Hello! I can say that I'm fairly new to fanfic writing so kudos to me for getting the courage to finally write up a new story! Don't worry, I've done my research and read a few of the Alpha Academy fanfics here to get a feel of things (: Well, I've seen that a lot of stories here go along the lines of "apply to be a character in Alpha Academy", so I thought "What a great way to start off!".

So yes, this is an AA story where you can apply as a character, or create a character for the story! Nope, your character does NOT have to reflect you as a person. Hopefully this idea isn't too overused….I really want to write out a story with good characters! PM me your characters or submit them in a review, either way works fine with me.

The Art of Sui Generis

Sui generis – the Latin phrase literally meaning "of its own kind".

Welcome. Welcome to a world of the talented, the skilled and the unique. Welcome to Alpha Academy, where originality is a requirement and talent is as common as brown hair. Are you an original? Or are you just another unoriginal? Are you an alpha? Or are you just one of the million betas? There's only one way to find out. Alpha Academy only admits the best, the brightest and the most original, unique and exceptional individuals. Dare to dream? Apply to Alpha Academy, where only fifty females and fifty males will get the chance of their lives to be groomed as the new generation of alphas.

A young girl read the pale gold sheet of paper with shaking hands. Could she? Would she? Dare she? She was talented, as she had been told. But was she talented enough? Maybe. Maybe not. There was only one way to find out. She lowered her eyes back to the sheet and read over the application.



Alpha Track:

Physical Appearance:




Personal Background:

Alpha Qualities:

Alpha Motto:


Unique physical traits:

Give at least two reasons for you admittance into Alpha Academy?:

Is there anything you could contribute to Alpha Academy?:

Tell me, what makes you different than the other girls?:

Extra Info:

The girl nodded as if in deep thought. She picked up her pen and set to work filling out the application. The next day, the golden application was being mailed to a mailbox where the Alpha Academy Admission Committee – handpicked by Shira – would then decide which final two-hundred applications would be sent to Shira Brazille herself.

A month later, the applications closed. Two months passed. Soon, golden envelopes were being mailed around the world to fifty lucky girls and fifty lucky boys. The chosen hundred would be soon boarding a personal PAPs sent to their nearest airport to transport them to Shira's new school, Alpha Academy.

Will you be one of the lucky hundred? Apply and find out.

PM me with questions, or simply drop of an application. Applications are accepted in the form of a PM or a review. Oh! Does anyone know what a "beta" is? Not in the alpha sense, but in the writing sense.


- Alicia