The Story started off with Robert Fisher driving in a car down the freeway he was a calmer non grudge full person then her Daughter talking on his cell phone

"I'm just saying I'm risking a night on my show to do a cameo in a cheap slasher flick plus why can't Damien Blade even write me decent part technically I was a part of it"

He said as he received another phone call


He said into the phone as a young girl responded

"Hi, oh wait I must have dialed the wrong number"

The girl said

"It's Ok it happens"

Robert said

"Wait you sound like that guy on TV Robert Fisher I think he has a really sexy voice"

She said in a flirty voice

"Thank you"

Robert said

"Wait, am I talking to the Robert Fisher"

She said

"Yes the one and only so what's your name?"

Robert said

"Oh you're a naughty boy, what would your girlfriend say?"

She asked

"What makes you think I have a girlfriend?"

Robert asked

"I know you do"

The voice said changing to Ghostface

"She's in the shower and she has a nice little voice, a real step-up from Caroline Pink, Speaking of which lets play a game Guess wrong your girlfriend dies ,where is Caroline's daughter Uniqua?"

Ghostface asked in a dead serious tone

"Who is this?"

Robert asked

"Someone who would kill to find Uniqua Pink, you're in Hollywood you got connections where is she?"

Ghostface asked

"I don't know but if you touch Jen I will…"

He said as Ghostface cut him off

"Wrong Answer"