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"Mommy, Kurt hit me!" wailed her five year old son.

"Kurt!" Bella yelled for her three year old.

Bella didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she saw her son running into the bedroom swinging a riding crop around. Her three year old was Edward's perfect image. He had his fathers eyes and wild red hair.

Kneeling down to his level, she asked him, "baby where did you get that? You know that is one of daddy's toys and you're not supposed to play with it are you?"

"I no know, mommy. I fown it, on flaw by woom," he shrugged not really addressing the second part of Bella's statement.

Taking the crop from his hands she explained how it wasn't nice to hit others and then asked him to get his brother Andrew.

Just as Bella was putting on her second set of earrings her two little boys walked back into her bedroom.

"Yeah, mommy?" Andrew asked. He was the perfect mixture of both she and Edward, where he had Bella's dark brown eyes he had his father and brothers unruly hair.

"Come here," she sat on her bed and helped the boys sit next to her. "Now remember, mommy and daddy are going out tonight. I need you both to promise me that you will behave for Grandma Esme and Grandpa C."

"I pwamiz, mommy," Kurt replied.

"Yeah mommy we promise," Andrew agreed.

"Good! Now go get your pj's on and then, you can go to the movie room and watch a movie until bedtime. I already told grandma and grandpa." The boys ran out of the room to do as their mom instructed.

"I know I'm late. Jury came back with a decision at almost five o'clock," Edward explained as he rushed into the room.

"Edward you're fine. Emmett said dinner wasn't set to be served until almost eight."

"If we aren't twenty minutes early than, we are late and you know this," Edward complained.

"Oh come on Edward it's not a big deal." Bella chuckled at the way her husband ran around the room like a chicken with their head chopped off.

"Are you laughing at me, Isabella?" he questioned in that voice that only Master Edward spoke it. He knew exactly the reaction it would cause in her body, which was probably the reason why he did it.

Knowing that if she opened her mouth she would whimper or make another sound that would give away exactly how his tone affected her, she just nodded her head. Bella pointed out of the room, when the doorbell rang indicating the arrival of Esme and Carlisle.

"The boys are in the movie room. They've already put on their pj's and just need to brush their teeth before they fall asleep. I'm sure they should be out early. If they give you any trouble to go to bed, just remind them that Edward won't take them to the park tomorrow. If they complain about being hungry, there are oatmeal bars in the kitchen and they can have a little cup of milk."

Esme laughed at her daughter-in-laws rambling. "This isn't our first time Bella, relax we know exactly what to do."

Edward walked into the room quickly wrapping his arms around his wife's waist. "We better get going my love."

"Well hello to you too, Edward. It is always a pleasure to see my son." Carlisle snarked.

"Hey dad. Sorry we are just running late. The party is supposed to start in half an hour and it will take us at least twenty minutes to get there," Edward explained, exasperated. After so many years his family should already know that he likes to arrive early everywhere.

"Only you son would celebrate your eighth wedding anniversary with a play party." Edward shrug his shoulders at his mother's statement.

"It's who we are, mom," he reasoned.

"Go, get out of here and make me a new grandbaby. A little girl would be nice," Esme ushered them both out of the door.


"Esme Cullen! I curse you to the deepest pits of hell. Where the fuck is that goddamn doctor?"

Edward worked hard to keep his face neutral and not laugh at his wife's comments. He knew she was in pain, which he found comical in itself. She's always been able to take the pain of his whip, flogger, paddle, nipple clamps and all other things he does to her in the playroom, but a contraction turns her into this week shell of a woman.

"Don't you fucking laugh. Did you forget when we went to that place after Andrew was born?" Bella growled. How dare Edward laugh at her pain. He knew exactly what she was feeling at the moment. After Andrew was born they went to this clinic that hooked him up to a machine that mimicked what the body does during a contraction.

Edward's face quickly composed at the reminder of that machine. He didn't wish that kind of pain on his worst enemy much less his wonderful wife.

"The anesthesiologist should be here soon. And I wasn't laughing at your pain my love, I was laughing at you cursing my mother," he explained.

"Come on it's been almost exactly nine months since our anniversary. This happened with Andrew and Kurt, she says she wants a grandbaby and bam with birth control and all and I end up pregnant. She's a fucking witch I tell you."

Edward kept quiet, guessing it was best not to play anymore into his wifes ridiculous, pain induced ramblings. Instead he worked to help her with her breathing and pain management exercises.

After the doctor administered the Epidural, a nurse came in and checked on Bella's progress, letting them know that she'd already advanced to eight centimeters and they would be preparing for her to push soon enough.


Esme paced the hospital along with Charlie, Carlisle and Sue. They were all very anxious to meet the newest member of their family.

"Do you think they are having a boy or a girl?" she asked all of them. Edward and Bella were the only ones who knew the true sex of their baby. They'd decided to keep everyone else guessing until the birth.

"I really don't care either way, but a little girl would be so wonderful," Sue replied. "I'm going to call Leah and check on how the boys are doing." Phone in hand Sue walked off to call her daughter and check on her other grandchildren.

"I would love another boy. It would be so much fun to have a brood of future football player," was Charlie's answer. He sounded very whimsical which Esme found to be a bit comical.

"Oh, I'm with Sue on this. I would love to see a little girl bringin Edward to his knees." Esme and Carlisle shared a look as he commented. They knew that Charlie didn't know about Edward and Bella's lifestyle.

Just as Sue was returning from making her call a nurse came into the waiting room.

"Isabella Cullen's family?" The nurse asked, since there were a number of families in the waiting room.

Esme quickly rushed over to speak to the nurse, she could feel the other three grandparent following closely behind. She would have to remember to call Renee and give her an update soon. Renee and Phil were scheduled to come in from Jacksonville, next week.

"How's Bella doing?" Charlie quickly asked.

"Mother and baby are doing just fine. They will be moving her to the maternity, postpartum floor in a few minutes, and you could all go visit with them there," the nurse explained.

Not bothering to wait much longer they gathered their things and headed down a floor to wait for Bella, Edward and the baby to be moved to their new room. While they waited Esme did as she'd said she would and called Renee.

"How are they? Do we have a new granddaughter or grandson?" Renee eagerly asked, without even greeting Esme.

Laughing Esme answered, "We don't know yet. They are just moving Bella to the post-delivery room now. I promise to text you a picture as soon as we see them."

"Great! Thanks for keeping me informed."

With the quick call taken care of Esme rejoined the group, that now included a heavily pregnant Rose, -seems the party cause more than one conception- Emmett, Alice, Jasper and Hamilton.

"Not too much longer before you're in here yourself," Esme said to Rose.

"I can't wait," she replied rubbing on her protruding midsection.

The next minute Edward walked out to escort his family and friends to Bella's room.

They walked in to see a tired but glowing Bella holding a small bundle. Edward rushed over to her side, smiled widely at his wife and proudly announced.

"I would like to introduce you all to Emalie Sue Cullen, born at 7:30 weighing seven pounds four ounces and measuring twenty inches long." He then, placed his newborn daughter into Esme's arms.

"She is absolutely beautiful," Esme announced with tears in her eyes.

Her granddaughter looked just like Bella, but with Edwards hair.

"Oh, and mom you're not allowed to request anymore grandchildren."

Esme looked at her son with a raised eyebrow silently requesting an explanation.

Bella turned bright red and Edward just began to laugh.

"Let's just say it's our little secret and we will love with its consequences for the rest of our lives." Edward just smiled at his mother.

Esme shrugged her shoulders and continued to coo at her newest grandchild.



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