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"I can't reach it, Albus!" thirteen year-old Rose Weasley whisper-yelled. "Why'd you make the shortest person here—me—have to get the cream, which happens to be on the highest shelf? Why not Scorpius?"

"Because, Weasley, I'm obviously busy," Scorpius drawled lazily with a roll of his eyes. Rose growled maliciously.

"Busy with what, Malfoy? Staring at the tart?"

"Shut up, you two! You're gonna wake the whole house up!" Albus commanded as he watched Rose and Scorpius glower at each other.

The three third years were currently at the Burrow, where they were staying at for the annual New Year's party Molly and Arthur Weasley held. Since last year, Albus had invited his fellow Slytherin to attend, much to Rose's chagrin.

"Then you get the cream, Albus! Because as you can see, I can't reach it," Rose retorted, emphasizing the last part.

"All right, all right, I'll get the damn cream," Albus said, giving in.

"Thank you. Milk anyone?" Rose offered.

"Me!" Albus and Scorpius said in unison. Albus finally reached the bowl of cream, and Rose grabbed the glasses for the milk.

"Hey! That's only two glasses of milk!" Scorpius cried.

"Good to know you can count," Albus said with a smirk.

"Where's mine?" Scorpius whined as he watched Rose and Albus drink their beverages.

"That's what you get for being a prat," Rose sang with glee. She made a show of taking a swig of milk from her glass. Scorpius glared at her before getting his own glass of milk. Albus smiled into his cup as he watched his two best friends quarrel over something meaningless again.

Once everyone had gotten what they wanted, Rose went straight into business as they made their way through slices of pear tart, made my Rose's mother.

"All right, if anyone asks, none of us were ever here. Understood?" Rose stated firmly. The two boys nodded their heads. "And if they do start to blame people, we blame James and Fred."

"But we can't go outright and just blame them. They'll suspect us the minute we open our mouths!" Albus pointed out. Rose grinned sneakily.

"All we have to do is put a dab of cream on the side of their mouths, some of the filling on their clothes, and just make sure it's still visible by morning. And I learned a spell that can make them smell like the tart, too."

"All right, but what about us?" Scorpius questioned. "We smell like it, too!"

"Already thought of that. That spell also has a counter-curse to get rid of the smell. Since there are so many wizards here that are already of age, I won't get in trouble. We also have to brush our teeth, and wipe the toothbrushes afterwards so no one will wonder why our specific toothbrushes are wet."

Albus and Scorpius gaped at her.

"You, Rose Weasley, are a bloody genius," Scorpius commented, clearly impressed. Rose blushed a pale pink.

"That is what we Ravenclaws are known for," she replied with a triumphant smile.

"Let's get to it then!" Albus exclaimed. "Am I clean?"

Scorpius and Rose inspected him to see if he had any residue left over from the dessert, and then Scorpius and Albus doing the same for Rose.

"How did you get the tart on your cheek?" Rose asked Scorpius with a giggle, when it was Albus's and her turn to make sure there was nothing incriminating on him

"Where is it?" he asked, trying to wipe it off with his tongue, which resulted in Rose laughing again.

"I'll get it," she said. His gray eyes followed her finger as she flicked the piece of sticky crust off of his face. She then put the finger in her mouth, sucking it clean. Scorpius's cheeks flushed a deep red as he muttered his thanks. Albus snorted at this, knowing just how much Scorpius liked his cousin. Albus wiggled his eyebrows at Scorpius suggestively, which resulted in a punch to the shoulder.

"Let's go," Rose said, oblivious to Albus and Scorpius. She grabbed the bowl of cream and stealthily crept upstairs, quickly followed by Albus and Scorpius, who were carrying the small bit of tart they were going to put on James's and Fred's clothes.

When they got to their room, Rose put her finger to her lips to tell them to be quiet. She took out her wand and muttered nearly inaudible words, and James and Fred instantly smelled like the pear tart. She scraped a little bit of cream onto the side of their mouths and beckoned Scorpius to dab the tart onto their clothes. When they were finished doing so, the three of them dashed to the bathroom and cleaned themselves up. Rose quickly performed the spell to get rid of the smell and smiled at the two satisfied.

"Job well done," she said. "Goodnight then."

Albus and Scorpius waved as they parted ways to go to bed.

"Oh. My. God," Hermione Weasley said the next morning. "EVERYONE OUT OF BED! NOW!"

A few seconds later, there was a large chorus of groans as the many residents of the Burrow were awakened at the early hour.

"What's going on, Mum?" Hugo yawned in his groggy state.

"Yeah, Aunt Hermione, it's early," moaned Lily.

"Would someone like to tell me why half of my tart is missing?" screeched Hermione. Eyes wide, Ron Weasley was instantly at his wife's side.

"I've been waiting for eight bloody days to eat the thing. And it's gone?!" Ron screamed, putting his head into his hands. "THE HORROR!"

"Hold on a second," Lucy Weasley said. She began to sniff around, and the the occupants of the room and came to a stop in front of James and Fred. "It was you two!"

"WHAT?" James and Fred yelled at the same time.

"How do you automatically assume it was us?" James said, pointing towards him and Fred.

"Fine, here's how I 'assume'it was you two," she began, "first of all, you smell like the tart! Secondly, there's some of it on your clothes and cream on your mouths! And lastly, it's always you two!"

"Really James, was that really necessary?" Ginny Potter said tiredly from around Harry's arm. "I mean, you were going to eat it eventually."

"You could have told me you were going to do this, Freddie, I would have loved a slice of that tart," George muttered to his son. Angelina smacked his arm.

As James and Fred protested Rose, Albus, and Scorpius exchanged small grins while sneaking very quiet high fives.

"I can't believe that actually worked," Rose murmured under her breath. Albus and Scorpius stared at her incredulously.

"Wait, wait wait…are you saying that we risked our arses for a plan that might not have even worked?" Scorpius gaped. "You're much more impressive than I give you credit for, Weasley."

Rose scoffed. "Well, it worked, didn't it?"

"We got lucky, that's all that matters," Albus said with a smile as he swung his arm around his two friends' shoulders. Rose quickly shrugged it off when she realized that he was only trying to get her to stand closer to Scorpius.

"Well, I don't know about you two, but I'm going back to bed. I don't even know why Mum wakes up this early," she said as she watched her other family members going back upstairs. Rose waved to them as she also clambered up the stairs.

"She's amazing," Scorpius sighed. Albus snorted.

"She's amazing at hating you, I'll give her that," Albus pointed out.

"Shut up."

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