amelia jean

(i'm waiting for the great grave.)

He took her hand and ran. They stared at the stars, and breathed in the toxic haze, they were the perfect pair in that ugly maze.

They were eight years old when they first met, separated by concrete and iron. The wicked pillars hid her visage, as he tried to reach his chubby hand to her. He never saw her face, just her ratty old dress, and bright green locks, placed under the largest sunhat he's ever seen.

He always saw her smile, though. Her smile made him keep coming back.

They were ten years old when he learned her name.

Her name is Gumi, much like the saccharine treat. She doesn't know his name, not for another two years. She knew him as the pretty boy behind the gate, with shoulder-length locks, the color of diamonds. She knew him as the boy with odd eyes, one the color of the deepest sea, and the other the color of algae.

He didn't mind, he didn't mind being just another boy to her. It was better than reality.

At twelve, she learned his horrible secret.

Her response?

Laughter. Giggling and titters, he wanted to run away as soon as she opened her mouth, he wanted to flee the scene, he needed to get far far far f a r -

Her giggles stopped, and a sad smile replaced the once amusement. She cupped his face in her palm, and rubbed her nose against his.

"You're so silly, Piko."

She would've hugged him, if she could make it through the iron strands. The gesture meant more than a thousand words. It meant hundreds of thousands, millions, ten millions. An infinite amount of words would never give it justice.

It meant the world to him.

("I don't care if you're a servant. You're the most beautiful boy in the universe to me."

"Even if I'm the lowest of the low?"

"Especially so.")

At fourteen, they face a murder.


Intentional slaughter.

Their ship crashes into an iceberg, but Piko couldn't care less. He had the girl of his dreams in his hand. Her nails bit into his skin, and her green hair swayed to the ocean's current.

A kiss for luck?

She nearly drowns herself laughing.