Prompt: Bloodshot Eyes

After Hawke's refusal to do little more than turn mages over to the Circle, Varric is surprised when Blondie joins them for drinks at the Hanged Man. He's more surprised by the mage's haggard appearance.

"Are you alright, Anders?" Daisy asks. Varric half-expects a nasty remark from Blondie, but the mage sighs and has a seat at the table next to Hawke.

"I've been... avoiding the Fade," he admits quietly. "After... after what happened with that half-elven boy. It's... disturbing when Justice takes over."

Varric knew that Anders has trouble controling the spirit, but he didn't think before now that Justice plagued Anders in his sleep too.

"Oh!" Merrill says happily, "I know a spell for that."

The evening devolves from there.