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Time: Post Season 4- a few weeks after "Times They are a Changin'" ends

"Philip! Jamie! Come on! Let's go! We gotta leave now if you want me to drop you off at school this morning!" Lee yelled up the stairs to the boys.

"I'm already to go, Dad. It's Philip that is taking forever. He's on the phone with Jessica. "

Lee smiled at Jamie. He loved the fact that the boys were now calling him Dad.

"Ok, sport. Go get in your mother's car. I'll be right out as soon as I can get Philip down here."

Jamie sped off to the kitchen to say good-bye to Amanda and Dotty.

"Philip, I am leaving in two minutes with or without you!" Lee shouted as he made his way to the kitchen.

"Jamie, don't forget your lunch. Do you have soccer practice after school today?"

"Yeah, Mom. Until 5:30. And I already put my lunch in my backpack."

"Already got it covered, Amanda. I will pick up the boys at 5:30 and then we are going to the mall for some shopping." Lee said as he kissed his wife.

"Shopping? For what?"

"We area going to buy some new Redskins sweatshirts and stuff! We are going to the game this weekend!"

"I am so excited, Dad! "

"Me, too, Son! Now go on out to the car! I'll be right there!"

Jamie kissed Amanda and Dotty good-bye and ran out the door.

"Hey Dad? We still going to the mall tonight?" Philip asked.

"Yes, that's the plan, Philip. That is if we can ever get this day started! Kiss your mother and grandmother good-bye. We have to leave now!"

"Ok! Ok! I just wanted to tell Jessica what time I could call her tonight. Bye Mom! Bye Grandma!"

Philip offered them both kisses and ran out to the car.

"Lee, can you please talk to Philip? A few weeks ago it was Laurie, last week it was Angela and now this week it is Jessica. Can you have a little man to man chat with him?"

Lee chuckled.

"What's wrong with that?"

Amanda and Dotty both shot Lee a look that would kill faster than a cyanide capsule.

"Kidding! Yes, we will have a chat tonight! Good luck at the Dr.'s today. I will see you later at work."

Lee grabbed Amanda and kissed her hard. As he pulled away he winked and quickly went for the door. He quickly turned around and walked over to Dotty, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"You have a good day, too. Have fun at the Botanical Gardens."

"Thank you, dear. I intend to."

Lee blew a quick kiss to Amanda and left.

"Mother, what's wrong? You don't at all seem yourself lately ever since Dr. Zernov went back to California."

"Oh, it's nothing, Amanda. Just …..well, never mind. I'll be fine. "

"Mother….you know you can talk to me."

"Oh yes, I know. I guess I just don't feel too much like talking right now. But when I do, you and I can sit down and have a nice long chat. How are you feeling this morning?"

"Well, I didn't get sick this morning so maybe the morning sickness if getting better. I am still so very tired. I am a bit nervous about seeing Dr. Kesselman this morning. I hope everything checks out alright with the baby."

"Oh, Amanda…..I am sure that everything will be just fine! Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go take a shower and get ready to go see the orchid exhibit at the Botanical Gardens. Betty from down the street said that the flowers are just breath taking! I can't wait to go and see them!"

"Are you sure you don't want me to drop you off?"

"Why on earth would you do that, Amanda when I have my own car now?"

"I know. I just know you don't really like to drive in the city."

"I'll be fine, just fine…..now go on or you're going to be late for your appointment."

"OK, Mother. I love you."

"Love you, too, darling. Call me after your appointment!"

"Ok, I will."


"Everything looks really great, Amanda! I would say that your other Dr. was spot on with your due date. My calculations show June 23rd as well."

"Thank you so much, Dr. Kesselman. I am excited about this baby. I just want him or her to be healthy."

"Well, so far so good! I detected a nice strong heartbeat. I am giving you a prescription for prenatal vitamins. Make sure you begin taking these right away. Also, get lots of vitamin C for these first few months. You can eat an orange or have some orange juice. Studies are showing that it is very beneficial to growing babies!"

"Oh I've already started. I have had a real craving for citrus fruits this past week. Can't seem to get enough of them!"

"Do you have any other questions for me, Amanda?"

"Nothing specific. This pregnancy is just very different from my other two. I find myself very tired by the end of the day, really weepy at times…...you know, things like that."

"Well every pregnancy is different. Those all sound like normal symptoms. Give me a call if you think anything out of the ordinary is happening and I will get you in right away."

"Thank you, Dr. I will! See you next month or so."

"Take care, Amanda. Oh, Amanda? Was that your mother I saw at the party last month that was thrown by Hagglund Industries?"

"Oh yes…that was Mother. She was seeing the keynote speaker, Dr. Zernov. He unfortunately went back to California and Mother has been pretty down since he left."

"Well tell her she looked lovely and I am sorry we didn't get a chance to chat."

"Oh, I will, Dr. Kesselman! Thanks so much!"

Amanda was anxious to get back to the agency so she could share the news of her check-up with Lee. The heartbeat was strong and everything seemed in good order. She was very relieved. Amanda had already grown to love this baby very much and now even more that she had heard its heartbeat. That little pulsing noise made the whole thing so much more real to her.

When arriving at the agency, Amanda headed right up to the Q Bureau. She had some files to finish going through as well as start to pack up her things for the move to her new office before the 10:30 meeting. She was hoping that she would find Lee up there, but no luck. He must be down in the bull pen.

"This place sure is a mess." Amanda said aloud to herself. "I wish Lee would just throw away this junk instead of shifting it from place to place around the office."

Amanda picked up the stack of files that occupied the corner of Lee's desk for the last 2 weeks and began to alphabetize them.

"Huh…Hagglund Industries. I thought I filed that away weeks ago when I recommended them for a level 2 security clearance. Wonder what Lee is doing with the file?"

Amanda glanced at the clock!

"The meeting! I'm going to be late!"

Amanda rushed down to the meeting as quickly as she could. The meeting was already in progress. She entered as quietly as she could. Lee was in the process of going through what today's agenda would be.

"Ok, so that brings us, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the meat of this morning's meeting."

Lee pressed the button on the remote in his hand. The slide projector came on and on the screen came a picture of a man in what looked to be his late 40's, early 50's.

"Dr. Matthew Allen. Scientist specializing in laser technology. He has been working with NASA for the past ten years on some very hush hush research."

"Part of the Star Wars program?" Francine asked.

"Good guess, but, no. Something completely different but still in the weapon genre." Lee answered.

Lee pressed the button again changing the picture to a woman that appeared to be about the same age as Dr. Allen.

"Dr. Liesl Vogler. German scientist working with the Russian space program. Guess what her speciality is?"

"Lasers" Amanda said flatly.

"Yup…..lasers….This morning…"

Lee pressed the button on the slide projector again. This time, a horrific scene presented itself. Two dead bodies covered in broken glass from the window that was shot out in the process of their murder.

"Both Dr. Allen and Dr. Vogler were found dead, right here in Washington, DC. No one knows who killed them, no one knows what they were working on and no one knew that they knew each other."

"Great!" Francine replied.

"What we need to find out is what was the connection to these two doctors and what were they working on that someone would kill them for. Francine, I need you to take Hitchcock to the murder scene and see what you can find out. Noble, you and Josephs go take some surveillance pictures of the Russian Embassy. I want to see who is coming and going there these days. Amanda, I need you to get on the phone with NASA and see what things you can shake loose from the proverbial tree. "

"You got it."

"Ok everyone, you have your various assignments. Let's get going on this one!"

Everyone quickly got up from the table and went in their own separate directions except for Lee, Amanda and Francine.

"Well, Amanda. Nice of you to join us!"

"I'm sorry, Francine. I was up in the Q Bureau and the time got away from me. I am sure Lee can fill me in on what I missed."

Francine smirked.

"Oh I'm sure he will! Amanda, you really ought to get some more rest. You are looking awfully tired these days. You keeping her up nights, Scarecrow?"

Francine began to goad Lee and Amanda.

"Well I guess you could absolutely say that it is Lee's fault that I am so tired lately, Francine."


Francine's smirk was getting bigger by the second.

"Oh you don't even know the half of it, Francine. I can't keep my hands off this woman!"

With that, Lee grabbed Amanda, dipped her and kissed her passionately. Francine watched and waited for them to come up for air. As the kiss continued to grow longer and longer, Francine became more and more uncomfortable till finally she grabbed her things and left.

Lee let Amanda up for air and began to laugh.

"Lee….now she's going to tell everyone about that."

"Haha! No she won't. The secret to Francine is to call her on her bluff. Would you have rather I said that you were pregnant and that is why you were tired?"

"No. I would have rather that Francine didn't say anything at all!"

"Well, now she'll think twice before opening her mouth again-or else she may get another viewing of me kissing my gorgeous wife!"

Lee went to kiss Amanda again.

"Lee! Stop! Can we at least go to your office where there is a little more privacy?"

"Sure, sweetheart. Come on. I want to know how your doctor appointment was."

They quickly walked to Lee's new office which was Billy's old office. The move was only temporary. The entire bull pen was getting a facelift including the creation of a new office for Lee and a new office for Amanda.

"So, what did the doctor say?"

Amanda beamed.

"She said that everything looks great so far. I got to hear the heartbeat. It was so clear and strong!"

Lee found himself grinning ear to ear.

"Really? Everything is good?"

"Everything is great!"

"And how are you? You are ok, too?"

"Yup! Dr. Kesselman said that all the things I have been feeling are normal pregnancy symptoms and I just have to ride them out in a manner of speaking. She gave me a prescription for prenatal vitamins and told me to make sure I am getting some vitamin C."

"Did you tell her you have been eating oranges like crazy?"

"Yes and she said that was good! It was good for the baby and good for me!"

"How about the due date? Still June 23rd?"

"Still June 23rd!"

Lee put his arms around Amanda.

"Feel better now?"

"Yes. Much. I was really nervous that she wouldn't be able to find a heartbeat. I already love this baby so much, it would have…..well I am just relieved that things look good."

"Me, too. I love you, Amanda."

Lee kissed her gently.

"I love you, too. I better get back up stairs and give NASA a call. Meet me for lunch later?"


"Don't forget that you are picking up the boys at 5:30 at soccer practice."

"I won't forget!"

"Ok! Bye!"

Amanda gave Lee a quick peck on the cheek. Lee followed Amanda to the door where he made eye contact with Francine. He just smiled and nodded his head at Francine while pointing at Amanda as she walked away. Francine's face turned bright red and she quickly returned to her desk.

"Got ya, Francine!" Lee said to himself.


Dotty was enjoying looking at all the flowers in the Botanical Gardens. The leaves on the trees were changing and soon winter would be here. Seeing everything in bloom helped to lift her spirits. She had been so lonely since Andrei went back to California. It had been a long time since she felt that spark with someone. Andrei was so much fun and made her feel wonderful. And now, he was gone.

Part of her wished that she had not run into him at all a few weeks ago. She didn't realize how lonely she was until Andrei filled that space inside that had been longing for companionship. Her feelings were so bitter sweet. It made her happy to recount those special days that they spent together, but it hurt so much when she had to remind herself that he was gone.

Dotty continued to walk through the exhibits until she found the orchids. Betty was right, they certainly were beautiful. Dotty took her time inspecting each plant and each delicate flower. The purple orchids were her favorite. As she looked in her guide book to the exhibit to see what those specific orchids were called, she bumped into someone who also was distracted by the beautiful exhibit.

"Oh excuse me! I am so sorry! I didn't see you! I was so enthralled at looking at the beautiful flowers. I was lost in my guide book here."

"Oh not at all my good madam! The fault was entirely mine!"

Dotty looked at the handsome man. He seemed to be in his early 60's. Beautiful blue eyes, charming smile….

"My name is Dotty. It is very nice to meet you."

"Hello Dotty! I am Harry. Wonderful to meet you, too."

Dotty smiled.

"So, I finally get to meet the infamous Dotty West…..If she is anything like her daughter, this could be trouble." Harry said to himself.

To be continued…..