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Dear Rhett

You said we could write you. So I'm gonna write. Jeremy helped me with my spelling a little. And he says he helped me with something called punctuation. But I don't know what that is so I don't think it counts.

We really miss you here. Even Daddy. He took down the big picture of me and Jeremy and put the big picture of our family back up on the wall in the living room. He said it was only right and let the neighbors think what they want. I don't get it. Don't they think what they want anyway? We can't stop them from thinking it, or change their thoughts. Can we?

Mommy and Daddy were watching when we came home from school, and they saw who was chasing us. They made a lot of phone calls that night, and they sounded angry. But we got a lot of letters from the mean bullies who chased us saying they were sorry.

Now Mommy takes us to the bus stop, and Daddy comes and gets us when we come home from school. When I asked why Daddy said just in case.

I finally found a name for my horse! His name is Fairy Dancer! I named him that because he's a friend of the fairies. He told me so. And he likes to go to their parties and dance with them. They feed him lots and lots of apples and he came home all fat. He had a stomach ache and I had to be his nurse. The medicine turned his nose yellow. Mommy changed it back to white, but she said human medicine isn't for horsies.

Mommy is calling. She says it's time for supper so I have to go wash my hands. I love you very much. Jeremy says he loves you even more. I think he is lying because I love you more. Who do you think loves you more? Maybe we should ask Mommy or Daddy. Mommy says to hurry up and finish because dinners getting cold. She says to tell you she loves you to. We all miss you!


See? I love you more. No one else sent hugs and kisses!

Rhett smiled.

It seemed that things were alright back home. It had been a week since he had watched that car pull out of the driveway of the mansion. It already felt like a month.

He smiled, already thinking of what he should say in answer to the "Who loves you more?" question. Sometimes being the oldest was a dangerous thing to be. Because one wrong answer, one careless word, could set off a whole new chain of problems!

"Rhett! Vhere are you? Ve vill be late for supper."

Kurt entered Rhett's room and stopped when he saw the piece of creased and crinkled paper in Rhett's hands.

Rhett smiled and stood. "Tis alright Kurt. I'd just finished."

He slipped the letter into his pocket and the two friends trotted down the hall to Piotr's room. Piotr was already outside his door, waiting for them.

"It is about time tovarich! I was beginning to think you were never coming."

Rhett laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. "What? An' leave a little lad such as ye self t' pine away from hunger? We wouldn't do that to ye laddy, would we Kurt?"

Kurt chuckled and shook his head. "No, ve vouldn't dream of it!"

They made their way down the hall, bantering back and forth most of the way. They were at the foot of the stairs when Kurt remembered the letter.

"So? Vhat did the letter say?" he asked.

Rhett laughed and pulled out the letter, reading it aloud as they walked downstairs. It only made them laugh all the more when he got to the medicine part, and explained that her idea of medicine was a cup of juice, apple more often than not, with a heaping load of sugar in it.

Mary must have had a devil of a time getting the stain out if Ericka hadn't taken Fairy Dancer to her right away!

"And how are you going to answer her question? About who loves you more?" asked Piotr as they entered the dining room and took their seat with the others.

"Lord if I know!" Rhett answered. "I'm still not sure how t' tell her what punctuation is!" he shook his head and passed the Texas potatoes dish to his left. "I'll let ye know what I come up with!" He waited respectfully for Kurt to finish his prayer of thanks for the food, then handed the potatoes to him.

After the meal, it was announced that all students needed to put shoes and uniforms on.

They would be running the obstacle course in the dark tonight! And they had exactly ten minutes to get ready and get out to the beginning of the course.

Rhett grinned. "Kurt, would ye give me a lift?"

Kurt nodded and clasped Rhett's hand. The familiar puff of blue smoke leapt up around them, along with the stench of brimstone. They were back in Rhett's room within' seconds. Kurt let go and ported away again, promising to come back for Rhett after he changed.

Rhett hurried over to his closet and pulled out his new uniform. He paused for a moment, gazing quietly at it. Tonight would be the first time he ever wore it.

He had yet to design his own costume, and so for now, he had to settle with the black practice costume. He fingered the x-men's logo emblazoned on the shoulder. Then he smiled.

Well don't jus' stand there gawkin' laddy! Put it on!

When Kurt came back, Rhett was ready and waiting. Kurt quickly ported Rhett out to the obstacle course, then ported back inside to get Piotr. He was back a moment later with Piotr.

They had done it with two minutes to spare!

Once everyone was assembled, the rules for the nights run were given out. Tonight, they were deep in enemy territory, and the slightest misstep could get them caught or killed.

The Mutants groaned.

Translation: Logan had been especially clever and devilish in the hiding and placement of his traps. They so weren't going to last five minutes on the course tonight!

"Tonight," Hank continued. "we will be focusing on teamwork. The obstacles set for tonight each need at least two people to overcome them, so I would suggest you buddy up in groups of three or four. That way, if one of you gets caught, you still have someone to help you with the next obstacle."

"We'll also be hammerin' anonymity." Logan added. "You kids keep screwin' up an callin' each other by your real names. It's code names only tonight!"

Hank nodded. "Please select your teams and inform me of your choices. Whoever makes it through the course tonight, may opt out of the course tomorrow."

Teams were hurriedly chosen and written down. They were all gathered at the starting line, when Piotr thought of something.

"Wait! What do we call Rhett?"

All eyes focused on Rhett. "You thought of a name fer yourself kid?" Logan asked.

Rhett was silent for a moment, then nodded.

"Ye can call me Cross Talk."

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