3 months later: Uniqua was standing outside she had just released her book as Austin walked up with a copy

"Hey Uniqua could you sign my copy"

Austin said as he handed her the book

"Of Corse

As she wrote on the cover

"Thanks for helping save me twice don't know what I would do without you-

Love Uniqua Pink"

"I think there was a spelling error on the first page"

Austin said as Uniqua turned pages to see the book hallowed out with a ring inside

"It was my grandfather's wedding ring I want to give it to you"

Austin said

"Austin the answer is yes"

She said putting it on her finger as she hugged him

"I'm glad you asked because I think I'm pregnant"

Uniqua said

"Are you 100% sure?"

Austin asked

"I'm a girl I know the signs"

She said kissing him