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"Aunt Hermione has really outdone herself this time, Rosie," Albus commented through a mouthful of strawberry shortcake.

"Well, that's maybe because we finally get a whole cake to ourselves instead of having to sneak a few slices," Rose replied with an eye roll.

"Yeah, tell me about it. I still can't believe that you rat us out last year," Scorpius muttered. "Ruddy arsehole."

"Hey, if I was going down, you two were going down with me," he explained.

"Yeah, and you also revealed our 'relationship!' Did you see Mr. Weasley's expression? He looked like he was about to bloody kill me!" Scorpius exclaimed, using quotes around the word "relationship." Albus rolled his bright green eyes and flicked his friend on the forehead in between his eyes with his fingers.

"Scorp, you got something on your lip," Rose said nonchalantly.

"Really?" he said with a smile. "Care to get it off for me?"

She smiled in return and leaned over to kiss him. Albus groaned loudly and threw a finger of cream at them.

"Is it gone?" Scorpius asked playfully. Rose laughed and nodded while leaning her head onto his shoulder.

"You two should have never gotten together," Albus grunted. "I don't give a damn how much Scorpius likes you. It's sickening."

"You're sickening," Rose retorted while sticking her tongue out.

"You'resickening," Albus mimicked in a high-pitched voice unlike Rose's.

"You're insufferable!" she cried out.


"Stop it!"


"You two are so cute, you know," Scorpius commented with a small smile. "It's a pity Helena and I have never done that. But maybe that's because we actually have an ounce of maturity in us, unlike you two."

"There's nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun every once in a while, Scorpius," Rose said with a smile.

"Ah Helena…" Albus trailed off, thinking about his girlfriend (and Rose's best friend as well as Scorpius's cousin).

"And you call it sickening when Scorpius and I are making those 'lovey-dovey' expressions that you oh so kindly named," Rose pointed out with a grin.

"Well at least Helena and I don't snog in front of people every three seconds," Albus said idly.

"One, two, and three," Rose counted. She grabbed Scorpius's face and planted a kiss on his lips. Albus, again, looked disgusted.

"That's it. You, Rose Weasley, are demoted as my favorite cousin, and you, Scorpius Malfoy, are not my best friend anymore," Albus declared with a haughty expression.

"And now he's got practically nothing," Scorpius whispered to Rose, but still loud enough so Albus could hear. Rose giggled at her cousin's expression.

"I most certainly do not have nothing!" he protested while slamming down on the table with his hand.

"Then what do you have?" Rose asked in amusement while putting her chin into her hands. She smirked as Albus twisted his face up in a thinking expression.

"Well, I have Helena!" he exclaimed finally.

"Shh!" Scorpius shushed. "Do you want everybody to wake up?"

"Who cares?" Albus said. "Everyone already knows that we come down here in the middle of the night to eat something. Aunt Hermione even made a cake for our own!"

"Yeah, but think about how pissed off they would be when they wake up to your yelling in the middle of the night. And they would steal our cake," Rose mused. "But don't change the subject, Al. Who else do you have besides Helena? Who actually happens to be my best friend if I may say."

Albus rolled his eyes before continuing. "I have Erik McAllister!"

Scorpius scoffed. "That's because he has a gay crush on you. Doesn't count, mate."

Albus groaned. "Ugh! I give up!"

"That was quick," Rose said with a laugh. She grabbed her fork and helped herself to another piece of cake.

"You know what else is quick?" Albus asked. "How fast you ate most of that cake and barely giving us any."

Rose glared at Albus stonily. "Did you just call me fat?"

Scorpius whistled. "You never call girls fat, even if they're your cousins. And especially this one because Rose won't hesitate to hex your bollocks off."

Albus blanched and took an audible gulp. "I didn't call her fat."

"No, you didn't," Scorpius agreed with a solemn nod of the head. "But youimplied it."

"Albus Severus Potter," Rose began. "You are going to die."

Albus did not have any time to react to his cousin attacking him. She had practically leapt across the table and began to bring him to the ground. After finally regaining his senses, Albus tried to pin her down, unsuccessfully of course. Despite his lean figure that was so much like his father's, Rose was much faster. She grabbed his head of dark hair and slammed it onto the floor. Albus grunted and gritted his teeth.

Scorpius was just sitting at the table with an amused smirk as he watched the scene unfold. It wasn't everyday where you got to watch your girlfriend and your best mate take each other down!

A few minutes later, Rose was sitting on top of Albus with a satisfied grin on her face. Below her, Albus had a rather angry pout and intense glare. Scorpius laughed and bent down to start up a conversation with his friend.

"Hello," Scorpius greeted colloquially. "How's your evening going?"

Albus grunted. "Shut it."

Scorpius smirked. "I told you! You can't call girls fat!"

"I didn't call her fat!" Albus protested. "I just that she ate fast!"

"Same difference," Rose shrugged. Scorpius smiled at her again and sat next to Rose on Albus.

"I'm not a fucking bench, you know!" Albus exclaimed in an irritated fashion.

"That's what you get for calling me fat," Rose stated in a singsong voice.

"For the last time, I didn't call you fa—hey! Are you two snogging on top of me!" Albus yelled incredulously.

And true to his word, Rose and Scorpius were kissing rather enthusiastically while sitting atop of their close friend. Rose's arms were wrapped around Scorpius's neck while his were around her waist. They felt each other's smirk on their lips because of Albus's disgusted protests.

But all three of them ceased action, Albus in the middle of yelling, Rose and Scorpius still in the middle of kissing when they heard someone come into the kitchen and turn on the lights.

With a yawn, Harry Potter rubbed his green eyes before surveying the room. His eyes widened when they landed on the three teenagers.

"Rose…Scorpius…why are you two snogging on top of my son?"

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