Author's Note: This is a fun little poem I wrote to coincide with pictures and music (so yes, like a vid) that I haven't finished yet, and may never finish with my procrastination. It was slightly inspired by my fic, July 4th, in the beginning, but it can be interpreted a few different ways. If you would like to hear the song I paired it with, look up Sleepless Beauty Sacred Air Version from Gravitation the anime.

Disclaimer: Don't own Hetalia. Funtaims.



It is true.

I have loved him since long, long ago.

Since long before you were born.

Since long before many countries came to be

I have loved him.

He trampled my spirits

Knocked me to the ground

Crushed my bones

Made me bleed

Made me cry

And yet

He lifted me into the air like the angel he is

And spun me around.

He is like air

Without him I will die a slow, painful death

But with him I breathe easy

I laugh

I gasp for air as he goes for another deep kiss.

I love him.

I love everything about him.

I have loved him since long, long ago.

I love him now.

I will love him

Forever and ever.