Chapter 1: Roy

The sun was just starting to rise when the A Team's black GMC van with the red pin stripe pulled into the dirt path driveway leading to Roy Dixon's hideout. B.A. almost missed the driveway because of the thick underbrush that protected it's worn out brick entrance. The driveway was a long dirt road lined with unkempt trees and weeds, the driveway curved around to a poorly maintained two story house.

"Crique, Crique, Crique."

"Hey man did you hear that?" B.A. asked as he looked in the rearview mirror to see Murdock playing with a little white box. The word "Fred" was written in green crayon on the top of the box.

"Crique, Crique."

"Man there it is again" growled B.A.

"B.A. I think you are hearing things" Face replied while winking at Murdock.

"Man I ain't hearing things, that crazy man has something in that box."


Pretending he did not hear the cricket, Hannibal snickers and smiles at Murdock.

Murdock held up the little white box that was a little bigger than a ring box. "Don't worry B.A. it is just Fred."

"Crique Crique."

"Who is Fred sucker and why is he in my ride?"

"He is just my pet cricket B.A" Murdock replied defensively as he deposited the box into his jacket pocket.

"Crique Crique."

"Ok B.A…. before we get around the curve, look for a place to hide the van. We don't want them to know we are here yet." Hannibal said as he lit the cigar between his teeth. "We need to get this done fast. Decker is only a few hours behind us."

"Hey Hannibal, that looks a good spot." B.A. said, pointing to a cluster of trees and bushes.


"Oh man! Sucker you have to get rid of that cricket or I'm going to get rid of you both."

"I don't know B.A. he seems pretty tame." Hannibal said while checking the ammo in his Colt M19ll.

"Thanks Colonel!" Murdock flashed his big toothy grin knowing he won the cricket war.

B.A. growls "Why does that crazy fool have to bring bugs in my ride."

"Come on B.A. at least this one isn't invisible." Laughs Face.

Pulling the van behind the cluster of bushes the four green berets started to hide the van with branches and brush. Once they were satisfied the van could no longer be seen, they load their packs with lots of toys that go boom and extra ammo. Hannibal grabbed a handful of zip ties.

Hannibal laid Baby, his "M.60", against a tree and admired the job they had done to hide the van. "All right guys we are on foot from here." "B.A. you and I will go through the front. Face you and Murdock will circle around the house and take them from behind. We are going to do the classic frontal assault with the half pincer movement."

"Aw Hannibal, that never works." Murdock and Face cried in unison.

"Man that's a bad plan" growled B.A.

"Come on guys it will work this time. It will be a piece of cake." laughed Hannibal.

"Well these goons only have double digits IQ's." stated Face. "It should be an easy battle."

"All right guys let's move out." ordered Hannibal. "We attack in 10 minutes."

Grabbing their packs, Face takes point, Murdock and Hannibal are in the middle and B.A. brings up the rear heading single file through the woods to the house. When they reach the edge of the woods Hannibal and B.A. make their way to the trees in the front yard. Face and Murdock make their way through the woods to the back.

This was one of your typical drug dealer's hideout. The house was sitting in the middle of the dense woods. There was also an old colonial style barn behind the house. There was a shed attached to the house and another one attached to the barn. With an old beat-up 1950's John Deer tractor that sat between the barn and the house. Two Ford pickups truck, one red and one blue, and a Cadillac that's on bricks were in front of the house.

The front guard walked between the two trucks, holding a 30-30 Winchester rifle. He reached up and took off his hat and scratched his dirty blonde hair. When he looked in the direction that Hannibal and B.A. were, he thought for a second that he had seen something moving. He started to walk towards the movement then suddenly a deer jumps out at him and runs off.

Relived the guard got up from the ground. Then he continued his patrol around the property.

"Oh Man…. that was close" B.A. stated.

"Yeah too close" replied Hannibal.

Roy could be seen through the kitchen window talking to two more of his goons. One was sitting at the table eating breakfast. The other man handed Roy a cup of black coffee. Roy is a short portly man with an old fashion navy mustache, and has short greasy brown hair. The center of his head was bald as a baboon's butt. His belly is always hanging out over his belt. The straps to his suspenders, were trying to hold on for dear life. The buttons on his shirt look like they could fly off at any second and go across the room and hit you in the eye.

"Roy looked very much like a whale with suspenders and a bad haircut." Face had said.

Hannibal and B.A. were crouched behind some trees in the front yard, watching the guard walk his post. B.A. looked at Hannibal and said "Hannibal an hour a day on a treadmill for 6 weeks will save those poor suspenders, or give him a heart attack."

"You know what B.A., you might be right." Hannibal said as he aimed baby (his M-60) over the kitchen window waiting for Face and Murdock to get in place. He reached down and moved the sleeve of his jacket to look at the time. "All right, Murdock and Face should be in place in 3 min. B.A., go and take that guard..."

Hannibal never finished the command as the sound of gun fire ripped through the woods from the back of the house where Face and Murdock were ambushed. Roy and the two goons inside the house started to run toward the back door. The front guard started to run towards the source of the gun fire.

Sitting on a branch above the fight is a mysterious ghostly figure laughing quietly. A devilish grin comes across his face, he snaps his fingers and continues to laugh to himself, and says "This ought to be good." At the snap of his fingers lighting flashed and thunder was heard.

As the fight continues.

"They're early" says Hannibal "something is wrong. Let them have it B.A." as he fired baby towards the house.

The front guard turned and dove behind the red truck firing his rifle in direction of Hannibal and B.A. B.A. fires back at the guard, taking out the windshield of the truck. The guard yells for help as he fires back at them. Roy then orders his two goons out the front door to help the front guard as he goes out the backdoor. Hannibal turns baby on the two goons coming out the front door and starts shooting the door frame. One yelps as he jumps back inside. The other goon jumps off the porch and lands behind the blue truck. The goon in the house breaks out a window and starts firing a shotgun at Hannibal.

B.A. hides behind a big tree and he pulls out a grenade. He jumps out and throws it at the car.

"Ka-Boom!" goes the car as it flips and lands on its roof. The guard fires at B.A. only to be forced back behind the truck as baby's rounds rips through the truck's engine. The goon behind the blue truck fell on the ground knocked out cold from the blast.

B.A. jumps from behind his tree and throws another grenade into the house. Roy's portly figure could be seen running oddly towards the back door from outside, as the grenade goes off with a ka-boom! It takes out the front door and a good chunk of the wall. The guard was pushing himself off the ground when he found himself looking down the barrel of B.A.'s rifle. Hannibal stands over the goon that was knocked out from the 1st blast and quickly hogties him.

B.A. had just finished tying up the guard on the ground, when Roy came from the destroyed front door and waves his gun yelling, "I got one of these varmints he's down." The sound of gun fire could still be heard in the background

Hannibal rushes Roy, slamming his fist into Roy's face. Roy hits the ground. Hannibal ties Roy up and leaves him lying on his back. He then turns to see the poor goon that was in the house being held by his checkered shirt and punched repeatedly by B.A. "I think he has had enough Sergeant tie him up and leave him, we need to check on the Captain and Lieutenant. One of them might need help!" yelled Hannibal as he runs into the house.

B.A. runs after Hannibal, leaving Roy and his 3 goons on the ground and tied up.