Immediately after their plane lands, Logan decides to board a commercial flight and instructs her to stay behind.

He tells her he's off to Alcatraz, that he needs to pay his respects to a woman he once knew. Yukio understands that he will not be swayed from this course, and because she cannot see any death in it for him, she gives the Wolverine her blessing. Later, she will wonder if she should have ignored his insistences and followed him instead.

But her powers are limited in scope- despite her best efforts she cannot alter the future, let alone the past. So she will be forced to camp out in a little Virginia town called 'Mystic Falls' and her future will unfold like this:

She will know something is amiss the moment her boots land on the summer-warmed sidewalks. She will dismiss this premonition as foolishness, but she will tighten her grip on the well-worn hilt of her sword all the same.

Something will buzz in the air, a static nothing that will seem to vibrate inside the marrow of her bones. The smell of old blood will hang to the breeze. She will even imagine she can scent the faintest whiff of decay, as if sun-rotting corpses traverse the roads before her.

Strange smells, odd sensationsā€¦ they are nothing compared to what will come next.

Yukio has had visions her entire life. She has been continually haunted by images of the last moments of both dear friends and total strangers. Yukio believes she has seen everything there is to see- and she believes she has hardened her heart to it.

She will be proven wrong.

The visions will come tenfold, one by one by one. Quick successions of deaths flashing before her eyes: that woman waiting for her children in her driveway, that teenager paying for ice-cream, those girls in line to see a movie.

She will see them all die. They will all die the same way. They will die confused and in agony, throats torn open and a demon suckling at their blood. They will die looking into the blue eyes of the beast that murders them; they will die watching it lick their blood off its lips.

Sleep will grant her no solace. Fear and guilt will erode her well-practiced callousness, until her only comfort will be the cold glint of her unsheathed blade. Eventually, she will resolve herself to confront this abomination has begun to feature so prominently in her nightmares. Her hands curling around the hilt of her sword, she will vow to kill it. It is what the Wolverine would do, it is what Mariko would want her do, and it is what she needs to do. Otherwise, she knows her dreams will forever be of blue eyes and smiling, crimson lips.

It is a small town, and the monster of her visions will not be hiding. Quite the contrary, he will flaunt his abilities with reckless abandon, hypnotizing himself an army of spellbound followers. Her own abilities render Yukio immune to his dark enchantments, and she will use this to her advantage.

The demon will pass her on the street and she will offer a vacant smile, and he will continue past without another thought. All the while, she will be plotting his demise.

They line up in front of his doorway every evening, all on their own brainwashed volition. They are the pretty ones, the young and healthy ones, the ones with the sweetest of blood. They come to please him, and to sate his endless appetite. One night, under a sea of especially bright stars, Yukio will join them. She will wait until dawn and keep waiting until the next night, and when he finally opens his doors for her, her knees will tremble with fatigue.

He will shut the door and smile at her, an expression so utterly sadistic and devoid of genuine warmth that Yukio will wonder anyone could be blind to his true nature. She will smile back, and in a swift motion draw her sword and stab him through the heart. She will expect him to slide forward and unceremoniously expire.

She will be astonished when he violently yanks the blade from his chest and tosses it casually to the ground. He will use his supernatural strength to pull her close, and he will laugh cruelly in her face.

"How did you resist me?" he will ask curiously.

She will refuse to answer. Instead, Yukio will bare her teeth and spit out contemptuously, "You are a demon. I see you in so many deaths."

His grin will turn mocking, and he will tilt his head to the line of mesmerized followers that wait loyally outside his door. "Do you foresee me in their deaths as well?"

She will nod silently, and he will go on. "And did you see my death at your hands? I am immortal, child."

She will say nothing, but she will think I have met men that call themselves immortals. And they never are. But this one will prove different; his words will not be empty boasts.

With a sudden, deadly seriousness he will grip her head between his hands and ask urgently, "Do you see my death?" He adds his hypnotic, honeyed persuasion to the words, and even Yukio is hard pressed to resist his spell completely.

It is difficult to embrace the gift she has spent most of her life fighting, but the demon's insistence is powerful. She will gaze into his desperate eyes and seeā€¦ nothing.

After a long pause, she will admit this to him. "If you die," she will tell him, "I cannot see how."

And then Yukio sees how she dies: the demon will roar in rage and despair. His hands will move from her face to her throat, and he will snap her neck in a vicious motion that will leave her body wobbling in the air.

And in an oppressively hot bus travelling to a small, isolated town she has never heard of, Yukio begins to shiver uncontrollably as she sees what is to come. When the bus stops and the dingy doors creak open, she abruptly decides to remain inside. There are different towns further down the road. Safer towns. Demons can wait.