Hey guys didn't have enough time for a chapter because I was busy today but I decided to post a preview on "A Jealous Alpha" and I bumped the deadline for it again. Really sorry about it but I plan to make the story I'm working on at least 20 chapters.

Humphrey and Kate had started their life together and were living peacefully in Jasper until today. A wolf was sitting in a den just outside Jasper trying to decide what to do. The wolf was an alpha and was named Max and is remembered by everyone from alpha school after he ran away.

"Well after a year from leaving am I really going to come back?" Max asked himself as he walked out of the den and stood on a cliff over looking the valley but he wasn't looking their for the view, he was watching Kate. "Am I really going to tell her now that I love her?"

He thought about this as he watched Kate hunting with two other wolves he remembered, Hutch and Cando. After watching them successfully taking down three caribou he finally decided, he was going to talk to Kate today. He slowly made his way down the cliff and approached the three as they began to drag the caribou away.

"Hey guys, long time no see!" Max said walking up to them and sitting down.

"MAX" they all said simultaneously.

"Nice to see you again." Hutch said picking up one caribou and began dragging it away.

"Ya, just glad you decided to come back." Cando said grabbing another caribou and began to follow Hutch back leaving Kate alone with Max.

"This is just perfect!" Max thought to himself.

"It is so nice to see you again!" Kate said hugging him giving him butterflies in his stomach.

"Ya I decided that it was finally time to come back." Max said stepping over to the caribou.

"Here, let me help you get this back to the feeding grounds, I need to talk to you." Max said as he picked up the medium sized caribou and began to drag it back.

They arrived at the feeding grounds where they saw Lilly and Garth.

"Hey guys, this is my old friend Max from alpha school." Kate said introducing him. "We would stay and chat but Max needs to tell me something in private so well see you two later.

Max and Kate walked back to Kate's den where they began to talk about things after alpha school.

"Ya well after you left I was relocated to Idaho but I got back with the help of- wait!" Kate said as she ran to the entrance and howled.

"Why did you do that?" Max said confused.

"I need to introduce you to someone." Kate said as Humphrey came running into the den.

"Kate what's wrong? Ya need something?" Humphrey said and then noticing Max. "Uh Kate, who's this?"

"Humphrey this is Max, my friend from alpha school." Kate said introducing Max before introducing Humphrey. "Max this is Humphrey, my mate."

"Your mate?" Max said shocked.