines and did the whole insanity thing he does at Bacchanals, gave him the insanity and snuck off while he was lost to it. The chains didn't get a chance to get on my Man. Bach always had great escaping skills where those perverts were concerned. They went after him often and he always managed to escape in the end. It's one of his powers, just like it's one of mine, too."

"Good. Well, we just wanted the story behind it and…we're sorry we were so harsh on you, Hermes." Dean said. "He's our little brother and we wanted to be sure he'd be okay with you. We assumed all the gods had got here before. I guess God missed you. He sent all the others though. Sorry."

"I hid well and he did come to me but told me to watch over Adam for you. I wasn't stalking you, Adam; I was assigned to you personally. I was protecting you. But then I fell in love with you months before you even knew I was there. I may have been told to watch over you but I did love you by the time we spoke the first time, I really did. I promise!" Hermes said and Adam nodded. He trusted Hermes. So if he said he loved him, even though he'd been watching him from the shadows, he believed him.

Soon they headed back out but Dean caught Hermes arm and tugged him to the side, squeezing his arm painfully.

"I accept you but if you hurt him or get him hurt…if you leave him…Hermes, he's our brother and you are going to stay by his side now, right? Protect him with all you got in you?" Dean asked.

"Yes, I will. I'll keep him very safe, I swear." Hermes said as his arm ached where Dean still gripped it.

"Demons are coming to Earth again soon and, when they do, they are coming straight for him and the kids here. He is our weakness and, so help me us gods, if he gets hurt or killed because you didn't take care of him, I swear I will kill you myself, got it?!" Dean said coldly and the lesser god winced.

"Yes, sir. He's safe or I die, got it. I got more power now, thanks to all the Millenias passing…I can protect him better now and I adore him. I can't live without him and if any harm comes to him…I'll want to die and join him. So if it does, I'll want you to kill me anyway; just so I could die with him." Hermes promised somberly. "He's my World now. Adam is…my Everything!"

"Let's make sure he stays that way, too." Dean said and the god nodded to him. "Go, be with him. Stay with him at school; don't return here until he does. Never leave him unprotected there, wherever we can't protect him ourselves. Get you a place off campus together. I think that would be safer for both of you. We'll ward it for you as soon as you summon us to do so, before you move in, not after!" Dean advised. "Give us the amount, the Real Estate person and where to send it. We'll help with the place for you two." He ordered firmly. Then pulled a bit of glowing Grace from himself and some power, a good chunk of it, too, and thrust it into Hermes, who gasped as he absorbed it. "Now you have more than enough to protect him, more defensive ones like ours, use them if you have to, learn to harness them, and we'll get along just fine. He needs you powerful and this should just do it!" He smiled as the god glowed then dimmed to normal again.

"That works for us. We already got a place arranged anyway." Hermes agreed. Keeping Adam safe was his only job and he intended to keep doing it. Demons or no damn demons! "Thank you for the power, Dean. I will use it to protect him, with my life even, I swear!"

"Not a shithole, right?" Sam asked and the lesser god shook his head.

"It's a condo, and it's in great shape." Hermes reassured him. "I'll make sure to have you all ward it before we move in, promise."

They eyed the photo of the place Adam had really liked and smiled. Approving of it instantly, Adam had a good eye for places to live. They thought proudly. Then gave it back and Hermes left them so they could cuddle for a while.


The next morning they got them the information on the condo. And they set about making sure the property was theirs before they even left Olympus, come Hell or high water.

"Olivia Pratt please?" Sam said as he nibbled on a black licorice twizzler. Then smiled as the woman picked up her phone. "Yes, Is this Olivia Pratt?"

"Yes. How can I help you?" She said in an enthusiastic tone he was sure she used on everyone that she spoke to, even for sex. 'Yes, sir! I'd love to give you a blowjob!' probably being said in the same tone and all of it rattled in his brain and he chuckled at the image of her saying that in the same scenario, too. He hated cheerful people this early in the morning!

"I want to buy a property for one of your clients for him; anonymously, of course." Sam said and tapped the computer side with a pencil and Dean eyed the pencil with hatred.

"Sam…" Dean growled, eyes on the pencil as it tapped out a slow rhythm.

"Dean…" Sam teased in the same growl, just to mess with him. Tapping away in irritation as she obviously had trouble understanding his clearly spoken English!

"Stop it." Dean said and Sam smiled evilly. Tapping away still. This time on purpose.

Dean's fingers tapped the desktop as he pondered the evil things he could do to a pencil. Not realizing his irritating habit of drumming fingers on surfaces was just as irritating as Sam's pencil tapping habit…

"No." Sam grinned but eyed the drumming fingers and wondered if he cut them off, would god fingers grow back…

"Of course I'd be willing to help you with the purchase." The woman chirped happily and he cringed again…happily cheerful was even worse! "Client's name, address he's renting or buying?" She asked politely but still way too cheerful for his annoyance's own good. The pencil tapped faster as he spoke, so Dean shot god fire at it and it fell to the floor, where Sam stomped out the fire. Then picked up another pencil, coated it with god protection and proceeded to tap it again. Dean sent fire and it went out, leaving him to glare at it hatefully.

Sam was now sure that if he wanted to hypnotize Dean, all he had to do was to tap a pencil long enough. Dean's eyes didn't leave the thing the whole time. Then let his mind wander to all the things he could order his lover to do then…that he already hadn't done willingly with Sam, of course.

Which made Dean falter in his annoyance at the pencil tapping for a bit, getting hard at the fantasies he saw in Sam's head and considered hypnosis unnecessary if Sam wanted to do those things with and to him anytime soon!

"Herman Melville. Yeah, like the author. Uh huh." Sam said as he accessed the account information now. "The property is 786 S. Beach Boulevard, Helsing, New York. He's moving in soon with his husband." Sam added to see if it jogged her memory. "How much for it?"

"Let me check that listing…Yes, here it is. They move in on the fifth. I'd need the money by then…" She said, and if anything only got more cheerful. Ugh! Sam was sure it was a mental illness to be that damn cheerful by now!

"I can send it to you now, as a matter of fact. How much?" Sam pushed, massaging the spot between his eyes. Migraine, this woman, this little mortal thing, was giving him a migraine. Even the tapping was getting more intense. Dean noticed fearfully. She was really getting to the man.

Must be a morning person. He thought cheerfully. Grinning at his lover and chuckling. Sam was not a morning person and becoming a god hadn't really changed that personality trait in the least. To be honest, the cheerful morning person was the worst thing he could deal with at seven am. Dean, however, found it most amusing…while also pondering how to break god protection so he could destroy the pencil again. It was tapping out a rapid beat…which may or may not have unknowingly matched his finger drumming, stroke for stroke, but he didn't notice that part. He was too focused on that damn tapping pencil to do so.

"150,000." She said nervously and Sam smiled, the cheerfulness fading for a moment in her voice. He liked that part best.

"Directly to an account okay?" Sam asked.

"We prefer a money order or bank draft but your account information would allow us to get it that way." She said and was cheerful again. Sam groaned internally while also rolling his eyes in sarcastic annoyance. Yes, it was a mental illness, he decided! He wondered if he could cure it for her…painfully, of course. Sure there was a hidden part of the brain that housed that cheerfulness and pondered ways he could just cut that little annoying bastard out of her! Painfully slowly and with great care, of course.

"Okay, you ready for the account information then?" Sam said politely, sure that his head would explode if she said one more overly cheerful word again!

"Of course, Sir!" She chirped and he felt a blood vessel pop in his brain at that moment. Hundreds more to go. He thought. Sure that if this kept up, she'd get them all…! "I'm ready."

So was he but not for what she thought he was!

Then gave her the required information and talked to her boss to authorize the sale for the property. Nearly an hour later, the money was in their account and they were going over the deed information.

"Put it in Mr. Melville's name. Give him the deed." Sam said and they confirmed all the details of the sale with him. Then they hung up and he eyed Dean with annoyance. "Don't even think of saying it! I mean it…I will hurt you."

"Of course not, sir! I wouldn't dream of doing any such thing!" Dean chirped cheerfully in a perfect imitation of her voice and Sam lunged at him, and he avoided it…booking out the door at top god speed laughing at his annoyed lover with Sam on his tail, lightning raining at his feet as Sam barely missed it hitting them! They dashed across Olympus and the others made room laughing as they got out of their way. Sam chased him to the edges and back only to topple him with a punch and a wide leg sweep into a wall, pinning him there. Both panting and breathing hard as Sam struggled briefly in his firm hold on him while also rubbing himself in surrender against his lover's body. Dean had to admire his skill at being able to do both at the same time…Sam did have some amazing seduction skills, damn! No wonder he was the 'love' part of their powers. He really did know your desires and how to use them against you…very very well, like now for instance. Dean knew he'd won, but then again…he'd also lost, a not unfamiliar feeling when it came to his relationship with Sam most of their lives, even as kids. Dean may seem to have won, when most of the time, it was Sam that was actually the true victor. Both John and Bobby had seen this pattern, but Dean, being the stubborn brain-trust that he was, clearly hadn't until now.

"Dean…" Sam warned. Heart racing from the chase and his desire stoked by it as well, his dick hard already and pressed against Dean's leg by now.

"Shut me up then." Dean said lustfully, the race had ignited his desire, too. He knew it had affected Sam the same way; always had. A chase always excited them. "Fuck me, baby boy…shut me up…" He whispered seductively into his lover's ear. And then Sam's lips claimed his in a brutal kiss as he flipped them and pressed Dean to the building then pulled Dean's legs to his waist and thrust in, taking him against the Norse barracks. Not breaking the kiss for most of it, both moaning and whimpering into each other's mouths as they fucked hard. Not caring who saw them; they were too lost in each other to care. Hands, lips, nails, and bodies rubbing desperately in their passion while they fucked hard and fast. Both cumming with shouts and shows of power coming from both of them. Then Dean returned the favor by throwing Sam into a cloud bank just as violently and pouncing on him, thrusting in as well, taking him hard and fast, impaling him deeper and rougher with every thrust into his prostrate, working his dick as he took him harder and rougher as well.

Sam got loud then and pornographic cries and moans filled the air to testify to how well Dean knew how to pleasure him, and make him his slave to his lover's pleasure in every way. The others were amazed at the sounds and wondered how they could get him to make them for them. Bobby shook his head as God sucked his dick as they fucked; they'd been inspired by their sex to have some of their own.

"No one gets Sam to make those sounds but Dean…" Bobby said softly. "I've tried and never got any sound nearly that good out of either of them."

"Me either." God admitted and shrugged. "Only Dean inspires them in him. Just as there are sounds that only Sam can inspire from Dean." They were 'It' for each other, no matter how many lovers they claimed and were claimed by. They would always be 'It' for the other man. No one touches that, no one has ever got close to how much they loved, needed, and depended on each other. They were still so twisted together that one could never tell where Dean began and where Sam ended. There was no defining point there between them. He knew that. He'd made them that way, to fit that way together all their lives. It was the way they were supposed to be. Not twisted but joined together, meant to be together in one inseparable unit for all Eternity. Eternal lovers. Eternally joined souls that only needed each other over anyone else.

So no one got those sounds because those weren't just pleasure sounds. They were their souls joining with every kiss, every touch, and burying themselves into them with every thrust they made into each other's bodies. Every cry a symphony of their love for each other that no one else could ever compete with.

Not that every lover or Mate they had didn't already know that. They had just accepted it, had a long time ago. You got Dean, you had to take Sam, but you never once owned either one. They always only ever belonged to one person, one soul. Each other's. Sure, they'd share and love anyone without a compunction to think they shouldn't. They may hold you and kiss you, say they adored you…and mean it, but deep down…

They were a bit selfish.

They'd only ever really loved each other that way…never anyone else that deeply. Soul deep, and cell deep, every cell needing only the other cells of the other god and man.

But they also loved their Mates and lovers deeply and obsessively so the others took what they could get. They wouldn't give them up; no matter if they loved them that deeply or not. Because the truth was, in the end, what did they get from them? It was a hell of a lot there to get!

Their beloved gods were theirs to love.

They were godmates and, as godmates? That's the way they were supposed to love each other.

Two side of the same coin, twin gods of Sex, Love and Lust, and basically one being if one looked at it that way. They may be two men but they were one unit of power as Head gods. And their people wouldn't have it any other way.

Separated they were powerful but weaker…but together? They were unstoppable, the way they had been in life.

The demons and evil beings had known that, too. It was why they had fought so hard to tear them apart, to break their bond to each other… because when they were apart they were weaker, easier to kill or hurt, more vulnerable. But together, they possessed a strength that made them unbreakable, hurtable still but not able to tear them apart the way the evil beings wanted them to be. They were powerful and better together, impossible to stop when they worked together for any reason and together they always won in the end.

Separately, they'd have died already and stayed that way.

So, as gods, they needed to be together.

And, as their sex sounds filled the air of their Olympian Home, the denizens rejoiced to hear them. Because it meant they were happy and they were strong, and they were together the way they needed to be to take care of them the way they needed their gods to do for them.

It meant they were powerful and strong enough to kill and withstand any force that came for them. And that was all their loved ones really cared about. And needed for them to be for them really, too.

Besides still loving and needing them, too.

But, then again, that was also a given!


They let the pair know about the property sale that night. Then Hermes popped there to get the key and deed for the property ahead of time. Then they got started on warding it for Adam before he even set foot in the place, putting all the wards on the place, only Marked ones allowed in after one got a few feet from the door, allowing for others to enter it if necessary.

"Thank you!" Adam said gratefully hugging his brothers. "My own home."

"No, a temporary home, very temporary! Olympus is your Home, Adam. Never forget that. You may live out there in the world, you may go to school there, and eventually work in town at the hospital there, but never doubt where you belong…here on Olympus. As a god, it is your birthright to be here. And we would love having you around more. We miss you." Dean said firmly and Adam nodded.

"I agree." Adam said nodding. Dean was right. Out there was temporary, he really belonged here but couldn't stay for the moment. In a few years, he would. He missed his Home and them, too, when he was so far away. They needed to work out a way to visit more or call or something! Popping in for visits wasn't unrealistic. He thought and nodded.

"We'll make more time for you, Adam. Sorry we neglected you." Sam said and hugged him again. Smiling fondly at him.

"Let's do that then." Adam agreed again and then tugged them along. "Now that we got that cleared up, come see which car I want." And then proceeded to show them the car body he wanted. An Impala, not just any Impala, a '69 Impala like Dean's. "I thought I'd work on it on weekends when I'd visit then paint it myself, black like yours. Shine up the chrome, new wheels and stuff. What do you think?" His eyes sparkled now.

"Every weekend? You'd pop here every weekend? Visit with us until Sunday night? Promise?" Dean asked hopefully.

"Yes, every weekend. From now on." Adam promised.

"Good, then we'd get more time with you and Hermes gets more time with his family as well. They missed him as well." Sam said and they nodded agreement now. "We love you, Adam. Never doubt that."

"Never would or could, bro." Adam said looking at Sam. "You're my family. And family is all that really matters when it all comes down to it, at least to us Winchesters."

"Damn right." Dean said and grinned. "Let's get started on that car, shall we?" He was excited to do this with his brother, even though he didn't really need the help. John had taught him all about cars before he'd left him rather suddenly. Turns out he'd done it to keep Azazel from finding out about Adam, same reason Sam and Dean had stayed away from him as much as they could when Lucifer was after Sam. To protect him. The same way John had done for them, running from them after stashing them somewhere to keep the demon from taking Sam from him. From Dean.

Something neither the Winchester father or brothers could bear to happen. They'd been too in love with him to lose him that way! Loved and cared for him too much to let Evil get their family that way! When he'd been younger, sure, it had been purer, fatherly concern, brotherly protectiveness. Family love. But the older they got, the more that love changed, morphed into desire, lust, love, adoration, and even into obsession that had eventual driven John away from them but never Dean. Forbidden feelings and all, Dean could never leave Sam, that wasn't possible for him. He wasn't Dad; he hadn't had the strength to resist and do that, even back then, and still couldn't as his god-mate.

Then Sam had left them, left Dean in a way that he couldn't understand or accept at that time. But had tried to. Losing each other was never a viable option, be it John, or Bobby, or Sam, or Dean, and, yes, Adam was included there, too! Losing each other was not allowed! They'd fight for Adam now. Protect him at all costs. He was their precious treasure, the one thing they adored beyond each other.


Their weakness. Their very vulnerable but now better protected little brother.

Willing to kill to keep him safe, play dirty, cheat, be evil as they had to be, but Adam would be safe! And with them again, their family always.

And he damn well knew it, too.

And so did the damn demons.

Another reason Dean hated demons so much. They always tried, and often succeeded, to kill those he loved most. First Dad, then Sam, and now Adam. But they weren't weak humans now, they were gods and, as gods, they were now much harder to kill and much more likely to kill the Evil things going after their brother and loved ones now.

Including their kids, powerful as they were, as gods even, they would protect them for the same reason. Because, in their heart of hearts? The world would make no sense to them ever again if they lost Adam or their children, or their lovers and Mates. Olympus could spin off its axis for all they cared and blow up, and if these beings weren't in the world for them to love and take care of, it take them with it. Because they couldn't live in a world without them either. Anymore than they could if either of them weren't in it, too.

So they would fight for what they loved, kill what tried to take them from them, and make the evil scream in agony for even considering hurting them!

Evil would be better off, safer even, if they just left their kids, loved ones, and little brother alone but they knew that wouldn't happen. Evil wasn't that smart!

And they all knew it, too.

Evil got stupid when it heard the name 'Winchester' and, for that stupidity, it usually died painfully. This time would be no different. No one, and that meant all manner of evil out there, got even close to their family or Olympus, or those under their protection. To do so, sealed their Death Warrants.

To cross those gods had the same result, too.

But, as we've said before, Evil wasn't smart enough to figure that out…

And run the other way, but it would learn to.

Dean was sure of it.


They saw him off the next day and were hugged tight for their efforts. "See you next weekend." Adam said smiling, happy to finally spend more time with them.

"We'll be expecting you." Dean said and they nodded.

"Hermes, we're so glad you're back now." Artemis said with a hug to him as well. "So good to see you again."

"I'll be back on the weekends with Adam, every one of them." Hermes promised.

"We're glad you found someone to love, bro." Apollo said. "They're much better than Zeus ever was, you'll love it here, I swear. Don't leave again for so long, okay? They won't hurt you or force you into anything, that isn't their style. They like to take care of us, love us." He smiled at them fondly as they hugged Adam nearby. "They are good men, good gods. Worth serving, you'll see that."

"I already do. They are so human sometimes though, it's scary really…" Hermes said wisely. "All those god powers, and Head gods, and yet still so human inside. Not a good mixture really."

"For them, the god tempers the human in them, while the human tempers the god as well. The human parts make them better able to deal with Creation and those in the world, and us…without it, they might just have proven to be just as bad or worse than Zeus or Hera ever were." Apollo explained. "Their humanity makes them great gods and works well with Sex powers, too."

"I see that." Hermes said. Maybe being human inside still was a good thing for these gods of theirs. If it kept them doing a good job as they were doing now, he was all for the human to stay inside them then.

Then they drove off in Adam's car and their families missed them already, or would until next weekend came. Then they would work on Adam's car. And the others would help Hermes train up his new powers for him. The gods had really boosted them for him with their essences they'd shared with him. He'd need extensive training with them and they were glad to help.

As long as he stayed with them now.

Hermes stayed now.

He was family to them, too!


(Next day)

"Yes, Mr. Winchester, I can get you in touch with the owner." Ms. Pratt said cheerfully. Again it was eight am. Dean had fallen neatly into Sam's trap, of course.

First, Dean had brought up buying the buildings, something Sam had agreed to all too willingly. He should have suspected something then, he thought now in irritation. Then he had smiled, that 'cat got the cream' smile or the 'cat finally caught the canary and ate it' smile, neither boded well for him…then he had mentioned, all too casually, that whoever called this in had to talk to Ms. Cheerful. Dean had declined. But then so had Sam. So they had suggested that Bobby do it.

Bobby had flatly refused unless they let him torture her after, to see if she submitted to torture as cheerfully as she took phone calls. They had agreed right then that he was not the one to make it. Ellen had threatened the same. God, needless to say, gave them a look that pretty much said Hell no! And everyone else did the same, and that left them. And Sam had already done it…leaving Dean to do it. Like he'd planned all along.

"You planned this…" Dean hissed in irritation as she chirped happily and chatted with him about how happy they were with the condo. Dean in turn took up his finger tapping habit. Sam again considered if a god could lose fingers and still grow them back. Tapping his fingers as well. Both tapping faster and getting more irritated by the second. By each other and from the sheer maddening cheerfulness of her voice alone, never wanting to meet her out of fear they would smite her on principle.

"Hold please while I get that information for you." Ms. Pratt asked and there was a click.

"One more word, just one more word, one more 'way too cheerful for this early in the morning' fucking word…" Dean cringed as Dorian came in to talk business with them and offered them coffee. A frothy caramel macchiato for Sam, to tease Dean with and it was his favorite. A black coffee for Dean. A frothy coffee laced with blood for her; the boys had drank their fill earlier and were well fed.

"Have you met this woman? Ugh!" He groaned and she nodded in agreement.

"Yes, she gave me shudders…I usually have one of my happier assistants that I rarely deal with, mind you, deal with her for me." Dorian admitted. "She manages some of my properties."

"And she still lives…wow. I'd have smited her already, for being way too cheerful." Dean said.

"I think it's a mental illness…I'd like to cure it painfully and slowly." Sam agreed. "Picture her on knees, Master before her, dick ready…" Sam visualized it and laughed and they caught his thought.

"And as he teases her with the tip, she says…" Dean hinted.

"Please, sir, I would gladly suck your dick for you!" Dorian said, mimicking the woman's cheerful voice, then they all burst out laughing. "I get it, yeah, she'd do that!" Then laughed some more.

"Told ya it would work." Sam said finally stopping laughing by the time she came back online.

"Yes?" Dean managed to say without a trace of laughter in his voice now.

"Their number is 231-555-7887. They usually keep their phone on." Ms. Pratt said.

"Thank you. I appreciate this." Dean said then hung up with her then dialed it. Then he heard it, a scary ringtone, coming from Dorian's pocket. "Dorian?"

"That's a call for me, excuse me?" Dorian said then went to answer it. "Hello, Doric Enterprises."

"Dorian?" Dean said in disbelief.

"Dean?" Dorian said equally in disbelief. Then hung up. Both of them.

"You own the condos Adam lives in?" Dean said. Eyes surprised.

"Yeah, I guess. I just to a draft of 150,000 in my account from a sale to Herman Melville… that's what I was coming in to see you about." Dorian said and asked. "Isn't that Hermes' alias?"

"Yeah, we got it in his name. So, how much for all the condos?" Dean asked. "We'd pay for them."

"Duh, you already own them. As my husbands, I gave you rights to my businesses, too. So you already owned them. You bought your own condo, congrats." Dorian teased then smiled. "I'll send the money back to you, not to worry."

"Thanks." Dean said blushing red and rubbing his neck in embarrassment. He hadn't known that. He'd just assumed what was hers, would stay hers. He didn't want to take her properties from her.

"I choose to give them to you. So take them or not, they are yours. What did you want them all for anyway? There are about twelve in that building alone, three buildings in different parts of town, all part of the same property. About thirty-six in all." Dorian said and smiled as their eyes widened.

"I was thinking of filling his building with our people, to protect him better." Dean said.

"Dean…we discussed this!" Sam hissed and Dean nodded.

"Yeah, yeah, I agreed to just sending two wolves, two vamps, and two hunters to live in the condos on each side of him. And to ward the entire building our way. Only let marked ones live there, hunters on hunts, kids in college and such, that sort of thing, to give housing to us and our people when we're there in town." Dean said rolling his eyes. "Not overprotective! You know they will go after him first, I'm not being paranoid here!" He growled and they nodded, knowing he wasn't wrong.

"Good idea. Do the same with the other buildings, too. Partial wards though, no killing if not marked type of thing added. Let humans in to live there." Dorian agreed. "Ward against criminal intentions, too. I don't want my places robbed or anything."

"Sure." Dean agreed and smiled, eying Sam seeing his eyes sparkling with humor…"No, Sam, please?" Dean begged, knowing just what he was going to do.

"You did it to me…" Sam said and smiled. "Payback's a bitch." Then smiled as Dean tried to cover his ears. "I would never do that to you, Sir!" Sam said in her overly cheerful voice, and added. "But I will continue if you want to me to! May I suck your dick?" And with that he broke into a run, the door open already. Out he went at top god speed, Dean on his heels, shooting lightning at his feet, missing by inches. Dorian chuckled, she'd seen that coming!

"I'm sorry, sir, but your aim is off." Sam shouted back in an even more cheerful voice. Dean really went after him now, eyes flashing until they hit the barrier again and Sam tried to run to the left got caught then ran right and got caught again. Breathing breathlessly, he was pinned against the Greek barracks by Dean holding his arms twisted behind his back, body pressed against his, his erection hard and pressed against his own. The chase igniting their passion again! "Now that you caught me, whatever will you do with me…Master?" He leered and press his dick harder into Dean's now. Offering himself willingly to his lover's every whim and desire.

"Everything, I want to do everything!" Dean growled then flipped him to face the building. Then thrust in hard, making Sam wince and growl as the pain became his pleasure, as Dean sank fangs into him. He shouted in more pleasure and need, his own Love power coming out to play, called by his lover's taking him.

And, true to his word, he took Sam in every way a man could be taken and did it all again, making Sam get him hard each time so he could. Then Sam did the same to him, Dean submitting to Sam's every whim as well. For hours they went at it, taking each other loudly and passionately. Sharing it with all of Olympus each time, their powers filling the air around it and no one bothered to complain, and, as Dean came with a stream of obscenities and dirty words, so did everyone else. They were fucking as hard as their gods were and never wanted either to stop!

But they did and soon came down from the clouds to be greeted by their lovers and kissed soundly for it. Thanked and rewarded for what they had done to them with their powers. Plus, they promised to pay them back later; they were just too sated at the moment to get turned on enough to do so. They agreed they would let them do that later. A public orgy with them submitting to them all would be good.

Everyone agreed that would be perfect and so they agreed to it. They would send the kids to town to spend the night with Jodi and them since this was going to take all night and then some.

They had to say, that Pratt woman may be irritating but her voice did inspire a good chase and lots of sex, that they could live with! In small doses, of course.


(Several days later)

Dean answered to the ringtone, the special one and got serious. "Reid? What's up?" He had a friend in the FBI and he gave them tips about cases sometimes. "Uh huh, not a serial killer, you sure? Sounds like a human…no, you're right that's not normal…sounds like vampires, yeah. You still there? Oh, I see…" Dean thought about it. "Yeah, the others agree?" he asked, "They willing to let us help, give us wiggle room? Hide us, and we get you the credit?"

He listened now, and nodded. Eying Victor especially. "Yeah, Vic's here, uh huh…oh, yeah, that could work…who else? Yeah, she's upstairs, got in last night. Oh, good idea, get them in the case and they'll be there, keep it discreet. They are consultants only…not agents here…uh huh, okay, where are you?" He asked and pointed to Vic. "Get Diana now and pack, you both are going to New York. Use a condo for the night but get ahold of Reid, he has a vampire issue. Go now. Dante can go if he wants, he could help, too. We'll call Adam to expect you." Victor ran with Dante to their room. Then Vic went to wake up Diana Ballard and Dante packed their bag for them.

"Di, sorry, got a vamp case and need a cop, that leaves me and you, babe. Dean's in a hurry, so get ready." Vic said and she scrambled up to get her bag, still packed. She'd just got back from taking back to back hunts for a month now but if Dean needed her, she'd help.

Soon they were standing there and talking to Hotch now, too. "Aaron, we're on our way, where's your room?" Vic asked as they left now, cradling his cell as he shut the front door. "Fill me in here, how many dead?" He listened and tossed Diana the keys. "We'll take your car, Di." He said then listened, then frowned. "Figured there'd be no bodies…any missing?" He asked and groaned. "That's a few, have they been seen around since…like when someone disappeared?" He listened and smiled. "Yeah, it's vampires. They were Turned. They must be the ones taking them now, vampires do that. They get you, Turn you then you take others and do the same for them…" He groaned. "They're building a damn nest, guys."

They watched his jaw twitch and knew that wasn't a good sign.

"When did you see her last?" Vic asked worried now. "No, I got it, uh huh. You work the case like usual. We'll get the vamps and rescue her, don't worry. Call us if anything else comes up. We'll be at the new condos with Adam. Yeah, he's married now. To Hermes, the Messenger god. He's happy and in Medical school here." Vic bragged and laughed as they hit the freeway. "We'll be there in the morning. You see us, ignore us. We'll do this hidden."

"No, they just took her. They usually take some blood but won't turn her yet. They like to play with their prey." He said then listened. "No, I can't say…they might do that. We'll hurry, yes. Call you soon, Aaron. Thanks for having Reid call us." They were marked so the venom wouldn't Turn Prentiss but they could hurt her anyway. All the team was marked really, had been since Sam and Dean had done it months ago when they'd saved them from some werewolves…not the serial killers they'd expected them to be at all.

They'd listened to who they were then the humans had said they'd be Marked, do the Immortal Servant vow, but keep doing their jobs. Aaron visited often with them and loved the kids especially. His son stayed with them sometimes and played with the kids, too. But not often, they were often too busy for frequent visits. They did call them in if they caught something supernatural and couldn't deal with it themselves at that time; although they'd killed their share like most hunters did under the radar.

They found a field to hide in and popped out from there instead. Too worried to go slow then popped to the condo parking lot. Running in to meet Adam and settle into their condo for the night, Vic and Diana popped right to Hotch and them, impatient to get more information.

"Where were most of the people taken from? Any barns or abandoned places large enough to hold a Nest nearby?" Vic demanded and made them all jump. He hadn't even said hello, he'd just appeared and demanded it. "Now, tell me! We don't have much time here."

"Um, a warehouse a couple blocks away, an abandoned house a block away and some empty for sale houses as well." Reid said and worried. "You got here fast!"

"We teleported, sue us. We were worried." Vic snapped then apologized. "Sorry, just stressed."

"That's okay, we're worried, too. No one knows she's missing yet." David said and they nodded approval.

"Keep it that way. We'll find her now. Morgan, Hotch, you back us up?" Diana said and they nodded, digging out the other guns and machetes. Dressing for the hunt and getting out of their suits. "Ready?"

"Yeah, let's go." Morgan said lips tight, worried about Emily.

Hotch looked tense, feeling the same.

Vic touched the marks, all had weapons ready then, and went straight to her, knowing they could be walking into a trap.

"Be ready, this could be a trap." Vic warned.

"We know." Morgan ground out and then they were there.

Vamps swarmed them and they pulled out the god powers, pouring them into the vamps and killing them quick, making a path for the others. "Check the cage, she's probably in there." Vic shouted as he shot god fire and turned a vamp to ash as one bit him and he shot it. Then cut its head off. Diana doing the same. Soon the vamps were dead, all the missing people among them but Emily. They checked to be sure and were pleased about that, even though they were pretty sure she wouldn't be.

"Guys!" Aaron shouted and saw Morgan and Hotch fighting off the Master and his Mate and doing a great job of it. Then saw Emily. Naked and hurt, unconscious on a mattress with legs spread. Diana ran to her and Vic helped them. But they didn't need him, the vamps were dead in seconds. The men were experienced hunters so it was no surprise. Diana checked her and found that she was bruised but not penetrated; but looked like they had been in the process of doing that when they'd arrived. Diana pulled her shirt off and pulled it onto her then searched for her clothes. She found her pants but they were shredded, her purse was spilled but she got it all back in it. Her shirt was torn but salvageable and her underwear were missing. So Diana pulled of her pants and covered the other woman instead; she was about her size and she knew she needed to be covered up. She'd feel better when she came to that way. Vic checked her skin and found some scratches and no bites.

Her eyes soon started to open and she almost screamed but for his hand over her mouth and him whispering, "It's Vic, Emily. You're safe now." And he saw she relaxed now, settling and shaking a little.

"They were going to…" She started to say and he hesitated.

"But they didn't, you knew they were like that…and you stayed sane, it's okay. They didn't touch you, we checked. Diana gave you her clothes to wear until you could change into your own. We got your purse here but your clothes were shredded. They almost raped you but didn't get to, you're okay." Vic reassured her.

"Thanks, I'm just shook up. They caught me in the parking lot and I didn't get a chance to fight back…or I would have. They beat me up but then I healed up faster than they assumed I would and they freaked then they rushed me and I tried to hit them with the power but they …weren't enough…my god fire isn't strong yet, mine is a more mind reading thing and ….I freaked out." She cried. "I had power and just…flaked!"

"You were scared and traumatized, it happens sometimes. You'll do better next time; it's going to be fine. We all have off hunts, and we don't hunt alone, so work in pairs so they can't do this again, okay?" Vic advised as they popped her back to her room so she could change.

Soon they were telling them bye and going back to destroy all evidence of the vampires and their nest, burning the barn with gas and matches when they turned them to ash. "We're out, guys." Vic said as he told them what they'd done. "You'll hear about the fire, thought I'd give you a heads up. Evidence of our being here is gone so our secret is safe." Then laughed. "Yeah, see you around Christmas, bye."

Then hung up and headed back to sleep before they left for home again. They sent a message to the gods through the Marks and they were relieved. And glad Emily was okay. Her powers hadn't come in all the way yet and she'd been left defenseless. Her god fire wasn't strong enough to use yet either but would be. They were sure of that. They were just glad they were okay.


"You okay?" Aaron asked as he and David checked her out. "You should go to the hospital. We'll think up some lie but you need a doctor."

"No, I don't. The gods said I was fine, so I'm fine!" Emily argued and suddenly felt tired. "They checked me out already. They'd have said I needed a doctor."

"Well, you need to talk?" David offered, worried about trauma.

"No, I don't need to talk, I don't need a doctor, I need to sleep and rest to face the office tomorrow. We blew our case, remember?" she said frustrated. "No answers for the reports, no victims saved, no explanation of who the Unsub was…Strauss is going to flip out on us!" she sighed. "I'd rather face that on a full night's sleep."

"Us, too, but we need a good story. Any ideas?" Hotch asked.

"We did the work, and nothing panned out. That's all there is to it. Strauss can't know about the hunting so we can't tell her about you missing, Emily." David said sadly.

"No need for anyone to know. It happens, we knew the risks when we started dealing with the supernatural shit. This was one of them. It will probably happen again and that can't be helped either. Hopefully not so bad and not on an FBI case but…we stick to the case not working out for the serial killer, couldn't find the victims, turn in our reports with the legal stuff, and act upset we failed to stop the bad guys…she'll buy that." Emily said and they all nodded.

Heading back to their rooms to rest, glad their friend and fellow demigod was okay and back with them.

Reid had called their Head gods and they'd sent help, something they were very grateful for.

Especially Emily.


Strauss hated how the case had worked out. She knew their cases usually went better than this!

"So…no victims found, all still missing?" She asked tensely. They shook their heads.

"No killer or suspects?" She asked in frustration now. Again they said no. "Fine, tell me what happened."

So they did, leaving out the Olympian god parts and the vamp killing, and the whole 'Emily getting taken' parts. And even Strauss agreed there was nothing they could have done. "Sounds like the killer fled town and hid the bodies well." She observed reading the reports. "I wish we could have solved this, New York does not need another cold case…especially one with as many missing as this one has, and not to mention the blood they left in some cases…no bodies but some evidence of foul play. This one was a nasty one…"

"We could look into it later." Aaron suggested. Strauss nodded.

"I'll keep an eye on the case." Strauss agreed and left now, they watched her go then breathed in relief.

"Well, we won and we lost." Aaron said then shrugged.

"The nature of Hunting." Morgan said nodding and knowing it was true. "You try to save all you can and hope you get most of them and get the bad guy. The usual."

And they all knew they would keep doing it, too.

Even if it meant their cases got screwed all to hell in the process sometimes. It was worth the price they paid to do it.


(Several months later)

Dean and Dante were up to the four and a half month mark. Ready to burst. Time had passed quickly for them. Dean's daily power feedings for his babies were done by now, and he'd been assured they were ready.

Dante, however, hid on his own cloud bank and fought his powers and frustration; so he wouldn't bite anyone else's head off for the day.

"Artemis didn't mean to hurt your feelings, Dante." Dean reassured the trembling man. Not in fear but repressed power. "Let it out, light up the sky again. We don't mind. You'll feel better." Lately when Dante got to moody, a good blast of Pheonix power into the sky for several seconds tended to balance him out. It didn't bode well for him to repress it this way. "Let me see your fire." Dean urged as he kissed the man hard and left him breathless.

"Okay." Dante grumbled and called on his power, letting the excess flood his system and flow from him into the air. A pillar of gold and red flames filled the sky for miles then receded back into him. Then he sighed in much more relaxed way. "I do feel better. I just keep…losing control lately."

"It's the hormones. I keep wanting to kill the next person that hovers over me or insists on helping me down the stairs, or anything else. Plus, everyone asking me how I feel or if I need anything is getting really fucking annoying!" Dean growled and a storm brewed overhead as he blew off some steam himself then pulled it back. "See, not the only one with power issues. Mine got boosted and my moodiness is verging on psychotic here. Even Sam is afraid to look or speak to me most of the time. He thinks he'll just offend me again…and again…if he tries. He's avoiding me…" Dean said sadly. He missed Sam's hovering and bugging him to eat right, and the way his hazel eyes followed him to make sure he was okay, even though he was sure it would piss Dean off if he thought Dean caught him doing it. Dean even missed the way his brown hair looked laying against his chest as they cuddled after sex, which they also hadn't done for two months, and he really missed and needed to do more sex with his Sammy really soon; whenever he could stop himself from yelling at the man to leave him the fuck alone would be nice!

Lately Sam was staying out of his way, barely cuddling with him. But still doing romantic stuff for him or kissing him gently when he thought Dean wasn't too moody. "He's not being…Sam." Dean wished Sam would do those things again, even though they pissed Dean off. He'd driven Sam away with his temper too much lately and now Sam just…stayed away more often, watching him from a distance when he figured Dean wasn't looking; gauging what would piss him off or would make him feel better. Or if it was safe to come around him without pissing him off more than he already had that day…"I miss him."

"Have you tried telling him this?" Dante asked worried. Dean and Sam not getting along? Well, they all had witnessed it a lot recently and had wanted to say something but…then they'd be loving and the others had stopped themselves from doing it, but then he'd just do it again and Sam would be hurt again and leave…And what with Dean being pregnant? They all knew this was not a recipe for a good thing, not at all. "Why don't you try something? Do a romantic thing for him to show him you still love him? Maybe he feels you don't want him around right now? You have been telling him to get away from you more lately. Last night you even said you didn't need him and I think that hurt his feelings, Dean. He was only trying to rub your back to ease your backache. You treat him like week old crap." Sam had popped away with a broken hearted look at those comments…and hadn't returned to the bed afterward. Dean had regretted it as soon as he said it but that didn't make Sam any less absent from his side of the bed he shared with him. Per usual. They were both absolutely miserable together now and he was worried that Sam would move out of their room. He wouldn't leave for good, Dean knew that much, but…he'd leave their bed and the room to give Dean space…and Dean didn't want that. Even if he did scream it at him often enough. Dean never meant it, he just…kept losing his temper.

Dean had pushed him away one too many times. And Sam had finally fled from his horrible treatment of him. Now Dean just wanted Sam back by his side. A rose appeared on his lap now, with a note tied to it. 'I love you still, I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone if you want. I'll move out until you want me back with you, if you ever do again… Love, Sam.' It said and Dean sighed unhappily. A gold earring hung in front of him, in midair, and he took it. Another note was attached now. 'Forgive me?'

He knew who it was from and saw Sam sitting on a cloud nearby watching him, a careful blankness to his face. He wasn't sure what expression would please Dean now, so he wore none. His lips were carefully held together in a nervous line and his eyes looked away when Dean caught him looking at him. Then Sam popped away, leaving Dean wanting to cry…more than usual anyway.

So Dean popped away, and headed to the kitchen. He cooked up Sam's favorite foods and boxed them up in the picnic basket then found a blanket to use for it. He put the earring in, they'd pierced one ear a year ago and he knew Sam had gotten the earring for him as a truce gift. He wanted to show Sam he'd accepted his truce offer.

He also conjured up some white roses and got a couple dozen put together in a fairly pretty arrangement. Then popped away, humming happily as he did. The others watched smiling, knowing what the pregnant god was up to.

To make it up to his godmate who he'd, admittedly not on purpose, mind you, been treating like crap lately when he tried to take care of him. Sam had been hurt by the treatment and Dean had known it obviously. So they hoped this surprise would make them both feel better. The hormones were making Dean and Dante turn bitchy and not in the normal and easy kind of way either! The 'get the hell away from me or I'll hurt you' kind of way was more the way it had been lately. They all hoped the babies came soon or they would be two gods short here in a few days!


Dean nervously set up the dinner with candlelight and wine, the food was out so Sam could see it. His flowers were hid behind Dean's back and he used the mark to summon Sam to him, kneeling and bowing his head in shame to show he was sorry and waited. He sensed Sam approaching now and hoped he'd forgive him, too.

"You did nothing wrong, Sam. I'm just…being a dick." Dean said softly, tears of apology in his eyes as he looked up. Sam's face lit up in love at his godmate and he knelt by Dean, kissing him softly.

"No, not a dick…well, maybe a little lately…you are just being hormonal. I just can't seem to make you happy anymore. You're always mad at me or saying get away from you. I feel like you don't want me around you so…I will give you space. I didn't mean to hover or annoy you with my concerns. It's just that I love you and those are our kids in there. I want to be there for you but I don't know what you need from me anymore…" Sam said and asked. "Tell me… what do you want from me? What do you want me to do!"

"Hover and be overconcerned. Be yourself. Stay with me even when I'm being a jerk. I didn't mean it when I said for you to go away and I didn't want you around! It's just the hormones have me spinning but…I need you to do those things, even if they piss me off, because they remind me you love me and won't leave me; no matter how badly I act. I'll do better, baby, I will!" Dean pleaded and gave him the flowers. "These are for putting up with my temper tantrums."

"Thanks, I love them." Sam said softly and found Dante joining them.

"I'm sorry, too. Dean's not the only one treating the people that care about them like crap. I've been doing it, too. I'm so sorry." Dante said and hugged him, too. "Forgive me? Still love me?" He eyed the romantic dinner laid out and went to go. "I just wanted to say I was sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt your dinner." Two pairs of hands grabbed him and he stared in surprise as Sam and Dean held him in place, their eyes frantic and upset.

"Stay! Please?" Sam asked. "Those are my kids, too, Dante, and I think we need some romantic time; all three of us. That's probably why we've been fighting so much. We haven't been very loving to each other lately. This date is just what we've needed."

"Yes, Dante, stay. This date is with you, too. I had hoped you would show up." Dean said, kissing him softly. "I've been a jerk to you, too."

"We've both been jerks." Dante agreed and both gods conjured flowers for him and he took them. A gold earring hung in the air from them and he put it in his own ear, also pierced last year for them. "I don't mind being pregnant but…"

"The mood swings and girl parts are annoying?" Sam laughed as he pointed lower and they nodded. Both had gotten vaginas to give birth through this past week, a way to give birth better apparently. God helping them in his own way. The laughter was natural and eased the tension between them now, leaving them feeling happy and enjoying each other's company again; something none of them had felt for some time now.

"Yes!" Both Dean and Dante laughed. Then they cuddled in a group and fed each other between kisses and talking. Then made love for a few minutes, gently of course; they were due soon and Sam didn't want to risk calling their labor too soon.

Both men sighed happily against Sam's chest, sleeping now. Their powers sleeping as their babies stole their energy. Just a little but enough to exhaust their mother/fathers. A few hours later, they got up and headed back, popping to the kitchen to clean up their basket and its contents; all kissing and seeming much happier than they'd been before.

Dean and Dante were now making more efforts to be nicer to those on Olympus and the others were relieved. They didn't blame them. They knew it was just their hormones and they all knew that, but those men had been driving them nuts with the mood swings lately. They just prayed they gave birth soon. They could tell they were ready and it was close to the time for it.

A prayer that was answered the next morning when their waters broke on the bed and they screamed bloody murder; then everyone came running with worried expressions.

Dean lay beside Dante and they held hands to help each other. Panting in pain, they breathed through the contractions and fought screams. Dante's babies came first. Bobby groaned in pain as flames filled his hands and God took over. He could handle the flaming children while Bobby could be seriously hurt. Ellen kept water in a nearby basin to help keep the flames down when they fell on other surfaces but kept the water off the kids; it could kill the babies if they put their fires out now! Those fires were the deities that would be in their blood and cells once they were absorbed properly. They weren't joined to their Pheonix deities yet and, if the fires went out, the kids and the deities would die instantly from it!

God held one and handed it to Kali, who also glowed with fire, her fire touching the baby's fire and rendering it safe for her alone. Then he took the other as Dante pushed it out. "Dante, you're doing fine. Push, son, he's almost out. Push hard!" God said and Dante growled in effort as another one came out, Kali taking that one, too. Both babies cried now but still burned like little suns, blinding all but God to their true sexes now. Dante felt the contractions stop and breathed in relief as their cords burned like fuses on dynamite with the babies' own fires and God cut the cord near Dante before the fire could burn him too. Their cords nothing but ash on the floor now and God let Bobby scoop it up for spells later. The cords had held Pheonix DNA, pure and undiluted Pheonix power and all it entailed in each cord, which made those ashes, Pheonix Ash; a useful weapon against powerful Monsters like Eve herself and some of her children, too.

Then Dean shouted in pain again as his contractions got closer. Lightning and thunder clapped outside and it rained in torrents now. The sky was the color of dark slade and full of huge storm clouds, as the first baby came out and he pushed, Sam wiped his brow and kissed it. "So good, doing so good, Dean. Push, she's almost out…" Sam urged. "Got a storm goddess here! We got a squall going out there! Her power must be storms." And with a loud crack! And long peal of lightning struck a throne in the meeting area; her throne to be exact, transferring its power into that throne for the new goddess, etching her name onto its back at the same time. The baby was born and cried very loudly, with thunder booming in that voice so loud they all cringed at the sound.

Then everyone ran in shivering and shut the door, turning up the heat. Then ran out again when they were able to conjure up enough magic to give them warmth for good now. They were not used to winter here, and most had never known it, a lot of the gods especially! Then Jo made cocoa for everyone. Snow and blizzard conditions took over now as the storm vanished and inches of snow began to accumulate rather rapidly. Frost was driving them inside as temps hit way below zero now! Dean pushed and gasped as his son came out. "So cold!" He cried out and he saw he was right. "I love him but damn his skin is so damn cold!" Then they cleaned off the men and fixed them up, watching in wonder as their girl part vanished as if it had never been there at all. Just a dick, no vagina at all anymore. They watching as Dante's boys seemed to absorb their fire like Dante did himself usually until they were just babies now. Dark haired and golden eyed with brown pupils. The gold was a soft amber color and appeared to contain fire banking in it at all times. Pheonix eyes, god's eyes. Power and beauty in those eyes. Long limbed and looking just like their mother/father now. Skin tanned and golden in such a way that a sunbather would be jealous of them. Firm and shapely lips and nearly identical in every way.

"Castor and Pollux." Dante said taking them. "Perfect god-like names". He looked at Dean and asked, "Is that okay? Those names?" His eyes pleaded with them and they shrugged.

"Your sons, you name them, Dante. Who is who?" Dean asked. They were identical; so how could he tell?

"His brows are higher by a bit and the lips are slightly fuller. That is Castor." He showed them the one on his right arm. "His hair is laced with blonde; barely there but I can see it. That's Pollux."

They examined the kids and saw the differences; imperceptible to all but their parents and loved ones. Everyone else was going to be so confused, they chuckled. They really were identical, down the last lash and toe nail.

Dean's girl and boy were both pale blonde and their eyes were a stormy gray like those of storm clouds. Their skins were a pale Olive tone and they had bodies like Sam's mostly, but jaws and faces like Dean's. They also were identical and seemed to be perfect duplicates. "His eyes are a shade lighter at the bottom." Dean pointed out. "Her eyes are darker." He thought now, Norse names, hmmm. Norse goddess and god obviously…Olive skin, black lashes like Dean's, pink cheeks and cupid bow lips, high cheek bones…"She is the goddess of Storms, Levyna. The cold one is the god of Frost, Lorynei. He felt cold when I had him. What temp do we have now?" Dean asked concerned as Sam took his son's temperature.

"65 degrees, give or take a degree. That seems to his normal body temperature; it's not going up anymore. He was thirty-two degrees before; when he fell asleep." Sam said then rocked the cold child. Lorynei was wrapped in three blankets and it still felt like Sam was cradling an ice cube. An adorable one but still…damn he was one cold baby! He still kissed his son's little forehead and let his son's cold fingers curl around Sam's bigger one, Sam feeling himself melt under that touch. "I love you, Lorynei." He whispered as his son slept, kissing him one last time and handing him to Dean, who also melted as he held him and his sister.

"So, there they are. Our kids…storm gods, like us but different. So…gorgeous." Dean said happily and looked unhappy as Kali approached with a sad expression. "So soon?" Dean said and drooped. Not wanting to let them go. Dante was doing the same. "No!" Dante said firmly.

"Dean, Dante. They need to sleep in their cribs now, you know that. Possessive things. They'll wake up soon enough and then you can hog them until your hearts are content, promise!" Kali said. So then they shook their heads, getting up and shrugging the others away defensively.

"Fine, but we take them there. We tuck them in and we damn well get to sing them their lullabies. Come on, Dante." Dean huffed sadly and they let them past. The mother/fathers not ready to let their children go quite yet. They let them do this. They had no choice but to do that, really.

The others laughed as they waited and the two didn't return; Worried, they went to see what had happened. The babies were in the room with the cloud plaque, with a flame over it, on the door. Storm gods' room. Pheonix Babies' room, as well. Okay, obvious clue. They looked in and smiled fondly. The babies were in their cribs, sleeping peacefully. Their parent sleeping over the backs of chairs, arms extended through the crib bars; the babies still gripping their fingers tightly. Children and parents slept so peacefully that they let them be. They looked so happy now and adorable; even the men.

They shut the door quietly and figured they'd be out later. Then went to check out the weather. It was sunny out again and the snow was melting. There were still snowmen being built by the kids and adults working together; laughing and tossing the snow at each other at times. Clearly enjoying it immensely. Sam wondered if he could do that. Make it snow?

So he called on his Norse powers and reached for snow but not too much. Then a light snowfall for the others and he figured it would work for the rest of the day. They all were nude but showing no sign of cold. Magic at its finest, he thought. Not feeling the cold cause the Magic was keeping you warm, yay!

Sam opened his eyes as a pulse of power flew from him and hit the sky, darkening it with snow clouds again and snow fell lightly again. Everyone cheered happily and thanked him; knowing he had been doing it this time. Then returned to their winter activities, glad to have the chance to experience it here on Olympus, where the weather usually never changed.

He'd lift the snow tonight, let them enjoy it today. Smiling, Sam summoned the townspeople and they appeared and looked around in confusion . "I made it snow. Would you like to join us playing in it?" He offered and they nodded. Running to play in it as well; Jodi cuddling with Sam on the porch now, kissing him happily. "Dean had our babies and so did Dante. They are sleeping in the nursery with them now. They are so pretty." Sam said proudly then told her all about what happened, the kids and what they were god-wise. "Lorynei, our son, he caused a snow storm at birth, I just kept the snow falling. They were having too much fun with it that it seemed a shame to let it melt on them. The girls…they seem to like it. Maybe I should make it snow more for them…once a week or something if we get the time? Everyone else, too. We don't get weather here. It stays sunny and Olympus-like. I miss storms and rain, and snow and sleet and snowmen, and winter chills, and scorching summers and all that stuff. We can't have that here but…I wish we could."

"Then why don't you and your Mate make it that way? It's certainly in your power now and those new babies' powers." God said sitting beside them now with a thoughtful expression. "Make weather for us with your powers like you did just now? According to what is going on out there? Not all the time, mind you, but a few times a week would be good." He nodded at Sam's surprised look.

"It won't mess up Olympus?" Sam asked worried.

"No, nothing could. But they would like the change at times and appreciate it more." God said smiling, going out to play in the snow as the three girls tugged him behind them. "Play with us, Grandpa?" Denae pleaded. "I keep messing up on the head…" She pointed to a rather pathetic looking snowman with a tiny tiny head. "My hands are too small." She held them out to show her point and looked sad.

"Don't worry, Dene. I'll help. My hands are really big, see?" God showed her his hands and she nodded serious looking, listening attentively. "We'll make him a better head together."

"Not a he, silly." Mati laughed and God turned to grin. "She's a girl like us, pretty and proud!"

"Yes, you are. You all are." God smiled lovingly at them. "You got three new brothers and a sister now."

"We know, mated pairs with the others but family to us." Samae said then asked. "Is Remmie mine, my Paired Mate? I feel like he is." She said in her little voice, uncertainty creeping in. "He doesn't feel like a brother but more than that…"

"Yes, he is." God said and she smiled in relief. "Not your brother. But then new ones are."

"Good, I want a brother." She said.

"Well, Rommie and Linc are. Just Remmie isn't." God explained.

"Oh." Samae said and looked thoughtful now. "So they are brothers but, if we find our bond forming with them, they are our paired up Mate? Not brothers then?" She looked to see if she had it right.

"Exactly." God said. Such a smart child. She'd be a good priestess for him. She would lead the Huntress goddesses; be their leader and general so to speak. Be in charge. The other two would be aggressive and offensive powered. Hers would be defensive and that mind control thing was more than enough reason to let her lead. She needed to no weapons or beams, no lightning or guns. Her thoughts and words would take your mind and Will from you; own you immediately. While making you think it was your own idea and you would never know the difference. Such a deadly and seductive power. She needed to learn to use it sparingly and focus on the other ones. The healing emotions and heart pain, and the portal powers. She was so full of power; so much more so than her sisters!

A dangerous goddess if hurt or crossed. The most lethal of the three really.

And in such an innocent package. God thought and shrugged. Such a good child at heart, so full of love like her fathers, too. The most human of the girls and more likely to fit in with the humans better; if she could control the mind control thing, that is.

The toddlers came out now and the girls' eyes lit up with joy and love at the sight of them.

"Play?" Remmie said taking Samae's hand, tugging her and God with him to the snowman.

"Yes, play." Samae said softly, eyes never leaving the hazel eyes of her future Mate now. "Come play with us, Rem."

Rommie did the same with Denae and Linc did it with Mati. All smiled in a love struck way at the boys and let the boys help. Sure, the snowman wasn't perfect but

It was built with love and that's all that mattered.

God and their parents and all of Olympus agreed with that wholeheartedly.

And upstairs, Dean and Dante slept touching their children and dreamt of rain, lightning, and snow; and fire filling the air and sky around them. And found these dreams to be the most pleasant dreams they had ever had.

They were their children's dreams they were sharing with them through the touches.

And that suited their mother/fathers just fine!


(Two months later)

Laurie fought the shift. Fought the wolf in her as she pushed and it hurt. The drugs wouldn't last in her system and they all knew it. The Pack gathered around her; showing their support as Olympus's residents and the townspeople watched as well. The cloud was comfy but she didn't feel it.

She was in pain and the baby was breach. The knife cut her stomach and hands dove in pulling out the kids. Two of them. Both boys. She screamed as the knife burned her and the cut healed too fast; sending her spinning in pain and almost passing out from it.

Stuart held her and helped her stay awake. "Sons, baby. We got sons!" He said happily, tears in his eyes.

"Can I see them?" She asked hoarsely. Soon they were handed to her and she fought off sleep until she did. "They look human…" She said in confusion.

"They will at first." Stuart explained. "They won't show wolf qualities for a few months now. God says they'll be full grown in three years. But we still have plenty of time with them as kids until then…don't cry." He soothed her.

"Not crying cause of them growing up, Stu. I'm just happy! They are so beautiful." She said and sighed. "Names?" She looked to Stuart. Both kids were blonde-brown haired with brown eyes. Wolf eyes, strangely enough. Short bodies but one was skinny and the other more solid looking. "Cyril will be the skinny one. Cy for short. Stu, you name the other."

"Cedric. Ced or Rick for short." Stuart said and smiled, rocking the boys as he took them from her after she had fed them and they were cleaned up, diapered and falling asleep in his arms. "You did so good, honey!" He kissed her softly, smoothing sweaty hair from her forehead. "I love you, baby. Thank you for our sons."

"Glad they are okay. I was worried." Laurie admitted and Stuart nodded. "I need a nap. You got the nursery ready?"

"Yes, they got a room off the bedroom set up just for them." Stuart assured her. "The one with a wolf on the door with a crown over it. You want to nap in there with the babies?"

"Yes, please." Laurie said then yawned. Apollo and Bacchus eyed her fondly, kissing her tired cheeks; Sam and Dean following their leads.

"Our Mate." They said softly, all of them. "The babies are perfect!"

"My Mates, too. All of you. I love them but I'm so tired." She said and they nodded, popping her and the babies to the nursery. Apollo and Bacchus putting the babies in their cribs and letting her lay on the bed nearby. Stuart covered her up lovingly and kissed her goodnight.

"I'll see you later, okay?" Stuart asked and she nodded sleepily, drifting off now and smiling.

They stayed by the cribs and watched the kids sleep now, smiling as well. All kissing Stuart lovingly and murmuring how much they loved their new sons. As Mates, they viewed the babies of their other Mates as their own kids, so these were theirs, too. Sam and Dean left them to rest and went to keep an eye on the kids now and give the others a break from it. Apollo and Bacchus stood watching the kids fondly, not ready to leave yet. "New wolves." Bacchus said fondly, stroking one's cheek. "Haven't seen one in centuries…"

"We give birth all the time. You've never seen one?" Stuart said in disbelief.

"Not an ordinary werewolf, Stu, these pups aren't werewolves like the others you fight." Bacchus said and explained. "They are Uber powered like you are and your wolves are. They are born with the god's mark; all the kids are. See it?" He pointed and they saw it. A small one but there on their necks; a tiny brand or tattoo in black. "Super powered and different than the others. Like real wolves used to be."

"But werewolves are…" Stuart said and Bacchus shrugged.

"Were very powerful, like you guys, Stuart. Until they attacked Hera when she tried to kill one for offending her. Then she cursed them all; took their power away, made them slaves to the moon, and easier to kill. Created weaknesses where they didn't have any before." Bacchus lowered his head in shame and sadness, tears in his eyes. "Then she hunted them down and killed most of them. We…" He motioned to Apollo and himself, "and Artemis, we hid a few. What we could save in our temples; covered them in magic. Cloaked them and she passed them over but…they were never the same." He cried now. "Some were our friends and she just…slaughtered them!"

"Bitch!" Stuart swore heatedly and hatred filled his heart for the dead goddess. "She took joy in killing my kind just because…they stood up for their comrade?!"

"Yes, she was petty that way." Apollo said caress one baby's hair and face. "They got…dark and began Turning others then they slowly got evil. You and the ones here are the first good ones, pure ones; ones like wolves were meant to be in centuries past." He hung his head and sighed. "They were our friends, the ones that turned evil…hated us for not joining forces with them…" Apollo cried some now. "They never forgave us, and we never forgave ourselves for not stopping her. We just…were too afraid to do it. Too cowardly to die for them. She would have easily killed us." He smiled at the children through teary eyes. "I'm so sorry, Stuart. We should have done more. Things were different with Zeus and Hera. They were cold and cruel, evil beings really, and we were all so afraid of their wrath. These gods are different. Sam and Dean, God, too. They are good and kind, loving and forgiving. They are warm and caring, but also good men underneath all their powers, worth loving and worshipping. Not making us feel afraid but loved and welcome. Zeus and Hera never made anyone feel that way, trust me!" He smiled now, "Forgive us?"

"Wasn't your faults! No forgiveness needed but I am glad that bitch is dead." Stuart said softly. "Did any of the old ones, the evil ones live…or?" He had to know.

"No." Bacchus said softly. "We had to avert war and so we… had to hunt down our lost friends. And when they refused to see reason, refused to make peace with us, and then tried to kill us, we…had to kill them ourselves." He still cried at the memory. "They were killing humans and we…had to. But we never forgave ourselves and it tore us up inside to do it; still does to remember it." He and Apollo held hands now, and sighed.

"No, don't feel that way. They were evil and killing people. You had to stop them. Friends or not, you made the right choice." Stuart reassured them. "They would have destroyed everyone in their wolf rage. Trust me, I have my own. I don't know what I'd do if those gods, Sam and them, and our Family and Pack, weren't here to give me the love and strength to be good and repress it." Stuart said sadly. "I'd be like the evil ones if I let that happen."

"Still hate it." Bacchus said but then lightened up some. "I don't understand why they went evil. They could have just hid for a bit and we'd have kept them alive and safe, returned them later to the world. They didn't have to get revenge or anything… killing the humans made no sense. Why? What harm had the humans ever done to them? Hera? Sure, she deserved it but not them." He shook his head. "It was a very messed up and painful time for all of us. Zeus and Hera fucked up everything they touched! Real bastards those two! Zeus couldn't have seduced his way out of a wet paper bag! He raped those women and got those kids; those women never agreed to sleep with him. Writers romanticized it and, voila!, lover of human women! Rapist of human women was more like it. Raped a few gods and goddesses, too. Tried it with me but Bacchus took off with me and we hid for a few centuries until his desire faded. He turned Artemis into the slut she was when you met her. He raped her so badly then turned her into his whore for years;until we finally were able to get her out and hid her with us; he nearly killed us for that one!" Bacchus said and shook his head angrily.

Apollo continued it now. "He did the same to the others, Demeter, Persephone; gave her to Hades as his personal whore when he got tired of her! All the goddesses of Olympus really, and most of the gods, the male ones, too; he wasn't picky. He was an equal opportunity rapist bastard! Hef he threw out for being ugly, as he put it, an abomination to his eyes. Hera wanted to humiliate Zeus so she brought Hef back after casting him out, hurting Hef's back and legs; you saw the scars and his limp? Zeus did that to him, bastard! Aphrodite went willingly to Zeus, she was never raped or afraid; she just liked to fuck anything that moved but Hef! She fucked Zeus and enjoyed the shit! Then she'd come home to Hef and tell him that he was less than a man and left him alone and crying half the time. We offered ourselves to Hef, even Artemis did but…he was too damn in heat for Aphrodite. He turned us down flat. We'd have made him happy, made him our Mate, and loved him, but he didn't want us."

"I…didn't know that." Hef said softly then blushed as he appeared suddenly in the room; he had been wanting to see the new wolflings. He had always loved werewolf pups, the kids were so special to him. He'd always been a protector of the ones the Old ones used to have; before Hera cursed them then killed most of them. "I assumed you were just pitying me." He lowered his eyes. "You really loved me?"

"Yes, and we wanted you to be ours because we were in love with you." Apollo said going to his brother. "We still are."

"You want to make love with me? Artemis, too?" Hef asked shyly and they nodded. "You would be true Mates with me now?"

"Yes, we do and we would be if you let us be with you like the gods are." Bacchus agreed. "But…"

"I'll try it." Hef said and nodded. "Back then, I thought you loved me like a brother and you'd do anything to make it better. Even whore yourselves out to me and not mean it; not really." He shrugged. "I thought I was ugly and unworthy, that no one would want me for real. Aphrodite said so more than once." Hef cried now. "Said I was nothing, a walking brute, not even a man."

"You are a great man and you were then, too. You always were!" Apollo reassured him. Then leaned in and pulled his face up, and kissed him. Gently brushing lips to his and Hef moaned softly, kissing him back just as little; hesitating nervously. Hef's hands pulled Apollo to him now; kissing him with more confidence now. Bacchus came up and they kissed as well.

"Let's go see Artemis." Bacchus said softly and they all nodded, waving bye to Stuart. Stuart waved back and was happy for them.

Olympus had been such a cruel place. Stuart thought and growled. To hurt those wonderful gods and Mates of his. To kill with such spite and wiping out his kind out of pettiness, too! He was glad they were dead and that Sam and Dean had found them the last of the good gods to love and to live here with them.

He swore right then to make sure they knew how appreciated they were by these wolves! And how loved they were by them from now on. He and his Pack would take the place of the ones they'd lost and had to kill. They would be the wolves they had missed and needed for Millenia! Show them the real Wolf was not lost and out of reach but in front of them and living side by side with them again! Loving them with all their hearts now. And hoped Hef found happiness with his other gods, too. A happiness the remaining Greek gods had wanted to give to him for centuries; hell, millennia, if he had just let them do it.

Stuart went to the Sex gods and explained it to them. They too were pissed at the old Olympian gods but were happy for Hef and them. They smiled as moans and cries came from the Greek Barracks and chuckled as they heard Felson in there, too. Then sipped their sodas as they listened to them making love throughout the day and most of the night. Knowing they were happy now and truly Mates with Hef like they had wanted to be for a long time. Not out of pity; never that.

But with hearts full of love for the gentle god; the loving god that was not less than a man for his scars and limp. But more than a man for them and the goodness he held inside him that they had seen and wanted for themselves. Wanted him for themselves all those centuries ago. Now they had it and sounded happy about him being theirs finally!

Zeus had earned his death and so had the others in their opinion; God's too.

"We'd never do any of that." Sam said softly and God agreed.

They were nothing like those Greek gods of Old.

They were full of love, and lust, and light, and everything good; things the Old gods had never had! These gods were not monsters who raped women and their family at will; enslaved them as whores as Zeus had done their wife, Artemis. They were better than that! Sure, the thing with Kali had seemed like that but…they had come to love her and she them. She'd never hated them for it. Forgave them and said they weren't like that and they believed her. She loved them. They also had promised to never do that to anyone ever again! It had been wrong to do and they would never do it to another being again. They would kill anyone who ever did that to anyone they loved, too!

They were good men, Sex and stuff aside. And well worth loving all the same for it!


Dorian breathed hard and tried not to push until she was told to but it was so difficult…the babies were coming and she felt them trying to come too soon.

The moon was full and high, bathing her in its full light, and finally hands and voices said she could push.

"It's time, Dori, push." Sabine told her and smiled as she gritted her teeth and put all her concentration into it.

It hurt but she didn't care, she wanted them to be born and they would be.

The first one was out soon after that, crying loudly, lungs at full capacity. On the heels of that one, the other followed, not making a sound. Dorian looked down, worried "Why isn't it crying? It isn't…is it?" She asked worried, fearful something was wrong with her baby.

"No, she's just…quiet. She'll cry soon." Sabine said reassuring her as they cleaned their noses out and mouths, and soon a cry followed, filling her with relief. "You have two daughters, Dorian. Twin girls. Luna goddesses. Name them." The witch urged and cleaned her off while the gods stood by to write down the names.

"Cressa Winchester. For the first one. Quarta Winchester for the second, for the stages of the moon, feminized of course." Dorian said holding the blanket wrapped bundles now, feeling the healing already hit her even while she felt exhausted from her labor. "You exhausted me, didn't you?" She cooed happily into their beautiful faces and kissed them, after feeding them from bottles, not her breasts. She wasn't against breast feeding, but with her duties, it wasn't a realistic expectation; so bottle feeding it was. Their hair was a platinum blonde, so platinum it nearly glowed in the moonlight, like one of the Faery flowers, Moon Shimmers, she thought they were called. Their eyes were burgundy brown with a dash of red to them with tan skin which wasn't real dark but more of a light version of tan. They were long legged and lanky like Sam but filled out more like her. Their lips however were full and pillowy, like Dean's, both their fathers finding a place with these kids. Dorian thought happily as she let their fathers take them and pour adoration over them as well. "Quarta has a birthmark on her shoulder. Cressa doesn't." She pointed out in case they got confused.

"We know whose who, baby." Dean reassured her. "We saw them born, we just can sense it. They are perfect, honey. Such perfect babies!" He cooed at Quarta again. "Yes, we know who you are, Quarta. It's okay, pull my hair, I don't mind." He said as he cuddled her close, letting her hands play with the strands of hair along his sides of his head. She could find no hold there but he could feel her trying.

Sam yelped beside him and he guessed that Cressa had found better luck with Sam's longer hair and laughed. "That's why I keep mine cut, no hair to pull."

"Yeah, yeah, I like it longer so kiss off." Sam said, as he tried to keep his head at an angle so the hair didn't pull too much, not wanting to make her let go if she wasn't ready to yet. Rocking her at the same time. "It's okay, pull away. It doesn't hurt that much." He told the brown eyed baby. "I love you, daughters. Both of you, very much."

"Me, too." Dean told his baby and they continued to care for them until they fell asleep in their arms and they popped them to their nursery, a moon on the plaque on the door. Dorian was popped in and laid in the bed nearby, already sound asleep, exhausted from hours of labor and pain. They carefully covered the babies up and diapered them. Then made sure to set up the monitors with the sound system and video cameras that they had set up for each nursery, so they could hear and see what was going on at all times. And then tucked Dorian in to rest, kissing her and telling her they were proud of her and their kids were beautiful, just like her. She always had been to them, from the moment they met her as kids. They'd loved her even then.

Two wolf nannies took over for them and stayed in the room to care for the babies if needed, standard procedure. The wolves had asked to provide the nannies for the Lunar goddesses; they'd said they had felt they were being called to by something in the kids. Dean thought it was because of the moon aspect of them linked them closely to the wolves but wasn't sure. Either way, they were well cared for now so they left them to it. "Tell Dorian when she wakes up that if she needs fed, we'll be in our room." Sam offered and they nodded obediently. Going to the babies to check on them already, watching over Dorian as well, in case she needed anything, too. Tending to both mother and kids very lovingly; the gods thought in love for them as well. Such great wolves they had here, so good at heart. They really loved them for that especially, such good people, too.

Then they were gone to deal with other pregnancies. Everyone was having their kids and they were hopping from person to person, getting the names right, and helping with the births as needed. Trying to be there for all their kids births and keeping up really well, considering.


Soon enough it was time to move Olympus over the town, and they all were eager to begin. Dorian and the Sex gods were waiting with God to get prepared for it but knew this had to be done first. "We all must be of equal powers to contain and spread Olympus farther, Olympus obeys its Head gods and that is you two. And because of your Triumvirant with them, you, too, Dorian." God said then smiled. "I have to open the connection between you and your Triumvirant now. I have kept it locked from you but now it must flow free, then I'll lock it again. It is too dangerous for all the powers to be allowed free reign this way for long so…once it is open, you will need to be Still as you can for a few minutes to allow the powers to settle in you before moving. Do nothing and be Still. Understand?" God asked and they nodded.

He touched them all now then backed off. Dean immediately gasped as Love power filled him, Sam's power. Sam did the same as Dean's Lust hit him. Dorian nearly came on the spot and screamed as Norse, Love, and Lust Power filled her. She vibrated in place and soon felt hands on her shoulder.

She felt like lightning was filling her body, exploding inside her, while thousands of lustful needs took her over and she felt like cumming on the spot, over and over, while she felt love flooding her heart and mind, and making her also sigh happily as it pushed at her as well. "You okay? Dori?" Karis asked and demanded, "What is wrong with her!" He touched her face tenderly, worried. She was…overwhelmed and confused!

"She's fine, the powers haven't settled yet. They have taken her mind for the moment." God explained when Dorian found she could only moan…and vibrate in place.

"What do you need, baby, tell us…" Karis urged. Just because he didn't feel sexual toward her didn't mean he didn't care about her, that she wasn't his best friend, and he wouldn't kill for her or that he loved her any less than the other Mates he had in his bed did. Sex didn't figure into how he felt about her and it was such a small thing compared to way he felt for her. "Can we help her?" He asked and God nodded. "We'll do it, just tell us what to do!"

Varis stood watching, worried as well but letting Karis tend to their wife for now.

"She needs what they need to fix their powers. Sex." God said then nudged him. "Doesn't have to be intercourse, son. Just an orgasm or two should help her control them better."

Karis nodded then looked to Varis who joined him. Karis touched her below and then worked her nub now, rolling it in his fingers and using fingers to move into her. Varis pressed into her back and worked her breasts, kissing her neck. She writhed mindlessly and they kept it safe. No penetration or that would be rape without her permission. She fucked against Karis's hand and fingers then came clawing at his arms, screaming every orgasms she had then.

Still enthralled to the powers, mostly Dean's, she eyed the Lust god in disbelief. "How do you not fuck everything that moves!" She cried out as lust poured into her again and bit it back. "It is so….it's all I can do not beg to be fucked and have orgasms until I die from it!"

"And, you, this Love thing, wow! You must be in love with everyone the way it feels and, fuck, I want it to own me, too! How do you two live with this!" She managed then gasped as an erection brushed her front, turning to see Varis staring into her eyes, his eyes full of desire and need.

"We don't usually feel them both at the same time and we've had longer to control them inside us. We know we can't act on them all the time so we've learned to deal with them. I'm sorry if they hurt you, Dorian. It's only for a few minutes and he promised to send them back to us and then you won't feel them anymore! Hang in there…what do you want? Tell us." Sam asked and she cried out, reaching for Varis in desperation now.

"Fuck me…Varis…fuck me!" She demanded and rubbed against him. A deep moan fell from both their lips and they kissed now, hard and brutal, and he pressed her to the cloud, spreading her legs and thrusting in deep and taking her. He was not gentle, he'd waited too long to be with her and he wasn't wasting this chance!

"More…please?!" She groaned and he gave her more.

"I love you, so in love with you!" Varis said softly in her ear and gasped as the powers touched him. "I'm yours, always have been…you never wanted me though!" He moaned as he felt their bodies tensing now. "Let me be with you after this, don't let this be a one-time thing, please, Dori!" He pleaded then came hard inside her as she clawed his back and came with him. Karis cuddled between Sam and Dean, they'd had sex briefly to balance having both love and lust powers while Varis and Dorian did their first bout of it and were sated for now but happy Varis finally had told her he loved her and wanted her. Karis been urging Varis to say something for months but he'd been too shy to say anything.

She'd been too busy hitting on Karis to even notice him, Varis thought bitterly as she blinked up at him now. 'Please see me, see me, not him, love me, not him, love me, please, don't let this…me, love me!' Varis begged internally and swore it would break his heart if this meant nothing to the woman he was in love with. He helped her sit up while withdrawing from her emotionally at the same time and ran a hand along her face. "You feel better?" Varis asked and she nodded.

"You…love me?" She asked, having heard every word he'd thought right then and savored it in her heart of hearts. "Mine?"

"Yes, since the Vampire Council meetings, as soon as I saw you, I loved you, too. But you just wanted…Karis more." Varis said sadly and she nodded. She'd been so focused on the bad boy vamp she'd totally missed the good one waiting for her to love him back. "I'm bi, so I like women, too. Well, not for a long time and it's really been me just wanting you and them, and Karis. He's gay so…he never wanted women. I wanted…" Varis said softly and held her close. "Can we make love again or is this just a one off for us?" He asked as his eyes bored into hers, praying this wasn't it for them. Varis sighed now and prepared to take any scrap of feeling she could find for him; accepting that was all he'd ever get with her now. "I love you. I'm in love with you."

"I love you, too. I was stupid but not anymore. He isn't with me. It took a bit to see that. But Karis is my best friend though but I never thought about how I felt about you before this." Dorian admitted honestly.

"You never saw me. I was beside him and you looked right through me, I wasn't there. There was Karis and a big blank spot beside him that was me. Not worth your notice." Varis said bitterly and she nodded. But kissed him anyway.

"I do now and I intend to keep seeing you, too. Forgive me for that and please let me try to make it up to you." She said and felt Sam's love power reaching out then now, easing their pain, cementing their love now. A good power, she thought, a healing power and an empowering one. Lust was there but once their sex have toned the lust, the love just wanted to find what was hurting them and fix it for them forever now. It thought they needed it, and she wasn't inclined to argue with it. If it could make her love Varis as much as he loved her then she wanted it to do it. Her love grew now and swelled, leading her to kiss him again and stroke him hard for her with her hand working him that way. "After this is done, we should do a three-way." She stated smugly and his face looked surprised.

"He doesn't do…" Varis stammered and drooped, his hopeful look falling now. Thinking she still wanted Karis, damn it!

"No, you fuck me and he…fucks you. Not lovers with me but with you and you with me, sexy thing. I get it now and I'm fine with it. He's a friend and I love him but no sex there but with you. I could see us making love all the time. So our three-way will be you with me and him with you." Dorian explained and both men nodded in approval.

"I do love you and feel you are my Mate and wife but there isn't sex there for me but there is everything else, Dorian. You're my best friend, lady." Karis said as he kissed her cheek. "I can't give you this and you clearly need it but he can. So, be with him, with us. Just don't expect me to make love to you."

"I won't." Dorian said and gasped as Varis thrust in now, fucking her again, hard and fast. They didn't have much time here and he wanted to make love to her one more time. Soon enough they were crying out and moving more then cumming. Varis driving deep inside her as she whimpered as multiple orgasms went through her and she screamed as she came from them. Feeling the powers settle in her finally and sitting up so that they could help her up the rest of the way. Ignoring the afterglow that took her over, she sighed.

"Now we can do this." God said approaching them and held a hand out to the East side of the yard. "We're expanding it that way." Then they watched as that side formed a wave, a high one like a tidal way. Then popped over to take their sides. "Turn on all the powers and let them flow free, do not harness them! Let them hold it in and let me do the rest." God said and they nodded, holding out hands to it and putting every bit of the powers against it now.

Power bit along their skins as they glowed like stars and it felt so good they moaned from it, like nothing ever had before! God got the glowing wave over the town now, stretched it to match the town limits on every side then pressed his power into it, pulling on theirs at the same time. "Lock it!" He screamed in their heads. "Tie it to where it is now with power, anchor it. Picture it as a steel wall, like the one in China, and wrap your powers into it. Lock it in place and into the ground beneath it! Do it now!" He commanded and they did, Powers and Wills locking it in place on each side as they came from the power in them; then letting it go when God said, "It's done! Let it go."

And with that, Olympus covered the town and they put the wards up as best they could, feeling like it wasn't enough but knowing they had done all they could for now. The Guardians would do the rest.

He touched them again now and smiled. Sending the powers back where they belonged in each one, closing off their Triumvirant link and locking it again. Dean no longer felt the Love power, although it had felt good and comforting. Sam no longer felt the Lust one, even though he'd almost died when he couldn't get enough sex to satisfy it! And Dorian? She was just herself again, No Lust, Love, or Norse powers in her at all now and she was glad of that. Although she did have a Vampire god to talk to about a three-way and smiled about that.

Sure, Karis wasn't her lover but Varis was now, and a three-way with the Vampires she'd been lusting after for over a year was just what she needed now. Only now she had found the right Vampire to be with and could let the other go, knowing they never had that chance to begin with. But Varis could be hers, once she made it up to him. Knowing she'd ignored and looked straight through the man for a better part of a year was a lot to make up for but she was sure she could. She also knew he'd give her the chance to and smiled happily.

"So proud of you, Dorian! You handled those powers like a pro." Dean said and hugged her. "You did great!"

"And, with Varis, I'm glad you finally got his hints." Sam said and she looked at him curious.

"Hints?" She asked, she didn't remember any hints.

"The rose on your pillow last month, did you even read the note?!" Sam said and she shook her head. "He told you everything in it!"

"It said, "To the Love of My Life." Dorian said, "No signature. I assumed it was from you guys."

"No, the back of it?" Sam hinted and waved a hand, a paper fluttered down and she read it, feeling ashamed now.

'I love you. If you love me, meet me at the large cloud bank by the Norse barracks. It's okay if you don't. If you don't show, I'll leave you alone and just be what we are already. I won't push you for more ever again.

I adore you,



And she held it tight as she felt sadness now. He'd loved her then and she'd…left him hanging.

"He sat there for four hours, waiting for you. It broke his heart when you didn't show." Dean informed her with a long-suffering tone. A tone that told her she had been an Ass back then and she wasn't inclined to disagree. "An apology would be nice…he's earned it, don't you think? If a man loves you that much, he should get one."

"I'll do that now." She said awkwardly and got on her bike, revving off to see Varis now. An apology was definitely due here. And she hoped like hell he accepted it.


She held out the paper and he read it. His head hung as he did so and he said nothing.

"I'm sorry! I only read the front…but not the back." Dorian said then touched his face, "If I'd read the back, I'd have joined you on the cloud bank." She sighed now. "I'm so sorry I hurt you, Varis. Please forgive me?" He pulled her into his arms and smiled a small smile.

"Promise to never forget to read the back of note from me again, never look through me like I don't exist again, and, more than anything, never make me feel like I'm nothing but gum on your damn shoe again! I exist and it took you getting souped up on power and me forcing you to see me… for you notice me!" Varis grumbled and shouted toward the end, bitterness tinging his voice but not letting her go. "I deserved better!"

"Yes, you did. And you give me a chance, and I'll give you everything I should have before." Dorian promised and looked ashamed again. "I'll do anything to get you to forgive me…you name it and I'll do it!"

He knew this took courage for her to offer, a Dommes like her didn't offer this lightly.

"Submit to me, for a week." Varis said softly. "Let me own you and keep you, and let me fully control you. Not topping from the bottom and you have to trust me not to hurt you, because I never would and you know it." He groaned then sighed. "Okay, fine, I…withdraw it, it was a stupid idea…just a date would be…"

"I'll do it." Dorian said quietly, afraid. Every instinct in her screaming against it but she'd earned her punishment and she'd meant she'd do anything. She hadn't expected this though but…she'd do it. "I'll try."

"That's all I ask. Just try, I'm not like Eric or God, or anything, I've never Dommed before but…I won't be too hard on you, promise. But if you do, maybe I can let go of this bitterness and finally let go of my fear that you'll change your mind…I love you, Dori, I really do." Varis said and held her tighter. "The safe word is "Infinite" because that is how my love is for you, infinite and overwhelming."

"Infinite" Dorian tried it and liked it. "When do you want me to start?"

"Tomorrow morning." Varis said then smiled. "Tonight we make love, do our three-way. Then cuddle. There's plenty of time for the submission thing until then." He said quietly now. "You make a list of things that scare your or you won't do by morning and give it to me in the morning. Then I promise I'll stay away from that when we do this. I'll honor your wishes, Dorian."

"Okay." Dorian agreed then asked. "Can we use leather cuffs? I really hate the steel ones but if you insist…"

"Leather works for me, too." Varis said and kissed her. "I would do nothing that hurt you."

"I know that." Dorian said then added. "Never did the bondage for myself, not full submission. It could be fun. I might like it." She groaned. "Then again…"

"Use the safe word, it stops. I still love you and we move on together. Nothing changes but the submission for us. The way I see it, if you at least try to do this with me, then that will mean a lot to me." Varis promised, glad to see her worry fading now. "Not letting you go again, no matter if it works or not, you are mine now and I'm yours. We share with them but…you're mine, too, no matter what!"

"Thanks." Dorian said softly and then they went in search of Karis. And a three-way she was sure they all would enjoy.

And then tomorrow, she'd find out what a Sub felt like. And if she could handle it or not, but she was willing to try, do her best to keep her promise to do it. Even if she hated every minute of it! She'd still do it. For Varis, because he'd been wronged by her and because she'd deserved it.

And prayed she didn't fuck this new thing between them up because she really wanted to make it work.


Dorian sucked them hard, demanding this was her job. And happily they let her. Then Varis laid her beneath him and kissed her, his hands and lips working her body until she thought foreplay was seriously becoming redundant! "Please, now!" She begged as he tasted her below and she nearly came from that alone, finding he had a real talent for that! Swearing she would be asking him to do that more often now.

Soon he worked into her and paused, letting Karis work into him, letting Karis set the tempo and then making love to her accordingly. "Varis…" She moaned softly. "Baby!" Varis sensed she was close and slowed down, and felt Karis doing the same. Dorian wasn't the only one too close to orgasm to make this last apparently! Then slowed it down and worked up to fast and hard again, then both Dorian and Varis cried out in intense pleasure as Karis took Varis hard and deep with her hand creeping to Karis and squeezing and stroking him while he moved into Varis, making him do the same to Varis as he moved into her. Then they all came crying out and moaning from it.

Then did it all again and thought that this three-way thing was definitely on the list of things they would be doing again later, damn it felt good!


Dorian waited on the rug, her gear laid out for Varis to choose from. Anything and everything was on there. Varis sat reading the list of 'Do nots' she'd come up with after their sex last night. While he did that, Varis had her pick out things she was willing for him use on her and work her Submission with. She quickly thought and began to choose. Leather cuffs, hand cuffs, ball gag, blindfold, flogger, paddles, vibration clamps for various body parts, leather strings, plugs, dildos, and chains for the cuffs to use on the crosses and bed eyelets. The rest got put back. She turned to see him still reading it over and let him, knowing it was vital they both understood the Submissive/Dominant contract they were signing here. It would ensure they both knew what each expected of the other and what the limits were.

"I, Dorian Scaric-Winchester, agree to be the Submissive to Varis Winchester for a period of seven days, starting on June 10th and ending on June 18th. I will obey his commands and serve him in every way, submit to him and be owned by him in love during this time. My Will will be to please him alone.

There will be restrictions to the activities we do in scenes however.

Those restrictions will be:

No blows that break the skin. No using whips or intense pain on me. "Ow" does not mean hit me harder, it means that you are hurting me, so lighten up or I will hurt you for it. I can take some pain, but not to where I almost bleed.

No passing me to others like a slave, I am yours, not theirs.

My password will be honored as soon as it is spoken, no exceptions!

No humiliating me for the sake of your pleasure, but urging me to do better with subtle punishments should work well.

No rape stuff! I do hard fucking, making love, but no taking my ass in one hard thrust! That just hurts, work it in and make it feel good, that's all I ask. If it hurts, you stop and let me recover, then I am willing to try again, but gentler next time.

You know I love you, so I am allowed to speak sometimes beyond 'Yes, Sir' and 'Whatever is your pleasure, Sir." No withholding my ability to cum from what you're doing for more than a twenty-four hour period, I can't hold off on cumming that long, sorry.

Other than that, I'm yours. I will wear your collar the whole time and only remove it when we end it in a week. I will kneel for you and assume the proper positions required by you but am allowed free moments of no Submission, ten to twenty minutes per three hours of punishment or play time. Meal breaks and bathroom breaks are necessary and will not be denied to me. No fluid play, golden showers or such, and no breath play, I may be immortal but I pass out, and that is never a pleasant way to bring out my Vampire Goddess powers, they will hurt you if you do it!

I will go on leash but not walk all the time on all fours behind you like a dog. Standing and walking behind you will work best most of the time.

The following names will not be used, and will get you hurt for calling me them: Whore, Slut, and Bitch. But Pet, Lover, and Slave are acceptable.

By signing this document, we agree to honor these requirements and play safe together."

Varis read and agreed it was fair. There were two lines at the bottom labeled 'Submissive' and 'Dominant'. So he dug out a pen from a hidey-hole and signed it. Then Dorian did the same. Then he eyed the stuff and didn't see a collar there.

"They keep a play one in one of the compartments." Dorian suggested and added. "Sir." He smiled. He knew that, he played with them enough with it. Now if only he could remember which one it was in…

'Dean, where do you keep the play collar?' Varis sent and continued looking. Dorian helped too. Neither had much luck though, yet.

'One at the far end, by the night stand.' Dean sent and they heard him laugh. 'Have fun, Dori. And try to be submissive, it isn't that hard to do.' Then added to Varis, 'Don't break our Wife, we need her in one piece here in a week. Until then, she's all yours, baby…but we fully intend to have our wicked ways with you and Karis later, don't forget that.'

'I won't, I definitely won't!' Varis groaned, wanting his lovers to do just that to him later, too. Already hard at the thought of their sex together later and seeing this might be a fun beginning to their Play time, too.

'Says a true switch.' Dorian shot back then saw Varis flush at that. Knew he thought she was hating the thought of being his Submissive already. "I'm fine with it, but go easy at first okay? I need a bit to adjust here."

"We'll go slow, Dori. Start easy." Varis promised as he pulled the collar out. Frowning he adjusted its length to fit her better and motioned her over. Once she knelt at his feet, he hesitated. "You sure you'll do this? I'll still love and forgive you even if you don't do this."

"I won't say it doesn't scare me to have no control but I'm willing to try really hard to do this for you." Dorian agreed then gulped nervously as he buckled it on her. "Just…remember the list, okay? Not a slave here, I get a say."

"Of course you do, Dori. I'd never take that from you." Varis promised and she nodded, kneeling now and keeping her eyes down. Varis had to revise this, the 'not looking at him' part was annoying him already. She wasn't broken so not looking at him was not an option here! "Look at me, lover. Never down at the floor like you are now, I don't like that." And with gentle fingers, he brought her face up to look at him. "No looking down, Dori."

"Yes, Sir." Dorian said and felt better now. Staring at the floor wasn't very exciting. It didn't turn her on at all. That and there was nothing more boring that staring at the floor for hours, fuck that! Damn, she should have put that on the list. She thought and waited for orders.

Then he ordered her to stand in one place and he circled her and caressed her skin with fingers tips as he walked around her. She stayed very Still while he did so, willing herself to submit and finding a sort of submission settling into her. Waiting for his commands while her eyes stayed on him when she could see him. "Beautiful." Varis said softly. "But then you always were."

Dorian blushed at his compliment and began to wonder if the collar had the magic power of making her to that, too. She never blushed! Must be the Submission sinking in. Yeah, she blamed the submission, even as another blush crept up her cheeks when he praised her again. The collar, it was the fault of the collar, yeah. Sometimes that cruise up the Denial got a female Dhampyre on board…uh huh.

"Suck me." Varis ordered, leaning back on the bed, still so hard from before. Dorian immediately crept over and took him in her mouth, obediently sucking him and working him with her hands. Varis moaned softly and ran fingers through her hair urging her deeper then tugged. She looked up while still sucking him softly then. "On the bed, all fours." He ordered and she did so. He got behind her and worked her open with fingers and lube, both holes. Then eased into her back onto him. "Put your hands back onto my shoulders, hold onto me, let me guide you, be Still and no cumming until I say so." Obediently she extended her arms up over her head then back to clutch behind Varis's shoulders then felt him settle deeper into her wet folds. Deep inside her body, making her moan from it.

"Ride me, a little at a time, slowly. I'll tell you when to speed up." Varis ordered softly into her ear as he kissed her neck. Dorian rode him backwards and did as told, going slow. A few minutes later, he ordered her to speed up a little, then again a few moments later, until they were going hard, fast and deep, both ready to cum.

Then he Stilled her, and switch holes, doing the same again, slow, then faster then more, and again they got close to cumming. Then repeating it a few more times until they both were mad with desire and felt the need to finally cum two hours later, bodies and minds spinning in pleasure, then came hard as Varis gasped, "Cum."

Then laying her down and making love to her for another hour after he cuffed her to the bed and put the vibrating clips on her nipples and nub, on medium, and she nearly came immediately, having to fight hard not to, moaning from it all. Her body arched as he thrust in again and again, teasing her pleasure higher until they were spinning again, then cumming when he told her to but he didn't cum with her, he waited. She writhed from it all, the clips making her gasp over and over as orgasms pulled through her, and he worked the vibrator into her holes, both of them at the same time at a hard and pounding rate, making her scream her orgasms louder until she collapsed and trembled, unable to move or cum anymore.

Then he put his dick over her mouth, and she wrapped lips around him, and he fucked her mouth, going deep into her throat and came there, repeatedly sending cum in and making her swallow every orgasms worth; three of them in fact that he'd been holding back for an hour now. Then lay with her cuddling.

Then Varis smiled and said, "You are staying cuffed to the bed with a long chain. You can reach the bathroom with it and move around. But when I'm in the room you will be on this bed, spread and ready for me to fuck you at any time." He sounded like he was enjoying this, she thought. But smiled, she was, too, so that wasn't a problem. "You will be fed by me, bathed by me. I will bind you more later for that. And when you have to go to the bathroom, tell the creation there and they will remove the bindings long enough for you to go then put them back right after. I am fucking you often today, and you will submit to my desires." He ran a hand along her perfect ass. "Ever been spanked or flogged?"

"Yes, Sir. A while ago, Sir." She said with a calm tone to her voice, a submissive and obedient one.

"Good, when I return I will do that first. Then maybe fuck you. And if you are really good, I will let you cum again. Understand, Pet?" Varis said firmly, and she nodded. Body already tense with desire from the prospect of the bondage and Submissive sex to follow it. She wanted it, she realized. Hmm, she was a switch, too. Who knew? "I'll be back. Play with yourself if you want, work your ass with fingers and lube."

And then he left her in the quiet room. Her fingers already edging to work her own body in want and need, frustrated she couldn't get it from another. Her ass eagerly taking her fingers and nearly cumming from that alone! Now she just hoped he'd come back soon to cure her horniness he'd created here. The more she submitted, the hornier she got. And, wow, wasn't that an unexpected realization there. Submission turned her on more than dominance did, cool! She sighed as the creation hooked the thick chain, a really long one that lay all along the floor by the bed, to her cuffs. Then hooked the other end of it to the eyelet there then went to stand by the door in case she needed anything.

Dorian waited nearly an hour and soon saw him approaching, Sam and Dean helping him carry stuff in. Curious, she stayed where she was, legs spread and ready for him like ordered while she lifted her head to see what he was doing but, as soon as she did, he ordered. "Be Still, head back down, Dori."

She obeyed and huffed but did as told. A playful tap to her thigh told her he had heard her little huff, too. She blushed and said, "Sorry, Master."

Varis nodded approval and reached for something, her sight went dark as he situated the blindfold over her eyes and she frowned in confusion. "Sit up and kneel, face the headboard, leave room for me." Varis ordered. She complied and got even more curious. She heard silver bump itself, and plates bounce as he situated something on the bed, making it dip slightly. Then a bigger dipping told her he was on the bed now.

"Thanks, guys." Varis said and she heard the others leave, waiting to see what he was up to. She smelled fruit, strawberries, and cheese, and…chocolate. Then she heard something being sat on the nightstand and wondered what it was but said nothing. He'd tell her soon enough. There was the sound of silver again and metal tapping metal. "Turn around, but stay as you are." She turned around and then something wet touched her lip. She opened her mouth, expecting his dick but…got something sweet and chocolaty. "Bite." Varis ordered, a smile in his voice. She looked so cute confused and the happy look on her face as the fruit touched her mouth was priceless.

She tentatively bit and chewed, savoring it. Strawberries and chocolate. "Fondue." Dorian said grinning.

"Yep, I want to feed you. So hands behind your back. I'll cuff them together later. Now open your mouth." Varis ordered gently. "Such a sexy mouth, wanted to kiss it for so long. And now it's all mine…" He said and kissed her, letting it briefly deepen then stopping it. "Keep the mouth open."

She did so, feeling more turned on and breathless from the kiss still. Her body was throbbing with desire, her nipples hard; not to mention, she was so wet and turned on that she knew she could cum from him speaking to her alone. One order, one harshly spoken one was all it would take. She found herself wanting him to order her around more and liked it. He pressed a vegetable with cheese on it to her lips and she ate that, too, licking his hand and fingers clean. Sucking on his fingers in turn like they were dicks in the process. A deep groan was a pleasing response from her new Master and she tried not to smile too widely at the sign of his arousal.

He gave her loving kisses between bites of food for what seemed like hours then stopped, reaching up to take her blindfold off. "Feed me now." Varis grinned up at her while leaning up on one elbow. Eagerly she took stock of what was left. Tons of fruit and chocolate, assorted bread stuff and veggies to go with the cheese fondue itself. Her eyes saw the tubes of syrup and whip cream on the nightstand and she smiled. Varis explained now. "Those are to use on us. I'm putting them on you and eating them off you slowly. Then…I'm just eating you." He saw her eyes light up with desire at that and nodded. "Then…you'll do the same to me." He saw she liked this, too.

"I…I would love to eat them off your gorgeous body, Sir." Dorian said eagerly, looking forward to it.

"Let's just enjoy this first. Take our time. You and I got all week off. Let's savor it." Varis said stealing a kiss and loving her startled look when he stopped…again. Teasing her with kisses alone, and not allowing her any other touches…yet.

"Yes, sir." Dorian said and liked the way his lips felt on her fingertips as she fed him a chocolate dipped cherry. His tongue licked her fingers clean and she moaned. Then did it again.

Varis slipped the blindfold on himself and grinned. "Feed me more." He ordered happily and she nodded.

"Yes, Sir." Dorian said and thought this was easily the best Subbing experience she'd ever seen, and she'd seen a lot of them. He wasn't trying to hurt her…he was seducing her with it. It was a new experience for her and she felt a warm feeling in her heart again. He may not be a true Dom, and he may not do stuff like a real Dom would, but what he was doing made her feel loved and to love him back even more; and part of her never wanted him to learn to do it the way the others did it. He was perfect this way! She didn't want him hard and demanding as them. And some could be pretty demanding. She loved the gentle way he just doing it his own way.

For an hour or two, she fed him the food and dips until they were gone. Then set it to floor when she told him it was gone. "Lay down, Pet. On your back, hands over your head." Varis ordered and she was soon laying there, hands cuffed to the headboard, ankles cuffed to the bottom on it. Her legs was spread apart again, and pillows were situated under her bottom to put it up to a more accessible level for him. Then he took the syrups and squirted trails along her sensitive skin. Strawberry to the top parts, over her neck and breasts, chocolate on her stomach and caramel on her groin, inside her folds, and worked the caramel in with fingers that made her moan from his touch there. And more chocolate on her legs and thighs.

Whip cream was applied over the syrup and soon Varis sat back to survey his work. Smiling, he started at her legs, licking the syrup and whip cream off her until it was gone and leaving spit trails on her skin. Ignoring her caramel coated parts entirely, she noticed in frustration. He was teasing her! His fingertips trailed in her folds then he sucked the caramel off his fingers, grinning wickedly. "Delicious Slave."

Dorian then moaned and smiled. Then he licked the strawberry off her neck and chest, getting every last bit of it, sucking that neck and ear, kissing her lips softly, then caressing and suckling her nipples for a bit, leaving only spit trails and no sticky residue again. Then took her stomach, making her arch in pleasure and earning a swat for it. "Be Still." Varis ordered harshly and she whimpered; both in apology and need for him. So he kissed her lips again. "Forgiven, now be Still. Don't move or cum until I say so." She said a strangled "Yes, Sir." He nodded his approval of her response and then went back to sucking and licking the chocolate from her stomach again. She didn't arch this time and was proud of her restraint.

"Good girl." Varis praised her when he saw her being Still. Impressed she was doing so well. Knowing a dominant like herself usually wouldn't be this good at submission, he was pretty sure of that. He couldn't picture Eric or God submitting this well so he was happy he was pleasing her so much that she was willing to keep trying it. "I love you." He said softly against her skin and she heard him then smiled again. She didn't care what others said. She'd never tire of him constantly telling her that and meant to encourage it further in the future. She loved him, too, and was going to make sure she had just as many opportunities in the future to tell him that, too!

"I love you, too." Dorian was pretty sure most Doms didn't go around being soppy as Varis was being but then, she thought this version of Dominance was better suited to the man above her anyway. He wasn't the stern Dom type. He'd pamper his Submissive. She wanted him to, that and punish her but that would come later. She'd said take it easy at first, and he was doing just that.

He'd listened to her. An attractive quality in any man, she thought proudly of her husband.

Soon enough, he'd worked his way to her groin and thighs. Which he also thoroughly licked off until she was slick with his spit again. Then he licked the syrup off her shaved mound. Then into the folds after he sucked her nub, sucking it long after the caramel was gone from it. She tried to be Still but did move a little, but he didn't punish that. He didn't expect her to be too Still for this part. He'd have been surprised if she had!

And, as Varis licked and sucked the caramel from inside her, she felt her orgasm slipping from her control. Then just when it seemed too much for her to bear anymore and not cum, he stopped altogether.

Uncuffing her wrists and helping her up, while massaging her arms and legs to make her more comfortable. Then he stood and unhooked her leash as well and the collar. Wrapping it around her wrist. "One hour. You shower, be yourself, not submissive. But no cumming. That is for me to decide when to let you. No touching yourself either. Go, relax, Dorian. It's been six hours, you've earned it." And then he sat a towel by her. "You did so well, honey. You were so Still. I'm proud of you." Varis said then kissed her softly. "One hour then I'm spanking you, maybe flogging if you choose it, too. Then I'm making love to you, and fucking you; then maybe…I might let you cum." Dorian nodded and moaned internally, already so desire ridden her eyes could cross from it and he says that! Mean Master! She laughed though. This was fun so far.

Then he hesitantly held out a hand and she took it, wanting to touch him, too. Then they headed to the shower, where they both quickly washed each other between kisses and rough touches. His desire driven to a keen edge from just what they'd done so far and then he backed off, drying off and smiling at her confused expression. "I don't get to cum yet either. Your hour starts after you finish showering." Then he left the room and she groaned. That little passionate display was not helping her sexual frustration here! The tease!

At least with him not cumming either, she wouldn't be alone in her frustration though…she smiled happily at this thought and leisurely took her time with the shower. It would do him good to get a bit more frustrated…he wasn't the only tease in this relationship. And she meant to show him just how much of a tease she could be if he did this to her again! Which a part of her really hoped he would, once this was over that is. The foreplay was pretty fantastic this way!


She sat on Dean's lap now and they talked, Dorian kissing her Sex god husbands and the others who came in at times to see her on a break. "You okay?" Sam asked, she looked happy with it so far.

"Yes, he's doing a good job. Not as harsh as some Masters would be." Dorian said and they nodded.

"He's wooing you, Dori. Showing you he loves you. He's showing you how much you mean to him now that you have said you want to be with him, too." Sam said and she nodded. She could tell. He wasn't being a typical Dominant at all. "Plus he has his own kinks, so enjoy them."

"I can tell. He really likes the food and eating it off of me, and feeding me. I suspect he has a food fetish." Dorian laughed and they nodded.

"We already knew that." Dean said softly, chuckling. "He's loves to feed us meals while we'll bound. That and fondue stuff, and sweets off our bodies, too. He gets an erection from Lasagna and ice cream sundaes, too. As long as it's gooey and he can feel your lips and skin with it eventually; that only makes him hotter for you." Dean laughed again. "Food gives him pleasure, too, literally. He once actually came from just eating cheesecake off our abs…he really really does have a thing for cheesecake, no, Dorian, it's true!" A fond smile lit his lips at the memory. "He came so hard, too!"

"Well, I didn't know that but I really like it!" Dorian chuckled. No wonder he was so turned on in the shower. The food and her taste mixed with it had to have turned him on beyond thought. She loved this new kink! She was great cook and, a man with a food fetish, well, he was just perfect for her!

They talked and joked after that then Varis came in. "It's time." Varis said and she stood, going to him immediately and Varis kissed her softly as he put her collar back on. They shook their heads at the pair, glad they seemed satisfied with the arrangement. So soppy though, they thought chuckling at the obvious love between them. Then again, Varis was definitely the soppy type. But, of course, they already knew that.

He led her by leash upstairs, hooking her to bed again by the long one; longer chains on her cuffs hooked her to the Spanking Bench near the foot of it now. Feet free. "Kneel, on all fours. Against the spanking bench." Where he now fastened her to rather than the bed. Wanting to try out every toy in her play room on her. He let her choose the paddle. She chose the wooden one with slots cut into it; it hurt more. And the flogger, the one with soft metal woven into the leather; she wanted to try it out on herself. The other Subs seemed to really like it….so she thought she might, too.

He patiently hand-spanked first, keeping the blows firm but only making the skin flush pink. Then used the paddle, stopping to listen for her safe word at intervals. But not getting it, he now spanked her harder. She felt the pain but waited then it morphed into pleasure she'd known would come from it eventually. It always did. She loved being spanked! And surprisingly, for a man that had never spanked anyone before, he was wonderfully talented at it!

"More, please, Sir?" Dorian begged between deep moans and thrusting hips, wetness seeping into the leather at her feet and groin from her arousal already. "Please?" She begged again.

Then he did as asked, spanked her until her ass was a flaring red and painful to the touch, still she writhed into the leather of the bench. His cool touch easing the pain of her spanked flesh on contact, soothing it for a while before unfastening her from the bench. Then let her soak in the sauna for few minutes. Massaging her shoulders and legs at the same time, joining her in it. Then she headed out to dry off when he told her to.

Then fastened her to the cross, asking her how to fasten someone to it. She instructed him on how to do it while he hooked her to it in the process. Taking her instructions on the flogger, he began to flog her. Carefully, he started light and then harder, leaving her back and ass a bright red, long lines on perfect skin. He ran fingers along them and thought they were beautiful. Like her. She needed to wear them more. He thought. "I love these, you'll wear them more now. Whenever we play, I will mark you this way. I love the way your skin looks in these marks. Is that okay, Pet?" Varis asked.

"Yes, it's fine." Dorian agreed, savoring his touches on her aching skin, his kisses and the licks over every mark was turning her on even more. "Please, Master?" She begged, her body rubbing into his groin as much as her range of bondage allowed her to.

She felt lube on her ass and against her hole, easing fingers and more lube inside her, around the hole itself. Then he worked into her, going slow, easing her body into the pleasure. She moaned at finally being pleasured, at finally being allowed to pleasure her Master again! Submission stole her mind as she found no movement allowed to her but was forced to let him take her as he pleased instead, completely at his mercy; her Will dependent on her Master's wishes.

She was his to command, to control, had no say in anything now. And loved every minute of it.

Their sounds echoed in the room until with a harsh cry and impaling movement, he came deep inside her but did not tell her to cum yet.

Then unhooked her and let her soak again, soothing her sore body lovingly with creams afterward. She was a mass of need and want, intense desire filled her being with one thought. Her Master. His Will. Wanting to cum for him, at his leisure. But still she vibrated in place, skin tensing and jumping as sensations were enhanced with every touch and kiss. All making her need more, want more, love her Master more!

Then he pulled her onto his lap, sheathing into her. "Ride me, fuck me until I cum in you." And she moaned softly as she did so, hands on the side of the tub to balance her as she worked her hips and rocked them on his dick as she moved up and down, body bobbing and the water waved and sloshed around them. His hands on her hips and body, working her breasts and neck with hands and lips, until he felt his orgasm approaching. And she felt her own frustrated orgasms screaming for release by now. "Cum, Cum now!" He cried as he fucked up into her harder and she dug nails into his shoulders, head back as she screamed each orgasm, fucking him through each and every one of them, for an hour or more. They lost track of time now and when she slipped bonelessly against him, gasping in spent pleasure. He thrust up into her several times and impaled her harder each time until he came deep in her as well, multiple orgasms flowing from him, too. Fucking her through them as well then laying there with her until they could move.

Soon they soaked for a bit, her cuddling into his side until they were comfortable again. Moving to the bed, they moved together, him moving her to spoon against him into his front, holding her tightly and kissing her temple with love. "You were amazing, Pet. Never knew making love could be so…explosive!"

"Wow, me either." She said purring contentedly. "Master…I love you."

"I love you, too, Dorian." Varis said softly and she drifted off, both napping as they needed to. The intensity of their sex had wiped them both out for a bit. Then waking several hours later, and he took collar off her, put it on her wrist instead. "Two hours, baby. Then we'll do this again."

"Yes, Sir." She said hugging him and kissing him deeply. "Make love to me again, please?"

And they did, him thrusting into her and her clawing at him, bodies writhing together slowly then harder and cumming repeatedly as they freely made love, not as Dom or Sub, but as Dorian and Varis, husband and wife, and very much in love with each other. And perfectly happy together now.

"Three hours, please?" Dorian asked softly. "Please, Sir?"

"Yes, three hours, after we wash up again. We got sticky and sweaty I think." Varis said laughing. Then got serious. "Am I doing good? Am I being a good Dom so far? Do you want to call it off… you can if you want…" He looked worried. Had he hurt her too much before with spanking and flogging?

"You are doing terrific, Varis. Best Master ever! This keeps up, I might consider doing this on more frequent basis with you after the week is up. Not all the time but…more often." Dorian smiled at his hopeful look. "You make me feel so good. You take terrific care of me. So gentle and so rough, too. I love it! We do this and I'm the only one you do this bondage and stuff with, got it?" She said possessively. "My only Master for this stuff, the harder stuff. I'll do lighter stuff with them and some bondage but not this, and the same applies to you, understand?"

"I understand. No Subs for me but you. No Doms for you but me. I got it. I want this, too." Varis agreed. "So, do we wait the week to end or…"

"We don't have to." Dorian said softly. "You'll keep the breaks when we do Submission? If I do it…more often?"

"I…can I be your Master all the time…well, and you still be non-Submissive and Dominant with others but I'd still be your Master with the collar on the neck and we only do stuff when…we want to or have time to…" Varis tried to sort his thoughts and wrap his head around the new ideas.

Loving every one of them.

"Yes, my Master, all the time but no punishments, no kneeling unless I'm told to while wearing the collar properly. No honorifics unless the collar is on my neck, not my wrist. We…could redo the contract…" She gave him a worried look. "Same requirements but some revisions…"

"Yes, we should do that." Varis agreed, nodding happily. Two days gone but a lifetime of being her Master… kind of. He was thrilled at the thought.

The pair headed to the study and took the main computer now, and whispered as they worked. "Keep that, add the part about periods of non-Submission but with the condition of you being my Master and it is at your leisure when I submit to you. And not having to bow or look down when I'm submitting to you. Oh, add in there at the end for a period of Eternity itself, never to stop being owned by you, your property." She point to the specified places.

"I'll put the collar conditions in with your conditions here. Wear it to submit and when not submitting; just either on the neck for submission and on the wrist for non-submission." Varis typed in and pointed out, adding a few of his own to it. "There… I think. Read it, see if we need to change it at all, Dori." He let her have the computer and she scanned the page and half of words.

"Seems good, I'll sign it. You approve of it? It is a binding Submissive/Dominant Contract, it will last for Eternity. We will be together this way for all time." Dorian asked to be sure.

"I'll own you, you'd be my Property?" Varis asked then paused. "Totally shared of course! You'd have Free Will; most of the time." He looked at her to be sure, too. "You sure you want me for your Master? I'd be okay with just being your lover."

"I'm sure. You'll still be my husband but my Master, too." Dorian said smiling, hitting the 'Print' button, and going to the printer to retrieve it. "Let's get witnesses, Vare." She grinned wider at his nod. "I also want a ceremony."

"Right after we sign this and give it to Bobby to hold for us." Varis promised and then pulled her into a kiss, "You won't regret this, Dorian. I'm going to make you very happy!"

"You already have. I want this, Vare. I really do. I'll only submit to you this much, never met anyone that made me want to call them Master before… but with you, when I think of you, I hear myself call you that in my head all the time now." Dorian promised. "In my mind, you are my Master already."

"And you are my Submissive, and the woman I worship." Varis said and love shone in his eyes. "I'm your Slave, too."

"And I, too, promise to take good care of you, just like you will of me." Dorian promised, kissing him again, never wanting to leave his arms now. One touch led to another and then another, and soon they were making love on the floor of the study and crying out and moaning sexily. Cumming hard and often. Then got up to clean off and kiss gently one last time. "I worship you, too, Vare."

Then smiling, they headed out to find their lovers, the Sex gods, God, and Karis. Once found, they joined them in the study again, watched them sign the contract with pleased smiles. "Never expected this but we're happy for you two." Sam said hugging her and him in turns, the others hugged and congratulated them, too. Signing it as witnesses and putting a seal on it to make it official. At least as official as Submissive contracts went, but this one did not need renewed yearly. When God had touched and signed it, it had become more than a normal Submissive Contract, it became an Eternal Bond between the pair. Theirs was an Eternal Contract thanks to God's signature on it.

Never to be reversed. Permanent and binding as well.

Binding her to him, Submissive to a loving Master. But kept and taken care of for all Eternity.

The way they wanted it to be between them now.

And, kneeling the courtyard, he placed her collar on her neck. Kissing her lovingly afterward. "Mine!" Varis said possessively into her lips. Eyes on hers full of joy.

"Yours." She said just as possessively. Her eyes just a happy as her lover's now!

And with that, a temporary punishment became something more.

It became the shackles that bound them together Eternally and changed their relationship forever.

But in many more exciting and new ways.

"This is going to be fun." Dorian whispered excitedly as he laid her down, after making her suck him hard, and made love to her. Hands bound over her head. Submitting fully to him finally.

"Yes, it will be!" Varis whispered back and took her deeper, both of them cumming eventually as he claimed her for himself once and for all now. Owning and keeping her as his property. But also as the woman he would never get enough of and would be willing to share as much as she wanted to be shared and with whoever she wanted to share with, while he would stay her Master and lovers/Mates with Karis and the Sex gods, too. Only with them himself.

"Forever…" They both sighed later as they rested.

And, for once, forever had never seemed or felt so good.


It was time for him to try it. They'd been working up to this for weeks with him, easing him into it with little things, cuffs, light bondage, sex play, but not the actual things. They wanted to be sure he really wanted it or not first. It was his wish they did this with him, and they didn't want him to regret his choice.

So now Connor's hands were shackled to the chains that ran from the top of the bed along the ceiling and ended in one being held by Sam and Dean. Right now he lay on his back with his hands toward the headboard, eyeing the whole thing curiously. Eric, their Master had okayed this, since they were Connor's husbands, too. He wanted to dominate Connor later, too, if he liked it and so did half of Olympus; the entire kinky half, especially Dorian, Bacchus, and Eric. They were most hopeful that Connor took to it! Maybe Angel, too…if they could talk the clearly dominant man into it. Which wasn't likely, Angel was definitely the most dominant man besides Eric they had ever met! Bottoming aside, and, hell, the man even topped from the bottom! He couldn't help himself really so they let it slide. Angel wasn't very submissive at all but they were okay with that. As a top, he gave them much more pleasure than he ever did when he bottomed anyway!

"You still want to try?" Angel asked worried. Angel was watching to make sure they didn't overdo it, worried about his son's first real foray into kink and submission. "You don't have to."

"I want to try it." Connor said to his worried father and asked the others now. "What's next?"

"We can do several things. Starting with calling us Master at all times. And obeying our every order. Can you do that?" Dean explained smiling lovingly at him. They wouldn't be too hard on him for his first time.

"I like that. I can do it. Does this involve spanking? Cause I've been spanked before." Connor took in his father's shocked look, "Hey, some girls liked to spank during sex; it was fun!" Angel just grinned and shook his head at his son's lecherous smile. The gods chuckled. He obviously hadn't been on a kinky date with Dorian. She liked to spank a lot! In fact, they had just such date with her on Tuesday, they'd have to be sure to bring the leather paddle she liked to use on them. They'd forgotten it last time.

"We could do that, then suck you and stuff, make you do us while we spank you. You up for a gag or blindfold, or a dildo up there, like Sam did in the motel room but on straps?" Dean asked, trying to figure out what to do next. It was making him hard to consider this. "Sam, would you take being submissive while he is, to show him how we do it?"

"Sure, get more chains up, with leather cuffs inside. I hate the way the steel bites into my skin." Sam said and Dean conjured up the chains the way he specified and now held two sets then had an idea. "Angel, hold Sam's chain for me, would you?" Angel could dominate Sam. they would both like it. Then he could do Dean later. Then Eric could 'punish' them for doing the sub stuff without him. He got creative with his punishments and, damn, they sure loved that black man's ideas of 'punishments' when he got creative! Dean hoped he threw him over his lap again and spanked him until it hurt, to be honest. So much pain, so little time…

Soon Sam was in the chains, dildo firmly strapped in, on Connor, too. Connor grinned at his husband like that and chuckled. Sam grinned back, laughing as well. Dean got the joke but had to explain about when Sam had used it on Connor and even Angel smiled, chuckling. Yeah, turnabout was fair play but it was also going to be so much fun, too!

Dean slipped a gag on Sam and a ring. Connor got one, too. Sam took a blindfold and Connor decided to try it since Sam did. Soon both were trussed up and ready. Dean conjured up two crops and gave one to Angel.

"He likes pain, so you can go pretty hard. Here, let me show you." Dean slid by Sam and got behind him to have a better view of his target areas. "You want to whip it red, where there are welts but no blood. We heal fast so you may have to do it a lot but that makes it fun. Do it in ten minute intervals or until he gets too excited, then we can take him sexually, or just keep going, depending on how we want to do it. I'd keep the gag on him if I were you when you did that; he gets porn star fast when I do this, don't you, baby?" He played a hand along that gorgeous ass of Sam's and stroked around the hole so stretched by the dildo already; not flipping it on yet. Sam nodded happily and moaned into his gag. Even Angel could tell that moan was close to pornographic, and saw Sam was so hard for it already! 'Yes! Baby, I want Angel to spank me once he learns, okay? I want him to dominate me.' Sam said through the marks and even Angel and Connor chuckled at the desire in his tone. Sam really really wanted this.

Dean began whipping him, slow and not too hard, building up to harder. Then he flipped the dildo on low and manipulating it to hit Sam's sweet spot before beginning. Sam moaned softly and thrust back for more. "A thrust back means he wants more. When he writhes is when you fuck him. You can tell him to be silent or let him moan more, it's up to you. He's good at this part." Dean spanked him harder and saw both Angel and Connor watching him, learning.

Soon Sam was being whipped hard along his back, ass, and thighs and the dildo was on high and his pleasure soared but he couldn't cum; the ring held him back. The more he was whipped, the more he writhed. Dean knew he was ready now. He took out the dildo, set it aside and turned it off, then fucked him; taking his time but ending up being rough since Sam was not patient now. Dean had wound him up too much! Dean grinned. Yeah, he may have done that on purpose to turn Sam into a slut faster. He loved Sam this way.

Sam was crying out in pleasure and nearly cumming as Dean's hands gripped his bruised flesh and squeezed. "Remove the gag…Angel… get it out… want… fuck so tight!...he's so close…want to hear him!" Angel gently removed the gag from Sam's mouth and the most pornographic moan he had ever heard poured out and Sam fucked back harder; demanding it rougher now. Dean obeyed this request immediately. Both gods came hard as Dean shouted for him to cum and tore the ring off, Sam bucked back onto him like a bronco now and it made them scream in pleasure again and again until their orgasms subsided.

Then Dean went back to Connor and Angel stood behind Sam again. Then Angel put Sam's dildo back in and kissed along his back. "Gonna make you feel good, baby." He promised. Sam grinned around his gag again now as Angel hooked it back on his mouth again. A blindfold was added again. Connor sat ready, choosing to take a blindfold again, too. He tensed as his sight went dark but Stilled under Dean's touch, caressing his back and body.

"It's okay, Connor, we won't hurt you. You get scared, use your safe word, 'knife'. Don't say it unless you mean for me to stop, okay? Nod twice for me to stop if you can't speak. Nod now if you agree to this." Dean demanded and Connor nodded once, already hard. Clearly he did like this part, Dean noticed and saw the others approaching to watch. So they moved to an upper cloud bank, the largest one there was. So everyone could see better.

Angel whipped Sam with the flogger, softer then hard, having to do it often since the marks kept healing after a few seconds now. Eric came up behind Angel and showed him the proper way to wield the flogger. "Tilt the handle back to you then forward when you strike the blow. Make sure the straps caress the skin not dig into it, the pain is more exquisite that way and the stinging lasts longer; Sam likes that part." Eric said and touched his Slave. "You look beautiful this way, Sam. I fully intend to take my turn doing this and more to you later."

"Not angry or jealous we're doing this with them?" Sam asked mentally and Eric shook his head.

"No, this is just what I thought they'd want to do and it's not wrong since they are your Mates like I am; it's not fair to them to not let them try it with you also if they want to. I don't have exclusive rights to you like most Doms do, I know that. That and you look incredibly sexy and hot when they do the bondage and stuff with you, too." Eric leered here and chuckled. "It's such a turn on watching them dominate you two. Fuck! You are so damn fuckable that way! Besides Connor asked you to teach him this, play with him this way. Maybe if he enjoys it with you, he'll let me play with him this way another time. I'd be his Dom with him later if he wanted one…like I am yours. He does seem to be turned on by being bound this way…" Eric said to Dean while he looked at Connor now and leering. "I want a turn, Slave."

"You got it, ask Connor. It's up to him. We're leaving it all up to him." Dean responded, removing Connor's ball gag so he could speak.

"Can I do this with you when they're done, a few of us are into it, too…not just them." Eric said gently, "Can I whip you and fuck you, baby?" He stole a kiss which Connor eagerly returned.

"Yes, we finish here and I'll stay bound. You whip me and then fuck me when they are done. I want to know how they feel when you dominate them." Connor said softly, blushing. "They enjoy it, I might, too."

"You'd let me do to you what I do with them, the whole submissive stuff? But…that would count as cheating on them…" Eric bit a lip, looking at Dean.

"Make him a submissive for you, too. Shared like us but…give him a collar if he wants it later…that okay with you, Connor?" Dean asked, "If you get more into this, would you consider letting him being your Master like he is for us now?"

"Yes, but let me see what I can take for now…I may not be able to take as much as you two can or need it like you do." Connor gave Eric a considering look. "Let me try this for a bit now and I…do want to be your submissive but…I'm scared." He shrugged. "A few days to decide, okay? If I agree to it, I'll take a collar like they did, do the whole ceremony, I'll be all for it. I'll be yours like they are but I need time to be sure it's what I want."

"Take your time. It's not a decision you need to make now. Just let us play with you as much as you like us to." Eric said and Connor nodded. "Now, gag back in?" He offered it.

"Yes, please. Blindfold stays, just…keep touching me. It calms me. I'm not used to blindness here yet." Connor said softly and they nodded, putting the gag back in. Adjusting the blindfold again and Dean took his flogger in hand, but then reached for a paddle instead, a leather covered one. He hefted it and gently caressed Connor's ass with it. Then did short whacks and then harder, spreading them out to see what Connor liked best. He seemed to like the harder ones, thrusting back into them more. Dean noticed and chuckled. So Dean kept paddling him, then took the flogger and did tentative hits to his back and ass with it, then his legs and thighs. Connor came alive and lifted his ass eagerly and often for more now. Writhing under the onslaught of the blows and the dildo on medium stimulating his prostate as well.

Then Dean looked over to see Angel putting his paddle down and flogging Sam harder and harder as Sam writhed for him now…pain stimulating him and taking his pleasure higher. 'Fuck me, please, Angel, someone! Just fuck me!' Sam screamed in their heads and they chuckled at the need and desire burning in every damn word! Sam was about to explode here.

"Not yet." Angel said and grinned then flipped the dildo onto high, watching Sam writhe and moan pornographically, removing the gag so he could be heard. The others watching got hard at those moans now and wanted him as well, all of them more than willing to comply with Sam's mental pleas but held back to see what Angel was doing. Both blindfolds were removed and the men blinked to focus again; needing a moment to see again.

Then they took out the dildos and worked into them, both men gasping in relief as they moved now. Both Dominants starting slow but the Subs began to move too fast to keep up that pace.

"Still them." Eric ordered, "If they are Submissives, they will need to be able to be Still on command. They need to be as Still as they can since you give the orders here, not them. Take your control back." He swatted Sam's ass hard and whispered harshly, "Don't shame me! You know better. Do it right!" Eric said in displeasure and Sam whimpered back in apology, lowering his head. He had displeased his Master and cried a little, he'd never meant to disappoint him!

"Sorry, Master. I'll do better." Sam said softly and Eric nodded wiping his tears away and murmuring he was not in trouble anymore; the punishment was done. Sam offered his lips for a kiss and Eric kissed him then nodded in approval of Sam's submission to him. Kissing his temple in praise to reward it and backing off to let Angel have him back under his command again.

"Now Still them…" Eric ordered.

Each one put a hand to their partners back and held it there, pressing down hard until they Stilled under the force of that touch. "Be Still, I'll decide how to fuck you." Angel ordered and Sam bowed his body until his head was down on the cloud and ass perched higher. Forehead pressed to the cloud and not moving as Angel took him slowly, murmuring his pleasure and approval.

"Keep your hand there and ease up on the pressure if you want them to fuck back onto you more." Eric suggested and sat between them now. "Be Stiller, Connor. Don't top from the bottom. Let Dean decide how this goes not you. Submit, Con, let it all go and let them fuck you as they wish. Try not to move until their hand lets you up and signals you can and how much you are allowed to. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." Connor said softly then took Sam's pose, Willing himself Still but trembled. "Don't hurt me…"

"We would never hurt you, baby. Do you want us to stop? Just say so." Dean reassured him. "The safe word was…"

"I remember my safe word. It's just that I do want to do this but…I'm scared." Connor cut him off there and repeated. "Just bear with me. Don't stop." Connor laid his forehead on the cloud as well now. "I trust you. Fuck me as you wish." He said unhappily. But was finally Still.

"Um, we should…" Dean bit a lip as his hips stuttered to a stop and sighed. "If you aren't going to enjoy it then we should stop."

"Nothing I want matters, remember?" Connor said softly, anger seeping into him now and his powers spiked, shooting lightning into a pillar or two, responding to his emotions now.

"I never said that." Eric said quietly, keeping his eyes on the sky and knowing what that lightning meant. Connor was freaking out and that never went well. He had to calm him down now or someone could get hurt here. Specifically, him and/or Dean! "I said let Dean decide how to fuck you, not you how he does it. I never said your wants don't matter. He wants to please you but to do it his own way. You have to trust him to do it and trust him to make you happy; to know how to take care of you." Eric sighed softly and kissed his head. "If you trust him with your life and your heart, you should trust him with this…He loves you and you know he wouldn't hurt you. Let him try to please you. He's a sex god; he'll figure it out pretty quick."

They sighed and Stilled again, waiting his answer.

"Yes, sir." Connor said and bowed again.

"Connor?" Dean asked softly and got no response. "Baby? Speak to me."

"I'm really trying here." Connor said in a bare whisper. "I'm fucking it all up…!" He cried now and Dean softened inside him and pulled out, reaching to hold him now. "I…I want this…but…not good enough to…fuck!hate this!... and now you won't fuck me or whip me cause I can't stay Still! Such an easy fucking thing! Can't be Still, such a stupid…" He popped away now and Dean popped out to follow him. Sam awaited orders from Angel but looked like he desperately wanted to go with Dean. Angel pulled out and waved a hand. "Go see if you can help. It's okay. I'll wait here." Sam popped away now, too.

"I didn't mean to scare him. I was just teaching him." Eric said sadly, feeling guilty now.

Angel said nothing but he could tell that the Pinfore blamed him for this.

"I'm sorry." Eric said softly.

"Then fix it." Angel hissed. "He's been hurt enough! He was doing his best and it is his first time. He was enjoying it and you ruined it for him."

"I'll…fix it." Eric said and used his mark to go to them. Sitting beside a crying Connor, he watched the Sex gods try to reason with the man.

"I would never hurt you." Dean said and rocked him. Kissing his cheek to show he still loved him and it would be okay.

"I didn't think you would! I just panicked." Connor said softly. "I'm fucking us up, aren't I?"

"No, never. Just having a bad moment. Tell me what made you so afraid, I didn't mean to scare you, honest! Tell me, Con." Dean said concerned.

"I'm not a 'Still' person. I don't do it well. I'm hyper and impulsive; I'm not like you guys. You are controlled and calm, I never learned that! I know I need to be to deal with this crap and I was trying but I'm a wild thing, Stillness is so…hard for me to do. I feel so…explosive inside all the time, so much it sometimes hurts me! I just can't…can't be Still!" Connor said.

"So is a river but sometimes even a river finds a calm place." Eric said softly as he reached for him now. "Come here, let me help you understand what I meant by stillness."

Connor stood by him now. "Kneel with me." Eric said gently. And Connor did as he was asked. "Now bow." Eric told him and Connor bowed next to him and Eric bowed with him. "Rest you head on your hands, put them on top of each other and form a pillow with them. Now close your eyes, let it all go, everything churning inside you, and breathe slowly. Close your eyes, Baby." Eric said and Connor did it. "Picture a river, running fast but hitting some rocks, and slowing down gradually. Be that river, feel the flow slow down. Will your power to sleep inside you. Think of rolling it all into a white ball like clay or play-doh then lock it in a vault. Got it?"

Eric looked over and saw Connor go still now; sensing his power was quiet again. "Your power is quiet now. It was why you couldn't be Still. Their powers are the same way, trust me. Must be a Norse Power thing. Now you can be Still. When you need to meditate or submit, just let yourself be like the river. It runs fast then slower, on and on, until it becomes a pool, and is calm." Eric closed his eyes as well and breathed easy now. "How do you feel now, Connor?"

"Calm, Still. Not afraid now." Connor sighed, "The wild feeling in me, it's gone!" He said in wonder.

"Your powers were in control of you, uncontrolled and running wild inside you. You aren't controlling your powers properly; they are controlling you. You must learn to meditate them to sleep, make them submit by submitting yourself sometimes when they get too wild. You are a wild person and so that makes your powers like you are. So… for one to be Still and go quiet, so must the other. It submits to you, not you to it. Just as you need to submit when you are with Dean, not him to you." Eric explained.

"So I submit and it submits?" Connor said nervously. He hadn't realized that but, damn, it felt good to have some peace inside himself now. He had been tearing apart there for a while!

"Exactly. Just try this when we get back. Like we did with the river thing, focus on it." Eric explained, "Dominance is easy; it requires no effort. But Submission is infinitely harder. It takes more effort to Master yourself than it does to just to do whatever you want. You give your Will to others when you submit and trust them to not hurt you and to take care of you. You trust them to know or be willing to learn what would please you and to do it but when they want, which is usually when it will please you most and make you cum the hardest, or make it feel the best in the end for you. That is what a Master does for his Sub. He meets his needs, even when they aren't spoken." Eric looked at him now, their heads on clouds as they bowed together still. "A good Master learns what his Sub needs or feels is best for them, and, while he may stretch it out, he will give you release when it will make you feel the most pleasure from it."

"I didn't…I didn't know that." Connor said then sighed. "I want to try again. One more time. If I can't handle it then I won't do it again."

"Okay, let's try this." Dean said and they all popped down again. "Now, Connor, bow and be Still for me." He leaned down so only Connor could hear him. "Submit to me and I promise to never hurt you beyond what you'll enjoy, baby boy. I love you."

"Okay." Connor agreed and did as he was told. "I love you, too."

They were spanked again until they writhed then were Stilled, getting into it again, and whipped some more for several minutes. Then the Dominants undid the dildos and worked into the Submissives again as they bowed lower until their asses were higher and their heads rested on clouds. The Doms' hands were firmly on their backs controlling their movements now. Just a gentle but firm touch but also a restraining one.

They fucked the men slow, feeling them Still beneath them but their bodies gripped them tight. They may be Still but, damn, their bodies were clearly excited and about to explode from it. They lightened their touch now and their Subs moved a bit more, meeting the thrusts with shallow hip movements. Fucking for bit longer and letting up on the touch eventually altogether to spank and redden their asses as they writhed for them and pounded into them over and over. The Subs screaming and moaning pornographically together but not cumming. Their 'Masters' hadn't said to do that yet. Angel and Dean came in them though and fucked them again cumming multiple times now. All cumming from it while they did it.

Then had them ride them and be Still again, easing their bodies down onto them and holding their hips now at their hold on them again. Their Masters rocked their hips and moved slow then hard, faster then slower. The Subs and Doms both biting along their necks and lips, sucking on their ears as they eased up their hands hold on their hips and pumped the Subs' hips harder. The Dominants moving deeper inside them and fucking up into them as the Subs moved onto them more desperately now. Heads falling back in total submission and surrender as their worlds faded around them now and peace took them. As they felt Sub-space fill them, and all they felt was pleasure and Stillness.

The Dominants laid them now on their backs and sucked them then fucked them easy then hard again; moving harder and deeper and rapider again now. Rings were removed now and they all came when Angel and Dean breathlessly ordered them to. And they came screaming and begging for more with their hips as their orgasms ripped them apart and put them back together into trembling and quivering messes, only to do it again until they were spent from it.

Then they returned to bowing again, awaiting orders. Dean bowed by them now and Angel joined Eric behind them. They whipped them again now and they moved and thrust back into the blows now and then. Connor following their examples now. They worked in now and took them, made their heads and pleasure spin, even as they found calm and Stillness inside themselves. Their Dominants' hands guiding them to know how much they were allowed to move and when they were expected to. Submission settled inside them as they felt their pleasure rip them apart, Angel taking Dean now and Eric taking all three in turns. Then Angel took Sam again, all of them cumming over and over as they were ordered to by each man taking them when they decided to allow them to! Then their lovers gasped as their last orgasm finished and their lovers pulled out only to fall spent to lay beside them, panting for breath. Afterglow settling in as they considered moving but weren't able to quite yet.

Connor and the gods bowed with trouble, wobbling as they tried to get back in place, but were unable to and looked at Eric with worried looks.

"Shhh, it's done. Relax and cuddle with us. Let us reward you. You did really well, all of you, especially you, Connor. Not so scared now?" Eric asked and Connor fought to move closer to him, the need to cuddle clearly written in his eyes. Eric pulled him the rest of the way in now and held him where he wanted to be when Connor was too sleepy to do it himself.

"Yes. Sir." Connor said softly and was cuddled with them all now; the other three men joining them and the Subs smiling into their chests as they rested happily in their lovers' strong arms again. The others watching them were amazed and silent but burst into applause seconds later, making the Subs blush bright red, especially Connor. They kissed his cheek and smiled lovingly at their fellow Sub, Eric joining them doing it. "So adorable when he blushes that way, isn't he?" Sam said fondly and entwined fingers with Connor now. "You did so great, Con. I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks, had a rough start but it felt like I did good there after a while." Connor said softly after the applause died down. "I really want this with you guys…I do want you to be my Dom and make me your Sub. Really soon, I'll take the collar and everything, if you promise to love and keep me as yours forever."

"Us, too." Sam reassured him and then they were quiet. "We love you all so much."

"Us, too." Angel and Eric said kissing them all three gently. "You did so good, too. Both of you gods."

Then they popped upstairs now and cuddled under blankets to wait out their afterglow. "Can we do this again?" Dean asked Connor, referring to him and Sam doing it with him, not Eric, and he sighed. Figuring Connor might need more time to adjust now, especially taking into consideration that he'd done so well this time. Once he had understood what was asked of him.

"Yes, I'd do it again." Connor said. "Funny thing, my powers feel more…controlled now. Better than they have in days really. I feel so…calm now!"

"Like I said, they need submission to balance and, to do that, you need to submit yourself and force them to submit with you." Eric explained. "You did so well, Connor! I'm proud of you."

"Thanks, I didn't mean to mess up there at the beginning though; I just freaked out a little." Connor apologized.

"It was your first time, everyone freaks out a little their first time." Dean said softly and Connor nodded. "We did, so why shouldn't you? Keeping you now, Con. Get used to this, it's us with you like this for Eternity now." He sighed happily and smiled. "His Sub like we are now."

"His Sub, I can't wait to do the ceremony. Yours was so amazing to watch." Connor agreed. Eyes on Eric, soft with love and his total submission to him now. "I love you, Master."

"I love you, too." Eric said soothing his head down to rest again. "Sleep, lovers, we got a lot to arrange soon. Got a ceremony to set up for you, Connor. You're going to love it, baby."

"Already do." Connor agreed and drifted off to sleep while his Master and other Submissives watched him do it.

"His powers should be fine now." Dean said softly, "He needed the submission to tame them. That's why he's had so much trouble controlling them lately. They are so strong in him, much wilder than ours ever were."

"We had Dad to control us, we had learned to be controlled and careful from childhood. It made us careful men. But he was out of control as a kid, never had what we did, not a real family to love him and teach him to be careful and to control himself. He had no one. Not your fault, Angel, we blame Holtz for that! You tried but, Holtz and them, they messed him up good and proper. He was so wild after that, such a slave to his impulses. So that when he got his powers, they were just as wild and uncontrolled as he was. Our powers were easier to control since we already were controlled and calmer, not lost to our every impulse. I'm glad he finally learned to submit, he'll feel much better now." Sam said sadly. "Angel, if he hadn't done this, his powers, as wild and powerful as they were, they would have killed him soon."

"They could have…" Angel said in shock. "How would they…?"

"They'd start with the organs, then the rest, put him into stasis then a coma and then empty him out then he'd have blown apart from them when they finished him off. The powers aren't quiet things, nor are they just mystical nothingness in us. They have forms and they are alive as we are. If we don't tame them, they will slowly kill us. We must find a balance with them or die. It's how it works. Ask the others, they'll tell you it's the same for them." Sam said and nodded to the others as they listened and agreed with him.

"Is that true?" Angel asked them and they nodded.

"Yes, even as Angels we had to do this. As a Pinfore, you need to do it, too, Angel. I assume you already do or you would be dead already though; you probably do it naturally since you had to deal with the Angelus part of you for centuries. You had experience doing it all your life mostly but he hasn't had that! Power isn't some vague idea we carry in us. It's a part of us that we must master. It's alive in us and we have to make friends with it, let it out and use it. But also own it and not let it own us, or like the cruel owner it is, it will kill us." Gabriel said and Angel looked relieved at Eric now.

"So this Submissive thing you have with him now, it helps him?" Angel asked and Eric nodded. "You'll make him happy, right? Not just use him to please yourself? Not Enslave him but love him in return?"

"It helps him. I want to spend my life making him happy because when I please them, it pleases me. I would never just enslave a person and not love them…that is cruel and wrong!" Eric reassured him.

"Then I want a picture of you guys and him, for my wallet. If I am to have in laws, I should have a picture of them with him in there. My son and the men he loves." Angel said smiling and ruffling his son's hair. "My boy, love him so much. Lost him a few times in the past, but…keeping him now."

"Yes, he's yours. And he's mine and ours now. We'll keep him with us…together, right, Dad?" Eric teased and they laughed.

"Yes, together. But don't call me Dad, that is just too weird." Angel teased back, knowing it wasn't going to change anything but enjoyed the banter.

"Hey, we're married to him, too. Do we need a picture with him with us for your wallet? Dad?" Dorian teased and they laughed again.

"Sure, as many as I can get. So proud of him. And I'm not your 'Dad'! You are sick and twisted things, all of you!" Angel said and they chuckled again.

"I got some sick and twisted ideas for you, Angel." Dante and some others said as they pressed in on him now. "Submit, baby, and we'll fuck you all night. Take you every way a man can be taken and you will scream for more. Submit and let us have our Wicked ways with you…" He stroked him while he talked now, and, as Dorian took him in her mouth, he gasped out in pleasure.

And submitted as best he could, topping from the bottom at times but, hey, that was fun, too. So they let him do it and sent him reeling in so much pleasure that he was sure that they were never going to stop taking him.

And then, when they did, he did scream his orgasms and did indeed do what they said he would.

He screamed for more.


The week passed fast for them. Eric did his best to teach Connor all he could but promised he'd teach him more once he finished their Dom/Sub course he was taking at a local BDSM place with an old hunting buddy of his. The guy was good at it and had retired to run the club here and twenty thousand was all it had cost him for a year's worth of lessons.

He now knelt in the middle of the courtyard, hands cuffed in front of him, head bowed in respect, as his Master got the boxes out for him. Gentle fingers pulled his chin up to see a silver lock on a long silver chain. "This symbolizes that you are my Sub and owned by me. It also shows I love you and you are my lover. You are never to take it off, understand?" Eric said hooking it around his neck, and allowed Connor to kiss his neck softly and whisper as he was fastening it. "I Love you, Master!"

Connor nodded and smiled now. "Yes, Master, never take it off." Then waited patiently for Eric to continue.

Smiling Eric sat back to survey his work, adjusting the chain so it was comfortable on Connor. "I love you, too, Connor. Now be quiet, Wild Child. Collar's next." Connor nodded and bowed his head again, seeking his submission and finding it, letting it Still his movements again. He was getting used to it more now and liked it a lot actually. Eric ran affectionate fingers through his hair and kissed him softly. "Good boy." Eric murmured and Connor blushed happily. Eyes on Eric's filled with love and trust.

Eric showed him a black leather collar with a placard on the front. It bore Eric's name and he smiled as Connor's eyes lit up happier at the sight of it. He placed it around Connor's neck and screwed the lock on it to secure it in the back of it. He tested it and got it to fit just right then said, "This marks you as my Submissive and Property, to do with as I please. Never take it off either, got it? Will you be my Submissive now, in every way? To obey and serve me, to trust me and love me enough to know I will take care of you and ensure you get what is best for you? To be owned by me for Eternity now?" Eric asked and Connor nodded again.

"Yes, Master, I will wear it always and trust you to own me and know you will meet my every need or provide what is required for my happiness now. I love you, Master." Connor said gently and bowed again at his feet.

"Come to me, Connor." Eric said and the man crawled to him, Eric was pleased with this and showed it by stroking his back lovingly. "Suck me hard, but do not make me cum."

Connor eagerly did as he was told, sucking his Master and taking him deep in his mouth, doing it hard the way his Master liked him to do it. Eric pulled out now and Connor waited further orders.

"On your back, legs up, show me your hole. Hands over your head and keep them there." Eric ordered and smiled as Connor did as he was told. Then he sucked his slave until he came in his mouth as a reward and reached lower to work him open to be taken. Then when Connor moaned and began to move back on his finger, he didn't Still him. He wanted his wildness tonight. Connor going wild was the sexiest thing he'd ever known, next to when the other two did it. Connor just…was wilder than anyone he'd ever touched. He loved that about the man and Connor knew that, too. Hence his nick name, 'Wild Child' from his Master.

Thrusting in, he made love to Connor for hours, stroking him as he cried out in pleasure and soft winds blew through Olympus, feeling good on their sweat soaked skins and a soft drizzle fell on them. Then he took him harder and Connor submitted while also moving more and they came again and again as Eric kept it going, rain falling on them but no one cared. Wet bodies of Slave and Master writhed in the rain, skins slick with water and pooling cum. And two hours later, they got up and Connor bowed breathlessly to his Master, barely able to kneel. He was exhausted and Eric knew it. Then he helped Connor up and took them to their bedroom, where they cuddled and Connor slept with a contented smile on his face the rest of the night. Eric smiled as well, and kissed his hair, happily letting the other Slaves join them; all wanting to be close to their Master now.

Eric was satisfied with how it had turned out. Three men in his arms who loved him and submitted to him fully.

Now he swore to learn this BDSM thing right so he could take better care of them…

They deserved that from him and more.

But for now, he settled for giving them his heart. Sure that they would take it and love him back, too. Damn he loved those men but he knew this would take time to work out for them. And he was willing to do what it took.

Starting with those classes he'd started taking a few months ago with them.


(Several months later)

Sam and Dean snuck jealous looks at Eric, as he whipped the other submissive and as the other Dom instructed him on how to do it. The slave's pleasure rippled through the small room and sunk into the Sex gods. 'He is getting off on it!' Dean seethed.

'Not sex, Dean.' Sam whispered in his lover's head. 'He wants to learn to do this right. It's been months since we started doing this with him. You know it isn't sexual to him. He's only doing it so he can be a good Master and Dom to us. It isn't cheating to do this.'

'It is sex! It is…something and most definitely feels like cheating on us!' Dean spat mentally, barely holding back his powers as his jealousy raged inside him. 'Look, the sub's cumming! How is that not sexual?!'

Sam gave a jealous look as well now and went silent. 'It's the last lesson. He promised!'

They seemed to chanting it silently to themselves now, a mantra keeping their own tempers under control. Their eyes, though lowered, watched him surreptiously anyway, hurt and feeling cheated on, like they usually did during these training sessions they'd agreed to go with him on for a year now. But they knew it wasn't his fault, which was what actually saved Eric from their tempers; he was unaware it counted that way to them. He didn't see it as sex with the others, and therefore wasn't cheating. He wasn't touching too much, merely letting the man instruct him on how to touch the Submissives right, and he wasn't doing the sexual stuff; mostly watching the other Dom do it to his Sub. They saw him watching the man raptly now as he explained how to control the tempo and strength of the whipping he was doing; the ways he could keep it lighter without sacrificing the pleasure it would give them.

Soon enough it was done. Eric paid the man his money and took the certificate he offered him. He ruffled the Sub's head as he lay sated on his cross, "Thank you, Kale, you did well. Thank you for letting me work with you. My own subs will be pleased at what I learned from you." He kept his voice neutral but pleased, as he had been taught to when addressing a Sub. Soothing and quiet. Giving them a sense of confidence in him and peace that he would take care of them. Patience and control, taking care to give the Sub want he wants and needs in equal measures, as given by their Master, in pleasure and punishments. The Master also needs to bind and control the others, that was his pleasure as well, their needs and wants clicking with their Masters; a mutual relationship where both the Master and Sub get both their desires and needs met together. Their Master holds the control as given to him by them. Safe words and finding what pleased them and providing it while also tempering it with letting them know they had no control over what was happening them. It was all in their Masters control and they would only desire to please him as well.

Both seeking to please each other, with the Sub getting the most pleasure out of it. While the Master merely is the tool that gave them it eventually. The sub's pleasure giving the Master his pleasure and vice versa as well.

Eric had taken a year to learn it, bringing Sam and Dean with him sometimes to show this was not sex and there was no need to be jealous. But it had backfired and, through his mark, he could tell they were pissed. Jealous as hell and spitting mad! But their bodies and faces didn't show it. He gulped and approached them, urging them up by tugging softly on the leashes to take them back to dress, so they could return to Olympus. He could feel their anger from here.

"Don't touch us!" Dean hissed mentally. 'That was cheating on us! I don't care what you say, you do not ever do this with anyone ever again or we will hurt them and you on principle…got it!'

'Yes, I got it.' Eric sent back and cringed at the fury there, the power biting behind the words. 'I'm sorry!'

'Take us home now!' Sam spat as well, 'No touching!'

'I didn't mean to…it was just lessons, that's all!' Eric rushed to fix this between them.

And got only silence…and anger.

He sighed and dressed them, and they headed back through the club. Sam and Dean were submissive through it and, by the time they got to the Charger, they were vibrating in place with both rage and power screaming to get out and hurt someone!

Eric drove quickly home and removed the collars, putting them in the drawer. Hugging them for all he was worth and crying. "Don't leave me! I promise not to do that again with anyone but you guys. I don't want to lose you over this, I just wanted to learn how to do it right. I couldn't do it with you. Your powers are too unpredictable to risk if I messed up doing it."

They sat there in silence and considering it, no longer vibrating but still upset. "No one else? Not even here on Olympus, unless they are our Mates?"

"Just us, and our Mates, promise! I took no pleasure or enjoyment from the lessons, I swear!" Eric said gently, "I only wanted to learn to be a good Dom to you three"

"Well…" Sam said quietly, and a tear slipped out. "It felt like cheating but…okay." Sam gave in and took his hand. "You have to understand, we feel the pleasure and love of others, among many other feelings; all of those things that man felt when you did those things with him. And to him, Eric, you were having sex with him."

"I didn't realize…they didn't say that part…the Sub should have told me…" Eric stammered and hung his head, "I didn't know that."

"We know." Dean said gently now as he felt his anger fade at his lover's obvious regret and saw that he hadn't known this part. "We are the only ones that should be having any kind of sex with you, Eric."

"I know, and, from now on, you all will be." Eric promised, "I honestly did not realize that was cheating on you. You should have told me before; I would have stopped the lessons for you!"

"No, you needed them. We needed them. You did great! So sexy and dominant! We know it hurt us but…it was necessary; not the first time we had to endure that particular sensation really. You had to finish it and it was the last one. We just…we were tired of you having sex with the Sub all the time. The pleasure you gave him was exquisite. He pictured you when he came each time, desiring you to take him more! We…kind of lost it there, sorry. You didn't know." Sam said softly and kissed him now. "All ours now?"

"All yours." Eric reassured them between kisses and touches, and felt need grow between them, gasping in desire soon after. He flipped them onto all fours and got their collars out again, fastening them. None said a word; there was no need for them to. Cuffs covered their wrists again and they were hooked to the top of the bed. Then he took out the flogger and whipped them lightly, then harder until they moaned.

"Be Still." Eric ordered and they Stilled, willing themselves to stay that way. Then he whipped them harder and they moaned softly for more. Then found themselves hard and ready to cum already. Now Eric licked the whip marks and they purred from it and when he reached their buttocks to soothe those marks they came hard and fast, breath stopping and bodies on fire as they came over and over as he licked and soothed the marks on their buttocks and thighs, until they were done and knelt there panting in afterglow, finding sub-space inside themselves now. Peace and quiet inside themselves, they closed their eyes and let it settle into their body and minds, smiling softly from it. "You guys are all I ever need for this, all three of you. I love you."

"I love you, too." Sam said quietly then sighed in contentment.

"I love you, too, Sir." Dean said softly and smiled as well, a sense that all was right in his world filling him now. Being owned and kept, loved by his Master and that they had pleased him making Dean happier than he'd felt for a very long time!

Eric unhooked them from the cuffs but left the collars on still and stroked the necklaces lovingly. They reached out and stroked his in ownership as well. "Our Master, no one else's; you touch no other Subs but us from now on."

"Your Master only. No touching other Subs, promise." Eric said as he softly kissed them in promise now. Taking their hands, he pulled them up and kissed them softly. "You did so well just now; no power leakage or anything. The bondage and submission does seem to help calm your powers as they grow, interesting… the powers seem to need the sub stuff to tame them, we need to do this more often, guys. It really helps you a lot. You flare your powers less now, you notice that?" Eric advised, "That okay with you?"

"Yeah, it's a good idea." Dean agreed then smiled as he kissed down his body, "Eric!"

"Relax, my Slave, I want to make love to you." Eric teased and they fell back onto the bed. Sam crawled by them as well. Angel and the others joined them, watching with interest. "I'll make it feel good…" Eric purred as he eased fingers into Dean as he sucked him to cumming then thrust in with lube. Taking him slow then faster and then harder until both were moaning and writhing together as they moved more, until they came crying out in pleasure as Eric took him again and again, "Master!" Dean fairly screamed as he came continuously now and finally Eric filled him again, working his orgasm out with his head back and a deep roar coming from him. "Mine!" Eric roared and then rested. Dean then moved once it was done. Then he sucked Eric hard and Eric took Sam the same way and just as hard. Time passed as they made love hard and soft, kissing and moaning until they came as well, then stayed hard and took Sam again, over and over, Sam cumming for him repeatedly as he was taken hard and fast until Eric came as well, with a "Mine!" and Sam shouted, "Master! Sir!" as he came as well.

"Eric, we've reconsidered the Master status for you." Dean said as they cuddled then and looked at Sam who nodded.

"And?" Eric asked, afraid they'd changed their minds.

"We want you to be the Master all the time now but…the other conditions will still apply. We feel like your Subs all the time and feel owned by you but we can't be like the others…you have to let us do our jobs and be with the others freely. Let us have much more free Will than most Subs. You can't expect us to submissive and bow all the time to your wishes." Dean explained. "We want to be your Subs all the time, wear the collars for you to own us with, but we need you to understand that as our Mate and lesser god; we're Head Gods here. We can't be that way all the time, baby." Dean shrugged, "You have to serve and obey us like you always do. It is necessary. If you can't deal with these new rules, then we should stop this Master/Sub relationship now." Dean's lips thinned now as he fought for control of himself. He didn't want to end it, needed it with the man all the time now and loved him as his Master but…that was a luxury he would never have; Sam either. They did want to bow to him always, lay at his feet, soak in his touch and presence, give into his Will at all times. They just…couldn't. Their roles and positions made that impossible for them.

"Let us be close to you always without the kneeling or bowing, and we can still be with you most of the time as your subs, do the loving stuff with you, laying at your feet and such. We want to do that." Sam offered as a compromise and Eric nodded his approval of this plan now.

"I'd love to and, trust me, I'll take what I can get. So I am always your Master now, you my Subs, even if you aren't that obedient or submissive at times? You will still be mine? Can I punish you later for it each time? You do realize this means you will always be being punished, don't you?" Eric leered at their asses and grinned, "Your marks are gone. I will need to put them back…" Eric thought to himself and admitted he liked their asses and backs red and welted, hand prints on their perfect flesh; skin flushed and red! He sighed happily at the thought. They chuckled as they read his thoughts and nodded; they loved that part, too. Sadly they healed too fast to stay that way for him. He'd just have to do it to them more often to keep them there more. They were sure they could find the time…hee hee, they thought evilly, eying his hands again.

"Yeah, we do. And may we say that you can whip us as hard as you desire; we'll be earning it frequently, Master. Spankings could be fun, too." Sam reassured him and they laughed. "We love you, Sir."

"I love you, too, lovers." Eric said and kissed them deeply again. He'd never get enough of these men, ever! He was sure of it now. Sighing, he saw Connor and Angel creeping to him grinning and he smiled. More fun was to come apparently!

Then Connor and Angel took the Subs former place and looked up at him grinning, "Our turn." Angel said and Connor bowed to his Master. "My turn, right, Sir?" To which Eric nodded and smoothed a loving hand through his hair. "Yeah, it's your turn, Connor." He said as he kissed them both. Noticing that Angel topped from the bottom and spanked him until he stopped it and how Connor was really obedient and obeyed him perfectly; he was his lover and Sub after all. So he had been trained right, and, damn, didn't that man love his submission! Eric smiled and fucked Angel harder now, seeing that Angel had finally found his stillness and was doing as ordered better now. "Good Slave." Eric praised Angel.

"I'm trying." Angel said softly and tried harder to do better.

"I can tell." Eric said soothingly. "You're a Dominant Switch, so total submission will be harder for you. Relax. I don't expect you to be like my Subs, it's not in your nature to be that way. I'll take what submission I can get from you. No punishments if you mess up, promise."

"Make me do what they do tonight. Just tonight though. I want to do this right. Not all the time but…I wouldn't mind learning more submission…sometimes. Freelance, mind you, not with you as my Master all the time. I don't need a Master all the time. Just sometimes, is that okay?" Angel said and Eric nodded.

"Even they can't submit all the time, Olympus requires too much of them to allow us that. So, I take what they can give me and we play with the punishments. We find the punishments are often so much more fun than the actual submission, by the way." He laughed and eyed Dean being sucked by Apollo, sighing happily. "They are sexy when they don't submit to me only, too. I like their versatile natures, wouldn't change theirs or yours. Just don't top from the bottom with me. It annoys me."

"Sorry. If I do that, and I probably will more as this night wears on, just spank me or make it hurt so I know to stop. Don't let me do it then. I won't hate you for it. Make me submit when I seek to submit to you and understand I want you like a Master but not all the time." Angel agreed and they smiled, nodding in agreement now.

Then they started over and Angel soon found himself with a very sore ass after several attempts at topping from the bottom and took his punishments. He got spanked harder each time he did it and, not always with the hand either. And even though it hurt so much he cried in pain and apology, he tried to do better each time and eventually found himself rewarded with kisses and gentle touches after each whipping and finding happiness filling him when his temporary Master showed he was forgiven. His Will slowly turning to only pleasing his Master more each time, falling into and being filled with his submission the more his Will was pushed aside for Eric's over him, and soon found himself Still and doing it perfectly…finally. Eric forcing him to do it right, as he had asked him to. Being fucked hard again and following his cues to move then cumming when he was allowed to, crying out repeatedly as his submission seemed to drive his pleasure that much higher once he let it take him over. Then Eric took Connor, spanked and whipped him, then made love to him until he also came as told, and stayed Still as was required of him. Then cumming again as he was taken over and over until his Master was spent and so was he.

Then Sam and Dean found themselves trapped under Bacchus and Apollo, and they all four laughed. "We got all night, so don't plan on resting, lovers. You are our slaves now, too." Apollo said and kissed them in turns with Bacchus. "We all want a turn with you." The Sex gods looked around to see who was there, and found that all of them were, even God and their other God-Mates.

"Yes, we want that, too!" They smiled and agreed together this was a fantastic way to have an orgy! Then spent the next three hours being made love to, cuffed, even totally immobilized and tied to the bed, bowing, and servicing their Mates until all had been satisfied by their now very sated and well used Slaves of sorts. Slaves that lay on the bed now, covered in sweat, cum, and bodies flushed from hours of being taken by them and given, as well as giving pleasure. "That was…fantastic!" Sam and Dean purred up at them as they stole kisses from them. Then allowed themselves to be carried to the sauna and sat down into it; still bound as their lovers had eventually insisted on doing to them. They let the lovers that went with them wash them and massage them as they soaked and cuddled their well-loved and adored Sex gods to them.

"We love you two, you know that. The way you just gave yourselves to us, let us know you trusted us and we…we appreciate you feeling that way. We would never do anything to make you hurt or harm you. We don't want what you and Eric have, that is too rough for us, but the sex we just had was amazing. We'd love to do that with you again that way sometime." Cas admitted and they nodded, hazel and green eyes very happy now.

"The light bondage and stuff is fun, I've never done that with anyone before. I wouldn't mind trying it, if you won't mind being the Dom, God." Bobby said now, speaking up, his eyes met God's eyes and the being nodded happily.

"We are so going to do that with you, see if we can talk Ellen into it, too." God said. "You'd look good in cuffs and tied to the bed, obeying my every order…" He got hard from it and chuckled. "Fuck, I want to do that to you now!"

"Well, there is a solution for that…" Bobby said getting out of the water with God and tugging him away to the door.

"That is?" God said happily anticipating this part and ready to do everything, including what Eric did with the Sex gods, wanting to make Bobby his Sub like they were to Eric. To own him and…wondering if his lover would like it?

"Own me then, make me like them. Make me your Sub, baby." Bobby said and smiled. "I'd wear your collar, Master. If you'd take the chance, do that course Eric did, and teach me how to be that way. I want to submit to you. I want to be taken and give you that control. I need the same conditions they have though, as Olympians, perfect submission is a luxury none of us can afford… you can't punish or hurt me too much…the spanking, flogging, could be fun…I like pain at times, I could learn to like it all the time…if you want me to take Sub lessons while you do the Dom lessons. There is that Dom that taught Eric and his sub Kale could teach me the sub stuff…I'd do the classes with you."

"Me, too." Ellen said and hugged them as she came in. "We'd never take the collars off, and want necklaces like theirs though first. A ceremony would be great, we would be proud for everyone to know you own us that much. Make us submit to you, be our Dominant, but love us and keep in mind we can't be the way most Subs are. We have responsibilities, duties, and you have them, too. So you know what we need to do here, our jobs don't allow full submission at all times, but we would be your Subs at all times inside, we just can't…can't show it. Let us be to you what they are to Eric, please!" Her eyes were wet with tears and pleading now, begging him to do this for them. "We love you! Own us, okay?"

"Yes, we'll do that." God said and hugged the happy pair. "Want to go do it in our room downstairs? I'll get us the other stuff once we pass the class but put a real collar and necklaces on you this week, do a ceremony like they did first. You're mine now, my Subs."

"Yes, we are, Sir." Bobby smiled happily as God kissed him now, pulling him close then doing the same to Ellen, both melting and moaning softly already. "Do what you want with us, Master."

"Come on." God said, hard already at the thought and popped away with them in his arms.

The others laughed then kissed their bound lovers senseless. "Love you so much!" Jo said as she broke her kiss and let the others kiss them, too.

"Impala." Dean said and Sam added, "Unicorn." Their safe words. They held up their hands and they were freed now, feet, too. Now the gods cuddled into them more and laid their heads on their lovers' shoulders each time they were pulled close again. Letting the submission settle into them again and were still against their lover as they took turns holding them. The gods sinking into the ones they were touching. Happy sounds coming from their lips and chests.

Soon they were up and moving to dry off, then headed to see their kids. They'd promised to play pony with them today, and let them play on the rides in the back of Olympus with them only. The girls and boys all wanted to have their Daddies to themselves. Without Joreal or Apollo monitoring them or following them either! Dante and Stuart then sat thinking for a moment and joined them to spend time with their kids; those babies might like their attention, too.

They all watched the men smile and rush off, proud of them for being such great parents to their children. So devoted and eager to spend time with them.


Bobby and Ellen soon found themselves firmly cuffed to their headboards and on all fours, backs of their bodies left waiting for God to do what he wanted to them. Neither demigod thought this was a bad idea. In fact, they were incredibly turned on, to be honest! God caressed along their bodies, taking his time to touch and brush fingertips wherever his fingers landed. Gently hands brushed down their spines and ran over their bottoms, then went lower to their thighs and legs, each caress sending pleasure to their very cores now, making a soft moan escape from them.

God smiled at their reactions, their submission so far was very exciting to watch. He gave Bobby a smack, not too hard but not too soft either. "Feel good, Slave?" He asked firmly, trying to gauge what he needed from him now.

"Yes, sir…more, please?" Bobby said obediently, copying what he'd seen the others do so far when they did this, hoping it worked the same with God as it did Eric and the other Dom gods. "Harder?" He begged. God paused to think then told him. "Stay there, do not move."

"Yes, Sir." Bobby said again and waited as God popped out and back, returning with a black tote. Curiously he watched and saw his future Master pull out toys and such. Lube was applied to a vibrating dildo and Bobby sighed happily as God worked it into him, adjusting it until it found his prostate and flipped it to low. Then he put the ring on Bobby, cinching it until it fit tight but didn't hurt him. He sat a paddle and flogger by the bed and both Bobby and Ellen looked at them worried.

"I've been observing the others when they do these things, I believe I know enough now to please you this way and not hurt you." God explained and pleaded. "Trust me, okay? If it goes wrong for you, your safe words are "Cloud" and, Ellen, yours is "Saloon". I thought you'd like them." God smirked as they nodded approval and waited for further orders. "I want to offer you these." God held up the blind folds and ball gags. "Would you like to try them? They seemed interesting when Eric used them…"

Both Slaves nodded permission and he relaxed now, working the gags on to where they were comfortable with them on and tying the blindfolds on them as well. "No cumming without permission for either of you and…be still when I touch you, move when I don't." God explained. "I am not Eric. I will expect full submission from you but…I know when we have time to and when the time for us not to do it is as well. You will trust me to know the difference and come to me immediately when I summon you! I will not call you when you are doing your job or duty, nor will I punish you for doing your jobs and Olympian work here. There will be no 'punishments' for not being able to obey me, because I will only ask you to when we have enough time to be this way. You want to submit on your own, do the kneeling stuff or whatever when not collared or under orders, I will allow it and you need not ask permission. You do not have to call me 'Sir' or 'Master' when not called to submit to me. Find something else to call me then. But remember, we do this, and there is no turning back. Collar or no collar, I am your Master and you are my Submissives/Slaves. Are you okay with this?" He waited for their nods or shakes of their heads.

"We get necklaces like theirs but no collars?" Bobby asked when God removed his gag briefly for him to ask a question and Bobby waited for the answer.

"No, you will have collars. I will just remove them until we are being Doms and Subs. But the necklaces stay on or I will punish you for removing them. Never take them off, understand? They mark you as mine, however discreet and innocent looking they are." God said and they nodded their eager approval. "Good, now for the rest of it." Lining up the tools he was going to use on them again. Lubing a bullet, flipping it to medium, and pushing it into Ellen's ass, and making sure it rested against her prostate then strapping a dildo into her body around the front of her hips instead of the back. This was also put on medium for her.

Then he reached to caress Bobby's ass and smiled. "Such a fine ass…going to make it red then fuck it first. Be Still, Bobby." God ordered and Bobby nodded and bowed, as God adjusted his toy for him then started spanking him slow then harder and faster, leaving time between blows for the pain to sink in then doing it again. Then flogged him gently until he writhed even more, unable to be Still and got a hard whack for it, then Bobby Stilled, whimpering in need and hurt. Apology in his eyes and every line of his body.

"Forgiven, but stay Still, I mean it." God stroked his body and kissed him softly then ordered this again. Bobby looked happier then, and he proceeded with the whipping. Then he worked the dildo out of him and worked himself into the already well lubed and stretched hole, liking how that had worked. They'd be doing that more often. God thought. Then he fucked him slow and gradually harder, Bobby being Still but his body trembling from the effort and God stroked his back lovingly in praise and Bobby was Stiller now. Bobby was trying harder, his Master thought in a pleased way. Bobby came alive though when God removed the gag and his hand, and cried out in constant pleasure now and softly begging for more. Body tense in his submission and need for more.

"Good, you feel so damn…fantastic!" Bobby cried out and fucked back onto him harder now and God let him. "It feels…fuck me, please? Fuck me harder?" Bobby asked, trying to be humble but his need was too great. God thrust in harder and deeper until they both were on the edge and tearing off Bobby's ring and ordering him to cum. Then they both jumped over it and came hard and fast together until they were exhausted from it.

Then he moved over to Ellen, spanking then flogging her, pulling out the dildo first and driving her body crazy as he thrust in and several minutes later they came hard and he entered her ass, and she cried out more and more with every thrust until she could move and was no longer ordered to be Still. Then she got desperate and they touched and kissed themselves into a frenzy until God impaled her painfully hard over and over. Then came screaming together again and again until they were done and unable to do more. Then he removed the bullet, the cuffs, and kissed them both happily. And, as they cuddled, more than a few "I love you's" slipped out and he let them take him. They were his and he loved them, and it didn't matter if others liked their new sex life. They could lump it and he could care less what those others thought either.

Afterwards they cuddled again and rested. Then God looked deep in thought then said. "They are downstairs, go get the number for the Dom, Baby. I'll call him in the morning for us to start asap." God said and Bobby headed down. "Sex with us, not the Sub, right?" Bobby asked softly, hoping he'd say just them. Hoping it felt as wrong to him as it did to them.

"Just you." God promised and he relaxed. Bobby shut the door quietly and let them cuddle while he was gone. He bet they were in the study and, sure enough, there they were. He smiled happily. Doms and Submissives, strange but perfect for the group of men before him now.

The happiness it gave them suited them, Bobby then thought; he was thinking of Eric and the boys now. But… then again…it also suited him, God, and Ellen, too!


Bobby came into the study and saw the trio doing their diligent best at locating possible baddies they needed to find. Sam, Connor, and Dean sat at their Master's feet, in different poses. Sam lay on his stomach, feet up in the air moving back and forth like clock arms. Dean sat cross legged and leaned back between Eric's spread legs, laptop flashing across his lap there. Connor on his side, flipping pages from three books and two journals he'd found with some entries that seemed to relate to a Stryga or Wraith. Eric sat above them, legs spread on each side of Dean and also working on his laptop. All were so engrossed in their work that they didn't notice the others coming in and looked up quickly when Bobby cleared his throat.

"Oh, hi, Bobby. We're getting a head start on the hunts tomorrow." Sam said and smiled at his red haired lover. "Something wrong?" He looked curiously at Bobby now. Eric looked up now as well and Bobby shook his head.

"No, but I do need that number for that Dom you used for your classes though. God wants it. He wants start working with us. Take the short course and we figured you could show us the rest. You are our lovers anyway so it will feel less like cheating that way. Dean explained about the Sub seeing it as Sex so…" Bobby just let it go there and Eric nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, if they hated me touching the Sub, I guarantee that you will hate it when God does it, trust me." Eric agreed. "They were pissed!"

"Yeah, we were. Kale is a great guy but he liked what Eric was doing. However, we could have overreacted there. We get jealous easy." Dean admitted. "He was never personally interested in Eric, just the bondage and pain he was doing with him. I suppose it wasn't really sex but it sure felt like it, trust me."

"Master, we have a Wraith in Texas. Says here a couple hunters noticed a pattern. Every two years, several kids go crazy and kill their parents. No, not their parents…oh, well, that's worse…" Connor said and flipped to another place in the journals. "Sam, look up Brighton Harbor, Maine. Says here there were some unexplained crazy episodes there in 1973…"

Sam did as asked and Dean looked up the other patterns he read about over Connor's shoulder.

"Uh huh. Six people went insane and killed their kids. Says it was a cult thing." Sam said then frowned, "Never says there was a Cult there though, no sign of one actually." He searched but got nothing. "No Cults mentioned in articles at that time either."

"I got six different locations, same M.O." Dean said and showed them his results. "Parents and kids this time, Doers were found drained and drowned a day or two after the sprees. Murder/Suicides was what the reports said. Cops didn't look into them too closely after that."

"Yeah, I got that, too. The people drowned themselves out of guilt, it says for one location. Guilt my ass!" Sam said. "Master, you found it yet?"

"Yeah, maybe." Eric said concentrating. "But this isn't related to your case… I found something weird here. It looks like there is a Stryga is in New York. Fairview Town to be exact. Three kids hospitalized. Two critical. Older siblings of the three recently hospitalized. It's went through three families so far it looks like. One kid in the last family not harmed yet." He sighed. "You guys should send someone tomorrow. That kid won't be left unharmed much longer."

"Might have a werewolf issue in North Carolina though. Three deaths, hearts removed." Connor spoke up from his own laptop now, books abandoned for the moment.

"Got a freaky pattern in Lewiston Fall, Alabama, too. Teen couples, vanishing every five years. Town was a mining place and the mine shut down about then. Tons of miners out of work but the town is prospering anyway. No sign of anything that usually follows when a mine shuts down that way. No job losses or downturn of the economy there. It's not a tourist spot either… I say Pagan god, demon deal, or witchcraft. I'm going with Pagan god more though. What do you think, Eric?" Dean said and Eric took the laptop to see what he'd found then handed it back.

"I'm with you, Pagan god for me, too." Eric nodded and they looked at Bobby again now. "Anything you need us to look up for you? We're going to be here all night dealing with this stuff, go make love or something if you want. We'll let you know if something comes up to demand your attention, honest." He smiled fondly at the red haired man. "Take a break from research, let us do it for you tonight, baby. From now on, how about we take the night shift and you guys take the day shift, we can give each other breaks from doing research and protecting Olympus all the time. We don't mind, we don't sleep anyway, might as well."

"That sounds great! Could use the multiple shift thing. Maybe the others could help the same way later, once in a while, if an orgy or something comes up. Oh, I should go. I need to get this number to God anyway." Bobby agreed, happy for the break from it. "He marked?"

"No, but he's open to it. I checked mentally for them. God should mention it; in private, of course. He and Kale would fit right in here and they won't freak if we mention it. They are ex-Spooks, too. Like Karis and Varis were." Eric advised and Bobby nodded.

"I'll be sure to do just that." Bobby said and left the room now. Sure that God would want to arrange this himself once he got the number. He just hoped they did it privately. No one needed to know God had just walked into their club. Most humans would freak if they thought that had happened.

Dean thought a minute. "I know a couple Hunters out that way, they could take the Stryga for us." He said. He dialed a number on speed dial. Quarking a brow at Sam, he grinned. "They drive fast, they'll get there in plenty of time…"

Sam laughed. "Yeah, they will." He nodded and waited.

Dean waited for the man to answer.

"Yo." Came the deep voice.

"It's Dean, Sex god extraordinaire." Dean teased. "Got a job that needs you now. You can travel quick and you're close to the place." Dean sighed. "It's kids, Dom. A stryga. It's got all but one kid and you know what happens if we miss it."

He listened and nodded. "Get Brian on it, too. Partner with him." He rolled his eyes. "Yes, that's an order."

He listened again and agreed with something the man said. "He'd work, too. You think he'd go for it…" Then he let man speak and then nodded. "He's off duty for a bit, on a vacation in Acapulco. He told us to call if we needed him. Yeah, he can take Brian's place." Dean took the phone Sam offered and put a number in.

"Call Luke Hobbs, have him meet Dom in Fairview Town, New York. Hold on, I'll set up the rendezvous first." Dean said as Sam got Luke on the line.

"Dom, we're popping you in, pick a motel. You know the line." Dean said and waited. "Fairview Inn, Highway 60. Got it. Wait for him then check in, get a double and watch your backs. We don't know who it is and Strygas hide well. Use your god senses to find it. Yeah, Luke is talking to Sam now. Okay, hold on." Dean waited as Dom said something now and nodded to it. "Sam, have him meet him at the Hines Diner up from the motel. Dom's hungry and wants to do some checking to see what he can find out first." Dean advised.

"Luke, yeah, use the god powers to find the Strygas. We'll pop you to Hines Diner whenever you're ready to go. Fairview Town, New York. It's got all but one kid and you know what happens if it gets to them. It runs. Uh huh, it's an order. No arresting him but work as partners, got it?" Sam listened and sighed. "Ash is on it. Dom's record should be clean soon, Brian's too. So you shouldn't have to worry about having to chase down your fellow gods soon…" He waited then motioned to Dean. "He's ready. I'll pop him in. You pop Dom in. He ready?" Sam asked and Dean spoke in the phone quietly.

"He's ready." Dean said. Then they closed their eyes and sent power to their servants. Transporting them to the diner at the same time. Then they waited for them to send they were there. "Sam, send Han, Pierce, and Tej to deal with the wolves. As gods, they have advantages the Hunters can use. They fit in with the hunters best and they are pretty close. They cleared that nest already. This should be right on their way home."

For the next hour, the Sex gods used the new gods they had made, their friends from the past. Street racers with a bit of a bad boy side but good men that had embraced hunting easily. Wanting to help. Han had been killed in Tokyo but they'd saved him at the last second. Reintroducing him to his friends had made them all very happy. Sam remembered. They'd taken the Marks, the Servant Vows, and the Olympian memories right then; all five of them, even the cop. Promised to serve them and work together. But still lead their own lives.

They still did the street racing as a cover life but they were their gods, gods of strength and skill like Hercules was. Dom and Luke were Protector gods. Tej was a trickster god like Gabriel. Han was a messenger god they used sometimes and Pierce, Brian, and Mia were Pinfores, gods of sorts like Angel was. They used their covers until the Sex gods gave them jobs then they did them. No questions asked; they knew better. When they paused to do as they were told, Innocents died and it would be their faults for not doing all they could to save them.

"Dean, we should send Peter and some of the psychic ones to deal with the Pagan gods. There aren't any hunters in that area, and they specialize in them so they should work out best there." Sam advised, adjusting the files and sending the files via email to the new gods dealing with the Stryga and the wolves. Getting on the phone again to let the hunters and gods know what they were dealing with now.

"Here's hoping they don't get there too late to save the kids." Dean worried.

"They'll get there, they always do." Sam reassured him. Dean hated Strygas. Had since one tried to kill Sam and him a couple times when they were human. He hated anything that preyed on children and wanted to protect them as much as he could, up to and including wiping any supernatural threats to them off the face of the planet, this Stryga was a prime example of that!

"They have a street race coming up in Miami again, sometime in a few months from now. They are still setting it up. It's a major race they do twice a year…so they invited the Impala and the other Car Angels to it. Us, too. Dorian, Victor and Dante might like to come…if we can get a couple days off. Dad might watch Olympus for us if we do it." Sam grinned. "The cars already said yes, so it's up to us to agree now. Tej really wants us there though…"

"Can I come with you and bring the Charger? Let Connor and Angel see how the races are done?" Eric asked and they nodded.

"Of course, they want to meet you, too." Dean reassured his Master. "You could race the charger, if you wanted to. It's only for a couple days though…"

"Sounds good to me." Eric agreed.

"You know Varis and Karis will insist on joining Dorian. They have been attached at the hip lately, Dean." Sam said then Dean nodded.

"Good, the new gods will like to meet them, too." Dean agreed. "They should meet them if they might be working with them later anyway…they'll fit into the street scene better than most of us will." Dean caught Sam's look. "I fit in, Eric might, Dorian, Dante, and Victor definitely will. But Sam, Angel and Connor, you'll stand out more. You aren't the racing types. Karis and Varis love speed so they will fit, too."

"We'll set it up." Sam agreed and smiled. "Luke is a hell of a protector, too. He's great with kids." Then laughed. "So sexy, too…" His eyes got dreamy as a fantasy spooled through his head of them in a threesome situation and Dean had to agree it looked good, too. If only he'd agree to it…

"Don't hope for the impossible, Sam…you'll never get him." Dean teased. Sam had lusted after Han, Dom, and Hobbs since he met them but only had managed to Turn them bisexual. They still hadn't…succumbed to his…er, charms…yet.

He was holding out hope they would. Dean chuckled. Granted, he had the same hope but he was definitely not going to admit that to Sam! He'd never let him live it down after teasing him about it for so long.

Then they went back to researching and found a pattern of disappearances that corresponded with a Wendigo. Dorian's specialty. They'd send her and the two vampire gods to deal with it.

And went back to scrolling through sites again.

Their shift would be over soon enough. Then they might try talking Eric into spanking them again, and maybe, if they were really naughty, he'd fuck them senseless…again. Eric read their thoughts and nodded. The thought may not have been very submissive but he knew they would be that way when he did it.

And that was enough for him.


Dom sat at his computer, reading the files the gods had sent him. Waiting for Luke Hobbs. He looked up to see the big man approaching and nodded, going back to read it again. Luke turned the computer so he could read it, too.

Then Luke ordered a coffee and sighed.

"They weren't wrong. That kid is in trouble." Luke said, jotting down the address of the family in question.

"We should check hospitals first. " Dom advised thinking. "They went to the hospital, barely sick. The next day, they were in comas. No visits but the doctors and nurses, and their parents. And it's not the parents." Dom said seriously, brow furled in worry.

"I'm betting Doctor." Luke said turning it so he could use it, too, then taking over for a minute then opening a window on the browser. "Get me those doctors' names."

They spent the next hour hacking in and getting the names, then running searches on them.

"Unless this guy is Olympian like us, it has to be him." Luke said in surprise.

It wasn't a doctor; not yet. It was an intern.

"Tom Peterson. Look, he's in this picture as a damn doctor and it is from…let me see, 1922." Dom agreed. "Yeah, he's not theirs so it's probably him."

"Got another, that's weird. They never operate in pairs." Luke said puzzled. "This one is a doctor, um, look, Dom, he's a tricky one…three idents."

"This one has four." Dom said. Both windows open side by side now. "Do you see what I see?" He said in shock.

"They are too similar not to be related…" Luke said, working both windows now. "Let's go back as far as we can go."

Then spent the rest of the night digging into their backgrounds, searching for their faces and aliases.

Dread set in by five a.m. and by six they were pissed.

Father and son. A father and son killing set of Strygas!

"I'll take the son." Dom said coldly. Eyes memorizing the man's face.

"I'll take the father." Luke said just as coldly. Already searching with his power for his target. Dom doing the same. And, once found, they packed up and took off, following the trace they'd put on their targets with their Protector powers as soon as they had found them with the powers themselves. "Better than GPS…" Dom said smirking as he stalked his prey to the back of the hospital. Sending out power to check on the kids. They were okay, in comas, but okay. The other one was sleeping but recovering nicely. Luke sent that he had his prey already, sending god fire into the father Stryga and burning it to fine ash.

Dom did the same as he covered the son's mouth, silencing its scream, and letting his own god fire burn it up. Then they left, after sneaking in to check on the kids. All were waking up and groggy but alive and safe. Then they snuck out and headed to the cars. "Luke, we got a race in Miami soon. You want to come watch?" Dom offered nervously. "You are welcome if you promise its not to arrest us. Mia and Brian are going to be there…they mentioned letting you meet the baby."

"I'll be there. Alone." Luke said smiling, shaking his friend's hand. "I'd like to meet the baby."

"My nephew! He's a handsome kid. We already Marked him so he can visit the kids there on Olympus when he gets older. Or if we need a safe place to hide him if someone comes after us." Dom explained.

"Good idea. He'll be safer now." Luke agreed then they parted ways. Luke to the airport where Apollo was waiting to pop him back to Acapulco, after sending his car back to Dom's garage.

Dom headed to Miami to set up the race for Tej, who was on a wolf hunt for their Masters with Roman and Han. Then did a U-turn and headed to North Carolina instead to help his friends. Miami could wait, wolves were serious shit. They might need him for backup.

Revving his car's engine, he smiled wickedly.

He had a fast car, god powers, a ton of engine power at his fingertips, and so many speed limits to break! Speeding down the road, he laughed happily. Immortally racing and drinking in the speed…

He liked his life now…he had been lucky Dean had remembered their friendship and asked him to join Olympus with him and Sam. It had proven even better when he'd met his friends, also Dean's friends for years really, and they'd agreed to work with the gods to protect the World and Creation with them, become Hunters like their old friends, who'd they thought dead for years.

Seeing Olympus and being a part of it was just a perk really…

Although the thrill that shot through him as the speedometer hit 120 came in really damn close second!


A week later, they were assembled and ready for the trip. And God eyed the group behind him, black bags at the ready. "You all ready? We got everyone?" God asked and they nodded. Dorian was there with Victor and Dante subbing for her. Eric had his three Subs. Bobby and Ellen. Bacchus and Apollo. Wayne and Dan. All naked until they got out the gates and then they could magically be dressed. "Kinky things!" He laughed. "This is not a school fieldtrip! It's one BDSM club and I haven't even talked to the man yet."

"Yes, but it's a BDSM club! Key word there!" Dorian teased and hugged him. "Not passing this up, haven't been to one in months! Get going, got kinks to work out and gorgeous men to abuse…" She eyed Dante and Victor who laughed. "Couldn't resist whipping you, you sexy things."

"Abusive Bitch! I call Abuse!" Dante teased and she smiled. "Don't know how you talked us into this." He shook his head in wonder at how she got him into these things! She always had! She could have talked him into fucking on a pile of Hellfire and he'd probably do it! And enjoyed it, too.

"Oh, come one, you know you like the whip, both of you. Stop complaining. And, as I recall, you were the one insisted on a public three way in one of those rooms with the clear glass and cameras in the room to broadcast it through the club so that everyone in the club could watch…don't argue kinks here, you got some, too, fire man." Dorian laughed as he grinned proudly.

"Fine, but the public sex is fun, we so are going to do that! We're all too sexy together to not share with everyone, they all should see us!" Dante responded and they all chuckled at their antics.

"I just can't seem to say no to a sexy Dhampyre in tight leather." Victor said smiling. "She could get me to do anything, any day. I'm not complaining here. That and I want to plow your sexy ass, Dante…again." He laughed at Dante's heated look returning the look as well and they all agreed this was so much better than a school fieldtrip!

They drove out now, following the Impala with Dean at the wheel. All magically dressing on the way. Soon they were in the next town and at the club. Dean picked up the phone and gave it to Eric. Who dialed Luc.

"We're pulling in now." Eric said and they waited for his response. "Around the back, got it." Then he hung up and said, "He says to park around back. We're to be guests. He's meeting us at the front door, he's the owner. He wants to meet all of us. Got the money for the memberships, Sam?" He looked in the back seat and Sam held up the brief case.

They all got out now, leather under their normal clothes. They pulled the door open and got dizzy with pleasure. Leather, alcohol, and sex, along with lust, desire, and extreme pleasure filled the Sex gods' senses. Their powers responded in kind. Greeting each one with their powers own version of itself. Love and lust spread to the club now and they smiled at the effects.

"Luc, can we talk privately?" Eric said in his ear. "He's…complicated to explain." The two men in Dominant gear now following them silently, both curious but willing to let Luc handle the new visitors, since he'd invited them here to begin with. He nodded, they must be security.

Luc led them to his office down a long hallway and waited. "Explain."

"I'm God." God said and Luc looked amused.

"Um, a huge dick does not make you God, I hate to tell you." Luc teased, although…the man was really hung there!

"No, I'm God, the Ruler of Heaven and Earth." God said again and touched his hand. "There, look through that and see that I'm telling the truth." Placing a hand on Dorian's shoulder blade and burning her sigil in. "You were getting everyone infatuated and fascinated with you. Apparently, no hunting for you either. You are your power as well."

"Infatuation and Fascination Incarnate, ugh. I can see the terrible pickup lines already!" Dorian groaned as she buried her face in her hand. Luc seemed to be coming out of his trance now. They were proud to see it.

"Okay, say I believe you. What do you want from me? Repentence? Begging forgiveness?" Luc was at a loss here. He'd never met God face to face before. What was he supposed to say? To ask? The meaning of life? Wow, that was a lame thing to consider asking, he thought nervously now. What the hell was he supposed to say or do here? Because he really really strongly suspected that the gorgeous being talking to him really was God now! Maybe bowing at his feet and impromptu praise and worship of him was called for here? Okay, Luc might not get the same feeling from it as God would but hey, that might be great, too. Or was this a BDSM thing, did he want a blowjob, cause seriously, Luc could see himself taking that tool in his mouth and sucking it for hours like his favorite lollipop, damn, fuck and wow! God was magnificent really!

"Nothing like that. And thank you for the compliment, you are well hung, too. I may let you suck it later though, so don't give up on that thought either. However, for now I just need to take Dominant/Submission lessons like Eric did with the Sex gods, his Subs, Sam and Dean, remember?" God said and Luc looked worried. "And I need memberships to the club for some of Olympus, around 75 of them. The premium package for each of us please. There should be more than enough in there for it. If you need more, we can get it."

"They were…gods…oh." Luc said in shock. "Um, how much are you willing to learn?" Eyes on the men and women before him and the large briefcase they had just set on his desk.

"Short course, three months. Very little hands on with the other sub, no offense to him. But my Subs would be furious with me if I did that. I can do the rest with them, Eric, and Dorian." God said. "Oh, this is Bobby Singer and his wife, Ellen, they are my Submissives." God said and they stood to shake his hands, smiling. "This is Dorian Scaric, Dommes and sometime Submissive, as you can see from the necklace and collar. That is Dante Winchester and Victor Winchester, a couple of the Sex god's lovers and Mates. And you know Eric and his Subs I think. His Subs were the Sex gods of Lust and Love and Head gods of Olympus, Sam and Dean Winchester themselves. Say hello , lovers." They just nodded to him and smiled, him welcoming them with a smile of his own. Still a bit lost for words at the moment but recovering fairly quickly now. "That is Wayne and Dan, some more lovers and Mates of theirs." The two hunters also shook his hand and smiled, sitting again afterward. "You can meet the others later." He nodded to the Sex gods, who now smiled seductively at the man and moved closer to him, kneeling on each side of him now, seducing him with every word, movement, and look from their eyes now. He gulped as he hardened as they brushed his body now.

"Sam Winchester, Sex god. My power is Love." Sam said and shook his hand, making the man moan as the power brushed through him. Love, 'real, true, forever after and pink hearts' Love!

"Dean Winchester, Sex god. My power is Lust." Dean leered and shook his hand as well. Luc's knees buckled as frenzied lust hit him, getting him hard and he felt like humping something just to cum right then. Fuck, now that was 100% Lust!

Yeah, Sex gods. 'Real live, living breathing, damn I would love to fuck them!' Sex gods!

"That could be arranged…"Dean said reading his thoughts and purring seductively into his ear as he whispered it. "We would like that." Luc looked at them with eyes glowing with lust and desire now.

"Wow." Was all Luc could manage. But his erection filled in the rest of the sentence for him, naughty thing! "So, um…yeah, business first. Got that. Membership is $3,000 a year for the premium package and the Lessons cost 5,000 up front for three months' worth with no contact with Kale, that costs extra, and they start tomorrow night. Back room, I'll be waiting. And we'll get you membership cards in a couple days. We have to personally make them for you all. So I will need a list of who needs one, every person or being. You can bring that in tomorrow when the club is close. I could come up with some guest passes until I have the permanent cards finished for you. And, may I say, are any of you ugly or something? Cause I have to say you all are fantastically gorgeous here, every last on you, even her." He looked at Dorian in awe. "She's beautiful! And you two Sex gods, fucking sin on legs wrapped in a sex tortilla! And him and you and wow!" Then composed himself enough to ask. "The mark, the Immortal or Eternal Servant thing, whichever it is. I take that and can be on Olympus, right?"

"Yes, would you like to see it?" Dean leered and stroked Luc's dick. Sam joined him in doing it now. Luc nearly screamed in pleasure and Kale knelt nearby, enjoying the view. "Take the mark now and come visit later…but tonight? We could make that wish of yours come true."

"When?" Luc gasped, head spinning in lust from his touch.

"Now." Dean said running a tongue up his thigh.

"Take it, yeah, I'll take it!" Luc cried out as Sam took the other thigh the same way. Seconds later, they had sucked and kissed the Mark into his neck and kissed lower. The others left to explore the club and Eric watched the Sex gods seduce the Dom and smiled. Kale came over and got the mark as well then sat where he could watch as well, freeing his erection and stroking it. Eric doing the same. Luc leered at Eric's dick as well, so well-endowed and right there. And such a sexy ass that black man had; such a gorgeous body he was dying to touch and fuck, too!

"You can fuck me, too, if you want." Eric said, noticing his gaze. Reading his sensual thoughts as well.

"Yeah!" Luc said then groaned as the gods sucked him now, taking turns taking him in their mouth, licking and tasting his balls as well, letting their fingers play with his ass and perineum. "Room, need a room!" Luc gasped and tugged them from the office. Then pushed them into the nearest room available, slamming the door behind him. Then they pushed him to the bed then sucked him again. Luc gasped again as their powers filled him and he let them. Then he spread their legs, taking Dean first, and fucked him, taking him deep and hard while kissing him senseless. Sam sucked Eric while they did that and Eric took his time, savoring Sam's excellent skills. Cumming hard in his throat after a few moments then letting Luc go with Sam and making Dean suck him as well. Making it last then cumming down his Slave's throat with a satisfied moan.

"Good Boys." Eric said smiling, his eyes half-lidded with desire. Then he fucked Dean hard and deep, slow then fast until he cried out "Master!" and went still as Eric took him and came in him twice, then worked his dick until Eric told him to cum and he did so screaming.

Then did the same with Sam and he came screaming as well, writhing once Eric allowed him to move.

"You said I could fuck you, too?" Luc said as he sat at the edge of the bed. Resting and recovering. Sam and Dean sandwiched Kale between them and kissed his neck, Kale's eyes closed at their powers took him. Even while their dicks and fingers did the same to his body. Kale submitting to every bit of pleasure and sex they offered him now.

Cumming as they jerked him off and sighing happily as they thrust into him in his ass and mouth, taking him deeper and harder eventually.

Eric did 69 with Luc and both eagerly sucked each other then Eric went on all fours, and Luc thrust in. Taking his time, he worked the black Dhampyre to pleasure and made him cry out, begging for more. Then fucked him harder until he was pounding in and they spun from the ecstasy of it all. Eric offered to fuck him but Luc declined. Eric smiled and kissed him instead then, offering to let him fuck him again. And Eric was fucked again and again by Luc while Dean and Sam fucked Kale over and over as well. And they all came crying out and writhing until they were spent and lay there gasping.

"So, you like Olympus so far?" Dean teased, after kissing Luc deeply. "Us gods are flexible."

"Yeah, yah, love it so far, so flexible! Fuck me, yeah you are!" Dean said and him and Sam kissed as Eric just had to fuck Kale as well and they watched on enjoying the men they loved enjoying each other's bodies and sharing their pleasure. "He's so sexy when he fucks other people." Dean confided in a soft voice. Eric was sublime this way. A living work of art when he was lost in sexual bliss.

"Kale, too. I share him." Luc agreed, as they cuddled to his chest. Eric roared as he came and Kale cried out as well, and they crawled to lay with them now.

"That was…wow!" Kale agreed and sighed happily in Eric's arms. "Fantastic."

"I'm with him." Luc said sighing happily. "We are so doing this again."

"Yeah." Kale said and they laughed.

"So this is the normal, huh?" Luc asked, cause if this was normal, he was all for it!

"This is rather tame really, compared to what we usually do." Sam admitted. "We have lots of kinds of sex on Olympus, not just the Wild kind. You should visit." He smiled and sucked a nipple, nipping at it.

"Yeah, tomorrow!" Luc agreed again. "You figured out we're ex-special forces, right? With the mind reading thing?"

"Yeah." Dean said sitting up now to look down at him, listening. "You want to help us with our Evil fighting?" They would be useful…Dean thought to himself.

"Yeah, me and Kale are a team. We'd learn to hunt and be great at it." Luc said nervously. "There are others of us, I could talk to them. We had to quit the service cause of the 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' thing but with you all, that won't be a problem. There are close to thirty of us in this club alone. Hundreds of us all over the United States alone."

"Invite them then, see if they want to do it. Be discreet though. Don't choose any you don't exclusively trust." Dean warned. "We don't want exposed so make sure they don't blab or get us exposed to others trying to kill us. We got families there, our own included, and kids. We'll kill anyone who hurts them, even you." His eyes were hard and Luc flinched. He meant every word.

"Don't worry about that, we're used to the top secret stuff. You wouldn't believe the top secret crap we got locked in our heads from missions. We won't say anything. We'd like to help! We pretty much thought we would never be use our skills again once we left the service. Sure there are private corporations, security stuff, but they are…not what we want. We want to fight for the good guys, not protect the greedy corporate dicks or help corrupt ones live longer so they can sell more guns or drugs to people." Luc shrugged. "We want to save people, fight the good fight, without being judged for being gay or kinky. Can you offer that?"

"Yeah, we can offer that and more. And all the sex you can handle." Sam said and kissed the mark on his neck. "Ours now."

"Yes." Luc agreed then they got up and dressed, then realized they had done it all with the glass wall facing the entire club! They'd seen it all and were smiling at them, very excited by what they'd seen and were hard. So Dean sent out lust and they all came, every one of them in the club, at the same time. He and Sam laughed and Luc was surprised but let it go. Membership was sure to go up now. That was for damn sure! He'd have to invite them to come by more often, Luc thought greedily now. The money they'd make now, and the sex was mind-blowing with them. The powers felt great, he thought as he watched the entire club cum at once!

They headed out to find the others now. On leashes again with Eric controlling them. Luc doing the same with Kale. They found Dorian in another public room where she had whipped both Dante and Victor red and there were a ton of red marks on their backs, too. She worked into them now and fucked them with toys until they came crying out for more and calling her Mistress. Then she massaged their sore muscles and had them fuck her at the same time, one to her front, the other in her ass, fucking for an hour and being spanked by them at the same time, and then they fucked harder and came crying out as well.

God was working with Bobby and Ellen over spanking benches, and once they were red and ready to go. Then he fucked them in turns, Stilling them as he moved and cumming on and in them repeatedly in the mouth, ass, and other, anyway he could. Then whipped them like Eric had done but not as hard as Eric had done the gods though. Then fucked them again and, hours later, they all were ready to go. They told him the case had enough for memberships for all of them and he said he'd take care of it.

Bacchus and Apollo caught up soon after. The back room scene they had done had taken longer than expected. Then they pulled out after setting up a time for Luc and them to come by the next day to Olympus.

"So, hunters or…"Sam asked God.

"Nah, I'm thinking Special squad for Special…jobs and hunting at times, a special 'Demon Fighting' squad. Our own private security force with the Valkyries, too. Those ladies are great at getting to the Pagan gods but, once they're gone, I was going to make them security for us and helping with the more serious Demon threats that may come up now and these guys can aid them. Back up the other Hunters, fight when the Demons get too frisky; and we all know they will. They're used to this kind of fighting, they'll do great at it. Demon Hunters, specialists like you two were and still are." God said and smiled. "They'll be good at it, too. Just like you were, don't worry."

"Yes, that could work." Dean agreed as they entered town and saw Jodi waving them down. Pulling off to go see what she wanted and smiling as she leaned in the window to kiss him. "Yeah, baby?" He stole a kiss from their wife again, both smiling.

"Can I come with you? Spend some time with you? I've missed you lately." Jodi said and looked hopeful. Living here alone with her husbands living at Bobby's was hard on her…but she was needed here, so moving there was out of the question. Maybe they could visit more…or she could visit them more?

"Sure, get in." Dean said and Sam let her slide in beside him in the backseat. "You've seemed distracted lately, what's up?"

"Nothing, got the properties bought but some are a little slow getting the deeds to us. Not to mention, I'm worried about the town. I don't feel very safe right now, even with Olympus extended. Not protected enough. Can we get some people here to guard it with me soon?" She asked and Sam held her, kissing her softly, trying to ease her worry. Even with her powers, beams of power and super-strength, it didn't feel like it was enough.

"Got a few moving down tomorrow. Some vamps and wolves, a couple hunters, Magdi and Modi are moving to guard you as well, for now. The gods will take turns staying in town and trading shifts. One of us will do it in turns later, too, stay with you as a husband would normally while we're there, God, too." He smiled at the relieved expression her face, the hopeful look brightening to happiness now. He liked that and promised to make sure it happened more from now on. They had been neglecting their wife lately. They'd do better now. "Magdi and the other gods, us included, like the nudity but promise we'll only do it indoors until we return to Olympus again." Dean reassured her. "They said they'll be by the station for their housing orders. I think they want houses or lofts. Not apartments though, too small for our people. We're used to lots of room. We got some more human hunters taking Guardian roles also, so expect them, too."

"Good, I'll feel a lot safer when they get there." Jodi agreed. "Maybe as the unmarked ones move out, can we move the marked ones in? Then once they go, maybe put up the right protections like we're used to on Olympus?" She sighed. "Not discriminating but…we'll be safer and happier."

"What about those unmarked ones that visit? They could die." Sam pointed out.

"Fuck!" Jodi swore. "Hate this."

"Yeah, we're not thrilled with it either." Dean agreed with her. Not safe enough but…the best they could do.

The drive the rest of the way there was quiet. And once there, they made love with Jodi and the others for hours then rested in the room. "We'll keep you safe, Jodi. Trust us, please!" Dean urged and she sighed.

"I'll try to trust you more but…I do trust you! I just worry about the townsfolk, we're still vulnerable this way." Jodi said softly. Dean tightened his hold on her and cuddled her closer, nuzzling at her neck.

"Not vulnerable, we got lots of help for you guys come tomorrow. You'll be safe as houses, I promise. Just be vigilant, and help us keep an eye out for bad things. We'll get rid of them with you if they show up." Sam promised.

"Thanks." Jodi said as she drifted off to sleep now. "I love you guys."

"Love you, too, Jodi." They said and swore as they watched her sleep that they would keep her safe and the town, too.

Even if it hurt them, they would do it!


The next afternoon, Luc and Kale stood outside the club waiting.

"Luc, we are welcome to go there, right?" Kale asked nervously.

"Yeah, they said so…they didn't seem like the lying type." Luc said then smiled. "Nervous, Lover?"

"Aren't you? It's Olympus! Heaven on Earth and we get to be a part of it. I just feel like I don't really belong in Heaven, you know…"Kale said sadly and he pointed now. "There's an Impala coming this way, Luc. A beauty if I ever saw one." It was a cherry one, too. Black as night, shiny and perfect. The sun glinted off its bumpers and cast golden rays everywhere. Black perfection, right down to the hubcaps! Luc thought as he admired the car that now pulled in front of them.

"Hey, Luc. Get in." Dean said poking his head out with a grin, stroking the roof of the car lovingly, like a lover would. "This is my 'Pala' Angel. Tell him hi, lover." Dean urged.

'Hello, Luc.' Came a female voice, sultry and sexy. Like car herself. 'Get in, ride in me.'

"Um, did she just…" Luc said in shock.

"Yep, my girl's alive, so are several other vehicles. They are Car Angels. But she's the most beautiful of them all." Dean gushed, kissing her steering wheel. He seemed to be listening for a minute then laughed. "I love you, too, baby."

Luc got in and Kale got in the backseat.

"Hello, Luc." A voice said from the radio. It was the same voice that had spoken to him in his head, not surprisingly.

"Hello, Pala." Luc said and asked. "May I stroke the dash…or would that offend you?"" He wanted to admire her. She really was gorgeous car!

"You're pretty gorgeous, too, Luc." Pala said again and he blushed at her appreciation.

"Oh, thank you." Luc said, unsure of what to say now.

"You may stroke my dash. I rather like it when they do that." Pala said happily and Luc caressed the leather there. She felt…sublime! They drove for a few minutes then parked right in front of a gate, a large gold one.

"Can others see the gate or is it just a normal gate to them? Can they see Olympus?" Luc asked in awe.

"No, they just see a green metal gate. And a salvage yard. Only Marked ones can see Olympus. It's a safety precaution." Dean explained.

"How do we get…" Luc was cut short of asking how they got in, since the gate hadn't opened yet. They were now inside, teleported there instantly.

"The Marks." Dean said and nodded as they touched theirs. "The wards sense them and bring you in."

"If you don't have one, what do they do then?" Luc asked and a hard look crossed Dean's face, mixed with a sad look, too.

"It kills you." Dean said. "Only Marked ones can get anywhere near Olympus's Wards and Gates."

"Oh." Luc said paling. He was now very glad he'd taken it, damn!

He looked around now as they pulled into a parking spot and parked. Getting out, he noticed he was naked now and looked at Dean curiously. "Boycotted. We don't wear clothes here. Nudity is required. Even for the kids, no one cares really. You'll get used to it." He walked away then and they followed.

They noticed a ton of beings there, kids running everywhere playing, people working on cars or training with weapons and stuff. Others lounged and kissed on clouds, cries of pleasure echoed in the air at times. Moans and orgasms reverberated here and there. He felt their powers in the air he breathed now. He saw creatures he'd never thought existed walk by or float by. One landed on Dean's shoulder and they shared a kiss. It was a tiny man with wings surrounded by light.

Unicorns, Faeries, vampires and all kinds of people!

It was a bustle of activity and he stared in wonder, not even caring now that he was naked. Dean was right, nudity didn't really matter here. "It's a part of the way we set up Olympus now. It lets you be sexual but makes it so that you don't care about the nudity and don't touch anyone you shouldn't. It keeps you from desiring anyone that it senses won't want you or is off limits. Like the kids and lovers who don't share outside of us or each other; there are several of them. We have many families here, as you can see. Some are our own kids, too." Dean explained. "You won't be turned on by anyone, not unless they are willing to be with you. Don't worry."

"So the kids…" Luc said confused.

"Could care less if you were naked. They'd be more confused if you were dressed actually." Dean laughed as three girls and boys ran to him. Kneeling, he let them climb him and handed a couple to Luc and Kale. Eyeing them lovingly, he said smiling, "These are our kids, some of them."

"Oh!" Luc said smiling and blushed as one of the boys kissed his cheek.

"You're sexy." The boy said in a decisive tone, as if he was just announcing an obvious fact that everyone already knew. "I'm Remmie."

"Hi, Remmie." Luc said in surprise. "Thank you for the compliment."

"Not a compliment, a statement of fact. But you're welcome." The boy said and looked at his Dad. "Daddy Sam said I was grounded from the theme park. Tell him to let me go, please?"

"Rem, what did you do?" Dean asked, not surprised really. His son was very mischievous.

"I just played a few pranks, Nair and maybe hid Hef's tongs in the hot tub and Daddy Sam nearly sat on them when he went to soak in it…" Remmie said guiltily. "I didn't hurt anyone."

"Hef needs his tongs, you know not to take anything from the forge, son." Dean said sternly and Remmie nodded, head down. "We told you about that, he needs those! A prank is harmless but stealing stuff people need is wrong. You are grounded for a week."

"Dad!" Remmie whined but nodded. "I'm sorry, Daddy."

"It's not me you should be apologizing to, is it?" Dean pointed out and Remmie climbed down to do as he was told. "Return the tongs yourself, apologize then."

"Can I…would he let me help in the forge as a punishment? I want to make it up to him." Remmie asked with solemn eyes.

"Sure, you can work with him, if he says it's okay, for the week of your punishment. He's in charge and stay away from the molten stuff!" Dean said and motioned for the boy to go. "I'll let Sam know what you are doing. Rem, go to the house and get the tongs first." The boy ran off naked and eager to please now. Excited at maybe being allowed to work in the forge of Olympus.

"He likes the forge, and Hef is his favorite god." Dean explained like an indulgent parent. A tiny nudge reminded him that Remmie hadn't been the only kid in the area now. "Oh, sorry. This is Mati and Samae, our daughters. Say hi, girls." He urged.

"Hi." Both girls said and their hazel and hazel green eyes looked at him smiling. Luc thought they were gorgeous children; just like their fathers.

"Hi, you sure are pretty." Kale blurted out then blushed. Luc chuckled. "Yes, you are pretty." Luc added, too. The girls didn't even blush, although Samae managed a soft pink one for a minute. Such a nice look for the child, Luc thought fondly.

"This is Denae. Also our daughter, they are triplets." Dean explained. Serious green eyes met his and he let them assess him. She gazed at him for a minute then nodded.

"Hi." She said then added. "You are a Hunter."

"Um, not yet." Luc explained.

"You hunted bad men and killed them. In Afghanistan and Russia. You rescued innocents in Bolivia last year." Denae said and nodded. "That makes you a Hunter. Like our Hunters but ours go after the Supernatural things instead. You will be good at that I think."

"How did…um, we can't…" Luc stuttered and saw Kale flailing blindly to understand now, too. That was classified stuff from their heads!

"You can't hide anything from them, so don't try. They read every thought, so honesty is the standard policy with them. You lie in your thoughts, it makes them think you aren't trustworthy." Dean said and they nodded. "Classified or not, they and we will know what you know if we want to."

"Okay. Um, yes, we did those things. Just don't tell anyone, okay?" Luc said fearfully, need to know was not an option here apparently. If the others knew these beings knew this stuff, they'd…no, they couldn't hurt them! Or kill them for knowing them…

"We are your gods. We're supposed to know your thoughts. We don't care for those that want this kept secret. We feel no need to tell them we know anything. We won't tell anyone. We can't even expose who we are…let alone what we know, silly man." Denae pointed out and hugged him. "They couldn't hurt or kill us anyway but…don't worry. We're safe here and so are you now."

"Thanks, but you don't know what they'd do if they knew you knew…" Luc said sadly as he caressed one of her curls. "They'd hurt you! And kill us." The thought of these kids hurt, of these gods, both hurt and broke his heart at the same time.

"We'll be fine. We don't care for the World of men's Military. Your secrets are safe with us, Luc." Denae reassured him and hugged him.

"Good." Luc said relieved. "I agree though, your way of Hunting and what we did are both very similar really."

"Yes, they are." Dean agreed then smiled as the others approached with serious expressions. "Oh, this is Linc, the one that is going to be the Devil. And Rommie, all our sons, too." He addressed the men approaching now, Eric and Sam with them. The men eyed them with an emotion close to panic in their eyes now. "What is it? What's wrong?" Dean demanded and they set the kids down. "Go play, kids." He ordered and they nodded, running off.

"It's some of the human hunters, they've been taken." Sam said and looked at Luc. "How good were you at the special forces stuff?"

"Really good, why? You need us?" Luc said, instantly ready to go, Kale at his side ready, too.

"There's a groups of six human hunters, unmarked, that were being helped by our wolves. Our wolves had to hide from the hunters but…another Pack took the men and our wolves think they might kill or Turn them. If they're still alive…and that's a big if!...and they are the observant types. We need humans to go in and all the others hunters are gone right now. We could use your help, Luc. We'd send back up with you, of course." Sam said and flinched as a scream echoed through his head. "You need to go now."

"Of course." Luc said and saw a black bag in Dean's hand. Kale took it and caught some keys.

"Use the Impala, and don't scratch her! She wants to go help, too! Karis, Varis! You go with them, give them a brief tutorial on killing werewolves and how not to kill ours. Then pop back Stuart and the wolf that just got mangled as soon as you get there." Dean ordered. And with that, they piled into the Impala, Karis at the wheel. Once outside the gate again, they were magically dressed and ready to go. Hiding in some trees off the road, they popped to the hunt area and found the two wounded wolves, barely hanging on.

"Laurie?" Karis asked worried. "Where's Laurie!"

"Who's…" Luc went to ask but was silenced with a harsh look from the vampire.

"She took the others after them, I told her to leave us here. One has been bitten but it can be reversed. Use the reversal potion in my Hunting bag, Karis." Stuart said wincing as the gouges in his chest pulled and bled more profusely. "Might…fuck, might pass out here." He seemed dizzy and then did just that, passing out in Karis's arms.

"I'll take them home, Vare, you lead them in. Kill all the bastards not Marked, but be sure to aim for the unmarked ones, Luc, Kale." Karis said and popped away with both wolves in his arms. Varis got the bag and ran after the trail of wolf tracks, running at top speed with the others behind him. "Use the Silver knives and the Lugers, they have the silver bullets. Aim for the head and the heart. We'll behead them later." Varis said as they ran, tossing them the weapons as they went. Both soldiers took them and kept pace with him easily.

"They're over there, in those trees." Varis said pointing, whispering through the Marks to them. "Our wolves. I told them to wait there while we go in, they'll come and join us from the rear, guard our flanks. We'll kill them all and, you humans, go get the hunters." Varis ordered mentally now.

"Yes, Sir." Luc thought back and Kale did the same.

Soon they split up, the wolves and Varis taking on the wolves and the men freeing the hunters tied to poles. Sensing a trap, they looked around and saw some wolves going for them. "Heart." Luc said coldly. "Head." Kale said and they began firing, each taking what they called. Five minutes later, the seven wolves that had went after them were dead and they untied the men. Checking them for injuries, Luc saw they all had been bitten. 'What do we do with the potions?' Luc asked over the Marks now.

'Put it into six cups, they are in the bag. Add some of each man's blood to each cup with the potion, read the spell over them, and stir it while you chant the spell, then have them drink it.' Varis sent back.

So they gathered the cups and potion together, added the blood to each cup, said the spell as they stirred the blood in, and then had the groggy men drink it. They immediately passed out but the bites vanished, leaving only smooth skin. 'The bites are gone, is that good?' Luc asked concerned.

'No scars in their places?' Varis asked.

'No, it's just smooth skin.' Luc said examining them more closely.

'It's good, no scar means the potion killed the venom in them. They are human again.' Varis said. 'Come back with us now. We'll bring them along ourselves soon enough so they will wake up with no memory of any of this. We'll pop them and their car back to their motel room in a second.'

Soon they had the dead wolves burnt up in god fire and the hunters back in their rooms on the beds. Parking their cars by the room, they got into the Impala and drove off now. Luc called Dean on the phone.

"We got there in time, the wolves helped with the potion. We were able to Turn them back." Luc explained and thought this wasn't much different than their usual missions they had before. Just weirder, sure, but about the same really.

"Good, get home. We got some people for you to meet, both of you. We've been bragging all about you two and they all are eager to meet you." Dean said happily.

"We should be there soon. We're looking for a place to hide so we can pop back in a minute." Luc said and pointed to a copse of trees ahead. He didn't see any monitors or cameras around it so he motioned there. "It's unsurveilled, go in there and go back." He advised, eyes making sure no one would see them.

Varis did as advised and soon they were by the gate again, popping inside then parking. They went to the wolves that were hurt first. Seeing they were healing well, they were relieved. They were bedridden for the day but they were fine. "Hi, I'm Stuart. I'm the Alpha of the Olympian Pack." Stuart said holding out a hand. "Thanks for the help back there."

"No problem, we do that stuff all the time, or we used to." Kale said nodding.

"You'll be doing it all the time here, too. Never doubt that." Stuart said and meant it. They were good at their jobs and, with a little revision in their training, they'd be great hunters, too. Laurie came in and smiled down at him, kissing him in relief and love.

"I was worried." She admitted. "But I ruled the Pack for you like you said to."

"Good woman." Stuart said, proud of his mate. "You did good, baby."

"Thanks." Laurie said and hugged him, being careful of his stitches.

And with that, they left to meet Dean by the house. Where most of Olympus was eagerly awaiting the two newest members of it. An hour later, Luc and Kale had met everyone and found it to be a pretty great place, too!

"They are all so…stunning!" Luc whispered in lust at the men and women greeting him now.

"Yeah, they are." Dean said smugly. They had pretty good tastes in lovers. He had to admit to himself. Then he saw the Pala Angel coming with the other car Angels to meet the men, too. Some vamps and wolves with them.

Pala Angel got there first, though. "Hi, I'm the Impala Angel. This is my Angel form. It is nice to meet you in person, Luc." She grinned and he grinned back, looking her over. She was…magnificent and sexy! Her body was flawless and her blonde hair and hazel green eyes were beautiful, too. Dean was right, she really was the best looking angel here!

"Hi, it's nice to see you in person, too. It was hard to believe you were a car but, damn, it's true!" Luc admitted softly. "You are beautiful, Pala!"

"Yes, Dean always said I was and now I am." She said, leaning in to kiss her god lover then smiled wickedly. "Don't forget our date later, Dean."

"I won't." Dean promised and then she moved to let the others approach. Soon all of Olympus, well, most of it, had met the men and found they liked them.

Then that night they sat sipping beer on the porch, still a bit sore from the orgy they had joined with about thirty other beings with the Sex gods upstairs earlier. It had lasted for close to six hours and they were exhausted.

"So, you moving in or got a place?" Bobby asked and they shrugged.

"Got a loft we rent, moving here would be great. We could make our own place, right?" Luc asked. "He's my lover so we live together."

"Fine with us, find a spot you like and move there. Down here or up there." Sam said and they watched as the tired pair headed off to find a place. "They're going to fit in quite nicely I think." He said smiling.

"Yes, they are. And they fuck fantastically, too." Dean purred as he cuddled into God while Sam cuddled in between Ellen and Bobby for a bit. Still sated and blissed out from their orgy. "I like them!" He laughed and they joined in.

They liked the men, too.

Soon after, Luc found them a spot near the Faery woods and created a cottage for them there, furnishing it magically from mental images. Then falling to the bed with Kale to cuddle and sleep. They'd set up the rest of the cottage and their play room later. They were exhausted. Those gods and their lovers had worn them out, Luc fucking most of them and Kale being taken by them as well as by Luc over and over.

A rather nice welcome, they both thought now. Liking the place already!


God shuffled nervously and sighed. Wonder why he was so damn nervous! It wasn't as if this hadn't been happening fairly often lately! Hell, even his sons/lovers had done this with Eric. Connor, too.

He had the boxes in the bag by his feet and he saw the others approaching. Ellen and Bobby were still kneeling but looking around. The 'staring at the ground' schtick got really old, really fast for them and God had eventually said they had to stop that; it was irritating the hell out of him! They'd admitted that they had hated it then, too.

Maybe, just maybe…he might consider sitting down with them and working out a Submissive/Dominant Contract. To give them more say in how this Submission thing could work better, find out what they might like to get out of this relationship from him, too…Dorian had one and she and her Master seemed comfortable with it. Maybe they could peek at hers and see what they might like in one for them, too…

Bobby and Ellen deserved that, too. And Dorian could advise them, him included. She was a Dommes, too, and a really great one! So she submitted at times…well, he wouldn't call what she and Varis did strictly Submission and BDSM but it was a lighter version. She was very Dominant so Submission was hard for her…so light Submission appealed to her best and Varis was a light Dom so it fit them.

God wasn't sure what kind he was, but Eric was a somewhat medium one with his lovers, and God saw things in both their relationships he might want for his with his godmates; along with some things his own lovers had mentioned to him that hurt them too much to do…

Yeah, he'd do a contract, and let Dorian help work it out with them. They would get the conversation going with the Subs. He wasn't very good at compromise but they needed to do it to make this work.

He now opened the longer boxes, glad Stefano was doing these collars in batches now, personalizing them for the Olympian Dominants' tastes. His hand shook imperceptibly and he took a breath, leaning down to whisper.

"I know I've been fucking this up with us lately but I'll do better. Get Dorian to help us, work on a contract. I should have been listening to you more. I was selfish. Forgive me?" God asked. Things had been…tense with them lately. They'd been obedient enough but…they didn't feel comfortable enough to tell him what was wrong with their Sub/Dom stuff. They just said they didn't want to end it…but that he wasn't listening to them. Insisting they'd been telling him what was wrong all along and were tired of repeating themselves. But said they wanted to work it out and be his Subs anyway. So he'd promised to listen better.

Afraid of losing them and knowing if he didn't get what they'd been telling him, he'd lose this with them. The Submission he craved from them. The control they wanted to give him. He'd never had to deal with things in such a human way before and feared he was being really horrible at it.

"I love you, don't leave me! We and Dorian can work out our own contract for us, okay? You tell us what you want in it and we'll do it. We'll do this together. Maybe read hers and see what we might like in it, maybe?" God asked softly and they smiled, glad he'd finally listened.

"We want a contract like hers, but also with some aspects of Eric's type and yours in it, too. We just want more say in this, some ground rules of our own. You are our Master and we want you to own us, want to belong to you more. But…some of the things we've been doing lately, we really hated." Bobby admitted. "You whip us too hard, and we use safe words and you do stop but it takes hours to recover…you hit too hard." He lowered his eyes in Submission now; afraid he'd been to bold to speak this way but God got the point. It had taken Bobby courage to admit this to him. He couldn't punish his lover for that.

"I…I'll do better." God said softly. "Put that in the contract, and we'll abide your wishes, too. I want to know what you want from me now, I really do." He had to do better, he just had to. "Will you still wear my collar or…?" He'd call the ceremony off. It didn't matter as much as they did to him. "Will you still be mine? If I've broken your trust in me or lost your love because of this…I'll stop being your Master."

"No, we want you for our Master and we do trust you! But you need to listen to us, and not just when we're submitting but outside of it, too. You don't listen outside of the submission. There are no safe words to tell you what is hurting our feelings outside of it and we need something so you will listen to us. You just…we just…" Bobby got quiet. "We need rules, requirements we can all agree to." He nodded. "We need that contract."

"We'll do that then." God promised.

"We'll wear your collar then." Bobby said.

"Yes, we will." Ellen agreed nodding.

God gently showed them the collars, gold and silver pleated collar, softened metal. Diamonds in each link. Cuffs to match. Both teared up at the sight of them. "I wanted to show you how much you meant to me. I figured you deserved something nice…"

"We love them." Bobby said softly. "Thanks for not…" Bobby drifted off.

"Finish your sentence, baby." God insisted.

"Thanks for not making me feel like I needed to shut up, like you didn't want to hear what I needed to tell you...you never wanted to before this." Bobby said. "When I just told you what was bothering us. Usually you silence us when we try to. It really hurt our feelings, made us feel like you only wanted us for sex, great kinky sex, but, yeah, like you didn't really want a relationship beyond the sex with us anymore. Didn't feel like your Mates at all, just your Submissives you could have sex with…"

God's heart hurt and made him feel like he was two inches high. Fuck, he hadn't realized he'd made them feel that way. He'd been…a real Ass!

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me? Don't call us off…" God said softly, kissing them as they nodded they did, happiness and relief on their faces now. "I'll do better, I swear."

"Us, too." Bobby promised.

And with that, they offered their necks to him. And he locked the collars on with the key, doing the same to the cuffs to their hands and ankles. Having them offer them to him to do so. Then letting them kneel again, pondering if he should make love with them or not. Looking sadly at the ground.

"Master?" Bobby said and God risked a look. His Subs had shifted positions, onto all fours, heads down on crossed arms. Letting him know in their most Submissive way they were eager to serve him still, even without a contract to help clear up their issues.

"Thank you." God whispered in their ears.

"It's okay to be weak at times. It doesn't make you a bad Master to treat us gently, or lovingly." Ellen pointed out. "We'd like more of the gentle moments, loving ones would be great, too." She nudged him lightly. "We still love you, God."

"I still love you, too." God responded, straightening slightly. Then he took his role again, but gentler, like they'd asked him to. "Suck me, both of you." Moaning softly while they sucked him at the same time, getting hard quickly from it. Then he took Bobby first, making love to him but claiming him roughly eventually, cumming hard into him and ordering him to cum as well.

Bobby writhed as his orgasm hit him with the power of an oncoming train and he came crying out loudly. Then God did the same with Ellen, pleasuring her in both ways until he came into her each way then drove her pleasure until he could tell she couldn't take anymore. Then he made love to her again in the process and finally ordered her to cum. And she did so with harsh moans and cries falling from her lips as she did it.

Her tightening around him making God cum with her again. Then making love to Bobby again, claiming and cumming him as well. Cuddling them to his side in their afterglow and giving them soft kisses. "I know this doesn't fix us but…you were both amazing just now."

From the expressions on the others' faces, they'd thought so too!

He then popped them to the bedroom to snuggle some more and he enjoyed the closeness he felt with them again. Just the little bit of talking they had done tonight had helped a lot, so maybe…they'd do more and then it could be the way it used to be…before God got in over his head with this Submission stuff and started messing up.

Vowing to work on that contract tonight, as soon as they woke up.


Later that night, they sat by the computer, a hard copy of Dorian's contract in their hands and Eric standing by with his Subs with a copy of it as well to help advise them, too.

"So, we like having pain limits, but we should set better ones. We don't mind whipping, flogging, or spanking and, most of the time, it feels good but…sometimes you do it too long and too hard; and it begins to really hurt. So put in a few minutes on the time limit for us. And moderate pain, not as hard as before. We can't take that much pain." Ellen advised, Dorian typed it in.

"The breaks thing is good." Eric mentioned. "We've begun adding our own the same way, every three hours, one free of Submission. It gives them breathing room and a chance to relax. It's okay to give them free will at times. No one wants a Sub who always saying 'yes, sir' and 'no, sir' and has no opinions or spirit of their own. It makes the sex better, too. Plus they respond much more passionately when they are allowed to know they can be free to be themselves; I respect that about them."

"You want them? Breaks?" Dorian said and they nodded. "Twenty minutes for every three hours works for us." Ellen agreed. So Dorian put that in, too.

The honorific clause was put in, too; no humiliation or Power Play was added, too. The Free Will clause was put in. Most of Dorian's were kept in and some of Eric's, too. God and his Subs put some of their own in, revising them to fit the others already in it. "Could we skip the staring down and not looking at our Master? Staring away from God and being afraid to look at him without offending him is more of fear thing that abused people do; we're not abused. Sure, we may look away in submission and respect, show you that you are our Master but we feel degraded when we can't even look at you and maybe let you see how good what you are doing pleases us, too. And our needs matter, put in that you have to listen to us, just as much as we have to listen to you." Bobby said and God nodded. That was big problem for them at the moment so maybe the clause could help prevent it from happening again later.

Dorian put that in, too.

"We wear the collars all the time but only submit like we usually do, when he knows we have time to do it right. We like that part, too." Ellen said. "And no passing us to others sexually, it's our choice to be with others not his, and no Slave stuff. We won't do that being walked like a dog thing either."

"Yeah, crawling across the floor in the bedroom may be sexy…but doing it while walking all the time and treating them like animals most of the time, that isn't so sexy at all. Sure, put in there will be crawling on all fours and on the leash but for brief moments, and not all the time. Is that a good…compromise?" God asked them tentatively.

"We can live with that. If you find it sexy, we'll do it sometimes. You never said you liked it before. If you had, we'd have done it for you more." Ellen said and smiled, blushing. She liked creeping to him sometimes too, but the whole 'feeling like a dog' thing in public made her feel mostly humiliated and degraded.

So Dorian put that in, too. They talked and negotiated for another hour, mostly time limits on scenes and keeping the actions exciting and enjoyable but keeping them from becoming humiliating and degrading when they were done wrong or went on too long, or were forced to do them too often.

Soon it was ready, all three pages of it.

Eric raised a hand now as well. "Print two copies, we like those conditions too." Eric looked at the Submissives. "Change the pain limits for us though, to the harder kind, and reword the final vow thing to have our own names on it, like you are doing for them, too. Add one more line for a Submissive on ours. No, two more." He said as Angel walked in to see how it was going. "We are doing a Submissive/Dominant contract. Would you sign it? We do the Submission with you and I see you as my Sub and you say I am your Master…and it's only in effect when you submit to me; you would still be freelance. It just sets rules for us to follow to keeps us both safe and the play good for all of us." He bit a lip thinking now.

"I'd… take a collar all the time, if that's the condition you put in, the one Dorian has? On my wrist when not submitting and on my neck when submitting. I could have my Free Will but you'd always be my Master. I just won't do what they do all the time; I can be myself. I will kneel but only during the Submission. Otherwise I won't do it." Angel specified.

A collar might be nice. Like theirs… the cuffs…he'd wear them.

"I agree to that." Eric said shaking hands with Angel in agreement. Dorian waited until they were printed out, and gave each group their copy. They read over it again and then signed it. The Submissives signed on their lines and the Masters signed on theirs, then exchanged them so the others could sign and witness them. Both contracts now Eternal and nonrenewable like Dorian's was. Then Bobby locked them in his safe.

"So, we got that done." God began awkwardly. "Can we talk? Privately? I think we need to." He said eyes on Bobby and Ellen. "I'll listen…"

"Yes, we should talk. We won't leave you but we need to tell you things and you need to tell us things, and…I'd love to work this out. I want to us to be happy again." Bobby said.

And with that, they walked to their bedroom, shutting the door behind them for privacy. The others were glad they were talking now. They could tell they were having problems and were hoping they'd talk them out eventually.

They wanted them happy again, too.

And then the Subs looked up at Eric, smiling.

"Never realized a contract could make me feel so…good." Sam finished. "I'm glad we finally got to make one. We'd always said we would."

"Me either." Dean said.

"So we are bound to keep those rules now?" Connor asked and smiled. "I do feel better knowing the rules now."

"Me, too." Angel said nodding.

"Strangely enough, I do, too." Eric agreed, and it was true. They were fine, talked often, were always honest with each other and spoke up if anything felt wrong to them. Invoking their safe words if he got too hard with something but tried again later when he adjusted the strength of the blows. The contract helped them by setting the ground rules for their Submission/Dominance roles and what they needed from each other now.

Then went to do research again, the Subs leaning against Eric's legs, some with heads on his lap as they read their books or worked on laptops, touching him as he touched them in return, all of them loving just the contact between them for now. Sex was great. Bondage and Submission was good, too. But sometimes cuddling and gentle touches were just plain perfect also. Now was just one of those times. They didn't need sex. They needed his touch, they needed him close to them. And he needed the same from them. Angel even crept up to sit behind Eric and cuddled into his back, wrapping legs over his hips and over his Master's legs to rest his feet in the space between Eric's spread legs. Grabbing a book and journal to help as well. Eric worked a laptop with Sam and Connor on their own as well.

Dean took the stenographer role, writing down any information they found. Or the others helped by saving them into word documents to print in the morning for files they'd need to make later on when the sun rose.

"Love you guys. All of you." Eric said and smiled as they gazed back at him with equal portions Submission, happiness, and love as well.

"Love you, too." The Subs said, even Angel, who sucked a mark into his neck at his own leisurely pace, enjoying doing it. Making pleasure send shivers along Eric's body, in a most non-Submissive way. Marking him as his Master and Eric glowed with happiness at knowing just what he was doing, too. Saying he was Eric's and that Eric was his Master now. Dominant or not, he loved that Pinfore. Loved him Submissive just as much as he loved him as a Dominant, too. Angel had…something special about him. Something that made them love him no matter what he did; to need him in their lives the more he needed them, too.

Angel was a force of nature, they admitted. And, most of the time, he swept them away in his Wake. They figured that was what made him such a great leader and warrior for God, too. Eric didn't want to break that. Angel was good at his job, did his duties well, and shouldered every responsibility. He was just as much a man when kneeling and giving up control to Eric and the others as he was a man when he wrestled a vamp to the ground and chopped its head off with a machete! Nothing made him less of a man. Nothing ever had in the past, and nothing ever could now.

They loved him just the way he was.

Like now, when he offered a kiss to his Master and Eric gave him one, deepening it briefly then letting it end. "Such a man!" Eric teased the Pinfore. "Can't resist that charm, Angel."

"Neither could they." Angel pointed out, teasing the Sex gods pressing close into Eric still. A playful look in his eyes; a happy look. "When do I get a collar? I really don't need the ceremony."

"You get one." Eric said firmly. "But soon. I need to get you a collar like they have, see if Stef will let me get it on credit for now and pay it off as I go."

"He will, just ask Dorian, she runs his businesses now. She knows how important a collar is to us Submissives. She'll get it to you quicker, too." Dean said and Eric nodded.

"Still paying it off." Eric mumbled awkwardly. He hated being in anyone's debt but…for Angel, he do it just this once.

Dean thought maybe he'd pay for it for Eric and have her give it as a gift to him. So he didn't need to pay it back at all, pride be damned. Eric never refused their gifts, even if it chafed some. And he wouldn't now.

If she worded it right…

And he was sure she could, she had a way with words…and her body. Eric really liked her body, too. Maybe that particular skill would help ease him into accepting the gift more willingly, too.


A week later, Angel knelt for him in the middle of Olympus, smiling.

Eric had taken the gift at face value. Dorian had refused any payment for it. Dean had already paid for it so there was no need for Eric to, too. But Eric didn't need to ever know that little fact either.

Eric screwed the silver and gold braided collar on Angel, telling him it never came off. Putting the cuffs on his wrists as he held them out for him. then knelt to put them on his ankles, too. Then put him on all fours, lubed up, and took him right then.

The Pinfore gasped in pleasure but stayed still, not topping from the bottom at all with him anymore, bowing deeper to give him more room to take him better, being quieter until Eric said to speak. Crying out and moaning as the thrusts became less gentle and rougher, deeper and all about the need to claim ownership. To take Angel and make him belong to Eric, to show who he really belonged to now. Showing who was Master and who was Submissive in this relationship; and Angel reveled in it.

The sex lasting for an hour or two, until Eric stroked him, cumming into the Pinfore twice before holding off a final orgasm to work Angel almost to out of control but not quite. "Don't cum, Angel." Eric ordered and filled him harder and deeper until he was done, Then had him lay back with legs spread, awaiting his Master's pleasure patiently; eyes calm and full of love. Eric sheathed himself onto Angel riding his dick now, rocking his hips slowly. Holding a hand to his chest to make him still. Then bobbing his body harder and fucking onto Angel until the hand left Angel and he thrust up and cried out in intense pleasure with Eric. Both going harder and doing more until Eric came hard and clawed at the Pinfore's hips and torso, splaying hands there as he leaned forward and thrust back harder, cumming over and over with his head back.

Angel cried out, needing to cum but trying not to with all his remaining willpower.

Then Eric wiped him off and sucked him, hard and deeply into his throat more and more, until Angel's hand crept to his head, urging him deeper, hips fucking up into his Master's mouth; Angel groaning in ecstasy at the same time. Eric stopped sucking long enough to order, "Cum, Angel." and sucked hard again, working him in deep, readying for his cum to fill his mouth and throat. Angel's hips took his mouth more and Eric let Angel do the work. Angel's hand holding his head where it was, and impaling himself painfully into his Master's throat. Eric fighting a gag reflex as Angel came hard and fast, multiple times over and over into his mouth and throat until Angel moaned one last time…then soon passed out from his orgasms.

Eric kissed him and carried him inside, laying him on their bed to rest. Deciding when Angel woke up, Eric would reward him with anything he wanted for his obedience and for pleasing him so well. And hoped it entailed him fucking him again because he really really enjoyed that Pinfore doing that! Such a magnificent dick he had, stretching him so full and yet…making it feel so great inside him too.

The fourth of July had nothing on the fireworks that Pinfore set off in Eric when he fucked him. Nothing did.

Then they cuddled with him and, true to that thought, Angel's reward? Well, he requested and was allowed to make them all take turns sucking him and then fucking all three men, except Connor, until they were mere puddles of godhood and Dhampyre that he'd driven that way with his pleasure he'd given them and the thrusts he made into them and the orgasms he sent crashing through them repeatedly for hours. Then he cuddled them and Connor cuddled into the Sex gods, and stayed that way until the next day, content to just hold each other and savor the way the pleasure still ate at the edges of their thinking right then, all sighing contentedly.

"I changed my mind." Angel said grinning, "I like Ceremonies. Especially those that get me to cum so hard I pass out from them." He looked at Eric and ran fingers along his muscular shoulders and back. "Thank you for the collar and the sex, Master. I loved every minute of it!"

"I wanted you to, too." Eric said. "I don't want you to regret being my Submissive, letting me be your Master. I may be hard at times but I'm gentle too, and I love you all very much and would never harm you guys. And I promise to always listen to you. In and out of bed and Submissive moments." Eric ran a hand along Angel's abs now. "I want you with me for all time, Submissive or not, all of you!"

"We're with you, Master. All the way, you got us with you for Eternity now." Dean said happily then teased. "The contract says so."

"Yes, it does." Eric teased back and held them tighter, looking at them with love again. "Such perfect Submissives I got, even you Angel. You are doing great at it now."

Angel just blushed slightly and nodded. The praise from Eric making him feel good inside, happy he'd pleased his Master. Then they all settled into just enjoy the moment they had now, and wanting it to last forever but knowing it wouldn't. Olympus would call on them again, and they'd do their duties to it again.

And prayed they did them right.


God held them now, feeling good again.

They hadn't had sex. This wasn't about sex. It was about establishing their trust in him again. He'd broken it and he had to fix them. He loved them, and they loved him. And that was worth saving.

The talking for hours had helped. He'd apologized and listened, and he swore to do what they needed him to do; just as they promised to do what they needed to do as well. All of them feeling better now that their issues were all discussed and they were able to work on them now.

"We okay now?" God asked them, happier inside as well.

"Yes, we're okay." Ellen said, "Thanks for trying with us. I know it wasn't easy to face the things that were wrong between us and that you needed to fix them with us. We need to work on stuff, too. You weren't the only one at fault there. We were, too." Ellen shook her head sadly. "We're sorry, too."

"I wish…I wish we'd talked this out sooner, it wouldn't have hurt our relationship as much if we had." Bobby admitted. And then they admitted it, too. It had taken all three of them to get in this mess and now it would get better; they were sure of it.

Now they just had to deal with the new ways of hunting and the changing of Olympus going on around them now. Although, they were feeling less pressure now that they were taking the research and hunting files in shifts. Bobby and Whistler, with God during the day, and Eric and his Submissives taking the night shift, protecting it at night for him. Both Sex gods with God's powers as well and fully capable of doing it for them now.

Ever watchful, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnipowerful, too. Not wanting to be God but willing to use his powers inside them to take care of Olympus and the World to the best of their responsibility now. Willing to take care of every being and mortal, and everything in between in their World as well, even though sometimes it confused them, and sometimes they didn't understand how to do it and had to work it out for themselves on how to do just that.

Those Sex gods of theirs so willing to love and keep trying, like they always had been willing to do, even when it hurt them or killed them over and over as humans and then again as gods, too. The others on Olympus found themselves inspired by them and willing to do the same as they were now. All eager and ready to die for their World, to fight for it and everything and everyone in it, too. And all willing to use their powers and skills to do their jobs, knowing their gods were willing to fight beside them if needed as well. And willing to fight just as hard as they were, not afraid to try harder and harder until it was done right.

Inspiring not just love, sex, lust, and the sexual stuff but also loyalty, confidence in them, courage, forgiveness, patience, and all the more heroic stuff, too. All the things they embodied just as much as their Sex powers and Norse powers. The heroic stuff they had inspired as humans and they had carried over into their godhood as well. Then the sex powers and Norse powers had come but had not lessened the essence of who they really were.

Not gods, though there was that. Not fantastic lovers and family members, even though they tried really hard to be that, too. No, that was the trappings around what and who they were, and, though attractive things, they weren't the things those that knew and loved those gods valued most about their Head gods.

They were heroes, through and through! Fighters willing to keep going, keep trying, and damn near do anything it took to keep the darkness and Evil away, to save all they could despite what it cost them, even if it cost them their own souls or lives in the process. Courage, faithfulness. Loyalty, Persistence, resourcefulness, self-sacrificing love, and deep abiding friendship and devotion to their family and friends.

That was what was valued. That was what made them heroes in their loved ones' eyes. And what would keep them by their sides. And inspire them to keep fighting and protecting a World they knew they weren't really a part of and one they had no real place in. A world that would sooner fear and kill them if they could, just for not understanding them or hating them for being more powerful and different than them in general.

But for those Sex gods, all of Olympus would do anything! Even die, live, fight, fuck, and face any trial and win it to come back to them, and to stare down the barrel of Eternity and know it held pain, and hurt, and broken spirits at times, and maybe some resourceful thing might just happen find a way to finally kill them once and for all, but they still would look down it, go down it, and stand their ground.

For the love and devotion, bordering on and surpassing the fanatical actually, of those Sex gods they couldn't bear to let down if they didn't. And also, not willing to let Evil win by doing nothing either. These emotions and actions also inspired by those gods, too.

Those gods were their worlds. And if they required them to fight and protect this World…

Well, that was what they would do!

Or die trying.


Three lessons in, and they had finally decided to work on actually using the tools and toys, work on pain levels. God had Bobby on his own cross while Kale was on the other one.

"You seem to have learned most of it already from the others, so I want to work on the basics. Pain levels. Each person's is different and you need to be sure they tell you when it is too much. This is a two sided thing. That also means you have to listen when they try to tell you it hurts too much, too, and respect that. To do that, you have to read their body language as well as hearing their words. For example, Kale can take more pain but not until it bleeds, but damn close. But… he doesn't enjoy it. It gives me pleasure to do that much but not him. He can tolerate it, but he only does it to make me happy. He hates it personally. So I have to respect that. A master does not make a submissive endure too much pain just to please himself, even if the Sub can handle it. If it does not please them, it will drive them away and break your trust with them. They won't trust you to make it good for both of you after that. They will come think it is only about your pleasure not theirs." Luc said then saw God's guilty look.

"I saw it, too. No one said anything to me. I just thought, from one Master to another, we could work on that. I just want to help you fix your relationship with them honest." Luc added.

"Thanks, I've been…wrong a lot lately." God said, hating to admit it but it was true. "I'm floundering with the Sub/Master stuff. This is new to me and I'm doing my best but…if I keep messing up, I'm going to lose this with them and none of us want that. I promised to do better and I mean to do just that." God said gently. Caressing a loving hand down Bobby's body and kissing his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Bobby. I never meant to be so selfish."

"It's okay, we can learn this together." Bobby said softly. "Still my Master! You just need help to do it better, that's all. We forgive you."

God nodded now. "I kind of know his pain limits but I've pushed them so far past them and only did it for my own pleasure…I have no idea what their pain levels really are now." He hated to admit it but it was true.

"Start small then and keep checking with them until they say to stop, when it stops feeling good to them. When it becomes punishment instead of pleasure." Luc said. "You don't want to punish when you mean to make it pleasure. Punishment must only be dealt out when needed, not on a whim. For correction and then let go of, not lingering and keep making the other person feeling like crap." Luc looked to Kale, "Can I illustrate what I mean? Hurt for a moment, not a real punishment but…to show him an example. I will have to hit you too hard for a second but…" Luc bit a lip and his lover sighed.

"Just don't break the skin, Master." Kale said softly, hating that this was going to hurt. "Not too many blows, please?"

"One or two and not too much harder than you can handle, I promise. I'm sorry that this is going to hurt you, I just wanted to apologize in advance." Luc said and Kale nodded. Holding the whip, he went to make the blow. "This is one he enjoys." Luc said and let the whip hit his lover's back. Kale gasped and got hard. "I can push more but that is an example and not what we usually do, but you get the message, right?"

God nodded and looked serious. Eyes watching every reaction they made.

"This is one that hurts him." Luc said and winced as he sent a blow he knew hurt his lover but didn't harm him. Kale cried out in pain and flinched into the cross, but not too much so. Luc sighed as it hurt his heart to do it. "You see any of these reactions, you stop!"

"Sometimes they hide when it hurts but they can't hide all the signs, you must recognize them though." Luc said and asked Kale, "One more? Hide it this time, like they did."

"Well, make it two blows then. But…never mind, just do it, Sir." Kale said softly, near crying. "Just fucking do it!"

"No!" Bobby cried out, disobeying his Master in the process. "Whip me instead." He looked at Kale with mercy in his eyes. "Please, Sir, don't hurt him anymore!"

"I…" Luc said and saw his lover's pain. Looking at God, God nodded, after asking Bobby if he was sure.

"I'm sure." Bobby said then flinched as he waited for the whip to hit him.

"And this is how you know they are hiding it, they flinch. They go too still and quiet, they don't meet your eyes. They bow their heads and look sad. Sadness is not submission, it shows they are only doing it make you happy." Luc said. "Which is their natural inclination, to please their master. But, that is not to be confused with unhappiness and sadness. Bowing the head to let you do more than what they can handle is not submission either. You see these signs, you stop, and you avoid what I just did to Kale." Luc said softly and undid Kale, Kale winced in reflex but stilled, letting him take him to the sauna to heal. "I'm sorry, does it hurt badly? I tried not to…" Luc pleaded with him.

"No, Sir. I know you didn't mean to punish but…" Kale said then turned to God now. "That was punishing me, whether he meant to or not. I'm not mad but they feel the way I just felt then when you do it to them. You cannot do that to them. God or not!" He groaned though. "Damn that hurt!" He said softly and shook off his Master's touch. "I got it, I'll go soak. Just show him how to do it right." He saw their concerned look and walked away stiffly. "I'm fine really. I said he could do it, I gave permission. I honor my permission. It just hurt my heart. To be punished for not doing wrong…it would break my trust in him." Kale explained and kissed his master softly. "I love you, Luc. Let me soak a bit. I'm good."

And with that he was gone.

And a creation appeared, naked and obedient. "I have instructed it to act as Kale would, it will let you do what you need to. Act as he would. I have programmed his preferences into it." Sam said from the doorway, looking sad. "God, please don't hurt Bobby. I will hurt you if I have to, to keep you from doing that or die trying. I love you, but you do not get to hurt him again." Sam said quietly, closing his eyes and there was a burst of light. They all blinked to find Bobby standing where Sam was standing before and Sam tied to the cross where Bobby had been. "Do me instead, God. Leave him be. As Head god, this is my orders. You said you would obey me and honor my orders as head god, and this is an order. Whip me in his place. I won't let you hurt him again. Practice on me instead."

Eric ran in and he looked panicked. "Master, I am not doing this as your Submissive, so you can't order me to stop it. I am doing this as Head god and command you to step down and let me do it." Sam said.

"No, not…not you…" Eric said but bowed his head anyway. "Sammy…no, please!"

"Then leave if you can't handle it." Sam said softly. "He won't hurt me too much, he may not at all. He loves me, he will stop if he goes too far. If he doesn't, then it is worth the pain to spare his Subs it instead."

"I won't leave you. He may do this but…I won't leave you to this alone." Eric said and removed the Creation from its post. Taking its place and holding onto the straps to keep himself there. "I will take Kale's place."

"You aren't a Submissive, Eric. You aren't used to pain." Luc said.

"Yes, I am. I've known great pain before. Just use me to show him what to do but not too hard, okay? I can pretend to be a sub, I promise. I won't let Sam go through what I will not as well." Eric said.

They nodded, seeing his sacrifice for what it was. Love. His love for Sam not letting him leave him to do this alone. Sam's orders to do it still applied.

And had to be obeyed.

Even by God. He'd promised after all.


Luc whipped Eric lightly at first, and Eric winced but said nothing, making no sound. But no one stopped him from doing what he meant to do here. God copied and whipped Sam the same way. Building up the blows until Sam got hard and moaned. Until Eric bit back pained cries and hid wet eyes under closed lids. Not enjoying this at all, Sam noticed, but not backing off the cross yet. For an hour, Luc illustrated the right way, and Eric laid against the cross, still and sore. Sam winced now as he felt the whip cut through his skin, unable to take it anymore. "Unicorn!" He cried out harshly and God stopped, Sam gasping in pain. Erection and pleasure all gone now. Blood trailed down his back from several blows. And God paled at what he'd done.

Eric told Luc, voice full of pain, too. "Show him the…right way, Luc, please?"

Luc nodded and showed him it again and then there was another flash of light, blinding them again. Dean was on the cross now, Sam on the bed, still bleeding but healing now. "My turn, use me now." Dean demanded. "Sam does not get hurt anymore, or I will kill you for him."

Again Luc showed him the blows and Eric cried into his cross but hid it again.

Dean moaned softly at the blows but noticed they were getting lighter now, better timed and more controlled. Not as hard. But then they did get too hard and he cried out, "Impala!" and a flash of light took its place again. Eric and Dean were gone now, Connor and Angel in their places. God had Angel, Luc had Connor. "You abuse him, human, and it will be the last thing you ever do in this life!" Angel growled at the Dom and he cringed at the worry there in Angel's eyes. "That is my son! You hurt him too much and I will show you true pain. He wanted to do this and I couldn't let him do it by himself. I am here to help them and take care of my son, too. You hurt him and you will die painfully for it!" And they saw he meant every word, too. Angel would kill for the boy, and die for him in equal measures, too. He dearly loved his son and they all knew that.

Eric and Dean winced and nearly cried in pain as they crept up to cuddle with Sam now. Bobby and Ellen sat by them, hating that they were doing this for them.

Luc whipped Connor right, even slower this time, and God copied it. He knew Angel had never been whipped, and hated pain, which was why he'd refused to submit all the time before like the others did. He'd only just agreed to be Submissive all the time but not behave that way all that time necessarily. He was natural top, a Dominant, with a submissive side, not a large amount of Submission there but… there was some. And only for Eric, his Master! And maybe his husbands, the Sex gods…that was the extent of it for him.

This was a sacrifice he was making and they respected that.

Connor nearly came from his whipping as Angel merely endured his, fighting every movement and being still as a statue as the whip welted his back and pain shot through him. God wasn't whipping him in a punishing way so he tolerated it. But did not get hard, did not get excited, and most definitely got no enjoyment from this Submission at all!

But did it anyway.

"Sword." He finally gasped when he couldn't take anymore and almost passed out from the pain of it. Connor came from his with a loud cry and was released. Bobby took his place again. Kale came out and took his, too.

"Now whip us." Bobby said, seeing God was doing it right now. Eric and Angel passing out from their pain now, Sam with them. Dean cleaned them with a worried expression, kissing them lovingly and murmuring to them now.

They were in pain but had done what they thought was right. No one faulted them for it. In fact, they really admired them for it! Such bravery from men who didn't take any pleasure from pain at all, just to spare their loved ones the same. Even if they'd enjoy parts of it more. They wanted to make sure God knew how to whip right first before letting Bobby near him with the whip! And now he did.

God whipping Bobby and watching Luc do the same to Kale, then making love to them as they were immobilized to the cross and being still for them, the Submissives cumming repeatedly when told and then doing the same with Ellen, her back welted soon as well, then was made love to for an hour. Kale was taken and sucked in turns by his Master until they had all cum several times and found themselves all very sated.

The sore gods and Dhampyre, along with the Pinfore lay there, most of them sleeping but watched over by Bobby and Ellen, but Dean looked up as he struggled to recover from his own pain. "You know what you are doing now, right, Father?" Dean asked God harshly and his eyes were hard.

"Yes, lover, I do. I'm sorry I hurt them, hurt you." God said in shame.

"Then get out! I can't bear to look at you right now. You've done enough, don't you think!" Dean spat and kissed his lovers, pain on his face for theirs. "I don't blame you, it was their Wills and I can't fault that. It was ours, too. That doesn't mean we had to like it. We didn't do this for you. We did it for Bobby. We'd do anything for him. We love him." Dean said bitterly as Sam snuggled into his neck, kissing it in his sleep, smiling. "You do it right from now on and we won't have to be hurt again. Promise me that you know what you're doing now, promise!" Dean demanded and God hung his head.

"I promise, I know what I'm doing now." God said. Eyes on the men on the bed he'd hurt, that Luc had hurt.

"Then leave please…I've seen and experienced enough Submission and Masochism for today, I can't take anymore. Take the crosses and whips with you." Dean said and they took them into the hall for the moment. Shutting the door quietly behind them on the way out. "I'm here, baby. I'm here." Dean reassured Sam as best he could, doing the same for the others, even though he ached and hurt, too. "Not leaving you, I'll be here when you wake up." Connor soothing them as well, Bobby and Ellen using cool cloths to ease the pain of their welted backs for them. Applying cream to each other's backs as well. Then to the others as they rested.

And he was there when they woke up. Then they soaked for hours in the Sauna and cuddled. Love healing them inside as their powers healed their outsides. All of them thinking that it had really hurt and they'd known it would, especially Eric and Angel who hated pain to begin with. But that it had led to God being able to take care of Bobby and Ellen better; and that had been why they'd done it to begin with.

But they couldn't face God or Luc right now, so they popped to a cloud bank and stayed there for a while, letting the moonlight bathe their bodies and making love for hours, holding down the Submissives and taking them in every way, crying out in desire and pleasure, and cumming for hours more and then letting the Submissives take them as well, making love for hours again, everyone but Connor and Angel, who only sucked them and fucked their lovers but not each other.

Angel was a good father to Connor, not his lover. His love not like theirs but that was okay, too. Connor felt the same for him. And, as they tag teamed the tired group, they smirked and made them cry out their names and cum for them more, loving the sounds the men made.

And, later that morning, they approached the guilty looking pair, both God and Luc not meeting their eyes. Bowing to the group and waiting. "Thank you." Dean said and they looked up surprised.

"You did what we asked, and saved Bobby and Ellen pain. You learned what you needed to learn. And we'd do it again. We ordered you to do it and you did it. Thank you for respecting our orders." Dean added and hugged them, the others doing the same.

"But we hurt you…especially you dominants…so much!" God said softly, remembering the blood on Sam's back. The pained body languages and faces of Angel and Eric, both clearly hating every moment of their whippings but taking them in silence as much as they could. Dean breaking under his whipping, even as he did his best to take what he could, too.

God not just learning how to whip right. But also how a Sub looks that is not telling him he is hurting, showing him what a Sub looked like in pain and who was being punished and abused, rather than pleasured and sharing a consensual experience with his Master. And he never wanted to see that on anyone again. He'd do better now. In fact, thanks to their help, he did know the better way and was thankful to them for showing him it.

And swore to make it up them, for all they'd endured this night at their temporary Master's hands. Things no Submissive should every have had to endure to begin with. It was never right to abuse a Sub, but they had. And forgiven or not, forgiving them or not, they all knew that, too.

"We'll never do that to you again." God promised quietly.

"We know." Sam said and stood there.

"We're sorry." Luc said.

"We know." Dean said and didn't move.

"Please, forgive us…let us touch you again. We…we love you." They said in turns. Shame still there.

"Nothing to forgive." Eric said and sighed. "Can't say I didn't hate it, because I did. But I knew I would when I volunteered for it. Nothing you did surprised me, I knew it would happen and it did. Can't forgive a wrong that isn't a wrong." He smiled. "Of course you can fuck us again, make love with us and to us."

"I…" Luc said softly. "You may take me as punishment to make up for it." Luc said softly, nervous. "I've not…I don't…I want to make it up to you guys. You may all fuck me for it as punishment. I've never been touched back there, a virgin. I never had a real urge to do it but like to fuck others though." Bowing, he knelt before them, offering his bottom to them. "I've never wanted to do that. Take me, I've earned it."

He waited with his head down and soon looked up when nothing happened for a while.

"When we 'take' you, it will not be rape. It will not be a punishment." Dean promised and kissed Luc's confused face softly. Working a small amount of lust in and using magically lubed fingers to fuck him with, the man moaning as the lust filled him. Then cumming as Dean thrust them in a couple more times and then removed them smiling again. "It will be because you want us to fuck you. No other reason."

And with that, they headed into the house for breakfast.

Both God and Luc watched them go in wonder. "So…we're really…" Luc said, lust still lingering, bringing back the feeling of Dean fingerfucking him again and getting hard from it.

"Forgiven? Apparently." God said then sighed. "I still want to make it up to them."

"Me, too." Luc said softly. "I've never done that…what he did just now…" Luc admitted.

"I know." God said then walked inside, too. "He's right, you know." He chuckled softly then.

"About what?" Luc asked curiously.

"You'll want him to fuck you eventually.' God said. "Men always do when his lust touches them." And, with that, he went in to join the rest of them.

And Luc knelt there, thinking. Yeah, he'd felt the lust and, hell, he had been turned on from it. But he'd never let another man have his ass that way, let alone submitted so willingly to anyone enough to let them finger him until he came from it. He didn't hate Dean for it, he'd offered and Dean had…sort of took him up on it. Unsure of how this changed anything, Luc shook his head to clear it and stood again. Dusting off his knees.

He wasn't sure how it had happened, or what he was wanting, or what he really wanted to happen between them now; he had no choice but admit that. He'd both enjoyed and had become thoroughly confused about what had just happened, and maybe, just a little bit, he wanted it to happen again. And someday, yeah, he would possibly, a slim chance of it really, consider letting the guys fuck him. Luc rationalized. Maybe someday in the future…He'd want Dean and them to fuck him that way, too. But it wasn't likely.

At least that was what he told himself as he went into the house now.

And somewhere the ticket master of that cruise up the Denial sold a certain Dominant a ticket on a Dean's cruise. And as stubborn as Luc could be, it was going to be an extended trip at that!


Luc managed to catch Dorian and Dante kissing soon after, curiosity getting the best of him. Something about Bobby made them do that for him, the way they did it for each other, the self-sacrifice, what would make them do that?

"Um, can I ask you something?" he said approaching them and they looked up, listening. "Sure." Dorian laughed and motioned to the piece of cloud beside them. "You're giving us a crick in our necks, sit."

"What they did, in there, so Bobby wouldn't be hurt by the whip? Why would they do that for him? What is he to them?" Luc asked, "No one's ever done that for me. I don't understand it."

"Well, because he's Bobby." Dorian said like it was the most obvious fact in the world.

"I don't get it. He's just a man." Luc said uncertainly, but the glaring and offended faces on the pair told him he was wrong.

"You take that back!" Dante hissed angrily. "Take it back about Bobby." He was flaming now so Luc held up hands, looking to Dorian for advice here but saw she was just as pissed.

"You heard him!" Dorian growled. 'Just a man, my ass!' she thought furiously.

"I'm sorry. I'm just trying to understand. I take it back, forgive me." Luc said and they relaxed a bit. "What is it about him that makes you love him so damn much?" Then heard a cleared throat and saw the others joining them, Cas and Gabriel joining them to speak more.

"He's Bobby." Cas said softly, shrugging. Gabriel smiled and nodded, fondness in his face as well. "He made me feel human, feel welcome when I felt so scared I thought I could never be here on Earth if anyone really knew me."

"He accepted me, even with being a Trickster god and all the bad shit I've done, he loved me anyway and invited me to live here with them, when he could have just threw me out. He was good to me, was better to me than anyone ever could have been to me. He made me feel worth loving again. Worth something and showed me that maybe I could be good; that I was worth taking a chance on and worth being good to finally." Gabriel admitted lovingly. "We all love him because he is worth it and has earned it."

"Tell me everything." Luc asked and they began to speak.

"Bobby was abused as a child, and he swore to never put his kids through that, so he never had any of his own. Then told Karen, his wife at that time, that he couldn't have kids so she wouldn't push for them. Then she died thinking he didn't want them. A demon took her and, well, Rufus burst in and saved him, and they have been friends ever since." Dorian said but held a hand up to quiet the Dom. "It'll soon be relevant, trust me."

Luc nodded and waited. "My uncle was a friend of his, sent me to stay with him for a bit. He raised me for a few years until I returned to live with Stefano once he returned to live in America. Bobby was a fantastic father to me, he loved me very much." Dorian told him and smiled, seeing Bobby and Ellen joining them and glad they were letting them speak. "I loved him, too. Almost more than my own father."

"He saved me from Vampires that had taken me and my family from our home. They Turned my folks, and my folks then Turned my brother but when they tried to kill me, it didn't work right. It brought my Pheonix Powers out too early and I couldn't control them. I burned them up with my touch when they tore my throat out." Dante bit back tears and kept going, keeping it brief and leaving a lot out though. "I was healing but didn't know how I could. I wasn't Turned but, there was fire everywhere, in the room, in the cage I was in, and all over me." He sighed then smiled at Bobby here. "He and Rufus came in, saw me there. You see, the Pheonix deity I share my body with, it lives in the flames and, even when it first came out of me, it never once burned them. I suppose it didn't sense they were threats to me. Anyway, the fire pulled into me and I became a Pheonix, and bonded with my Powers and the Deity. Soon I was whole again, shivering on the floor. They could have killed me easily, being a Pheonix and seeing I was seen as demonic and all but they didn't."

Dante paused a minute then continued now. "I was just a kid and Bobby took me in, raised me, got me in school, took care of me, loved me like his own son. Then I was sent to live with another hunter, James Larner. He was a historian, a demonologist. He knew how to train me with my powers so Bobby had to let me go. I inherited money from my folks but… I never touch it, I still don't. I own businesses and such for income, I'm worth close to three billion, or that's what my accountant told me. I let Bobby handle my finances for me, he does it better than me anyway." Dante shrugged. "He's my Dad and lover, and I don't care what anyone says. You think he's just a man but he's so much more than that." He looked down then at Bobby with a gentle smile. "You are my Dad, too. Just as much as you were to the Winchesters. Such a good man, and a loving heart."

"Now, those boys, they were messed up. Mom killed by the demon on a ceiling, Dad hunting the demon, pushing them to be hunters from the time Sam was a toddlers. John was grieving, revenge was the only thing on his mind but saving those kids from the demon was, too. So, he hid them and hunted, leaving them alone often. Too often. They came to be too close, not like brothers, but more than that, and less, too. They got twisted together from it and, well, that didn't leave room for much of anyone else in their lives. They let us in, sure. We were kids like them but, when it came to most adults, they felt the unwelcome, the 'we don't need you!' vibe they gave off. Sam only needed Dean all his life and Dean only needed Sam, to take care of, to spend time with, to talk to about anything, and, most of all, to love. Everyone else was just…unnecessary and they fled from that." Dorian explained. Leaving out the lusting for each other parts, that was none of Luc's business. They'd mention it if they wanted him to know it.

"Then one day, they came to Bobby's. He saw them boys and melted. Saw through their twisted lives, and saw they needed him and needed love and stability in their lives. So Bobby made a place for himself inside their hearts right then. His first act upon meeting them was to hug them. Not even John did that much for them, and not nearly as warmly either. Bobby ignored the 'we don't need you!' vibe and made them need him. Made them love another person more than each other. Taught them to love him, too. He saw they needed a Dad and, John was gone often, so he became that for them." Dante chimed in. He'd been there when they'd met the boys and John. "He fell for those boys, hook, line and sinker right then. And they took to him right away, too! They followed him everywhere. Damn near idolized him. John said teach them to bow hunt, Bobby took them fishing. John said to teach them fighting skills, Bobby played baseball with them. John said teach them to hunt and he did, but mostly, Bobby gave them toys and played with them, listened to them when they talked, fed them when they were hungry, hurt for them when they cried, and had a hell of a time letting them go whenever John took them away from him again and again. He missed them so much he cried each time and so did they, like John was tearing their hearts to pieces just by taking them away from Bobby's and the man himself. He was their father by then, not John; He'd been replaced in their heart by Bobby from that first visit. Then they'd come back and he'd do it all again. Giving them a family, a father who just loved them! Not as hunter's kids to train to kill shit but as kids who just needed loved and needed some normalcy in their lives; kids that needed to have childhoods, not to have those childhoods taken from them in the pursuit of Hunting shit! He was their father, not just an instructor on how to kill things."

"Then they faced Azazel after he took John from them. Azazel killed John and took his soul in exchange for giving Dean's life back. He'd been hurt in an accident when a demon tried to kill them…again. Demons really hate Winchesters…you'll figure that out quick once you live around them long enough. With us. They just sense we're Winchesters by blood and just have to try to kill us! You either run as far from them as you can and be safe, or you stay with them and fight by their sides, and make targets of yourself by just being with them. Bobby did that, and so did we. Me and Dante. We are their cousins through the Campbell, Finch, and Scaric bloodlines. It's complicated, so please don't ask." Dorian said and waved a hand. "They died twice each, came back, got tortured, hurt, soulless, broken and put back together by that man more times than they could count. He tended their wounds, he sewed their stitches. He's seen their worst behaviors and, trust me there were quite a few in there, and still stood by them and loved them anyway! Apocalypse, death, demons, world crashing down around their ears and each time they saved it all, they only got hurt even worse for their troubles. So you ask why Bobby is important enough to be beaten for so he wouldn't have to be?" Dorian said with hard eyes.

"He was the one that fixed them and they knew pain, and always spared him it as much as they could. So they knew they could bear that pain for him, since they knew he couldn't. It would have killed something in Bobby to bear that pain they got by your whips. But not for them to. So for their love of Bobby, they'd take it for him. They may only really need each other, much more than they could ever need us. But somehow, Bobby got in there and then…they needed him just as much as they needed as each other. I guarantee if a thing showed up here, got in and said it was them or Bobby, and had a way to kill a god with him. Those two would gladly die for him in a heartbeat. And not think twice about it in the process as they died painfully to do it." Dorian said. "He's not just a man to us four, Luc. He's our Dad, and our lover, and our Everything. We true Winchesters are really selfish things, only wanting our own things. But…Bobby? He got that and said fuck that! And bullied his way into our hearts, no matter how selfish we were. Then…with everything he did for us, all the love he showed us, for all the unselfish ways he gave us all of himself, he made us want and love him, too. Made us selfish enough to want him, too; just as much as we wanted each other in the end. We need him to be good, to be happy! To have a family because, without him, there is no home for us, no family feeling. He's our family, lover, and Dad. He's a part of us. So when you were going to hurt him, we knew we couldn't let you do that." Dorian said.

"If they hadn't stepped in and took the pain for him, we would have." Dante said somberly. "We hate that much pain, too. But for Bobby, we'd have taken all you had to dish out. Bobby stays safe, no one hurts him!"

"Damn, that's…" Luc wiped tears away, that was true devotion there. "Special, really special and he's a lucky man to have you four love him that much." And he was going to hurt that man…they'd have killed him!

"Yes, we would have." Dante admitted reading his thought. "If you'd have harmed him, you'd be dead right now."

"Yeah, you would be." Cas spoke up coldly eying him, feeling the exact same way.

"Oh, yeah, as a doornail." Gabriel promised, making sure the man understood exactly how much that meant, too.

"Uh huh. Got that." Luc gulped nervously.

"I love you guys, too." Bobby said, wiping tears away. "I didn't get my own kids but… I got something better. I got you guys. You were my kids and blood didn't make that so, love did!" He smiled and nodded. "As soon as I saw all of you, I knew you were mine; my kids. So I made you mine and tried to be a good Dad to you. Because, in my mind, you already were my sons and daughters." Bobby shrugged at Joreal's sad look. "John knew it, too, and was jealous of that, kept them away more and more. Hoping they'd love him more than me or each other someday, but they never did. He was loved but not nearly as much as he'd hoped to be. He'd messed it up by not being there for them, and I won't apologize for loving them! They needed me and I damn well needed them, too. Dante needed me, too. And so I kept him as long as I could but his powers got stronger so he had to go train them. Dorian was called back home and I wanted to make her stay here but couldn't. Missed them all when they left me and was so glad when they came back. You and Gabriel just…well, you were a surprise…but you grew on me…especially you, Gabe. I hated you at first. Cas I liked but you took some work to love, but eventually I got it and loved you, too." Bobby chuckled at the thought. "Granted Sam and Dean visited much more frequently than those others did. These others had others to be there for them, to want them, and Sam and Dean didn't have anyone but me and them. I couldn't let them be alone, I just couldn't." Bobby shrugged. "I hated seeing them hurt. It fucking killed me to watch God hurt them that way!" He shook his head to clear away unshed tears. "The things they do for me, I sometimes wonder if it would have been better that they had never met me. They'd never have had to feel that pain if they hadn't."

"No, Bobby. They wouldn't be." God said and held his lover, who pushed him away and flinched from him briefly. God looked hurt but understood. Bobby was angry the boys had been hurt, God got that. He had to make it up to his Subs, too. "You saved them, your love for them. It saved them in the end. I meant them to love you this way, knew they needed you to. Knew you'd love them, too. And you needed them too. They'd have been lost to the Evil by now without you to light their way by just being there for them, believe me. I've seen how bad their lives would have been if they'd never met you." God shook his head sadly. "So sorry I hurt them all upstairs. I should have done better and this would never have happened. This is my fault."

"No, it's not. You had to learn and, well, this was a bit extreme but it worked. They wanted this and ordered it. You had to obey them." Bobby said softly but God looked at him miserably anyway.

"Then why won't you guys let me touch you and why won't you look me in the eye?" God asked and they sighed.

"Because you hurt them! You made them bleed and broke them! And while we love you and need you, part of us really hates you for that fact at the moment!" Bobby nearly shouted and punched God, and he fell to the ground holding his jaw in surprise and pain. "You hurt my sons, you fucker! Command or not, you hurt them! So yeah, I'm pissed, we're pissed… but not forever. Just stay down there until we leave the room, okay? We might be tempted to beat the crap out of you for it if you don't! God or no God, you hurt them that way again and we will dump you flat and leave you forever." Bobby ground out and left the room; Ellen, Dorian, Cas, Gabriel, and Dante following him glaring at God, too.

God waited until they were gone then got up. Rubbing his jaw as it healed instantly, he sighed. "Yeah, you aren't the only one in the doghouse here, Luc." God said sadly, eyes on the men heading up the stairs and the women there, too. "We…they don't hate us. They are just angry and worried for the others. When you love someone that much, it tends to make you vengeful when they get hurt, even if they ask you to." He sat down and saw several in the room angry at them, too. Then the others left to go upstairs, too.

Soon they were alone and groaned.

"We have a lot of making up to do with them, don't we?" Luc said eyeing the empty room now.

"Yep, and I'm pretty sure roses and kisses won't fix this. I foresee begging, kneeling, and lots of pleading in the near future. And gifts and dates and hopefully, sex, lots of it with us at the receiving end." God shrugged. "I love that part but…you might need to adjust to it. Trust me, the sex is fantastic but they won't rape you or force you. But you desire them already, I've sensed that. You will want to be with them as a lover in their bed soon. For now, find a nice gift for them, ask them out, romance them, show them you love them and apologize often. Groveling is called for here, and Dominant to dominant? Pride is not your friend here. You want them to forgive you? You need to let that pride go and let the love in. Pride is a cold lover, baby. I know this from experience."

And with that God popped away and Luc was left thinking.

"It's not so hard." A voice said from his shoulder. Turning to see who it was he was saw nothing. "Look down, human." It chuckled. He crooked his head and eye down to see a shining naked man sitting on his shoulder. 'A Faery, of course.' He thought.

"What won't be hard? And who are you?" He asked and the man laughed, a smooth smoky laugh. Very sexy, he thought.

"Thank you. You are very sexy, too." The Faery said without a single bit of modesty, flirting with him but also looking concerned for him. "Make it up to them. Just let them cool down first, that always works. I am Alabastair, a Faery. A companion Faery. I saw you and thought you might let me be yours." The Faery man said smiling. "We will be great friends and lovers, you and I."

"Lovers?" Luc asked surprised.

"Yes, we Faeries were told we were welcome to be sexual with you Olympians more now. We were told to choose partners and approach them, ask them to be lovers with us. I chose you and Kale, that is your Submissive, right? Did I get his name wrong?" Alabastar said eyes worried he'd offended the man.

"No, that's his name…" Luc said and then said, "I'm sorry but I'm in love with Kale, Alabastar."

The Faery laughed in amusement. "That's good because I'm not offering love. I'm offering sex and friendship. You humans are so sentimental! You build love, like you did with Kale. We don't want to build anything of the sort; most of us don't. We just want to fuck you and have you fuck us. Fight with you and talk sometimes outside of sex with you. We don't need Mates. We choose those much later if we ever do. Most Faeries don't mate with anyone but just fuck others and have them fuck us. We're rather slutty things I suppose but we like it this way." The Faery chuckled at Luc's heated look. "You game for it? I already asked Kale and he said it was up to you. He did say to tell you that it was a good idea and that he hoped you consider saying yes, though. I assumed that was Submission-Speak for 'yes, let's do this!'." Alabastar said and waited.

"It is." Luc laughed and nodded. "We'll do the sex and friendship thing with you, Alabastar." And saw the Faery smile and hold up his hands. Luc narrowed his eyes to see the tiny things better but then gasped. He wore cuffs, tiny golden cuffs!

"I'm one of the kinky Faeries, I thought I'd suit your tastes better, human." Alabastar said and stuck out a tongue. "No 'master' though. But 'sir' is fine. I have no master and if I did, it wouldn't be a human."

"What would it be?" Luc had to ask then wanted to face palm himself. Knowing the answer already by then.

"Another Faery of course. Or my Mate if I choose one. I am Submissive so I seek a Dominant lover, the dominant Faeries will seek out Submissive lovers, and so forth. You do not own us. We are not your property! But…we will loan ourselves to your kind for pleasure at times." Alabastar said flying off now.

"Where are you going?" Luc asked and saw he was hard from the Faery's words.

"To prepare to play with you, of course. We will fuck when you have made up with them. They need you more, sex with me can wait." Alabastar said waving him goodbye and floating further and further away until Luc no longer saw his Faery's flicker anymore.

Reflecting that while no sluttier than anyone else he'd met from Olympus so far, and not minding that at all, in fact he found their sexual natures very appealing really. Faeries were indeed very strange and fascinating creatures though. Wondering how many kinds of Faeries there really were out there. He smiled and headed up the stairs knowing the Faery was right. He had to make this up to them, and would start right now.


A week later, Sam and Dean leaned over their car, adjusting the water pump one last time. It had just went out and they had a new one from town to put in. Bobby had given the last one he'd had to another hunter and was waiting for a new shipment of car parts to come in; so they were pretty alone out here in the garage area at the moment.

A soft step came behind them and they smiled as a hand caressed their asses. "We're busy. Give us five minutes before you fuck us." Sam teased. Turning to kiss Luc as he continued to stroke their asses suggestively, curious to see what they were doing. "Hey, sexy. Thought you were getting your car body picked out."

"I did, found another Impala. Dark blue this time, really cherry. I was looking at engines, thought of you and decided to visit while Kale chose one. Need some help?" Luc asked and they shook their heads.

"It's just the water pump, we got it." Dean said taking the wrench from Sam. "What's up?"

"I was wondering if you'd consider a…date with me? I want to…do that thing with you." Luc said nervously licking a lip. Eyes flicking around trying to see if anyone was listening.

"You mean you want to make up for the earlier abuse by letting us fuck you." Dean said and gave him an amused look.

"Yes, that." Luc said shyly.

"Luc, you don't…it's okay." Dean sputtered in surprise. "We just meant you'd want to someday. You don't have to do it now, we're good. Not mad anymore. Might be avoiding crosses and whips for a while but…we're good with us just bottoming for you at the moment."

"No, I, fuck! I suck at this." Luc said softly going to leave. "I really wanted…"

"Wanted what?" Sam said stopping him with a hand to his arm.

"To go on a date with you two. I get you won't do it. It's okay. I've earned that." Luc said. "I can't stop thinking about…what we did…and how it felt when you did it."

"Um, if we're going to have sex, don't you think we should be able to say it like grownups?" Sam teased and Luc nodded, smiling more now. "Now tell us your fantasy, your dreams. What you want to do with us exactly?" Sam urged him gently. "What do you dream of us doing with you?"

"I keep dreaming and thinking of you kissing me then, as I lay you down below me, you flip us. Then you suck me hard until I cum while you finger me open, like you did before. But this time you work your…well, your dick in and then we make love and it feels great…then I wake up and it just happens again when I close them again." Luc said then sighed. "I can't stop thinking about you fucking me and wondering if it feels that good, and…you were right, I've lusted for you to fuck me since you filled me with your lust and fingered my ass…I want you and him, and if I like it, maybe your Master and the other Submissives he has, too. Like I said, I've never had sex that way before but…Kale is okay with you being my first as long as he gets to watch." Luc said. "Can we try or have I messed up my chances with you?"

"Well, we think it's a great idea." Sam said then frowned. "But Kale really should be the first one to make love to you. He's your lover and Mate. We can go second though."

Oh, he hadn't thought of that. Would Kale be upset if he did this? He hadn't sounded upset but it was possible he might have been hiding it…"Kale. I need to talk to him but, if he agrees to this, you'll still be with me, right? Not changing your minds?" He was worried they wouldn't want him after this. He deserved to taken but, more importantly, he wanted them to take him.

"Yes, and when you are ready, bring Kale with you. We wouldn't mind him topping us either. It'll be good reward for him, if you were so inclined…" Dean hinted. The Dom nodded and grinned.

"Yeah, I'll mention that. He hasn't topped you yet, he'd like that." Luc agreed. His Submissive hadn't been that dominant before but he could use the sex and he was a switch after all. He could be more dominant, too. Luc thought it might be sexy in his Sub. "I'll talk to him."

"Good, let us know what you decide." Dean said wiping his hands off. "And the date idea sounds great, too, so just let us know when you want to do it."

"I will." Luc said going off to talk to Kale now.

He found him by the engines, examining manifolds in earnest.

"Can we talk?" Luc asked.

"Of course, Sir. What about?" Kale asked. So Luc hesitantly told Kale what had been discussed just now and he looked down in silence, nodding. "It's up to you." Kale finally said.

Luc knew this expression. Kale was unhappy with a decision he'd made and he knew which one. "They said you'd want to be my first, since you were the man I love. Is that true?" He used a finger to edge Kale's face up to look at him now.

"Yes, Sir. But I have no right to ask." Kale said submissively.

"You do, too! You have every right to ask! You are the man I love and, they're right, you should be my first lover that way, not them." Luc said and kissed the man. "It's okay, I was wrong to consider anyone for my first but you. Will you be my first?"

"Yes, I'd love to." Kale said smiling finally.

"He did say you could fuck them, top them, if you wanted to." Luc said smiling and saw Kale's face light up with happiness at that thought. "I suppose if you don't want to…" He knew his lover did, he was just teasing him.

"Yes, I do!" Kale said and nodded. "I haven't topped since I got with you but…I have topped before." He blushed at his Master's look. "I thought you wouldn't want me if you knew I was a switch that way. You only seemed interested in the Submissiveness so I assumed that part didn't matter as much. I'm in love with you, have been for years ever since our first mission together. Tiberius, remember? The Dictator we took out."

"Yeah, I remember. I also remember you and I getting plastered afterward and me fucking you into a wall, then a table and then I think I fucked you over the bar. It's hard to recall it all but I remember they watched the bar thing…" Luc chuckled. The rest of the night was a blur, a really empty blur. They'd woken up naked behind the bar on the floor the next morning. "Thank goodness the owner of the bar was gay-inclined or we'd have been arrested."

"Yeah, I remember that, too. Then you got kinky, and I got Submissive and we got collared. It was a fun trip and I got a Master to love." Kale agreed and smiled. "So when are we going to pop that cherry of yours, huh?" He teased back.

"Well, I've asked them out on a date with us. Then they suggested we do it with them after…want to do it then? We could do it ourselves now, if you want to." Luc agreed and said. "Call me romantic but I think a date would be a better lead in than a random fuck into an engine block though…"

"A date? But you said a Dominant doesn't 'date' his submissive, he's not his boyfriend…" Kale said surprised. "Does this mean I'm your…well, Submissive is a given but…I'm more than that? You've never told me that you loved me…you just let me say I'm in love with you and smiled but…do you? Do you love me?"

"Husband. Or will be if they marry us. But also my Submissive. I do love you, I shouldn't have stuck by the other rules when this is about us not them. I love you, Kale, have since I met you in Tiberius. I knew you were Submissive as soon as I met you. I just knew I had to have you as my Submissive after that night, I just had to claim you." Luc said. "Will you marry me first?"

"Before we…yes!" Kale said hugging his Master. "My Master!"

"Yes, yours." Luc agreed and kissed him softly. "You know, I'm not against fucking you against an engine block though." He said as he turned Kale into one and bent him over it. "Are you?" He asked, stroking the man's dick as he asked. He knew Kale wasn't, he just wanted to tease him some more.

"No, Sir." Kale moaned as he fingered Kale's hole and stroked him. "Please, Sir?" He whimpered as pleasure took him.

With that, Luc worked in and took his time, making love to Kale slowly then going harder, cumming in him twice before working him the rest of the way to orgasm and saying softly into his ear. "Cum now."

And, like lightning shooting through him, Kale shook from the force of his orgasm and collapsed against his Master. Then they sat cuddled on the floor, happy and spent, until they could move properly.

Going out to let the gods know they wanted a date the next day for lunch. A picnic. Which they agreed was a nice idea.


The lunch proved to be a simple one. Tuna salad sandwiches, watermelon, potato salad, and soda for the drinks. Sam cuddled Kale while Dean cuddled Luc, talking and happily stealing kisses from their dates before they switched them again.

Soon, however, the kisses grew harder and they had to stop.

"Wedding?" Dean asked Luc.

"Please." Luc barely got the word out, he was too turned on to think too clearly but he remembered that much.

"Olympian okay or you'd prefer the Heavenly one? We could arrange it with God for you…" Dean asked.

"Olympian's fine and no grand ceremony is needed. Right now sounds great for it really." Luc said smiling. "I just want to marry him. I don't need an audience honestly."

"Okay, then join hands and sit facing each other." Sam advised and they did it.

"Do you…wait, what is your full name, Luc? Kale?" Dean started then stopped.

"Lucas Bromwell, He's Kalen Roberts." Luc said and they nodded.

"Lucas Bromwell…." Sam began and then they said the vows, which were repeated and then they kissed happily once they both had done them. Then he offered lube to them, knowing they needed it.

Kale kissed his lover softly then sucked him until he came, working him open with fingers. "I love you, Luc. I'll be gentle." Kale promised him.

"I know, but not too gentle. I don't mind it rough, if you've forgotten." Luc teased.

"Yeah, but it wasn't your virgin ass you were fucking, was it?" Kale pointed out. Luc tensed at that. No, it hadn't been his own virgin ass he'd fucked then…what if it hurt him?

It had been Kale's and now he thought maybe they would…Oh, fuck! He cried out in pleasure as Kale rimmed his hole and caressed his dick, stealing his doubts away. Working fingers in then rimming him again, until he was about to explode from it. "Please?" Luc begged. "I'm ready, please fuck me…" Luc whimpered as Kale gently worked into him but slid in fairly easily, Luc making his body relax with great effort now. Wanting to fight the intrusion but knowing he couldn't. It ached some but didn't hurt. Kale had prepared him well. He thought proudly of his lover.

"Push out as I push in, it will make it easier for me to enter you, Sir." Kale said and stilled as burning settled into the muscles then he began to move a little at a time, searching for the prostate even as he tried to barely move inside him. Soon he was deep as he could go in Luc and began to thrust more, gently feeling for the knot there inside him. Luc cried out again in desire as he found it.

Kale slowed now, moving slow, working that spot and memorizing where it was. When he was sure he had it down, he moved harder, deeper, and more intensely. Fighting his own need to take him rougher and kept it as love making for a while longer.

"More!" Luc cried out hoarsely. "Now, rougher…not a damn virgin anymore…fuck me rougher!"

And, with those words to encourage him, Kale did just that. Taking him harder and roughly until he was pounding his lover and they both nearly screamed their orgasms; multiple ones flooding them thanks to the Sex gods offering them their powers inside them again. Both Master and Submissive fucking a few more times for good measure until they couldn't cum anymore and lay on the cloud, blissed out for a bit.

Then, two hours later, they stirred and sucked the Sex gods hard and made them moan for them, fingering them open now, too. Then Dean fucked Luc first and Kale fucked him, going slow and savoring the powers that flowed from the gods again and did their part to make the pleasure seem to last forever. The powers balancing them on the sharp edge of ecstasy then cut them with it. Until they came hard and deep, Dean filling Luc with his cum now and Kale filling Dean with his.

Then resting and allowing Sam to fuck Luc while Kale took him, and the powers kept spinning them, and taking their minds and bodies now. Dean slipping behind Kale to fuck him as well, all four moving together for hours and not stopping until the powers let them again. All cumming hard as they felt the powers unweave through them, back into the Sex gods where they poured the pleasure and sex they'd done with them through the gods again. Making them fuck their lovers more, both Kale and Luc on all fours in front of them, being fucked hard and often then switched and being taken by the other Sex god the same way as well.

Six hours later, they floated down. The Sex gods sated and smug, and their lovers satisfied, spent, exhausted, and very well fucked and sore; but not complaining either. They definitely wanted them to do it again later…they just needed to give them time to recover first.

Luc smiled as they kissed him goodbye and Luc and Kale went to their cottage to lay down to rest. "Can we…would you mind if we had sex with you again, Luc? We didn't ruin it for you, did we?" Sam asked uncertainly. The sex had been great for them, but had it been for Luc? He thought.

"It was fantastic and, yes, you are so fucking me, no, both of us, again!" Luc chuckled now. "I wouldn't mind doing what we did just now again sometimes, every last bit of it. Maybe with more of the kink of course."

"We'd have added that but…Eric said we can't do kink with anyone but him…sorry." Dean said. "We're his Subs and we wouldn't betray his trust that way."

"Of course not, I would never ask you, too." Luc said touched. Eric trusted him with his Subs, but up to a point. No kink, no bondage, not exactly vanilla really, but just fantastic god-powered sex that left you aching from it afterward. He could live with that. "Eric is a good Master, he loves you two very much."

"And we love him…even with all the sex we do. It's necessary for us, trust me." Dean reassured him. "Without it, the powers don't balance and we'd explode from them and hurt you guys." He kissed them again and soon left. Sam behind him, leaving kisses as well. "You were terrific, both of you." Sam complimented them as he walked out.

"They were great lovers, I so should have done this earlier!" Luc said happily blissed out. Bottoming felt fantastic, no wonder Kale preferred it! "No hogging the bottom anymore, Kale. I want to bottom for you more now, too."

"I'd love that, if you would do it. It doesn't make you any less my Dominant or lover, or husband either. In fact, I love you more for letting me be your first lover that way…." Kale said blushing furiously. "Still your Sub! No matter what kind of sex we have."

"I know that, baby." Luc said pulling him more into his body now, yawning. Adjusting positions so their bottoms and dicks hurt a bit less finally. "I'm fucked out though, so maybe tomorrow, okay?" He really had gone a tad too far on the sex this time but it had felt so damn good doing it that he couldn't find it in himself to regret that either.

"Or the day after?" Kale whimpered as he adjusted his ass one last time.

"Yeah, that would work, too." Luc laughed and they smiled now. "But not likely, I'll want to fuck you tomorrow sometime, so expect it."

"Same here." Kale said and they nodded again. "I love you." Kale told his dozing Master.

"I love you, too." Luc said then slept finally, Kale purring his sleep now, too. Both happily spent and satisfied, and wondering if maybe, just maybe…

This was the better Heaven after all!


God made it up to them the next day while Luc and Kale got to enjoy the benefits of having a slutty Faery companion.

God stole them away to a tent, covered in silk and smelling of incense. The exotic smell gently wafting in the air. A large bed lay in the middle of it, covered in silk and sheer fabric, fine linen, flaming torches, and exotic flowers lined the walls.

The group, including Eric, Angel, and Connor, stared around them in awe. "It's a Sultan's tent, I borrowed it. Do you like it?" God asked quietly, eyes ever watchful for their approval.

"It's…gorgeous!" Connor blurted out then blushed, the others laughed but agreed with him. It was very beautiful.

"I have included meals, there by the bed. Go lay down, loves, I am doing everything for you now. I am your most humble servant. Go, shoo, undress. Lay there but leave room for me by the food." God urged with a gentle kiss to each of them. They shrugged and went. All had been intimate with him before but Angel and Connor. The others thought they were in for a treat. God was amazing in bed, as they very well knew.

God soon sat by them when they were situated, taking a small plate and putting some ambrosia and fruit dipped in chocolate on it, along with some with caramel coating and cream cheese as well. Then he lovingly offered them each a piece, letting them nibble it before taking it in their mouths, sighing at how great it tasted. The tastes lingered even longer when he slipped a bit of ambrosia in as well. The smell alone was driving them mad.

Then he made sure to finish off the fruit, while letting them lick the juice from his fingers in a most seductive gesture. "Angel, Connor, would you be against sex with me? I won't force you." God offered.

"If Eric is okay with it." Both said in turns.

"I will allow it. He is allowed to be your lover." Eric said smiling. "He is mine as well, so why not?"

"Thank you, Master." They then said and bowed. Then smiled at the food. "There's more left." They smiled wickedly, pressing him to the bed. "Our turn."

"Here." Eric said smiling, slipping a broccoli dipped in cheese into his mouth. Eying the other veggies and bread. Then the others began doing the same with the bread and veggies. Allowing God to suck the juices and toppings of their fingers after each bite. Connor couldn't resist stealing a kiss after a bite of bread and broth. Then their kiss deepened until they moaned softly and let up, Angel doing the same to him after each bite as well, thinking God was an incredibly sexy being. The others did it as well, and soon after, the food was gone and wine was sipped.

Kisses grew more frequent until their desires were sufficiently stoked to a high burn.

"Lay back and enjoy…or I'll go first and you take me. Choose and I'll do whatever you say." God offered and waited for orders.

"You first, we fuck you. Then…" Eric stroked his dick, already hard from the anticipation. "Then you can fuck us."

"Yes, Sir." God teased then lay back, eager to begin. "I'm at your mercy….Master." Licking a lip in a non-submissive way that had them all smiling.

Eric spread his legs apart, and began to work him open, while Sam and Dean sucked him in turns. Angel and Connor caressed and played with his nipples, sucking and pinching them while they kissed up his body and along his neck to his lips, both kissing him in turns and getting lost in him again, this time not stopping. God cried out in pleasure as Eric worked into him and the pairs switched spots, leaving God to kiss the Sex gods while Angel and Connor sucked him and stroked him while Eric worked into him, taking him slow then hard, shallow then deep, driving his pleasure higher and higher, both of theirs really, while the others were rubbing into the bed, turned on by what they were doing already.

Then cumming hard into God, Eric roared and impaled the being, making him cum as well, crying out his release. Clutching at his shoulders in the process. Then the others took him, fucking him in turns while sucking and making love to his body at the same time, working their pleasures until the passion inside them crescendoed through them again and again. Cumming hard and deep inside him, fucking him for hours until they were sated.

God then pulled Eric below him and sucked him hard, letting him cum in his mouth before sucking him hard again. Working him hard then lubing up, thrusting in and taking the Dhampyre gently then rougher, going deep at time and shallow until he was begging the being to fuck him harder and for more, which he gave willingly, edging him along that fine line of pleasure until he was ready to beg him to cum for him. A few minutes later, Eric did so and they both came together, bliss filling them both.

God doing the same but in varying positions to the others, leaving them spent and puddling each time. Then he did it again and again, letting them do the same to him again as well. Knowing they would savor this memory and wanting to make it as enjoyable as he could. He owed them that, giving them just as much pleasure as he'd given them pain before on the crosses.

Making it up to them with every thrust, every kiss and touch, with every orgasm that surged through them and stole their sanity and minds from them. Hoping this was enough to make it up to them, he hadn't meant to hurt anyone and he had greatly hurt them, these wonderful men. He was sorry and hoped they now knew how sorry he was. Forgave him for it.

"Forgive me for hurting you now?" God asked as they cuddled afterward. "I'm really sorry I caused you that pain. I love you and should never have…I was wrong."

"Forgiven already but…the evening was wonderful, and the sex was spectacular. I can't move so don't ask me to." Eric said kissing him lovingly. "I love you, too."

"You are mine, as are they." God shrugged. "I marked you and mated to you during the sex. You didn't notice and I knew you wouldn't mind. You all are my husbands now, my God mates. With me for Eternity the way Bobby and Ellen, and the boys are." He smiled. "I'll adore you, never doubt that."

"We love you, too. We don't mind." Eric said and looked at the others, who nodded and told him the same thing, stealing kisses and cuddling against his body where they could find room to touch him, practically covering him with their bodies. A happy pile, all in all.


While they were cumming and joining, Kale and Luc were being seduced by their Faery. Alabastar sucking his dick on command, bowing eagerly to him. Kneeling in submission so perfect that Luc was in awe of him.

"Kale, lay on your back. Alabastar, ride his dick." Luc ordered. Both Subs doing as ordered instantly, much to Luc's delight. Then he worked into the Faery, too, and fucked him while Kale did the same, both inside him and taking him at the same time, the Faery moaning at the pleasure and pain he was getting from them. Masochistic to the end!

Then they fucked him hard and deep only to cum together deep inside him, then Luc let the Submissives do the same to him, stretching him so good and fucking him in a way he'd never been before, two dicks feeling much different and fuller than just one. Hurting and feeling so damn good at the same time. Cumming twice from them fucking him alone then one last time harder as they came with him, stroking his dick at the same time, each one using a hand to do so.

Then taking Kale the same way, he never having done it either and cumming explosively from it after an hour of rough sex between them. Then taking turn taking each other, in threes. Kale by his Master and Alabastar taking Luc, then switching as they came and doing it until all were taken and had cum inside each other all over again, and lay spent on the cloud bank, gasping in pleasure and exhausted.

The Faery was the first to be able to move.

"Thank you, Luc. I will do this with you two again." Alabastar said kissing them goodbye then flying off, shrinking to tiny Faery form while he got ready to. "I am going to enjoy being your companion Faery I think."

And then he was gone. Leaving the exhausted pair to cuddle and fall asleep on the cloud, smiling in the most satisfied way they could. Knowing they had been very well fucked and taken by that Faery and each other. "That was…great…we should do that again…the double dick thing was different." Luc seemed to be considering it. "I loved it."

"Me, too." Kale sighed happily, so sore but so pleased, too.

Such a perfect Submissive that Faery was, and so sexually talented, too. He hoped they could fuck more often; it would be a shame to waste such a talent! He thought as he drifted off again, smiling happily and not ready to move. "Sleep, lover. Here will do." Luc quietly ordered. "I love you, Kale."

"I love you, too, Luc." Kale said back, and slipped into silence, into his Master's arms. Knowing he would never have to leave the man, nor lose him, for all Eternity. "Mine."

"You're mine, too." Luc said smiling and slept as well. Knowing they were really going to love it here.

It was turning out much funner than they thought it would be.

Both thinking that maybe being owned by Sex gods really did suit them perfectly.


(Days later)

Dante sat on his cloud again, troubled. Victor sat on another, equally troubled. Both Sex gods thought they were being idiots about the whole damn thing!

"Why don't they just say it!" Dean said in frustration, eying them both.

"Baby, there is no easy way to say what they want…it's different than our relationship with Eric, you know that." Sam pointed out and Dean nodded. Dante and Victor had been…orbiting around each other lately. Yeah, that was the word for it.

Always touching each other, especially random ones. Always searching each other out over the others. Mostly sex with each other, some with Dorian, who Victor loved more, too, and the Sex gods. The others not so much, but they weren't upset. If they preferred each other more, then they were happy for them.

They had been doing more submission lately, Dante being the Sub while Victor played the Master for sex but they always rested in a troubled afterglow. It wasn't enough for them and they saw it on their lovers' faces. Dante wanted more than Submission and so did Victor.

"We should talk to them." Dean decided. They needed a nudge. Dean thought and knew it was time to give it to them.

"Yes, they do." Sam agreed, taking his legal husband. He was legally married to Dante, paper and all, after all. Dean wandered off in search of Victor, his legal husband, license and all. Sure they could help them work up the nerve to admit to what they wanted and needed from each other if they could just get the right push in the right direction.

They found their men miserably sitting on their clouds thinking…again.

"Dante…why are you troubled?" Sam said, pretending he didn't know. He was trying to get the man to open up to him and this always worked.

"I'm fine." Dante said sadly and kept his gaze on the cloud he was currently plucking apart in one place with distracted fingertips.

"Yeah, we see that. What's bothering you, baby?" Sam said kissing his temple and pulling him close.

"Victor and me, I suppose." Dante said softly.

"What about you two?" Sam urged him to continue.

"He's asked me to be his Submissive." Dante said miserably again.

"That's good, right?" Sam said searching his expression. "Are you against it? He'd drop the issue if you said no."

"It's not that." Dante said sadly. "I'm a Pheonix, I shouldn't want…what I want and need…I must stay strong!" He shrugged and plucked the spot on the cloud harder now, eyes downcast. Sam knew he was in turmoil here. He wanted to help him through it. "I want more than Submission."

"Oh, more…like a Slave thing?" Sam said but wasn't surprised, Dante always went to extremes when it came to his temperament. He was a Pheonix and inclined to do that more than they were. He was either one way or another, there was very little gray in his thinking. It was an annoying but true part of his nature they found endlessly fascinating.

"Yes." Dante said. "I turned him down and now he won't talk to me or listen long enough for me to explain why I said no!" He cried some now and Sam hurt for him. "If he would just listen…I suppose I could leave the bed for a bit, give him some space…"

"No!" Sam fairly shouted. Dante, leaving the bed, leaving their arms and sides over this! Not acceptable! So not going to happen! He stubbornly thought. They needed to fix this right now. They would not lose him there, no way in hell. "You should just tell him, Dante."

"I have tried until I'm blue in the face! He's not staying still enough to listen, if you haven't noticed! I might go to town…I can't keep feeling this way and…he doesn't love me anymore…he said he would if I said no. But when I did, he just…shut me out." Dante cried now and went to pack. Sam panicked and told Dean what was going on over their marks.

Then went to stall Dante from leaving until Dean could talk sense into the man's Master, who clearly needed a good kick in the ass.


They had been talking for a bit before Victor admitted his part in the fiasco.

"He said no, I was sure we were ready for it…then he said no!" Victor said crying.

"No doesn't always mean 'no'." Dean said. "Sometimes it means more is needed, not that you are being rejected! Plus, you said he could say no and you'd be with him still. Then you just turned from him and made him feel useless, like you never cared about him beyond the Submission. Did you even try to listen to his explanation or did you just leave?! Be honest, Vic." He gave him a knowing look.

"Just left." Vic admitted. "I've been avoiding him. It hurts too much to think he doesn't…I was so sure he did, too." He looked down to pluck at his cloud now and Dean saw that he and Dante had a behavior in common. Poor clouds…

"He's leaving us, thanks to you." Dean said furiously.

"Leaving? He can't leave!" Victor said. "We'd have made up eventually. He can't leave, he just can't!"

"He's packing right now." Dean pointed out. "You drove him away. You happy now?"

"No!" Victor said and jumped down, running to the house. Dean watched him go and hoped he could make the man stay.

While back at the house, Dante packed and cried but was still preparing to leave, despite Sam's efforts to the contrary.

"Don't leave me." Victor fairly shouted now, running into the room. Gripping his lover's arms and sighing as Dante stilled under his touch. "Please don't go! Just tell me what you want and it's yours!" He pleaded softly. "Anything, I'll do anything!"

"I've told you what I want! You aren't listening to me." Dante insisted, beginning to move now, trying to get away. "I want more!"

"More?" Victor said confused.

"More than Submission, Sir." Dante said softly. "More than being your Submissive…"

"What? More as in…Slave?" Victor asked gently.

"Yes, as in Slave. I want to give all of myself to you, give all my decisions, well, most of them, what I can without messing up my job here. I want you to be my Master, not my Dominant. I want to serve you in every way, give myself to you. I said no to being your Submissive but only because I wanted more from our relationship." Dante said quietly. Plucking at his sleeve and Sam thought it was definitely one of his more annoying habits now!

"Yes." Victor said letting the man go now.

"Yes?" Dante said hopefully.

"Yes, I'll be your Master. You will be my Submissive Slave." Victor agreed then reluctantly offered, "If you still want to be…I know I made a mess of it…"

"Yes, yes!" Dante said in a very non-submissive way, as he hugged Victor tight, wiping tears away as he did so. "Yes!" He was thrilled.

"Mine!" Victor said and hugged him back, not minding the non-Submission in the least. He was going to encourage this behavior in his Slave more now. It was a very nice one, as far as non-Submission went…Victor smiled widely, using his fingers to bring Dante's lips up to kiss them. Taking them in a deep kiss that led them to moaning for more, hands suddenly all over each other and desperate pressure built between them.

"Own me!" Dante pleaded urgently against his lips now.

"I do own you." Victor agreed and nudged Dante to his knees. "Starting now."

"Yes, Master." Dante said happily and they both smiled at each other now. Eyes meeting and staring into each others'. "I love you, Victor. I am allowed to say your name, right?" He asked anxiously.

"Yes, I'd prefer it actually. I like the way you say my name." Victor agreed happiness taking him more now. "I'm sorry I didn't listen when you said what you needed."

"I'm sorry I tried to leave you, too. I'd have missed you and them so much…" Dante said, "I just…it hurt to think you didn't want this with me, too."

He looked away sadly. Victor nodded and saw he'd hurt the man, wanted to make it up to him, too.

"I need a fire proof collar for you…can't have it melting when you go Pheonix…can't have them melting on us." Victor teased, running a finger on his lover's neck, his Slave's neck now, he corrected himself. "Something in God Metal, like their Dad can make in Heaven. He could help with that."

"Yes, please!" Dante agreed and smiled now, eying Victor's dick. "Got any orders for me, Master?" He said licking a lip. Topping from the bottom but…they were a little slow with the make-up sex at the moment and he was horny!

Victor flicked him playfully. "Yes, I do as a matter of fact!" He leered and ran fingers through Dante's hair. "No cumming for the day as punishment for topping from the bottom." He smiled at Dante's happy look. "You like that, don't you?"

"I like anything you choose to do to or have me do for you, Victor." Dante said softly, love in his voice. He meant it, Victor could tell. "I am yours to command, to use, and do with as you see fit."

"In that case, you will only be with me, Dorian, Sam and Dean from now on, no one else…and we're exclusive! You are the Slave all the time and you stay by my side most of the time, understood? You are my new bodyguard and assistant, God will approve it. I'm sure of it." He looked pleased with himself now. The gods noticed it, too, with much amusement.

"We'll go now. You don't leave, Dante!" Sam said and Dante shook his head.

"Not leaving now, no reason to. I have what I wanted now." Dante agreed.

"Good." Sam said, smirking at Dean. Then left quietly.

"Suck my dick." They heard Victor order and the gods smiled as they shut the door behind them. They would be fine now. The gods hadn't expected this but, hey, they wouldn't discourage their happiness either.

As long as their lovers stayed with them, they didn't care who or how they had sex with them or what relationship they wanted with each other. They just couldn't leave them. They were possessive and needy gods, whatever their lovers wanted, they would get, as long as that meant they never left them. That was one thing they could never bear to happen. They could have anything on Earth or Second Heaven they wanted and as much as they wanted, but the one thing they would never allow was for them to leave them.

They couldn't ever see themselves letting them go…for any reason.


Dante sucked him softly, letting Victor's hand guide his movements. "Harder." Victor urged and Dante did it. Using his tongue and lips to work the shaft and head while his hands works his balls. It took work to get him all his mouth but he finally managed it. Victor wasn't small and neither was he. But Victor was wider so that was harder to compensate for and it made his jaw ache if he sucked him for too long.

But Victor knew that and intended to work on making him able to take him easier eventually. Dante sucked him too good to make this stop and he fully intended for him to keep doing it as often as possible. But then he tapped Dante's cheek. Dante immediately stopped sucking him and looked up at him expectantly.

"On the bed, on your back, spread for me." Victor ordered then smiled.

Dante went to the bed and lay the way he was told to. "Hands over your head. Feet apart, knees apart wide." Dante took the position and Victor propped pillows under his ass to put him at a more convenient height for his Master now. Sifting through the Play Cubbie, he found the cuffs, soft leather with the fire proof fabric inside them. He took out the play collar, too. He took out some toys, too.

Taking his time, he cuffed Dante to the headboard eyelet with chain running from cuff to cuff. Then almost added the ring, also god metal, but it would still melt if he flamed too much during sex…Victor thought worried. He needed one of God metal, he decided. Cuffs, too. Deciding to leave that off of him for now. Internal toys were allowed, but only if he got them out in time, he might melt them, too.

"You can keep your flame in, right? Not getting out here?" Victor asked.

"I'll try but I'm really excited here. So it might get out, I won't lie." Dante said softly. "Sorry, Victor." Dante admitted. "I've never want anything this much since I got with Sam…never been this happy…feels the way it did when I mated with Sam the first time. I can't control my flame around you, Victor. You make me burn inside…"

"It's okay. We'll get Pheonix proof toys and collars and cuffs for you then." Victor said, tossing the toys aside.

"Thanks." Dante said blushing.

"I am going to make love to you now but…you will be Still and you won't cum, understand?" Victor ordered.

"Yes, Victor." Dante said nodding.

And with that, Victor pressed his powers into Dante, into his body. Not lust, not love, but his ownership and took him over. Their souls tied together, Dante's Will melted as much as it could into Victor's in surrender. His mind and thoughts joined with Victor's in glorious harmony.

And his body changed in the process. His pleasure and desires tied themselves deeper to the man. His ass opened and became ready for him all the time now, eager to serve his every desire for him. His libido became his Master's in that moment, his pleasure, lust, and every other part of him at his Master's beck and call, like he was now.

Victor still lubed up and slid in him slowly. Working him to the greatest pleasure, using his control over him to make it good for the man. And, when Dante's Still form became a living flame, he fucked him deeper and harder, and found himself not burning up, but the flames filled the room as they moaned. The fire consumed nothing but just lingered in the air. Dante lost control of his fire now and it filled the house as he was fucked and taken by his Master, his Will gone entirely. His body and thoughts belonging only to Victor now.

They watched the flames lick around them, found them doing nothing but being there, warm but not burning anyone or anything.

Both men panted and groaned, and Victor let him move more. Taking him deeper, he felt his orgasms stealing his control. So he impaled the Pheonix with every thrust now, then came inside him, then fucked him again and again for a few hours until he was spent and saw Dante struggling not to cum.

Stroking his dick hard, Victor ordered. "Cum, Slave." And came one more time as Dante became a steel clamp on him and milked him for all he was worthwhile cumming hard and screaming from it. His fire filled Olympus now and hit the barriers around it, barely containing it. They all whistled in appreciation of the power as it filled the sky and spaces around them.

Then it pulled back slowly and he absorbed them again; some of them going into Victor and making him feel like he was really on fire inside. He screamed in pain from it. Then eventually it didn't hurt and he knew it had bonded to him. The power giving him control over it, too. Victor was its Master just as he was Dante's now. Most of it went back into Dante of course and always would but he knew this meant that Dante's Pheonix had Mated to him now; only him.

"Be my god-mate?" Victor asked urgently. "Now, right this minute!"

"Yes." Dante agreed. "Like the Sex gods are to each other, right? Soulmates?"

"Yes." Victor said.

"Yes!" Dante said happily. Too sated to move. "I'm yours now, Master."

"Yes, you are." Victor said, unhooking him from the bondage and helping him stand. "Let's god-mate right now."

"You just did. Didn't you feel it? My soul was tied to yours, right before we made love." Dante explained.

"Saves a step, good." Victor said then they headed downstairs. Dante let him pull him along by the hand. "Please keep your normal attitude when serving me. You are a passionate man and you are fiery like your powers. And I want you to stay that way. Submissive is fine but don't lose the way you were before we did this. That's the man I love, not the weak slave that most Masters desire."

"No, Sir. I won't do that to you." Dante agreed. "So I can be…provocative? During sex?"

"Be passionate, sexy, provocative, seductive, all those things. I like the way you are so confident during sex, Dante. It's part of why I fell in love with you in the first place. Being my Submissive Slave should not change that. Oh, and don't stare at the floor or kneel unless I tell you to. You are the Pheonix, second most powerful being in Creation, next to God himself. You are better than that. You are a god and I respect that. So cuddling is good, being close is better, but rarely bow or kneel. No safeword though, I decide everything sexual or otherwise for you. You obey me immediately. I won't tell you to do anything when I know you have other duties, so don't worry. You will be with me at all times anyways. We'll help with the research at night when the other Doms and Subs take the work and protection shifts. You only need to obey and assist me; that is your only duty now!" Victor said harshly. "I own you, Dante. You wanted to be owned and this is ownership, take it or leave it."

"I'll take it." Dante said in resignation. "I made my bed, I'll lay in it."

"Damn it, Dante, this isn't supposed to be a damn punishment!" Victor growled in anger. Dante bowed his head in pain now. "You said you wanted this!"

"I do! I don't disagree with most of it but…I have other duties, Vic. The kids, the gods, the Pheonixes I rule and have to work with daily, helping on hunts if ordered to, not to mention I have to obey the Sex gods, just as much as you do!" Dante said firmly. "I didn't realize it would keep me from doing them."

"Not to worry, I got the same responsibilities. The kids are a given. We are all responsible for being their parents, too. We work daily together anyway and the hunting thing I'm used to. I get called to help in extreme cases, too. I already said I won't tell you to do anything when I know you have other duties, and I meant that. It's just that anytime you have to do anything, I'll be with you when you do it." Victor reassured him.

Dante fidgeted a little again. Victor knew he still had questions now.

"Tell me." He ordered.

"What if I ask for time for myself? To be alone or with others? I like some solitude and alone time and…it sounds like I won't get that now…" Dante asked tentatively. Biting a lip nervously.

"Just ask and I'll give you all the time you want, unless it interferes with something I want you to do. Then you will reschedule your alone time to suit my needs, not yours. The time with others is necessary, so I'll allow it as you need it." Victor allowed. Some concessions were called for here, even he needed alone time and personal space, and dates and time with the others, even though that had now shrunk to about four or five people and so had Dante's so it wouldn't be that hard to juggle the time for them.

"Thank you, I was worried there. We should do a contract, Master. Put these conditions in place for us, to reassure both of us. If you want us to, Sir." Dante said softly.

"Do you want one?" Victor asked gently, kissing him to encourage his confidence in the issue. It was a good idea. Victor thought.

"Yes, please." Dante said nodding.

"Well, we'll do one now." Victor said. "Wait here." Then he got his laptop from the study and went back up. They all smiled and let them settle it.


"So, we covered the Slave parts, the doing as we're told parts." Victor said tapping a finger on the side of the computer. "We got the you do what I say when I say it, the complete control of you, the free time for each of us. The collar and cuffs is a given. We do our jobs together as a team, by my side unless I allow you to go from it."

"No kneeling but for sex at times and then only if you and I agree to it." Dante said and Victor nodded, adding it, he'd forgotten that one. "Also in public, how do you expect me to act?"

"Like yourself. The confident and fiery person you always were, just acting as my bodyguard. That is your job now." Victor said putting it in there. "Our duties are done together unless you are helping some hunter or leaving Olympus for rescues and following their orders for you that don't include me."

"I only submit to you, nothing too kinky with anyone else, not even the bondage." Dante said. Victor nodded and added it. "Eternal Love Slave and Submissive Slave to you for Eternity."

"Love Slave…that's a bit beyond what we have now…less free will during sex and such…" Victor asked. "Are you sure? God would have to alter you a bit for that…it's beyond pleasure Whore, you know."

"I'm sure. Add it." Dante said and Victor did as asked. "No conditions on what we do, at any time. I have no say in what you require of me. I trust you."

Victor added that, and then had to admit that it took almost all of, hell, all of his Free Will really, away from Dante and basically made him his Slave and Love Slave, Submissive Slave, too. He wanted to be a good Master now. Not mistreat the gift the Pheonix was giving him. All of him, mind, body, and soul. All of him was Victor's to own, belong to and control however he wanted to. To use or abuse for Eternity and left him no say in his own existence anymore; no decisions to make for himself anymore either. Dante was essentially powerless and at Victor's mercy now. And Victor had never felt more responsible for anyone in his damn life ever before! He wanted to be good to this man, pamper him, punish him, love him beyond time and thought. Never abuse or hurt him in any way, give him whatever he desired, needed, or might ever want. He wondered if Dante would like more dates with him, and gifts; personally he'd like that.

That and the kinky stuff, bondage, and the usual pain play they enjoyed but only with each other now. They already had those limits in the contract so he felt good about that part, too. "You know what I can't take, right? The blood play stuff and humiliation, or will I get that now?" Dante asked nervously.

"I know your limits, baby boy. Not to worry, we won't do anything different than we usually do kinky wise. This just changes the way we relate to each other, changes who is the boss in it. I am. You do all I tell you to but I'll be good to you. And, of course, you will still be able to fuck me sometimes, too; I really really like that part still also." Victor reassured him and Dante nodded. "You've wanted this for how long, Dante? Pet, can I call you that? I should put your title in here…" He went to type it and Dante stopped him.

"I've wanted this for several months actually." Dante said with a happy smile. "And 'Pet' or Dante would be fine. Or whatever you choose to call me. I've given you that decision, remember? Not taking it back. You speak, I obey." He eyed the contract. "I'm ready to sign it. You?"

"Pet…pet…I like it." Victor said and pulled him close. "My Pet."

"Your 'dangerous, protective, and very devoted to you' Pet, keep that in mind." Dante teased him. "I am your Pet then?" He was okay with that.

"Yes, my Pet." Victor said decisively. Affectionately stroking Dante's back with distracted fingers, moving lower with them until he was to his ass. "Lay down, Pet. I wish to take you again."

And with that, Dante lay down on all fours. Legs spread for his Master, propped up again. "Hold your hands to the bars up there." Victor ordered. And, once he was there, he thrust in and took his Pet again, savoring his body working only for him, for his pleasure and love only. For the moment, at least.

Hours passed and they eventually came. Victor drawing out Dante's until he whimpered in need then allowed him to. Dante nearly passed out from it as it crescendoed through him and stole his mind and breath. "Master…!" He cried as he came and Victor savored it, along with every other sex sound they had made as well; every moan, cry, and whimper included.

"Mine." Victor said harshly, impaling him one last time as he came one final time after Dante did.

"Yours." Dante smiled as he was rolled over and lay there, Victor still inside him and being held and holding onto Victor as well; regretting his Master ever had to leave his body this way. "I could live forever with your dick in me, Master. Soft or hard. Never get enough of you. Never cum enough for you and you could never cum enough to change my mind of it either. I am yours to use and find whatever pleasure you want me to do for or with you, Master."

"Such a perfect Slave, My Pet." Victor said cuddling him close. "Stay here with me."

"Yes, Victor." Dante sighed as he rested his head and arm over his Master. "I'm so happy!"

"Me, too." Victor agreed.

And they laid there for hours, the computer glowing by them.

The contract waiting to claim Dante and take his freedom away. Freedom he'd already given up, even without the contract to make it so. Owned and loved, the way he desired to be.


They signed it that night and God pressed the Love Slave part into Dante, letting it modify his thinking and body reactions to his Master. Satisfied it had taken and was done changing him, he let go. "You will like this new Love Slave thing, I think." God said to Victor. "So will he."

"I know." Victor said and smiled as Dante signed the contract. Then he signed it, too.

God witnessed it and made it Eternal. Never changeable or reversible.

Dante was locked this way to Victor. But very happily so, they all saw. Then, as they ate supper, Victor pulled Dante to his lap and got him situated comfortably for them both, then fed him while Dante's hands were held behind his back by his own hold on them. Both kissing between bites, whenever Victor wanted him to, which was very often in fact.

Neither unhappy anymore and suddenly finding their new arrangement suited them perfectly.

Dante was his. All his but shared.

Slave, Pet, godmate, and guardian/bodyguard, and also husband, friend, and lover.

His perfect Mate really.

Just as he was Dante's, he knew that, too.

Dante snuggled into his neck that evening as he researched, content to stay there wrapped around his back and touching the black man's arms and chest with playful fingers. "I love you." Dante whispered against his ear and into his neck in the back after planting a light kiss there.

"I love you, too." Victor responded and hummed with satisfaction.

Eric and the others shrugged. They were doing the same thing really. Dorian and Varis also cuddled, helping with the research. A dozen cases so far for tomorrow lay in folders nearby. They were all content with their arrangements and very sure that as far as submission went…

They'd found the right dominants to own them. The Dominants and Masters were pretty sure, too, that they had found the right Submissives and Slaves to love for Eternity.


The God metal collar lay golden on his skin as the cuffs were locked in place while all of Olympus watched on. Dante smiled at his Master as he did the last screw and felt the cuffs and collar weld themselves to his skin; never coming off or moving now.

A necklace of gold was around Victor's neck, part of a set, a diamond in the hole of the key that was on it. He fastened the matching one on Dante. A mini-collar charm with a cuffs charm.

A necklace marking him as a Slave and owned, not a Submissive. A much more complicated thing.

But so simple, too. He knelt there waiting his Master's orders now.

Which it turned out, surprise, surprise, to include him sucking his dick and cumming in Dante's mouth. Then fucking him hard and deep, impaling and claiming him fully for an hour on a cloud. He did not Still him nor quiet him, so he got loud. And fire took his form and filled Olympus, but did no harm.

And, as it pulled back, he sighed happily into his Master shoulder. Satisfied to stay where he was until told to move. "Feeling Submissive, Dante?" Victor teased him. He always got very submissive after his orgasms, never failed. Victor loved him this way, so pliant in his arms.

"Yes, Victor." Dante said softly.

"Good." Victor said smiling. "Good Pet."

And, with that, he picked up the man, his Slave, and carried him to their bed. Where he made love to him again and they cuddled, this time staying that way. His Slave snuggled closer and he let him. Gripping him tight and pinning him to his side for the night.

Right where he intended to keep that gorgeous man from now on.

Right by his side.


They gathered at the gate now, protectors and Head gods at the front, the rest standing back to watch. Samae and the kids sat on the Impala for a better view and the Pala Angel smiled up at them adoringly, new masters to drive her, ride in her, and grow up with her again. Such perfect little ones. The Pala Angel revved her engine playfully and bumped her front up, bouncing a little so that they giggled and tapped her hood, begging her to do it again!

Which she gladly did.

She sure loved those kids!

Dante leaned over and asked Dean now. "He said they were coming today, right?"

"Yeah, there's a lot of them so they're probably just running late." Dean reassured him. Dante was definitely becoming guardian material, protective as hell of his Master and Olympus. He'd be a good guardian for the place…guarding the gate at times. He didn't hunt so it would suit his new temperament. Victor could do it with him; he was a good guardian type, too. Not to mention, the whole 'not leaving my Master's side' issue would be easier to solve this way.

Victor had proven to be a possessive thing. They thought in amusement. He was very possessive where Dante was concerned, always keeping him in sight, even when they had time apart or alone. He wasn't jealous per se but let an unmarked person touch him and Victor looked like he was considering breaking a hand about then. He didn't but it was a close call. Someone flirted with him and Victor made a show of making sure they knew Dante was unavailable, kissing, hugging, touching, gaying up in public was not out of the question when it came to marking his territory. His territory being Dante as point of fact!

Not that his other lovers weren't as possessive at times…but Victor seemed inclined to be trying to turn it into an art form!

Soon they heard them coming and popped out to meet them, not even bothering to dress, it was much easier this way. "Dad marked them, right? All of them?" Dean asked to be sure.

Sam thought about it. "Yeah, at the club. He met them there last night and did it. He said he got them all. They took the servant vow and have the knowledge, so they should be ready to come in."

"Once we meet them first. No one gets in without meeting us first." Dean said firmly. He saw Sam felt the same then looked at God. "We introducing them right after, right?" Everyone was here so it seemed a good time to get it over with.

"Yeah, it should do fine." God said and nodded.

Soon dozens of cars parked in the field across the way and men piled out, some women, too. They all approached, eying them appreciatively. "Hi." One woman said licking a lip and eyes sweeping the men in front of them. "I think this really is Heaven… except for the whole thing about holy virgins meeting us. We get drop dead gorgeous men…so fuckable!"

They just laughed and motioned them forward. That group of gods, especially Sam and Dean, looking sexy as sin and the new people definitely wanted to be all wrapped up in them! "So…Luc says you're gods. And I have to say, you definitely fit my idea of gods…mmm. I could worship you…hard and all night long." Another one said, a man this time, and laughed at their unfazed expressions. "You clearly don't mind us wanting to fuck you on sight." Confidence and sex exuded from their every pore. The man thought. Definitely Sex gods, damn!

"Nah, most do want to and we're willing to let you, too." Dean said and smiled, running a hand along a sexy hip. "But you don't own us and we get to top you sometime, with our lust and love, it just happens. Nothing wrong with a little tit for tat and we're fantastic at the 'tat' part, too…"

"I'm good with that." Another spoke up and they all laughed.

"Seriously, if you have a prejudice against it or buy the stupid idea that a Submission never tops a Dominant in bed, we will have issues. Most of us are Submissives here so…all prejudice and that shit gets left at the gate. Or you can just leave…" Sam said with his lips in a line.

"Luc explained that, we're good with it. We've all bottomed for our Subs and it felt good at times, and they enjoy it, too. So relax. Any other conditions? Sam Winchester." The man said and stepped through. Sam saw him and laughed, hugging him instantly.

"James! James Wier. What are…how?" Sam said happily, pulling him to Dean. "This is my brother, now godmate and lover, Dean Winchester. I told you about him at Stanford, remember?" Dean shook his hand. "He was my friend there."

"Nice to meet you." Dean said then smiled. "So you became a Dom…Sam never mentioned his friends…I didn't encourage it then. I was too jealous he got a normal life at college and friends and I didn't. I'm sorry, Sam. I was an Ass back then about it but…I'm not now. It's nice to meet your friend. And you, James."

"Jimmy. I'm Jimmy." The man said and nodded. "My brother's here, too. Phin. It's short for Phineaus, our folks were hippy Professors at some college. Read one too many Classics for our own good." He laughed as a darker haired man approached and kissed his brother softly, in a most non-brotherly way. "We've been lovers for a couple years now. Or is it three?" He looked at the man who shrugged.

"Four but who's counting?" Phin said taking his hand. "We have our own Subs though. Mine is a Submissive Slave but his is just a Sub. Come here, baby, bring Johnny with you." He ordered and the man nodded, and soon dragged a red haired man behind him. The red haired man went to James and the blonde one went to Phin. "This is my Slave, Trent. That is Johnny." He looked at Dante's necklace and nodded. Bowing his head in respect to the men. Their necklaces and collars marking them as Subs and Slaves, as well as Doms and Masters to them. "Nice collars."

"Thanks, we like them." Dante grinned and kept his eyes on them. Sweeping a look to the gods, so that the humans looked that way, too. Clearly they needed to be addressing the gods again and this man was letting them subtly know that fact. He wasn't very submissive but they could tell by the look on his Master's face that he liked his slave just as brash and cocky as he was now. This Master would never settle for a weaker slave; he wanted a strong man by his side, too.

"So, rules, conditions. Beside the ones he already mentioned and what we know from the mystic shit the glowing guy put in our heads, that is." Jimmy spoke up again.

"Leave the kids alone. You can be with anyone as long as they're willing. We go naked and are very sexual but the wards only let you and others respond to others if you and the person are willing to be with each other. If not, you will not be fazed by their nudity. You fight for us, use your skills to fight when we tell you to. We fight worse shit than you are used to so we'll train you for it. We make you Shifters, no longer human, to help you fight better; we'll explain that later." Dean said. "You already have the training, we just need to teach you to fight monsters and how to kill them; it won't take long. You obey us when we give orders and respect the families there. No one cares whose naked, what sexual preference you have, what you did in the past, although hiding that from us will be impossible. We read minds and you have to live with that. We don't care who you used to be, what you're hiding from, what bad shit you did to whomever. All is forgiven when you join us, clean slate for everyone! From here on out, you prove yourselves true fighters, soldiers, and friends to us and we can deal with the rest. We'll take care of you, welcome you, be your friends and lovers, or more if you find more Mates. We have a mission to make kids so…you will do that sometime. Whether it be male or female, your Sub or someone else, whatever species or race. We make kids here on top of our duties. We spread love and lust and everything in between and it permeates the air in there; so don't be surprised if your sex drives get increased. We have beings in there that are seen as evil out here, but they serve us and are special and loved by us. You harm them, we kill you for it. Are we clear? All prejudice and bigotry stops now. You don't like the way we do things, you should go. We remove your marks, wipe your minds and you are free to go."

"We won't lie, we could use you. We got so much evil shit to fight right now and Hunters depending on us, not to mention the World and Creation to protect. And Luc said you wanted to do good, not serve men who couldn't accept who you are inside. We can and we are willing to fight with you. We'll give you powers like the others to do it better. We need you but…if you can't live with our rules, it would be best if you didn't join at all." Sam said softly. Taking a breath, he added. "If you accept our conditions, come to us; stand here then we'll go in. You don't have to join us. It's fine."

Then waited. They all approached and shrugged. A few whispers among them later, some nods and murmurs and they all were on the wards then. "We're good with that. We got families, too."

"Oh, they need Marked then." Sam said and they nodded. Luc had mentioned that, too. They'd already mentioned it to them and they were willing to take it.

"What powers do we get?" James asked curiously.

"Shapeshifting. You can take any form, human or animal if you need to take it to save yourselves when you are exposed on missions. Enhanced strength, healing, speed. Some memory downloading to help you shift better but no deep stuff. You will essentially be Shapeshifters like we used to hunt, so be careful. You won't be human anymore." Sam explained.

"So, you hunt the monster Shapeshifters but you make us into them but good ones that fight to save others and the rest of it? We aren't monsters when you do that?" James asked confused.

"Not to us. To them, yes. But then again, you're Immortal and that makes you a target, too, so not accepting the powers doesn't change anything but will save your lives someday if you're careful. Plus, we see through all shifts in you so you can't hide yourselves from us, so don't try. The Marked ones can see through the powers, too. But not the unmarked ones. Be careful around them." Dean finished for them.

"We'll take them. Shit, we could use the advantage. As I dimly recall, very rarely did any mission ever go according to plan…most went to pot before they got better." Phin said shaking his head. "We could have used those powers then. Shit! Oh, yeah, I'll take them."

The others lined up as well. Any advantage they could get was a plus in their books! Great sex, lots of pleasure, fighting shit again, being appreciated finally…yeah, they could get used to this! Plus, the powers in the air were infecting them and they let them do it. This was a beautiful place, too. Golden and cloudy everywhere, glowing and there were so many different buildings there. Women, men, teens, kids, babies, Faeries, creatures they'd only seen in storybooks, vampires and werewolves somewhere, too. There were gods here, too. So many beings and cars everywhere! And a theme park?

"Yes, they are all here. You can live here or go back to your homes, up to you." Dean offered.

"You protect the town here, right?" One man said bringing a woman with him. His Submissive. They thought.

"Yes. Why?" Dean asked, sensing a good idea coming from this suggestion and welcoming it.

"If we live in different towns, can we use others from here and our powers to protect them the same way? Would you offer your protection to them, too? Without them knowing it, of course." The man said and the others, including the Olympians listened.

"I think it's a good idea." God said nodding.

"Me, too." Sam agreed.

Most of the others spoke their approval, too. Wolves and everyone else included. They wouldn't mind protecting the other places on Earth better, too.

"Yes, we protect them. And they protect themselves." Dean said thinking. "We could send a few people with you to your towns and homes, if they could stay with you for a bit. Later we'll find them homes there to stay in, switch their shifts with others of their kind at times. They wouldn't stay all the time but there would shifts they served then returned, then we'd pop the old ones back and the new ones in to replace them…avoid too much contact with them, that's not what we're there for. Protecting them comes first, our jobs are to protect them, not to live in or fit in with the community." He said and asked the others directly now. "You all good with that plan?"

The others murmured their approval. "Come over here, we'll discuss it." Dean urged and they all followed until they were in the courtyard and most were sitting to listen and make room. Making sure everyone was there, including the other Hunters, Dean asked. "We do this, there will be shifts you'll take, and you have to avoid close contact with the people there. We're secret here so keep it that way! But if you're for it, raise your hands."

Everyone's hands went up. "Okay, so…who volunteers to do it?" He asked and laughed almost all raised hands.

"We still live here, right? We just stay for a while then come back? Not permanent to stay there, right?" One man asked. It was Stuart and Dean shook his head at his lover.

"You still live here. It would just be for a while then others would take your places." Dean reassured them.

"How many towns we talking here? Where are they? Do we get a choice where to go?" Apollo asked and Dean nodded.

"Apollo, good questions. Um, how many?" Dean asked the new arrivals. After much discussion, one man came up and whispered it to him. "About twenty, all over the United States mostly. We'd only need a couple vamps, couple wolves, some human hunters and psychic ones. Your families could go with you if you want them to; think of it as a vacation or something. Homeschool the kids if they go, so they can come back without attracting too much attention though. Keep contact to a minimum. It's up to Obeiron if the Faeries go, ask him that one. A god or two could go and stay a month or two then come back. Maybe less, we still have to work out the logistics of it. But this is a good idea." Dean added. "Floors open, let's discuss this. It's your baby." He sat back now and let them work it out with the men themselves.

Three hours later, they had reached a compromise.

Small bands of Olympians, mixed like Dean had mentioned, stayed a month in properties the Sex gods owned and bought there; they'd get started on that right away. A couple houses should hold everyone, near the Doms were preferable. Then they'd stay a month, switch off. Like they did here. The gods could put a trace on the town, some wards without them knowing it so that was not a problem. Some safety measures would be in effect at least.

"How soon do we go?" Bacchus asked. "Me and Apollo would take one town first."

"Us, too." Artemis and Felson volunteered.

"Me and Laurie would do it. You could watch the pack for us, Dean." Stuart volunteered.

"I'd take one." Stefano said.

"Me, too." Sam and Dean agreed.

"Us, too." Bobby and Ellen agreed.

"Us, too." Missouri, Ash, and Jo agreed.

"If you need some Angels, we'll do it." Balthazar volunteered with Michael.

"Me, too." Cas said.

Others spoke up now and Bobby soon had a list going around. Dean nodded his approval and they waited. "Um, not to be offensive here, but do you all have sex with others or are some of you exclusive? Some Doms are only with their Subs, we know that. So…who all is interested? We wouldn't want to ask out anyone that isn't available." Apollo asked, eyeing the group.

More lustful eyes looked at the Doms and Subs who grinned back.

"I'm all for it, he is, too." Phin said.

"Us, too." James said grinning.

"Count us in." Another said and they kept volunteering. Not one said no.

"You all are coming to the mixer later." Sam insisted, hugging his friends and waving the kids over. All of them. "These are the kids of Olympus. Say hi, guys. Oh, these three girls and the boys with them are ours, so is the boy by Cas." Then he spotted Dean's twins, "And the two by Stuart are ours, too." He motioned them closer now. "The rest are mixed really, some wolf pups, some vampires, some god babies, human ones from here and town, mostly hunter's kids that came to live here. You can bring yours, too. Families can live here or in town, or wherever you live now. We won't force you to live here but you always belong to us wherever you go." Sam warned.

"You want to live here, you can get them tonight and move in. Even if you don't, why not let us pop you out to get them and let us meet them, Mark them? We'd love to meet them and the kids would love to play with them…we got plenty of guardians for them as you can see." Dean asked softly. "Can they come here? We promise not to hurt them…the same applies to us that applies to you. No one hurts the families here or kids. No one!"

"My Faeries love kids, especially babies." Obeiron approached now and introduced himself. "I'm the Faery King, soon-to-be co-ruler with Sam there. We're engaged. Nice to meet you. My Faeries want to meet you, may they?" He waved a hand for the large group of Faeries behind him to wait and they hovered there watching the humans, their little Faeries wings nervously fluttering.

"Yes…of course!" They all fairly said in surprise.

Then he motioned them forward and they approached, taking full forms to meet and talk to them. Most were the kinky ones, Sam noticed in amusement.

"We want to offer ourselves to you for sex. It is an honor we hope you will accept from us." One blonde haired one said, speaking for the group. "Some of us are Dominant, some Submissive, some vanilla but all swing both ways. No exceptions. We're pretty flexible that way." He said. "I'm Phey. Please allow us to be with you if you have an urge. We are not into relationships, so it will be casual sex but it will be great sex , too. We don't often choose Mates so that shouldn't worry you. We know most humans seek commitment but us Faeries prefer to just fuck without the strings or expectations." He backed off and let the others talk now.

Then Obeiron leaned in and whispered to Sam. "Sorry, I know you said to wait but they got impatient."

"I know. Horny things!" Sam chuckled. "Think they'll take them up on it?"

"Probably." Obeiron said grinning. "Even if only a couple of them do agree to fuck with them, at least the Faeries won't be offended."

Then they laughed, excused the meeting and went to enjoy some time together alone. Obeiron tugged Sam along, grinning seductively, Sam getting hard from the look. Eric grabbed Dean and Connor, and Angel followed to join them if they were going to have sex. Olympus returned to normal and the Faeries finally flew off, saying their goodbyes, small again. Byron and Silus flew off to join Sam and Dean.

Alabaster went to join Luc and Kale. And God stole Ellen and Bobby away for some lovemaking. Whistler and Samuel Colt went to the study to work while the rest pretty much did their normal routines again.

Most worked on cars, spent time with their families, kids played with the clouds, at the roller rink, in the theme park (where most of the others ended up going first, they were fascinated by it), and some went to the Faery woods to meet more of the Faery Folk.

All in all, it had been a nice meeting. Dean thought as Eric spanked him over his lap and lost all thoughts but those of his Master soon after.


They were approached by the others soon after and decided to set up a Creation ritual for everyone that wanted to watch it. By the next night, and when everyone returned from their hunts, they got them to help set up the huge circle and borrowed the heart stones from God and the Faeries. But were one short. God said he'd do the touch thing for them in that case. They all agreed this would work. Then sent out invites to the others in town to come if they wanted to again. All the god, vamps, wolves, and Faeries came to watch, Obeiron wanted to witness the Mating ritual for himself. Sam explained it to them all and they said they understood. They would do the child creation thing one couple at a time. Karis and Varis would go first then Magdi and Modi, Artemis and Felson, Cas and Gabriel, then the Sex gods were called on to father kids with Clara, Behman, and Stefano. They were all okay with the order.

Each couple took their beds. Dean and Sam relaxed and cuddled with their three mates; happy to watch their friends and mates do their thing. Those kids that would be theirs, too. Not just their parents' babies. They were their Mates, husbands and wives, and that made their kids the Sex gods' too. And all of Olympus's too. They would be well loved and protected but they would belong to the Sex gods, just as much as their daughters and Dean's kids; so would those kids be their own. They proudly watched as Karis made love to Varis. Their foreplay consisting of kissing and touching, sucking and making Varis spin with his lover until Karis thrust in and they moved together, moaning softly and kissing harder as their bodies ground together, thrusts getting harder moments later. Sam and Dean naughtily slipped a wisp of love and lust into them and they grinned as the two men fucked harder for nearly two hours and came screaming repeatedly until the stone glowed then dimmed then they kept going until they collapsed and were unable to cum or move for a while.

"Cheaters…" They both gasped when they could breathe again, wagging fingers at the gods and laughing. "Thank you, lovers." They cuddled and they blew them kisses.

"Hey, send some our way." The others demanded and chuckled. Clearly the Sex gods were very popular here and everyone shouted approval as the gods blushed but did as asked, sending out as much love and lust as they could to those on Olympus and let it hang in the air.

Magdi and Modi made love now and it got intense as the powers took them, their bodies wandering from making love to hard fucking in an hour's time. Then came crying and did it again until they could stop and lay there for a while recovering, their stone already having glowed and dimmed by then.

Next came Artemis and Felson then they were surprised by Apollo and Bacchus joining them on the mattress. "We want a kid, too. Those kids could use a brother or two." Apollo teased and they kissed happily, their foursome beginning right then. Apollo made love to Bacchus, his stone glowing soon after a half hour which was when Apollo came and pulled him with him then they did it again for another hour, letting the power take them and make them its whores. Artemis and Felson got lost in the power, too, and made love for nearly two hours, cumming after the power drove their pleasure to a keening edge then cutting them with it, and they cried out sometime later then fell to the bed when they couldn't move again, trembling and cuddling, pulling the other two gods in for kisses and cuddles, promising to take them later or as soon as they recovered. They shot a look at the Sex gods and shook their heads, rolling their eyes. "Hey, you told us, too." Dean objected then they laughed together, nodding. Yeah, they had asked for it. But, damn, they were more potent than they used to be; those powers were mind blowing now!

Next came the Sex gods turn. And they were surprised that Dorian had joined them now. "Dori?" Sam asked, "You sure, baby girl?"

"Yes, it's time. God already touched me so…no need for a necklace for me. He touched Clara, too. So get busy, boys. This is going to take a while." Dorian laughed and tugged Sam to her. "You take me first, Sammy, you always were my favorite. Dean, you get Clara then switch. Then do Behman and Stefano, then switch again."

They looked at the crowd and apologized. "This is going to take a while. You can go if you want. This takes hours when it is so many of us."

"Hell, no, we're staying. Can we…participate? Help you with the foreplay parts?" They offered. Most of the townspeople were included in the offer, they noticed. "It won't interfere with the ritual, will it?" The man looked hurt they might say no. "We aren't worthy… it's god sex, right?"

Their god hearts broke at the humans' hurt looks. "No, no, please join us, it's okay…we don't mind. Just let us do the penetration parts and you do the rest; up to sucking and such we mean." Dean explained.

"Can we fuck them or you after its done? We are rather turned on here…" One man said and bit a lip. They examined the crowd and saw it was true. Their powers had turned them all on beyond thought and they sighed. They did need an orgy for the day and the next day was a free day. They were going to make it snow for them, they could spend the night with them…hmmm. There would be plenty of time for them to recover from the sex, they would be sore but they would enjoy it immensely. They loved it when they felt it for days after an orgy and this would do that…it would be so interesting if they did it, too. Deep down, desire stirred in them for it to happen, to let themselves submit and be taken by the others with no say in them stopping it. No safe words or anything. Just them serving as their whores and lovers, giving them pleasure as they took them and spun in pleasure and love from it. To lose their wills to the others, like they did with Eric. Their collars sizzling on their necks and they got turned on from it. To be taken, to submit and be used at Will, to lose their own Wills and let others take their bodies and hearts for their own. They wanted this and more. Anticipation filled them now as they accepted this fantasy now. It would happen that way; this was how they needed it to be now. Submission filled their hearts, souls, and bodies now and settled firmly inside them.

"Stay the night with us? All of you?" Dean suggested. "Tomorrows a snow day, we can spend it with you, it could be fun…a group date of sorts. We don't want just sex but time with you tomorrow, to show you how much you mean to us. Your kids could sleep in the bedroom on the second floor or share rooms with our kids; they could share their beds with them. It could be a slumber party for them! We could provide snacks and stuff! Girls, come here!" He called and they ran to him, smiling.

"Yes, Daddy? Did we do something wrong? You said we could watch the ritual…" Samae asked worried now.

"No, you aren't in trouble. We were just thinking you could have a slumber party. All the kids are here, the human ones you mentioned you wanted to have a slumber party with…would you like to have one now? They can spend the day with you all day tomorrow, too. It's a snow day, remember? Would you like to start it now?" Sam asked, pulling her up in his lap while the others approached with their kids. Even the hunters' kids were there, all of them; human and psychic alike. There had to be close to seventy of them, several bigger kids and smaller ones with eager eyes, hoping they could stay!

"Sure, yes! Can we camp out by the theme park?" Denae asked, "We could ride the little rides and roller skate. We won't ride the big ones, promise! Please, Daddy?! We'll watch them and won't let them near the big stuff. We could be watched if Joreal doesn't mind…let us supervise ourselves maybe? We'll be good, and protect them, promise! The parents could join us who don't want to participate in the orgy. If you think we need supervised…"

"Daddy, please!" Mati begged and they all melted.

"Okay, you all okay with that? The theme park is right through those pillars and if you want to ride the rides or supervise them, too, go right ahead." Dean said and several parents nodded. Then the ones supervising the kids helped carry the food baskets and camping stuff. Then the adults urged the kids back to the park where their hosts, the girls, had called up tents for everyone already. They all watched as the park rides lit up and the park music started. Then the skating rink lit up and they figured they would be all night doing it all. The parents that went with the kids made them promise to trade shifts watching the kids so they got their turns to have sex with the gods, too. They all agreed to do that for the group with the kids; it was only fair to let them get a chance. Then the girls kissed their Daddies gratefully and the men smiled indulgently at them. "We love you, kids." Sam and Dean and the others said lovingly.

"Love you all, too." Samae said and the kids took turns hugging them, the girls were now pushing all the babies in carriages so they could keep them close; they sure loved those babies, too. They needed to join them instead of being cooped up in cribs! Samae thought defiantly. The others in the group carried their diaper bags and bottles along behind her. Clearly 'no child left behind' had taken on a whole new meaning on Olympus! They all laughed at the trundling group as they wheeled to the back of the place, chatting and talking excitedly with each other. "Rem, you should ride the tea cups with me; they spin so fast!" Samae said happily and they heard Remmie laugh happily.

Their fathers face-palmed themselves and then shook their heads. The girls may marry those boys later but…then again they may get them killed first! "Someone go on the teacups with Samae and the kids, she going to kill them with the spinning!" They shouted through the marks and they got laughter back, and heard an 'Already on it.' from Joreal himself, his sexy chuckle sending chills through them and making them want him to take them really soon and really hard, the way it always did to them. That angel had a wicked effect on their libidos and he damn well knew it, sexy thing! Then they shrugged and now got down to business. Their kids were well protected with their guardians around so they didn't need to worry now. They could get back to their business at hand.

"You all can come closer. Gabriel, honey, make a bigger bed please? There are close to a hundred here. That should do it. And get that sexy ass in here. Be sure to bring Cas; you others, too. You aren't exhausted anymore and we want a turn with you guys, too. Don't hog the goodies." Sam ordered and they joined them as soon as there was a bed under them; a really long one and large, too. "We got all night and Dad is holding time back until we're done. It won't become tomorrow until we're done here. So feel free to help us and then…we want to take as many of you and have you take us as we can get." He laughed. "We're sex gods, and, trust me, we need this. And, damn, we are so going to do every last one of you guys and girls. Hell, take us! We're more than happy to let you."

"We will!" Was the shouted response and they laughed. "We love you guys, too! You're so fun!" Dean laughed and they said they loved them as well.

Then they each reached for their lady, Sam with Dorian and Dean with Clara. Several townspeople moved closer and began to fondle the ladies for them and the women both moaned softly. Sex with strangers was a bit funner than usual in this context! Dorian and Clara mentally agreed, thrilled with this latest development! "Prep them for us but don't penetrate, suck them if you want." Dean suggested, winking at Behman and Stefano. "Just prep the men's asses for us with fingers and lube; they don't share so don't try anything beyond that. Is that okay you with you guys?"

"Yes, prep us but no sex okay?" They both said and smiled, "No sucking us or anything. No touching our dicks! We mean it. We just want to be ready for them." the others nodded respectfully and did just that, and they moaned softly as they were worked open and then were left alone, working themselves now with fingers to stay ready for them and loving it so much they had to fight not to cum early on themselves.

"Take turns with us then." Clara and Dorian suggested. "We share plenty, trust me." The others nodded eagerly, even the gay ones. They spotted Colt and Whistler in the group. 'Good for you!' The Sex gods sent. 'It's about time you came to us. Don't worry, guys, we won't disappoint you.'

'Thanks' was the joint reply they got mentally and they sensed blushing. Poor guys must be virgins or it had been a while for them. 'It's both. Whistler is an anal virgin, and I've been celibate for hundreds of years.' Colt sent.

'We'll fix that…' Sam sent and the other men moaned at the implication there. God laughed in all their heads and they all chuckled with him. 'Gonna rock those sexy asses! Did we ever tell you we have a thing for older men? Older men are so fucking sexy!' Sam sent and wolf whistled at them.

Both new gods blushed bright red then nodded, the gods nodding back in agreement. Then the Sex gods let the orgy begin.

Dorian and Clara were rolling in pleasure by now, thanks to the others touching and kissing them, and Sam entered Dorian and moved now while Dean did the same with Clara. Both couples grinding and writhing together as the gods felt hands touching their asses and they bent to let their lovers take them if they wanted to. It wouldn't hurt the ritual. Only the one actually in the person got into the baby, the rest was just sex with the one taking the person.

They felt the dicks slip into them and moaned. Their bodies finding a rhythm between the men taking them and with the women they were making love to. The gods' bodies writhing as power stole their minds and hijacked their bodies, propelling their ecstasy to the stars until they had came hard inside the ladies several times. The others had taken and came in them as well. The necklaces glowed then faded and the gods and their wives kept going until they could stop. Then the gods went to the vampire master and their knight husband, easily flipped them and put them on all fours and thrust in as the men gasped in desire and need for more. Then the gods arched their bodies in offering again to the others around them and more lovers thrust in and took them; sending them spinning again. Driving their lovers into pleasure as well.

Bodies fucked each other hard and deep and hours later they came over and over into Stef and Behman as their stones glowed then dimmed, and they kept taking them until they were both spent and puddling. Then they paused Gabriel and Castiel's thrusts into them to let their now pregnant lovers go and lay on cots nearby to watch. Obeiron sat by the pregnant Behman and Stefano now and stroked himself as he watched them get taken again and writhe for their Mates and all of Olympus as each one took them repeatedly. Those Sex gods cumming with their bodies rolling and going whore for all of them. Begging for more and getting it from their very eager to please lovers.

Not able to get enough, Obeiron took himself in hand and worked himself to orgasm, wondering if their wedding night would be as hot as this and, if it was, he was so going to pass out from the pleasure alone! Then he sat on the bed where the other two lay and they let him sit and watch with them. Both happily enjoying their gods' pleasure and lust, and the love that flowed all out of them now, their powers unleashed fully now, out of their control and no one really cared. Obeiron sighed and gasped as he felt lips and touches, looking to see both Stef and Behman sucking him and leaned back as their touches stole his mind. He felt himself letting the powers weave the Sex god Powers' spell around him as well. He lay flat now and felt fingers questing toward his ass. He lifted hips and let them slip into him, gasping in pleasure as they gave him themselves now. Thrusting in and taking him as well, fucking him hard and he cried out as they took his ass rougher than he was used to. Need and desire took him as Stef fucked his body and Behman fucked his mouth. Obeiron eagerly sucked Behman once he got the hang of it. The man was really huge and he did his best. Both men cried out as they fucked him and came soon after, both now going onto all fours and offering themselves to him. Obeiron didn't turn them down, knowing Sam wouldn't mind, since he had nodded at them and smiled in encouragement earlier. 'They don't ordinarily share, take the gift, my liege, and please them. Don't make them regret this offer. It's fine with us if they fuck whoever they want, as long as they're happy, that's all we ask.' Had been Sam's soft reply to his unspoken question.

"You sure? You don't share, remember?" Obeiron said to Stefano and Behman now, uncertainly. He wanted to but

"We're sure. And you don't share either, remember?" Stefano said with a chuckle. "This is a one-time offer, Faery King. You want to fuck us or not?" He shrugged and looked back at Obeiron with a serious look. "Never been taken by a Faery, heard you were good at sex…take us and cherish the gift we give to no one but those sex gods. We wish to be with you so don't make us regret this offer to you…"

"Just didn't want to offend you or let it just be the power making you want this. Didn't want you hating me later for taking you when you were impaired." Obeiron said but did thrust in and begin to move inside Stefano now.

"We're used to the power doing this, baby. Don't ever worry about that." Behman said thrusting into Obeiron now; making him go deeper into Stefano now also. "We just find you very sexy, Obeiron. Let us please you tonight. Please let us?" He pleaded even as he worked in and out of him.

"Yes, yes, fuck yes!" Obeiron cried out as Behman stretched his hole as he pressed balls deep into him and it felt so good he wanted to scream it to the heavens. "More, so huge!...give me more…fuck me!" His head fell back and their bodies took each other harder and therefore Obeiron was forced to move rougher into Stefano who cried out as well. The vampire begging them for more and harder, to take him deeper and never stop. Obeiron cumming hard into the vampire as he also came for the Faery King.

Then doing the same with Behman and they all swore it was well worth it. Behman cumming with Obeiron an hour later and cuddling the King between them afterward with soft kisses and gentle touches. "That was great, Obe. Thank you."

"So, no more sex between us? None at all?" Obeiron asked just to be sure.

"Nope, that was it. We just wanted to try it. You okay with that? Not offended?" Behman asked worried they'd hurt his feelings or he wanted more from them that they didn't have to give him.

"No, I only want Sam the same way for now, it could change later, one never can tell really. This was a one-time thing for me, too. I was worried this meant more than that with you, too." Obeiron said and chuckled.

"Nah, just the spell of their power. It gave us ideas and we wanted to try it. Like we said, never been with a Faery before." Stefano said and sighed happily, cuddling into his chest now to rest.

"Was it good then? Sex with a Faery?"Obeiron had to ask, had he pleased them?

"It was perfect." They both reassured the Faery. "Better than we'd hoped it would be. Thank you for the gift of sex with us. We are very happy with all that we did tonight but it won't happen again. We'd like to be friends with you though, is that possible?" Stefano asked nervously as he worried that the sex had messed things up the way it usually did with humans.

Reading his thought, Obeiron chuckled nodding. "We Faeries have casual sex all the time so it is more than possible. We don't feel love like humans do. We see sex as a shared thing, most of us do it. Not me, I just want Sam but…yeah, most Faeries tend to be a bit slutty by human standards. We consider sex a normal activity. We often don't care who we sleep with or who fucks us." He shrugged. "My subjects fuck each other often without commitment or thought of love to it. It's just two or more of them letting off steam or just having fun. It usually means nothing or even less than nothing to us. We are a very sensual race. Sex is fun but it's not what we care about. It's how we feel about you emotionally not how much sex we have with you. It takes time but you'll understand that about us eventually. You fuck a Faery, the sex will be fantastic but it will be just sex, trust me. They won't care beyond that. You be our friends and allies, show we can trust you that way, with our lives, loved ones and our safety; that's what we care about. That's what is important." Obeiron looked at them very seriously. "You do that, and we'll follow you to the ends of the Earth and never stop fighting for you or by your sides. That is love to us, not sex! Sex means nothing without trust for us. It's just a release, but trusting those we are near. Yeah, that means so damn much you would never believe me if I told you how much trust and loyalty mean to us. Even you humans know that Sex is not that important as how you feel about the one you are with. Sex is nothing, even Dean knows that. But the rest of it, it is everything to us."

"We get that here on Olympus, they taught us that. Them and those powers. But out there, we see that often. Humans mistake sex for Love, and it's not. Love is loyalty, trust, and devotion, too; not just pleasure and lust. That's why there are two Sex gods, you know? To show the two sides of sex. Dean is the Lust representation, Sam the Love part. By being separate sides of it, it enables them to embody every aspect of each part. Then when they come together, they become Sex as it was meant to be; not the way others think it should be. Sex is more than two bodies coming together. Although there is that and it cheapens it, we get that now." Behman said gently, pointing out the way they kissed now, the way their touches were both gentle and hard. The way they moved and it seemed graceful not slutty as they made love with everyone; letting them love them back. "Sex is more fulfilling when one cares for the other person. It doesn't have to be love but sex is all encompassing. So much so that if you include the other emotions with it, even for one night stands, it makes you feel good inside and lasts longer; not just for a moment. Sex without it only hurts others eventually. Sex with the emotions heals others." He finished smiling fondly as they cried out and came again. Then sighed happily as they were taken as they took another lover themselves, sucking others at the same time; every hole taken and happy to be taken in such a way. Their gods were kinky things, even they had to admit it was true. But they were sexy when they were kinky so…there were benefits to it, too!

"There is a difference and not many get that. You see men and women fucking our gods but we see love and Sex as it's supposed to be. Pleasure is just tip of the iceberg when you consider what they give us in return with their powers." Stefano smiled softly and shrugged, chuckling as they pointed out the Companion Faeries taking another turn with the god they were assigned to and laughing. "Greedy little Faeries, aren't they? What is this…their third time with them?"

"Seventh. They are a bit addicted, aren't they?" Obeiron smirked and shook his head, horny Faeries must be in love; they didn't usually go back for more when they were done cumming.

Behman and Stefano watched as the Faeries were still full-sized but fucked now by their Sex god companions and seemed to explode in pleasure and need, begging for more and getting it from their gods, Sam with his and Dean with his, deep kisses shared between them now. Behman smiled then chuckled again. "Our gods give us love, all of themselves, and with that, we find happiness. Without that, it would mean nothing. Sex can exist without Love and lust to give it strength and meaning but it leaves you empty. But add more to it and it fills you up more than anything ever has before. We get all of that and it helps us deal with others better. We don't do random hookups now; we get that they are useless things. Empty pleasure. We're used to the real stuff and that's what we love about them most. Their hearts hold everything for us, love and more. We want that and cherish that because they give it to us freely."

"That's what I'm saying about us as Faeries. We see sex the same way as you do here. For us, sex is nothing without something behind it to give it meaning." Obeiron agreed. "We focus more on the emotional side of it. Sex in and of itself is meaningless to us. Give us the emotions and that is what we will honor. You give us sex and we'll take it, and like it; but it won't mean as much as the rest you can give. Sex is fun and we do want that but give us the rest, too. And we'll follow you to the end of the World and back."

"Wow, you'll fit in here really well then. But we love each other here and…" Behman had to try to clear up one last point.

"Not there. We do love you all, the powers made sure of it once we entered Olympus; we fell in love with you guys and were okay with it. But, in my Realm, sex doesn't mean anything. So don't expect it to here all the time. We Faeries can be selfish things that way. We can't love like humans but…we can love. I only love as deep as I do because of Sam's power over me and what it did to me." Obeiron shrugged then smiled again. "The same applies to Samae and them, they weave their powers around us and we fall for them in a harder way than we usually do. They will be devoted to her and Sam. The powers need them to because it is best for both parties so they grant them that. To everyone else, we're just friends; we love you that way, as best friends and companions. Allies and we care as much as we can for you all. But friendship and loyalty we can give but sex won't lead to anything but more orgasms and nothing else. You should recommend it to the others. The Faeries are curious about sex with them but aren't sure if you will be offended if they offered. They assume you need them to love you first and they won't, so they don't ask."

Obeiron continued then shrugged. "I should mention that to the gods when this is done, have them tell the others that the Faeries would like to have sex with them at times; no strings attached though. That wouldn't offend them all, would it? If it would, I won't say it." He bit a lip nervously and waited their answer. "We could use your advice here." The other Faeries joined him and waited as well. "It doesn't mean we don't care, it just means it's not love and just sex. We only want friendship with you and allegiance but the sex stuff is your choice. We'll be with you guys if you'd just ask us to be. We're a bit slutty, like I said. Not me, but the others would like the offers." He eyed the others fucking some more and got hard, working it out for himself this time. Cumming moments later and sighing. "They'd see it as strengthening your ties to us if you would consider them for sex at times. Show you trust and accept them more. I know for a fact that Sam's Faery fucked him tonight and is indeed very in love with him now. Dean's as well, he fucked him and both were taken by them. They love them but that is rare; the powers the gods possess did that, so it was an anomaly to us. Most of the other Faeries only want casual sex, nothing more."

"It can be arranged. We'll tell them when they are done. Tomorrow is a snow day! We love those. Snowmen and snowball fights, snow angels and all of it. Cold and chilly, cuddling and loving every second of it all. We have snowball wars with each other, dozens of us. If you join us, you are so on our team! I bet you have killer aim, Obe." Behman laughed and Obeiron nodded agreeing with a smile.

"We can take full form for that." Obeiron agreed, eager to try the human activity with his people now. "It should be fun. We don't have snow in my Realm."

"Not here usually either but they recently began manipulating the weather with their powers for us; something we are finding very enjoyable actually. They wanted to please us." Stefano said. "Non-changing weather gets boring after a bit. The changes they've made recently are really great, we like them."

"It does sound like it." Obeiron said wistfully. He wished he could stay here forever, he thought sadly. But knew he couldn't and hid that wish. No need to wish for something he could never have. So he settled for watching them have their orgy and jerked off to them doing that. Sam looked good having sex, he thought happily. His Mate was hot in the throes of passion. He should look that way more often. Obeiron thought fondly as Samuel Colt fucked Sam and Whistler took his mouth, both taking him hard and he clearly was enjoying it. They looked so happy that way, so in love with him now. That was good. Their powers would make them love those gods but also make the gods love them back just as fiercely as well. The better the bond would be with their people here on Olympus now. Obeiron agreed with their powers now. Make them loved by their gods and to love their gods just as much. A powerful bond that could never be broken. Too strong to ever be bent or taken from them now.

Their powers knew Olympus needed this now; this Love bond with their gods to survive and be as strong as it needed to be now. Evil was coming for them, the Faery Magic sensed it and trembled. This would allow them to win against it. Love and love alone would ensure their victory. A victory the Love they gave to the others assured for them now.

Darkness would not prevail against them, not with their new powers and what they could do.

Obeiron smiled and let them hug him as they watched the orgy as well. "They do look good when they get fucked, don't they?" He tilted his head to follow a position that God had put Dean into as they spoke now, curious how he did it. Wondering if Sam would like it as much as Dean seemed to.

"Yes, it's one of their best looks. You should see them when they do bondage with us and Eric; they are even sexier that way." Behman said chuckling. "They are Sex personified now. Not just doing it and pleasing others. They literally are Sex itself given human form. The sigils no longer hold their powers in so the powers or their godhoods can't be sensed. The sigils mostly just keep others from falling in love and lust with them personally but their powers can't be contained anymore. Nothing holds them in now. They are Lust and Love in person now. Walking Powers in god form. No longer just using their powers. They are their powers, every last one of them, and their powers are them." No longer separate but all one unit, Power Incarnate. Like Linc being the Devil Incarnate, they were Lust Incarnate and Love Incarnate and that was a very powerful thing; the most powerful thing of all.

Before they were just gods with powers, but now?

They were Power itself , all of their Powers and so much more all at the same time!, Not men or gods, but Power was who and what they were now. Much the way Molljner was not a Hammer but only had that form, but was a Lightning Bolt of Ultimate Norse Power! They were the Hammer of Love and Lust now, twin sides to each other's Powers. Making them more than a match for any demon or evil thing in Creation. Obeiron thought and smiled.

They would succeed now.

He was sure of it!

In the meantime, the Sex gods made love to Apollo and Bacchus while others took them more, them all spinning and moving, never wanting it to stop either. Gabriel was already finding his control shredding and ended up coming deep into Cas who watched as the stone glowed and dimmed, then begged him to keep going and Gabriel didn't disappoint, taking Cas harder and deeper, cumming repeatedly in him until he was done then cuddling as they removed the stone. Setting it aside they kissed and cuddled, resting before joining the orgy beside them; taking their turn and telling their gods they loved them in their ears as they made love to them, like all the others had.

The Sex gods may be getting fucked often now but they always could tell and know who was taking them from their kisses and words whispered into their necks and ears as well. Words of love and worship flowing over them all as they got the orgy going; now that the pregnancy stuff was done.

And then the Sex gods pulled the others beneath them, thrusting into their lovers and letting themselves be taken by more of the others that wanted them. They made sure to fuck the ones back that had fucked them. Both their lovers and those gods finding this most enjoyable and never wanting it to end. "Fuck us, don't stop!" They ordered with lust and love in their voices. The new power levels inside them coming out and notching their powers into to the cosmic range; flaring their lovers' passions even higher and grinning. The Sex gods smiled happily and controlled their many lovers' pleasure now and taking control of it to their benefits and their lovers, too. Something they had never done before but found very enjoyable and used it to please their lovers and those that took them over and over; cumming with them as hard as they came for them.

Letting them cum only when they did, making their lovers and themselves hard with a thought and a burst of power. Tightening their lovers and their own bodies in lust and need at will; and sending them all spinning into falling in love with them until they all were so lost in love and lust with those Sex gods they couldn't find it in themselves to not love them now. Not to be owned body and soul by those gods and their powers, loving them with all their hearts by the time they had came and been kissed by them. Each and every being that took them got this; even when they fell to the bed gasping, declaring "I love you! Never leave me, never loved this way before!" Then the Sex gods found themselves kissed and "We love you, too" was their reply them as they nestled happily against their lovers, and slept for the most part. All with happy smiles on their faces. Humans, hunters, vamps, and gods alike all fell under their powers' spell; those that weren't already in love and enslaved them to those Sex gods now found themselves that way with them for Eternity now. They would never be able to get enough of them, like the others who already knew that would happen to them; since it already had happened to them before now.

There were worse things to be than in love with those gods and no shame in wanting to be with them. Plus they loved those they claimed back and it was a deep love they gave so it brooked no complaints. One could still love their other mates but then they just loved those gods just as much after that. So in love with them but not so they were mind controlled; they were just drawn to them more. Needed them sexually and romantically, like their Heavenly Mates did, from this point on.

Mates that didn't mind sharing their lovers, but encouraged it.

They were Sex gods after all. Sex was their power and they were really great at it. Their powers made those gods its whores but, hey, they did like it that way so no one really protested against it. Especially them gods. It was Love. It was Lust. It was everything they were and more. It was what their cells and bodies were permeated with and they knew this. It was who they were and they gave it freely to those around them; their gift to them.

In fact, as the pleasure ebbed and the last of the sex was done, all of Olympus had fallen in love with their Sex gods. Then God let Time flow for them again and the sun rose over their pile of sated bodies; hundreds of them in the bed and they were soon reaching for each other, especially those Sex gods. Every last being professing undying love to their very loved and worshipped Sex gods and their gods professing it back; letting themselves love them back.

Now not a being but the kids were in love with them and wanted to be their lovers and Mates for Eternity. Sam and Dean didn't mind at all. They were all good people and beings, worth being loved and cared about. They wanted that job. To love, care about and adore them all as they adored their gods now. People deserved to be loved and cared for, and those gods wanted to do it for all of Olympus. Olympus was theirs and everyone in it. They swore in their heart of hearts now to make sure the others felt their love and knew they were theirs in every way now. That those residents knew they never need or wanted for anything because their gods would provide those things if they needed or wanted them. Forever their Keeper and Protectors, Friends, Allies and now all their Lovers, too. Mates and husbands to them all.

Olympus was theirs, every millionth of every acre. Every square inch of it was theirs to love and protect. And they would kill and destroy anyone who dared try it! No one hurt those they loved and protected, no one! And they now were in love and mated to everyone on it and the others there were in love with those gods, too, and that in and of itself…

Made them very dangerous gods indeed.

Cause nothing got one killed by a Winchester faster than hurting someone they loved. For that there was only one punishment.

Your death; your very slow and painful death.

Yeah, they were all safe now.

Their Mates and Head gods would make sure of it!


They kept the bed there and slept, since it fit everyone better. Behman and Stefano cuddled Obeiron between them. Most slept but the gods didn't, but soon would. The pregnancies would make them do it once the babies started eating their powers again. Along with all the other symptoms.

The unpregnant ones and the marked humans thought they'd volunteer more to help with the cooking for them this time. Stick around to help with stuff on Olympus more for them. Many knew just how pregnancy could affect people so…they'd help since they knew how to help them, too.

Men or not, these pregnant people might need their help.

The next morning, they poofed the bed away around noon, which is when everyone had begun to wake up and move around; eyes bleary and bodies and asses, and other parts sore for the most part. The gods were healed and fine but aching from their orgy. But the others without the high healing powers just hurt and ached, but didn't hate it. It felt good and they savored the thoroughly but possibly over-fucked feeling they now had. Love in their hearts and eyes as they looked upon their very sexily tousled and rumpled Sex gods who still looked like the sinful devils sent to tempt and trap them into every sin as they lay on the bed, gazing up at them with love and desire flaring in their eyes. And they all thought that if their Sex gods were those devils, they would gladly follow them into said traps and enjoy every sin they gave them to immensely! Damn they looked good in the morning after an orgy! Slow smiles and simmering desire in their eyes as they scanned the men and women slowly leaving the bed, licking lips with sheets puddling in their laps, revealing their sexy bodies and hiding nothing as they removed the sheet now. Getting up and wincing. Yeah, letting over a hundred or more beings fuck you over and over for hours left your asses and bodies more than a little sore, damn! Not that they were complaining. It had felt great and everyone seemed happy with them for it. Especially proven by several stealing kisses most of the afternoon and cuddling with them on the porch, or playing in the snow with them once they held their arms up and willed it to be winter for the day. A steady snowfall filled the air and dissipated to light flurries once there were several inches everywhere.

Then there were snowball battles, and laughter erupted more than once from a well thrown snowball hitting a head or two. Sam and Dean picked teams, dividing up Olympus as they chose willing fighters. Digging trenches, and using ambush tactics on each other. Naked but magically warm, every last one of them. The human teens, also magically warm with the others, got into the battle and it lasted for hours while the kids used sleds and built snowmen under their Guardians' vigilant gazes.

Then the fathers and mothers of young kids helped them join in, letting them chuck their own snowballs at the enemy. Many yelped as Denae threw them and used powers to guide them to their targets with deadly accuracy. Samae's often went wide but no one said anything against it; it was all in fun after all. Mati packed her balls hard and more than one being got bruises from them, ducking in fear each time Mati and Denae threw them; they had wicked aim those two toddlers did!

Sam and Dean held them and helped them make snowballs with their little hands, and held them up to throw them. Settling for helping their daughters rather than throwing their own. "Daddy?" Came a soft voice. They turned to see Gabe approaching, already the same age as the girls, the boys on his heels with the human kids. "Can we play, too?" Gabe pleaded gently, green eyes hopeful.

"Sure, son." Dean and the others said, each taking a kid, others on the other side doing the same, all helping them with the snowballs, scheming attacks, and letting the kids throw most of them now. More laughter filled the air as an "Ow!" erupted from Joreal as Denae beaned him in the chest with a particularly hard one followed by another aimed at his head by Mati. Ducking he helped Rommie make one or two and let him throw them back at the girls.

Sam sent a large bank of snow onto their heads on purpose and ducked their answering assault of their snowballs they made from it. Dean groaned as they hid from it, smiling though, "Thanks for giving them more ammo, Sammy."

"No problem." Sam teased and risked a peek and got a snowball in the face for it. Laughing he brushed it away and kissed his godmate anyway. "They should run out soon…hopefully." He sighed at Dean's look as Eric called over to them from the other side.

"Not likely, got lots of ammo, guys. You are so toast!" Eric shouted over.

"As if." Dean shouted back and they renewed their attacks, diving and ducking as they wove through Olympus to attack from the rear while the others drew their fire. Only to get hit with a deluge of snowballs as the others got the same idea, and dove with kids to attack them with snow for their ambushing troubles.

And somewhere along the way, they found themselves liking the family feeling this gave them.

Even though Eric had been right, they lost the snowball battle.

They didn't mind too much when it meant their kids got to smile, clap, look happy and kiss them, and tug them along to help with snowmen and make snow angels with them.

Little Gabe took Cas's hand and touched his tummy, kissing it. "Play with me, Cas?" Gabe asked shyly. His hand or eyes never leaving Cas's stomach for long, green eyes expectant on Cas's blue ones.

"Sure, Gabe." Cas said picking up the kid and holding him. He suspected why Gabe always was near him, always touching his stomach and insisting on kissing it a lot. His mate was in there. The angel/god/part God being already knew it and was waiting for him to come out to play with him, to be his. So Cas let Gabe have his time with him. Gabe wanted his mate but Cas would give him what he could. And with that, they set up making snowmen, dusting snow off their heads as the others dumped it on them, making them yelp in surprise.

The Porch was empty now. Cups of coffee and tea, and cocoa abandoned on railings.

They were spending time with each other, their kids, and their families at the moment. And it was a snow day.

And, as with every Snow day, they made the most of it before the gods took the spell away and the snow melted away until the next Friday. As far as magical weather went, this was by far their favorite kind. Every kid having at least two adults playing with them in the snow at all times. Romance could wait. They had families to spend time with now. And they wanted to show those kids they loved them, too.

Even Gabe, who sat by Cas, sensing his other half in the man, the baby's essence calling to his own. Touching Cas's stomach one more time, Gabe closed his eyes and sent love to the boy, and felt it sent back to him in spades. Casey! Casey sending his love to him, too! Gabe smiled happily and let the other's love bathe him in itself. Soon, soon he'd have his mate. To hold at first, take care of when they let him help. To play with and be friends with, then be lovers and Mates later. Casey was all he wanted and, eventually, he'd have him with him.

And, as snow fell slowly on them, they let themselves enjoy their Snow day.

Because in their collective minds…

There was no better day than a Snow day!


That evening, as the snow melted, both Sex gods sat on the porch again. Then felt a small weight on their shoulders. "Byron?" Dean asked as the little Faery stood up on his shoulder, on tiptoe, and lovingly brushed some remaining snow from his god's spiky hair, still wet from the snow. "You didn't join us in the snowball fight. I wanted to spend time with you."

"Sorry, had a meeting with the King and the others about the upcoming wedding." Byron said softly, his voice tiny in Dean's ear. Little hands hugging Dean's neck as much as he could as he nudged Dean to turn to look at him. And when he had, the Faery laid a gently but loving kiss on those sexy over-sized lips. "I love you, Dean. In love with you. Never leaving you."

"Love you, too, Byron." Dean said chuckling. "Ten times."

"Huh?" The little Faery asked, unsure what his new lover was referring to.

"You fucked me ten times last night, you naughty Faery you." Dean teased. "I only got you twice. So unfair." The little Faery blushed and Dean thought he was adorable when he did that.

"Make it up to me later." Byron said and nuzzled into Dean's hair and by his ear more. "My Mate, I choose you and make you my Mate."

"Your Mate, Byron. I'll be that." Dean agreed. His Mate, Byron loved him. Faeries, though slutty and sensual by nature, rarely chose Mates but, when they did, it was a permanent Mating for them. Obeiron had explained this to them this morning over breakfast, after offering the Faeries to be lovers with the Olympians since they'd asked him to mention it, thinking they weren't welcome with them that way. But Dean and Sam said it sounded good to them, too.

So now the Faeries would be with the others if they wanted them, form friendships with them, allies of a more intimate nature. Sex may be sex to them but emotions mattered to them. So Dean would not hurt the feelings of his Faery Mate by saying no. He loved him anyway, after last night; the powers had made him love the Faery and they both knew it. "I love you, too."

"Silus, you got me twelve and I only got you three, selfish thing." Sam teased his Faery.

"Yes, I know." The Faery said smiling, kissing tiny kisses along the side of Sam's ear. Little hands holding him there. Caressing. "Take me later, lover."

"I will." Sam said.

"I love you, Sam. My Mate, like he is with Dean. Staying with you now all the time." Silus said and Sam smiled, turning to look at his Faery Mate now. "Not prince or consort, but lover and Mate would be fine, if that's okay with you. The king said he was okay with it, I asked him before asking you."

"Love you, too, Silus." Sam said softly. "Stay on my shoulder if you want; I like you there."

"I'll stay here then." Silus said, wrapping Sam's long hair around him and sniffing it, sighing happily at Sam's scent all around him from his hair and skin. "It's nice up here actually. Love your scent, Sam."

"Scent away, you're very welcome to stay there." Sam said again and the Faery nodded happily. "My Mate!"

"Yes, you are. And our King's, always his, too. And theirs, we Faeries share well." Sirus said and yawned, drifting off wrapped in the crook of Sam's neck and by his ear, hugging the hair tightly like his favorite teddy bear or…the man himself whose arms both Faeries in full form had slept in all night last night; their love wrapping around them as they rested sex tousled heads on male chests for the first time in their lives. Not feeling it was just sex with the gods but Love, Eternal Love, and letting it claim them as their Lovers had earlier, with kisses and thrusting into their bodies. Their cum claiming them for themselves each time, tying them to them more each time. And, when they'd fucked their gods, they had claimed them in return and had found themselves unable to resist keeping doing it, taking turns with the others on them; just so they could make them theirs even more.

Both Faeries desperately in love with their god they had been assigned to. And never wanted to leave their shoulders or sides ever again!


Sam and Dean held fingers over their marks, their control god Marks, the one that controlled all the others. "You sure we shouldn't talk this over with God first?" Sam asked. This Creation thing was usually discussed first with all three of them.

"He said it was up to us, so…we have the most say here. So we should talk to them about it. God's busy anyway. He's having private time with Bobby and them." Dean said.

"We should at least see if he wants to be there when we discuss it." Sam suggested. "In case he wants to us to bring anything else up while we got everyone together."

"Good idea. I suppose we should go now, before we call the Meeting." Dean agreed. "Hope he isn't too busy fucking them or something just as interesting…" He might join them if they were…seriously, he'd be tempted to.

"Me, too. Sex fiend." Sam teased as they approached the door, opening it quietly and peeking in. Bobby was draped over his lap and get spanked, finely and properly spanked, moaning softly as God lay blow after blow on his ass and thighs. They paused in their spanking as the gods entered now. "We just wanted to…hey, that looks fun." Sam sighed. "We're having a discussion with Olympus about the Creation thing and were wondering if you needed or wanted to be there, maybe had things you wanted to bring up. Or wanted us to…fuck me, would you spank us…please?" Sam said, ass already tingling from anticipated blows there…dick already hard at the thought.

"After him." God promised. "The meeting can wait." Motioning them over, they sat nearby, waiting. God spanked Bobby a few more times, making his skin red and burning but sending so much more pleasure through Bobby as the endorphins took over and made him eager to be taken and to cum for his Master.

God solved his dilemma by ordering him to the bed, onto all fours, legs apart. "I have some things to discuss with you, too, after the meeting. So wait for it, this is important." God advised then returned his attention to Bobby now. Lubing up fingers to open him up, ordering him to be still, no cumming or talking but sex sounds were fine. Thrusting in, he fucked him slow then fast, hitting his prostate at times, delaying his pleasure until neither had much control left, then ordering. "Cum!" as Bobby cried out and did just that all over the bed below him, and God groaned as he came as well, a soft moan drawn out from him as he did so. Then pulling out after a bit and letting Bobby rest, laying there blissed out and sated, smiling. Cuddling him for a bit then God sat up smiling. "Your turn, Sam first, since he asked so nicely. Same rules, baby." God said and Sam came over, settling over his lap until they were comfortable.

Sam flinched at first, as one blow came but went still as more rained upon him, hitting harder each time. Sam moaned harshly. "Harder!" He begged but got whacked hard for it.

"No talking." God warned him then smiled. But did as asked, hitting him harder and harder until each ass cheek was flaming red and hurt to be touched, and Sam would have came if he had touched him, even stroked him there lightly. Harsh moans poured from him already as it was, his body burning inside with need and desire the more he was spanked.

Then God had Sam do what Bobby had, going onto all fours and thrusting into him, his body being always ready to fuck or pleasure thanks to his and Dean's joining before. Sam was too close and so was he; too wound up from the spanking to think straight, let alone beyond the need to be fucked and taken hard and rough! Sam cried out now, loud shouts of pleasure as he was taken hard and deep, and God told him he could move now. Sam writhed and fucked back onto him just as hard as God was thrusting into Sam at the same time. Both cumming fast and long as soon as God told Sam to and God filling his ass with his own moments later.

Sam lay there afterward, sated and happy, ass burning still and loving every bit of it. Dean took his place once God was ready. Spanked hard like Sam was and moaning loudly. His collar and cuffs rattling with every blow, the chains connecting his cuffs, rattling in the silence only broken by his sounds of pleasure and of hands striking flesh. Once he was ready as God thought he should be, he was fucked hard and writhed when allowed to. Crying out for more as God worked his dick at the same time as he thrust into him, losing himself to the pleasure God was giving him. Need filled him, lust permeated his being as he came hard for God only to be fucked again and again, cumming more and more each time, then finally falling to the bed sated and spent, used and used well by his lover. Just the way he liked it.

God lay between them all now, resting and recovering, smiling happily; all four of them. "That was fun, I'm glad you offered." God said kissing Sam softly. "Thank you."

"No problem. One small orgy down, several more to go." Sam said. This session would balance the powers and control them with the submission, so it was a win-win for him. Dean, too. "So what do you want to discuss? Here works for me, I'm too spent to move anyway."

"The pagan gods want to meet at the end of the week, I said we'd do it. I figured we covered them being harmless already, so we just needed to talk to them peacefully. Here on Olympus should work. Outline what is expected of them and let them know we'll keep them safe. Earn their trust. Plus the Satyrs and Centaurs have questions of what is expected of their charges." God said and shrugged, placing a kiss on each of their temples now. "Whatever you decide about the Creation stuff is fine with me."

"If we set up events, the one like we did before and more private ones with just one of us at a time, would you volunteer to do it, too? Sometimes?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, I'd do it. If anyone was interested in having kids with me. I'd explain the pregnancy with them first but it should work." God said nodding and going to let them up, grinning. "Get up, you sated things. You have a meeting to do."

"Sitting down is not happening. My ass still hurts. We're standing for this one." Dean said rubbing his stinging ass cheeks. "Felt great though."

"Yeah, it did." Sam agreed. "We love it when you do this, baby." Sam leaned over and kissed God bye now, Dean did the same. "You two coming to the meeting?"

"Yeah, we're coming with you." Bobby said getting up and then he and God followed them.

Pressing the Mark, the Sex gods summoned their Olympians to the courtyard. Once out there, they saw them there, sitting everywhere, sharing laps and sitting wherever there was room. He sighed as he realized Olympus was too full, so he willed it to be larger, to have more room. Soon the others noticed this and soon were seated comfortably again. Some still sat on laps though, simply because they were kinky things, were enjoying doing it, and were very touchy, too.

"Okay, we have some ideas on the baby making. We all know we need to keep doing this so that doesn't need to be mentioned. But we know some of you aren't mated and might want kids of your own with someone you're not connected to either, so we thought of some ways and want your opinions. First, the large Creation ritual we did before, we should do three times a year, and have the large orgy with us afterward like before, if you still want us that way. We loved you all taking us that way, so this isn't begging, we just thought you might like it again…maybe?" Sam said and waited nervously.

"Hell yeah, that would be fantastic! Three of them a year, make it four and you have deal and we all get to fuck you senseless again." One god said and they laughed.

"Deal, four times a year then. Okay, that will work for those of you okay with the public sex and with steady partners or partners you want to be with. Now, for you single ones. No commitment is expected, single parents are welcome. So, we thought of private sex for you. What we propose is that we make a list, you put your names on it if you are willing to father kids with others, even if you already have mates. This isn't a permanent bond with them, just fucking. We touch you or wish you able to get pregnant, yes, we have that power, shocker!, and you can be with the person of your choice." Dean said and smiled.

"We'll set up nights and rooms for each man or being, Faeries are welcome to volunteer, too. Faery babies don't mean relationships, guys, so why not let them to do it, too? They wanted more contact with Olympus, right? This would qualify…" Sam said then looked at Obeiron. "Please, come up here, I need to discuss this with you. Dean, you do the rest." Going to the side, they called the Faeries over, too.

"We have to make these babies, guys. It's our mission here. Please consider it, I'm doing it. Dean probably will, too. I won't order it but we do need to do this. It's not fair for everyone on Olympus to do it and not you guys, too. It's just getting them pregnant, that's it. Fuck them and they get pregnant, that's it. No more no less. We all care for the kids, so it's not all you. They keep the kids with them, you go on your ways." Sam said and urged. "If just a few would do it, it would help us out."

"We'll do it." Byron and Silus, Sam's Faery said.

"Me, too." Said Alabastair.

"Me, too." Said Samae's girl Faery. She'd bear a child for them.

"Us, too." Said Dorian's and the others Faeries. They would go to them later to introduce themselves as their personal Faeries later; this was more important.

"All of us will, if what you say is true. You trust us to do this, this will be a bond with you guys, a friendship thing?" One Faery asked, sex didn't mean much to them but trust and friendship did. If it was about friendship and trust, they'd all do it. Except Obeiron, he was just with Sam.

"Yes, a bond with friendship and trust. We are your friends now, you knew that already." Sam said softly and they nodded.

"We'll do it, give us that list." The Faery spoke up now. "I'm Perion, by the way."

"Nice to know your name. You shy ones hide on me, I'll never get to know you if you keep doing that, silly things." Sam teased as they blushed.

"You want to get to know us, personally, Sire?" The Faery asked in disbelief. "You'd fuck us, have sex with each of us? With permission of course from you, Sire." They said to Obeiron.

"I don't mind, sleep with all anyone you want, all of you. You want sex with Sam, just tell him. Let me watch sometimes, if you're into that kind of thing, too. I like to watch him have sex with others, it turns me on." Obeiron reassured them.

"Then it's decided. We'll do it." Another Faery said and they all nodded.

They returned to join the others now. "The Faeries will all do it, the private sessions." Sam told Dean who smiled and nodded.

"I told them about the separate rooms and they can use ours for it, too." Dean said. "How it will work is we'll set it up for twice a year, you men will sign a list every time to show you're willing. We give you assigned days and nights to accommodate the number of men. You others sign up by the person you want to get pregnant with and then when their time comes up, you go to them, take however long you want, and get pregnant. That sound okay? No jealousy, no possessiveness, no mating, just fucking. You like them, ask them out on dates later; they'll probably agree to it." Sam said and waited for their opinions on it. "Or you could just pick someone, ask then go to your own places, that works, too. Just once you are pregnant or think you might be, let us know, we'll test you and then set you up with Sabine and them, and the doctors in town we have marked for your prenatal care." He motioned to them. "Opinions, questions?"

"Do we have to? Is it required? We may want to later but do we choose when we do this?" A hunter asked nervously, hating the thought of being forced to do something as important as this.

"Yes, we have to and it is required, but you do choose when to do it. Some will just make them and others may only have them, some both. But we would never force you to do it. You can just make kids with your Mate, that's fine, too. Not always pregnant, once is fine there. No one is forced. It's your choice, always yours." Sam reassured the man.

"Oh, I was worried. I'll do it then. The making babies part, I'll do that much." The man said.

"Anything else?" Dean asked.

"Can men do it? The pregnancy thing? I'd do it, me and my man can't have our own, or didn't used to be able to but you've been pregnant. Is it a god thing or can we humans do it?" One asked, Kevin, Dean noticed.

"Yes, men can do it, too. The more the merrier." Dean said. "You'll be the mother or Raoul, Kevin? Gonna be some good-looking kids…that's for sure." He teased their friend.

"Me, I'll carry them, him, too. We want your kids. He wants Sam's and I want yours, Dean. But we're together, me and Raoul, like you and Sam are." Kevin said. "You are on the list, right?"

Others nodded and asked the same thing, clearly wanting them, too.

"Yes, we're on the list. Every time. But give others a chance, too, they need kids, too, make some with them." Dean said and the men nodded.

"We were planning on it. So when do we find out when these 'private' sessions start. The larger one, too?" Kevin said.

"Well, we were thinking next month. We'll do the larger one first for the set couples and those into it, then the private ones for the shyer ones or who are willing to wait for the person they want to be with. You want to do yours then, the private or public one?" Dean asked Kevin now. Kevin and Raoul discussed it and then turned.

"Public, like Dorian did." Kevin said. "So, next month? Can we join your bed as lovers or is that forbidden? We're in love with you, you know, and each other."

"It's not forbidden, we'd welcome any of you. We love you, too, but how is it fair to you? How do you love us, are you sure?" Sam said confused. He hadn't meant to have them feel this way.

"Don't look so distressed, Sam. The sex is great and the teens did fuck you guys before. So it's not a foreign concept, get over it. They love you. We all do, your spell did that to us last time. We'd all like to be in your bed as lovers, figuratively. We won't all fit but we are your lovers already, Mated to you by your Magic. We just want a more active sex life with you than we have now, like the others have." Raoul said smiling. "We are your husbands and wives, even our own wives love you and us. Apparently we are Bisexual now but it's nice, we like it. The teens, too. All of Olympus adores you…our Husbands, our lovers. We are in love you guys, with all our hearts."

"Okay, in that case, how about we setup dates you guys, like we do with them? To devote time to each of you individually. Use the book they use. Set up the day and time, specify what you'd like us to do with you, where to eat, that kind of thing, sexual stuff you want to do. We'll do what we can, but nothing like whippings and stuff, only Eric gets that. Bondage and Spanking is fine, regular sex is fine." Dean offered and looked at them fondly.

"We'll do that." Kevin said smiling back.

"Any other questions?" Sam asked.

No responses came so they let the meeting end. Everyone kissed them in turns, reassuring them they were sure they loved them and went inside to fill out a date in the book with them. The gods were surprised but happier now. So they loved them and were Mated to them now, they could live with that.


(The next day)

They scooped up the boys, who were already clinging to them. Linc stood tall by Mati, taking her hand and he was already their age. He would age faster than all of them, they knew this already. He was the next Ruler of Hell, and thus he would be needed sooner. So he would be full grown in three years. Much sooner than the girls or his brothers would be grown up.

But he would be taking that throne in two years' time and they feared for him. Sixteen. He would be sixteen when he took his throne and his power came into him. At eighteen, he would marry Mati. Maybe sooner if he could talk her and them into letting him do it. Which they were considering, since taking the throne was serious thing, maybe they would be ready to do the wedding then, too. Most rulers did, so why not?

Married, him and Mati, in two years. Ruling Hell but living here on Olympus.

Their kids were growing up so fast and they didn't want to miss a thing! Not one thing.

Including their first ride on the roller coaster they had insisted they add to it for them to ride eventually. The kids had been most insistent!


Later that week, they watched as the displeasure lit up in Eric's eyes when they couldn't come to him because they were busy working on a potion with Bobby and he had to leave to tend to his own needs now. Then they grinned happily.

"What?" Bobby asked at their sudden purr of contentment.

"Nothing, just thinking." Sam said and handed the man the wormroot. "How much of this do I need to add, Bobby?" He asked eyeing the stinking pieces of plant.

"A few small pieces of the stem there, two or three." Bobby said and let it go. Their Master had looked at them and they had not gone to him. He must be displeased; they liked him that way, naughty things! Then again the sex after they did this sounded amazing!

It was their agreement with their Master; they all knew this. They did their god stuff, hunts and such, and Eric 'punished' them for not being obedient enough to him. They seemed to enjoy it. Bobby and Ellen had a different one with God. They were free to do their jobs and only called to submit when they had time for it and were expected to fully submit when they did it. God wanted his dom/sub stuff done the more traditional way. But Eric's way worked for his Subs so that was good for them, too.

Then the Sex gods did make it up to him later that day when he was working on his car by going to their knees, and bowing to the ground and sucking him hard then letting him take them hard against his car as he pounded into them and spanked them as he fucked them until they were ready to explode for him and still they awaited his orders, even as their powers flew around them and made their Master lose control and cum hard inside them. Then ordered them to cum for him, which they shouted and did. Gasping weakly against the car since it was the only thing holding them up right then. He smiled in approval as they slipped to his feet and sat there, smiling and nuzzling his legs and ankles, and resumed working on the car as they were perfectly satisfied with just resting at his feet now. Handing him tools and such as he asked for them as he worked.

Then they worked on their own car and he helped them, seeming to be happy to just work side by side with them as they changed the oil and put in a new alternator.

"Sir, can you hand me the ¾ quarters wrench?" Dean asked quietly, respectfully. Eyes down as he waited for it.

"Sure." Eric said proudly and got it for him. Sam handed him the part. "You did well today, Slaves." He praised them and they flushed happily.

"We wanted to please you after…" Sam admitted, biting a lip, "We won't be able to make you happy all the time, Sir."

"I know that." Eric said taking the wrench to wipe it off and put back in the tool kit. "I knew you couldn't when I agreed to this. I'm never very unhappy, never will be. You're my Head gods, I don't expect you to bow or obey me all the time; that is unrealistic. Pleasing me all the time is a luxury none of us can afford and will never have. I would rather have you do what you can, take the punishments, and be able to keep fighting Evil with me than you be obedient and stop it, and Evil gets to win. I expect this now, don't worry about that."

"Thank you, Sir." Sam said happier now and got close to him, offering his face to him. To be kissed. Eric happily leaned down and pressed his lips to Sam's, using his tongue to tease them open and their tongues met, tangling and deepening the kiss for them. Sam stayed still submissively in his arms and let him do it. Kissing back with desire as well. Dean moved forward and did the same. He used his free arm to pulled Dean close as well, and kissed him as well when he offered his lips to him. Then they bowed their heads and let them rest against his chest, smiling softly as their Master's hands rubbed lovingly along their backs. Then shut the hood and leaned against him again, staying that way for most of the day, leaving his side to do what they had to and then returning to him again to do more of the same.

The others saw this and were pleased. They were good together this way, and happy.

They didn't mind it at all. They got just as much of their time so they could let them give Eric this in their time with him. They would get their chances later. They were more than willing to share their time with those gods now.


The Creation Event, as they decided to call it, was in full swing later that month. The bedrooms held lovers of many species, having sex and making their babies. Some used the others' houses and barracks for others as well.

Sam and Dean rested between bouts of their own sex with the ones that wanted them to father their babies. They chuckled as others came out to rest, leaning by them sated but tired for a minute.

"I'm at thirty." Sam told them and shrugged. Dean said he was at close to that, too; they were often impregnating them together so their count would be about the same. Raoul and Kevin were joined by some Faeries and wolves, along with some vampires and gods sitting along the porch with them. Their most recent 'victims' laying upstairs napping for a while before they woke them up and had to do more.

"We're done with our list." Raoul and Kevin said relieved.

"Me, too." Eric said, he'd done his as a big orgy kind of thing so his had gone faster, too.

"Us, too." Karis and Varis said smiling.

Others said the same but the Sex gods saw themselves being motioned over and nodded. "We aren't." Dean said laughingly tugging Sam behind him, the others laughing with them. "We're really way too popular…" He groaned. "My dick is going to fall off soon from overuse; just warning you."

"No, it better not, I love your dick, baby." Sam teased him and smacked his ass as it swayed in front of him. "Your's goes, mine goes, just letting you know that."

"Then I better not let it fall off, I can't live without yours, Sammy." Dean teased him and stopped to hold him close and kiss him breathless; desire flaring between them at the barest touch, per usual. "Later, Sam. I'll make love to you when this is over, lover."

"Promise?" Sam said leaning in to hold his hand and kiss him one last time.

"When I'm recovered from this over-fucking thing, yeah, I promise." Dean said smirking and waved at the impatient group shouting at them playfully. "Our Masters have summoned us…we should go now." He seemed reluctant to part from Sam and Sam let him know with a hug and brief kiss that he felt the same. "A date, I'll take you to town and do a proper date with you tomorrow, okay?"

"Flowers and all?" Sam asked hopefully.

"Yeah, flowers and all, and supper at any place you want to go." Dean said nodding.

"Okay, a date later, baby-making for now." Sam agreed and they ran over to their mates awaiting them.

"Made us wait! Brats." Artemis accused without a trace of anger to it. "You are so cute when you two go mushy, have we ever told you that?" She winked at them and they nodded, chuckling with their lovers.

"So we've heard…" Sam said and then headed upstairs, tugging the goddess behind him while she leered at his sexy ass the whole time. Then they started the second group of baby-making and enjoyed every moment of it.

And, when it was over, they all sat talking about the public one and planning it for a few days later.


The next night, Dean found himself stuck eating at the new Red Lobster in town…and hated it. But still romanced Sam properly anyway with flowers and kisses, along with hand holding and cuddling. They ignored the looks they got but kept their mush to a minimum. It was a family place, after all.

Dean eyed the lobster that Sam had gotten for them to share and cringed. Choosing to nibble on the hushpuppies and side dishes instead; he hated fish of any kind. But he now found that he especially hated the taste of lobster. It was his first time trying it but he already knew he hated it. Sam, on the other hand, was eating it as if he was a starving man and it was his last meal. "This is so good! We should get them to make this on Olympus." Sam said and Dean could tell he meant it. Dean, however, thought it was one meal there he could go without…the smell alone was disgusting.

He'd never been a big fish eater and clearly becoming a god hadn't changed that little personality flaw. Sam was though, he mostly liked fish and chicken, mostly white meat like turkey, too, and ham, but not beef and such, but he did eat it. He preferred the other flavors though over the red meat but wasn't against it the way he used to be as a human.

Dean discreetly excused himself and headed to a bathroom stall then. Conjuring up a bacon cheeseburger, he moaned as he took a big bite out of it and nodded while he chewed. "Now this is what I'm talking about! Love you, baby, never meant to cheat on you with that fish thing…honest!" He apologized to his half-eaten burger and finished it before heading out to sit with Sam again.

On his way out he saw a guy leaning against a sink, and eying the door with dread. "Yeah, I heard that…got another of those burgers…please?" The man begged and Dean saw his dilemma. He'd seen him near their table with an attractive blond, his wife. Also having the lobster meal and not enjoying it. He had mercy on the man and slipped him a burger he conjured up in his jacket pocket, a smaller bacon cheeseburger. He gave it to the man and smiled. "Damn, love this stuff." He said taking a big bite of it and moaning happily. "Saw you before with that good-looking guy. Your boyfriend?" He asked with interest.

"Husband." Dean said proudly. "He is gorgeous, isn't he?"

"Yeah, my wife said so, too. Said she'd love to share him…damn but he and you are so sexy, such a handsome pair." The man said smiling, while he looked him over with a leer and licked a lip. "I wonder…not to offend you but…do you swing?"

"Sort of, we share with certain others, a lot of them really. Some have other mates besides us, too, and we share with them, too. We're kind of mated to them, too. Why do you ask?" Dean said leaning with him now and offering him another burger. Man seemed starved and he hated that sight; fish over burgers, a damn shame really. And damn attractive for a human, too…that wife of his as well.

"Samuel Finch, that woman I was with is my wife, Levia Scaric-Finch." The man said. "We're swingers, haven't done it in years but…we're tempted. Not many couples share these days, not like they used to. We prefer couples since it's really just sex with the others but love between us. We just enjoy adding partners sometimes to our love lives; ones that won't get attached or fall in love, you know what I mean? A little consensual sex between friends…it's our anniversary. I let her pick the place…should have known she'd pick the fish place. She loves lobster and I hate it." The man said and took a bite. "I prefer a nice burger, yeah…"

"I could talk to my husband about it if you talk to your wife about it. Here's our number, call us if she agrees to it. We'd need to talk to her to make sure but we wouldn't mind swinging with you sometime." Dean offered and wrote it down for him. "Call me."

"I will. I'll talk to Levia first but she'll probably agree to it." Samuel said as he rinsed his mouth out and hoped his wife didn't ask about the meat smell on it. Maybe she wouldn't kiss him tonight, yeah, that would work. But knew that was a vain hope, his wife loved to kiss and unfortunately, with it being their anniversary, she would be expecting to kiss him a lot. Shit, she was definitely going to catch him. Not that she wouldn't forgive him once he told her about the Winchesters…oh, yeah, she was going to love him then! "Call you tomorrow."

"Definitely." Dean said as he headed out, and also hoped Sam wouldn't notice the burger smell on his breath. But knew he probably would. He would however like the news he brought about the Finches, and wondered if they were related to Dorian or Dante. He'd have to ask them later.

Back at the table, he sat by Sam again. And true to form, one kiss gave him away. But Sam only eyed him with slight annoyance, to which he shrugged and he saw Sam letting it go already. "Hate fish…" Dean whispered where only Sam could hear it.

"I know. I forgot…I just wanted to try their lobster meal and share a romantic meal with you…I spaced it that you hated fish and…I'm sorry. You want to stop at somewhere else when I'm done here, get what you like?" Sam offered, sorry now that he'd chosen a place that he should have known that Dean would hate. Dean had done it to make Sam happy, even if it didn't make him happy. So Sam wanted to repay his kind gesture.

"I'd like that…there is that new burger place on fifth." Dean said hinting. "This place is fine. I said choose any place you wanted to go and you did. I could have lived without the red pinchy thing though; I hate pinchy sea creatures! Ugh! Those claws of theirs alone…ewww! Remember that crab when we were kids? I shot him dead. Still don't regret it."

"You were ten and it was almost impossible hiding the fact that you'd snuck a gun to the beach in your swim trunks. Bobby and Dad were so pissed at us...but still, I loved it! Poor crab…he didn't even get a bite in. He just barely pinched and you shot, that was so unfair." Sam said laughing and pushing the remains of his lobster away. "I'm full. Let's go and get you something to eat now."

"Hell yeah, something not fishy please." Dean said groaning and following Sam out as he paid the waiter in cash and left him a huge tip. Then they found a new place, Santori's Palace, and got Dean that double cheese burger he wanted with some fries. And a shake, the really large one. Sam owed him one for that horrible meal he'd had to endure. Dean teased his lover but kissed him anyway, ignoring the fish taste in his mouth on principle. This was Sammy, and no damn fish smell or taste could take away from the fact that he now had every right to kiss him any damn way he wanted to. He wasn't his brother now, so fuck the others if they didn't like it.

He praised all that was good that he could be with Sam this way and was grateful to Gabriel for helping them to be able to do it, too.

Without his gift of godhood, they'd never have found their ways to be in love the way they were meant to be or the way they wanted to be deep down. They'd been so unhappy before and now they weren't. So if some idiot had a problem with him kissing those sexy lips of Sam's, well, they knew what they could do with themselves…twice! And kissed Sam again, just because he wanted to.

And then whispered in his ear all the other things he was going to do to his gorgeous god-mate when he got him home, often and repeatedly. Causing tenting to occur in both their pants. So they pulled over at some point and sucked each other hotly behind some bushes; under a hide-me barrier, of course.

Then pulled into Olympus and Dean carried his Sammy up to their bed at a dead run, while their lovers laughed and got out of his way. Sam hung over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes. However they reflected that most bags of potatoes didn't lube up their fingers magically and thrust fingers in your ass while they hung there either. Dean glared at his mate and still ran, while Sam humped his shoulder and worked his ass as they flew up to their room.

Then that sexy tall man cried out in bliss as Dean wasted no time flipping him to all fours and thrusting into him deep on the first thrust. Dean figured it was a fitting punishment for messing with his ass that way. Not that he was arguing with his reasoning behind it.

As witnessed when he filled Sam soon after that and felt Sam shift behind him, not to fuck him but rim him first; something he also didn't argue against. A hard dick was one thing but a talented tongue like Sam's was wasted if he didn't do this for his lover…in Dean's not so humble opinion.

"Fuck me! Please, Sammy! Fuck me now…" Dean begged when he was ready to burst from the rimming. Then groaned happily until it morphed into moan when Sam's dick took his tongue's job from it and fucked him nice and proper; making them both cry out and fuck even harder soon afterward.

Then both cuddled and reflected it had been a great date night, and resolved to make time to do it again. Maybe the next time they'd find a place they both liked to eat at and agreed on. But the sex afterward was going to happen, it so was!

Dean then decided that he'd mention their offer to Sam later. Once he was done showing him how much he loved him; in the morning, of course.


A week later, they found themselves outside of a large two-story house and knocked. "They did say they'd be here, right?" Sam asked. He'd agreed to sex with the couple and to set the date for this weekend.

The couple met them in silk robes and motioned them inside.

Dean reached for Samuel and pinned him to the wall, Samuel giving a soft whimper that went straight to his dick. Sam reached for Levia, and did the same; both instantly surrendering to the gods and loving it. Their robes were soon dealt with and cast aside while the gods just poofed their clothes away; savoring the feel and taste of their mortal skin with their teeth and lips for the moment.

"Bedroom…" Samuel moaned softly as Dean sucked on his neck harder. "Now."

"Yes." Dean said tugging him along while still sucking on his neck. Sam followed with Levia wrapped around his waist and smiled. Soon they were pressing them to the bed and kissing lower down their bodies, making the humans writhe in pleasure; tasting them and making them ready to explode.

"Take me!" Samuel moaned, pulling legs up to expose his hole, thrusting lube at Dean. "Please!"

Dean willingly working him open with skilled fingers and loving the sight of the mortal desperate for him. He drew it out longer than necessary because of that as well…then he worked his dick in and thrust in slowly; getting him used to him then moving when he was ready. Levia moaned beside them as Sam thrust in hard and made love to her with his body and kisses. She was lost in Sam at the moment, Dean thought lustfully watching them and deciding there was no better sight than Sam having sex with someone; especially where he could watch him do it.

Samuel scrabbled at Dean's back as he was now taken harder and cried out his pleasure; thrusting back onto the god forcefully. Dean could tell he was close. So he gave a few more thrusts and came with a shout, working the man furiously until he came with him. Then they lay there watching Sam finish off with Levia and Dean slipped over to her. Sam went to Samuel and kissed his lips, testing them.

Soon they had switched partners and were making love with them again, for hours they did this and, as the sun rose, they got up and showered, dressing with a thought. The pair was out. They nodded in mental agreement and left their numbers for them, with a suggestion to call to set up a date for them to talk. They wanted to tell them about themselves. See if maybe they'd be up for more sex with them later and if they'd take the mark.

But left the couple passed out and kissed them softly as they popped back to their car. Then drove to Bobby's and let the wards pull them in.


They got the call the next morning and smiled.

"If you are calling to make an obscene phone call, feel free to leave your message now." Dean said in a teasing voice, imitating an answering machine. "If not, why aren't you?"

"I would but my boss might walk in and catch me telling you the filthiest things, Dean." Samuel said chuckling. "We got your message."

"So how about we meet for lunch today then?" Dean asked and motioned Sam over and put it on speaker. "We really would like to talk to you, it's important."

"Sure. How about we meet at 1 at the Loque Cirquel Restaurant?" Samuel said. "We really enjoyed last night, Dean."

"Us, too." Dean told him. "We'll be there."

Sam spoke his agreement as well and they smiled as he hung up. His boss must have walked in on him. Then picked out what to wear to the restaurant to have lunch with them. And hoped they didn't freak out about what he wanted to tell them. He'd really taken to the couple, not to mention that Dorian and Dante might want to meet some of their family members again. They'd fit right in on Olympus, they swung and so did most of the Olympians. And it was rather nice there, if they had to say so for themselves; it was a great home for them all.

And hoped the pair agreed if they could get them to come visit. The others were just as eager to meet them since they'd told them all about the couple already. Most had asked if they might be interested in playing them, too!

Now they just had to talk them into it.


Despite its fancy name, the restaurant proved to be a Restaurant Americana type of place. And they boasted the best burger in town. So Dean took them up on it. He ordered their triple bacon cheeseburger with potato wedges and Sam got the Avocado Grilled Chicken with salad. He eyed his lover's food and rolled his eyes even as Sam eyed his and shook his head. Both were grateful there was no such thing as heart disease, diabetes, or high cholesterol in Olympians or Dean would be dead by now, Sam was sure of it!

"So…what do you want to talk about?" Samuel said taking a bite of his burger while his wife ate a chicken like Sam's. Both men noticed this and thought they were pretty alike, those mates of theirs.

"We aren't…we aren't what we seem. How open minded are you…outside of sex I mean?" Dean hesitantly asked. "Do you believe in the supernatural at all? Or that there were once gods?"

"Well, we're fairly open-minded about most things, but we've never really met a god so we can't really say they exist. But ghosts and such, probably." Levia said and shrugged. "What's this got to do with what you need to talk to us about?"

"Well, you have met some gods…" Sam started and saw their amazed looks, and pointed to him and Dean, leaning in and whispering. "We're gods, it's true! Can we explain or show you? Give us a chance." He whispered, "We're not crazy, I swear."

"Well, how could you possibly show us?" Levia said reluctantly admitting they seemed pretty sincere as it was, so why not hear them out?

"With a touch, can we?" Dean asked letting a finger hover over their hands, awaiting permission.

"Why not?" Levia said and offered her hand to him, her husband doing the same. One touch each and they caught fast flashes of memories and smiled. It was all true!

"We're the Sex gods, Norse gods, and Heads of Olympus itself. I am Dean and he's Sam, my god-mate. We just wanted to invite you to join us, meet the others and maybe we could make this swinging thing we did a more regular occurrence." Dean said.

"You want to see us again then?" Samuel said and they nodded eagerly. "So how do we join you?"

"No questions, no doubts?" Sam asked amazed at their instant acceptance of them.

"Nope, the memories gave us all we needed to know. So how do we join you guys?" Samuel asked again.

"You won't be human anymore if you do; we should let you know that…you'd be an Immortal but not gods or anything." Dean explained. "You may de-age a bit…"

"We don't mind, sure." Levia said.

"Well, then you take our Ownership Mark, the one we wear, and then you belong to us, but not as slaves or anything. We just use it to protect you better or help you find us faster, or summon us if you need us, that kind of thing. We do own your souls but we won't ask for them or anything; don't worry about that. It also allows you instant access to Olympus at any time you want to pop there." Dean said.

"Well, I'll take it." Samuel said and looked to his wife. "We aren't really that religious anyway. We're lapsed at best."

"Oh, Olympus is the second Heaven, and God does live there." Sam rushed to tell them before they got the wrong idea. "You'd belong to him, too, through the Mark, but it's not like most religions make it sound. Not for us anyway." They explained it to them now, telling them everything. Answering their questions that they did ask this time. "We're really just a big family there and we work together to protect the humans and the World from evil. And in twenty years, it will be Heaven and we will be God for this world. He's just giving us time to adjust to it and populate so he can pull his angels from here then."

"Oh, so you are God…kind of?" Levia said smirking. "We fucked God? I like the sound of that…all of a sudden I feel a little blessed here…oh, yeah."

"Yeah, you kind of did." Dean laughed and motioned their waiter over, looking at his watch. "Your lunch breaks are almost over so we have to ask for your answers here…will you do the Marks?"

"Yes, we will." Both said nodding. He discreetly reached over and touched their necks and burned their mark into their skin and souls; making them their own like they had with the others. They winced at the brief burn but managed to look relieved when it faded.

"You de-aged a lot, but you have Shapeshifting abilities. Go to the bathroom and re-age yourselves for now. You can control how old you look now; so you can hide your de-aging easily. Most of our people do around others not marked like ourselves. They don't even notice it when we do it." Sam said and they both went to the bathroom and checked for people before fixing their faces and bodies to look their ages again. "Better…you look like you should. How about you come to Olympus later at your own convenience? We don't sleep so we'll be awake. Most of us don't. And we are all naked, so don't panic if you are suddenly naked; your clothes just hide while you're there. Ask anyone and they'll point you to us."

"We'll do that." Samuel said and they got up, kissed the gods goodbye on the cheeks and left with a wave. They waved back then ordered dessert. And headed to Italy soon after to do their love and lust spreading as scheduled. Looking forward to showing them around Olympus and hoping they liked it as much as the gods thought they would.


That night they watched as the new Olympians followed Bobby to them and he sat by them to talk to the pair, too. Others came up to them introduced themselves every few minutes but they noticed the pair seemed to enjoy chatting with the other Olympians and seemed very turned on by the attention and multiple offers of sex with them. "Feel free to take them up on any offers…they are very interested, like we were. Go on, Artemis and them did just offer…you don't want to offend them by backing out on them now." Dean urged them. They eyed the sixsome with interest and shrugged, letting the six lovers tug them along and grope them as they floated them up to their house in the clouds for an orgy. The gods waved them off and looked at Bobby.

"What do you think of them? They seem to really like it here." Dean said. "I know it was impulsive but something told me they should be one of us…I can't explain it."

"It's a God thing." Sam said nodding. "I had the same feeling. Besides, we don't have eyes on their town and we could always use more people watching out for us. You said so yourself." He shrugged. "You were worried and we thought about it…and ended up finding them."

"I suppose it's okay then, just make sure they understand the need for keeping it to themselves then. Make sure they don't tell anyone else and we should be fine." Bobby said with a sigh. "They do seem to fit in quite nicely, I have to agree with you about that much. The others are very eager to play with them, they told me so before. They are going to be very popular for a while. They related to Dorian or Dante? They have their last names."

"We think so. Probably the human side of the families. Dorian and Dante did say their families were divided that way. The human ones deny the supernatural side so…we'll see. We'll introduce them later." Sam said and chuckled at Samuel's moan as it floated down to them from Artemis's home above. "Yep, they are going to love it here."

"I see that." Bobby said and laughed with them again. "Have them come to house later, when they are done being corrupted by our Huntress goddess and her mates. I'll get them a good meal and get Dorian and Dante in to meet them then. No time like the present for them to meet them."

"Agreed, we'll do that." Dean said and Bobby headed off to God, who stood waiting for him and took his hand to lead him into the Faery Woods afterward. Both smiling and the gods sat there, kissing and touching for a while, before letting their jealous Master push himself between them and steal some of the romantic attention for himself. Then the Faeries, Obeiron, Angel, and Connor joined them as well. They split their attentions between them and enjoyed their company, both being pulled close by their Master to be kissed and possessed by the men they loved as well.


The pair eventually floated down and smiled. Both looked sated and happy. "Wow, they really are very friendly here…and limber…" Samuel purred, holding his wife close as they sat by the group, eyeing them with interest as well. "So flexible, too, damn!"

"You must mean Artemis, yeah, she's pretty limber and flexible…fuck yeah." Dean said then introduced their lovers. "Oh, this is our Master, BDSM Master and Dominate, Eric. This is Angel and Connor. The Faeries here by us are Byron and Silus, our Faery Mates and Companion Faeries. This is Obeiron, the King of the Faeries. You already met Bobby. The black man you met before with the dark-haired man at the gate was Victor and his Sub Slave, Dante Finch, also our Mates. We are mated to most of Olympus and it numbers in the thousands. We all have an open relationship thing though and sleep with each other and others pretty liberally and often; so feel free to find others people to have sex with at any time. Just leave the kids alone and make sure to ask before you assume they are interested; some don't share like we do."

"We'll be careful." Levia said and her stomach growled. She looked down in embarrassment and they nodded to the house.

"Come on, Bobby has dinner waiting for you. He said to bring you along when you were done." Dean said freeing themselves from their lovers, who tagged along anyway, and led them to the house. "It's nice, isn't it? Bobby needed a bigger house once we gods began moving in more often so we had one magically made for him. This is the result."

"How many rooms does it have?" Samuel said in awe. As an architect, he had never seen anything like it! So huge but not monstrous. A ranch-style mansion of sorts…

"Infinite amount. Right now it has close to three hundred but it makes rooms as needed so it can hold any number and not get too crowded." Dean said pointing to the top floor. "The whole top floor is our room. We share a bedroom with about sixty lovers or so at any given point. Not for sleeping, since we don't sleep; as gods, we lost that ability when we lost our humanity and became gods. We mostly have sex, cuddle, and play in there; that kind of thing. We have a playroom there, too. The nurseries are hidden throughout the house and only we know where they are, so don't ask. We don't allow anyone but specified trusted individuals, mostly guardians and us, their parents, too, to know where the entrances to the halls that have the nurseries in them are or how to open them; for safety reasons. We won't allow anyone to hurt our children; we'll kill you first." He said with hard eyes and they nodded, agreeing they needed to protect their babies and kids, which they saw they did. "Each floor below ours has its own study and bathrooms, and a kitchen and main study, Bobby's; he's the boss of this house and of us, most of the time. It's on the ground floor. It also has a living room and a basement rec room if you're interested. There are at least seven floors to it now, magically added of course and we know from the outside it looks like a two story house. But it is a magical house that has as many rooms and floors as are needed at any given time. The outside will always remain the same; the inside however is constantly changing. Many live here, and as many need a place to live, they will always find a room here. Or they can make themselves a house anywhere they want to here on Olympus."

"There is also a skating rink over there, a theme park in the back, some dance clubs here and there, and even a BDSM place for us to play in if we like it over there. The Faery Woods are open for all to enter and they run along the left side of the property. We're planning on putting in a pool later. But we do have Saunas on every floor if you want to use one." Sam said.

"You can stay if you like or just visit; we won't force you to stay. But eventually you will, all of our marked ones will end up doing it. Humans will notice your aging longevity and become…suspicious…distrustful. You will have to come here someday." Dean said with a knowing shrug. "All of our people are destined to; it's just a matter of time when they do. They belong to us, with us, and to be sheltered here by us. You live out there but your true home, the one you are most loved at and welcomed to, is here with us. We love you and wait for you; we'll always be your loving and faithful family of lovers and loved ones." He smiled then. "We are your gods and we live to serve you, to do as you need of us, just as you live to serve us and meet our needs. We serve and meet each other's needs, it's a fair trade. It's what you do if you love each other, as family or otherwise. Call on us if you need us, and we'll be there. Will you stay with us or go for now, Samuel, Levia?"

"We'd like to stay where we are as long as we can manage, if you don't mind." Samuel said. "We'll come here later and live happily ever after with you guys then. For now, we have family there and want to spend time with them, too, while we can."

"Just keep your eyes open for anything supernatural happening and let us know if it does, so we can deal with it. Or just call if you are lonely and want us for sex; that works, too. Any of us that are willing, of course." Dean said and they agreed to do that. Once inside he showed them around, and up to their room, which they loved.

"Is that a stripper pole and stage?" Levia said amazed.

"A dungeon as well?" Samuel said, then blushed as he revealed how much he really did know about BDSM with just those four words. "My folks are kinky, go figure."

"Should've seen that one coming." Levia chuckled.

She eyed their bed and said nothing at first but then managed. "Never saw a bed quite so…big…before."

"Gabriel made it for us. He's a Trickster god and our husband, too, one of many. He helped us make it big enough to hold most of us on any given day or night, or what we may need for orgies." Sam said and laughed at their looks. "We need them and have at least two daily, several large ones."

"How large?" Samuel had to ask, the bed could fit at least thirty people to sixty people, and if they were as horny as they seemed, it probably held more than that…so he did the math and got a headache. So he gave up.

"Usually around fifty at a time, us fucking them, them fucking us." Dean admitted proudly. "They take hours but are worth it." Then he told them about the major one on Fridays and the Creation events they sometimes held. "We do other things more but, yes, Sex is pretty constant here in some form or another. Olympus is like it's Head gods and that's us, Sex gods. Hence the sex."

"Wow, we should get in on that action sometime." Levia said and saw her husband agreed. "This goes way beyond swinging, damn! The most we've done in an orgy with three other couples. More than that could be so fun! We never imagined there could be fifty in our bed, wow."

"Here there can be." Sam told them and took their hands. "Supper's ready, Bobby said for you to come down now." So they allowed him to lead them to the kitchen where they were met by several beings, and two looked very familiar. They also looked as if they found them familiar, too, so the pair tried desperately to remember where they knew them from. "These are a few of our people and lovers, some are not. This is Joreal, he used to be our Dad before he died. No need to go into specifics, just know that once we died to become gods, that human part died, too, so he was no longer our Dad. The rest is a really long story that the mark should tell you if you checked it. This is Gabriel, we mentioned him before. That is Michael, Balthazar, and Cas, they are Archangels. Yeah, real ones mated to us and assigned to Olympus. This is Linc, our son, he's the new Ruler of Hell. Those are his brothers, Rommie and Remmie, twins. Those are our daughters, Samae, Mati, and Denae; they are the Huntress goddesses. They and the others are still kids but will grow up to be gods like us. That happy boy in the high chair is Gabe, our other son. He's unique; the mark will explain him, too. And this is Bobby, you met him already. And this is another of our mates, our and his Mate, Ellen." He soon was in front of Dante and Dorian and took a breath to see how they looked at their family members. They were curious and puzzled; which he took as a good sign. "These are our other mates as well, Dorian Scaric and Dante Finch. Your relatives. We suspect they might be relatives of you two…"

"Dante…was your father David? You were little when I saw you last, around five…I remember you were a rambunctious child. We used to play together all the time and had sleepovers…but then you were gone and we didn't see you or your folks again. I was little myself and missed you but my folks refused to speak of you. I looked you up but no one would tell me anything." Samuel said holding out a hand to his cousin. "It is nice to see you again, Dante."

"Same here. Yes, David was my father. We lived a normal life until my Pheonix showed and everyone freaked out. Then we had to watch you guys go away and not want to acknowledge us again, because of me. Your side of the family aren't very supportive of the supernatural side of it; they pretty much disowned us." Dante admitted.

"Yeah, they did the same when we came out as swingers and bi-sexual. They aren't very supportive of anyone different than them in any way, trust me." Samuel said. "We have my brothers and their families still a big chunk of the human ones won't even look at me or her. I'm lucky my brothers and parents were so supportive or we'd be out in the cold, too."

"Was your mother named Agnes?" Dorian asked Levia trying to place her still; she was familiar in her face and hair but she didn't remember her otherwise.

"No, she was Marianne. My Grandmother was Agnes. I haven't seen my Grandmother in years since…she went away. See, she was normal enough for years! Then suddenly started getting a little…" Levia thought of how to phrase it. "Odd around forty. Bullying her family then eventually grew fangs and tried to drink their blood, or so she said she was going to. My Grandfather had to lock her up in the basement but then some men came in weird black robes and took her away. He said something about getting her help at some institution but wouldn't say where when we asked later on. He just said she was being cured and she needed time. I was six when they took her away. Never saw her again…what happened to her?" Levia asked. "She didn't 'get help', did she?" She looked sad at that thought.

"We are Dhampyres, yes, even you two, even the more human side of the family are; the human side just stays active and the vampire part remains mostly dormant in them. We are all part human and part vampire. But, as we get older, those like me, Stefano, and some others, in us it happens differently; the vampire begins to overwhelm the human side. We go mad eventually and have to be put down. It's a genetic defect that only hits some of us, and leaves others like you and your mother alone. I didn't go mad because I became a god and it fixed that glitch but the others aren't so lucky. I've been reaching out to the others in a few of our Medical Research facilities trying to fix it and they have agreed to let them try taking the mark and becoming gods to see if it helps. I loaned them some of my new DNA recently to see if they could work a cure that way but they aren't sure if it will work without the marks to influence the DNA itself. So far they got nothing. It's not reacting with the god part of my blood; the god part of the blood is just sitting there; not blending with the other DNA at all. It must need the power in the Mark to cause it to merge properly…oh, well."

"So am I a Dhampyre or…is my gene still dormant?" Levia asked nervously, she didn't want to go mad!

"It would have shown already. Like I said before…the human side has it but its dormant and small in quantity. You normally won't ever show it. Well, they won't. Apparently the marks activated yours. You became one like me as soon as you took the marks and entered Olympus, sorry." Dorian explained. "You Turned, you just didn't feel it. You should Turn him, so you can be mated and control that thirst you will get later. If you mate, you won't crave anyone else's but his blood so intensely. You will want it but it won't be anything you can't resist and will only need small feeds once or twice a day. I use blood bags of blood substitute; we don't drink humans."

Levia tested her mouth and felt nothing different, looked but saw nothing different but some red being added to her brown eyes, which matched Dorian's now. She was more muscled and stronger though. She flexed her shoulders and test it, finding it was true. "You are two inches taller; you just can't tell yet." Dorian pointed out. "You should mate to him again as a Dhampyre and turn him. Turn him first, I'll supervise."

"Samuel, will you?" Levia asked.

"Let me test something first. If he has my genetics he can't be Turned." Dante said then cut his finger, tasting his blood then nodding. "He can't be Turned. He has a Pheonix in him. It's active now that he came here and got marked, sorry. But he will be human looking like me and them; just with fire powers he will need to work on and train up when they show. They should show soon, so watch the emotions; emotions fuel them. Strong ones bring them out faster at first until you get them under control and manage the powers better; just warning you."

"You guys will be like us, Pheonix mated with Dhampyre, good for you!" Dorian said hugging them both tight. "Our real family, our blood. Come meet Stefano, he's my uncle." She tugged them out now.

"Wait, we knew him. He took off a couple years back…no one says where. They just figured he became a recluse or something. Goodness knows he had every reason to, what with his relatives always trying to impress him and pushing him to make them his heir. He always said no, he had one in mind already. They never took 'no' for an answer though. It's no wonder he went into hiding, I sure would have!" Samuel said shaking his head. "Such a greedy family! We never wanted his money; so he liked us more, me and Levy. We worried when he went missing but figured he deserved his privacy."

"He is here, been here since he moved his Kiss here a couple years ago or so. That's where he went. I'm his heir, he gave me everything months ago. He kept a small allowance and an advisory position for himself but I got the rest. I run Scaric Enterprises now." Dorian said reassuring them. "He mentioned a Samuel and Levy a few times; that must have been you guys. He speaks of you as friends, come see him." She turned to the others and smiled. "I'll get them back soon. Stef has a right to meet them, too. I'll call Viktor and Vincent later; they would like to see them again as well."

"Fine with us, tell them to come visit us here. Viktor hasn't visited since we marked him and Vincent had God's mark already, we just updated it. Tell them to bring the wives and we'll have party or something. Just tell us when they're coming and we'll get it set up for them." Sam offered and Dorian nodded again.

"I'll invite them and let you know when they will be coming then." Dorian said and they headed out, vowing to be back to eat in a few minutes. Then returned with a happy Stefano moments later who shared the meal with them, sipping on Sam instead of the food but they still counted it as food.

"He's drinking him…what about the blood packs?" Levia said pointed to them.

"We're gods, so our blood isn't human; so there is no taboo to it. We willingly share it at times with our mates and lovers; they don't take much. They do use the blood packs more, so that's okay, too." Sam pointed out.

"Would you feed me sometimes?" Levia asked shyly.

"Sure, just ask. Sip though, our blood is potent." Dean said and she looked relieved as she took a bite of her rare steak, savoring it.

"This is good!" Levia said moaning. "Got more?"

"Yes, lots more." Bobby reassured her and eyed the desserts that Gabriel summoned to the counter for everyone. "And Gabe has made dessert apparently…here put my peach cobbler with them, would you, Gabe? I made it just for them."

"I want some." Gabe said smelling it and found it divine. "I can never make good peach cobbler for some reason…it's the one dessert I suck at magic-wise. It always ends up broken too much and the crust is always dry."

"That's because peach cobbler is meant to be prepared and baked, not conjured by magic!" Bobby teased him. "I'll teach you how to cook it later."

"By hand?" Gabe said in shock. "I don't know how to cook, I never have!"

"Well, it's high time you learned then, isn't it?" Bobby said kissing his cheek. "For now, just get you a piece and enjoy it."

"I'll learn to cook it." Gabe said in a long-suffering tone. "Just cobbler though."

"We'll see about that." Bobby said sure he could convince him to cook other things, too, once they managed to make a peach cobbler, that is. Gabe would be a natural at cooking; if he could bring himself to pick up a pan, of course.

And Bobby was just the god to get him to do just that, with some sexual persuasion and pushiness helping out with that.


Later the next morning they looked sad but hugged their family and the gods goodbye. "We'll call you soon. Stay in touch." Levia told Sam, who hugged her tight. "Going to miss all of you."

"Come visit soon then you won't miss us at all…" Sam hinted to her.

"We'll do that, baby." Levia told the Love god and they prepared to go. "Bye!"

"Bye." They all said as they popped away and were gone. The others vowing to visit them more now, too. The new relationship went both ways so it was only fair they visit, too.


They called then next day for Dorian and Dante, with a strange request.

"We have a reunion coming up and the human side is coming this time…Viktor's orders. We usually don't. Would you go with us, you, Dante, and Stefano?" Levia asked. "We'd feel better going with someone that accepts us as we are now. Since we're not human or like we used to be, and once they figure it out, well, we could use the moral support when we tell them."

"We usually avoid the reunions but, for you, sure. We'll go with you. You telling them about what you are now?" Dorian asked.

"We have to. They aren't stupid. We could just say we changed suddenly; we don't even have to mention Olympus…promise." Levia said uncertainly. "Not that we're ashamed of you guys but…we know you are keeping Olympus a secret of sorts and you are gods…we just want to protect it, too, and you guys."

"No one needs to know but who already knows." Dorian said. "If some are open to it, we'll tell them. If not, we won't say a word. We'll tell them in stages. Believe me, our family is so divided; it won't be hard to get groups set aside to do it."

"How divided?" Sam said already feeling sad for her. He hadn't known that their family was so…broken!

"Like Dante's. There are the kinky ones, the supernatural ones, and the human ones. The kinky ones aren't against us, so they get along fairly well with supernatural ones. The human ones avoid both the kinky and supernatural ones; they don't even talk about or acknowledge them. The kinky ones may be receptive but I can practically guarantee the human ones won't be." Dorian said. "There's too much of a rift there."

"You can't judge them that way. Not all of them have to think the same way. You're not being fair to them, Dorian." Sam said. "Sure, some might but not all of them have to feel that way."

"I don't…it's just always been that way. That's why I avoided them, why Stefano avoided them, and only associated with the kinky or supernatural ones. They always said we were abominations, even though they have the same gene I do. It's just dormant and so small in amount that it never shows in them." Dorian said.

"Have you told them that? Do they know?" Dean asked. It was a rather illustrious genetic trait, how could they not know they carried it?

"No, they'd never believe us." Dorian admitted wryly.

"How do you know they all have it?" Sam said curious.

"We all get tested at birth, genetically. It's required. And each time the vampire gene shows up. They have less than 1 to 2% in them, while others like me and Uncle Stefano have more like 60%." Dorian said.

"When they go mad, you said it's because the vampire takes over their human cells and…they can't handle it. It drives them to be feral and too thirsty. So much so that they lose control and feed, or try to at first. I control my vampire but…it goes like this. See, their vampire cells eat and take over the human ones, like when one normally Turns but at a faster rate, a much faster rate. So 50% become 60, 60 becomes 80, and you go past 90% and you get almost pure revenant vampire; a mindless killing machine. We catch it usually and capture them before then. We put them in a private institution we own and try to use human genetic therapy to balance them again. If that fails, we have to put them out of their misery. It sometimes works but more often than not, like with Agnes, we end up having to kill them. If they go mindless then we have no choice." Dorian said. "Me and Stefano got lucky with the god thing but the others aren't usually so lucky…after about fifty years or so they go revenant. The only way to fix it seems to be the only way that also Turns them to be more like me. They take the mark and come to Olympus; take the Immortal Servant part of the mark."

"We would be willing to balance them, if they wanted us to. Make them like you." Sam offered.

"They might do it. The kinky ones might go for it. The supernatural ones all fear the madness, so they would, too. The human ones are safe though; their percentage of vampire genes is too small to ever activate unless they come here and take the mark." Dorian said considering it. "We could mention it to them, and not talk about it with the humans until we see if there are any of them are willing to get along with us more now. They usually shun us, so don't be surprised by it when they do it at the reunion."

"Well, how long will this take?" Sam asked, reunions took days normally…

"Two to three days." Levia said. "The first day we meet up someplace nice and big for mingling and talking, the next day we have a buffet kind of meal and hang out, sightsee or do fun stuff. Then we spend the third day sightseeing some more and such, have a huge 'goodbye' buffet meal before we part ways. We haven't seen the human side of the family there in years. This would be the first one in over ten years they've been to…this is going to be fun. In the 'gee, I almost forgot to get that enema, oh, wait, no, here it is!' kind of way…ugh."

"It should be fine." Dorian reassured her and even she heard the lie in the words. This was a disaster waiting to happen. Then had to wonder what her uncle was up to by telling them they had to be there…he usually avoided them, too.

The Supernatural would probably go ahead and agree to get the Mark. To come here so it could cure their risk of the madness, the witches and wolf/vampire hybrids like Viktor included. She wasn't worried about that part. Now she just needed to check out the kinky ones and see if they were up for it…and some of the human ones, although she doubted they'd be open to anything supernatural. They usually weren't but Sam had a point, she might be judging them prematurely.

She'd just say nothing if they weren't open to it and no harm would be done. They could do the marks in private on the second day or something. Summon one of the Head gods there to do it quickly for them.

Now she just had to get used to being around her family again. Something she wasn't used to.


They saw the trio off and kissed them goodbye, making them promise to call them when it came time to mark them. They also made them promise to keep in touch, they'd miss them. Vic insisted on going with Dante but God had vetoed it saying he was needed here, as his Weapon's Master. Vic had hated it but agreed to do his Will, but was happy to hear he could go to see him later that night for a few hours. Then would be allowed to visit again the next night to make up for not being able to see him during the day; to make their separation more tolerable.

He kissed Dante goodbye and held him tight. "I'll see you at eight. Then we'll have dinner then make love, I have to be out by morning…" He eyed Dante with sad eyes. Dante eyed him the same way. "I hate being away from you."

"It's only for a few days, three at most." Dante soothed him by running a hand up and down his Master's arm. "And we have the nights all to ourselves. I have to deal with the family drama all day so being with you will be a welcome escape from it, trust me. Scarics are…well, a headache is a tickle compared to the migraine I probably will have by the time I leave them. Dorian and Stefano were really the only ones I could really get along with; her uncles, too, but the rest I mostly stayed away from. They could get…annoying in large groups. Like during reunions, which is why I avoid all things reunion-like to this day. I'm only doing this because Dorian talked me into it…she talks me into the most horrible things! I don't know how but she does."

"It's a power. She knows you way to well and how to appeal to you so you always say yes to whatever she asks. She seems to have you under her spell…" Sam teased him. "You love her, that's why you give into whatever she wants of you; it's not that much of a secret. We do the same thing for her because we love her, too. Just keep doing it like we will; we like to keep her happy."

"She's the Queen Bee, isn't she? You may be in charge but your wife, Dorian, has power, too. Through you. She's the Queen Bee that gets what she wants, when she wants it. She's over all the others, and we all know it." Dante pointed out.

"It's true. Dorian is one force of nature no one can control." Dean admitted. "Has been since we first met her again and were with her. Started falling in love with her right then. She just…has this pull to her. She pulls us to her and we'd do anything to stay with her once we're there."

"I know. She does the same thing to me and Vic, and Varis and Karis, and Willow and Kennedy. And all the others she's mated to…and we are the same to her; we pull to each other." Dante pointed out. "I don't mind really, she's worth whatever sacrifice it takes to make her happy. She does the same thing to make us happy, so it's a good trade off."

"That's a given, babe." Vic teased them. "Gotta love our vampire girl though, she has style…"

"That she does." Dean agreed, remembering her 'style' quite fondly.

The others seemed to be doing the same and chuckled when she walked in with a smirk. "Yeah, our baby has style…" Sam said eying her lovingly with them. "Do anything for her."

"You better." Dorian teased but softened under their loving looks. "Oh, guys…I'm going to miss you all, too. I can't wait to see you at night, right? You will visit?" She looked sad at the thought they wouldn't.

"Every night. We'll visit every night." Dean promised and she seemed happier. He was glad he'd made her smile again; he hated to see that woman sad. He'd do anything to keep her from ever being unhappy; even if it meant sneaking in and out like secret lovers. They weren't used to it but they'd do it…for her, they'd do it and more if asked to.

Just as they would for each other and any of their loved ones and mates. They do whatever it took to make them happy and take care of them. Even die for them if they had to.


Dorian nodded as they entered the large ballroom, and suddenly had flashbacks to high school again…or would that be middle school?

"I'm having a 'High School Dance' moment." Dorian drawled. "Aren't you?"

"Yeah, from 'Carrie'." Dante responded, eying the two groups on each side of the room. "I keep thinking I should ask some poor wallflower to dance…"

"Catarina would like that." Dorian teased. "She's been trying to grope you for years, baby."

"I'd probably let her now…she is sexy, isn't she?" Dante leered and she leered back. "Maybe it's time I reconsidered that whole 'no threesomes with your aunt and uncle' rule…"

"You do that and I'll go greet his 'highness'." Dorian said with dread and headed over to Viktor, Dante shrugging and following her, the way he always did. "Uncle, we're here."

"I am glad you could make it." Viktor said and chuckled at Dante's look. "You are a surprise, did not expect you to come, but you are welcome."

"I came for moral support for Samuel and Levia. They have some news for the family and are nervous about it so they asked us to come with them. Plus, Stefano had an announcement. And I am married to Dorian now, so I should be here." Dante said.

"We heard! Congratulations. Where are our illustrious gods, may I ask?" Viktor asked looking behind them. "I do believe I invited them as well…"

"They will be by later. They thought it would create too much of stir if they showed with everyone here. They promised to visit the suite later to meet you again, and spend time with me in private." Dorian said as she saw Catarina being tugged out to dance by Dante. She looked like she loved to grope him but then again…Dante didn't look like he'd say no if she did.

"Good. Then let's go greet our wayward family." Viktor said and they headed to the humans. Who seemed to back up but were immediately replaced by some younger ones as they escaped their parent's holds on them and rushed to greet the others.

"I'm Paul, please ignore my mother. It is so nice to finally meet you guys. I was told we were all that was left of the family. Don't know why they lied but it's really nice to meet you guys, Dorian." Paul said and they saw many coming forward to greet them; the older ones backing up and glaring in disapproval. The younger ones eying their families with regret and amusement. Then leaned in and whispered, "Catarina talked to us before, about the Marks…we'll take them, but can we wait to come to Olympus? She warned us about the Marks and the vow. She said that if we went to Olympus that it would Turn us into Dhampyres, and we don't mind that…but we just aren't really ready for it yet. Can it wait or do we have to do it?" Paul said and she saw the others already nodding as they listened in; imperceptibly but enough for her to know who wanted to do it and take the basic Mark but without the Immortal Servant vow. So they wouldn't be immortal and they would still not be allowed go to Olympus. They just had a way to communicate with each other and her better this way, and she could watch over them through their new Marks, so it would be fine for now.

She sent that thought to the Head gods mentally and got back a response they would Mark them later that night in private with the others. Then she shrugged and let her uncle take her to the dance floor and danced while they caught up on what the other had been up to. And, true to form, Catarina snuck up on Dante and groped him. Then he pulled her close to dance with her as well, talking about what they each had been up to as well.

"So…does this mean you are part of the Olympian Coven, since you have the mark?" Dante asked her quietly.

"Yeah, a distant part. Some others here, all the witches in our family, have joined it as well. We work for them from a distance." Catarina said. "So you are thinking of sex with me and Viktor, eh? Yes, I heard that thought and think it's about time you did it."

"I'm all for it, whenever you are. I'm here for the next three days so whenever you want me and if my Master isn't busy with me, sure." Dante said. "I asked his permission to have sex with you guys and he said I could. He usually doesn't tolerate others touching me, but this is a special request. I'm not allowed to do it again. It's a one off thing."

"Tell him we said thank you then." Catarina purred and cupped his groin discreetly, seeing that he was hard already. "So big…"

"Thanks." Dante said and groaned as she squeezed him. "Stop that, it's not time for that yet."

Catarina laughed but let go then, her eyes promising there would be time for it later for sure. "Ah, our two changed ones are announcing now. You should go join them for support." She let go and Dante went to the pair, taking his hand and squeezing it.

"You can do it. Tell them." Dante whispered to Samuel, who smiled weakly but calmed somewhat. Dorian joined them now and they awaited their news.

"We have changed…for the better, we think." Samuel said. Then explained the genetics, how some had Pheonix genes and the rest had some level of Dhampyre ones, then told them about themselves and how they got that way; leaving out Olympus and the marks of course. The genes kicked in, that was their reason. "We aren't human anymore but we are happy and she is a Dhampyre and I'm a Pheonix. Like Dorian and Dante are. You all have the genes, too, so why are you so sure that you're better than us?"

"Because we are! We're human, you are abominations." One cursed at them.

"No, you aren't! You have the same genes we had, so fuck you! You have Dhampyre in you, too. Just because it's very little and is dormant does not make you better than anyone else in this family! It's time you learned that." Samuel said angrily. "We're all supernatural, even you guys."

"No, we aren't. We refuse to acknowledge something we never need to. Blood is blood but, like you said, it lets us be human." The same man spat. Then they all eyed the younger ones with shock as they stepped forward and away from them, going to stand by the others on the other side of the room.

"We don't care who is what and what the blood is like." Paul said stubbornly. "It's bullshit you treat family this way. For years, years!, you told us we were the only ones in this family left. But there were hundreds of us and you lied to us about it. But now that we know who they are, we want to be family to them, too. We love you guys but you will not dictate who we love and who we can call 'family'. That is not your decision, it's ours!"

"We won't allow it!" Another said, it was Paul's Dad. "You will stay away from them."

"No, we won't." Paul said and looked to the others, who nodded hard, all agreeing they would do no such thing either. "It's up to us, not you. And we say we stay with them. You can go if you don't like it."

"This is why I called you here." Viktor said standing now and they all turned to look at him. "It is time we were a family, not divided. It's beyond time to fix this. I had hoped you'd see sense over the years but I see now you will never see it that way. So you can leave, I won't be angry. But those that wish to stay can, the rest of you can leave and sight see or something while we meet together. The younger ones can stay and we'll keep them safe."

"You will corrupt them!" Another parent said while trying to grab their kids to go with them but their kids squirmed away; even the younger ones. "You come with us."

"No, we're staying with Bubby!" One younger kid said crying, "Not fair! Family. We don't want to leave!"

"They stay." Viktor growled and they backed off. "You go."

"When is it over?" The crying boy's mother said as she glared at Viktor. The boy's big brother soothed him and glared at their parents in return. "Bubby, I stay with you? You will always take care of me, right?" He blubbered tearfully eying the teen.

"Yes, bro, you stay with me. We older kids can watch you younger ones." His brother said smiling and ruffling his hair as the kid wiped his eyes off, smiling more now. "Go dance, bro, show off your moves." He whispered to the kid then. "Get the others involved, okay? They need to have fun, too." He saw the other brothers and sisters doing the same, and their siblings tugged the rest of them to the dance floor to dance and play. Some of the older ones joining them and having fun finally as the rest of the humans stomped out of the door, furious and fuming.

They all took them aside and explained the Marks, and they admitted they'd take them. Dorian summoned Sam into a side room and had him do them for the kids and teens, the over 18's as well. Then they headed back out to have fun with their new family members. The kinky ones being taken into the room as well and Marked with the full vow; only the humans took the Marks without the servant vow as well but with the knowledge of it so they could understand it better.

They also said they'd wait to enter Olympus and take the servant vow after they had lived their human lives out first, Sam agreed that would be best, too.

Then they did the supernatural ones not marked and Sam left, and they resumed the party and talking among themselves. This time the human ones were mingling with the kinky and supernatural ones comfortably. Laughing and talking as they went; the atmosphere much friendlier without the prejudice to muck it up.

It felt like a real family reunion this time. Viktor thought as he danced with Catarina for a slow dance. The kids playing tag with each other, and the supernatural, kinky, and human kids were all included. Then Viktor reflected things were going better than he'd expected them to and thought that was a good thing, too.


That night ended on a high note, as expected. The older kids carried their younger siblings to cars and headed to motels where their families put them to bed. They were still furious and wanted to leave. Their kids refused to go and they had to eventually give up and agree to do other things while the younger ones went to the reunion and were picked up the next morning at 8 for a personally chaperoned day of sightseeing and fun with their new family members.

That didn't stop them from following them the next day as they did so, just to be sure they didn't hurt them. Dorian saw their looks and thought with amusement that it was like they expected them to use the kids for human sacrifices or something the moment they were alone with them. "Aunt Cat, I get the feeling we are Satanists and they are our human sacrifices…" Dorian teased and explained to her puzzled aunt about what she was referring to, motioning to the following parents behind them. "If we are, I want my kid flesh really blessed by our Dark lord, okay?" She laughed then and Catarina teased back.

"Not me, I like mine barely blessed…I don't want my Dark lord too pleased with me…" Catarina chuckled.

"I want mine well blessed, too." Viktor added. "I'm such a kiss up that I want my Dark lord very pleased with me before I give him that blowjob."

"Wait, that was my job. Now I'll have to give him my ass instead, damn it, and he always goes too rough…but then again, I kinda like it that way." Dante pouted then they all chuckled, and saw the others laughing, too. "No, we're not Satanists. They just make us feel like we're out to abuse or sacrifice you to the gods or something. They don't trust us. We're just teasing, honest."

"We know." One little girl said going to sit by her. "I like you."

"I like you, too, Sera." Dorian said and let her hold her hand as they rode to the next sight on the list. She then decided it would be best to just ignore the cars following them. But then noticed some weren't parents. Seeing their true faces and cringing; calling Viktor and the others over and mentally pointing out the demons behind them in the SUVs. "You get them to the sights; we'll take care of the demons." Dorian said coldly. Catarina looked to Viktor and he nodded. "Dante, call Vic for back up. I got at least six demons on our tail."

"I will help." Viktor growled. Stefano nodded he was coming, too. Half the Supernatural members went with them and part of the kinky ones, the ones with military experience.

"We're ready." One man said, an ex-soldier but kinky. "I was special ops, what do you need?" He eyed the demons now that she pointed them out and saw their true faces and cringed. "Ugly fuckers!"

"Yeah, they are." Dorian agreed. "We have to go cloaked here. Only me and Dante can do it. You can't yet, that power won't kick in that quick…so me and Dante will go with Viktor. I assume he can cloak, too, then you guys stop at the next block and circle around while we get them away from the population and keep them occupied. You watch the kids, keep them safe."

"On it." The rest said and acted natural. Dorian, Dante, and Viktor cloaked while Vincent and Flora, his mate, joined hands and used their holy power to put up a barrier around the bus and the families that no demon could enter if they tried. Dorian and the other two leaped over the side of the bus as it drove on at full speed and landed on their feet; going to a dead run straight at the demons to get their attention. Once they had it, they ducked their attacks and ran on top of cars, and around them; weaving their way through the crowded traffic and running at god speed. But not so fast the demons couldn't keep up with them on their heels. The demons kept going for them, leaving deep marks carved by demon claws digging into the mangled metal of the hoods and roofs of the parked cars they dodged around them.

Finding an abandoned warehouse, they ran in at top speed, Vic, Karis, Varis, Dean, Artemis, Felson, and Behman joining them halfway there, running with them; Angel and Connor running flank with Eric. "They're right behind us!" Dorian shouted to the reinforcements. They all ran in and powered up and got their weapons handy. Dean had his hammer in the form of a sword ready. Dante had his Pheonix sword glowing with roaring flames in hand. Dorian and the others had their swords ready, too. Viktor held his sword, the Hell Blade, Dante recognized it from a mythology book Bobby had. Only the Beast could wield it, strangely enough.

He was too busy to really think about it anymore when ten demons ran in and they were over eight feet high with glowing eyes and dark leathery wings. Two had four arms and glowing hand! These demons would not be easy to kill. The demons lunged for them and they lunged back at the demons, ready to kill them for coming near their family that way!

The fight got gruesome. Viktor took half-wolf and half-vamp form after getting tossed against a wall and wrenching his arm hard against it. Then he joined the fray and twisted one's head clean off in his rage. Victor and Dante fought as a unit taking out two at a time as reinforcements arrive. Another dozen demons, they thought, fan-fucking-tastic!

"Sorry, Uncle. I had no idea I'd lead them to you guys." Dorian apologized as she fought with Varis and Karis in a tight group. "If I'd known my coming here would lead these bastards to my family…I'd never have came."

"Don't flatter yourself, Dorian. This is not your fault! We're used do to dealing with them. We are Demon-Killers; all of our bloodline are. We attract them for some odd reason…demons come after us all the time and we do fine without your help. We too are cursed like Sam and them are to attract them. They fear us; the power in us, and so they often come after us." Viktor reassured him between thrusts of his blade, killing demons as he went as he fought by them. "This is not a new experience for me, Niece. And it is nice meeting your two mates and fellow vampire gods though. Not the best circumstances but…while nothing is ever perfect for our family; timing in not so good. You must be Karis and Varis, and Vic; she has told me all about you. Congratulations as well. You should visit when we're not in the middle of a battle."

"We will." Varis promised, his long blond hair flying back as he bent backward to avoid a demon blade and uprighted instantly to take its head. "Is this all of them!" He shouted up to the ceiling and they saw some Faeries floating overhead, watching their backs for them; being lookouts.

"Yes, there are no more." One Faery said and they watched the remaining demons fall to their swords as Dante motioned them back. He sent fire out and the bodies burned to ash quickly; filling the air with gray particles. A strong wind blew through the place and the ashes were gone, no trace anything had happened. Viktor sent silent thanks to his wife for her help and then they headed out; after Vic magically cleaned their clothes and popped them back to their bus. The rest of them headed back but promised to visit in stages later. Dean shook Viktor's hand and hugged his other mates, kissing them softly, before leaving himself.

"Thank you." Viktor said and smiled.

"No problem." Dean said and nodded to his sword. "I like the sword."

"I like your 'Hammer', too." Viktor said sounding impressed. He's seen it transform from a hammer to a sword and figured that was Mollnjer.

"Thanks." Dean said then popped away. Then Dorian resumed her seat by the little girl and held her close; grateful they'd saved their family this time. Then watched the traffic behind them to make sure more didn't get stupid and attack them again. If they did, they were going to regret fucking with her again!


That night they had food ordered up and the immediate family came up to wait for them. Catarina, Viktor, Flora, Vincent, Stefano, Levia, and Samuel. A few others came in as well; mostly supernatural ones that were close to Dorian and wanting to meet some of her mates.

Sam and Dean got there first, popping in and moving back. Vic showed next and went to hold Dante, kissing him in welcome then her. Karis and Varis followed. "I also have two female mates but they are in Europe with Buffy; she's the Leader of the slayers there." Dorian chuckled. "I'm also mated to several, hell, hundreds more on Olympus. We should organize a party, so all of you guys, my family and all who can come, can meet them all. We can get it together later, invite you all then, even the kids and human family members that accept us."

Viktor hugged them and shook hands, grinning widely and offering them drinks. He spoke to Sam and Dean first. "It is nice to see you again. Both of you." He said. "Sexy things…Dorian always let you in. Most others…she didn't give a shit about, but you three…she loved. Even as kids, she had to be a part of you, doing all she could to get back to you. Be it getting kicked out of every boarding school or convent we sent her to, or you and you folks coming to get her out of them; breaking her out every damn time. She somehow belonged with you even then. So human but…she loved you. She'd kill for you. Bobby…her father hated him. She did anything to get back to Bobby but was always running from her own father. He was a cold bastard anyway. Went crazy years ago from the vampire genes; we had to put him down. He never cared about her, but…me and my brothers, we loved that girl to pieces. I remember one time when John stormed into this convent my brother sent her to, hid her well, but you all found her. I bet Bobby had something to do with that. He always had a knack for finding shit he was looking for; especially you all when you needed him most, and she did need him."

"Tell us." Levia said.

"Sit then. I will tell." Viktor said and they got comfortable. "It all started when she was five, and her father was hurt in an attempted assignation. We needed a safe place to hide her and I knew of an old hunter who had saved my life a few times, I trusted him. So I took her to him, it was Bobby. Dante was there already and he immediately took to her, she to him. He kissed her the first time he saw her. A peck on the lips, that was all. But she punched him for it and he just looked up at her from the ground at her feet, then smiled, blood on his lip…so handsome of a boy, and you know what he said? He said "I like you! I'm going to keep you." And we told him they were cousins of sorts and he just nodded, she helped him up and he wiped his lip off, still smiling mind you, and laughed. He just…he said, "Of course we are. We're so alike." And he was right. She's the dark half of him, and he's the light half of her, always was. Her father hated how she refused to drop her friendship with Dante and you guys; refusing to let go of her love for Bobby and John, hell, us! He wanted her in lace and curtseying, and she wanted…well, she wanted leather, guns, knives, blood, and, of course, lots of men and girls for sex. He was pissed when he found her in bed with some girl when he visited her dorm at a boarding school, boy, was he ever." Viktor smiled fondly at that. "She was born to hunt, our princess was. She just had that in borne need to fight and kill, so beautiful but so deadly, too. But only to those that pissed her off; never you guys or your folks…you she loved and fought to get back to every damn time he dragged her away from you. Even if it took years at times. She always found her way back to you."

"The convent…John?" Samuel asked.

"Ah, one of many adventures…he had made her leave Bobby's again, for the third or fourth time…Dean was twelve I think, Sam was eight. Dante was 13." Viktor said. "He's put her in this convent in Italy for safe keeping and to teach her to be more ladylike; the nuns promised to do it for him. One week into it, John shoots the lock off the gate, kicks in the front door and stalks in with the boys and Dante in tow, heads down this long hall until he finds her room. She was locked in of course. He shot the lock and she ran to him; he held her and then they walked out. Then there was this boarding school in Sweden, Dante and the boys snuck in. Sam dressed as a girl and Dean posing as 'her' cousin. They let Dante in the back door and found Dorian in a compromising position with two teachers…" He chuckled at Dorian's proud look and smile.

"Compromising position?" Dorian teased. "Say it plain, Uncle. I was being fucked by them, front and back; they were so talented that way…" She said wistfully. "I was taping it to show father later. So he'd see me getting kicked out again and send me to Viktor who would of course send me to Bobby again. It's how it worked." She said smiling. "We had a system. I messed up, got sent to Viktor for punishment, or Vincent, or Stefano, and invariably ended up at Bobby's again when they sent me to him for 'training' and because they thought I behaved better for Bobby anyway." She shrugged at that. "I did, but I wasn't telling father that."

"Yeah, he'd have had chicks if he known it." Catarina said chuckling as well. Sam situating her on his lap to lean in and kiss on her exposed shoulders. Her top was strapless and gave him plenty of room to play, then turned with a laugh to see Dean sliding her onto his lap partially as well, and doing the same to the other shoulder. "Naughty men, I think you are trying to seduce me…" She said sliding lustful eyes to each of them in turn.

"We are…is it working?" Sam said smiling as he nipped up her neck.

"Not sure, keep doing what you're doing and we'll see how it goes." Catarina said moaning softly as Sam bit her ear and sucked on the shell of it. "Yeah, it might be working…" Her hands went under her and they knew just what she was reaching for when both Sex gods moaned as well and sighed. Yeah, it was working!

"So…You are Victor Henriksen, her mate as well?" Vincent asked offering his hand. "I am pleased to finally meet you."

Vic took it and shook it. "Nice to meet you, too. God said you had a special blessing on you, and now I see it's true." He motioned around him and his mate. "You both…glow."

"Yes, he blessed us centuries ago." Vincent admitted. "You are blessed as well, and glow. Weapon's Master? You keep their most prized weapons safe for them and get them to their owners when needed. You are also a guardian with Dante?"

"Yes, I am." Vic said smiling. "He's my mate and Submissive Slave; I am his mate and Master."

"Of course you are, he is your Protector. A powerful one. To have the one and only Lord of the Pheonixes as your Protector is a great blessing, Victor. You should give praise for it." Vincent said reverently eying the cuddling pair as Dante sat on Vic's lap; resting against his shoulder peacefully with their hands entwined and both men smiling contentedly at the arrangement of their bodies that way.

"I do. I am grateful for everyday that I have with Dante. And the others I am with." Vic said then kissed Dante's temple, making him sigh happily for him. "He's so…perfect."

"I agree." Catarina said leering. "We will get together soon, no?" She said. "You said we could, he'd allow it."

"I will be joining you two, of course." Vic said with confidence. "He is always with me, hence if he's with you, I am with him and you. The sex will be with both of us, Catarina. Is that okay?" Vic said awaiting her decision, in case she changed her mind.

"It is more than okay. Tomorrow night we will…play. Viktor with join us then, if you do. Is that okay with you?" Catarina said checking as well.

"It is fine. I look forward to it." Vic agreed then went back to kissing Dante's shoulder and lips again, between greeting the others and shaking hands with them.

"I'm Varis. He's Karis. We were brothers and lovers, then got Turned by vampires on a Wet Op. They set a trap for us and when they Turned us, we killed them for it. Then took what work we could and hid what we were, hunting down Nests between jobs for the government." Varis said then got quiet. "I lost him for a bit but then found him again. Pagan gods Turned him to their cause, saying the Sex gods would steal my love away from him…total crap but he believed it. He was lost and we were fighting; mostly about how dark he was getting. The Pagan gods were whispering to him and I didn't know it. Putting doubts in his head about them and me…we had a blow out and I left. I said I couldn't stay with him if he was going to stay on the path he was on; if he wouldn't listen to me."

"I tried to kill Stefano." Karis admitting, cringing from the anger rising in Viktor's eyes but added. "I failed and they brought me to Olympus. They were mad but listened, and I…" He lowered his eyes. "They wanted me to fight for them, to join them. Said they'd kill Varis if I didn't. I flipped out. I went to him and I saw how hurt he was by what I was doing; by the fact he'd have to kill me someday… and it broke my heart. I made love to him one last time and left." He shook his head. "But I couldn't kill him…I couldn't fight on the side opposite of his side, I wouldn't! I rather he killed me first." He shrugged. "So I went to Olympus and confronted them; expecting them to kill me. But they didn't, they forgave me and listened, and we mated. They gave us some of their god essences and powers and we became Vampire gods instantly, and were only with them. Until we met Dorian."

"I fell in love with her at first sight, so beautiful but so…sweet, too. Especially with the kids and Hef…I fell for her gentle side; the side she never showed much of. The love I saw in her and wanted her to feel it for me, too…me and Karis were mates, but he's gay and only has real sex with men. I however am bisexual but hadn't found a woman I'd wanted for years, but I wanted her from the first time I saw and scented her. Smelled she was my Mate instantly but she didn't…so I waited for her to see it. And she eventually did and we mated her to us as our Third." Varis said.

"But he doesn't do women, how is he mated to her?" Catarina asked curiously.

"I'm in love with her, too." Karis admitted. "I adore her." He shrugged. "I do all but the penetration stuff; no actual sex or blowjobs for me. I like men to do that. Well, Varis, Sam, and Dean, to be precise; just them. But I do the rest with her, we kiss and stuff. I pleasure her in all but those one or two ways."

"So you are husband but not fully lover…that's new." Catarina admitted.

"Exactly." Karis said.

"Your wives are Willow and Kennedy, I know of them. One is a witch, a white one that works with the slayers and William in Europe. I've visited them and helped them some, too. Kennedy is a slayer, her second in command, I think. She is very skilled fighter." Catarina said nodding, recalling them. "Lesbians. So they married you? Good for them and you. I will have to drop in and congratulate them later."

"We will." Viktor amended.

"Yes, we will." Catarina said and sighed and they pressed hands up her thighs to touch her wet folds; caressing them through her panties. "We should retire now…I can't wait anymore." She edged their hands away and got up, leading the Sex gods to her bedroom; Viktor trailing along admiring their bodies as they moved ahead of him. The way their jeans hugged their legs and hips so well. The way the fabric fit what seemed to be perfect asses…ones he wanted to see bare and on his dick soon. Maybe while they fucked his beautiful wife for him…

Vic led Dante to their room and they kissed against the door once it shut behind them.

Dorian popped Karis and Varis to their room next door and stripped them naked while kissing and touching them both. Then watched as Varis sucked Karis off in front of her; slipping fingers into his own ass to prepare it for his lover. Dorian got the lube for them and did it for him soon after while Varis slipped a lubed plug into Karis to prepare him for him later on.

No one was getting out of this without being taken and fucked hard and often in process. And as Varis thrust into her wet mound, Karis thrust into him and they began to their dance. Crying out in pleasure immediately and not stopping for the rest of the night.

The rest left them to it and said they'd see them later.

Sam proceeded to pleasure Catarina with his mouth while Viktor fucked him slow then hard and fast; filling him with in half-form and Sam moaning as he made Catarina claw at his shoulders and whimper in pleasure as well. Dean fucked Viktor as he took Sam; Viktor crying out and reaching back to claw at Dean's ass as they fucked. Then switching up as they came and did more; making sure all were satisfied and filled to all their satisfactions.

Tomorrow was going to be even better. Dorian thought later that night as she cuddled with her lovers and smiled. Sleep wasn't something she had the luxury of anymore as a god but cuddling with the two sexiest vampires she'd ever met was, and she fully intended to take advantage of their time together before they left again.


They got up around 10 in the morning, got ready and called the place to confirm their reservations. Then they headed out to collect the others that would be joining them.

"Where are you taking them?" George, Sera's Dad, asked, hating them take his kids with them again. Hoping it was somewhere they could follow them.

"Stuckey's Go-Carts and Funland, near here." Dorian said holding the girl's hand. The girl looked up at her with a happy smile. "They have games there, go-cart tracks, and two putt-putt courses; 18 holes worth each. And a restaurant nearby with a snack place inside the main building in case you get hungry. We reserved it for the whole day. That should be long enough for everyone to do something…we got Olympian security all over it already; they're on their way there now. Olympus is sending teams of hunters and other gods and beings to guard you and the family while we're there…you can come if you like."

"We…what's Olympus?" George asked puzzled.

"Can't tell you that. Just that it's a good place that offers good security for us. And don't ask about the god thing or hunters; I can't answer that either. We're the good guys, so relax. Do you want to go have fun with you kids or be assholes the whole time and make them think you are jerks? I'd rather spend time with the kids if I were their parents, but that's up to you. But no keeping them from being around us others or you can't come. We just want them to have fun." Dorian said tensely.

"We'll come." Another parent said and the others said they would, too. It sounded like a safe enough place.

"And we promise not to go to the Dark Lord if he summons us." Sera said in mock-fear. Then laughed with Dorian at the joke and left her parents looking at them suspiciously.

"Dark Lord?" The parent asked worried.

"It's a joke…she's kidding. Get ready if you're coming, we leave in an hour." Dorian said letting the kids follow her and the others down to the hotel restaurant for some breakfast. The parents joined them soon after and had breakfast with their kids, putting aside their prejudice for now in favor of planning with their kids about what they wanted to do together once they got there.

'It's ready, security's in place. It's Fort Knox and if a demon or evil thing gets in there, I will eat my hat.' Bobby sent to Dorian an hour later. 'Have fun, guys!'

'We will.' Dorian sent back. 'Thank you, Bobby. Are you there?'

'Yes, I will be. I'm roaming security, so I'll be moving around with Sam watching the place among you. I want to say hi to your other uncles anyway.' Bobby sent back.

'See you then.' Dorian sent then let her uncles know what was going on mentally as well and they nodded. Then they rounded up everyone into the limos and buses, and headed to the go-cart place; hoping the humans behaved this time.


Viktor and his wife felt the wards around the place first and were impressed. They should keep the demons away just fine. They sent their heads buzzing, a low level of static running under their skins. They were boosted to protect them better.

Bobby let them in and immediately was bear-hugged by Viktor. "Bobby! Good to see you, they said you'd be here. What security do we have?" Viktor said getting down to business right away.

"First, I want to apologize. I had no idea the demons would come after you guys or your families; we tried to sneak in discreetly. I hate that they were going after your families, sorry. Second, we have three layers of it. Some of us are lining the rooftop, see them there at the corners? And outside the doors at every entrance. Inside we have people posted by each door and in major areas you will be most likely to be headed to in large groups…like the go-carts, the putt-putt course, and the video games and rides for the kids, and at the eating places throughout here. The Playground thing over there included. We're providing chaperones if needed, too. Me and some others are doing floating security, mingling in groups and moving among you in case we're needed. We should be well protected this time." Bobby said pointing out the guards for them. "Go on in. Dante, Vic asked that you take guard duty with him, floating of course…so you can still hang out with the family, too. But we need you on security, sorry."

"I don't mind, I'm glad to help." Dante said kissing Dorian's cheek as he got up. "See you around, beautiful. Duty calls."

"That's cool, just see to the family members sometimes; they like you. Spend time with them if you can." Dorian reminded him.

"I will." Dante said and headed through the crowd to Vic who waved him over and took his hand, pecking his cheek as soon as he reached his side.

Then they all headed in and felt much safer now that Olympus was watching over them. The last time had been too close for their comfort.


The parents of the humans were being much nicer now, they noticed with relief. Willing sharing in activities with them, go-carting and doing rounds of Putt-Putt along with many of the kinds set up for smaller kids like the ball pits and skee-ball.

"It's kind of fun." One admitted while sharing some nachos with his little son. "Cale here beat me that last round of gold, I never knew he had such a knack with golf…maybe we could golf together when he's older. I'd like to have a golfing partner then. Ellie here isn't into golf and I'm a big player." He ruffled his son's hair and he smiled up at his father with a proud look. Soaking in his praise. "That hole in one was a beautiful sight, Cale!"

"Thanks, I've been practicing…the other clubs you have at home are too big and heavy for me, so I keep messing up there." Cale said softly, cheeks tinting pink as he remembered how badly he'd played when he'd done it last time in the backyard.

"We'll buy you some smaller clubs when we get home, mine are grown up clubs. They sell them at the golf store there in town." His father promised then smiled. "What do you want to do now?"

"Ball pit?" Cale asked.

"Fine with me, as long as you're chaperoned." His father agreed to it and watched him run to join some other kids his own age nearby. "Meet here in two hours! We have to go then."

"Yes, Daddy." Cale said smiling and waved as the kids ran off, waving to their folks as well, a young man joining them they didn't know but knew he was one of the Olympian guardians along with Dante to assist him. Victor followed them at the rear in case any straggled behind.

Some older kids took breaks from video games to get snacks from the snack places as well, then went to play some other games again. Others went to drive in races at the various go-cart tracks around the place, Dorian and her uncles joining them, since racing did seem appealing right then.

On a break between activities, Stefano finally made his announcement. "Everyone, I need your attention briefly. I have an announcement to make."

Everyone turned to listen, curious as to what he had to say. They'd heard he was making an announcement about his businesses and was wondering if he was naming that heir finally! They all hoped it was them. All but Viktor and his brothers, and the Olympians, they already knew.

"This won't take long." Stefano said smiling. "I have named my heir…and she has been running the businesses for me for over a year now. My heir is Dorian Scaric, and she now owns my Enterprises, all of Scaric Enterprises properties and assets are hers. I just wanted to make an official announcement since we all are here anyway."

Most of them were unfazed by the announcement, they'd seen this coming years ago! She's the only one he took the time out to groom or pay too much attention to. Why the others were so shocked was a surprise to them. They must be really deluding themselves to think that they had stood a chance to be his heir when it was blatantly obvious that Dorian had been the heir for years; only a blind idiot could have missed something like that. Clearly those that didn't see this coming fell into that 'blind idiot' category, or maybe a lower 'deluding themselves' one instead…they thought with amusement.

Some of them sputtered in disbelief but otherwise the group didn't say a word. There was no need to. "Well, if that's all, I'll let you go. You have any business concerns, please call her; she'll be dealing with that kind of stuff from now on." Stefano said then laughed. "Don't look so surprised! I never made it a secret she was my favorite."

They blanched and nodded, but otherwise kept quiet from that point on. It was true, she'd always been his little 'Princess', his favorite. They'd always been jealous of that, had been for years. They should have known he'd pick her for his heir; the little conniving bitch!

Dorian ignored their jealous thoughts on principle then smiled as she saw the group disperse, going to do stuff again. Doing the same as well. Possibly the go-carts again, Dante needed his ass beat again and she was just the Dhampyre to do it.

They played for hours after that, all enjoying themselves until it was time to go. They all regretted that the day had to end but knew it did. They wished that they had longer to stay together but knew better. It was over and so they resigned themselves to it.

Then, as the sun went down, they started to leave in stages. Those with younger children first; their little ones cradled in their arms and sleeping against their shoulders. Then the teenagers and their folks; with their families, and lastly the adults without them. The road was packed so it was slow going but not impassible. Dozens upon dozens of cars and trucks, and buses and vans jammed them. A hour or two later, the place was empty and they all went to their motels to rest. Swearing to meet up later the next morning to say goodbye to all the others.

Dorian smiled in relief as she drove back behind her uncles; Dean sitting with her this time. Sam still on Olympus in case he was needed. Victor and Dante rode in the backseat and relaxed, having enjoyed their day despite their misgivings that the humans couldn't get along with the other ones again. They'd gotten along with them much better this time and enjoyed themselves as a family with the others. So maybe there was a chance they'd get along better with them from now on; not be so divided as before. It would be nice to be a whole family again. The divide between them had done more harm to them than good and they all were hopeful and grateful that they'd been able to partially mend some of their fences; the rest would mend themselves in time as they learned to accept each other even more.

And value those differences rather than use them as reasons to push each other away.


Dorian smiled as they sat going through the photos she'd brought with them. "And that is Linc, doesn't he look like a younger John? He's the spitting image…and that is Rommie and Remmie, his brothers…I had them with Dean and Sam. These girls with them are their daughters, Sam had them…that's Samae, Denae, and Mati. They're around seven now, they'll be 18 in six months. They are pair bonded so they won't leave their sides. These babies are Levyna and Lorynei, Dean's son's with Sam. These twins here are Dante's with Dean and Sam…yeah, they've made quite a few babies. But they are so adorable…don't you think?" Dorian said and they ended up going over the other babies of the other Olympians as well for a while. "You could always visit this weekend. It's their daughters' fifteenth birthday and we're having a party for them. They just hit fifteen and they asked for one…we indulge them, so why not do it?"

"I'll be there. I've yet to meet Adam and Hermes anyway, heard he was going to be a surgeon. Impressive." Viktor said smiling. "Joreal speaks of him all the time, we talk often and he keeps me updated. I liked John and as Joreal, I like him, too. He's still so like John, even without half his soul. Still a hunter at heart, that man is…" Viktor said fondly. He'd always admired John and how he took care of his family; how hard he always tried and never gave up. Even when his own sons fought him on it. He'd loved them so much and apparently still did.

"It's a date then, we'll be expecting you…you guys can spoil them to your heart's content then." Dorian said hugging them. "It really was great spending time with you guys; I really missed you. Didn't realize it until I saw you all standing there in that bar then it hit me…I had missed my family. We should stay in touch more now, spend more time together now. Visit when we can…want to try it?"

"Russia is far away." Viktor teased her.

"I can get popped there, not a problem." Dorian teased back. "There is no place you can go that I can't find you…the mark is like a GPS. I can find you anywhere."

"I like that thought, that means we can find you anywhere, too, right?" Viktor said and she got his point and groaned.

"Yeah, there is that." Dorian said grimly. "Oh, well, at least you never need to worry about finding me if you need me."

"True, niece, very true. It also means I can pop in on Stefano anytime I want…for no reason if I like…I do that often anyway, he hates that. Now I can literally just go to him then just pop away before he tries to kill me for it. He always misses but still…he tried to shoot me last time. Man is a poor marksman, he should hit the range more. He used knives before, then throwing stars, and even poisoned darts…I'm beginning to think he doesn't enjoy my visits as much as I do…pity that." Viktor mused then chuckled. "He is a cranky man."

"I would be, too…" Dorian shivered. "You pop in on me and I will just keep doing what I'm doing, just a word of warning…so if you think you can interrupt us during sex, you have another thing coming. You'll just have to watch and wait until we're done and that may take a while; we don't do quickies."

"I wouldn't think you would." Viktor laughed and they headed in for one last drink before they left. "I will miss you, niece. You are the most entertaining of your siblings."

"I know. How are they anyway? Have you heard about Dad yet?" Dorian asked worried.

"They are fine, Tasha and Zane are in Siberia helping me run a Kiss I just…obtained. Jack and Lane are dealing with some wolves that are joining my Pack; they are currently in Zurich. And Greta, Lilia, and Katya are married to some wolves in my Pack now…very happily. Your Dad is still missing after trying to kill you guys; no word of his whereabouts. Once we find him, we will call you and let you know where he is; we know you are the one to kill him for that once we do. You made a blood promise on it." Viktor said as they headed in. "It is a sad business…to kill your own family. I will never understand his reasoning."

"Me either…so we're adding the kids, at least mine, to the Family Archives then, like required…" Dorian said to be sure.

"And all other kids you guys have; all Olympian kids will join our Archives…they are family now that you've mated to them. So they join us. Keep us updated, that's all I ask." Viktor said.

"I'll do that." Dorian said. "They'd like that."

Then they talked for a bit more and parted ways to pack up before the goodbye meeting and buffet meal. They were glad to be heading home but they sure were going to miss their family more now as well. And be keeping a closer eye on them, what with the demons showing up to hurt them before. There was no telling when they'd come after them again since they couldn't get to Olympians. They seemed to have settled for going after their families and them when they weren't on Olympus.

And they really wanted to prevent them from hurting their families…human or otherwise they were theirs and they meant to keep them around as long as they could. They needed their families and their families needed them just as much.


(A month later)

Sam and Samae were in their finest robes, bowing before Obeiron. Who looked down at them fondly. "Get them in here, those without wings or Faery forms. We'll have to do it for most of them but only give them their Faery forms and their own wings, honorary Faeries with us now. You two will of course be given full Faery gifts and powers, characteristics, both wings for your full form even as gods and a smaller Faery form where you look like we ordinarily do, naked and covered in light with delicate wings. You will be full Faeries like us but also gods and whatever you are now. Faery will just be a part of who you are now."

He sighed, "I need to do the forms early for you two so you can move around the Realm better. The wedding isn't until tomorrow…hmm." He thought now. "I can give the wings to them now; Faery forms, too." He motioned to the other Faeries carrying large chests in groups, having them set them up in a row, a few feet apart. "Open those when I say so, Chesel." He told a blond Faery man who bowed. The others bowed as well. "You will also be able to read, speak, and understand all Faery languages once you get your wings and Faery forms. Honorary Faeries always get those gifts; it helps them fit in better."

"I'll give you yours first myself." Obeiron said gently and touched them, pouring a generous amount of Faery power into them, allowing them to get most of their Faery gifts early. The coronation would finish the transformation for them later. He removed his hands and took a chest of his own to place at his feet. They smiled and hugged him in thanks now. "Go get the others. Tell them to come to me. I know they are all here for the wedding and coronations. Sam, you will receive powers like I have when we marry and you put on your crown."

"Where are the other Mates? I was hoping…" Sam asked curiously, he'd wanted to meet them today. Where were they? "You said there were thirty or so, right?"

"No, not anymore." Obeiron admitting blushing as he met Sam's eyes, love shining in them. "I sent the human ones back and they remember nothing. I have freed the others from their vows. They are free to be with who they want, like they wanted. I provide for them and they are free to be with who they want. They don't want mated anymore with anyone but they do however enjoy sex with other Faeries without mating being the ultimate goal. So they kept the title of consorts, to keep from being forced to mate or marry anyone, and want to live as free spirits now. Not my mates anymore, not really. No more consorts, my love. Just me and my King. I will be King of the Faeries and so will you. Equal in power and position to me. You will be the King of the Faeries, Sam, once we marry. You will rule here as well. Well, from Olympus but I'll rule here and you rule from there unless you are visiting or I'm visiting you. We'll keep doing that. I just wanted to show you I'm serious about this Mating with you. I only want you now, not them. I…love you too much to be that way anymore. I wanted to prove I would be a good king and Co-ruler with me. Husband and Mate not just consort or anything as minor as that…you mean more to me than all that." He sighed and smiled softly into Sam's eyes kissing him softly. "I wanted to show you that you are the only one for me now. I only want you, Sam."

"So you'll stay there alone until I'm back with you?" Sam asked sadly.

"Yes. But I keep busy and it's worth waiting for you. You are worth the wait, Sammy." Obeiron said softly. "We'll be together so often neither of us will have the chance to miss the other, believe me."

"I'll hold you to that. I'm not…I can't drop my other Mates like that. I love them, too, like I love you, do you understand that? I won't let them go like you did yours. You still want to marry me?" Sam asked worried but was sure this was the case.

"Yes, I didn't expect you to reciprocate the gesture. It's a personal choice I made. I like your other Mates. You love and need them. They are good for you. Add who you want to your love life, just make time for me and my Realm. Once we marry, you will be responsible for it and its subjects. You will have to actively rule the Faery Realm as you rule here. It is a serious and sacred trust you're making here. You will be required to be a true King not a figure head there…" Obeiron thought to himself. "We could move the Realm closer to Olympus…its outside of time like Olympus was; it can exist anywhere. I just need to move it and the portal to it here but where?"

"There are the woods by the yard. We bought the land a year ago and no one goes there. It is warded and guarded by the Olympian Gates and Wards like the yard itself is. You can move the Faery Realm there. Make changes you need to make to the landscape, add all the magic you need for it to function right. Make it a permanent part of Olympus and protected by it now as well with your own Magical Protections. That way we're together always and I can rule it all the time with you. I want to be there for them but I can't ignore my responsibilities to Olympus and the Pantheon here either. I could do both if you move it here…" Sam suggested and Obeiron nodded agreeing.

"So…the Realm moves here?" Obeiron asked, seeing what Sam wanted to do here. Sam appeared to be thinking. "As king, I leave it up to you. You say you want it and it will happen. Your first act as king, Sam. Do we move the Faery Realm to Olympus or not?" He waited and Dean and God appeared.

"I contacted them with the offer; they have to vote with me. They are the Head Gods with me; we make these decisions together. Guys? Do we move it here?" Sam asked and waited.

"I'm for it. We can protect them, too. They would be safer here and you can rule the way you need to if they are here. So I vote yes." God said and looked at Dean.

"I'm still not always comfortable with Faeries but…I'm getting used them, thanks to Byron. He's been helping me get along and understand Faeries better. Plus this is important to Sam and it will be safer for you guys, too; so okay, I vote yes. Just don't mess with me too much. I need some more time adjusting to glowing balls not trying to kidnap or kill me." Dean said and groaned. "They are going to be flying all around Olympus now, right? Little balls of light everywhere?" He put his face in his hands and shook his head. "I'm so going to regret this…"

Obeiron hugged the god and chuckled. "We're your allies now and we'll go easy on you, Dean. But yes, we will be flying everywhere on Olympus. We'll give you space; don't worry. Take your time." Dean nodded then asked.

"Do you have wings? Do the small form thing?" Dean asked looking and not seeing a trace of wings. Obeiron showed him multicolored wing tattoos on his back, on the shoulder blades.

"They look like this, as will yours, when not out showing. That is for when one is full sized like we are now. When you want to show them, you just free them with your mind and…" He closed his eyes and a set of blue and gold wings appeared, oval ones that came from his shoulder blades and overlapped where they met in the middle on each side, all the size of the length of his body. They pointed to in opposite directions but touched together in the middle where each top wing met the lower one. They were transparent and sparkly, shimmering in the sun now. "In small form, I look like them. Same wings but smaller ones and surrounded by my Faery light. The light protects us and we tend to look like fireflies to humans that way. Camouflaged, so to speak."

He went small now and became a ball of light, and they looked closer, barely making him out in the glow. Then he became big again. Smiling slyly at Sam. "He'll do that, too." Then pointed at them. "You all will have these wings and forms, too, once you take the blessing into yourself. It will bind itself to you and you will still be what you are now but also Faery as well. With wings and Faery form only. Sam and Samae will have Faery power; maybe Dean if he takes half to help Sam with his. God doesn't need them or the Faery powers; he visited all the time, he doesn't need them." Obeiron said smiling at his old friend. "You'd think they already knew that, being your sons and God-mates and all."

"You'd think." God said laughing as he winked at them.

"You think maybe you could have one with me sometime, Sam? An heir? Sometime, would you consider it? I could…I want to carry it. Let me?" Obeiron said and Sam nodded.

"Our wedding night, Obe. I'll give you that heir. You sure you don't want to wait and I can carry it later?" Sam offered." Sam laughed.

"So how do we do this? Bring the place here now then the wedding or afterward?" He motioned to the woods. "How long would it take to get it settled the way you need it to be?" Dean said. He looked at God and Obeiron for guidance on this one.

"Well, we'll take a few minutes, get you all your wings and such. Then us Faeries, that means you two, Sam and Samae, will use all our power and pull the realm through the portal I'll create and send it to the place where we want it to be. We'll get it powered up and cemented there then we can have the wedding there soon after. Is everyone here? Everyone?" Obeiron explained and looked around. There were close to a thousand beings here, human and otherwise. He went ahead and pressed half powers into Dean like he'd promised before and Dean's eyes now held gold flecks in their midst. Then Dean glowed and showed his wings. They were translucent green with gold threaded through it, delicate and lovely as the sun lit upon them, leaving a green shimmer around him as he had admired them. His hair held strips of green that matched his wings, only a few, but they would be permanent. "There you go, and you are very handsome, Dean. You'd have made a great Faery, too, just like your daughter." He looked to God again, "Ready?" He eyed the large group of people and waited patiently.

"We're all here. We pulled Buri and Idun back for this and Spike and them are here, too. Giles and his group, all of the ones from Europe, are over there. They all get the wings and forms. The human and psychic hunters are over by the house and the rest of us are nearby the building over there. The townspeople are there by the cars and the car Angels are in full form by the gods over there. I believe we're all here. Do Spike and Giles groups first? They have to get back first and quicker than the others. The others we can take our time with." God advised and they backed up now.

"All right, Spike, bring your group and head to lines on the left. Giles, you and your group take right. Put your hand in the box, get a ball of light out and push it into your chests, then let the next one take theirs; you can change away from the others while they get theirs. Hop to it, your portals won't stay open forever here." Obeiron ordered and they lined up. Spike and Buffy took their lights and pushed them in, walked away glowing then dimmed. Faith and Giles were next. Then Robin and Willow, then Kennedy and the slayers took theirs in turns. Illyria and Gun got theirs and Obeiron took Illyria to the side and gave her full Faery powers, whispering, "No longer powerless, a full Faery like us now; be careful how you use them, dear. You earned them. You are good now, stay that way, okay?"

"I will. Thank you, Sire." Illyria promised quietly, happier now. Swearing to do even more good now, something worthy of her Faery gift. Then she moved to join the others to wait to return, smiling now.

Then Buri and Idun took theirs as well; all glowed then dimmed. Then the groups hugged those on Olympus and the other group, saying goodbye to each other and leaped through their perspective portals; two separate ones this time. God held one and Samae held the other. Their powers combined making everyone's hair stand up on their arms as they touched them. They felt hot and scolding against their skin but they ignored that and waved bye, thanking them. Once every one of them were through, they closed the portals and resumed watching again.

Stefano and the vamps were next, bowing to Obeiron respectfully each time and taking their light. Pushing it in and stepping aside to glow then let it fade out. The wolves did the same, bowing and then taking their light in and glowing like the others. The other Mates of Sam and Dean's stepped forward, including the witches, since they were all married to them now, all bowed then took theirs, glowed then dimmed each time. All the gods, including the car Angels, the gods themselves, and the Immortal Servants that had become them by gaining powers were in this group. Then came the Hunters, bowing respectfully, taking their balls of light, glowing then dimming. The Townspeople with marks were next, taking the ball of light into themselves after bowing to Obeiron. "Is that everyone?" God asked and they all nodded, wings showing on everyone. "Go on, Obeiron. Let's move the realm now and you get busy getting it permanently situated by tomorrow."

The Faeries and Obeiron, with Sam and Samae, vanished into his portal and they went to work, pushing power into a bubble around the whole place, making the portal wide and long, both kings using their hand motions to guide the powered bubble holding the entire Faery Realm through it, floating the almost thousand acre realm deep into the woods and vanishing with it. The rest headed inside and God vanished the empty chests to their attic for safe keeping. Then God and Dean headed over to the tables of food and made plates for themselves, joining Ellen and Bobby on a cloud to chat. Dorian and Dante joined them, laughing at a joke or two. People grouped up and hung out together then settled in for the night; the hunters joining them at times to say hello and get to know them better. The townspeople also managed to mingle among the groups to talk, too. The kids ran around and the older ones oversaw their favorites. Samae watched Remmie closely, Denae watched and played with Rommie, and Mati and Linc played cards on the porch, matching since he was still learning colors and shapes, then some numbers and letters. Mati patiently explaining what each was to him with love in her eyes for the Devil she loved.

They saw this and smiled, sharing food and making sure the kids ate enough.

"Hey, can our families come here and live?" One human hunter asked. "We don't mind the nudity or the sex. Hell, if it's a trade-off for this stuff for their safety and care, we'll gladly make it!" He said and they all nodded, approaching as a group, going to God and the Sex gods. "We are aware of what goes on here and we are okay with it. Our families are, too. The sex powers, the no clothes issue, the near constant sex. It's fine with us. Hell, some of us wouldn't mind being invited into it. It's not a private thing, is it? You can share with us? Our Mates and us have already agreed it would be good to move here and our kids would love to meet yours. Some of us could live in town even, now that Olympus is extended over it." Another hunter spoke up. His eyes on the kids playing and doing the card things. Wishing his kids could do that with them, be friends with these kids, too. "They'd really like being around the kids and it really is very family friendly here. And you know we love you now, we're your mates now, after the other night…can our families join us here?" The man really wanted his family here to know these gods, these people, too…they'd love it here. And be much safer here than out there. He knew as well as they did that sometimes the evil things followed you home and went after those you loved most; but they couldn't do that here.

"Sure, move in but not unless you can live with the way we are. We don't tone it down for anyone, this is the way it is here now. Take it or leave it. You move in, and you accept what is here." Dean said firmly. "No prudishness or judgments and no bigotry or prejudice. We have vampires here, and wolves, but they are good beings and no threat to you. They protect others and hunt with us to save others. We also have gods here, and we don't need anyone provoking anyone or hurting their feelings because you only see them as evil things. You feel that way, you need to leave now! Not to mention that if you take the sex and everything, you have to adjust to it or leave. This is what our powers do and the way it is here. We are still good hunters here, we just do it different then we used to. We don't want to hear you say a damn word against it all; If you don't like it, you can move to town. They wear clothes there and there is no constant sex or god sex powers floated around it. But there will be gods, vamps, and wolves there living around you. They are there to help protect the town and its people, like you will be expected to if you agree to it."

Dean also sighed and then added, "Our son is the Devil Incarnate, the new Ruler of Hell, so there will be Hellhounds here someday but they also are not a threat to you. He is a good ruler, not like the others; He'll be keeping the demons under control. You move against him or against any of our family, and we will kill you; mark our words. We are not evil here, though we seem like evil things by what you were taught as Hunters. We hunt a new way. If you want to hunt with us, you accept this and live in peace with us. God rules here with us, he is our father and lover along with most of the beings here. We will suffer no insult to them and, if you join us, we will suffer no insult to you nor would we let any harm come to your loved ones. We protect and love what is ours and, if you do this, you become ours in every way. We've owned you since you took the mark to enter Olympus but now you will worship us and God only, none others, but…we are good men still and will take care of you and consider you our family once you join us here. You understand? Mates or not, we will hurt you for any move against us. We'll love and will be with you as Mates but we won't tolerate disrespect to our people here! You get what it means to live here with us?"

"Got it." The hunter said. And the hunters moved to talk together then came back. "We'll need places to live." He said smiling. "If we're going to move in by the end of the week, and you all don't mind moving trucks from hell lining your driveway and some of us popping in the families. You all can help unload the trucks and situate the furniture with us. Do the same for us that move into town." The man held out a hand. "Daniel Waters, single father."

"Nice to meet you again, Daniel." Dean said and shook his hand. The others joined him in welcoming them.

"Can our families come to the wedding?" Daniel asked smiling, "They've never seen Faeries before…"

"Sure, how about we pop you all to your families and they meet us at the gate, outside the wards. Then we can get them marked, too, then they can come in here, too? You can think up houses or whatever to stay in and we can conjure up beds and stuff until your furniture comes. Move in tonight, those that want to live here. The rest can house with the marked townspeople until you get homes situated. We got the cash for when you want to buy houses. You tell us the amount and we'll authorize the cash transaction so you can move in sooner." Dean encouraged, and sent a silent call to the others. They all surrounded them now. "You that can teleport, yes, you kids, too, Samae, you girls, Linc, you gods who can. We will help, too, God, you help, too. Pop them to their families then let them pack some stuff and pop them back when they are ready. You townspeople, go set up your spare rooms for them now. We'll set up cabins for them for temporary housing. Who has families here?" Dean asked and several hands shot up, more than half. "Ash, Ellen, Bobby, get a list circulated quick. Get the family stats, how many, how old, any special needs, ramps and such. Jo, you get with the others and get a food list made, see what they eat and we'll conjure a meal up for them. Go, get busy!" He ordered and they rushed a list through. Then, as they filled it out, when they were done, they were popped away. Then on and on until they all were gone. The townspeople rushed to prepare living quarters for the arrivals while the remaining gods summoned up cabins for the families and dorms for the single men. Furnishing them lavishly and comfortably, summoning up beds and dressers, and other stuff they'd need. Even toys the littler kids might want to play with and computer games for the older ones.

Jo had the list ready and they got a meal ready in record time. Then the people began show up and formed crowds at the Gates, where they were touched and marked immediately then let into Olympus. Straight couples, gay couples, single parents, single men and women, and many with kids and babies. All took the free meal and talked with the Sex gods, expressing their wishes of where to stay. Most of the ones with younger kids moved to town but still agreed it wasn't because of the sex and stuff; they just wanted to be closer to the schools they needed to get the kids enrolled in soon. Some with kids even agreed to live on Olympus. Letting their kids play with the girls and their son, Linc, even when they found out his destiny as the Devil. They agreed if the gods trusted him to be good, they may as well, too. Besides, he was a nice kid. He deserved a chance at friends just as much as the others. Dean found himself taken to the side and told by several parents, three or four, that their sons or daughters were infected like Sam had been with the demon blood. Azazel's other generations he had mentioned to Sam before at Cold Oak. They had no powers but they wondered if God would consider cleansing them of it. They hadn't drank demon blood or anything so they were fine. The littler ones ran around, laughing and playing; mostly tag and stuff. Dean agreed he would and they were relieved he would help and that they would let them stay with them even knowing such a dark evil thing. The kids were not evil but…the blood was that was still in them.

No one minded the nudity or sex. In fact, they seemed unfazed by it, even the ones that had moved to town. Several even offered themselves to many of the Olympians, especially the Sex gods, at a later date, to join some on Olympus for sex again. So they agreed to let them stay in their 'dates' rooms with them during those times. Even the vamps and wolves got offers, surprisingly enough! Everyone was eager to attend the wedding the next day and see the Faery Realm for themselves. They all stayed to eat dessert with them and talk for a bit and socialize. No one was eager to leave for now so they let them stay longer. The Sex gods only leaving to have their second orgy, dragging Gabriel with them, for the night in their room in the house; giving the others time to get to know each other and get comfortable with each other. They had lovers to seduce and satisfy…for a few hours.

Then, as the sun rose over the clouds, they all headed in to sleep and nap. By then, Sam had returned and was surprised by the others there. Dean explained what they had decided and Sam agreed it was a good idea. They were welcome and they would be safer here. And the kids would have playmates now; be able to make friends. Have normal friendships now with humans. It would help them get along with them more later on when they had to move around them.

All had been given marks immediately on arrival so they were also asked for the Immortal servant thing like their lovers and mates had agreed to, even the older kids. All agreed and took the vow, becoming Immortal but themselves. Then God touched their foreheads and gave them knowledge of all that was going on and who was who on Olympus; even the ones that moved to town. They saw them off and they promised to come back by noon. The wedding was that afternoon and they needed to get their wings and full Faery forms still.

A couple hours later, they showed up and waited in lines, taking their new wings and full Faery forms then left to finish napping and get ready for the ceremony. Sam dressed those that wanted it while others chose their own outfits, and snacked as they waited. Sam and Samae left with Obeiron to get their royal robes on and unicorns and other creatures roamed around letting the others pet and ride them; strange creatures never seen by humans before, as well. All harmless and well behaved. Eager to meet them all, too! This was their home now so they would be doing this all the time now so the creatures wanted to get used to it and get the people and beings used to them being there.

All in all, they agreed Olympus wasn't a bad place at all. In fact, it was a rather great place.

A horn sounded, a long drawn out ringing sound. Filling the air with magic and light. The sky over Olympus went dark and a full moon shown then, illuminating it all with pale light. Immediately they were in the Faery Realm where they saw many taking their smaller Faery forms and others just taking their wings out, showing them off. There were dozens of floating Faeries everywhere. Incandescent lighting lit the place, of all colors, and there were mushrooms and trees, and other strange sights. Little cottages and houses, with flowers never seen before and streams and lakes were outlined by mini-forests and soft green grass, along with grass of many colors, ranging from blue to even violet.

Unicorns wandered here as well and the place held the visitors in thrall; its beauty and oddity fascinating them. They watched as the King sat on his throne, his blonde/white hair flowing down his back to his thighs and wavy, shining in the moonlight, and his midnight blue eyes with their gold ring around the pupils glowing with light and power. His gown a royal white and gold and it flowed to his feet which wore golden sandals. His crown was golden and flattened into a circlet embedded with clear crystals of quartz. There were two more crowns on cushions by the thrones. A smaller silver one with pink stones. Another like the king's own but with sapphires and emeralds in it. Sam and Dean's colors.

The king stood as the soft lilting song began to play. He bit a lip nervously and smiled in relief as Sam walked up the aisle, carrying a bouquet of red and purple flowers that looked like a cross between roses and lilies with a dash of tulip thrown in. A hybrid Faery flower they had seen blooming earlier. Sam smiled lovingly up at his King and walked slow up to him. Then he bowed to the king and stood in front of him.

"Do you take me to be your king and co-ruler of the Faery Realm, to care for them and protect them as I do? To love and cherish me for Eternity as your lover and equal?" Obeiron asked and Sam smiled wider.

"I do." Sam agreed blushing. "Do you take me to be your king and Co-ruler of the Faery Realm, to care for them with me and allow me to protect them with you? Will you love me only for all of Eternity, be my lover and Mate; be by my side as I go through Eternity and devote myself to you and this Realm, and to Olympus and the beings there I love and care for? Will you protect them as well, and take care of them as we do here? To help protect Olympus and the Faery Realm with me; not just the Faery Realm alone? To join our kingdoms and unite them as we are united together as Kings and Lovers for all Eternity now?" Sam asked, adding in a few requests of his own. "You can always say no, it's okay, Obe. We need you and your people here on Olympus. We'll join our forces to yours and you can add yours to ours. We can do this together now, me and you, baby… I love you but…join our realms, can we?"

"I do agree to all those things and…we will join our realms now, into one, working together for the good of both of them now. Olympus and the Faery Realm, separate still, but joined now in proximity and purpose. Both yours and ours to serve and protect now. You will be my husband and lover, my King and man I love for all time now. Even after it all ends." Obeiron agreed. "I will join your bed in the house now, but be just yours until I find others appealing that way. Never shared with others but only you but you can be with others; all you want…just love me also and let me hold you and make love to you like you do with them."

"Can we spend tonight in your palace? So we can do the…thing? Can we make a baby, would you still be the mother of our heir?" Sam asked kissing him gently.

"Yes, my palace tonight. I will conceive for you." Obeiron agreed and nodded, happy and even more in love now. A heir for the throne, a husband he adored and worshipped. Kept and needed by this god for Eternity. Obeiron had never been happier! So he picked up the crown and placed it on Sam's head, whispering into his ear. "Hold onto your hat, Sammy! Huge power boost coming up."

Sam nodded as he braced for it. And, as soon as the crown was on his head, he felt like a nuclear bomb had gone off inside him. His skin went powder blue then gold, beams shot from him and he glowed like a sun for a while then his wings got larger and gold was added to the blue and green in them. Silver laced softly around the edges of them now. His body shook as the power took him and ripped him apart; freezing him in place then putting him back together as he arched and moaned under its spell. Then it was gone and he stood there normal as he was before; but still changed in many ways. His nails and lips took on a faint blue color but it was powdery and translucent, shimmering, and barely visible. His ears were like before but a small point was there now; again, barely noticeable unless you looked for it. Light blue flecks peppered his hazel and green eyes now with gold ringing them faintly. His lashes were blacker now but glowed silver when the moonlight hit them. His hair was the more noticeable though; there were now light and dark blue streaks mixed in with the brown in thick streaks, the way a punk rocker might do it; but these were permanent. His skin looked normal enough but shimmered a faint sparkly blue when the light hit it; like he was dusted with moonlight and blue stardust.

They kissed now and then Obeiron bowed to Sam and so did every Faery there. Dean and the mates bowed in respect as well; overwhelmed at the beautiful sight of him so changed. But still so gorgeous. The blue fit him and Dean couldn't wait to touch him that way. That blue but tan skin shimmering in the moonlight as he caressed it, those blue tinged lips under his and those hands with blue nails gripping him. Those new eyes stealing his breath away until he came for the man. His Mate was even more beautiful now, and he looked into the others minds and saw they felt the same. Sam was transformed anew now but still theirs. Full Faery King, full Sex god, and everything else he had been before.

A new man but still the same Sammy to them. The man they still loved beyond thought and reason.

Shared with Obeiron and still with them for Eternity so they could live with that. Sam was happy with the King; so they were happy for both of them.

Samae's coronation was next. She walked up the aisle in a soft pink dress with pretty roses braided into her plaited braid. Her eyes shined with wonder and love for her Daddy and his new husband. She bowed to them both and stood again as they pulled her up to stand with them.

"Do you agree to be our princess, to protect and love Olympus and the Faery Realm as needed, to be Faery with us, and serve with us as we do our duty to our Realms?" Sam asked and she said, "I do, Daddy." Then Sam put her crown on her. Kissing her cheek proudly. "My little Faery Princess." He said softly and hugged her tight. "I love you, Samae."

"I love you, too, Daddy." She said and smiled as the power flooded her. She glowed and arched under it then tinged pink, not blue; pink in her lips, hair, and nails now. Some in her eyes with silver lacing them as well, and silver added to her wings, too. A soft pink with silver entwined in her wings now. She stepped back and stood between them, taking both their hands and looking excited now as her Faery settle on her shoulder. The little glowing woman kissed her cheek in support and comfort. Her little Faery face smiling up at Samae as Samae smiled down at her. Easy friendship and camaraderie in their expression, the others notice proudly; they were friends, she and her Faery companion now.

"Your new King and Co-ruler, Samuel Winchester, Sex god and Norse Lord, and now your Faery King." He motioned to Sam and they all bowed to him again, making him blush in embarrassment. "Worship and obey him as you would me." They nodded in assent and stood again. The Faeries, of course. The rest had just watched the show by then. "Your new Faery Princess, Samae Singer-Winchester. Huntress Goddess and Holy priestess of God himself, now also your Princess. Bow and worship her as well." Obeiron ordered and they did, smiling at the beautiful girl and seeing she was indeed worthy to be theirs.

"Now rise and join us on Olympus for a wedding feast." Oberion invited and the Faeries now stood, all stood, flying up in small Faery forms again, mostly hanging with the kids and the girls, along with the babies and littler kids that Bobby and them had brought with them. He slipped a ball of light into them and they now had wings and Faery forms, since they couldn't come to the ceremonies before. He kissed their foreheads, giving them his protection, protection of the Faery king himself and all it entailed. Smoothing finger along their happy faces as they reached for his shimmering fingers as the moonlight shone on them.

He lingered especially over Gabriel and Lincoln, "A perfect Angel and a perfect Devil, you will be close and never enemies, brothers and allies. So powerful and special…your duties will be great but if you need me, you just call on me, little ones, and I will lend you my service." He promised, a Faery Promise he sealed with a soft kiss to their lips and let up quickly, a brief platonic kiss of power he slipped into their minds and souls. Then he smiled, "Such blessed children you have, Sam and Dean, Dorian. They are so precious!"

"Yes, they are." Dorian said and marveled. A Faery Blessing, a rare thing, not lightly given, especially by the Faery King himself who had never given it before. A blessing that bound him to them and forced him to do what they needed him to do for them later if they called on him. He would have no choice but to do as they asked. But only called on in emergencies or great need, only then could he come; no other time. Her sons, gods of day and night, an Angel/god/God being and a Devil Incarnate, the Ruler of Hell itself. Twin Pheonixes, powerful beings, even more powerful than Obeiron himself and who would be near in power to the gods, their fathers themselves. And three really powerful girls to love. The twins Dean had given birth to lay in his arms as Obeiron blessed them, too. Blonde and grey eyed, a strange eye color. The color of the storms they created. Clouding with Norse power as they looked around them. Hair was more pale blond mixed with platinum but they were olive skinned with inky black long lashes that fanned their cheeks. Pink cheeks and cupid bow lips with high cheekbones. Their bodies were compact like their Mother's and they looked more like Dean than Sam, but they didn't mind too much. They were their babies, it didn't matter who they looked more like. They would love them no matter what.

Two new Norse god and goddess, goddess of storms, Levyna, and the god of Frost, Lorynei. Dean's kids. Lorynei had a cold body temperature, close to 65 degrees when normal, but closer to thirty something when he slept or used his power. Storms had filled the sky when Levyna was born and it had snowed on Olympus when Lorynei was born seconds later. And the babies slept now. Rocked to sleep in their Mother/Father's arms, who hummed a soft lullaby to them, eyes adoring them as he did so. Sam came over and held them now, too. Kissing their cheeks softly and smiling at their sleeping faces. "So beautiful, Dean. Our kids are so beautiful." Sam sighed. "Norse goddess and god." He said smiling, loving them completely.

Dean smiled and added. "More Norse gods, cool. Magdi and Modi and the other Norse gods are thrilled. They can't wait to help them when their powers show up. They were afraid they were the last. I just think they're relieved honestly. So happy, too."

"They're right, there needs to be more of them. Of all of them honestly. Full pantheons down to just four or five; I'm not surprised they are being replenished. They needed to be." Sam said thoughtfully.

Obeiron took a turn holding the babies with them and rocked them as he spoke now. "What are we discussing here?" He asked.

"The babies, our Norse ones. We were saying that it seemed like the Pantheons were being refilled. The girls for the Greek one, these two for the Norse one, and Dorian's boys for the Egyptian one." Sam said and God nodded.

"It's true, they are being replenished. Baby Gabe will replenish the Angels of Heaven, start a new Angelic race. Linc with do the same, darker Angels but still, Angels all the same. Some with darker looks and powers than the others, but both kinds good and righteous. Just different in temperaments and powers they would have but still good men and Angels. Just two different kinds of them. It was new way of doing it but it would add variety to the new Angels to come." God explained. "Your kids and theirs, when you have them, will be doing that part. I can't tell which Pantheon they will fit in, yours or one of theirs but they will fit in one." God smiled at Obeiron, taking the kids from him to lay them down in their cribs. "You two have a wedding night to get to. Go, we got this." He urged and Sam laughed as Obeiron tugged carried him off over his shoulder after letting him kiss both God and Dean passionately goodnight.

"I love you!" Sam called back to them and said, "Hey, pushy thing! I can walk, you know. Are you really that horny?" He asked Obeiron and they laughed again.

"Yes, he is." Dean whispered conspiratorially and laughed, "I shoved an extra dose of lust into him. Sam should really enjoy this wedding night!" He chuckled. "I wanted to give him a gift."

"Well, it's a gift all right." God laughed and they headed in to lay the Pheonix babies and the god babies down into their own rooms, the kids following them on command since it was time for their naps. The sky lightened now and was blue again and the moon was gone, replaced by the sun again. And just like that, night was gone and seemed like it never had been there to begin with. The others stayed a while then left at nightfall to head to town with the townspeople again. Others headed to their lodgings to sleep, most carrying their sleepy children in their arms and the older kids trudging along behind them.

Most of Olympus didn't sleep so they did other things. Hanging out, playing games, making love on the upper cloud banks. Some joined the humans for sex and orgies, as well as, heading in with Dean and joining their bed for sex as well.

So far so good. God thought as he thrust into Dean and spun him in pleasure as Dante sucked Dean and Victor got Dean to suck him. The new Olympus seemed to be working smoothly; he just hoped it stayed that way.

In the meantime, he took Dean harder and deeper a few minutes later, and Dean's powers flooded the room with hot lust, and only made them fuck harder and demand more; Dean included. And, as he came inside the man, God cried out as well and then let Dante take Dean as well, and he settled for kissing and working Dean's body as he writhed in pleasure again. God's kisses driving them all deeper into their love making. Dean cumming with them over and over, even as Victor took him as well. Until he came and Dean took them and they took each other, then switched partners, and then did it all again with the others until night fell then morning came and the morning sun flooded the room and lit their very sated and happy bodies. Bathing them in light.

Back at the Faery Palace, the Kings also made love. And made a baby, an heir for the Faery throne and their own child.


"Obe, Obe!" Sam cried out as Obeiron thrust into him over and over, kissing his neck and chest, working his chest and stroking him hard as he matched his own strokes. "So close, please!" He moaned desperately, reaching for his king and lover to touch and grip more. Obeiron was close, too. His control slipping with every thrust back that his Mate made. "Cumming, I'm…Obe!!" Sam cried out now, his orgasm searing through him and he arched, pulling Obeiron to impale him and cum as well. "Sam!" He cried out, too. Then lay beside him panting after they worked themselves onto their sides without separating yet.

Then, once parted, they cuddled and kissed, murmuring love and forever with every touch and word.

A few minutes later, Obeiron surprised Sam by sucking him to orgasm then making him hard again, murmuring, "White Chocolate and Bourbon, baby. You taste so good!" Obeiron smiled and pulled Sam back onto him now. "I'm thinking I want to get pregnant…" He hinted and slipped on the heart stone. The Faeries had actually owned their own for centuries, and so he wore one now. "Fuck me, Sam. Take me …I need to feel you inside me now." Obeiron moaned softly as Sam sucked him hard and he came while fingers worked him open again. Then Sam worked in and made love to him, going deep then pulling out, only to thrust in again, going slow and easy; trying to make it last for them both.

Obeiron lost himself to feel of Sam taking him this way and the fact that Sam was finally his. So he gave it his all and Sam's power slipped out taking them both higher and higher until they moved from slow to faster. Easy forgotten in favor of hard and needy touches and kisses, and bodies grinding as they rolled together and Sam took him deep, until they came hard and fast once more. Their breaths catching and love driving them to keep going; even when the stone glowed over and over, getting brighter and brighter until it dimmed. Then they just gave into the desire and lust, the love and everything they were feeling flooding them and driving them to do more and more; to cum and writhe together and flipping each other now.

Then Obeiron took Sam again and it all hit them again. "I love you!" Obeiron cried out as he filled Sam again and again, as orgasms tore through them repeatedly after Sam's hit him first, of course. Pulling the king deeper into Sam's body and heart; driving Sam deeper into his own and not regretting it at all. "Love you, love you, fuck… I love you!" Sam screamed as he came and then moaned and groaned, soft grunts and gasps spilling from them both as they moved again and got hard for each other as if their bodies never wanted to stop this feeling between them at the moment. Harsh but porn worthy cries and moans came from both men as they got lost in each other now.

So that when the sun flooded the palaces windows, it found them also cuddling happily and not wanting to leave the bed yet or each other's arms. "I love you, Obe." Sam said perfectly content to stay where he was, cuddled into Obeiron's chest; not sleepy at all. "My King."

"Love you, too, Sam." Obeiron said back and kissed his head, loving the feel of him in his arms, like Sam was just where he belonged now. With him and so loved by him. He knew Sam wasn't just his but he'd take what he could get. He'd share their bed now; be with Sam all the time now. No more visits, no more leaving Sam and feeling the emptiness in his heart and bed where Sam belonged and wasn't anymore.

Sam was a part of Olympus, belonged to his other Mates as well. Besides, watching Dean and God kiss Sam had excited him. He thought the sex between them must be hot! He had been turned on by their kisses, imagined how watching them fuck Sam or Sam fucking them would make Obeiron feel. He found himself liking the thought of watching the others with Sam; found it making him hard and horny again. So he followed that thought and took Sam again, making them fuck roughly then cumming together hard hours later and then pictured it again as Sam took him now; exploding with desire and want to see that for himself. "I want…I want to see you with the others, sucking them, fucking them; the other mates taking you and making you cum for them. The others giving you pleasure, buried inside you as you move and take their bodies as they pound into your ass. I want to see you taken by them…"

Obeiron moaned hard and kept going. "I want to see you take them…it makes me so turned on at the thought of someone else fucking you, Sam! Sam…yes, Sam!" Obeiron moaned and cried out again and again then came once more when Sam said, "Yeah, baby, I want to let you watch that, see them take my tight ass and fuck it hard. Suck me and then I can take them deeper the way I want to take you! I'm…gah…I'm cumming…please!" Sam screamed as he came again and then Obeiron screamed with him until they collapsed on top of each other. Panting for breath. Then Sam asked, "You really want to see me have sex with them?" He liked the thought of Obeiron watching, stroking himself while Sam joined his lovers in making love. "Would you stroke and touch yourself, Obe?"

"Yes! I want to watch you move for them, see them sink into you and see you move for them in pleasure. Then see you take them like the king you are to me." Obeiron admitted. "I would cum from just watching you, Sam."

"Then you'll be cumming a lot; we have sex a lot there." Sam chuckled and leaned in for a kiss, cuddling in again; resting this time, exhausted. "I'm done. You want more, just take it. I'm spent! You sexy thing, you exhausted me. It's time we stopped, Obe." He laughed. "I thought we had stamina but, damn, you beat mine last night…"

"You inspired me, Sam. That and I think Dean slipped a lot of lust in on me when I shook his hand, the mean thing. Blame him." Obeiron laughed and saw Sam nod, not surprised.

"His wedding gift, I think." Sam said getting up on one elbow to look down at Obeiron lovingly. "I'll have to thank him later; I liked that gift." Sam ran fingers along his lover's body, neck, and face. "You are so…magnificent, Obe. I'm so lucky to have you love me. Feels weird being a Faery now, I'm so full of …so much nervous energy that I could vibrate in place from it!"

"It's always like that when you first get changed. It tones down eventually. For now it will spike and lull for a while, so be careful with the power usage until it adjusts to fit you better. One power will drive the other. The Love one that comes out during sex won't encourage it at all but the Norse ones will, so give it a week of not using them before daring to. It balances by then; only a day or two more over that may be needed at the most." Obeiron reassured him and Sam was relieved. The Norse stuff was barely used but the sex god stuff was always active and moving around in him. He was glad it wouldn't mess up the new Faery ones.

"They bond with the others or stay separate. My Norse ones are separate from the sex ones. Will these work that way, too?" Sam asked trying to get a handle on how to deal with his powers and what to expect from them.

"Yes, the Faery ones will go quiet soon and only come out when you call on them. Not tying themselves to your other ones. When more than one kind of power is present, the powers won't blend if they are too different from each other. The Faery powers have nothing in common with the Norse or Sex god ones, so they won't blend. If there were commonalities, they would have already." Obeiron said and nudged Sam. "Get up, lazy thing. I'm hungry."

"Um, the pregnancy? What should we expect? Length? Specific needs? Morning sickness? You need to speak with Sabine; she's our midwife here. She and the witches Coven we have here will handle that stuff and they'll need to know it." Sam asked and Obeiron answered his questions as they headed to the shower; washing each other when they got under the water.

"Well, Faery pregnancies last typically about three months to four. I should show in three weeks; bumps like yours but that's it. We need mystical stuff for our nutritional needs, mushrooms from the Faery Realm, herbs and vegetables. No meat though, it poisons the baby. Only all natural foods like veggies and fruit, that kind of stuff. I will have my sickness at night; all Faeries do. We are night creatures so our sickness and symptoms will be stronger then." Obeiron admitted kissing Sam into the wall again and Sam pulling him closer, deepening the kiss so they both got lost in it together. Then he worked them apart reluctantly and stroked Sam face and chest. "Can't stay in here forever, Sam. We should go eat and join the others. They will miss you there, plus God might want to see you about a something. I have to go see this 'Sabine' about this pregnancy; so she can do her job and be my doctor. Come on, gorgeous. Let's get home."

"Fine, spoil sport." Sam pouted and eyed his erection, stroking it. "Look what you did to me." He leered as he did this.

"Can't have that." Obeiron said, going to his knees in front of him, taking him in his mouth again. Sucking him slow then hard and watching Sam melt then thrust deeper into his mouth and throat. Sam's hands gripped his head tight and pushed him deeper in as he fucked his mouth hard and Obeiron let him. Obeiron stroking himself as he did it. Sam cried out softly as he came and shot himself into his lover's mouth who drank every bit of it then came with Sam. His hand working himself there and he arched up into it. Then they cuddled against the wall and got out when they could move again. Pleasure and afterglow making them feel languid and relaxed.

Then popped to Olympus to get a bite of lunch and to socialize.

Then Sam took off with Dean to deal with their duties now while God introduced Obeiron to Sabine. Others left as well to deal with their own cases and said they'd be back; even the hunters, both human and psychic alike. The ones from town joined the ones leaving and they were soon going in all directions. The gods popped away to deal with more enemy Pagan gods and Eve's creation with some wolves and vamps joining them.

Evil never slept, they knew this. But, lucky for the World, neither did Olympus. They almost felt sorry for the evil things out there…almost.


Eric pulled them into their bedroom a couple days later, excited and nervous. Both gods thought this was an adorable look for the male Dhampyre, so much so they just had to kiss him senseless for being that way right then. Eric ended up laughing as he handed them each a box that said, 'Scaric Jewelers' on them. Medium sized ones. Both gods so excited now that they found themselves opening them quickly as well.

The boxes contained two sets of shackles but they were nothing like any of the ones they'd ever seen. These were made of two thick cables of silver and one thick cable of gold braided together with a key in each box, and they resembled bracelets they had seen models wear on television. Normal looking enough, they thought. Examining the latch and finding a lock on them like the ones on their collars they wore now and which Eric removed deftly and replaced with matching collars that were just like the shackles. He screwed them on and smiled. "Happy Anniversary, lovers." He touched them lovingly. "I thought you deserved something better than leather now that I had enough saved up to buy you the collars I wanted to give you. These were pricey but I made payments to Stef until they were paid off and he tossed in the shackle cuffs for free, said it was a gift set. Do you like them?" Eric asked nervously and they looked in the mirror after Eric screwed the shackle bracelets on each wrist for them now. "There's a little hook here on the right one, behind the tag with my name on it, it hooks to that small one on the left shackle that folds up or down to hide it. It lets me hook them together or separately to other hooks and chains we use. But to others they will just be expensive bracelets and a matching braided necklace, a loose choker one but still, surfers wear them so they are popular right now. Stefano assured me that they would just be seen as jewelry except to another Dom or Master who does the Sub stuff with his own Subs. It will say you have a Master. There's a small tag there on the collars, too, with my name on it, too. None of these come off ever again, understand?" Eric demanded and they said, "No, Sir, they never come off."

Then hugged him tight to thank him for the gifts and knelt at his feet again, nuzzling his legs and thighs with their cheeks, causing him to smile down at them and felt a warm feeling in his chest again. He stroked the new sigils on their shoulder blades. "These don't keep the powers in, right? God said they didn't anymore…" His fingers traced the sigil that Gabriel had started and God had modified to fit their purposes now. They had been branded onto them yesterday by God himself.

"No, but they do keep the others we touch or go near from falling love or lust with us personally. They'll still get the love or lust by being near us or touching us but not with us as individuals. He said it would keep us from attracting more Mates and such. I'm glad. It was getting tiresome having people fall for us all the time. The bed cannot get any bigger to fit them; we've tried, trust me!" Dean said groaning as Eric now traced the tattooed sigil with a tongue that was driving him crazy at the moment. "You keep that up and we are going to need you to try out the cuffs on the new crosses and use that new whip we got you for your birthday, you tease!" Dean moaned now and nearly came as Eric licked the tattoo around his neck that ran in a thick strip from the God mark that God put on them to around their necks now, where it ran up and around their own marks and magically reconnected to itself in a collar-like tattoo of lines around their necks. It had changed when they'd gotten pregnant with him so they figured he'd done it on purpose. Besides, they thought happily, it looked pretty cool, too. A tattoo collar, they loved it!

"Whose teasing, Slaves? Get on the crosses." Eric ordered and they complied, Eric fastening them to the two crosses in the corner.

They chuckled as Connor and Angel came in to watch. Then God and his lovers also came in with Dorian and Apollo and Bacchus on her heels. "Welcome, we've not started the scene yet but…" Sam finished grinning widely. Eager to begin any time now!

"We just wanted to watch, heard you were doing a scene. Figured I could learn about this part of it if I watched you do it." Connor said and nodded. "I don't do pain but, if you like this, I might try it later."

"We like Pain and Eric knows our limits. He just has to learn yours and push them as far as he can and not harm you in the process. We like pain, it is pleasure to us now; he's helped us find that out. He will be gentle with you if you do this, Connor. We like the whip, it pleases us. It may scare you though…" Sam said worried for their fellow Submissive now.

"Does it hurt? I mean does he harm you or hurt you too much?" Connor asked and bit a lip.

"No, I mean yes, but we like it. But he doesn't harm us in any way; he'd never do that, Con." Dean reassured the man who nodded.

"Silence." Eric ordered then looked at Connor. "I would never harm you, baby. Never think that. This is pain sure but it's to give pleasure, not to hurt them in a bad way."

"I wouldn't mind learning to do this, too." God said and looked at Bobby and Ellen. "They might like to do it, too. Thought you could teach me this if I watched you more."

"I'd do it." Bobby said. Ellen nodded but said nothing. They all seemed excited to watch them now. So they began the scene. "We're just the kinkiest things, too."

"Ready?" Eric asked them and they nodded, awaiting their Master's Will for them now, eyes patiently on him. "Be still and don't speak." Eric ordered his Submissives sternly.

"Yes, Sir." They said then laid their heads against the leather padded wood there and waited for their whippings.

"Count them out for me." Eric ordered and began to whip them.

"One, Sir." Sam said and gasped at the first blow. Then the next one, and the next one, on and on until he'd been whipped thirty times then moaned loudly and cried out in pleasure again, like he had since the twentieth blow had hit him, getting harder and the Submissives soon were more filled with pleasure and desire from the blows as they bit into his back and legs more each time by then. Red lines crisscrossed his back from shoulder to ankle and were staying longer thanks to their power letting them make them do so. Pain burned along his skin in sweet agony and he fought to be still from just humping hotly into the cross itself for some relief from his need and pleasure at the moment.

Cool liquid touched his hole, but no foreplay was needed, he was open at all times now, thanks to his bonding with his lovers. Eric thrust in and dug his hands into the whipped flesh. Fucking him slow and deep and moaning in pleasure himself. "Speak, Slave, I want to hear how much you enjoy this."

And with that, Sam moaned so pornographically and loudly that it made the windows shake and kept doing it louder and more often as he was soon taken harder and his dick was worked until his Master had cum three times in him and finally let him cum when he was soaring and mindless in halted orgasms. "Cum, please Cum!" Eric whispered as he got ready to cum for the fourth time and Sam did as told, arching and cumming hard against the cross while he was stroked and screaming in power making the windows crack from the force of it hitting them. Bobby cringed and thought that if they kept it up with those power levels, they were going to destroy his house!

Then, as Eric worked Sam out of the pain of his stiff muscles from being in that position too long, he unhooked his new shackles from the hook over the cross where he'd hooked his wrists together with the hook on the cuffs and strung them from the ceiling. Then he told Sam to pop himself to the sauna that was hot and swirling by now, and Sam did so, nodding as his Master kissed him and told him he'd done well. Smiling proudly but feeling very tired, he popped away and soon found himself in sauna heaven as it soaked his sore muscles away and left him relaxed.

Then Eric whipped Dean the same way but harder, Dean liked it harder than Sam did. And the whip broke skin now and Dean cried out in pleasure and screamed his numbers as he was whipped. At forty, with his back still torn up and bleeding, Eric fucked him as well, working him until he'd cum three times and was close to a fourth before telling Dean to cum for him as well, which he did and the poor broken windows all shattered in pieces and fell to the floor, and his orgasmic cries filled the house as Dean came several times and trembled as mini-orgasms ran through him and left him shaking from them.

Then popped to join Sam when ordered to by their Master and let themselves heal instantly now, releasing the power keeping the marks there to please Eric before.

Eric cleaned the leather and the straps with disinfectant now and pushed the crossed against the wall. "Well, Connor, did it scare you? Any questions, any of you?" He asked and they nodded enthusiastically.

"So I decide what pain level I can take?" Connor asked nervously. Dean and Sam had different ones so…

"No, I do. But I do test you and then work yours up to where it hurts but still feels good and excites you. You give me that power when you submit to me, and I take care of you. As a submissive, It's up to me where and what we do in a scene but a dominant needs to know how to work his sub so he doesn't hurt him too much and shows the Sub what he didn't realize he liked in pain. I would never harm you but it will hurt and you will get pleasure from it." Eric said and Connor.

"If I say my safe word?" Connor asked.

"Then it stops and you are released." Eric said. "The safe word stops the scene and tells me you can't take any more right then."

"But doesn't end our relationship, right?" Connor worried, he didn't want to end this with his Master, he was in love with him! "I'm…I'm in love with you three and I don't want to lose you…"

"No, baby, doesn't end us. We're yours for Eternity." Eric reassured him. "It just stops the scene until we try again another time. Safe words protect you. They don't end your relationship with us at all. We're still yours." Then he had a thought and remembered something, digging in the bag again. "Come here, Connor."

Connor went to him curious now. "Kneel." Eric ordered. And he did. Eric took off his collar and put the gold and silver braided collar on him. "Hands now." Eric ordered and Connor held them out. He screwed the matching shackle bracelets on him, too. "These stay on, got it?" He held Connor's eyes and Connor nodded happily. Then hugged him when he let go of his hands.

"Thank you! They're beautiful." Connor said admiring them and reading the tags. "The tag is on the collar, too, right?" He liked this new collar a lot!

"Yes, my name in on each tag. They pass for jewelry but any kink person will know what they mean." Eric said and cuddled Connor to him as they sat on the bed now, stealing kisses and Eric smiling down at the brown haired man. "I bought them for you guys, you deserved something expensive, not just leather collars. Stef gave me the cuffs for free, said they were a set." He smiled into Connor's lips and sighed happily, "I hoped you'd like them. I love you, Connor, and them."

"Love you, too, Eric, Master. I'm yours, too, Sir." Connor said and hugged him again.


Obeiron knew his time was close as he bit back another contraction but noticed no water fell out. Okay, it was labor, it was just delayed labor…that was worse…he sighed as he set the stones aside, closing the lock box and locking the vault behind him again. The treasure room gleamed in rainbows of color around him. He held up three gems, ones that had called to him that day. They were for their children, the ones he carried. One was a gorgeous sapphire, one was a pink diamond, the other a diamond with many facets. He just needed to get those rings made for them now, or maybe pendants…he thought. As heirs they got rings, and only kings got Faery stones, so he had to find other stones to suit them.

He sat them into his jewelry box in the main bedroom with a sigh as another contraction hit, almost doubling him over. Yeah, he was being stubborn about this but damned if he looked forward to lying down and pushing out the babies before he absolutely had to. He'd been in labor most of the morning and was tracking his contraction. They were far apart still and according to Sabine, that meant it was just starting.

He then popped to house and sat by them on the porch, taking the Faery cider they offered him. He sipped it and winced as another contraction hit. He brushed their concern aside and sighed. "They're five minutes apart and my water hasn't broke. I'm fine and here, just keep me company through the contractions and I'll go in when its time." Obeiron said leaning onto Sam, exhausted.

"You not getting much sleep?" Sam asked worried now as he watched Obeiron's eyes drift close.

"They didn't let me sleep much, back hurt all night." Obeiron said softly. "I'm so tired."

"Then rest, we'll deal with your labor later." Sam said laying him down on the swing to rest his head on his leg, and smiled as Obeiron went straight to sleep. "Poor baby, he's so worn out."

"Not for long…his labor is going on, might take hours. Once that water breaks, we can help him get them out." Sabine said testing his forehead. It was clammy but not hot. "He's fine, let him rest for now."

Sam rubbed his back for him though. Gently caressing and massaging up and down it, feeling the knots ease as he worked the resting man's stress out. Obeiron smiled in his sleep then and moaned happily. Clearly he was liking the back rub so Sam kept working on it. His breaths went into a relaxed rhythm then and they let him be.

Hours later, he woke up with a shout and water poured from his lady part. "It's time." He managed as calmly as he could before a shout followed, a contraction ripped through him. A very painful one. They popped him to the front room and to the pallet they'd made for him. "Can I push?" He asked, gritting his teeth against the onslaught of contractions that were hitting him. "Fuck, this hurts!"

"Push, go ahead." Sabine said as she pressed on his stomach lightly. "I'm ready."

Then it got worse. Contraction after contraction took him, he breathed and pushed. And it hurt more than before and more often, too. He had to admit to himself that his former consorts deserved a damn medal for going through this for him, hell, all of Olympus did! He's send them flowers later and praise them, but for now he barely kept the shouts of pain at bay.

First was a blue ball of light, which God took until it dimmed and cried, Sapphire and silver eyes met his and he smiled. Electric blue hair with light blue streaks like Sam's streaks, but his eyes held no flecks, just shining gemstone facets…beautiful blue child, his mother thought.

Next came two pink balls of light, one dark pink, and one hot pink. Both balls dimmed to reveal girls, one with dark pink with hot pink highlights and the other had hot pink hair with dark pink highlights. The hot pink one had dark violet eyes. The dark pink one had hot pink eyes but both had silver rings around them and both had opposite flecks in them like their hair did. They were built like Obeiron whereas the blue boy had a body similar to Sam's type.

He smiled softly as he got to feed them, water from the Faery lake, required for all babies at birth. Then Faery milk from some animals in the woods, not natural foods allowed, not even the milk for the babies. Not for any of their lives. The girls at least, the boy was full Faery and full god as well, he showed the Faery but not the god part, so they weren't sure if he'd eat the human food or not. They wouldn't risk it so they'd just keep with the Faery diet of foods until he was older and could know for sure.

"Samuel Francis Winchester, the second." Obeiron cooed to his son. Sam smiled widely at his namesake. "Caryna Winchester and Sartra Winchester, Caryna has dark pink hair and Sartra has the hot pink hair." He felt their auras out then nodded. "Caryna is a lust cupid, Sartra is a love one."

Two more cupids, Dean groaned. Just what they needed. They already had hundreds! How many did they actually need, honestly! Thank goodness they weren't babies in diapers flying around on wings, that would just be…weirder, and very very crowded. The bow and little arrows alone might be annoying but comical…he chuckled. Cupids, cupids everywhere and not a one that wouldn't do the dishes without being bullied into it…how fair was that?


(Several months later.)

"Eric? Can you hear me, Eric?" A voice whispered in his ear. Then he heard another person talking to the one that had just addressed him.

"Is it one of the others? Maybe the other one there? Are you sure it's him?" He heard and chuckled internally as he felt little hands touch his neck. A small weight there on his shoulder. A Faery, it was a Faery.

"Yes, I'm sure of it. I knew I wanted him the moment I saw the gods submitting to him." The first voice said shyly. "He's the one I want to submit to, the Master I want."

"Brother…you barely know him." The other voice said concerned. "You sure? You can't just jump into this kind of thing with humans. They don't understand how different Faery Submission is than the human version…it takes time for that."

Eric wondered just how different they could really be but laid still, eavesdropping; this was getting interesting.

"I'm sure but if he is against it, I'll just play with him like the others do. If he doesn't want me, I suppose…I could find another Master…don't really want to." The first voice said and sounded sad.

"Well, let's be sure it's him first." The second voice said as worried tinged to his voice. He also sounded sorry he'd upset the other Faery and willing to give into his decision to make him happy though. Eric thought that was good; he hated hearing the other Faery sounding so sad. He bet the Faery was very beautiful; he sounded that way at least. "He's handsome enough."

"Yes, he is. I've been watching him for a while. He's really good to them, even when they submit to him! He's so loving…and I…" The first voice faltered here, removing its touch from him. Eric missed the touch as soon as it was pulled away. He immediately wanted to demand he touch him again and not stop until he ordered him to!

"You're in love." The other Faery said softly, as if just figuring it out. Eric already had from what he'd heard so far.

"Yes…I hope he wants me." The first voice said sadly and nudged him again. "Eric, please! Wake up…"

"I still say you have the wrong man here…I think the one over there with the spiky dark hair is him." The other Faery said softly, wondering if the other Faery might still be mistaken.

Before the other Faery could protest again, Eric spoke up, cutting him off before he could say anything else to upset his little Faery. Eric realized he'd had enough of the eavesdropping on their conversation and had to intervene before his new Submissive Faery got anymore upset than he already seemed to be.

"I'm Eric." He said softly, making the tiny person jump. "I can't see you, little ones. Come where I can see you please?"

A pair of Faeries glowed before him now and one dimmed enough for him to see him better. He was golden haired and had glowing blue eyes, and he wore cuffs and a collar. Eric arched a brow at the sight of the collar and noted he was one of the kinky ones. And very pretty, too. He couldn't tell what the other one looked like; he was glowing too brightly to tell.

"I'm Ceran. Your companion Faery, Sir." The Faery said nervously, eyes shifting to the other Faery in panic. "I wish…I want…Can I be your Submissive, Sir? Please?"

Eric frowned at the sight of his collar. That was not Eric's collar. He found it offensive to offer one's self to submit in such a way and wear another's collar while doing it.

Apparently, like any good Submissive, he quickly picked up on what was bothering Eric. Touching his collar, he shrugged and explained. "Oh, this is my Faery Collar. Once we talk and decide if you'll accept me as your Submissive. You merely touch it and it becomes your collar on me. I've worn this for over six hundred years. All kinky Faeries are required to wear one. It doesn't come off just like all Faery Collars don't, sorry. But, once you claim me, it takes on your ownership and is your collar for me." The little man smiled at him. Eric thought that even if it had been assigned to him six hundred years ago, he still didn't like the fact that he had come to him wearing that collar! But held his tongue, knowing the Faery wouldn't understand what he had done to offend him and didn't want to scare the little man off.

"They are Submissive Slaves not just Submissives, little one. Is that what you want or just submission?" Eric asked, he could do both for the perfect little Faery.

"I want to be a Submissive Slave like them, if you don't mind." Ceran said looking down, blushing. While the other Faery looked serious and anxiously between them, making sure things were going well for his brother Faery. Eric approved of his protecting him. But thought it was time he let Eric take over that job now, if he was to be his like the little Faery was going to be.

"Since you both seem agreeable to the proposal, I am now required by our Kings to ask you both if you accept this arrangement, and realize what it entails for you." The other Faery spoke and Eric looked at him questioningly.

"What do you mean?" Eric asked.

"This is not a Human Submission agreement." The Faery stated firmly. "It is a Faery one, and, as thus, there are different rules and expectations the Faery Kings require of all Faeries and their new Masters that wish to join into it before they will permit it to happen."

"Okay, what are they?" Eric said sitting up and the others sat up to listen as well.

"One, as a Faery Submissive, even a Slave one, if you agree to take him as yours and want to claim him by touching the collar, you should know it is not a temporary arrangement. You cannot get out of it later. This is a Faery Contract you make as soon as you touch that collar and, as such, becomes permanently binding once you do so. There is no reversing your decisions or changing your minds! This is Eternal and it is a Mating or Marriage between you if you do it. And that collar does not come off, you will wear a matching Faery Collar matching his on your wrist or neck to show your Union; like a wedding ring of sorts like you humans are so fond of giving to each other. It is required so it will be given to you later; probably tomorrow by one of our Kings when you present yourselves to them as is also required at the place of their choosing. Once you inform them of your Union, of course. So they can bless it further for you. Just state if you agree to these terms." The other Faery said and waited. "You are required to answer this one."

"I agree to it." Ceran said meeting Eric's eyes solemnly.

"I…this is a Mating, a marriage? If I take him, it's for Eternity, as my husband?" Eric asked. He hadn't realized this was what it meant.

"Yes, that is exactly what it is." The Faery said nodding.

Eric considered it and saw Ceran looking sadder at the prospect of him saying no; looking away and clearly worried. "I agree to it, too." Eric said meeting Ceran's eyes and smiling, seeing an answering smile on the Faery's face seemed to ease some of the tension Eric hadn't realized he'd been holding there since this whole conversation began. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a sarcastic voice muttered it could have at least waited until he'd had a couple cups of coffee first, geez! You wake up and suddenly you're marrying a Faery… boy, that was a shot out of the blue!

"Good, you won't regret it. He's a good Submissive and Faery. We're part of the royal guards who guard the Faery Realm and now Olympus itself, you know…he is our General so be honored he wants this with you." The other Faery said eying his brother with pride.

"Oh, does he still have that duty?" Eric asked, he'd let him do it, he just needed to know how to work out the timing for their scenes together to accommodate his duties; like he did for the Sex gods.

"Yes, he does. Obeiron said to stress that he will have to keep doing his duty. He is yours to love and be with but his duty and life is devoted to Olympus and the Faery Realm. As are the lives of the other Royal Faery Guard here on Olympus now, as they have been since the Realms joined. So that is a given." The little man said and Eric nodded for him to continue. "Three, you can punish him but…there is a limit to what Obeiron will tolerate as 'punishment' to his people, up to and including his Submissive Faeries."

"What is that limit?" Eric asked. If the Faery King set that limit, there had to be a reason. He knew the Faery kings well enough to know they did not make rules to be mean, so they were trying to protect their people as they ventured into new territory. He'd respect the limits.

"No whipping to harm them or to punish them with great pain. Whipping is only allowed if it pleases both of you; not just you! And not under any circumstances to be used as a punishment in any way! No flogging them as a punishment either; only for your shared pleasures! No drawing of Faery blood or breaking their bones is ever allowed; even if one of you enjoys the blood stuff. It's not safe and is not allowed! This is considered a violation of our treaty with you as a person and will result in repercussions you will not like." The little man looked sterner now. "Not that you will live long enough to not like them very long anyway…" The Faery chuckled evilly at this and Eric cringed, sensing that possibly meant something far worse than just a mere punishment to the offenders.

"What 'repercussions'?" Eric asked gulping, knowing that sounded rather ominous.

"Well, he may make you go through the same punishment as they suffered, if he is feeling lenient. Or worse." The Faery reluctantly explained.

"Worse?" Eric asked, thinking this was a bit like pulling teeth. And worse could involve so many more agonizing prospects he was not looking forward to. Faeries could get really creative with their punishments, he knew that much!

"He'll kill you. And not blink when he does it. It counts as crossing us to harm one of us in that way." The Faery said quietly. "Ceran is my friend and I promise you that Obeiron won't get a chance to kill you if you harm him that way. I'll get there first and I will make it hurt, and you will die very very slowly. I love him and am willing to give you a chance. But you hurt him and you will rue the day you ever heard his voice! I promise you that on pain of death; my own." The Faery gave him a fierce look and Eric nodded, getting the point. Then got the other part he was leaving out, too, the one he wasn't saying.

"You were lovers…you're in love with him." Eric said quietly. Seeing the hurt flaring in the speaking Faery's eyes telling the story all too well.

"Yes, until…he saw you! Then he dropped me. Yes, I love him, but I want him happy and that is with you… so I will accept his decision and get over it." The other Faery said quietly, not meeting his friend's eyes anymore.

"Do you love him, Ceran?" Eric asked and the little Faery nodded, not looking at his friend either.

"I love you both, and had to choose…" Ceran said sadly, a tear leaking out.

The other Faery jerked at his words and went to fly off but Eric stopped the little Faery by grabbing gently at his little arm with fingertips to ask. "Do you have a Companion?" He held onto him so the Faery couldn't fly off without answering the question.

"No…I haven't chosen…a human one." The Faery said not meeting any eyes now and Eric realized what he was saying.

"You chose him as your Mate, haven't you?" Eric said then added, "Is it consummated?" He was stealing the other Faery's lover. Now he felt a bit lower than dirt here…poaching another man's Mate.

"Yes, I chose him and we've had sex before, a lot. To me it is consummated but he doesn't see it that way, so…I'm willing let it go." The Faery said trying to wiggle from his grasp. He sounded like he was crying but Eric couldn't see his face to be sure. Like his still beating heart was being ripped out of his chest and stomped on by having to give the one he loved as his Mate away to another being. And Eric could see how it would feel that way and hated he'd caused the other Faery that pain. And was disappointed in Ceran for doing that to his lover this way…like he didn't matter as much as the one he was being thrown aside for; like he wasn't just as important…like his love for the Faery didn't matter anymore! Eric wouldn't do that to the Faery and did his best to fix his pain. Pain he understood and wanted to make go away now. Compassion filled him for the Faery and he smiled softly at him, pulling him to where he could squint to see into his glowing to see his face better.

"Then will you Mate to me, too, both of you? You can be together that way, and you don't have to choose. I won't steal your lover but…I'd add you to mine with him. I don't love you yet but I will. It happens and I know it will for us. Please, don't torture yourselves…both of you can be mine, okay?" Eric said and saw Ceran eying the other Faery with something like hope and…love.

Eric now saw he had made the right decision. It would have broken their hearts to be separated that way.

"But I'm…also a Submissive…you can't possibly want two of us." The other Faery said wringing his hands. Eyes going to Ceran's and staying there, love showing in his own as well, a bit of hope, too. Need and faint desire awakening in them, too.

"Why not? I already have five of them, why not two more? Dim it down so I can see you, baby." Eric urged and saw the Faery dimming so a replica of Ceran floated there with flame-like hair that floated upward of its own accord; flame shaped as well, with delicate features, gold flecked glitter all over his nude form. Orange, red, and yellow mixed hair; the colors moving together in such a way that it looked like living flames and his eyes were a beautiful orange/yellow just like his hair. But otherwise he strongly resembled his brother. Except Ceran seemed sprinkled in silver rather than gold. "You are…beautiful, too."

"Thank you." The Faery said blushing. Then licked a lip nervously, suddenly shy. And Eric suddenly thought he had a better uses for that tongue than just licking a lip. Much better uses…getting hard at that thought immediately. "You really want us both? I mean there's no rule against it but the same rules do stand for both of us." He said and looked down as Ceran hugged him to soothe him.

"Yes, I want you both." Eric said. Reaching for them and touching them, but finding their small size and his larger size getting annoying here. He wanted to press them to him and kiss them but they were too damn small! "Can you go bigger?"

"Not yet. Every few hours we can, but only for brief periods. It hurts if we go big too much or for too long. We had to get big for guard duty before this so we won't be able to go bigger for another hour or two." Ceran said sadly then whispered to his brother, smiling wickedly. "You will Mate with us later, right? Claim our collars?" He said and began to float down.

"Yes, I will, as soon as possible." Eric said dying to claim his new Submissives but having no idea how to claim something so tiny. "Both as Submissive Slaves or…" He asked to be sure, he'd take what they could offer.

"Yes, Submissive Slaves. What you do to him, I want you to do to me. It's only fair." The other Faery said firmly, stopping in mid-float.

"Then that is what you will be. As soon as I figure out how to do it…" Eric said thinking hard, this was a new situation for him and it was turning him on beyond thought. He now had two sexy subs to claim for himself and no idea how he was supposed to do it… and he was not going to wait for hours to do it either! Right now was more what he needed here!

"We can help with that part." Ceran said smiling, flying lower and Eric watched them fly closer to him, floating down his skin. Eric jumped a little as he felt little hands touching him again, little wet touches to his skin. He realized the Faeries were kissing down his body and chuckled again as he felt a wet touch to the head of his dick, little hands caressing him, worshiping him there.

The Faeries had just kissed his dick. They were currently hugging it and kissing it all over with tiny mouths and little hands caressing it and doing the same to his balls as they floated between them taking turns making their new Master moan for more. Taking charge of the situation, he asked the Faeries. "What do you want from me, Little ones? How can I do this with you? Tell me what you want from me, from us now. Please! I need to be with you now, please!"

"To submit to you like they do. Not just for playing. We want you to be our Master, like we said before." Ceran said shyly, looking up at him through his lashes. Such a sexy look, Eric thought and got aroused. Both of them did the lash thing and he nearly screamed in frustrated desire. "We are here to serve you. If you want us to, that is…" Both little men bit a lip but stayed kneeling, heads bowing again. "We are yours, Master. We are offering to submit to you in any way you wish us to. I have been watching you with them and seen how they are with you. I want to be like them." Ceran said then smiled. "They seem so happy that way. Same rules apply to us as them, right?"

"Yes, they do and I can do that." Eric agreed and smiled, going small and taking his own small Faery form like them now that the thought had finally occurred to him! He had a moment to think that sometimes he could be such an idiot not to have considered that before now! But he let that go as he gently floated down to join them and soon he found himself on the bedspread. "Do you understand what you are offering to me? Do you really?" He asked and waited, needing them to be sure. This was a big step for all of them; a really big 'Eternal' step!

"Yes, Sir. My total Submission to you. Turning myself over to you, to your control, Sir." Ceran stated and he nodded. The other Faery stated the same thing.

"What is your name?" Eric asked the other Faery, touching his face softly and getting a small smile for his trouble from the nervous Faery, seeing some of the tension in the little Faery subside, happy he'd made it that way for the beautiful man.

"Priux, my friends call my Pree for short." The flame haired one smiled and said. Eyes getting caught in Eric's and he could feel his desire for him already; not that he didn't return the sentiment really. Needing to be buried balls deep in both of them and claiming them warring inside him already!

"You both understand what that means? And you will agree to it all?" Eric asked the kneeling men before him, gazing over them and circling them; letting his fingers touch them both seductively in turns as he did so. The Faeries was stunning, so very beautiful. And also so very much his! A possessive part of him purred happily at the sight of them clearly submitting to him the way he wanted them to.

"I agree to it, Sir. I want this with you, Sir." Ceran agreed and waited orders.

"You must touch the collars first, Sir. It starts the Mating Ceremony then we are claimed and consummated to you. Obeiron said to be sure you knew how it was to be done to be a valid and recognized Submissive/ Master Mating Bond. Otherwise he won't be able to sanction our Union, Sir." Priux spoke up softly.

Eric nodded, and touched each collar in turn. They glowed then, making his fingers tingle but not hurt or burn. When the fingers were gone, the collars dimmed and were just gold again. "Will this punish if you disobey me?" Eric asked and Ceran nodded.

"Yes, Sir. They are Slave collars now and you are our Master." Ceran said and waited.

"I will ask Sam to modify that, I don't want anyone or anything else to punish you guys but me." Eric said jealously. Plus he was worried it would hurt the Faeries and hated that thought.

"Yes, Sir. He can fix it." Ceran said. "I love you, Sir."

"Yes, Sir." Priux said. "I love you, too, Sir."

"I love you both, too." Eric said. Resolving to see what this training entailed for his Faery Mates. Jealous that another had been with them this way.

Then Eric gently nudged their lips to his dick again, both Faeries quickly getting what he wanted them do and made them all smile as they obeyed his unspoken order; like the perfect Submissives they were. Gently lapping at the head, then around it. Ceran taking him in his mouth and let Eric's hand guide him to pleasure him the way that his Master liked best. Pree taking his balls and doing the same to them, suckling and making their Master sigh happily as they worked together to please him together. Eric had to admire their technique and wondered how they were trained. Tapping their heads, the Faeries looked up at him curiously, his dick and balls still in their mouths. "Someday soon you will tell me how you kinky ones are trained. You do seem to know what you are doing far too well for my liking…"

The Faeries nodded apprehensively but Eric smiled at them again and the pair of Submissives breathed a sigh of relief. Going back to sucking him again. A nudge made them stop. "On all fours. Now." He ordered and the Faeries both did so. Using his hand, he spanked them in turns; one cheek then the other, a little harder each time. Until they was struggling to stay still as they assumed Eric wanted them to. They took the spanking well and soon Eric was working Ceran open first, lubed fingers working inside him, and the Faery moaned softly and thrust back more and more on the fingers taking him now. Pree staying as he was until ordered to move.

Unable to hold off claiming his first lover/Submissive, Eric worked his way into the Faery and then began to move in increments; pulling out then pushing in hard at times. Until they found a harder rhythm and watched his Faery Submissive cry out in his pleasure and do his best to be Still but he forgave the Faery that, he was doing his best. Which was too damn good as well. He thought jealously. Slutty or not, these were his Submissive Slaves, and no one got to touch them that way again. No more kink with anyone but him now, and he was going to be sure they both damn well knew it, too.

Were they made whores before this, is that what training was for these kinky Faeries? Were they forced? This left a bitter taste in his mouth. He hated those thoughts. Hated that those things could happen to his Submissives.

"Please, Sir, may I cum please?" Ceran begged, his own orgasm imminent as Eric came inside him and continued to fuck the man since he was still hard.

"Yes." Eric said. "Cum for me, baby…" The Faery moaned as his orgasm came closer and closer. Then Eric felt a warmth in his chest, saw light flowing from the Faery and into him, into his chest, as Ceran moaned his pleasure again.

"Harder, more, please, Sir?" Ceran begged. He was close and cumming with him would cement their bond. Then smiled as he let all he had in him go, and watched as it flowed into Eric emptying Ceran out and filling up his Master instead then only returning once it had given him his Will and control over him like he wanted it to. Hot coals seemed to settle inside them now, as they shared essences as well. Both glowing as they fucked harder and came with screams of joy and bliss. Both collapsing onto each other so Eric rolled off him to keep from pinning him below his larger body.

Then felt himself touched again by magic, finding himself hard again and moaning as Priux straddled his gasping form, and rode him. Eric found himself getting into it and thrusting up into the Faery; until the hot coals feeling settled into his chest again and they both glowed as well. Then they both came with more cries of pleasure and bliss; overwhelmed by that warmth once again he didn't understand. Crying out as he came again from the Faery cumming once more; pulling another orgasm out of both of them while Eric was still hard. And smiled happily down at his Master as he softened inside him then gingerly worked off him to lie on his other side to cuddle across from where Eric cuddled Ceran to his side as well.

"What was that?!" Eric gasped in surprise. He'd never felt anything like it before.

"We have given our Wills to you. You command and control us now in every way. We are truly your Submissives and Slaves now, Master. We will do whatever you say, whenever you say to do it. Our Will is not important now, we have none; but we know we will do our duties to our realms, guard them still. Don't worry about that. It is different than what we do with you, separate from it. Our Wills are now to serve you as our true Master and to obey whatever your Will is for us to do for you at any given moment, Sir." Ceran sighed happily as both Slaves began to drift off to sleep; cuddling tighter into Eric.

"You enslaved yourself to me…that's not the same thing as Submissive Slave…" Eric protested. He hadn't asked for them to be his Slaves that way! Not real Slaves!

"No, it's not, but it's the way we want to be with you; so we made it that way. It is our last decision we will ever make for ourselves; aside from those we need to make as Royal Guards of course. We chose to give you all of us; to give you ownership of us. We will make you happy, Master. Reward you always for loving us. We are completely yours, Sir." Ceran said sleepily.

A stunned Eric held them as they slept now and waited for later to discuss it further. Real Faery Slaves…that sounded just plain…wrong! But right, too. It felt right to have them with him; no matter how they needed him to be with them. If they needed a real Master, to be real Slaves to him, then he'd be whatever they wanted him to be to make them happy. And he knew that no matter what their relationship with him now…

He was going to love them for Eternity now, and keep them as His for even longer!


"So what does your training involve?" Eric insisted later that afternoon as they finally stirred and they all were able to go bigger; them hiding their wings in the tattoos on their backs like they all did when they chose to, but still looked like bigger forms of the way they had looked as tinier Faeries. All the others sat by them as they were sat on each side of him, the Faeries awaiting their Master's questions. "Are you forced to submit or…?"

"No, you see, Obeiron wants us to be sure we want this. So he has us go to the 'BDSM' clubs as you call them. We take big forms and are chaperoned by Protector Dominants and required to observe what the humans do there. We do this several times and, if we show the urges for kink, we tell our king and are assigned a temporary Dominant. Then they teach us about what to do, and the basics of how to please a Master, and when we pass the training, they let us go. We can back out of it at any time. We don't though, we enjoy it, trust me. We aren't forced to submit. They don't hurt us and we have safe words, though we don't use them. It's just another form of sex to us Faeries really." Ceran reassured his Master.

"So they fuck you…" Eric asked, not liking that part at all.

"The ones that take us to the clubs, no, they don't. Contact is forbidden. They merely pose as our Dominants and keep us on leashes to keep others from harassing us as we study the humans there. But, of course, the assigned Masters do. We like it, all of it. We need to learn all the facets of Submissiveness, including the sex, so we don't see it as wrong. They do the kink and we both get turned on then have sex. It's the way we both choose it to be, not just the Dominant, but it was required. We are given to new Dominants every fifty years to keep from forming attachments. If one forms, we can Mate to them if we choose to after our time of training is up. Although it's not forbidden but is frowned upon most of the time. We enjoy the kink and sex with each Dominant as they teach us more and more about what to do. It's just sex after all. Don't worry, I'm only with you now, I promise." Ceran said and bowed to his Master. "How can I reassure you I am only with you now, Master?" Gazing up through his lashes, his look getting to Eric immediately. His submission was so tempting that he couldn't resist its allure.

"So for two hundred years you are basically forced to be Submissives! That is…that is…barbaric!" Eric growled. That was wrong!

"Not forced; trained in it fully. Not the same thing! We Faeries don't see it that way, but Sam does; so as our King, he has ordered Obeiron to find a different way of training us Submissives. We'll do the club visits or observe the others doing kink here on Olympus as well to see if it appeals to us first then we are required to find a suitable dominant we want at the time to train us and ask them to do it, while letting them know it isn't permanent relationship. No touching the collar is allowed during training. No claiming us while we train is allowed either and the sex has to be requested, not expected. And, for your information, I rather enjoyed my two hundred years of training really. It was the most amazing and pleasurable two years I've ever spent!" Ceran admitted and looked to his brother. "Pree?"

"Same for me, too, Master. For the other Faeries, too. Our Dominants know instinctively how Faery Submission works and what we enjoy with them, and usually follow that protocol. So they don't force us to do anything we won't learn from or find pleasure in eventually." Priux said smiling. "But you are the only one we want now; so you don't need to be upset. We really are yours, Sir…please tell us what will please you again. Don't be angry with us please, Sir? We Faeries don't think like you humans do so it can't be helped…please don't hate us for that. If you can't understand that and aren't willing to try to get to know how we think then we are going to be so unhappy in our Unions now…" He gazed down sadly, tensing as Eric brushed fingers under his chin to make him look at him again; knowing he needed to address the issue.

"Not going to let that happen! I will try really hard to understand you Faeries better, especially you two, since I love you and want to learn more about the new men in my life. So I expect many more discussions between us like this one. I get that you enjoyed it but you didn't know any better! Most humans…" He sighed and had to end that sentence, catching the hurt look in his Faery slaves' eyes. They weren't human and they were happy about their training experience. They had loved it immensely, and since they weren't human, they could never be expected to feel the way humans did about things. He sighed as he nodded and let it go. Telling himself this Faery stuff was confusing and would take him a while to adjust to. "I get it, I just need time to adjust and learn to stop comparing the way Faeries see and feel things to how us humans do, since they aren't similar in anyway. I'm sorry if it seemed as if I was rejecting or judging you. I want to learn more about your culture and will respect it, even if it confuses me at first. I want you to teach me more about yourselves and how Faeries are. I really do." He caught their eyes and smiled, kissing them loving each to show them he loved them still and no service was required right then for him to know they were truly his and that he wasn't displeased with them at all. "Your culture matters to me…you guys matter to me."

"Thank you, Sir." Pree said and smiled as the other Submissives held them each as well; kissing and welcoming them to their bed with hugs full of love and acceptance. "Sam, can you call Obeiron and set up the Blessing Ceremony, so he can get his Faery Collar on his wrist to show his joining to his Faery Slaves and get our union properly blessed? It is required and we are willing to do it whenever you two agree to do it?"

Sam immediately sent the message to his Mate and the King sent back he wanted it to be the first public wedding of sorts; so the others like them would know what was expected of them if they chose Faeries as their Mates. Especially the Submissive ones. He also informed Sam to make sure that he and Dean brought their Faeries with them as well. It was required to get their Unions blessed as well and to get matching collars on their wrists to go with collars to be put on their Faery Mates wrists as well. They were all the first to be Mated to Faeries (not on the necks since they weren't Submissives, just lovers with them) and it would be a good show of how it would work for them now, and let Obeiron explain the rules to them as well. Rules Sam mostly agreed with, but Obeiron wasn't bending on the whole 'killing' part of them so he would just have to caution them to be careful and obey the rules to avoid that part.


Obeiron stood in front of the three couples and contemplated how to do it. Explain the rules or do the ceremony first? Then decided the ceremony should go first, bringing out three boxes and handing them to the pairs, or threesome as was Eric and his Submissive Slaves' case. He didn't approve of the 'Slave' thing they had done but had no say now that it was done so he waited to discuss it with them privately, needing a word with their 'Master' to make sure he understood what would happen to him if he abused their 'Slave' roles to him.

For now, he saw they looked very in love and happy and saw that Eric would treat them well, and thought that maybe it would work out for them; but he did need to have the 'talk', just to be sure.

"We are here to bless the unions of Faery to Man, from one to another. Eric, come forward. You two come as well." Obeiron requested and took out the golden collar, giving Eric a stern look. "I do not approve of you having them as slaves but it was their choice and I can't begrudge that. But I have an order to make sure you do them right, and you won't like it, and I don't care. I won't bless your union if you don't do it. Will you listen?" He asked, deciding no 'talk' would be needed. "This will reassure me you will do right by them so are you willing to do whatever I ask to have them?"

Eric paused to consider his wording but saw no give in the King, nodding in resignation. He loved them and wasn't letting them go. And if he had to endure something to have them, he'd do anything required of him. "Yes, Sire. I will do anything to have them. I love them."

"Then here is my proposition. You wear it as a collar, on your neck, like they do. But yours keeps the Slave thing on it. You can be with them but you harm them and it will hurt you in many painful and agonizing ways." Obeiron said and waited.

"Define 'Harm'." Eric said afraid now, eying the collar with fear.

"Just abide the rules Priux laid out and nothing will happen to you." Obeiron said and saw the man relax. "That is how I define 'Harm' and will not tolerate that harm to happen to my people. It won't kill you, don't worry about that. I wouldn't upset them that way. But it will hurt you really fucking badly if you do any of the forbidden things to punish them. It will allow you be punished just as bad, if not worse than they could be if you did. I won't risk them that pain so it's wear the collar or they are not yours. I can and will annul your claim to them as well; so I'd consider this hard if I were you! I dislike the thought my people as slaves, even when they choose it."

"Will all who have them as Submissive Faery Slaves like I do be forced to wear it and bear this threat to them as well? Am I to be the only one?" Eric asked, not against it. Okay, he was, but it did no good to bitch and fight it. However, he resented being the only example set here!

"No, not the only one. Any who become true Masters with them as your real Slaves, and not in the Submissive way only either, will be ordered to wear the collar and be controlled against pushing them too far that way. You love them, do the Submission, but do no harm, and you will all be fine." Obeiron said with hard flinty eyes that surveyed the others watching as well. "They give you their Wills and control over them, complete control! It's not like it is with humans, Eric. A human gives control and can take it back, keep some free will, but, Faeries, they don't. They literally become helpless to you; totally bound to obey any order you give them. They are driven to do anything you say and never once will they stop to think that they should say no to any of it! When you own a Faery Slave, you don't just own their bodies, like a Master Dominant does. You quite literally own their souls, their Wills, their Powers, and they have no way of fighting you back if you hurt them! That is why the collar is there, to let you know when you hurting them and tells you when to back off. A failsafe to make sure they are not harmed since they can't say no to anything you want now." He sighed unhappily now. "You hold their very lives in the palm of your hands for all Eternity now, Eric. You understand now?"

Eric eyed them with worry, scared he'd fuck this up but knew he'd do it. He loved them too much not to do it. Tears in his eyes as he found himself forced to do the most hateful thing he'd ever done and hating the man doing it to him. But he still bowed his head as he let the King put the fucking collar on him and lock it on him with Faery power.

Unable to look at anyone now, so fucking ashamed and angry with himself for all of it, he bit out hatefully, unable to keep his fury out of his voice. "Please remove the controls from their collars, please, Sire? I don't want them hurt unintentionally by them if they mess up as all Subs do eventually. And I would never have hurt them, damn you! And I was an example, despite what you said. And I will do as you say but I will fucking hate it every step of the damn way!" He even managed halfway civil. "Sir." At the end.

They all knew he was deeply hurt by this and had no idea of how to fix it.

He was being punished for something that wasn't his fault so it wasn't really unexpected of the strong man he really was to be so upset about the whole thing.

Obeiron looked at him sadly then nodded. "I'm very sorry, Eric, for all of this. But it is necessary and I hope you'll forgive me for this someday."

"Not likely, but keep dreaming, Asshole. And, no, I don't really care if it offends you either. You didn't care if what you did to me offended me, now did you?! So stick your apology up your ass and get this fiasco over with, shall we?" He glared defiantly at the King, daring him to kill him for insolence, not caring if he did. Fuck him! Eric swore inside and saw his Slaves moving away from him looking like they wanted to cry. Remembering this was supposed to be the happiest moment of their lives and he was ruining it by being an angry jerk. He tried to calm down enough to soothe them and said to them. "I'm sorry, I still love you but you don't understand how this makes me feel so don't look at me that way. How would you feel if you were forced to take a punishment for something that wasn't your fault?" He saw them hesitate then sighed. "Just answer honestly, that's all I ask."

"I'd hate it and fight against it, like you are." Ceran admitted and edged closer, daring to brush a finger against his Master's hand. Eric couldn't find it in himself to reject such a blatant request for reassurance from someone he loved. So he took it and then felt Priux doing the same, taking his hand, too. Still fighting back his anger and hating the collar with every fiber of his being still. "Still love us, Master? Not leaving us, right?" His blue eyes pled with his Master's and Eric groaned.

"No, not going anywhere, still love you, just…this was not what we discussed, damn it!" He swore and saw Obeiron's worried look and pointedly ignored it on principle. The principle being he would be driven to kill the man if he did or die trying! And knew it would upset his lovers too much to kill the asshole in front of them. "You better make sure they wear one, too!" He turned to the Doms watching them and growled, making the other Doms cringe from him in his full fury. "I am not going to be the only example here, nor will I be the last! You dare to judge me for this and I will hurt you! Wards or no wards, you have to leave them some time. You take them as a Slave and I will be there holding you in place while you take your own fucking collar, too! Dominant or not. I am just as Dominant as you and I had to do it; so will you! I hate this shit but I did it for them and their love; and you fuckers better be willing to do the same or I'll damn sure make you do it!" He said coldly now, tightly containing his fury again. Staying away from any of his lovers when he was this angry on purpose; making his Slaves back off and give him space to cool off. "I need space here, go away for a bit please…just stay over there." He nearly failed at civility when he said the last part. "Well, go bless their union…I'm sure they won't get a collar or be punished, so get on with it. Let there be some happy couples here. Because we sure aren't, I can tell you that much…Sir." He bit out coldly and Obeiron glared back, but soon saw Eric was more hurt that he didn't trust him than he was angry; realizing he didn't have any reason to blame the man. He was a good man and he'd basically just treated him like an evil thing and lower than dirt; like he didn't trust him at all. He'd broken what trust they had when he'd forced him into this, and, yes, made him an example despite his words to the contrary.

"I'm sorry. I never meant to say I didn't trust you. I overreacted, and I can't change it. The collar, it takes the Spell's orders and keeps them when we do this. I'm sorry, Eric. Don't hate me. I count you as my friend, and I realize I just betrayed you and broke our trust, but I hope not our friendship…please don't hate me…" Obeiron begged after doing as he said and they were surprised when both Sex gods, in a show of love for their Master, ordered him to collar them, too, to add the collar to their own from Eric, and give them the same punishment as Eric's collar had on it. Obeiron went to protest but both gods looked so furiously at him, he didn't dare to say a word. He eyed the monsoon blowing around them blowing baseball size hale around as well; their tempers showing in the storm they conjured up. That and the angrily shouted, "Just do it!" they'd told him with booming voices that mixed with the storm their fury had called up, almost out of control as well, told him he had fucked up badly this time.

"And cut the fucking sorries, we aren't listening and don't want to hear them anymore!" Dean growled and Obeiron nodded, doing as he was told and doing the collars with the same conditions on them as Eric's had. Seeing Eric's eyes light up with pain at seeing them do so. But saw some of his anger dissipating at them doing that to show they were with him, and not Obeiron with this messed up decision. All looked unhappy as they ended the ceremony and went their separate ways. Looking angry, hurt, and more upset, with the Faery Slaves keeping their distance from their Master and shuffling behind him just as miserable as he was! Sam and Dean looked upset and angry, but were cooling off while Byron and Silus did their best to reassure the Faery Slaves they were still wanted and this didn't mean Eric didn't love them anymore.

Eric headed to the study and immersed himself in lore, letting his lovers join him; all kissing him when they could get him to look up to do so. Seeing the pain and disappointment still in his eyes, they soon held him between them as he let them soothe his pain and anger; and they all raged at Obeiron for doing this to their normally strong Master. Even the Faery Slaves, who ran away when the others were distracted. Both blaming themselves for this and thinking he'd end up hating them for it someday so they were best served being gone. Vanishing to hide and to punish themselves for this… and crying themselves over losing such a wonderful Master. All they'd wanted to do was be his completely and it all had went so wrong! And it was all their faults, both Slaves thought now. Seeking out a place they could be alone and punished for it, because that was what they deserved for this; to be alone and lonely without the people they loved as punishment for what they had done to Eric.

The other Faery Mates were the first to notice their absences.

"Sir, I don't want to offend anyone…but where are Ceran and Priux? They were just here…" Byron said and they all broke apart worried now. Running through the house searching for them; everyone joining them and finding them nowhere.

"Where…where could they be?" Eric said in a panic, no longer caring about the collar. The part about him holding their lives in the palm of his hand kept coming back to him and scared him all the more. "Byron, Silus, Get Obeiron to search the Faery Realm from top to bottom, maybe they went there to think?"

Both Faeries and all the Faeries on Olympus took off to look, worried about their brethren and hurried to summon their king to help, Sam going small and joining them. Then they began to search for them again.

Two hours later, they still hadn't found them and they were frantic!

"I'm sorry, I do hate the collar but I love them more, please find them, please!" He begged the King and Obeiron caved under his pain and worry. "I love them and could never bear to see them harmed, I promise!"

"We'll find them, and I'll make this up to you somehow, I promise you that in return. I will mend our friendship and earn your trust back." Obeiron said softly stroking his collar but found himself unable to recall the spell from it. Sighing he hung his head. "I tried! The spell, it won't lift!"

"Never mind that, I would never do anything to hurt them so the spell won't hurt me, I know that now! Please just find them….I'm still your friend, and I get why you did it now. I'll forgive anything if I could just have them back! They must blame themselves for this and have run away to punish themselves…we have to find them!" Eric pleaded and the Kings nodded, casting their spell out to find their errant lovers but were interrupted by a phone ringing. Rushing to answer it, Eric nearly crushed the receiver in his haste to answer it. "Hello!"

"It's me, Jodi…you missing some Faeries up there? Because, as pretty as they are, I've found a couple in my jail and it is causing quite a stir. You'd think a person never saw a pair of six foot tall naked men emerge from a glowing ball of light before…geez!" She said something off speaker and heard the clink of cuffs. "Had to handcuff them with some iron cuffs I found but they aren't going anywhere." Then said off speaker, rather sadly. "Don't cry, it's for your own good. They love you and are looking everywhere to find you."

Then they heard the pair say that wasn't true, and even if it was, they didn't deserve it after what they'd done to Eric, their Master. Saying they'd only done the Slave thing because they loved him so much and wanted to show they trusted him with all of themselves like the Sex gods did. They were happy as his Slaves but had only hurt him by doing it. They deserved to rot in jail for it.

They hated to hear those words but knew only one man could fix it and he was just as sad and unhappy as they were. Which was helping nothing really.

"Eric, let it go. It's just a collar. You won't do anything to set it off anyway. Sure, Obe acted badly when he decided to put it on you but his heart was with his people's safety; only on them and his love for them. He didn't do it to punish you but to protect them. It wasn't about not trusting you in any way! We aren't condoning what he did but just saying his heart was in the right place but he did the wrong thing. Haven't you ever done that? Done something you can never take back in one rash moment?" Sam asked him gently and Eric sighed.

No, he'd never do those things and sure the King doing this had hurt him but…it was mostly his pride; which he apparently had a lot of and seemed to need to lose some of before he behaved like a jerk to his loved ones again. Obeiron hadn't meant it to hurt him…and he'd said he was sorry and said just that when he'd put it on him; Eric had just been too angry to listen to the man. He'd cared more for his people than Eric's feelings and again Eric couldn't fault him for that. He was a King after all and it was in his job description to take care of his subjects despite how he cared for the person it hurt to make sure they were safe and loved. Eric thought this now and nodded, calming instantly, looking at Obeiron and choosing his words carefully as he spoke. "I get where you were coming from and, if I were in your shoes, I'd have done it, too. Your people come first, as they should, even before your friend's feelings And you were right, this will warn the next person who ends up with a Faery as a Slave against harming them in any way. I approve of that part but wouldn't have minded being warned about this first instead it hitting me out of the blue and definitely not being the first to show it though. Hate being made an example of but I understand why you did it." He sighed at the other's looks and nodded again. "I lost my temper and overreacted, I'm sorry, too. For the record, the collar was the right deterrent for the others to behave with their Slaves if they get some, but I still hate it. But I will wear it. And not be a jerk or big angry damn baby about it anymore. Can't promise a pout or sulk won't happen occasionally but I'll get over it. Yes, I've done my share of having my heart in the right place and ending up doing the wrong thing…and never being able to take it back or making it up to them when I did it." Eric admitted sadly. He'd done it on several occasions. He wasn't perfect and it appears neither was Obeiron. "I'm not perfect and I see that now you aren't either. I once thought you above reproach and now I see you are just as fallible as the rest of us humans; it's a good look on you, Sire." Eric chuckled as Obeiron blushed at the hidden compliment there and the fact that he hadn't lost his friend over his actions after all.

"Surprised me, too." Obeiron admitted. "I think Sam's innate humanity is infecting me. I just keep messing up lately. I didn't start doing that until I met him. Now I can't seem to stop. I don't mind being human-like at times but this isn't one of them…I'm really sorry I hurt you, Eric. And I will make it up to you."

"Give me a piece of that sweet ass of yours and we'll call it square…" Eric teased and nearly fainted when the answer to his teasing remark was nothing like the one he'd imagined he'd hear.

"Then I will allow that, in public view of course. To show I'm really sorry." Obeiron agreed and laughed at his friend's shocked expression. "Plus I promise to submit to you as long as you want me to there, and I might even enjoy it…" He smiled and winked at Eric, who still didn't seem to be able to do anything but do his open mouthed fish impersonation. All agreed, while it was nice to see him so humbled for once, that it was a really bad look on the Dhampyre and he needed to stop it really soon.

"Nothing you say will change my mind, so stop thinking of ways you can. Cause you can't and we both know that. Yes, I read your mind, shoot me!" Obeiron laughed at his long-suffering look. "And, yes, I am a most annoyingly stubborn man, we are all aware of that…Master…" He teased and walked out of the room. "But for now, you have some wayward Subs to bring home, don't you agree?" He said over his shoulder and went to plan a proper apology for his friend. Who would take the apology if he had to rape the black man and make him do it, like he'd said so eloquently earlier about making the others take the same punishment he had. One apology coming up that he'd earned and Obeiron wanted to show he cared about him still; even after being a royal ass, literally, to him then as well.

"I know. I'll go get them." Eric said with dread. "You know, I don't get how one damn Blessing ceremony could have went so damn badly…can we try again later? I know we already have to collars but could we do the love stuff instead? So our Faeries know we love them and want to be with them instead of making it the worst day of their lives? It was a wedding and I messed it all up for them. I want to make it up to them, too. Can we do a do-over?" He asked then nodded. "After I talk them into coming back to me, of course. Without ordering it, I promise, I'll give them the choice. I just hope they'll forgive me for being an idiot about this." Then headed to his car, dressing outside the gate and going to town to claim his lovers again and this time he swore not to fuck it up with his temper again. He had a bad tendency to speak first and hate himself for what he said later…like now, for instance. Just needing them back so bad he could taste it was enough to make him speed to them faster; the need for them to be back by his side and safe and adored under his protection once again overwhelming any lingering anger or regrets he had about a collar or anything really…

He just wanted them back and to show he loved them still…he'd screwed up and it was human thing to do, he knew that. And despite their arguments that Faeries were different than humans, he was finding out that while that may be true in some instance; specifically the views on sex that he may never fully understand. It was also not so true in others; like now when they all three had ran from each other when they should have been trying to get closer and he was going to make sure they knew how important getting closer was to him and them…

Since love made you feel that way…especially when it was with such great Faery lovers and Slaves as those two were to him.


He eyed them with a reserved look and internally found them adorable that way; cuffed to the bars of a cell and looking so nervous he was reminded of that morning all over again. Uncertainty was good look on them, he decided happily. "I'm sorry."

"Um, Master?" Ceran said hesitantly, apparently the only one of the pair to find the ability to speak so far. Another really adorable trait, Eric thought and groaned internally. He must be in love with them; only love had the ability to make him spontaneously turn into a girl this way!

"I was pissed and hurt and it wasn't your fault, or your King's; it was mine. I got my Dominant pride hurt over wearing a collar, I have a lot of that, I'm finding out, an unending supply really…" He trailed off and smiled bitterly at his actions before. "I never blamed you and I love that you gave me yourself to me that way; that you trusted me that much." He admitted and nodded. "I didn't even blame Obeiron. I just lashed out and I'm sorry I made you feel like you were at fault when you weren't."

"Then why did you do it?" Priux said confused.

"I was an idiot…us humans tend to do that sometimes. You'll learn that eventually, too." Eric said undoing their cuffs and massaging the feeling back into their wrists then sitting on the floor with them and cuddling them close to him finally; like he'd wanted to since he'd entered the room. Another girly moment inspired by love apparently. He groaned as he growled inside at how much he was not enjoying his girliness at the moment while also savoring the fact that the chance to hold them again did feel good, so he let it continue; 'girly' or not. "And it seems that sometimes even Faeries do it, too…" He gave them a look and they nodded in agreement, knowing he was right. "Which is a wonderful thing in my eyes, since being human at times is really adorable on you two."

"Really? You mean that? You aren't angry we ran away…" Ceran worried and Eric shook his head, chuckling, rolling his eyes at his lover's doubts.

"Not in the least… and you are being way to adorable again, baby." Eric said kissing the Faery to reassure him that he wasn't mad then saw Priux offering to be kissed as well, and kissed him, too, smiling down at the smiling pair now. "Idiots…we're all idiots." He sighed happily, pulling them closer. "I do like the collar on me more now. It adds a little…something."

"Makes you look dangerous, Sir." Priux agreed. "And very sexy, too. I like men in collars, but you already knew that since I love Ceran."

"Dangerous…yeah, I like that." Eric thought now and laughed, not minding it at all now. He was quickly finding that it, in fact, was slowly growing on him. He loved it now…it was sexy on him after all and they liked it on him. "So you like me in the collar, still sexy to you, right?" He asked and they nodded with shared lustful smiles.

"Even more sexy than we thought you were before. It's very beautiful on your neck that way, too, Sir." Ceran said and was kissed for his compliment. Then Eric let them go and helped them free of the cuffs; handing them back to Jodi. "Let's go home…where we belong."

"Yes, Sir!" Both lovers agreed in near happy shouts. Cuddling closer and soon were at the car, heading home again.

Then Jodi, wishing they'd mind wiped before they left that way, headed back to check on the other prisoners and found them remembering nothing of the naked men who had miraculously appeared in their midst moments before. She had to laugh at their efficiency and thought to herself how cute those three men were together and that a wedding gift might be in order. She'd pick one up on her way home and drop it off; maybe spend the night if someone would take watch at her house for the night so she could spend more time with her husbands. And thought that three nights a week spent at her house wasn't enough but knew it couldn't be helped. Soon enough others would see her not aging and she could retire to Olympus. That time wasn't near yet however, so she took what she could get.

Knowing that what she could get was more than most women got from their marriages. She may not see them as much as other couples did but she was much happier with them than most couples were as well and that alone was worth the wait to see and touch them again. Not to mention the snow days she got to spend with them on the weekends, and the orgies on Friday were fantastic!

Then she saw Dean on her porch waiting for her with a huge grin on his face that evening and knew she was really lucky. And when he carried her up the stairs and poofed her clothes away with his own, she thought she was blessed.

But when he kissed down her body in the attempt to show her how much she was loved by them, she couldn't help but think that not only was she lucky and blessed…she also now thought that she may have found heaven with these men… especially the one between her legs at that moment.


Things settled down quickly once they returned and then the runaway Faeries were promptly told they didn't get to run away again or Eric wouldn't be the only one fetching them; all of Olympus would be with him. They'd been worried about them, too. The Olympians telling them that they could have been hurt! Both Subs nodded in apology and then were hugged by everyone and told they were happy for them with Eric and they were loved by them as well.

Then Obeiron did the ceremony again, but this time with three happy couples instead of one very miserable threesome and two equally pissed ones to join them. Then dinner was served and a wedding reception was setup by Gabriel and the trickster gods like him; with the food cooked by Ellen and the others, with alcohol provided by Bacchus and Sam. They even managed some gifts being set up on a nearby table on the porch which were opened by the Slaves and both Faeries; all of whom were promptly photographed from every angle for their troubles. Although Eric has a niggling suspicion that several of those photos were not taken so much so they could have them for memory reasons but just so that they could ogle the unavailable pair later in private… And he had to laugh at that, and admit they were pretty damn beautiful men and all his, too.

Let them ogle some photos, he thought. He got the real thing and he was very satisfied with that fact. No photo could match the actual Faeries in his arms and his bed, and no amount of photography could show how much he loved them and never wanted to lose them ever again.

Not now that he was beginning to realize that even though a collar could hurt you…

There were so many more things in life that could hurt you so much more than any magical collar ever could.


The next day Eric was surprised to find Obeiron in a bed in the courtyard; cuffed to headboard and kneeling in perfect Submission. Not even looking up to see Eric as he approached him in confusion. "Sire, you don't really need to do this…I forgave you already, remember…?" Eric said and saw the man smile but not moving a muscle.

"And I said I was doing it and meant that, too." Obeiron said and Eric face palmed himself. Yeah, he'd said that… but Eric had hoped he'd change his mind overnight. Apparently he hadn't. Damn stubborn Faery! He swore even while the sight of him that way got him hard immediately, like true Submission did every time. "Your mouth may be saying no but I'm seeing a part of you that is definitely for this…Sir." He teased as his blue eyes leered at Eric's rock hard dick already.

"Stop topping from the bottom, you sexy thing!" Eric teased then sighed. "You sure you want this, Obe? I know you aren't a Submissive."

"I can be…haven't done it in over a thousand years though. I may be a little rusty so bear with me. Be careful with the collar, Eric…it will hurt you if you hurt me. I am still a Faery, you know." Obeiron said sadly. "Let me make it up to you…in ten minutes. The others aren't here to witness it yet. Once we start, I am entirely at your mercy. Use me as much as you like." He smiled now and licked a lip, hinting at what he wanted to do first and Eric laughed; caressing his ass and inspecting him now, like the good Dominant he was. Pleased to find him already lubed and opened for Eric. He questioning look got a smirk in return. "Sam did it for me. I wanted to be ready for whatever you might want to do."

"Time limit? Safe word? Any conditions?" Eric enquired, kneeling behind him to examine his legs, thighs, hips, and whole body while also rubbing into his ass at time ever so gently; unable to stop himself from that much contact. Finding he really did want to fuck the Faery rather badly really. Probably always had, now that he thought about it more; most of Olympus did and Obeiron so rarely shared this way…

"Up to four hours, my safe word is Red, a common one most of you dominant ones recognize, oh, and no whipping or flogging or paddles, but spanking by hand is fine and cuffs are okay for my feet and wrists if you want. I don't do a lot of pain so don't try too much, but some spanking does turn me on, make me blush a dark pink before fucking me, and a good blowjob to either of us really excites me." Obeiron said calmly, watching the yard fill up now. "I just think you should know that I suck a mean dick. Ask Sam, it's true. And my ass is very tight so you will like it I think. Cum in me all you want."

"Okay, one last question…is this a one-time thing or a more often thing we're doing here?" Eric asked and saw the king consider it carefully.

"One time thing for now, like usual. I'm with Sam mostly but some sex with you may happen again, maybe. I'm never sure when I do this, it just happens." Obeiron said.

"I'm fine with that." Eric said, not surprised. Obeiron wasn't monogamous but he didn't fool around often; so when he did, he always chose specific ones and for good reasons when he did. And always ones he trusted explicitly for it. And apparently he was one of the chosen ones and he had a wonderful reason for doing it. And he trusted him with his body this way; to this extent to give up this much control of himself over to him. And Eric now badly wanted him to, too!

"Now, Eric. It's time to start." Obeiron said and waited for orders now. Then was laid back as Eric kissed up his thighs, caressing every inch of him on the way up. He had to admit Eric was pretty great at this sex thing, and swore that, damn, that felt good!

"No moving without permission and no cumming without permission and I want total Submission. No topping from the bottom or the punishment will be that I will call this damn thing off right then, understood?" Eric told him as he worked his ass with fingers while suckling his head lightly. Leaving him just enough sanity to think but not to even consider backing out of it now.

"Yes, Sir." Obeiron said gasping as he found his prostate and worked it with a finger. "Feel so good, Sir…" He moaned now as Eric worked his mouth onto him and sucked him hard now. The fingers driving the king's pleasure higher but he fought not to cum but then felt something on his dick he wasn't used to. Peeking up, he saw it was a cock ring and sighed. Now he didn't have to fight so hard not to cum; the ring would help with that part. Moaning more as Eric took the time to suck him slow but take him to the root then up again, bobbing his head ever so teasingly to make it feel good but yet make the king's body scream for more. Edging him along with pleasure the way a surfer rode a wave; taking it smoothly but right to the edge without falling off into orgasm.

By now, the king was moaning incessantly, barely holding still, and body flushed with need; so much so that Eric lifted his hips onto pillows until he had him at a good accessibility level then thrust in slow. Always keeping in mind how he said he was tight back there. Moaning to himself when he found the king had not been lying! He was soon allowed to work in rather quickly but once in, those muscles clamped on so tightly that he too had to fight not to cum either!

Retaining his control, he moved out of him now then in until he had to move harder and faster, and felt the king trembling as he restrained his writhing body in his efforts to be still. Head back in pleasure as it cascaded through him like a waterfall and threatened to drown him over and over until he was sure it would. Then he screamed Eric's name in bliss as he stroked him while fucking him roughly; his own cum filling that sweet ass he'd always wanted to be in, and never had to courage to ask for fear the king would say no.

Then Eric promptly pulled out before the king could cum on his own since no permission had been given yet, and put him on all fours, thrusting in again, going slow then hard and rough then getting him to edge while cumming into him once more only to pull the king onto him and telling him to ride him. The king eagerly doing so until he spun and only went harder and faster; exploding inside but not cumming, thanks to the ring. Which Eric ripped off and shouted for him to cum finally as he impaled up into him and shot his load deep into man. The king covering his lover's chest in white ribbons.

"Lick it off." Eric ordered as they finally caught their breaths, not even done with that king as he pressed his lips to his torso to suck and lick the cum off his torso, which the man eagerly did, swallowing and eating every last bit off him until he was pressed down to his dick with a moan and soon was showing him how great he was at sucking a dick. Earning him several orgasms worth of cum nearly an hour later and then found Eric kneeling behind him, and made to straddle his lap backward, arms around his neck holding him in place, and then he rode the man as the others watched in lust as every thrust into him was shown to the best viewing and he was ordered to stroke himself. Eric sucked and kissed his shoulder and neck while running hands over every bit of his body so everyone could see what a fantastic fuck he was. Showing them how perfect he was in his submission, and most of all, showing that Eric got what they didn't and rubbed it in good as he came with roars several times before rolling a nipple and pinching it; and moving lower to stroke him with his hand as well. Ordering him to tell them what a good fuck he was and how great his dick felt, to tell them what he was feeling then.

"So good, so big, filling me so full with his dick…want more, need him to fuck me…more! I need you, Sir…please, more!" He begged as ordered and soon a litany of 'fuck me!' poured from his mouth as Eric did as asked and gave him much more; even rougher than before until they came screaming together several times. Soon both were unable to do anymore and fell spent to the bed. Cuddling and kissing as their afterglow claimed them for the next hour and they could move again; now all healed and happy they'd done it.

"You really are amazing in bed, Obe. No wonder Sam is so addicted to you. He is one lucky man to get to be the only one to fuck you this way as often as he does." Eric sighed and ran a hand along the King's jaw as he stole a kiss and it was returned with equal fervor. "You submit so well…"

"I know, I rarely do and only when I find a good dominant to trust enough to do it. Like I said, it's been centuries since I've done it." Obeiron said smiling and laughed. "Was I too rusty?" He teased playfully while letting his hands play with Eric's chest and nipples; making them marble under his touch. Making Eric chuckled softly when he found he wanted to get hard but couldn't.

"Not rusty at all! You fuck divinely, Sire. It was worth it." Eric agreed. Obeiron reached up and touched his collar and kissed it, leaving a glowing lip print on it for a moment before it was absorbed. Eric eyed him curiously. "It's a love blessing, Eric. A promise of Eternal Friendship and my personal bond to you now, as my friend and one of the best beings I have ever met."

Eric tried to thank him but lost his words, settling for hugging him tight to thank him instead.

"So my apology is accepted then?" Obeiron asked and waited tensely for his answer, thinking he was but he wasn't sure.

"Yes, but you didn't only do it for just an apology, did you?" Eric asked. He didn't like using the man; even for something like this.

"No, I wanted to, too." Obeiron reassured him and got up. Eric stood up, too. The bed vanished from sight as they hugged and kissed one last time.

"Let me know if you want to do this again. I would love to just make love with you again. Submission isn't required, I promise." Eric asked, offering in case the king thought he might not be interested in doing it again with him if he wanted to.

"I know that, and I will let you know if that comes up and the submission thing is fun sometimes. I'd forgotten how enjoyable I found it. It's been so long since I've done it. I might consider doing it again…if you don't mind playing the Dom for me sometimes?" Obeiron offered shyly. "Not all the time and probably rarely and far apart, but still, I would like it if you would play my Dom then. Just you though, only you. I don't jump from one Dom to another, I find one and settle on him alone; I hope that's okay with you."

"Then when you want it, just ask. I'm your Dom and Master when and if you want me." Eric offered in return. "Just sex is just as good, too."

"I think so, too." Obeiron agreed, and they shook on it. A truce shake but so much more the others didn't know and Eric wouldn't tell them. A shake to say that we will play together later, both kinky and straight sex, but not often. Just enough to scratch a king-sized itch…

Like only a man like Eric ever could.

Like a Faery like Obeiron might need him to….

And both agreed it was a most beneficial arrangement. No matter how often he was called upon to service that King of the Faeries. Eric found himself thinking that being in service to the king of the Faeries was turning out to be not as bad as the boys had once thought. In fact…he kind of hoped to be called into service to that gorgeous king once again, and really soon, too! This was one duty to his king he could really see himself getting into and addicted to!


Two weeks later, it happened.

A Faery arrived while he was in the shower. Dripping, he listened.

"Our king requires you to fulfill your bargain with him. He awaits you in the Palace's new Playroom. He told me to tell you he is ready to serve you and said to call you 'Master' for him. He needs you now." The Faery said with a little bow and flew off.

Eric smiled and toweled off, brushing through his hair quickly. Then headed out, the others watching as he headed into the Faery Woods smiling like a fool. If they didn't know better, they'd have said he was going to get laid. Which wasn't possible unless he had a Faery hook up of some sort.

Sam just smiled and kept his mouth shut. Obeiron had asked him to keep it a secret and he had promised to. Obe wanted a true Master, to be Dominated sometimes now, and he wanted it to be Eric. Who Sam suspected he was falling in love with and might offer to be his real Submissive to soon; maybe even a Mate to him. And Sam was fine with that. Seeing Obeiron open up to his kinky side was a pleasing thought. He was feeling more comfortable with his life here now and this helped him let himself want new things with them. And Submission did suit his Faery King Mate. So he wished them every happiness. And hoped that maybe he'd be comfortable with it soon enough to offer to let him watch him do it…the thought of him looking that way was turning Sam on uncontrollably at the moment.

So much so he flipped Dean over one shoulder and order the other Subs to follow; he wanted kinky sex and demanded it now in no uncertain terms! Luc and Kale trailed along in case he might include them. Soon the sound of the flogger lit the air downstairs and they smiled as a moan followed it, and knew he hadn't been kidding. Sam wanted to Dom big time and it had something to do with what Eric was doing….hmmm. They let it go, they'd find out soon enough. Olympus didn't hide secrets well and they eventually came out. So they'd find out what it was when it did. And it was going to be a doozy.

They could just tell!


Eric wielded the whip, leaving read stripes down that sexy back, letting the pain settle then doing it again…"Thank you, Master." Obeiron gasped as pleasure flooded his system on the tenth blow and moaned again as he was undone from the wall to be laid on the bed, ass up. They came together with one hard thrust, making him tremble. "More please, Master?" He begged and soon Eric was moving, taking him hard and too turned on for slow; both cumming soon after with shouts and Eric's name bouncing off the walls repeatedly.

Afterward they lay there resting and Obeiron said. "Eric…I…" Then bit a lip. Taking a deep breath, he continued quietly. "I respectfully ask that we make this a more frequent thing, Master."

"You mean to submit to me more…frequently?" Eric asked.

"Yes, more often." Obeiron said. "And, maybe once we get to know each other better, to make it permanent."

"As in you'd be my Submissive in secret?" Eric asked, not liking that thought.

"No, we'd be open about it but…I want to explore working our way to a more permanent relationship with you, as my Dominant." Obeiron said. "If you are willing to go along with that, of course." He cleared his throat. "I'm in love with you, Eric. I am drawn to you. I want regular sex with you, too. You are the best Dom here, and I choose you for the one I would submit to…when I'm ready to go that far. I want to get to know you, and ask that you…court me. Whenever you want to start…if you agree to do it." He looked down shyly. "I love you, Eric."

"I…that's a lot to learn…I didn't even know you desired me but…I'd be willing to explore a Dom/ Sub relationship with you, Obe. It is a mating one, right?" He asked. It was with Ceran and Priux.

"Yes, it will be once we agree to it. You would be my Mate and I'd wear your Faery collar. I will get one now, if you want to start. Sam would have to put it on me for you…only a Faery King can put one on anyone and seal it on them. You could add conditions to it…" Obeiron said, relieved they were discussing it. "I started falling in love with you during the 'apology', Eric. It just kind of snowballed. Sam knows how I feel about you and is supportive. I told him everything and got his approval. I didn't want him to think I was cheating on him. He just told me to be honest with you and ask when I was ready. I'm ready and I'm asking…will you try with me, let us be Dom/Sub now but more permanent once you and I are sure we want to be Sub and Dom forever? When you can love me back and want that with me, too? When I'm ready to do that with you?"

"I think if I did, I'd require that collar, Obe. One does not submit without one if they mean to be more serious about it like you say you do. So, yeah, Sam should collar you for me." Eric said. "Privately is fine I suppose…at first." He said quietly, hurt Obe might want to hide it, like he was ashamed of Eric and him somehow…

"It would be public, Eric. I'll have him do it tonight. What about the conditions? Do you have any?" Obe asked curiously and smiled, offering a kiss that Eric took and nodded to in approval. "I'm your Sub then? We'll do this?"

"Yes, temporarily for now but permanent later." Eric promised. Caressing the King's wrists. "Get the cuffs on your feet and wrists, too, okay? There will be no conditions on the collar though; only I get the right to punish you if I think you deserve it, not a collar."

"Okay, I was going to. All kinky Faeries are required to wear them and I am one now so I have to, too, anyway." Obeiron admitted but added. "I will have Hef forge a Faery tag for the collar with your name on it to attach; you can do that one. To show I belong to you from the start. My gift of love to you to show my dedication to the path we want to go on toward me belonging to you eventually, Eric."

"Will you marry me?" Eric asked, then knew he'd spoken right. "Once we decide all this, will you do a wedding in front of the Faeries like you did with Sam…with me? I'm going to be your Mate after all and Kings do ceremonies when they do Matings; and it won't take long to fall in love with you. You're a perfect Submissive, Obeiron, and you are so easy to love, too. I think I'm already halfway there but let's court properly while you submit sometimes, too. Then do a real ceremony to make us husbands and invite everyone." He asked again. "Obeiron, King of the Faeries, will you marry me? Do the honor of being my Mate and husband?"

Going to one knee and feeling foolish for having no ring to give the man. He went to get up and look for one first but Obeiron stopped him with a touch. "Your collar will be your engagement ring to me. And I'll take a gold band like you Olympians wear later at the ceremony; in front of all Faery land and Olympus, too. And, if you missed it, I just agreed to love and to marry you. We are engaged now and should announce it. Then get me collared so I can wear your ring properly…make love then, too? I don't mind if they watch." Obeiron offered and pressed himself to him. Hands working him hard again. "Now fuck me hard again and claim me as yours, which you did just now by proposing, you big oaf! Claim your Mate, Eric. Claim me!" Obeiron urged and lay back, Eric obliging by slipping into him and moaned as he was gripped tight again.

"Damn, but you are still so damn tight!" Eric groaned but moved once the pressure let up and going slow now then deep, and fast and hard until he was impaling the King as far as he could go a few times then came hard; making them both glow but it faded. There was no hot coal feeling so he was grateful for that! "Going to love you so much, baby." He gasped as he stayed hard and took him again then found that his body burned inside like fire and fucking this Faery seemed to be the only way to fix it as he moaned.

"Mate with me, I'm…more!" The king joined him. "It's the Mating frenzy, a true joining creates it and it doesn't let up until it binds us the way it needs to. We can't stop touching or making love, either of us, until it is done, Eric. Sam and I did it and now me and you need to. You did it with your Faeries, too, just not for as long as we need to; you just didn't know it. Most don't but you are too dominant and in control not to know it and I had to tell you. The desire will drive us mad…unless we sate it." Obeiron cried out as Eric seemed to get the point. Soon they were lost to it again; all thoughts fleeing but the burning inside them and need taking them over. "I need you! Take me…" And cried out even more in joy and bliss as Eric granted him his fondest wish right at that moment; making him fairly scream out his name as he came with him only to do it again!

The next morning they emerged and sighed happily, their bond already forming but sated for a moment while the desire bubbled ever just below the surface; brought forward by the lightest touch or thought. Unable to stop touching each other enough to unentwine fingers yet. "Spend the day with me, baby…let's tell everyone right now, please?" Eric asked. "I don't want to be away from you yet…even for a day."

"It's the Mating Frenzy and bond; it's really intense at first. It dies down to more manageable level in a day or two." Obeiron told him then smiled, tugging him along happily. "Call them, I'll call the Faeries. I'm so proud. I want to announce it. You make me very happy, Eric." He nodded as the Faeries now all joined them. "You're right, we should tell them."

"Good, now let's go." Eric said then headed to the courtyard. "I want to show you off."

"You better." Obeiron said laughing.

Soon Olympus was full and the Faeries were all there, too, and Eric and Obeiron stood before them, holding hands. "We have an announcement. We have agreed to try him being my Submissive with the plan being that we make him my real Submissive later and I'll be his Dominant once we decide to make it more permanent. I also proposed to him…to marry once we do it, and he said yes. We just wanted you to know and to let you know we'll be doing a collaring ceremony for him later today." Eric said and waited for their response; which turned out to be deafening applause and to be hugged by nearly everyone that got near them at any given time. The Faeries bowed respectfully and smiled in approval.

Sam and Dean, along with his other Subs joined them in hugging the men, both of them, and demanded a party to celebrate. After the collaring, of course.

Obeiron took off with Hef to get the tag made, and knew he had to get a collar out for himself, too.

"You be good to him, Eric." Sam reminded his Master. "He's a good Faery, a loving man."

"I will, Sam. I already half in love with him. It won't take me long to fall the rest of the way…trust me on that one. He's perfect." Eric admitted. "I have to admit though…when we were doing the sex for the apology, I did think you were one lucky man to have him all to yourself that way; always being able to make love with him and the submission he does is so…wonderful!"

"Then, soon, you will be a lucky man, too. Because you now can be with him like I am." Sam said happily and pulling him in for a kiss. "Thank you for loving him back, Eric. He told me he loved you and I just knew you would love him, too, someday. He's never had a permanent Dom before so go easy on him. He's no novice but he's new to being with anyone in a permanent way like that."

Then Eric had a horrible thought and ran to find Obeiron; Sam and Dean running to catch him. He looked pissed and they had to see why. And he'd just been so happy, too…

Gripping the king by the forge, he was pressed hard to a wall. "Did you…did you have to do what…the other kinky Faeries did? The training!"

"Yes, I did. I realized when I hit puberty that I wanted to be kinky. I had to do the club thing like every Faery does and I was attracted to it. My father made me start training younger than anyone else had. I was to take the throne in three hundred years so I didn't have much time for the training. So I was given to a dominant to train." Obeiron admitted.

"You were 13! Way too young for it, damn it!" Eric growled. "That is way too young to do kink with anyone!"

"All kinky Faeries have to go through it, or used to. I was no different; I just had to do it sooner because of my royal responsibilities. I enjoyed it a little, not as much as the others did, of course, but once I agreed to take a Dom, I had no choice but to keep doing it. So I tried to enjoy it more…but it did feel more…pleasant than before that…after my first time. I hated that part but it got better." Obeiron admitted wryly.

"Got better?! They hurt you!" Eric said furiously.

"No, I wasn't ready for the sex but…I said no, then father urged me to keep trying and promised if I still hated it then he'd let me out of it. So I tried it." Obeiron said then sighed. "He spanked me, I enjoyed it. Then I got turned on and we tried the sex…but he didn't…fit." Obeiron sighed. "He had to force himself in and it hurt but I endured it until I got used to it and got looser after it happened more often. Then it felt good. I did want it but I had to get to where I could accommodate a dick better inside me…I didn't get the time to wait until I was older like the others. I was the royal heir so I didn't get that option…it was do it now or not at all…and not at all was not an option for me. I wanted the kinky stuff too badly. If I'd said no at that point, I'd never be allowed to do kink later, you see. And, even though it wasn't as pleasant a feeling as those in the clubs seemed to get from it, nor did I enjoy it nearly as much as most of the other Faeries, it was do the training or…never do it again."

"That stops now, no more of that 'Training' shit! You were hurt and, despite what they may say, they were hurt, too. It is wrong to force anyone to do kink until they are ready. Requiring them to learn it is wrong! Saying that you take the training or not be allowed to do it again is a load of bullshit! That's not how kink is supposed to work. Some even leave it for a while then come back to it. It's not one way or the other!" Eric said. "The sex alone should have been a choice!"

"It wasn't…not really. That was long before I met you, Sam, and that was the old way. We're doing it differently now, I promise." Obeiron swore then was kissed frantically by Eric who then held him close. Yeah, he'd hated how his training began, but that was over and he'd come to enjoy it. He wasn't sorry he'd done it; it was just sex after all. They would never get how the Faeries saw it that way and Obeiron let it go. He just wanted things to be good between him and Eric again.

"I'm sorry I don't get how you Faeries see sex and I'm beginning to think I never will, but…you were hurt, and that was rape and molestation! I hate it! I hate that your father agreed to it and talked you into it once you wanted it to end. I especially hate that you were taught that all of these things were okay! They weren't, and you were too fucking young to do those things…fuck!" He growled but hugged him close anyway. "I love you, I do. But if anyone touches my kids that way, or any of the kids here on Olympus or anywhere else like that, I will tear them limb from limb and start with their dicks when I do it!"

"It won't happen anymore, I promise. They just watch the kink whenever they feel ready to or want to see if they like it and choose a Dom to teach them without the sex, and can say no if they don't want it. There are no requirements at all." Obeiron said and kissed his shoulder. "I'm okay now, I really am."

"You shouldn't…I…sometimes I think that I will never understand some of the Faery ways." Eric said in surrender. Then felt his desire flare and backed off. "Sorry, the Mating thing is messing with me. I hate that my Faery Subs went through it and that you had to, too. It wasn't fair to you." Still finding himself running fingertips along Obeiron's arms, he forced himself to stop. "I need some space here. Because if we have sex right now, it will be angry sex. I don't and won't do angry sex. I'll hurt you if we do it and ….I'm going to town…be back later for the ceremony…around six." And with that, he turned on his heels and headed into the house.

Obeiron ran to follow with the others.

He was throwing clothes in the bag, swearing furiously, cursing Dean for the fucking boycott, and then went to go past his lovers. "Eric, don't go…" Obeiron pleaded.

"I'll be back. I just need to cool off and you can't be there when I do. I want to marry you. I want to be your master. I do. And I will be; I'm not changing my mind." He kept walking still though, much to their chagrin. "But I don't get how you can see how it's okay to be raped and see it as 'sex'. Because, stupid human that I am…I don't see it that way." And shut the door behind him, and soon was heard pulling out of the yard at top speed; obviously well and thoroughly pissed.

Obeiron eyed the ground, hurt and confused. Tears in his eyes. "I didn't mean to do anything wrong." He said. "Maybe this all was a mistake…"

"Not a mistake. But he's right. Rape is not sex, and we humans know that. I thought the Faeries did, too…until now. We need to work on fixing this for our people, and you need to fix this with me, too, Obe. It has to stop now!" Sam said firmly. "You were raped, Obe. That was not sex and that is what upsets him. He hates that you were hurt that way, that's all. He loves you and, if you love someone, and they get hurt, you get mad. He'll be back; just give it time."

"It stops, it all stops." Obeiron said nodding, not looking up. "No more training or tours of kinky places. No more." He said crying, "I'm sorry he…I have to go." He popped away and Sam felt him in the palace, crying.

Sam sighed and popped to follow him.

Dean was left wondering why shit that always started so happily kept going so damn wrong!


"Shh, it's okay. Why are you crying?" Sam asked as he pulled Obeiron into his arms to cry there.

"I hurt him. I can't help how we Faeries think…I can't! We're not human, you know." Obeiron sobbed. "He could change his mind…about us."

"He won't. He just has a temper and needs some time to calm down. He loves you. He won't leave you, not for long. He's not that kind of guy, Obe." Sam reassured him.

"Did I hurt the other Faeries by making them do the training? Did I do to them what was done to me?" Obeiron asked in despair. Hating that he could have done that to his subjects; the people he loved and had sworn to protect and take care of. Had he done that to them? He worried and felt so guilty at the thought that he had…

"I can't answer that. I don't know. They all say you didn't. But they were old enough to do it, and you weren't. That's the difference here." Sam explained. Running a soothing hand on Obe's back.

"I burn for him, I crave him! I'm in physical pain here without him…our Mating bond is strained and, our Mating Frenzy, it not over and it hurts me! We thought it might be ending sooner than normal and finished but it was only pausing to give us room to breathe. It's the frenzy and I still feel it! I can't stop feeling…needing…him only." Obeiron groaned, pressing down on his erection and trying to steady his breathing. "I'm a mess…the frenzy and bond is too intense…sorry. And, on top of that, we just had our first big fight. So I'm not dealing with it all very well at the moment, so sue me."

"Neither is he then." Sam agreed. "Give it time, take a nap. He'll be home soon." Sam chuckled at his thought. "If he's in as bad shape with the Frenzy and bonding as you are, he'll be back really soon. The frenzy won't let him stay gone then."

"I hope so." Obeiron said sadly and flinched as the pain and need hit him again. Sam eyed him sympathetically. "I don't think I can it much longer…without him either sating it or killing me; either way it has to end or I'll do it for him."

Sam heard his words and sighed, but knew Eric wouldn't leave him for very long…his Master and lover was a good man.

And he'd never leave him that way for long.


Eric's hand shook so hard he had to set down the coffee; groaning as his body ached with need and other things he was trying to fight. And hard pain ran through him at times; making him fight it hard not to scream from it! He was angry but he was also burning inside again and his bones hurt. He felt pulled home and knew he shouldn't be there yet.

Not when he was this upset.

His thinking was muddled and it was clouding up more by the minute. Gena saw him shaking and sent a message to the gods. 'He's here in the banquet room of my diner, in bad shape. I'll try to talk to him, send Obeiron here in ten minutes. They need to fix this and I'll lock the place up to give them some privacy.'

'Thank you, Gena. We'll let Obe know the plan.' Sam sent back and she smiled as a psychic kiss touched her lips. 'Love you.'

'Love you, too.' Gena sent then went to talk to Eric; seeing him try to pick it up again and it almost shattered as it bounced from his hands to the table again. "I'll take that." She smiled and took it. Setting it aside and taking the seat in front of him. "I heard what happened. Want to talk about it?" She asked concerned and he shook his head.

"We had a fight. I needed some fresh air." Eric said and whimpered again in pain and frustrated pleasure. "I don't get it, I just don't."

"It's your first big fight, it's to be expected. All couples have them. My folks did, the Sex gods did." Gena soothed him. "It happens and you make up."

"How can he say he's fine with it?! Fine with rape and call it sex! He's okay with it and I hate it. How can he think that way!" Eric sighed unhappily.

"Well, he's not human, is he? When you're hunting a vamp, do you stop to consider they are just people? Answer me and you'll see the point eventually." Gena said.

"No, they were evil and vamps." Eric said slowly.

"When you killed the familiars, did you see them as misguided like most humans would have?" Gena asked and he thought about it.

"No, they gave themselves to the vamps, they weren't misguided." Eric said firmly, knowing it was true.

"But, as humans think, and the vampires themselves, they'd see it in such a way that the vamps would be seen as hunted and you were being unfair to them. Not to mention, that the familiars would be seen as making a wrong decision; nothing they couldn't reverse later, in the human's and Vampire's minds…does that make them wrong…or just thinking differently than you?" Gena asked and he sighed getting her point.

"So, in the Faeries eyes, sex is just that; no matter what form it happens in…even rape?" Eric said sadly.

"I have been studying up with Bobby and Obeiron on them, and have learned that there is rape but it involves violence. What Obeiron did didn't involve violent assault so he can't see it as rape. Rape exists for Faeries but not the way it does in our thinking. Does that make him wrong for thinking like a Faery? It's all he's ever known, Eric, or does that make you both right? If you take into account that you both were raised to see things each way and know no better?" Gena said gently, sensing the others outside the door.

"I…I…I suppose he's right then but so am I…how do I know others won't be taught that way now? We have kids there and they are into kink; some will have Faery parentage, too. Will they be forced into it? I know they don't see it that way but is it fair to the kids to allow it to happen to them? Just because they see it that way, and I understand it, doesn't make it any less harmful to the kids." Eric explained.

"Ah, such a protector you are! You'd make a fine Protection god for children, Eric. I know you haven't chosen which god you want to be yet but I'd consider that one. Anyway, Obeiron loves the kids and he's stopped the training entirely… so the kids will be fine. You just have to consider if you can accept the differences in how you think differently about his training and the Faeries' version of kinky sex training they went through. They enjoyed it, all but Obeiron; you can't punish them for that. They will never understand that and will be offended when you try to tell them so. They will never get why you would see it as wrong and you will never see how they can view some of the things we as humans do as wrong either. If you can't accept this then maybe you should reconsider being with a Faery; it will only keep making you fight and hurt each other more." Gena warned, knowing both parties were listening.

Obeiron's blue eyes lit up with hope when Eric moaned and nodded.

"I accept it, as long as the kids are safe and it ends now." Eric agreed. "I will still see him as being raped and do my best to make it better for him now. Despite how he may think he doesn't need me to, he does; but he will come to understand it eventually. I love him too much to not be able to show him it now."

"Then why not finish your Mating Frenzy and Bond? It's still happening and it's hurting you both. Take whatever time you need to do it. Stick close for a few days until the need for it ebbs more. Be together and end your torments here. He needs you, Eric, you are causing him pain by not being with him right now, too, and that isn't fair to either of you. Not if you love each other, it shouldn't be." Gena urged him while going to the door.

"I'll go to him now. I'm sorry I was…I was an ass." Eric said quietly, going to join her at the door.

"Not an ass. A good man who saw a wrong and couldn't ignore it. That is good and to be encouraged. Keep that up and you'll be a fine god someday." Gena said kissing his cheek. "You have a guest…"

And with that Obeiron was let in, and launched himself at Eric; who caught him easily and they fell to the floor. The others backed out and slid the doors shut. Then left a set of keys there by the doors to lock up with when they were done. Gena used her spare keys to lock the front door to keep any surprises out.

And knew they'd be better now.

But hoped they were careful with the furniture…she'd just redecorated in there.


"Sorry, so sorry…" Eric said gasping as he tore Obe's clothes off; desperate to be skin to skin again. The Mating Frenzy and bond stealing his thoughts and setting him to burn hotter once more. Obeiron poofed his clothes away and soon was sheathed onto him, both lost in pleasure and need and Mating as they moved together now. "Never stop, need more…" Eric whimpered then growled as he sank teeth into Obeiron's neck, love bonding to him out of some deep instinct he never knew he'd possessed before and being surprised when the collar didn't shock him for doing it, so it must have been allowed for Mating purposes. Flipping them and taking the King hard while taking drinks from him at times as well, both men crying out in their pleasure once more; finger bruises and rough kisses punctuating every thrust and movement now.

Cumming with growls and shouts being roared by Eric and shouted by Obeiron. Power flowing through the room as Obeiron lost control of his own Faery powers as his head fell back; helpless against it all claiming him as Eric did the same. The Frenzy and bonding filling them both with undeniable need and want; and love and all that it entailed.

Then Obeiron took Eric, doing the same to him for hours and hours.

The diner stayed shut down for days; three days in fact. Steady Mating and Bonding taking place the whole time. Apparently Faery King Mating Bondings took a while. Eric thought at the end of the third day and sighed happily. Noticing that the shaking and side effects of the Mating Frenzy were gone. The need to touch was still there but they could just stay close for a few days until that lightened up.

"I missed collaring you." Eric teased. Kissing the love bites; the vampire ones on his lover's neck. Scars that would never fade now. He saw that much. "Sorry about the biting, and the blood sucking, I don't know what came over me. I'm surprised the collar allowed that."

"Well, one, you're a vampire, a Dhampyre. I researched it while you gone, the lore says you bite and need blood when you Mate this way. So I expected it and, as long as it was a Mate thing, the collar wouldn't hurt you for it; only if I didn't want you to, which I did, so it allows that between us apparently. As far as the scars, they are small, and the collar should cover them. And, for your information, I think you should know that I am pregnant now. Happened soon after we got together on the floor. I suspect Sam wished it on us." Obeiron announced then smiled happily as he went to look down at his lover as they cuddled on the floor. "We're going to have kids of our own now, Eric…yours and mine."

"Obe!" Eric said loudly, standing and carrying Obeiron up with him to hug him tight. "Babies, we're having babies, us!"

"Yes!" Obe grinned happily. "Part Dhampyre, part Faery. Like us. A whole new species of Faery, like with Sam's kids. I like the diversity, I do." Obeiron said then rubbed his bump happily. He looked about three months pregnant, and it had only been three days since he had gotten that way. "Eight babies. I feel them in there, small but there."

"Eight?" Eric said in surprise, kneeling to caress his stomach which was now getting larger before their eyes. He looked six months now. "Did you just…"

"Yes, my pregnancies go for less time now. So I get bigger faster. And the more you carry, the sooner you get bigger. Hence the eight kids scenario." Obeiron said, motioning to his now very pregnant body.

"What do I…How do I…" Eric stammered. "What do you need me to do? To help with the pregnancy?" He finally managed, worried for the kids.

"Well, they need blood, obviously. Vampire blood, so…I will need to drink some each day for them. I can only eat Faery foods for the entire length of the pregnancy; And cum doesn't count, you horny man…." Obeiron teased then got thoughtful. "The cum would help though. It holds your genetics and your Dhampyre qualities…I could do no better than to use your blood and cum for that purpose. Not from any others for this pregnancy, to be honest. Do you mind? I know it's a big order but they need it and, with it being yours, as their father, would help them develop better…"

"Anything they need, cum and blood, and power, whatever I can do. I won't leave your side now; not until they're born." Eric promised, feeling protective now of his first brood of unborn children. Now he got how the others felt when their mates were pregnant.

"That isn't necessary. I just need to feed them six to eight times a day, that's all, with your fluids and my Faery food. You should be able to behave as you usually do, but more attention to me would make me happy…if you could arrange it between your normal duties." Obeiron hinted. "More sex could be great, I'd like that, too. More frequent, too. I wouldn't object…"

"Then I'll do that, all of that, anything you need." Eric said happily.

"Just you, Eric. All I need is you to help me with it. I need you in my life, and in theirs. I'm with Sam and you only for now. I'll tell you if I get interested in others. Like I do with Sam. And you can be with whoever you want, especially your own lovers and Submissives. I like to watch and I share in the bedroom…so the sex should be more often. You and your Subs have sex and kink like Bunnies, and now I can join you when you do it with them; just include me in your activities, I'd like that." Obeiron added and Eric nodded happily.

"We should marry sooner before the babies are born. I'd feel better if we were married while you were pregnant…I'm a bit old fashioned that way." Eric said softly. "Be my Submissive early, from the start. I'm sure we're compatible, I can just tell. I'll go easy…I can court you for a couple weeks, while they set up the ceremony for us…then we get married, voila!"

"That could work, and I have a say in what we do, the kink stuff?" Obeiron said nervously. "I'll obey you, obey your orders, but if it hurts me or I'm not sure about something….I say my safe word?"

"No, you say stop and I stop, we talk then continue…the safe word is only for if you want to stop altogether with the kink we're doing at that time. But discussing it then doing it again requires no safe word. Just object, I'll see your distress and stop to see what's wrong." Eric reassured him.

"Okay, so what is my safe word?" Obeiron said, watching as Eric locked the door then turned to go to the car with him.

"You pick that." Eric said and started the car after pulling Obeiron to cuddle next to him. Both smiling like fools and relieved the frenzy had finally ended. "We may need to help repair Gena's banquet room…I had no idea her tables wouldn't be able to hold our weight that way. And you threw that chair yesterday…"

"It was in my way." Obeiron said smugly, fondly recalling every moment of their Mating sex and loving all of it. "I think 'Chair' should be my safe word." He chuckled with Eric as they got the joke…Obe had thrown it against a wall when it was in his way of throwing Eric to a bench to thrust into him again. It had shattered into pieces and now they owed Gena a chair, or two...they may have damaged the room a little. They would enjoy helping her redecorate it entirely…and remember every bit of their lovemaking while they did it; each surface in that room an individually perfect memory in and of itself.

"You would choose that one." Eric laughed and they were brought into the yard by the wards. Then, upon leaving the car, were hugged by all of them there, including Sam and them who noticed Obe's pregnancy and had to touch his stomach with love. "Yeah, I knocked him up…really quickly. We blame you two, too. You did your thing on us and now he's pregnant. It's all your fault, not ours; we're just innocents here. It's all your fault!" He teased the Sex gods and they gave him an amused look.

"I see that." Sam chuckled and stole a kiss from his Faery Mate. "Fuck, I missed you!"

"I was busy being ravished by a vampire, sorry." Obe teased and winked at Eric who grinned proudly back at him from the middle of his own group of lovers welcoming him back. His Faery Slaves going full sized to hug him as well. "He was very thorough." He caught Eric's eye and nodded to the house, licking a lip and eying him with desire again.

Eric nodded and then they all made their way into the house, kissing the others up the stairs and moaning in anticipation; along with the love and lust power of the Sex gods running through them like ribbons already.

And, as he fastened his lovers to crosses and benches, attached clamps and toys to them, and inserted bullets and plugs into them in turns; digging them out of the Play bins along the bed as he went to make sure he had enough for all of them. And putting the other Submissives and Slaves onto all fours to use later… Eric began to show them just how much he'd missed them, too. And gave them pain with their pleasure until they all came screaming from it, but only when he allowed them to, that is.

For hours, they were all his and they served him very very well…leaving no doubt to all involved who was the Master here and who were the ones serving him, and him alone!


All the others took their own parties, then headed off to have their own fun soon after the group went inside. Luc and Kale headed to their house, and, the ones that shared rooms in the house, went to use what toys and tools that were free in the Playrooms in the house…there were five now. Too many kinky people called for it and so there were now five of them for the others to use outside of the one in the gods' bedroom. Dorian pulling a willing Varis and her pair bonds along with her, Karis going along to watch and help maybe to have a go at Varis while he was at it.

Groups formed for other things as well. Some were sent on Hunts while some played sports. Some sat talking and others did research in the Studies and found cases for them.

Life resumed on Olympus, much like it usually did.

They all knew it had to. Sex may be frequent and necessary for most there, but going about their Olympian duties always came first. And they were willing to do it.

Shifts were changed in town and in the other towns in the United States to assist the Hunters in the other ones; like they'd promised to, sometimes doubling the guardians if they were needed.

"Boise is having a zombie outbreak." God advised, sending extra wolves and vamps, with an extra god to help right then. "Newport has a wraith and a ghoul thing coming up; some of you others go help. You can stay and guard it for few days with the Head Hunter there with them or come back; either is fine with me."

"Double the guardians in Detroit and…Oklahoma…yes, some rogue fallen Angels have found their Graces and, while inevitable, have unwisely chosen to start an Apocalypse on me again. Thwart them and stop it. It won't take long. Don't let them break that first Seal! Look for a blessed church…they are planning to force a good man to kill another innocent one on the Altar there in Detroit in one. Some are working to open the gate by using a deceived human to open the gate again; needless to say there is no key since it's here. Colt, you go with them, it's your Gate still, go guard it. I do believe they mean to pry it open or blow it up trying." He chuckled. "Idiots…go save them from themselves, guys."

"We will, Sir." Kevin said taking Raoul's hand. Both were pregnant, one by each Sex god but they'd be okay. They were just back up; Apollo and Bacchus were going with them to be sure of it. Along with ten vamps and ten wolves, Laurie going this time, Stuart watching the Pack. Several more gods going, Artemis, Felson, Behman as well.

"Stop it, that's an order. There will be no Apocalypse! This does not get to happen again." God ordered harshly, eyes flashing. "I'm here now and there's no Cosmic Plan to keep me out of it this time. I will show up in person if they get too antsy, tell them that!"

"Yes, Sir." Apollo said bowing respectfully, the others followed suit as well, then headed out to cars and vehicles; a parade of them heading down the road soon after that. The large group splitting up at the highway and promising to keep in touch and to be careful as more of them drove off to their own towns to guard. The ones being relieved would be either driving back or popping back; however they preferred it.

The World had called for their help again and they went.

God smiled proudly as they did so. Such good troops he had this time. He could see them doing well. Then headed in to help Bobby make supper for the kids and smiled fondly up at them as the lovers came down from their rooms now, talking and teasing each other; their smiles and banter contagious as they entered the kitchen. He hugged Obeiron and pressed some Grace into his stomach. "They're going to need that." He chuckled afterward as the parents eyed him with curiosity. "They are going to be a powerful but volatile combination, trust me. But a good one. The Dhampyre line will be stronger for them. You'll see. The more different the bloods we infuse into the Dhampyre bloodlines, the more the madness that eventually kills them is destroyed. Dhampyres won't be killed off by their own insanity anymore. That's why I had us infuse it with Faery, god, and eventually my own blood. To contain and destroy the madness gene that apparently drives them to insanity after close to hundred years. You three are the only Dhampyres I've seen resistant to the Madness gene. I suspect it's because you are gods of sorts; that usually kills of all corrupt parts in the persons it takes over, thank goodness." Then he looked at Eric. "You chose a godhood, I sense it."

"Gena helped me decide. She suggested it when I mentioned how I wanted the kids safe from the Kink training. I just agreed she was right." Eric said, eying Gena proudly as well. "I want to be a god of Protection for children and older kids, too, teens, you know, that kind of thing. Not like Joreal and them; a god like the others instead." He looked down in embarrassment here. "Gena, baby, we wrecked your new room, I'm sorry. We'll pay to have it redone for you, furniture and all. We'll clean it up for you later, we promise."

"Figured you might. You were a bit violent there at the beginning." Gena said with a long-suffering sigh. "Thanks for repairing it."

"No problem." Eric said hugging her, "Thanks for the talk and showing me what I needed to do. You are a really smart woman, you know that?"

"Yeah, they tell me that all the time." Gena said as Sam and Dean hugged her from behind, and kissed her neck playfully. "Love you guys, too."

"So, we're doing our Love and Lust thing, Eric. You want to come still?" Dean asked, he usually insisted.

"No, I'll stay here for now. You go, but be careful." Eric said, going to them and kissing them goodbye.

"Join us in Paris for lunch, two sharp! Eric, bring the other Subs with you, please? A romantic date for all of us is in order; maybe pop over to Italy, do some horseback riding and sightseeing…I've never seen a vineyard; that might be good." Sam offered and they all agreed to be there. "The La Fleur Café off Chermain Lane. Angel knows where it is; we took him there on our last date with him. See you soon!" The pair said then popped away.

"Bring Obeiron…he's never seen Paris or Italy; we want to pamper him, too, Eric." Dean whispered in his head and Eric smiled. He saw Obeiron's puzzled look then explained.

"They want you to come with us." Eric said and Obeiron smiled happily at being included in their relationship this way, welcomed so warmly. God stole a kiss from Eric that took his breath away then proceeded to drag him off to his and Bobby's bedroom. "I'll be back! God, I'm aware I was gone for a few days but, damn! Impatient, aren't we?!" He teased then yelped as he was pushed onto the bed and the door shut behind them with a slam.

"Hey, a little…!" Was heard from Eric then a moan, then a wicked chuckle from God.

"Lay back and enjoy it, Eric. I'm topping the fuck out of you now." God teased through the door and soon more sounds of pleasure were heard to indicate that Eric didn't disagree with that concept at all. They all just went on with their duties and such after that, chuckling and laughing as they went. All heading out to where they needed to go to, too. Dorian headed to the school to help in the library while Obeiron headed to the Faery Woods to assign more companion Faeries; more were offering and he had to see what they were looking for in Companions. Joreal and some other Protectors went to help Dorian at the school.

Dante and Vic took Gate duty, watching the wards for disturbances; even the ones around the town. Keeping an eye out for visitors as well. Kissing at times and cuddling. Some sex happened but that was their norm, but always they guarded the Gate and Olympus with their lives; even if it happened with moans and cries of Dante and Vic's pleasure as Dante was pressed to trees and walls, and taken hard at times by his Master. Or he was found to be kneeling to suck him or serve him however he was told to.

Karis and Varis went with some gods to hunt a Pagan god they'd found in hiding again, sneaky thing had thought it was slick but they'd got him eventually. The remaining ones were running scared and hiding; so they were constantly hunting them down lately.

The three Archangels were sent to Heaven to help with training the new Angels God had formed earlier in the week. Gabriel, even while being a god, and therefore not an angel anymore, still was required to train some of the Angels there on Olympus for him; the ones with trickster powers on how to use them right. He found this just as ironic and weird as everyone else did but figured if Dad asked him to do it, he had his reasons. So he did as he was told to.

The rest were busy with training sessions and the new fighting classes. Sam was the instructor today so hand to hand training was on the agenda.

The ones not doing those things just lounged around, waiting to see if they would be sent anywhere; waiting to be called into service at a moment's notice.

The World and Creation were very big places, and they knew they'd be needed one way or another, and that was what they were waiting to do.


Later that morning, Adam arrived early. He had some days off for holiday and he and Hermes were coming to visit.

Then, after school got out, Lucas and the shifters who liked the marine shifting were soon playing a relay game in the Olympian pool they had put in by the skating rink last month; as soon as he and some of the others had made the swim team so they had someplace to practice at. Others would ride the others in shifted mode and pass and race with a tube in their hands, passing it around. Sam laughed as a whale spouting off water sounded from there along with laughter and a 'You just soaked me, you ass!' from one of the girls, who also laughed as well; playing again, he assumed.

"We're doing the collaring ceremony for Obeiron first then sending the kids to town and to the back for sleepovers; popping some to other towns to sleep over there with the other kids of the Hunters we have in those places. We'll pop them back in the morning. The ones not too little are going to the Fun park and skating, or camping in the Faery Woods. The Faeries are offering a magic show and a bonfire for any who wanted to visit them; they really are wanting to get to know us Olympians and this will allow them get to know the kids more now, too. Some of the Storm ones and such, are joining the flying ones playing Cloud Games, as they call them, they're safe enough, trust me." Sam smiled at that thought. "We'll be doing the orgy in stages. Some will have sex or make love to us and then we will do the same to them. Then they'll leave and relieve others so they can be with us, too. Then switch out until all have had turns and we rest. We take breaks every three hours, get something to drink and eat, then return to the bed to do it again. Any who want to join us in doing it just get on the bed. It's a large one, and they get taken by the other Olympians as well and then get to fuck the Olympians that take them in return, reciprocate their pleasure with them."

"All in one night?" Adam asked in disbelief.

"No, three days. We just do a fold in time, freeze it then fix it in the morning. That way Time and your duties aren't affected." Dean explained.

"Then Saturday and Sunday are snow days?" Adam asked to be sure.

"Yes, Sam makes it snow on the first day, and Lorynei the second. Get inside, guys!" Dean called out to all of Olympus. "Levyna wants to work her powers and it's going to pour. So if you don't want to get wet, get under cover!"

Some went to porches while others stayed out, as Levyna came out and soon a storm brewed overhead as she gazed up at the sky, eyes glowing. Then the rain came down in sheets and lightning arced in places. The sky was a near inky black but still they ran out and played in the rain anyway; getting drenched in the process. Sam and Dean went out to play in it their kids, laughing as they did so with them. Levyna took Adam's hand, surprising him into looking down at the girl. "Come play with me?" She begged, and Adam caved, nodding. His niece really was so beautiful, he could see Dean clearly in those features; she looked just like her mother.

Soon he was carrying her on his shoulders and running like a horse for her in the rain. Then, a couple hours later, she ended her storm and it left pools of water behind for the kids to stomp in until it was time to go.

The kids left first. Chattering happily, heading in all directions, herded to where they were going and popped away in most cases. The Faeries floated near the woods and waved them to follow; the kids and adults went with them following the little bobbing lights before them, their light Faery laughter tinkling like little bells all around them as they entered the woods and were gone from the others' sight. Others headed to the other activities, including making clouds to fly up to play with their friends, the winged ones accompanying them to make sure they got there safely of course. Some popping out to other towns to spend the evenings with other hunters and Olympians there; them being expected already. Places all prepared just for them. And hugs were given and all were kissed goodbye with promises to see them in the morning. "Love you guys." Sam and Dean told their kids each time; Adam following suit with Hermes, before some of the kids headed to a town in Massachusetts; where a Hunter and his three kids were waiting for them to arrive for a sleepover. All the Hunter's kids so excited to meet the new friends that their Daddy had mentioned were coming.


"Are they gods?" One boy had asked, his green eyes and red curls alight with curiosity.

"Yes, but they are kids just like you three, too." Paul had told them. Erica, their Mom, reassuring them they would like them. The three kids now sat anxiously on the couch awaiting the pair, eagerly looking forward to meeting their playmates for the night. Real gods! Julius thought happily. One did rain, one snow; making him wonder if his Dad would object to some snow in his bedroom then pouted when his Dad read his thoughts and nodded. Letting him know in no uncertain terms that, yes, he'd disapprove. Julius shrugged. It was just an idea, a little snow! Boy, Dad was a spoilsport.

Sam sent them on their way, reminding them not to use their powers there at all, as he'd made all the other's promise as well as they went on their way, and both promised not to. Paul hugged them when they got there. Then teased them when Lorynei was cold to the touch. "You must the Winter one." He said picking the boy up and hugging him anyway. "You sure are handsome, just like your Dads."

Julius was too busy taking Levyna's bag for her to his sister's room to pay them much attention; unable to take his eyes off her now. His heart thrilled strangely at the sight of her and hers did the same thing at the sight of him. Erica did not miss this interaction and knew why. They were a pair bond, those two kids. Or would be when they were older. She promised herself to tell Paul later tonight when they had a moment alone to talk.

"You're…really pretty." Julius stammered out, eyes locked on her as she unpacked her little bag. "I'm Julius. Julius MacRoy." He thought her pale blond hair was pretty and her strange stormy grey eyes were very unusual and the most entrancing things he'd ever seen in his little life so far! Her olive skin shone in the lamp light and he thought she was beautiful.

"Levyna Winchester." Levyna said blushing, eyes on his as well. "I like your hair; it's so bright! It reminds me of fire burning brightly…so beautiful, too!" A bright red/orange, like blood mixed in with flames. It fairly glowed with its own light. She thought admiring his soft curly hair and bright green eyes, like the grass outside. She noticed. His jaw was already getting that chiseled look. He was going to be the 'ruggedly handsome cowboy' looking type; like his Dad, Paul, was. And she found him to be breathtaking, too. The freckles on his cheeks and nose just made her want to touch them to see if they were as soft to the touch as they looked to be. A pale brown color. She'd always liked freckles but hadn't been born with any; so she envied him his thick smattering of them on his face and arms. "I like your freckles…and eyes, and stuff…" She said shyly. "You are very handsome, Julius."

"I'm Irish, like my Mom. Go figure." Julius said sitting on the bed and she sat by him. Then they got so busy talking that their folks had to come get them for supper. Both not missing how they now held hands and she tugged him along like her favorite person in the world. "Be my girlfriend, okay?" He said as he tugged her back to talk privately for a minute, slipping off his decoder ring he'd just gotten from the cereal box that morning. "For you?" He held it out to her.

"Sure, I'd like that." Levyna agreed. Then took it, slipping it on, then kissed his cheek while they both blushed scarlet and put space between them; trying to figure out what to say now.

Paul saw it, too. A pair bond. His son was her pair bond and he thought they were so adorable together. He looked forward to their wedding someday and maybe the kids they'd have; they were going to be some really cute redheads if the Irish genes carried over to them. Red hair and all. In the meantime, he put in a video for them and sat behind them on the couch with his wife to watch it with the kids on the floor; them laying on their sleeping bags. Eyes enraptured as Bambi showed on the screen. But with Levyna and Julius sharing a sleeping bag and pillow; heads touching as they watched the movie together.

Again they thought they were cute and let them be to do as they saw fit; like they'd been ordered to if a pair bond began to develop. It would work itself out now that it had begun and they would just be there if they needed them. Then picked up the other movie about the cute red-haired girl and her teacher. And smiled, thinking they'd like it, too, since it had magic in it after all; just like them.

They were five after all and this movie suited little ones like them better.


(After sending the kids off, they do the ceremony for Obeiron's collar)

The ceremony was done under the full moon, and it lent power to the Faeries' magic.

Obeiron knelt before Eric, head down in submission. Hands behind his back. Sam smiled at his lover's pose and thought he was so tempting that way; his own Dom side tempted as well. He put it on Obeiron and locked it on him. Putting the Submission spell on it, so that when Eric touched it, he would make the collar his own on him. He would be his Submissive then. The collar would be Eric's.

Quiet fell over the crowd as Eric touched the collar, making his fingers tingle again. Obeiron sighed happily then. Eric knew the next step well; he'd done it with his other Faeries.

"Suck me." He ordered firmly, and Obeiron did as he was told, suckling the head and then moving lower, and then being tapped. He looked up expectantly at the touch. "On all fours, lover."

Obeiron immediately got on all fours and lowered his head, perching his ass higher for his Master. Eric lined up behind him and lubed up fingers, working him open. "Don't cum without permission, and be still until I say you can move." Eric ordered.

"Yes, Sir." Obeiron said and stayed still as Eric now thrust into him; going deep on the first thrust. Obeiron tightening on him immediately, as usual. Soon they were going at it hard, Eric getting lost in their pleasure and taking him rougher eventually. Then pinning him below him as he took him even deeper as they cried out together.

"Sir, so good…Sir, more!" Obeiron pleaded then his head fell down again as pleasure took him and his power flared out; cumming hard into him repeatedly and fucking him more until he worked his dick and ordered him to cum. Obeiron exploded and came hard; his head falling back as he tightened on Eric so much he came with him.

Both laying on the ground and panting afterward, smiling like fools and Eric cuddling Obeiron to him. Eric vanished to the bed to rest. "That was…wow!" Obeiron said and Eric nodded in approval. Then settled for cuddling and resting until later which was when the orgy would take place.

Both now very sure they had made the right choices now. Obeiron to be his Submissive and Mate, and Eric to be his Master, Master to the Faery King, and Mate over his heart. "Thank you, Obe." Eric said. "You'll never regret this with me. I'll be good to you. You do your duty as King as you always do…but try to make time for us, too, like you do with Sam. That's all I ask, and I'll make time for you. We'll make this work. I know you're a king, and you are busy. So are Sam and them. As gods we make time for each other and I don't require total obedience. Since it's not very realistic to think they have the time to devote to being some constantly serving and kneeling Submissives to me; they have responsibilities to Olympus and I honor those. But I will expect you to serve me at times; I won't let it interfere with any of our jobs." Eric paused here to add. "I want you to know I'll always love you. I'm glad you chose me over all the others, Obe."

"I chose you because…something pulled me toward you. I've never considered it permanently…the experience was so unpleasant before. I suppose that's why I didn't consider anyone after that. After I was freed from my training, I was just not as interested as I had been before…so I didn't do it again; just quit doing it. Eventually Father let me out of finding a Dom and I…never wanted one again. Until I…let you do it. No one had touched me that way for a thousand years. Then it was different and felt good…and was nothing like what I went through. It was exciting and felt wonderful, and this time…I wanted to submit to you. I didn't feel obligated to…you know what I mean?" Obeiron said looking down in shame. "When I was with the other Dom, it felt wrong and off, and didn't feel like I thought it would in my head. It felt forced, like I was just going through the motions. I couldn't wait for it to end; I hated it. But with you, it was perfect, and pleasurable, and all I dreamt it should have been the first time…that's when I knew it was you I should have been with. You that I should have had that first Sub experience with. It was you I was getting ready for; the one I was waiting for all my long life to be my real Master. Not that guy!" Obeiron said sadly. "Yeah, it really was the worst experience in my life. It was painful and barely pleasurable, and hurt! I only kept going with it because…my Father said I should." He sighed. "That's why I quit doing it after I was freed from my obligation after two hundred years…I was sure it was supposed to be that unpleasant. Until I found you guys and learned what Submission was supposed to be like. I just thought that only the Dom enjoyed it, not me. Now I know it's supposed to be enjoyable for both; it wasn't like that for me. You gave me that gift, so thank you, Eric." Obeiron said smiling. "You were the first one to make me feel good doing submission and want more. That's why I really chose you, Eric."

"Submission isn't…you let him rape you because you felt obligated to let him keep doing it?!" Eric said outraged. "You hated the Dom /Sub things but just kept doing it for two hundred years because of your Father's wishes?"

"I…it wasn't…no…" Obeiron got quiet and began to cry a little. "Yeah, yeah, I think I did. I liked it still but…"

"Not with him." Eric finished for him.

"No…not with him. I hated it with him." Obeiron said quietly; ashamed of himself now. The worst experience of his life, being trapped as a submissive that way and it was all his own fault. "It was my own fault I stayed in it. Shit, you were right…it was a human thing…I'm such an idiot."

"No, not an idiot! You just weren't taught any better, like I said before. You didn't know any better because your people weren't shown it could be wrong if done that way; the way it was done to you. Sex is fine and great but…what he did to you was not sex; that was…beyond rape. And I hate that your Father expected you to go through with it." Eric said.

"He didn't but…I felt I'd be letting him down if I told him I wanted to end it. I know it's not realistic for you humans but…I made the deal with the Dom; I had to go through with it. I had to. I keep my word, you saw that." Obeiron said. "If I hadn't kept my word, I would never have ended up on that bed with you. And we never would have been in love, or lovers, or even Sub and Dom, or anything…so it worked out for the best in the end I suppose."

"I suppose so. I just hate that what you went through had to be a part of you 'keeping your word'." Eric said gently. "Now you see why I disagree with the old way you used to train your kinky Faeries. Do you see why it was wrong now? The fact that they enjoyed it wasn't the wrong part; I wasn't saying that. But the way they were trained and expected to be trained was the part that was wrong…you just got lucky they enjoyed it; they could have been seriously hurt."

"I get it now." Obeiron said. "Won't happen anymore. Never again!"

"Good, now…I do believe you said something about sucking something…" Eric hinted and lay back. Obeiron took the hint and crawled to his groin. "Yeah, you got it now…"

"Well, I am your Submissive now…so I really should know what I'm doing, right?" Obeiron teased as he began to suck the head and Eric laughed then moaned.

"Yeah, yeah, you should…." Eric managed before he lost his mind to what his lover was doing to him. And then decided that he really didn't need his mind so much anymore; not if Obe kept doing that thing with his tongue….


(The next week)

Levyna shifted nervously. Sam and Dean eyed her with amusement.

"He loves you already, baby. They already know about us, so it'll be okay." Sam reassured them.

"We know but…" Levyna said. "Be nice, Daddy."

"I'm always nice." Sam said. "We know them already. Not the kids but…they sound great." He nudged their shoulders.

"I might have to inquire to his intentions toward our daughter…" Sam teased.

"Dad!" Levyna begged. "No, please?"

"Of course not, what do you think I am…" Sam laughed at his daughter's worried expression. "I won't embarrass you, I was just kidding!"

"Not funny, Dad." Levyna drawled, sounding so like Dean that it made Sam throw him a look. Then chuckled at Dean's proud look. His little girl was growing up and dating, how proud he was! "Not a date, Dad. Just letting you meet him and spending time with him. It's not a date!"

"Yeah…I hate to mention this but… that is the very definition of a date, Dear." Dean teased and she blushed. "He sounds adorable…it'll be nice having a red head in the family. Besides Bobby, that is."

"Levyna!" Came an excited squeal, and they looked up grinning, all three of them.

"Jules!" Levyna said and hugged him as he ran into her. "I missed you."

"Me, too." Julius said, his green eyes already locked with hers and an adoring gaze on both their faces.

"And that is love…" Sam teased Dean and they chuckled. The pair continued to stare and they waited.

Julius blinked finally and looked at them blushing. "Sorry…she just…I get distracted…" Julius blushed again and sighed. "Hi, I'm Julius MacRoy."

"Sam Winchester." Sam said and shook his little hand gently and smiled at how formal he was. He really was trying to make a good impression on them, and that impressed him the most. Such a thoughtful boy. Sam thought now.

"Dean Winchester, the Mom." Dean said and shrugged. Yeah, he had a kid or two, and knew there was no shame in it. He smiled proudly at her. "She's a great daughter, cherish her or else…that's all I'm saying."

"I already do…Oh, these are my sisters, Lenore and Janet. " Julius said and waved by to his folks as they walked off to explore Olympus.

"Nice to meet you." Dean said, and they smiled. Their longer red hair was pulled up in ponytails but their green eyes sparkled with mirth. Chuckling to himself when he realized that green eyes and red hair really did run rampant in that particular family, and such pretty shades of them as well…they really were striking.

"Hi." They said back in unison; both clearly very nervous.

"Well, it was nice meeting you but…why don't you go meet some of the other kids like yourselves; get acquainted. Levy, introduce him to the rest of the family for us? You know your way around here; just keep in mind that supper's at seven, remember? The thing is at eight. You all should see where you want to go before it starts, you know the options." Dean reminded her and she nodded.

"I'll mention them, don't worry." Levyna said tugging him away, his sisters following him. "See you at supper, Dad."

"Bye, Levy, have fun!" Sam encouraged her as she ran off laughing at something he said. So in love already, they could tell. "I like him, he's cute. Going to be so handsome, too…she's a lucky girl. Did you see that jaw on him?"

"Oh, you mean like mine?" Dean hinted, and leaned in for a kiss. Sam caressed his jaw as he kissed him then.

"Yeah, we Winchesters love us a rugged jaw, uh huh…I love yours especially." Sam teased and kissed him again heatedly. "Come along, lover, let me show you how much…"

"Why, Mr. Winchester, I do believe you're trying to seduce me with your wicked ways…" Dean said, his voice going husky with desire already; eager to be seduced, as always where Sam was concerned.

"Nah, baby, just a blowjob and maybe, if you're really good…you can fuck me into a wall somewhere." Sam said then grinned, tugging his lover along. "Now my only question is…is that a banana in your pocket or are you just really happy to see me…?"

"Oh, it's not a banana and I'm definitely really really happy to see you…" Dean said and pressed him to a tree hidden deep in the Faery woods. "Why don't you say hello to it? It's only polite to. Since it's all yours, baby boy."

"Oh, I think I will." Sam said, kneeling in front of him, taking his dick in hand. Then got to sucking him, Dean's head fell down as he watched him do it. He loved to watch Sam suck him off; it was a turn-on that the others shared with him.

And, when he managed to tug Sam up by his collar and pressed him to a tree, he thrust in and took his ass immediately. Sam had wound him up and this was his reward; as if Sam hadn't known it would end this way.

And, as they fucked, their sex sounds joined the other ones, adding their pleasure to the symphony already filling the air around Olympus.

"Dean, cumming, harder…fuck me!" Sam moaned and soon they were cumming hard and he thrust Dean to the ground and took him as well. Taking him deep and hard, and never letting up on him until they both screamed their orgasms and fell to the ground panting. "Well, I do believe I finally seduced you…"

"Yeah, you did, baby…feeling very seduced here." Dean chuckled and they helped each other up. Then he pulled Sam in for a kiss. "Definitely enjoyed it. I'm thoroughly corrupted now. I blame you."

"Yep, I'll take the credit." Sam said proudly and took Dean's hand. Then they headed out to help with supper. And to get the tables set up; they would need quite a few. They watched in amusement as Levyna introduced the three kids to the others and saw them being approached by several of the younger ones for a kickball game.

Two boys nearly collided in a nearby game of basketball because they were staring at the trio; the girls specifically. Both landed on their bottoms and rubbed their heads where they'd collided and groaned. Then managed to help each other up and brushed off the offers for help from their other family members and friends. Then they headed straight for the trio and stopped before the girls; holding out the ball. "Would you….would you like to play with us? Um, I mean, basketball. Not with me, I didn't mean to insinuate…you are younger…I would never…Uh…" Parik got out, a Faery and wolf mixed boy. His twin, Jarin, was the one holding out the ball. "We'd teach you how to shoot the ball, if you like…" He sighed. "I'm Jarin, I'm 16. What's your name?" He reached a hand out to Janet and smiled.

"I'm Parik, I'm his twin. What's your name?" He also reached for a girl's hand and smiled, Lenore's.

"Lenore. I'm 15." The girl answered blushing.

"Janet. I'm 16, like you." Janet said and blushed, too. Then took the ball with a smile, "I'd love to play ball with you, Jarin."

"Me, too, Parik." Lenore said and took his hand.

They went to play basketball with the boys and meet their other family and friends they were playing with.

Levyna led Julius to the Faery Woods and proceeded to show him some of the plant life there and let him meet some of her Faery friends there. The first stop on her tour; the Fun Park was next. His eyes scanned the woods around him in wonder and awe as she led him deeper into them; following the well-worn path.

"Wow." Julius gasped as a flower reached out to touch him, and he saw it was alive; a living flower! Like most of the plants there, the living ones were to be cherished. The non-living ones, at least most of the vegetable ones, were to be eaten. You always had to be sure to check first if they were alive before picking them; that was the rule. You could harm the living ones if you plucked them from the earth there.

Levyna smiled proudly at his rapt expression as he gazed around him in reverence. She'd chosen the right place to start her tour at and had an idea of where they'd spend their night tonight.

Here with the Faeries, camping out. Yeah, she thought happily, Julius would love that!


Their parents, all four of them smiled and thought that was a lot of blushing to be happening to just be asking someone to join a game….yeah, right. Pair bonding; that was what that was! The boys' mother nibbled kissed along the back of Paul's neck, and he moved his head to allow her to do it. Their father was already caressing along the girl's mother's ass suggestively. "You said you swung, right?" Lillian, Jarin's mom asked.

"Yeah, we do." Paul agreed and moved into her touch more.

"Ever tried kink?" Lillian asked them, "You know, bondage, spanking, that kind of thing, taking orders and letting someone dominate you?" She was the Dom in their relationship, her husband the Sub, but they switched; and these two could play Sub for the night for them. If they were open to it, otherwise it could be just sex; they were okay with that, too.

"Not really, we're aware of it but have never done it." Paul said then looked at his wife, "Want to try it, hon?" She turned to cup Jared, the Faery part of the other couple's relationship. Lillian was the wolf, she could tell already. Full Faery and well hung, she thought as she pictured sucking it and licking a lip at that thought. "Are we to play the Dom or the Sub parts?" He asked the other couple.

"Subs. We won't hurt you, we promise…we'll set limits for you. Make it feel good…we know what we're doing." Lillian reassured them.

"Oh, you're one of the kinky Faeries and you are a kinky wolf, I get it…well, we're just new hunters but…yeah, we'll try it. I'm not against trying new things; that's all a part of swinging. Kink happens sometimes, we've seen it happen that way. We'd love to do this with you." Erica said and smiled, "So…are we doing this in public or in there? We're not against public, we're exhibitionists so…"

"Inside first, then outside while they do their orgy…we'll do our own, okay?" Lillian suggested.

"Yeah, I'd like that. I take it that the orgy is a voluntary thing? Not all of you choose to participate? I thought…" Paul said in confusion. If all of Olympus was their Mates, then why would they…

"We are their Mates, the power did that, but we don't have to join the orgy to show them we love them; they already know it. Sometimes we do, we admit that. Sometimes we play together instead; it's up to us. They don't love us any less no matter what we choose to do." Lillian said smiling. "We love them still; we don't have to fuck them to prove it."

"Wow, that's…love alright." Erica said smiling. "Okay, so let's go inside and you tell us what to do."

Then they headed in to see what they were going to do.

A minute later they were kneeling and getting a collar each, a play one. Cuffs were put on them.

"We're doing both of you, we're bi. Is that okay?" Jared asked.

"I'm bi, too, never been with a guy but I'll try it." Paul said.

"Me, too, I've been with girls in college but not lately. I'll try you, too, Lillian." Erica agreed.

Licking a lip, the other pair conferred and then addressed them. "There are rules. Ready to hear them? Are you sure that the collar and cuffs aren't too tight?" Lillian doubled checked them to be sure.

"No, they feel great; not cutting in or anything." The couple said, "So…what are the rules?"

"First, your safe word is 'cougar'; both of you have that word. You say it and we back off and try something else. If it hurts too much or you're uncomfortable with anything to the point you need us to stop and let you breathe or relax, you say that word. To stop altogether, just tell us 'Red' and we stop everything and go back to regular sex. Or you can go home; we won't make you stay or do anything you aren't comfortable with." Lillian said. "Do you agree to these terms?"

"We do." The couple said and bowed their heads. Awaiting orders and looking forward to learning some kink with the pair, that and getting laid; they wanted that, too.

Then they were led to bed and told to kneel on it. And the fun began from there.

Then, nearly two hours later, the four people came out and cuddled on the porch; Paul and Erica keeping their collars on for the night. The spankings had been fun. The pain had hurt at first and they had been tempted to say their safeword. But then it became something more; the lingering pleasure that followed left them wanting them to do more of it. Then, when they were red enough, they were fucked, and taken by both the Faery and the wolf; the women with each other. The men having sex with each other as well. All enjoying each other's bodies thoroughly, being bound to the bed immobile while they did most of it had only made the Immortal Hunter and his wife hotter for it.

The cuddling and kisses were just as great. Paul thought as Jared adjusted him on his lap to sit more comfortably. Laying his head on the man's shoulder while playing footsie with his wife's feet as they touched his and feeling Lillian's hand stroking along his ankle, he sighed. Both already thinking that Kink was good so far. They were thinking of letting them train them at it more often; maybe visit more and be a foursome thing someday. Not an exclusive arrangement, as swingers, since they liked variety and so did the other couple but he could see loving them someday. "Not to be a buzzkill, but…we live a long way from here…could we visit again and do this with you then, or is this a one-time thing?" Paul asked.

"I could see us playing with you more." Lillian admitted, not exclusively but a foursome thing sometimes with them would be good.

"I could see loving you guys, not now but later on. I want to Submit more, I know that much. You are great Doms." Erica said, as if reading her husband's unspoken thoughts. "He thinks so, too."

"We'll get there, babies. We'll visit each other and play more. Then we'll teach you more about Submission, too. We'd be your only Doms, right? No doing submission with anyone but us. We may not want a commitment from you but we don't like thought of you doing kink like we do with you with someone else. We could never accept that." Jared said with a troubled expression.

"Only submit to you, can only trust you to do it." Paul agreed. "So Submission is more of a commitment than just dating?" He hadn't known that.

"Yes, Submission is kind of like…well, more like Mating of sorts and a commitment between the Dom and Sub. Submission isn't just sex…it's more involved. More intimate and therefore not something to share. Doms, like us at least, are possessive things… we don't share our Subs with others and we don't like them to play with others. If we take you on as permanent Submissives someday, you will only serve us. No one else. Not even for sex. We dominants are possessive things, remember? If one becomes our real Sub, they belong with us only when we do the kinky stuff; they are ours only for that." Jared explained.

"We could see that for us later." The couple agreed. "So would that mean we couldn't swing with other couples anymore?"

"No, I mean, we swing, too, but we don't swing as freely as you guys I guess…we'd hope you'd choose to swing with just us. We'd make it worth you being with us. We're very sexual, you see. Someday we'll be more…Mated. We do swing with the other Olympians. We have sex with them all the time but that isn't the same as swinging with humans; not human couples at least. We don't sleep with humans when it comes to sex anyway. Any sex with humans is…well, they get suspicious and we have to hide so much that it makes it not worth it. So we sleep with those with the mark only, only Olympians. You can, too…that won't count against you swinging with others; it really wouldn't." Jared said. "There are thousands here and out there in different parts of town; so you should have plenty of lovers anyway."

"But do we submit to them or just you two, even the Olympians?" Erica asked.

"Just us, not even other Olympians." Jared said and they nodded, finally understanding it.

"So…we submit to you only, can only swing and have sex with Olympians, marked ones, and belong to you if we become a foursome? Is that right?" Erica asked.

"Yes, that's right." Lillian said. "Think you might like that with us someday?"

"Yes, someday soon." Erica agreed and saw her husband did, too. "In the meantime, we have a date tonight, right? Public kinky sex with us as your Subs, serving you sexually, like we did this time…maybe switch off on the Dom stuff, let us do it to you some other time; once we get the hang of it…if you don't mind. We go both ways, too." Then she added. "I didn't mean for us to dominate you tonight, but sometime later; once we are yours, sorry."

"Yes, you will service us. Do whatever we say, whenever we say to do it. You are our first Subs we've ever had, you know. I usually Sub for her, but having you Sub for us has been…well, we want to keep you. As our Subs now… but we can wait for you to want it more." Jared said. "We're not against Subbing for you sometime, too. Just for play, you know."

"We want to be kept by you…not right now but some time to decide would be good, please?" Paul asked and they nodded, kissing them softly in turns.

"Take your time. We're here if you need us, or want us…should we wait to visit you until you're sure? Do you want to wait to date us, swing with us again?" Lillian asked worried, she thought they were wanting to but now, with all they learned, they looked unsure.

"No, visit us, swing with us. We'll Sub for you, that won't stop…just…can we wait for the permanent kind? A week or two to decide?" Paul asked. "A week or two would be great to decide. We're almost sure, might decide before we leave here on Sunday. Not sure but we do want it; we need more time to commit to a permanent Sub/Dom relationship with you, that's all."

"A week or two would be fine." Jared said and smiled. "We were afraid you changed your mind about us being with you."

"No, we haven't. But if we do this, we'll need to move closer to you guys…maybe here in town." Paul suggested and he and his wife thought about it.

"Or here on Olympus…it's really nice here." Lillian suggested.

"Well, we could make a bigger house this way, and the kids could be closer to each other now that they're bonding…I wouldn't mind moving, selling the house." Erica agreed. "Can I decorate this one? The other house came that way… I want to make this one my way."

"Sure, we all do that." Lillian laughed, "One of the hunters did his bungalow style, complete with sand around it even. It's so pretty. You should see it."

"I wouldn't mind a beach type thing…" Paul suggested.

"I was thinking a two story with balconies on both floors, the wrap-around kind, a Victorian thing. A pretty blue and white deal with shutters…dark wood for the porch and steps, and the front door. A nice porch swing and flowers around the house and lining the walkways. Rose bushes of all kinds around the back. I love roses so much…I'd like to furnish it with antiques…the magic could make what I need; I know that…" Erica said and asked. "You could make a work place in the back like the beach house thing, if you want. Make it your way…Hunters need one, you know that. A …not a man-cave…a man-bungalow?"

"I like it, man-bungalow…uh huh!" Paul said his eyes bright with ideas, Erica's just as bright. Stereo system, weapon making equipment, several chests and vaults for hex items, TV and sitting area for football games…a nice playroom for them to do stuff in with the other couple when they came over…that was a must. Their Doms would need a playroom at their house when they came over!

The other couple read that thought and got happy. They already considered them their Doms, good. Plus they'd be here on Olympus, so they could be with them more. They loved that part of it best. They were going to keep encouraging this thinking!

"We still need to sell the house…" Erica said and Paul got an idea.

"How about we give it to Dorian? She can set it up as an outpost for some of the guardians there in town. She's in charge of all the Olympian properties anyway. She makes all the real estate deals for them from what I heard and most of the properties are in her name. She manages the real estate issues for them so maybe we should just sign it over to her and move in now…move in later this week…what do you think? The hunters and them could use the house." Paul said.

"That's good. We should donate it to Olympus and they can use it for the others." Erica said smiling. "You don't mind us staying with you until our house is done, do you? It might take a few days to think up and get it together, what with all we need for it and the one he wants to make…we would like to spend more time with you guys; non-kinky time. Dates and swinging normally could be fun. We could invite others in then, have a swingers party? As a 'we're moving in' kind of thing?"

"Yes, you can stay, the party sounds great. We'd need to have it outside; everyone will want to be there…you're really moving in, right?" Jared asked, not wanting them to change their minds if he sounded too optimistic here.

"Well, moving in while we wait to form and get our new home ready, yes. But we'll have our own place soon enough. We'll just be staying with you guys for a few days until we can move into it…we like our freedom and we'll be nearby…promise." Paul said and breathed a sigh of relief when they happily nodded their approval of his plan. "Guess we could go get some stuff and start getting here…what we may need for a few days…the kids can stay here, they'll be fine. I need some things if we're moving in tonight and time to pack up some things." He said quietly.

"They can pop you there and back!" Lillian said excitedly. "We'll go help you. If you don't mind?"

They didn't want to let them go yet. Besides the more that went, the sooner they got back in time for a date and some more kinky sex…they wanted that part even more now. Just mentioning it was getting them all horny already.

"Sure, it's just some things for the kids and us, my computer, some books I like, bath stuff. No clothes since they aren't worn here though. Photo albums and pictures, one or two. We have some photo albums we and the kids can share with each other, with you guys, too; that kind of thing." Erica thought out loud now. "Can't believe we're moving here."

"Well, we are." Paul said and laughed. "I don't think the kids will be objecting either, especially Julius."

"I suspect not." Lillian laughed as she saw him slip a kiss to Levyna's cheek and blush red again. "I think he'll be much happier when he finds out he doesn't have to leave her."

They chuckled as Levyna kissed him back, this time on the lips quickly then blushed as well but smiled happily at him anyway. Unable to look away and they knew they'd made the right decision. The kids needed to stay with their pair bonds and they needed to stay closer to this couple; a couple they found themselves almost falling in love with already.

No, leaving them had never been an option, from the moment they'd met them; they hadn't had a choice. Leaving them ceased to be an option the moment they had touched them and had made them want to stay from that point on; they just hadn't realized it until now. They belonged here on Olympus, they realized that now.

Then realized they needed to get the girls registered for school soon. They would both be 16 in a couple weeks; thanks to the Olympian aging spell on them. The high school seemed nice and they already had boyfriends and friends; so they would enjoy it there, too.

Julius would do the home-schooling but go in a few months; he was aging rapidly now, he would be 17 in no time.

They were going to be busy for a week or two but they'd get it done. That and they really were looking forward to spending time with their new lovers and Doms now. It was going to much funner here than it was where they used to live. They had people they swung with, had sex with, but, aside from the other guardians, they had no real friends. They had never been good at that part. Their lifestyle was a bit shady by suburban standards so they had to hide it and thus hide a large part of themselves. No one in suburbia wanted a 'swinging' or 'kinky' friend, and they were bad at hiding it; so they just stayed away from those that didn't fit in with them.

They had friends here and lovers who accepted them for who and what they were, so they would be less isolated and lonely here.

And much happier, too.

And, as their lovers pulled them to some gods to help them pop home, they had to smile.

They finally had a 'forever' home.

One they'd always dreamt of but never dared to have for themselves. One where they could be happy and stay for Eternity. Olympus would be their home now.

Their very busy but very perfect home.


The kids were gone, the bed ready. They summoned the juice, drinks, and booze, and the food was brought out. Darkness came on and they got on the bed, on all fours until repositioned for their lover's pleasure. They smiled as most of the Incubi, Succubi, Cupids (of both kinds), and some others got on as well. Lube and condoms were in boxes by each person if needed.

"It's time." Sam called and they lined up. The first shift of lovers already behind them and smiling; stroking loving hands along their gods' and the others' bodies and asses. Fingers running seductive over their entrances in circles, teasing them already. "Fuck, that feels good, baby…" He moaned and sighed as the pleasure broke around them. Dante took Dean and Bobby took Sam first, and they chuckled as they pressed themselves eagerly onto their waiting dicks from the start.

"Pushy things, aren't you?" Dom teased.

"Just fuck us, need you to fuck us!" Dean pleaded and moved until Dom took the hint and did as he asked. Sam doing the same. Halfway through both men agreed that they would have to do this orgy thing more often, it was fantastic!

For hours they fucked and were taken, then took the others who took them in turns as well. Even the teen girls and boys got laid, the 18 year olds at least. Some 17 year olds, too. Men and women alike came to them and took pleasure from them as they saw fit and those on the bed let them use them for days.

Only stopping to eat and drink, rest and refresh, then do it all again. Adam managed to fuck all but his brothers, even Bobby and Joreal. He knew Joreal wasn't his Dad, even if he looked like him so the sex wasn't wrong with him. So he tried it and found it strangely most addictive; wondering secretly if he could do it with him again, outside of the orgies of course…to which Joreal nodded he could, reading his thoughts easily. Making Adam feel more love for the man and agreeing it would happen later; he'd make sure of it. Hermes managed to fuck everyone, including the Sex gods. The Faery companions took a turn as well on them and pleasure filled the air; their powers of love and lust taking everyone and no one minded. Orgasms built the powers and Olympus pulled some of that pleasure and power in for itself; making it stronger and keeping it powered up. Its gods powered it with their lust, love, and all their powers as they worked them.

Olympus was alive like them, and Creation and the World relied on Olympus to keep going. The gods were going to make sure it did, they loved their home now. Olympus was theirs and it would be fine.

And, as the sun rose on the third day, they sleepily released their Time Fold and fixed Time so it all had only shown as one night, and collapsed exhausted to the mattress. Their lovers cuddling and covering them in every way they could, craving their touch. Eric held his Subs, his Subs practically covering the man as they slept together now, pinning him in place without meaning to. He didn't mind. He slept better when they all slept in their pile with him this way anyway. The Faeries small and dim as they slept cuddled into their human or gods, or other being's necks, and using their hair when possible to cover themselves, sighing contentedly.

Sam got up a couple hours later, and saw many getting up as well. Making their way to showers to clean up. All looked sated and thoroughly fucked; sexed up was a proper description here. This was no walk of shame moment for any of them though. They all wore proud looks and smiles as they waved to the gods and blew them kisses. "Thank you, I love you!" was called often as they grabbed their other lovers they lived with and headed in with them to clean up as well.

Dante and Vic headed off together. Dorian tugged her lovers, Varis and Karis to their one level home. Most of the teens headed off with their other pair bonds to rest and get ready to start their day.

The bed vanished as the last of them left it and Sam called. "It snows at noon! Be ready."

"Got it, baby." Luc called back, Kale stumbling behind him, walking funny. They'd been on the bed when the orgy had been going on. Which meant that most of Olympus had fucked them so they were feeling it for the moment. They'd be fine soon enough, he thought. They didn't regret joining the bed. Hell, they wanted to do it next Friday but damn they were tired. Three days of straight sex; damn that was the record for them! "You did so well, Kale. Did you like doing it? Want to do it again next week?" Luc asked and Kale nodded, Alabastar peeking sleepily from behind a curtain of hair on his neck. Waving to them, he disappeared into his neck again to sleep in more. They let him be, poor Faery had joined in the orgy with them, so he was spent, too. It was his first time joining them in it, and he'd loved it; they could tell.

Luc fingered his collar, like Eric's with the same conditions, smiling as Kale did the same to his own. They'd taken them not because Alabastar was his slave but because they wanted to show their sometime Submissive they wouldn't hurt him and that he could trust them. So it was a collar, he could live with that. Alabastar kissed their collars often, told him he loved that they was doing this for him and that they were willing to wear it for him. He promised someday to maybe consider making them his Masters. He was still looking for a Faery one but, more often than not, he found himself only playing with Luc and Kale.

Luc suspected he was nervous about taking a human Master, so he was giving him time. He wanted him to be his Submissive but didn't want to push the reluctant Faery away by urging him to be his like Kale was, even though he wanted him to be; Kale wanted a more dominant role with their Faery companion as well but also knew it wasn't his decision either. Alabastar had to decide that for himself, not Luc or Kale. A coerced decision was not an option for a Faery; they had to want it for the Faery Submission deal to work right for them both.

He only hoped that Alabastar stayed with them until he made up his mind. They loved that Faery and needed him around now. Even if they did have share him with other Faery Doms, and he hated that part but knew he had no say, not yet at least.

"Alabastar?" Luc asked tentatively as they dried off from a shower he and Kale had shared.

"Yes, Luc." Alabastar said from the bed in full form, reclining against pillows, looking absolutely fuckable and tempting as homemade sin. Luc was tempted to join him and get dirty again, but had to ask.

"Are you doing the Submission with other Doms, the Faery ones?" Luc asked unhappily and Alabastar got quiet.

"No. But I was…until I gave up on finding a Faery Dom." Alabastar admitted.

"Would you consider letting me be your Dominant then, or both of us, someday maybe." Luc said. "I, no, we lo…have feelings for you, Alabastar." He'd almost said he loved him, almost. Barely stopped himself from saying it.

"Yes, I'm already considering it. I'm still unsure but I have feelings for you, too. I trust you more than any other man here on Olympus. So I probably will ask you to be…I just need more time." Alabastar pleaded.

"Okay, take your time. I'm here when you are ready." Luc said softly, disappointed he had to think about it. He was sure he'd proven himself already. "I should go help get the breakfast areas set up for them like I promised I would." He said and left, sadness on his face even though he tried to hide it.

"If it helps, I'm really close to saying yes, Luc. Don't give up on me, okay? I've never committed to anyone before. Pretty much went from one lover to the next all my life for hundreds of years now. You are the first ones I've ever wanted to…stay with." Alabastar said and went to grab his wrist so he couldn't leave him so unhappy; he couldn't bear that pain on his lover's face. "I never loved anyone before, but… I think I'm falling in love with you, both of you…"

"You are? So why are you waiting to be ours?" Luc said confused, but gripped him as well, pulling him close. "I love you, Alabastar. What do I need to do to show you that you belong with us now? I'm already doing all I can."

"You haven't done some things…" Alabastar pointed out.

"What else can I do?" Luc asked, willing to do anything.

"You haven't asked. And you haven't proposed either. That is what humans in love do, isn't it?" Alabastar said then sighed. "Don't do it yet but I want you to soon. I'm just so scared…this human/Faery thing is complicated. And if we do this, and you leave me because I mess up, which I will…I don't do monogamy well, it will break my heart."

"So it's not that you're afraid to submit to me forever but that you're afraid to love me, to love us?" Luc said finally figuring out what Alabastar was saying.

"Yes, it terrifies me. Obeiron says I'm being a fool but…loving you as deeply as I do terrifies me." Alabastar said.

"It's okay to be afraid to love, baby. Just don't let it keep you from taking a chance at the best thing that ever happened to you. You'll regret it for the rest of your life if you do." Luc told him.

"I know. I already did that." Alabastar said and a tear slipped out.

"What happened to them?" Luc said.

"He died." Alabastar said and pulled away abruptly.

"What!" Luc said, he was afraid because his lover had died! Damn, Luc thought. He should have seen it. "Come here." He said as he tugged him to the bed to talk. "What happened?"

"It's not important." Alabastar said looking away to hide his pain again. Luc forced him to look at him anyway.

"It is important! I love you and this hurts you, so spill." Luc insisted.

"He was one of the Faeries that the dragons…didn't mean to kill. I was planning on proposing to him after he got back from guarding the Prince on that diplomatic mission he'd been on. But then they took him and then…he was dead. I was in love with him, and I'd pushed him away… I was going to say I was sorry and tell him I loved him, and ask him to be my Mate. Had a whole speech planned even. But…then the King said they were dead and the demons had caused his death…I wanted revenge but he insisted we stay away from them. They had enslaved the dragons. I didn't know the dragons had killed him until…they confessed it before." He cried a little. "You are the first men or lovers I've taken or loved since him. And that fact alone terrifies me. I can't lose my lover again. It will kill me this time; I barely survived it before. It was easier being slutty and not caring who I was with than letting myself get close enough to another to maybe love them. I wasn't ready, I see that now. With you two, I am but still…" He played with the blanket and sighed now. Eyes downcast.

"You're scared to love us fully because you're afraid something will take us from you, too." Luc finished for him. "Not going to happen; immortal here, remember? Like you? We're not leaving you or giving up on you, and sure as hell aren't going anywhere on you! So give up that thought. You take your time and, when you're ready, you tell us. But play with us, stay with us, and love us all you can until you're ready to commit. We're patient. We'll wait for you. You're worth it, baby." Luc said and kissed him softly. "I do love you though. I want you to know that. Kale does, too. We love you already. We're just waiting for you to love us, too."

"It could be a long wait…" Alabastar said sadly, fear in his voice.

"Still waiting." Luc said stubbornly and got up; Kale following him up and to the door. "Not letting you go; waiting as long as it takes for you, Alabastar. Take your time, be sure you're ready and when you are, then let me know. We'll propose and offer to be your Doms and lovers; after you offer your Submission to us. We love you too much not to wait for you."

"I'll tell you, I promise. But…I love you guys, too." Alabastar told them and lay down to rest now; going small when he found he'd stayed big too long. "Come back soon, okay?" He pleaded.

"Really soon, just got stuff to do, baby. You rest. It's okay. You earned it." Luc said and left with Kale finally; leaving the Faery to sleep and reflected that it was really nice to hear he loved them…even if he was too scared to commit to them yet…they'd wait.

He was nothing if not patient.


Dean moaned softly as he felt hands on his thighs and kisses trailing up his body as well. He looked down to see who it was. He was guessing Sam.

He was wrong, he thought in surprise. It was Obeiron and his eyes held desire Dean had never thought to see aimed at him but had hoped to have someday. "Obe?" Dean said curiously, head cocked down at him. He didn't tell him to stop or move but he had to ask.

"Dean, let me…please…I want to fuck you, baby. Please?" Obeiron asked gently. "I want you, Dean. I want you so badly."

"Can I make love to you? Or do you just prefer to do me?" Dean asked and Obe smiled.

"I want you to take me, too, but I want to be inside you first." Obeiron said and Dean nodded. He sighed in pleasure as Obeiron took him in his mouth while thrusting lubed fingers into him. He cried out as he breached him and found his prostate easily, moving back onto the fingers more as they worked him harder and he groaned as they left. Then Dean felt a dick at his entrance and opened for it at will. "Fuck, I love how you guys can do that!" Obeiron said and moaned as well, Sam was rubbing into his ass and he chuckled. "Yes, Sam, you should take my ass while I take his; thanks for asking so nicely there."

"I was asking…" Sam purred seductively, fingers tapping his hole, and working into him. "Open Sesame, let me in…then fuck my lover, Obe…fuck him hard…"

Obeiron seemed to agree with his suggestion as he proceeded to take Dean harder and he cried out in streams of curses, dirty talk, and moans now. Practically writhing under the impaling thrusts. Dean liked a hard fucking sometimes and this appeared to be one of them.

Once Sam felt him open enough, he thrust in and waited for him to adjust to him. Obeiron's thrusts into Dean faltering as Sam sought a matching tempo to what he was doing then once found, the three moved fluidly together and fucking in harmony. Their sex sounds and cries of pleasure joining the other ones swirling around them, along with the powers the gods had let claim them all.


Dean lay gasping in between bouts and finally managed to pull Obeiron to rest between him and Sam to rest for a minute.

"Obe, I know you may take this wrong but I have to ask…will you Mate to me? Marry me? I know you're with Sam and Eric but…you did just make love to me and that means something to me, and I know it must to you for you to want to do this with me. I just…I'm in love with you, have been since…well, you got with Sam. I didn't say anything because you said you were just with him. But then you were with the others, then I thought it was just a casual thing. So I didn't say anything…but then you Mated to Eric and I thought maybe you might be more open to my offer but I waited and then you just…we just…made love and now I'm confused. Does this mean you would be willing to Mate to me or is this a one-off kind of thing?" Dean said with hurt and confused eyes. "I'm in love with you, Obe. I love you. What we did, to me at least, that was…lovemaking and lovemaking to me means you might love me, too…am I wrong here?" He sighed. "Forget I said anything; I'm an idiot. I shouldn't have said anything sorry."

He went to pull away and Obeiron pulled him back, pulling him in for a deep reassuring kiss. "Yes, I love you, Dean. That's why I came onto you. I was going to propose later to you and offer to do a double wedding with you and Eric here in a week but you beat me to it. I was going to surprise you." Obeiron said and pressed a Faery mark on his chest, over his heart. "To always guard your heart for me while I'm not around to do it myself. To show my love for you, my engagement ring so to speak." He said and saw Eric eyeing the mark on his own chest and Dean's; he'd marked Eric when they'd been mating.

"So you will marry him, too?" Eric said. "He's been in love with you for a year, Obe. I'm surprised you missed it." Dean had been watching Obeiron with love in his eyes for a while now; it was about time the Faery noticed it.

"Yes, I will marry him and you next week. I got the whole ceremony almost set up. Like I did with Sam." Obeiron said and kissed his happy fiancées' lips. "I love you both so much. You make me feel so good inside."

"You make us feel the same way." Dean told him. "I adore you, Obe."

"Me, too." Eric agreed.

"I feel the same way. Wish I'd proposed sooner now…sorry, Dean." Obeiron said. He'd been eying Dean, too, for nearly a year now. If he'd seen his loving looks, he might have said it. He had noticed that Dean was looking away from him a lot though; so he must have been just missing his looks. Boy, had he been dense! Dean had been spending more time with him for a while now…that explained why.

Dean reached for him and he hesitated. "Dean, you just proposed and claimed me verbally…we touch sexually and there will be a mating frenzy. I'm not sure I can guarantee it won't happen and it will last for days, baby." He sighed. "Maybe we should wait."

"No, I want it. I'm fine with the frenzy thing. I fuck for days a lot anyway, so this won't be that odd. Besides, I could get pregnant like you did, if you take me…" Dean said then blushed. "I know we said we would but why wait? If the frenzy happens, I don't see a better time to do it than during that."

"Me, too. You get him pregnant, do me, too. So we can be pregnant together. We like to share pregnancies, please?" Sam asked and Obeiron nodded, chuckling.

"You two don't do anything half measures, do you? Damn! Okay, we'll do this together but if the frenzy hits, I can't stop to do you, Sam. You know how it works." Obeiron said thinking.

"Do him first." Dean said. "Then me. That way he's pregnant first and we can fuck for days."

"Okay, we'll do that then. Sam, suck me hard." Obeiron ordered and Sam obeyed, kneeling before him and sucking him. He groaned at how great he was at this and bemoaned the fact that he couldn't come in his mouth right now; he was so tempted to…"Sam, stop or I'm going to go…pick a position, baby."

Sam lay on his back and pulled his legs up, exposing himself completely. Obeiron's mouth watered at the view. But he put his dick to his entrance and Sam immediately let him in. He loved that part; the way their bodies welcomed their lovers so easily and it was a marvel, probably an extension of their powers. He realized, Or that they had sex too much for them to be tight like some were. Both were probably true, he suspected.

He made love to Sam for nearly an hour with Dean sucking him while Obeiron took him and he came several times loudly and then Obeiron pulled out, and Sam lay there spent for a minute.

Then Dean spread for him and he thrust in again, going slow this time and felt it coming; the need to Mate to him and he soon was fucking him hard. Dean felt the burning inside him, the need fill him. His mind focused to one point. Obeiron, he needed Obeiron! His body screamed his need and, as he was taken harder, he burned hotter for the Faery. "Take me, Claim me!" He fairly whimpered and Obeiron obeyed. Even as he came inside him, Dean felt the pregnancy take root but didn't stop moving against him. Every thrust made him want more, need more, and he was lost in need and love, Mating to his Mate called to his every cell now and he obeyed their call. "I'm yours! My Mate!" He cried out and moaned as his lover drove himself deeper into him.

Hours passed and it only got stronger, and soon neither man noticed anything but each other's thrusts and need.

The others watched them in wonder and shrugged; partnering off to play with their other lovers while the pair were lost in their frenzy. Obeiron's power joined theirs and now played out in ribbons to Olympus as well and they let it; knowing it was making them all feel good.

God smiled as his glowing eyes stared up at their room still.

He wasn't nearly done with them yet, not by a long shot!

Bobby watched him suspiciously and saw his lover was up to something sneaky with the group.

And had to laugh if what he suspected was true.


Eric first took Angel, his massive body pinned below his and being Still; his Master taking him hard and they soon were moving together. Desire driven higher by his Submission and he cried out as he came inside the Pinfore and then told him to come with him. Angel's head fell down as a deep moan came and he released onto the sheets. Connor took his position and soon Eric took him as well after Angel sucked him hard again, and he brushed his hands through his soft spikes as he pushed him down on him more.

"Yeah, you're …oh, gods, gonna….!" Eric cried out as he came in his throat and then felt him sucking him hard again and Eric moaned. Angel knew how to work his pleasure, damned if he didn't. Submissive or not, that man knew his pleasure!

Then he made love to Connor and he was Still, taking a spanking and then a rougher fucking, and eventually succumbing to multiple orgasms pressed through him as his Master came in him twice and then told him to cum; his body on overload and he screamed every orgasm eventually. Pleasure stealing his control.

He heard soft moans and saw his tiny Faeries fucking each other, too, and smiled. Even small they were sexy, he thought. They could go big soon; he could wait to fuck them until then.

In the meantime, he position Lucas before him and flogged him and then fucked him. "Master! Master!" Lucas cried out in pleasure as he fucked him and worked him hard; his head back on Eric's shoulder as he rode him backward. His body taking every hard thrust up into him and sending him into the stratosphere in pleasure and love. Cumming hard with his Master each time he repositioned him and then whipped him and took him again.

The Faeries soon took full size again and they saw Lucas collapse to the bed in a happily whipped and thoroughly fucked puddle.

Minutes later, they climbed their Master's body at his command and sucked him; then moved to the nightstand and offered the knife to him. He looked panicked at them. He knew what would happen if he even thought of touching them with it, and so did they!

"No, you cut yourself and we taste your blood…not you us. That much is allowed, we checked. Although you did drink from our King without repercussions, but that was probably because you were Mating to him…" Ceran told him. "You can't be punished for that." He'd researched it thoroughly and asked first, so he was sure it would be okay. "We checked, Master. We just want to taste you…"

"Okay, but…come up here and Ceran, ride my dick and lean closer. Pree, come up here and kiss me." Eric ordered and they did so. Ceran smoothly sheathing onto him; he'd just been fucked so he was loose enough to do it. Eagerly he rode his Master and leaned toward him; then felt fangs on his neck and waited. Gently they touched him and cut in, the Faery drinking from the cut as well; a little sip stole his mind and he found himself lost. No pain came but such intense pleasure hit him as Eric drank him deeper as they moved. Then sucked a mark onto his neck near his bite, and came with Ceran as he cried out his pleasure to the ceiling. Blood lightly pooling where the bite was healing; his Master tasting him, too. He thought with a smile.

Then Eric pressed Pree below him and thrust in, and cut on his shoulder. "Ceran, drink from there."

Then he pushed fangs into Pree's neck as they moved deeper into the love making and tasted him as well, shallow then deeper. Their blood was pure, like spun candy! Shit, they tasted great… he sighed and cut on his chest. "Pree, drink from there." And as they both sucked at the cuts again, Ceran thrust into him and fucked him as well. They soon were moving as a unit and making love as long as they could. Soon he felt fangs in him and looked down to see redder eyes gazing up at him with bloody lips smiling at him. Tiny fangs slipped down from their canines he saw and nodded permission; Pree lunged for his neck now and sank them in, drinking him deep now. Then he felt the other teeth enter the other side of his neck and drink him just as deep. Then pleasure stole his mind, body, and soul, hijacking it and all his thoughts and control, and giving it over to his Faeries, making him their slave; both fucking him mindlessly and violently deep and hard for hours later. Moans and hungry growls erupting from them now and they didn't care what others thought. They only needed…wanted….and cared for the blood in their mouths and throats. That and the cum they filled him with as they soon urged his obedient body to ride Pree and Ceran slipped himself in with Pree and they fucked him at the same time; stretching him wide and he whimpered in helpless bliss as they did it. Again and again fucking and cumming inside him as they also drank him deep; never letting up on their blood drinking either.

Halfway through, he realized what had happened. His Faery Subs had gotten vampire powers in their bite and in their gazes, and had Turned him into their whore and slave in that moment and from that moment on. He was their Feed now; their vampiric feed, whore, and helpless, mindless, and devoted Slave. He their whore whenever they wanted him to be. They would hold a piece of him that would call him to them and make him come to them as they commanded and do whatever they wanted. Should they choose to use it on him, of course.

He knew it should scare him but it didn't. He accepted it. It was only sometimes and when they wanted it…he'd work out the details with them later. He couldn't do the Feed thing, Whore thing, be the Master to them all, and do his duties he had all at the same time. He would have to set up times and agreements between them. Maybe a Vampire Feed and Whore contract so they were clear on what was expected of them. Their Faery powers had blended with the new vampiric ones to give them this new power over him…he'd have to find a way to limit it to just him; he didn't want to risk it being used on anyone else…maybe a condition on their collars now? Obeiron would want that, he was sure of it. Like they had done to the Incubi and Succubi. But this would only let the power work on Eric, no one else!

"We'll do it, Eric." Ceran whispered as he thrust in and kissed him, taking the power off him for a moment. "We'll do the contract and take the condition on the collars." Priux swore the same thing.

"Tomorrow." Eric said smiling and was proud they understood the responsibility their new power gave them. "I am your Whore and Feed sometimes…not all the time. I will serve you sexually that way at times. But I will always be your Master and you my Submissive Slave still, you know that…this doesn't change that, it just allows for me be Submissive to you sometimes but always to still be your Master, right?"

"Yes, you are. We submit to you always, Master. This was not what we had planned when we tasted you; we just wanted to try it. But, now that it has happened, we will be good Masters to you when feeding us and being the slave to our desires. We know it makes you go mindless and wanton, takes your mind until we are finished with you; so we will be careful and loving with you even then. You can trust us." Priux said sighing. "We love you, Master."

"I love you, too. Now make me your whore again and see how many times you can make me cum screaming your names, shall we?" Eric teased and felt the power taking him again as their red eyes glowed at him, taking his mind away even as their fangs sank into him again; those gazes hypnotizing him and making his mind go blank but for the need to please his Vampire Masters as much as they wished him to and in any way they wanted him to, too. crying out in bliss and moaning loudly as they took him higher and higher in his addiction to them, even as he dragged them deeper and deeper into their growing addiction to him, his body, and his blood as well. Their growls bounced off the walls, along with their cries of passion, then the rougher and more pounding sex began in earnest. He clung to them helplessly and mindlessly with glowing empty eyes as they came inside him, and on him, and in every way made him their slave; until their power allowed him to cum and he came screaming their names and doing more and more of it… until they found themselves spent from it and their power went back inside them again. And lay on top of the limp form of their Master, who'd yet to recover his mind from them yet. They wondered why then figured out that as long as their fangs were in him that he would stay enthralled to them. They had to smile and think he was a very sexy and willing slave this way; so perfectly gorgeous in his abandon.

So they careful got off of him and let him go. Taking their fangs out; so new but so sharp, too. And he fell to bed, his mind and freewill slowly coming back to him. Then lay there panting as cum leaked from his loose ass and from all over his body where they'd gotten it in the process of fucking him. His eyes struggled to focus again. He lay there and shook his head, trying to think past the pleasure dimming the edge of his thinking. They had bit him but…had claimed him, Turned him into their whore and wanton slave with just a bite. And he smiled. Admitting that while he wasn't used to it, it had felt good though; that they were good at that. He had lost control and become their mindless fuck slave but it wouldn't be the first time; their Sex god powers did the same thing to him, too, actually.

He realized their power was tied to their bites. Once they bit you, they owned you until they removed their fangs from you. Even with the rest of the power gone, the fangs enslaved you merely by biting you and still owned you when they were removed from your flesh; you'd always crave their bite and bodies after just one bite. They'd own you as they now practically owned him. A deadly power and gift. He thought. It would only be used on him, no one else. He loved it but was sure it would be wrong to use on anyone else.

But…they had fangs and red eyes…he'd Turned them! He hadn't meant to.

"Not Turned, Master! See, our eyes are the same again! We will only get red eyes when we are thirsty from now on. We absorbed your vampire venom; it merely made us like you but also like Incubi somewhat. That's all. We are slightly vampiric Faeries now. A lot like the Sidhe Faeries were actually; they actually possessed similar traits to the ones we now share with you. The dark ones we fought before, Sidhe Faeries were vampiric Faeries, you see…but not entirely. We're both kinds of Faeries now at the same time. Master, don't worry. We wanted this, to be like you but still like Faeries. We're fine this way. You can feed us later on if we get thirsty…the sex was fantastic this way, you were…there's no word for it except exquisite, beautiful, and Perfect in your Slavery to us..." Ceran reassured him. "We like us this way, you did nothing wrong, Master…"

"No harming humans or Faeries, or anyone else. You get thirsty, you find a willing Feed. No, change that! No other people! I'd prefer it be me. And the sex slave thing would just happen, it's the way the powers work. It's forbidden to feed from unwilling people!" Eric said sternly. "It's okay to drink it. We got blood substitute packs, too, Dorian has them for us. I love you anyway, you're even beautiful with vampire fangs and red eyes, I promise. I'd just prefer if you'd just fed from me; I suddenly feel jealous of anyone you may feed from but me; like a real Feed and Master relationship would feel between normal vampires. You look like yourselves again, good. I was afraid I'd permanently changed you over. Just try to only show that look to me; you may scare others if they see it. Now let me see just what changes you've gone through; show me the other side of yourselves, go on. I just won't meet your eyes."

"Like this?" Priux said and Eric nodded as his eyes bled to red and his teeth came down, small fangs but sharp, not too bad. He realized he'd only changed them slightly, they were still mostly Faery. "Sidhe, the dark ones, they had fangs and were vampiric like us. But they didn't drink blood and theirs didn't go back up; they just stayed down." He explained. "We're still good Faeries, just two unique ones now." He fingered the healing bite marks as they were healing but leaving scars where he'd bit them, but also saw that they eyed their love bites on his neck lovingly, too. "You Marked us. We have permanent and Soul Love Bites on us. Our souls are joined now but we did the same to you, are you angry?"

"No, I like it. One for each of you, I was surprised at all this but it's okay now; we'll be fine." Eric said and sighed. "You look normal again. Mine don't go up, they stay down. My fangs."

"Your eyes, do they change?" Priux said and gazed into them and he smiled.

"No, you curious thing! They stay the same, I just…well, growl a lot and show my fangs more when I'm thirsty." Eric said and shrugged.

"Oh, so you're different, too…how did you…is it okay to ask, Sir, how you got this way?" Ceran asked uncertainly.

"I was born this way. A vamp bit my mother while she was pregnant, Turned her and caused me to be…a Daywalker…a Dhampyre as Dorian calls it." Eric said.

"Tell us?" Ceran said going small to conserve magic; so maybe he could go big again sooner. Priux doing the same. Eric shrunk down and sat by them.

"Okay, I was born…" He began then told them the rest. Occasionally they asked questions and he clarified something but otherwise they let him talk. And at the end, they had to smile.

"And now you're here and free to be yourself…I bet you're happy." Ceran said and Eric smiled, nodding.

"Yeah, I am. I always thought I'd end up alone or dead, you know? Like they used to." Eric said sadly. "Never expected to find love this way, got lucky really. Love found me before Death did."

"Then you found them then us…we got lucky, too, Master." Ceran said shyly, blushing. Eric just had to kiss him for it. He was so pretty when he smiled that way and blushed!

"Yes, I did." Eric agreed and eyed his many lovers.

Yeah, he really had gotten lucky when he came to Olympus….he really had.


As the others made love and talked, Angel suddenly had an urge, one he wasn't familiar with but felt the crazy need to obey. He pressed Connor's legs apart and began sucking his dick and balls, lavishing them with attention. Connor gazed down at him with desire and confusion, but the same urge lurked in the depths of his dark blue eyes. They stared at each other for the longest time, not speaking, while Angel kept sucking him at the same time. Connor soon felt his body burning hot and an orgasm steal his breath and watched in wonder as Angel eagerly drank him. And worked him open, working one finger in to work his body, then adding another.

Neither could find the words to express how much this enthralled them and scared them shitless at the same time. But the pair bond that was claiming them wouldn't allow them to stop and they both were its slaves. Heavy moans and pants came from Connor as Angel worked his dick in now and Connor's head fell back as bliss filled him. And, as the thrusts took them over and love filled them and changed their feelings for each other, they gave themselves over to it and let it do it.

"Angel…my Angel!" Connor cried out in pleasure.

"My boy…mine!" Angel moaned as they made love now, slow then hard then taking their time to make their pleasure last. Only cumming when they had no choice, then Angel lay back and Connor thrust into him and made love to him. He reached for the man and their lips met for their first kiss and their passion exploded between them again as their tongues wrapped around each other and their bodies did the same. Desire and love claiming them again and they felt their pair-bond click in place and they came as it did and continued to make love.

This time Angel took Connor again and Connor moaned out. "Let me…make me…I want your child now." He panted as Angel paused his thrusts. "Please, we're bonded now and we're safe here…no threats like wolfram and Hart or Holtz here. We can raise them now, the right way. No one can hurt them…or take them from us…I want to be their Mom, you can be their Dad. Please, not my Dad now, my lover, my Mate, please…let me bear your kids…it's okay now, please!" Connor begged.

"Yes, you can, we'll do this. Think you want to get pregnant, and I'll think I want to get you that way." Angel said and pride filled him. Kids, he got to have more kids! This made his chest feel warm and tight at the same time. They'd be safer this time…no one got to break his heart and steal them from him this time; he'd kill them first…like he should have killed Holtz the moment he met the asshole! "I'll kill anyone who even considers doing to them what they did with you, Connor. I mean it!" His eyes glowed at this thought, that another could take them from him again…he'd lost Connor so many times and it had killed him inside each time. A piece of him had died each time he lost him. And when Connor had betrayed him again and again, he'd blamed himself for it each time. He'd failed his son, his pair-bonded lover now, and he didn't want to fail his new kids…"What if…" He began and almost cried, as doubts ate at him. "What if I can't protect them? I couldn't protect you…" He sighed. "I failed you, Connor…so many times."

"No, no, never failed me! You had no control of what Holtz did! You wanted to raise me right, Angel, I know that. Holtz twisted my mind there for a long time and, damn it, I let him. You never failed me. You always tried to save me and never gave up on me; I gave up on you…I failed you." Connor said and moved off his dick and they just each other as they cried. He recalled all the times he'd hurt the man in his arms and regretted every last one of them. Angel had given all of himself to save him time and time again, even from himself, even when he hadn't realized he was doing it. Always had his best interests at heart even when he'd stolen Cordelia from him; breaking his heart in the process. When he'd tried to blow them all up, Angel had signed his only chance at being human again away; sacrificed it to give him a second chance at a better life. Even if it had to be one without him in it, one where he didn't know he was his son. He was willing to give him up to make him happy and fix his broken mind…Angel had never failed to try to be his father…Connor just hadn't wanted him to be. He had been so confused for so long…but not now.

Angel was here and not his Dad. He was his Mate and lover and he wanted to make a happier life for them both now, and that life included their own kids. With each other. "Make me a mother, Angel, I'm ready." He smiled and kissed the man, wiping his tears away. "No more blaming each other or anyone else for anything. No more regrets. Just let the past go, I have. I'm happy now and with you, My Angel. I love you differently now and I want a family with you. I will fight side by side with you now to protect them and raise them; never you worry about that. You were alone before when you did it, but not now, you got me. I'm not letting anything happen to them either. I'll kill them first."

"Me, too." Dean said eyes dark with fury and determination.

"Me, too." Eric said and kissed them both. "You make those kids and we'll all keep them safe. No one touches them or takes them from us…yes, I said us. We're all a couple now, and those kids will be all of ours to love and care for…anyone fucks with them wrong, we'll kill them, too." He swore bitterly.

"Me, too." Sam said and so did the Faeries, Lucas, and Obeiron. "You got us now, they'll be fine."

"Okay, in that case, let's make that baby, Connor." Angel said shrugging it off. "You'll protect them with us, so no one…" He couldn't finish it. Coward that he was…it stuck in his throat and opened him up, made him feel raw…they knew what he was afraid of. "I can't lose my family again…" He cried a little at the thought. Holtz had taken Connor, and he'd lost his son before he had a chance to get to know him and show him how much he loved him, and Connor had ended up hating him…he didn't want that with these kids!

"Won't happen again!" Connor growled and heard it echoed as they held their lover close and soothed his fears. "Not fucking up my family again!"

"Never again." The others said. "Don't be afraid, have that family again, baby."

"I'll try, you promise to…" Angel cut off at their determined looks. "Okay. No one touches them. No one takes them from m…us. From us. We'll all raise them. Not just me and Connor; I get that now."

"Damn straight, Angel. No one touches any of the kids here, we kill anyone who tries." Dean said.

"Good." Angel said and began to kiss up Connor's thigh again, Connor moaned in return and spread wider to allow Eric to join him in doing it, while the others touched and worked the rest of his body with their hands and kisses, all stealing deep kisses from him in turns. Thrusting in, Angel took him again, and this time they thought about getting pregnant and Sam touched his stomach to make sure it happened.

Connor's hand caressed Dean's bump now and smiled. Soon he'd have his own. He didn't care how many he had, as long as he had some. He wanted kids and wanted to know he had his own. Angel may have been an unexpected pair-bond but he wasn't fighting it. He was in love with him now thanks to their bonding and he wanted to try giving him kids now; ones no one took from him and made hate him and break his heart like Connor had done to Angel after Holtz had taken him. He regretted that and resolved to never let him know that pain again. He'll make sure Angel never knew that kind of heart break again!

Their lovemaking quickly escalated to fucking, hard fucking as their other lovers pleasured them at the same time; often fucking Angel as he made love Connor again and again. Stopping only to suck one another in turns and do it to him again. And by the end of the night, they felt it, the feeling that he was with child. Connor felt and the bump was there. So he stroked it lovingly as they rested in their afterglow, and smiled in between kisses. The other lovers kissing and touching Dean's, Sam's, and Connor's bumps as well.

"Master?" Ceran asked hesitantly.

"Yes, Ceran?" Eric asked as they cuddled against him, their favorite thing to do during sex really. As Faeries in love, they liked the cuddling and closeness much more than the sex; not that they didn't like that, too. No, they loved it almost as much. But nothing made them feel as loved as when their lover held them close and smiled at them in that pleased way. It told them he loved them better than any words could.

"Speaking of babies, can we make one with you? Like you did with our king?" Ceran hesitantly asked, eyes on his Mate worried, he saw that Priux felt the same way.

"Yes, when?" Eric asked and they smiled.

"Now." Ceran requested politely as he could.

"Sure." Eric said and groaned, eying the soon to be pregnant and the pregnant lovers in his bed. They all would be pregnant but him and Lucas, damn! Oh, well. He didn't mind, he liked kids. It wouldn't be that bad. He'd be a busy Dad but, hey, he wouldn't be the only in the group; they would be busy doing the same thing.

Then he gently lay Ceran on all fours and worked into him again and they thought to get pregnant, making love and then only fucking when they couldn't fight the need to do so anymore. And he came into the man repeatedly as he shouted his orgasms with Eric and they didn't stop for an hour then he did the same with Priux and soon they fell spent to the bed, too. Then he smirked as the Faeries made love to each other in turns in hopes of putting one from each other into their wombs as well; so they could have their own kids as well.

He wondered where all the baby making fever for them had come from but he wasn't arguing with it.


God's eyes stared upstairs glowing and he smiled as he stared. "What are you up to, God?" Bobby asked suspiciously, eyes drifting up to see where he was looking and knowing just where he was looking, too. Feeling bad for the eight lovers upstairs.

"Just helping them along…" God said vaguely and Bobby had an idea they were going to be surprised at what he had done. But would enjoy it, too. He would never harm them but make them fuck for hours? Yeah, he'd do that…"Keeping things on schedule that's all…" He'd just gotten two stubborn souls to pair-bond and encouraged reluctant lovers to find each other. And gave them a chance to be parents again to more kids; to be parents together and have their own family. They were close enough now; it was time they did so. He wanted them to do this…and as he always said.

His Will be done. Always his Will must be done.

Okay, some parts of the Cosmic plan were still in play but he was sure they'd enjoy them. The rest was all love and peace for them, mostly. And having their own even larger family was a part of that. Plus, Angel and Connor needed to heal from their past and their fears, and the pair bond and the kids between them would achieve that. "And fixing some issues for them." He said thoughtfully and let his power go back into him. His creation and love power fulfilling its purpose now that he had thrust it into them; making them do as he wanted them to.

To make them happy, to heal them, and to give them their heart's desires.

Those wonderful God-Mates of his…they deserved this happiness he meant to give them…the blessings he had given them.

And, as their pleasure, love, and lust was carried out to Olympus and its denizens, and they all began to have sex and it took them over; most of them anyway. Their cries of love and pleasure filled the house again.

The kids watched their older friends and family kiss and go to find places to have sex. They watched the golden ribbons flow in the air around them and smiled.

"What are they?" Julius asked as he and Levyna sat on the hood of the Impala and let them float around them, their golden glow shimmering like a million stars in each ribbon. Touching one and letting it flow through their hands, they felt the pleasure and love in it and smiled.

"Their powers. My Dads' Powers, love and lust. They have sex and the powers come out and carry their love and lust and all they are feeling out to the others; infect them and they are driven to do it, too." She shrugged and laughed as one tickled her cheek playfully. "That and the powers play with us while they do it. Come on, let's chase that one. It wants to play with us. Come on, Jules, it will get away!" She laughed as it seemed to stop and wave them on, then flowed away ahead of them, and they saw other kids, little ones like them, chasing others and being tickled by them as they caught their little one; laughing and fit to split and gripping it tightly as it played with them very innocently.

"If they are love and lust, then how can they play so normally with us?" Julius asked. He didn't want to have sex when it touched him. This confused him.

"Because they are also love and part of that love is love for us kids; that is carried on them, too. They are alive when they are out like this, and they love us. Just not sexually. Play with that one, it's trying to get your attention. Here's a tip…don't ignore the ribbon; you'll hurt its feelings…it likes you." Levyna encouraged Julius as one particular ribbon shyly tapped his arm repeatedly. "It's shy, like you, how nice. Play with it, babe."

"You want to play with me?" He asked it and it seemed to nod. "Okay. Let's play then." He said and laughed as it wrapped around him and carried him off to the woods.

"Have fun!" She called and he said he would as he disappeared from view. Some ribbons were more playful than others. She saw that every kid got his own ribbon. The powers giving them all ribbons, no matter how many were needed. It just created more as it needed them. Their powers loved those little kids, too. And they loved it when their parents let them out to play with them, too. During each bout of sex, they got to play with the ribbons. It was the best part of their parents' orgies.

Those little ribbons.

Their little friends.


Her own ribbon touched her and motioned upward and she nodded, taking hold of it and summoning a cloud and sitting on it and floating up into the sky with the ribbon wrapping around her to hug her. She stopped as she got above the clouds and watched the moon over the clouds, making them ephemeral in its light.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" a voice said and she turned to see a blond child flying up to her on white wings. It was Eleanor, one of the Angel kids. She smiled. "The others are flying over there." Eleanor's diamond eyes with gold rings around them were gorgeous, she thought. Lucky girl. She got gray ones.

Levyna wanted eyes like hers. But liked her own, too. Hers moved constantly, they said they could see storms swirling in them, literally; they were always moving. "I like your eyes. I wish mine were like yours." Levyna said wistfully and looked at the other Angel kids as they played air tag. She spotted some on clouds like her, and smiled as well. Storm gods and goddesses, they were all here, and all had their own ribbon touching them, playing with them; even the Angel kids. "Why do they do this? The ribbons? They act like we're their friends or something, like they love us."

"Because they are the grownups' love for us manifested. Those gods love us so much that it is carried over in their powers. So their powers love us as much as they do. I suspect if something tried to hurt us, the powers would protect us, too. The ribbons are so beautiful, too. I meant the moon on the clouds, I love being up here, day or night. I've never seen Heaven itself, but …I've dreamt of it, I dream of it every night. As an angel that is natural, you see. This is how Heaven looks you know, clouds and light." Eleanor said. "I'd like to visit it someday. God said us Angel kids could go there for visits someday…when we're older. He says we'll serve Heaven like the Angels already there do but down here…I can't wait."

"Can I go?" Levyna asked hopefully. Heaven sounded pretty.

"No, I don't think so. You are a god, and gods aren't allowed there. Our Moms, Sam and Dean, they can't go there either, for the same reason." Eleanor said. "Olympus is the Second Heaven, so enjoy it. It's just as good here, too. I like both places. I want to visit Heaven, but…I want to stay and live on Olympus, you know what I mean?" Eleanor said sighing. "It's going to be a full moon soon. The wolves and Faeries will like it."

"I get the wolves like the moon. But why? And the Faeries, they seem to …need it." Levyna asked curious now.

"Wolves feel the moon in their souls, they are tied to it; lunar or not. They just don't transform because of it. Ours don't at least." Eleanor explained then smiled. "The Faery powers are moon-based. They are strongest under the light of the moon, but still work. It seems to charge them…Faeries need moonlight to charge their powers up and they are most powerful when the moon is up. The fuller the moon, the stronger their powers. The smaller or no moon, the weaker their powers can be." Then she took a hold of her own ribbon and flew off. "Come join us, we're playing Moon games!"

And she flew toward them; her cloud easily keeping up with Eleanor now.

Then they began a game of Red Rover and laughed as a ribbon pulled its playmate into a cloudbank and got her a face full of cold cloud.

Levyna busted through the line on her first try and they said she cheated. Teasing, of course.

She just joined their side and waited for the next one to try and break through, the golden ribbon tickling her as she did so.


"Dean, leave him be and come help me." Sam said and saw Obeiron's grateful glance. Eric was on a hunt, one that would give him some space as well. They had been clinging around him a lot lately; having sex often with the Faery king. Obeiron loved them but even Sam knew that sometimes when you had more than one lover clamoring for your constant touch and attention that you needed a break. "I can't get this part on right."

It wasn't the right part, he knew that. He was creating a diversion and smiled as Dean ran to help him. Obeiron fled to the Faery woods to hide for a while and plan the wedding. It was a surprise. And having the mates with him that he wanted to surprise made planning the surprise part infinitely more…difficult.

"Dean, you guys need to let him breathe, baby. He's planning the wedding but you aren't giving him time to do it." Sam told him once he grabbed the correct part and began to ratchet it on.

"I know. But it's so hard to stay away. I crave his touch so badly right now, so does Eric." Dean said then caught Sam's look. "Okay, I'll try to back off. Might get moody though."

"Moody? We're all moody…pregnant here, remember?" Sam pointed out. Their bellies were huge, at least six to eight babies were in there. He was sure of it. Or there should be, they were kickers! "I'm used to moody. But Obe's trying to get it ready in time. Be close during your honeymoon; this clinginess is pure pregnancy. You can control that, Dean. You have before."

"Eric…" Dean began then saw Sam's look. "Yeah, he's trying to give him space, too. I know that. It's just so hard, craving his touch so much."

"It fades. I went through it, still am. I am resisting it as much as I can, too. The babies seem to need to be around him, so…we do dates at night, picnics, things like that. Try that, it should ease the need a bit to where you can handle it better. I've been mated to him longer so I've adjusted to it more than you have." Sam pointed out.

"How long does this last? Because it's driving me crazy…and I owe him an apology…shit." Dean said and Sam laughed.

"He understands, all Faery mates go through it. It only lasts a week or two then becomes less intense. You'll be able to function more normally while also needing more time with us, which we try to arrange. The addiction fades and the craving gets much less then. The need becomes a mating need, what one usually finds in a mate soon after that. No more clinging hopefully. The babies crave their father and his power…how about he donate power twice a day? It might ease their need for it and leave you feeling more normal." Sam added, sure it was true and hoping it helped.

"I'll try that. Eric is less compelled but still needs him, why is that?" Dean asked, Eric's was less than his but still almost as bad.

"He's nearly out of the cycle. He'll be fine after the wedding. Obeiron was more worried about us. Hey, why don't you join us for our date tonight? He's taking us to a spot in the woods there; he's packed a basket of Faery foods and everything…" Sam offered. "You can bring up the power thing then."

"I'd like that. I miss human food, or god food, or any food that is not grown naturally in the Faery Woods; so tired of veggies!" Dean groaned. It had been a week and only being allowed Faery crap was leaving him…hungry. Not starving but…damn he missed meat and foods that weren't Faery of any sort!

"It's only for a couple months, Dean. And I'm on that diet, too. I've grown to like meat just as much as you. I'm fine with the Faery foods. Stop whining. It's for the kids, not us. Plus the Faery Cider is fantastic, and the water from their streams taste wonderful." Sam told him.

"I do like the cider…the water is good, too. But I swear when I have my babies, I am going to eat so many burgers and fries in a week, I will become one from it. Become what I eat…hmmm…I will be a burger!" Dean laughed then nodded. "I'll try to be nicer about the food; I get why it's important. They can only take Faery foods right now; anything else could kill them. And me. I was just saying." He smiled as Sam kissed him. "I'll go ask to join you later."

"No, stay here, he's busy. Just come with me, he won't mind if you join us." Sam said, knowing the woods weren't ready all the way for the wedding yet and he didn't want to spoil the surprise.


A week later, they were amazed at how different the woods looked. They were draped with what looked like fabric, but saw it was transparent with small sparkles in them, bit of glitter, too. The moonlight showed in spots; the trees filtering it out and into smaller beams already that hit every draped piece of Faery Fabric unerringly. The paths were decorated with their favorite flowers on each side. Two paths, separated by another yard of fabric draped between them as well.

Faery music and singing echoed in harmony around them, the melody romantic and soft.

The other Faeries lined the aisles; some small, some fuller sized, but all bowing to their new King's Consorts already, showing them due respect. Olympus watched as well, crowded around them as much as they could, too. God led Dean and Eric to the altar, giving them away with a happy smile. They were so handsome in their gold and white robes; long and flowing but not oversized on them. But just barely brushing their bodies with a loosened gold belt at the waists as well; their stomachs comfortably draped but not pressed on by their robes.

The pair nervously followed their Paths and smiled as Obeiron and Sam beamed back at them from the podium outside the Palace there. Sam stepped to the side and took his throne, while Obeiron moved to a flat part on the stairs to wait for them. Soon they were with him and he took a hand from each of them to hold.

"Ready?" Obeiron whispered, feeling their nervous tremors through their fingers already. "I love you, this is just a formality…relax. You both are so handsome in your Royal robes…so perfect. I even made you thrones, see?" He pointed to the ones on each side of his and Sam's thrones. Dean's was by Sam, and Eric's was by his. "You will be Kings, too. Like us, with full Faery king powers; we discussed it last night and decided it was only fair, since I'd done it with Sam." Obeiron told them and they looked very surprised. "That was why I was avoiding you. I was setting this up for you and getting the thrones ready for you; it would have spoiled the surprise if you'd seen them before now…not that hiding it from you was easy…you were very persistent things."

"So you weren't upset with us for bothering you too much, being too clingy? You didn't need space…from the Mating clinginess?" Dean asked uncertainly.

"No, I love that you need me that way. I knew you would be when you got Mated to me and pregnant…I expected it…it's just with the wedding surprise, I had to pretend it was bothering me so you'd leave me alone to do this for you. I need you just as much as you need me right now. It was hard on me staying away from you, too…trust me." Obeiron reassured them. "I want to be around you while you're pregnant, I really do, Dean. The babies need me to be, too. And I am just as driven to be around Eric, what with being pregnant with his babies, too…so we can be close again, now that the surprise is done. Do you like them, the thrones?" He asked, hoping they did, he had taken great care to make them each just for their new king that would own them. He'd even personalized them to suit their individual tastes…he'd wanted to them to love them.

Just as much as he loved those gods, too.

"I love mine." Dean told him and admired his. It was a soft white gold with silver trim, a silver cushion at the back and to sit on, with Victorian style arms and legs. So beautiful! He could tell his lover had taken great care in creating it just for him, and that made him love even more as well. "It's beautiful, Obe. Thank you."

"I love mine, too." Eric said staring at his. It was a darker color, a soft grey, with obsidian stone around the back and at the top of it. Silver lined the cushions which were a really pale silver color. The legs and arms were gothic styled and it was wider than the others; to allow him more sitting room. "It's so…unique and beautiful, too. Thank you."

"Okay, let's do the vows then you take the crowns and we go from there, ready?" Obe asked them and they nodded, and he motioned for the others to pay attention more now. "It's time." He told them all.

Silence allowed the music to swell gently around them again, soothing them.

Obeiron recited the vows and they knelt, bowing to him, but saying they did. He watched as Samae brought Dean's crown to him and Sam brought Eric's to him. Dean's crown held an Emerald but it was more intense than any emerald he'd ever seen before; it glowed! It was set in gold and shone like a green flare around him, bathing him in green light. Eric's was an opal, white with many colors contained in it. His crown was silver and more intricately woven than Dean's. White glittery light covered him as well.

When it lifted, they found themselves greatly changed.

Dean's hair had hunter green larger streaks with smaller lighter green ones, his skin shimmered green in the moonlight, the same thing had happened with his nails. Eric had purple highlights and his grew longer into long braids to his shoulders and the braids were threaded with silver and dark purple now. Both of their eyes gained silver rings around the outside of them. Eric's skin shimmered purple and his nails gained a purple shimmer as well. Both got a bit a point to their ears as well, like Sam and Samae had. Discreet and tiny, their ears are a little differently shaped, more Faery like but still human looking.

Dean's eyes gained green glittery shimmer to them as well; they glowed more now with both Faery and his god power, making them shine some. A little more than before. Eric's had a dark purple shimmery tint as well, no longer almost black; they glowed dimly as well. Faery power and his new god power glowed in them. They both felt the Faery powers fill them and their heads fell back as the powers lifted them up off the ground and overwhelmed them as it bonded to them fully. Transforming them from mere gods to being both full Faery and full god at the same time; full of the same power as Obeiron had, and smiled at how it felt…so much power! They'd never suspected it felt this way for him and Sam. Then had to wonder how did they handled it? Damn!

Soon enough they were dimming and stood bathed in moonlight; the powers fully absorbed finally.

Then Obeiron took silver rings that were on a nearby pillow and held Eric's out first. The silver band slipped easily on his finger, then seemed to weld it to his Olympian Wedding band. Then Dean got his on and it did the same thing. The gold and silver bands entwining together magically somehow before their eyes to form one bigger rings they would wear now, one Faery silver, one human gold, and the stone in the Faery ring slipped into a groove they formed between them in the middle of it. It was a strange stone they'd never seen before, except on Sam's wedding ring and on the ring Obeiron always wore.

"It's a Faery Stone. Those rings are Faery Rings I gave you, only Faery kings wear them. Stone's colors are too many to count but will swirl constantly; change colors and they will blend at times. They are magic and as such will never stay the same color for very long. They will glow however when your powers are being used. See, they are actually living stones we have here in the woods, hidden and treasured; carefully hoarded until they are needed. They will never come off you either; they are welded to your fingers now, as is Sam's. They will pull your powers in and join them with it, along with the Faery powers they already hold, which will connect to the ones you wield now as well; multiplying and making them far stronger than they used to be…give them a boost, both powers, not just the Faery ones. So you, Dean and Sam, need to be careful how you use your god powers now. The ring has affected them as well." Obeiron said then smiled. "You should feel its power settling into you by now."

"We do." Dean said and felt it out, having to contain the power quickly and deciding that he really would need to be careful how much power he let out…the ring and stone had made his powers more potent; much more volatile. He'd have to work on training them again; they were boosted more than he'd thought they'd be! Eric nodded as he found his doing the same thing…but accepted it. He'd just need to work on using them again, before even considering using them in any other way; even for missions.

He held out a gold band and slipped it on Obeiron, with Eric holding it at the same time. He watched as it did the same as it had done with their rings and nodded. He'd expected that. Then let Obeiron lead them to their thrones and they sat on them, taking turns to do it. Then they sat together and watched their audience all bow to them in reverence. Smiling in approval, they allowed it for now. It was a royal Faery thing after all, and those always called for bowing; so they were used to that.

Just not to the gods of Olympus, they hated that there.

Then they took their fellow Kings' hands and led them to the reception they were holding for them in Olympus's courtyard. Gabe doing the desserts, the others furnishing the food, and Sam and Bacchus furnishing the drinks. Dean helping with creations to serve it all to them. He was better at it than Sam so he let Dean do that. Dean always made better creations anymore, Sam had begun to notice and was proud of his godmate for that gift he had.

All thrilled with the new way they were and took every opportunity to hold each other as much as they could finally. They'd missed and needed the contact. And Obeiron and Eric were more than happy to give them it again. This time they'd let them cling until the urge to had passed, as it would in a week or two, at least according to Sam it would. They hoped so. They felt like they were Turning into girls here and not in a good 'hey, that's a funny prank!' kind of way either…they really hated being so needy but couldn't stop themselves from doing it.


(The next day)

Eric moaned as he spun in pleasure, as his three Faery Mates/lovers fed from him until they were sated. First taking turns sucking him until he came in their mouths then sucked hard again. Ceran, Priux, and Obeiron needing his fluids for their babies they carried for him. Ceran and Priux could take blood and semen, whereas Obeiron could only take in the semen. He'd seen what the Vampire blood had done to Priux and Ceran and didn't want to risk it Turning him, too. So he'd just take the semen, thank you very much. Two vampiric Faeries on Olympus were more than enough in his opinion, not that he begrudged them that. He'd only placed the condition on them, Eric, and their collars that they only fed off Eric and blood packs from now; never anyone else and no blood donation to anyone else either! Those fangs would stay sheathed unless they were using them on Eric; that was his rule here and theirs.

They'd agreed to it and said they were going to do that anyway; Eric had insisted on it already. He would be their Feed and no one else; no one else could be touched by their fangs or powers. It would be safer all around and he knew the pleasure their powers held; he coveted it and wanted it all for himself. If anyone got to be their whore, it only got to be him! Eric was most insistent on that one. And they were more than a little inclined to agree with him; seeing as how they were totally and mindlessly devoted to him, too. He was their Master and lover, and they'd do anything for that dark skinned beautiful man. Just as he'd do anything for them; the world and all in it be damned!

Each going to all fours and waiting him for him to take them, which he did and then the two Faery companions licked at his neck where their love soul bites were, where they'd drink blood from him later. He felt pleasure shiver through him as they licked them, too. They then stopped and moved to lay on their backs instead to taken. The Vampiric Faeries drinking his blood while they were at it, hungrily biting him again at brief interludes so he wouldn't stay enslaved like during a full Feed; the Faeries and his Submissives begging their Master for more. So he took them harder and deeper, cumming inside them until they leaked it. Then lay back as the insatiable things sucked him again and soon had him spinning again; Dean taking them as well. The fluids lubing them up, fucking them as well and they all came shouting over and over. Multiple orgasms stealing Eric's mind as Dean pressed Instant Lust into him and the three Faeries drank semen until they were sated from it. Then Dean released Eric from his power to let him stop cumming. Leaving the man trying to glare at them but failing to do anything but smile in that overly satisfied way they loved to see on his face. Soon he gave up on trying to be upset and let himself enjoy the afterglow entirely.

"That was perfect…" He purred happily. Sounding high as a kite and they figured he was, high on spent lust and pleasure, like a Cheshire cat that had ate all his cream. "Didn't know your power could control my orgasms like that, that was…sublime…"

"Like I said, Sam creates the feelings and starts the sex with his, creates the feelings, the sensations you feel, I just make them last longer with mine, our powers complement each other, you knew that." Dean pointed out.

"But you never kept me cumming that way before and you literally made me cum harder on command…wow!" Eric explained, still blissed out.

"Yeah, that's new…my Instant Lust thing does that if I use it while someone is cumming, I can take over your orgasms and control how long they last and how intense they will be…It's my new improved addition to my Instant Lust gift. I'm glad you liked it. I was afraid you'd accuse me of forcing you to do it and be angry at me, Master." Dean said sadly.

"Not angry, want you to do it at each feeding for them, it helps, it really does. I couldn't cum enough to feed them properly if you didn't do it, trust me. Their need for my fluids is…insatiable. Or was until you did that. You should do that each time, I need you to help me so I can feed them right." Eric insisted, an order built into it and Dean bowed to that order.

"Yes, Sir, I'll do it every time for you guys." Dean said softly, bowing his head in respect to Eric, Eric watching him pleased with his actions, such a perfect Submissive he was, Eric thought. And he was his. All his.

"Good boy." Eric said and pulled him in for a kiss, then proceeded to make love to him now that he'd rested for a while, and as they came, had to wonder how he got so lucky to have found such perfect lovers, when he'd been just another Vampire Hunter who was constantly a day away from dying. And thanked God he'd let him find them to love, and that they had loved him in return.

He hadn't expected it and he hadn't deserved it, but…

He fully intended to keep them anyway!


Dean and Sam eyed the spread, but Dean had reservations…it was all veggies and fruit, yet again. He was rapidly tiring of this. He saw a new plate of food now, white squares. He got curious…it couldn't be Tofu; he wasn't allowed to eat that. It wasn't a Faery food. Was it some other fresh kind of veggie his lover had found? He smiled as Obeiron offered him a bite while explaining, "I know you miss meat and I have something that might help with that." He pointed to the white cubes. "They are Tali, and my former consorts used to eat them. The human ones…they needed meat, too; and with their pregnancies, they couldn't eat it so this replaced it. That and there is no killing of the animals in the Faery woods, so this was what they had to eat instead of meat anyway. It grows in a garden behind my palace. My Father grew it and his father before him. We just kept the garden for our lovers…we grow all kinds of Faery herbs and such there…we use them in protection spells and some other potions as well. Now let me explain what Tali is."

Dean tried it and his eyes closed in bliss; a moan of love slipped out and they had to smile. He usually only made that sound during sex, wow! "This is…mmmm! It tastes like a cheeseburger…with bacon, cool!"

"Sam, you try it now…Dean, watch and then I'll explain." Obeiron said and Sam tried it, and he too moaned and loved it. Those moans did give him ideas though, but he ignored that for the moment.

"Grilled chicken! It tastes great! What is it? It's not meat, right?" Sam had to ask.

"It's a plant. But not just a plant…it's…well, it's not anything really. As far as I've ever known it's not a veggie or a fruit…it grows in the ground like a potato but it's not. It's what we call the 'Chameleon' plant. It's whatever the person eating it is craving…be it meat, veggie, or fruit…I don't know how or why but it does. All my other lovers ate it instead of meat so I thought I'd surprise you. I know it's been hard these past few months with the babies and all…but I do appreciate what you're going through and love you. Both of you. And I want to make you happy." Obeiron said kissing them in turns. "Eat all you want, and I'll show you the garden later; it's yours to tend to now so you might as well know where it is."

"Won't it run out if we eat it too much?" Dean asked. He didn't want to run out of this stuff! At least not for another month…

"No, have you ever noticed how lush the woods stay here? The woods here are magical, the soil itself is, and the water is…it's all blessed. Nothing dies, nothing breaks, and nothing runs out. You pick something, it grows right back. You cut something or break it, it regenerates instantly. Granted some things are alive while others aren't, so you have to make sure it's not alive before you touch it but even those things regenerate. Our animals don't die, they heal instantly as well. They are protected just as the plants are, just as we Faery are. So you could pick it for hours and still always have what you need." Obeiron pointed out.

"We could plant our own garden here…with normal stuff, human stuff." Dean suggested. "Or would that not work? Can only Faery foods grow here?"

"You can grow anything here, so go ahead and expand the garden all you like. It's yours now so plant some of the spell ingredients you need, too. There's plenty of room." Obeiron offered. He held out a plastic container and smiled as Dean eyed it happily. "I picked some earlier and cut it up for you. I figured you'd want some to eat while you were at the house. There's enough for you, Eric, and Sam here…you only need one or two cubes at a time, too much could make you sick…so be careful with it. It's very filling and rich, trust me on that."

"Got it." Dean said and set it aside, then leaned in to kiss and thank the man. "I love it, thank you."

"I thought you might." Obeiron chuckled and they got talking after that, eventually laying back on the blanket with them as they leaned on elbows and chatted. He ended up cuddling them eventually but didn't mind.

"I think I'm full…" Dean said rubbing his stomach. "Damn that was good."

"Yeah, know the feeling." Sam said doing the same. Both chuckled and leaned up to kiss along Obeiron's shoulders. "Now for dessert…" Their hands now wandered on ahead of them, blazing a trail of passion down the man's body, leading the way to where they wanted to go.

"Dessert…what kind of dessert?" Obeiron said laying back on the blanket and letting them have their way. Not being the stupid sort, he knew full well what kind of dessert they had in mind. Feigning ignorance was part of their game.

"Why you of course…" Dean said against his neck, nuzzling a little as he talked then licking his way down. Sam doing the same. "Now stay still so we can enjoy our dessert."

"Yes, Sir." Obeiron chuckled then moaned as they found his nipples. "Oh, yeah, staying still…"

And with that, they proceeded to ravish that Faery king for hours and, not surprisingly, he didn't utter one word of complaint. He did however manage a few moans that soon mingled with theirs and cries of passion. They were Sex gods after all…

And damn but the sex was good!


Eric let the pair talk him into a picnic the next day. They were so adorable when they asked him out he couldn't say no. They brought out the food and he looked at the cubes on the tray, a small pile of them. "What is that?" Eric asked and they tore one in half and handed it to him.

"Try it, its Tali." Dean said grinning and making the rest of their plates. Faery food for them and some baked beans and potato salad, the mustard kind, for Eric. They'd made them for him themselves and hoped they got it right. There were also a couple six inch subs with salami and pepperoni with Muenster cheese and mustard and mayo on them, no veggies. He hated condiments on his sandwiches, they knew that.

He reluctantly tried it then moaned. "Wow, its steak…" He said eyeing it curiously. He took his plate and saw their hopeful looks. "I know, you made it for me yourself." He tried the food and sighed. He smiled and nodded then. "It's great, just the way I like it. You're pretty good cooks, for hunters who didn't use to cook very much." He complimented them and took an even bigger bite of it then. "Hey, that Tali isn't bad…what is it?" He asked.

They explained about it being the 'Chameleon' plant and what that meant. "We can eat this while we're pregnant, since it tastes like meat to us." Dean finished.

The meal went well. Then they lay back on the blanket to let their meal settle. "Eric, we could play…" Dean hinted, caressing his collar.

"Yes, we could." Eric agreed and smiled up at them. "Work off some of this food." He sat up then and motioned for Dean to come to him. "You ride me. Sam, straddle my face, I want to suck you while he does it." He ordered and they nodded.

"Yes, Sir." They said and did as they were told. Dean carefully sliding onto him while Sam settled before him, straddling his Master.

"Good boys." Eric praised them and then proceeded to pull Sam to his lips to lick his cock's head. Dean picked up a steady rhythm, Eric's hand on his hip guiding him to a pace his Master preferred right then.

And they managed to play this way for a couple hours before returning back to Olympus, all looking very debauched and sated. Something their Mates and friends noticed with much amusement. And thought that picnics did seem much funner than they had formerly thought they were. Surely they could find someone to go on a picnic with them sometime, too…their mates just nodded their approval of that plan and they laughed.


Dorian sat savoring her cider when she felt it…her water had broken. Next to her, on a picnic with her, Varis winced as his broke soon after. Then the contractions kicked in. "Shit, we need to get back to the house." Dorian said and they headed that way. Several cries followed and they saw Cas, and the others following as well. Behman, Modi, Stefano, Clara, Artemis, and Bacchus with them.

Each one was aided by their mates, and by a doctor of their own. Bassinettes lined a wall and they were soon filled. Dorian's triplets came first, Varis's next, but his were all boys…he eyed them sadly. He'd been hoping for a girl but would love them all the same. "It's okay, baby…we'll try again…as soon as you're ready." Karis promised him.

"Soon as I heal this, I want to do it again." Varis said firmly, meaning every word. Back to back pregnancies weren't anything new among Olympians so this was normal enough.

"Sure, we'll do it." Karis promised.

Cas was next. First came Casey, brown blonde hair and golden brown eyes with gold around the pupil that shown like the sun as the candlelight hit it. Gold flecks peppered the brown in them as well, beautiful angel eyes. Gabe thought, he pushed his way through to stand by his newborn lover's bassinette and eyed him with adoring eyes. "You're here, you're finally here, my love…I've waited for you." He whispered to the child who looked up at him with a smile, love shining in his eyes as well. "I love you, Casey." Casey's sisters soon followed and were laid by him. Both looked more like Cas though, black hair and blue eyes met Gabe's, Cas's clones, but their bodies were a bit longer, more like Gabriel's. Another boy followed, looking like Cas as well, matching the girls perfectly. Clara had two boys and one girl, one boy had platinum blond hair like her with pale blue ice-colored eyes, but the others had light brown hair with natural pale blond highlights in it and olive/blue hazel eyes. A new but interesting eye color, she had to admit.

Modi had girls, too. Two of them and two boys. Artemis had four, two boys, two girls. Bacchus had four boys. He now asked to do it again as well, he wanted some girls, too. The others offered to try with him when Apollo did it again. He agreed of course. Stefano had two boys and a girl, all with reddish brown eyes and dark