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CH 24: ( EPOV)

Please! No! Not my angel. Her skin was like fire underneath my hand.

"She's burning up." I felt a cold shiver run through me. Bella contracted the Spanish Influenza.

I was vaguely aware that Carlisle already leapt into action.

"Her lungs are clear that is good." He caught my eye.

"What is her temperature?" I asked, trying to take a calming breath.

"It is higher than I would like. It is 104.9, right now." Carlisle spoke calmly. He was the only one in the room not panicking. Jasper was being helpful by spreading more calm through the panicked room.

"We need to cool her down." I tried to focus on my medical training.

"Yes. Edward, listen to me." Carlisle made me focus on him. "Medicine has advanced greatly since you were sick. We can get her through this." I nodded. I knew he was right.

"Although, her lungs are clear she is breathing heavier. Let's get her on oxygen." He pointed to the mask behind me. I grabbed the oxygen mask and placed it on Bella's face. I turned it on to the level Carlisle was suggesting in his head.

"I am going to try both Tamiflu and some antibiotics. Hopefully, they will help her fight it off since we are catching it early." Carlisle continued to explain everything out loud as he started hooking up new IV bags. I wasn't sure who he was trying to keep calm by speaking out loud. Me, the others, or himself; it could even be all three.

"Did you know she was going to get sick?" Esme asked the question that was stuck in my throat. He seemed prepared for this.

"No, not for sure. When I last saw her in 1918 she had no symptoms, but I knew she was exposed. I wasn't sure if the flu shot she got would fight it off or not. I was staying prepared, just to be on the safe side. I did not want to give her medicine before I had too.

Right, now I want to get her fever down. Then, get a chest x-ray to be sure. I know the lungs sound clear, but I do not want to take any chances," Carlisle answered. He looked worried.

"Ice bath or cold sponge bath?" Alice picked up a bowl on a near by table used for sponge baths. She looked between Carlisle and me.

"Why not have Edward climb into bed with her?" Emmett suggested.

"Emmett, have a sense of decorum, this is not the time or place." Rose scolded.

"He was actually trying to be helpful. Thinking how our bodies are cold to her." I was surprised a bit myself.

"Hmm, it is worth a try if you are willing. It might be less shocking to her as well." Carlisle shrugged his shoulders. Are you comfortable with that?

I paused. The only thing that would deter me is that Bella might be uncomfortable with it.

"I'll give it a try." I stood and then slipped under the covers with her. I gently pulled her into my arms. Her head laid against my chest in a familiar way. I pressed my body against her as much as I could. She was laying half on top of me. After a few moments I could feel the change already.

"Her temperature is going down." I murmured.

"Let's get an actual number on it." Carlisle mumbled using the ear thermometer. "103.9, That is much better. Stay under the covers with her a little longer see if we can get down more before I get that chest x-rays." I held her close to me kissing her forehead.

"Edward, we should talk now. Incase things start to go down hill, I am going to change her, if it comes too close." Carlisle gauged my reaction.

"No." I stated firmly.

"Edward, be reasonable. We can not lose you both. We love her too, you know," Alice hissed at me.

"I know you all love her. I just know that she would want it to be me to change her," I spoke, challenging them, especially Rose to disagree with me.

"You want to change her?" Carlisle seemed happy with this outcome. I nodded and was pleasantly surprised everyone including Rose was okay with my decision.

"Then, just change her now?" Emmett insisted. He worried over his baby sister, but did not want to visibly show it. Dude, you were freaking out that day about her getting so sick doesn't seem so crazy anymore.

"If she has a chance to survive it, then I want her to have it. Her change is really her decision. I do not want to take it from her. For all we know she could have changed her mind about being changed," I stated firmly.

"I agree. If, Bella has the chance, she might want some sort of good-bye with her parents," Carlisle agreed.

"I can't agree to changing Bella. I can't willingly say someone should be a vampire. I do see her as a part of this family, so I'm not going to fight against it either. As long as it's her decision," Rose said softly.

Carlisle took her temperature again. Please, she has to okay. I can't lose her now.

"103.2," he sighed in relief. This is good. She may have a good chance of beating this.

"Let's get those x-rays. I will do it myself, since the technician is not here. You will have to wait here." Carlisle looked at everyone, but particularly me.

I let go of Bella reluctantly and started to slide out of the bed. Almost immediately her heart rate started racing. She started whimpering and shaking.

"She's seizing," I started to panic.

"No," Jasper pushed away from the wall and darted forward. His face seemed pained and determined. I let out a warning growl. I am trying to help.

"I'm pretty sure it is just a panic attack." Jasper grabbed hold of Bella's hand and started to calm her. She started to calm down, but she was still whimpering. "It started as soon you stopped touching her. She started to panic." Jasper met my eyes. Try talking to her and hold her, again.

I listened to him and held her hand tight in mine. I slipped back in to hold her in my arms again.

"Bella, Love, Sweetheart, I am here with you. It is okay. I am not going to leave. Please calm down. I am here," I whispered calmly to her, stroking her hair with my other hand.

Visibly she calmed down and stopped whimpering. I sighed in relief as her heartbeat returned to normal. Her emotions were really strong there. That was almost too painful for me.

"You can feel her again." It was more a declaration then a question.

"Yes, I can." Jasper gave a relief chuckle before stepping back and letting go.

"Thank you." I looked over, he settled back by the window taking a deep breath of the cool air. Don't mention it. You would do anything for Alice. Just like I could not sit back and watch my sister suffer when I could help.

"I don't understand it?" Alice seemed troubled. Since Jasper could feel Bella; she was trying to see her.

"I see things, but they are blurry. I can't see her waking up." Alice pouted. Why? It is not making any sense.
"Perhaps a wolf is here when she wakes?" Carlisle suggested. "That boy Jacob shows up at least once a day. I noticed the other day he smelled like a wolf." I frowned. I did not want that filthy animal near Bella. Edward, I know you have been focused in here. Are any of the wolves nearby? I exchanged a glance with him then focused outside.

"You think that is it?" Alice cocked her head to the side. Part of her was relieved that it was not her fault.

"Are you just looking for her to wake up? Maybe you should try something different?" Rose suggested. Alice nodded and closed her eyes, again. She curled herself into a ball and started searching.

"I think Carlisle is right. I can hear a mind in the woods. I am pretty sure from the tenor that it is a wolf sent to watch us." I frowned.

"Do you want me and Jasper to go check?" Emmett flexed his muscles turned to stare out the window. We can scare them off, especially if it means Alice can see Bella better.

"Something must have changed. I can see her waking up in an hour." Alice was frowning.

"I can't hear the mind of the wolf anymore, maybe he left." I suggested. I felt lighter already that she was going to wake up and soon.

"Why are you upset? What is wrong?" Jasper asked. I couldn't see for myself since she was blocking me.

"It's still hazy," Alice groaned. "Now, everyone stop thinking so I can focus on Bella.

"No, problem," Emmett nodded his head.

"For you, maybe." Jasper snickered. I couldn't stop a smirk on my face.

"In the mean time, I want that chest x-ray. Perhaps you should come with me, Edward, just in case she has another panic attack," Carlisle indicated. He was also trying not to laugh.

"Or I could save you the trouble of being so secretive and tell that the results come out clear." Alice smirked.

"Well, that does save a bit of work of having to move her about." Carlisle chuckled that is a relief about her lungs. Maybe we caught this early enough.

We kept vigilance over Bella for the remaining hour. Her temperature continues to go down. I slipped out of bed when she started to shiver. I kept hold of her hand this time and she did not have another panic attack. Carlisle kept an eye on her temperature.

"I hope we can keep it like this until she is out of the woods. Her lungs still sound clear. Alice, can you see her getting worse?"

"No, I think she will be better, in a few days. She is going to be in and out of conscious the next few days." Alice's eyes glazed over. She was hiding something, but I couldn't tell what. "She's going to wake up soon. Perhaps we should clear out."

"What? I want to see her when she wakes up." Emmett started to pout.

"Alice, please tell me what you are hiding." I tried to ask calmly. It was irritating that she was obviously hiding something about Bella.

"I just see her being overwhelmed with all of us in here when she wakes up." Alice avoided my eyes and traced patterns on the blanket. Jasper narrowed his eyes too. I wasn't the only one aware she was hiding something.

"Then, everyone, but myself and Edward, should clear out. I promised her I would be here when she wakes up. I also told her that I would try my best to have Edward here." Carlisle ordered. "I am thinking that we will have to place a quarantine on her room anyways. I do not want this to spread. So appearance wise, we will have to stay clear." I scowled. I didn't want to leave her side. I am sorry, but if Bella's parents get sick, think how devastated she will be.

The others whispered their good-byes. Esme gave Bella a quick kiss on the forehead.

Soon it was just Carlisle and I left.

I was anxiously waiting for Bella to open her eyes. Would she be happy to see me? Would she be mad? I sure hope she would not cry. I hate to see her crying.

I started to see the changes in her as she started to wake up. I kept her hand in mine ready for whatever happened.

Her beautiful brown eyes fluttered then opened. She looked around her, noticing first Carlisle then me. When she looked at me, her eyes widen. She looked at our clasped hands and she started to blush.

"How do you feel, Sweetheart?" I asked. Bella's eyes widen more and she started to cough. Her heart rate increased. She looked around and saw a cup. She started to reach for it. Carlisle intercepted her and picked up, handing it to her.

"Slowly, so you do not make yourself sick," Carlisle instructed. She drank slowly, looking around the room. She appeared confused about her surroundings.

She handed the cup back to Carlisle.

"Now, Bella, how are you feeling?" Carlisle asked her.

"I'm fine," Bella rasped as she leaned back against her pillows looking exhausted.

"You always say that," I muttered.

"I do?" Bella looked at me confused.

"Dear, we need to know of any aches, pains, anything out of ordinary. I need to see if this is a normal bug or the Spanish flu?" Carlisle told her. She furrowed her brow looking at him.

"But I've never been to Spain?" Carlisle's eyes snapped to me briefly. Something is wrong.

"Ummm, my head hurts like a dull headache. My throat is dry and scratchy. I feel really tired, like I could sleep for another few days. Where's my mother?" Bella looked around.

"Your mother is at the hotel sleeping. Charlie is at his home doing the same thing." I told her.

"Charlie? I'm in Forks?" Her cute nose wrinkled in dissatisfaction.

"Yes," I answered. If I wasn't so concerned right now I would be laughing. I knew that she hated it here when she first moved here. However, Bella was acting clueless. I was starting to wonder about head trauma after all.

"Bella, do you know how you got here?" Carlisle continued to ask.

"You said the flu?" She looked confused. Carlisle shook his head sadly. Edward, she definitely has memory lost. The thought saddened me. So this is what Alice was hiding. What if she never got it back?

"No, you hit your head on a tree while riding a motorcycle." Bella looked at him as if he was crazy. She lifted her freehand to touch the bandages.

"Charlie is going to kill me." She looked panicked. She started to cough again and her heart rate jumped.

"Calm down. It's okay, He will not kill you. I'm sure of it." I ran circles over her hand with my thumb. Her gaze turned to me.

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" She bit her lip like she was afraid to ask me. I choked back the sob in my throat.

"I am Edward Masen Cullen." I told her. Hoping either name may jog something.

"Are you a doctor, too?" she cocked her head to the side.

"No, I'm not." I hesitated how to explain who I was. I had a feeling saying I am your husband would freak her out.

"Why are you in my room at three in the morning? How do I know you?" She asked. I was afraid she was going to bite through her lip. She seemed calm, but unsure when she looked at me. Carlisle answered for me.

"He is my adoptive son, he is interested in medicine. He comes with me to work sometime, although you do know each other from high school."

"So I did move to Forks," Bella mumbled under her breath. She looked up again with her brown eyes full of apologies. "I am sorry that I do not remember you. I wish I could."

"Do not worry about me." I gave her hand a squeeze before letting go. She frowned at the lost of contact and her heart skipped a beat.

"Will I get my memory back?" she looked at Carlisle.

"I hope so. Time will tell. There's a small chance that you will not. Right now you are a very sick young lady. So, I would like you to get some sleep," Carlisle instructed.

Bella obediently closed her eyes and snuggled down into the blankets.

We left the room and I followed him to his office. The rest of the family was there waiting.

"A little warning would have been nice, Alice," Carlisle was the first to speak.

"I'm sorry. The outcomes if I said anything would have made things worse. This was the best solution. I can see her with us in a couple of days and she has her memory. I do not know how she gets it back though."

I saw deciding maybe we showed leave again thinking it was for the best if she never knew you. But I saw it would backfire. She would of always felt your loss and not know why. Alice confided in me.

"Thank goodness." Esme sighed. More waiting, but I would wait forever for Bella.

"I was serious about the quarantine though. I don't want anyone else exposed to her or bringing in anything else into her," Carlisle told me. That means you need to stay out of the room or her parents will get suspicious.

I nodded, but decided there still will be nothing to stop me when no one was around at night. A single thrill of hope ran through me as I heard an angel murmur in her room. 'Edward…sweet knight'.

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So yes Bella is sick, Carlisle is not sure which version because he did not run any tests yet. The treatment he is giving her is what I could find online for N1H1, I assumed the treatment would be similar, but I have no medical training so there is a chance I could be wrong.

It is possible to catch the flu even if you have the gotten a flu shot. The chances that our flu shot today contains the Spanish Influenza strand is slim.

Bella's memory loss is only temporary, so do not freak out just yet. She will remember everything shortly.

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"Bella, what were you thinking? You are still sick. I need to bring you back to the hospital." Alice demanded.

"The nurse said she didn't think you would be coming back. You all left before without saying good-bye." Tears came to my eyes. I saw recognition dawn on Alice's face. "I had to see him or any of you. I had to know…what is true. What is a lie? What might have just been a dream?" I whispered with tears running down my face.

"Bella, we aren't leaving, yet." Alice said quietly restarting the car and pulling out of the driveway.