You're gone.

I felt myself drifting away with each step I took, ascending towards the top. He would hate me for this. Hate me for everything that happened and for what I was about to do. I was sorry. I couldn't even begin to tell him how sorry I was. I lost...everything. And he didn't even know it yet.

He wouldn't know until after I was gone, after my body had been taken out to sea. The doctors would tell him, I was sure. Everyone would speculate why and they would all probably be right. I'd wanted this so bad and now it had slipped through my fingers. Nothing was enough now, I regretted to say not even he was enough. There was always going to be something missing, a void in the very pit of my chest. It could only be filled by you.

The sea breeze was cold as I stepped out onto the main gallery. I tasted the salt, breathed it in. My nightgown whipped back and forth against my body, wrestling with the wind.

I reached for the railing and looked over. The water was rough tonight, crashing violently against the rocks below me. I wondered for a moment if it would hurt to hit them or if it would be over too quickly for me to feel anything.

My fingers didn't shake as I gripped the railing and hoisted myself up onto it. The light above me whirred around, casting its glow out over the sea. I knew he was out there somewhere and for a moment I regretted leaving him now. I loved him. I hated myself more. I blamed myself for your loss and I'm nothing now. I hoped to God that he would forgive me.

I leaned out over the edge, holding on by the very tips of my fingers. I counted to three and then I let go.

"Please...please forgive me."

A/N: No your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Yes I'm semi bad at a retirement that I'm not even officially into yet. No this is not a brand new full length story. Since I enjoyed doing a mini fic with DMW, I'm doing another with a long, unfinished one shot that I'd been dying to do more with. So here it is.

This prologue is from an anon POV, but you will eventually find out who it is and what the fook is going on. The story is not finished yet, so I don't know how many chapters it will be. They will be short, not drabble short, but short. Once I'm finished with the whole story I'll post fairly frequently (I posted usually once a day with DMW) and finish it rather quickly after it gets going. I've realized I kind of like posting that way. You don't have too wait long, I don't have to have anxiety attacks about getting updates out. Capiche?

Thanks for joining me for another short, but hopefully good ride. Hopefully this will get started (and ended) in the next couple of weeks. Some chapters will be more in depth, some will not. They're that way for a reason. I honestly don't have time to make this a lengthy, full length fic, but I still want to share it with you so take it or leave it.

This fic obviously touches on the subject of suicide. It's not something that's discussed at great length but is a vital part of one character's story. If you're not comfortable with that please don't read. Please don't come yelling at me that you're offended later on. I warned you.

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