Azul's Pokemon

Cherry (Bulbasaur) (Female) - Ab: Overgrow - Moves: Take Down, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, and Leech Seed - Level 23

Nidoran (Male) - Ab: Poison Point - Moves: Poison Sting, Horn Attack, Focus Energy, and Double Kick - Level 21

Spearow (Female) - Ab: Keen Eye - Moves: Peck, Aerial Ace, Fury Attack, Pursuit, - Level 20

Pichu (Male) - Ab: Static - Moves: Volt Tackle, Thunderpunch, Thundershock, and Quick Attack - Level 23

Magikarp (Unknown) - Ab: Swift Swim - Moves: Splash and Tackle - Level 20

Sarah (Paras) (Female) - Ab: Effect Spore - Moves: Cut, Stun Spore, PoisonPowder, and Leech Life - Level 19

Azul yawned, walking out of the Pokémon Center. Squinting in the morning light, he stretched his arms and smiled down at his Bulbasaur, Cherry. "Are you ready, buddy? We finally get out next gym battle today!"


"Wait up!" Jaune cried as she ran out, holding her hat to her head so it would not fly off. "You should've waited for me!"

"I can't wait! I want my gym battle now!" Azul snapped. He smiled, and she nodded before they took off.

Azul had easily memorized the route to the gym, so it only took them a matter of minutes to get there. Azul froze at the gym doors. He glanced up and down, taking in the sights once more.

"Are you okay?" Jaune asked. Her Pikachu glanced over at Azul and tipped her head to the side.

"Yeah," Azul replied, taking in a deep breath. "I just have a lot riding on this."

He pushed the doors open and walked through the hallway. After crossing the staircase, they came to the giant pool. Sitting to the side was a teenager with long, blonde hair. Her bare skin, tanned by the sun was revealed, only being covered up by a yellow bathing suit.

"Um…excuse me," Azul mumbled.

The girl looked up, her red glasses falling off of her face. "Yes?"

"I'm looking for the gym leader. Do you know where I could find her?" he asked.

The girl nodded and wave a hand at the boy. "Right here! Are you here for a battle?" Azul nodded, and the girl huffed. "There is a bucket of badges over there. You can take one and go."

"What?" Azul screeched. "No way!"

"You don't want the badge?" she asked.

"No, I do. But not this way," he answered. "Don't we have to battle?"

She sighed. "Are you serious? I was just relaxing." Azul tried to say something, but she interrupted him before. "I guess we can…" She stood up and walked leisurely to the other side of the pool. After pushing a button, three small lands appeared out of the pool.

Azul walked to his trainer's box and stared out at his opponent.

"What are you waiting for?" the blonde teenager asked.

Azul sighed. "Um…a referee. I don't even know your name."

"We won't have a referee. The rules will be, like, two on two," the girl snapped. "And my name is Daisy."

"That all works for me!"

"I guess I'll go first," Daisy huffed. She threw her Poké Ball into the water. A star shaped, yellow Pokémon blew out of the water and landed on one of the small strips of land.

"They can use the water, so we'll use the air!" Azul said. He tossed his Poké Ball into the air. Spearow emerged and cawed, trying to intimidate her Pokémon.

"Staryu, the Star Shape Pokémon. An enigmatic Pokémon that can effortlessly regenerate any appendage it loses in battle. Level is 24 and known moves are Recover, Water Gun, BubbleBeam, and Rapid Spin."

"You have the first move," Daisy said calmly. Azul was surprised. His opponent already seemed bored.

"Fury Attack!"

Spearow jolted down at Staryu.

"Block it!" Daisy ordered. "Rapid Spin!"

Staryu started spinning, knocking Spearow out of the air. She landed on one the small islands, angered by her failed attack.

"Darn…" Azul mumbled. "Let's try Pursuit!"

Spearow nodded and lunged forward, a black energy coming from her beak. But before she could get close, Staryu started to spin yet again. It smashed into Spearow, tossing her to the water.

"Spearow!" Azul screamed. "I don't want to use Aerial Ace yet…"

"What are you mumbling to yourself? Trying to think of some sort of strategy?" Daisy asked.

Spearow fluttered out of the water and screeched. She glared at Staryu, hating the emotionless Pokémon.

"Peck!" Azul ordered.

The flying-type flew into the air, jabbing its beak into Staryu's jewel. The Pokémon twisted back before flying forward. It smashed into Spearow once more, throwing the Pokémon back.

"Water Gun!" Daisy called.

Staryu pointed one of its limbs forward, water blowing from it. It smashed into the flying-type, sending her to the water.

"Spearow!" the Pokémon squawked at her trainer, telling him he needed to think of something else, and fast.

"Fine!" Azul snapped back. He pointed at Staryu. "Aerial Ace!"

Spearow cried out happily, jetting forward. She smashed into Staryu, flinging her back.

"Awesome! Keep it going!" Azul ordered happily.

Spearow rounded back, readying to attack. She continuously jabbed into Staryu, tossing the Pokémon into the wall.

"Into the water!" Daisy commanded.

Staryu dove into the water, avoiding any more damage. If Daisy did not do something quick, Nidoran and Azul would defeat her star-shaped Pokémon.

"Now, Recover!" Daisy said, smiling.

Staryu started to glow, the light shining through the water. After a moment of being underwater, it shot back into the air. Water dripped off its shining body, falling like raindrops back into the pool.

"Aerial Ace!"


Spearow flung herself forward, but before she could connect, Staryu released the bubbles. The powerful beam of bubbles stopped Spearow, blinding her as she flew towards her opponent.

"One more time!" Daisy called.

More of the menacing bubbles emerged, popping all over Spearow. The flying-type fell to one of the lands, unable to get back up.

"Dang," Azul mumbled, returning his Pokémon.

"You can always forfeit," Daisy said, yawning.

"No!" Azul snapped. "C'mon out, Nidoran!

Nidoran landed on one of the lands and stretched. He took sight of Staryu and prepared for battle.

"Fine then…" Daisy groaned. "Use Rapid Spin…"

"Nidoran, hold your ground!"

Nidoran waited, Staryu only getting closer.

"Poison Sting!"

As soon as Staryu came in close, Nidoran ducked and jabbed his horn into its back. Staryu was thrown into the air before retreating back into the water.

"Good! Recover!" Daisy ordered.

"Dangit!" Azul yelled. "We have to find a way around this! Nidoran, use Focus Energy!"

As Staryu shone in the water, illuminating it, Nidoran focused. A red tint glowed around his body.

"Bubblebeam!" Daisy called.

Staryu blew out of the water before unleashed its fierce attack. Nidoran was thrown back, landing into the water. He struggled, trying to swim to one of the islands.

Daisy smiled, seeing her opening. "Good! Let's finish this with Rapid Spin!"

Staryu flung its body forward, seemingly tearing into the water.

"Double Kick!" Azul cried.

Nidoran waited and kicked frantically when Staryu came into reach. His hind legs collided with the water-type, breaking the red jewel in the middle of its body. It fell back onto one of the lands in a heap.

"I guess that means I'm down to one more…" Daisy mumbled. She lifted her Poké Ball and returned Staryu. Glancing up, she noticed Nidoran moving back onto one of the lands, exhausted from the battle. "But it looks like I won't have to do much!"

"Nidoran is strong! He can beat you!" Azul snapped.

Daisy huffed and tossed her Poké Ball into the water. A small, white Pokémon appeared, clapping its small fins together.

"Seel, the Sea Lion Pokémon. The protruding horn on its head is very hard. It is used for bashing through thick ice. Level is 26 and known moves are Ice Shard, Water Pulse, Aqua Ring, and Headbutt," Azul's Pokédex chimed.

"Her levels are amazing…" Azul groaned.

Being impatient, Daisy piped up. "If you're going to talk to yourself, I'll start! Seel, Ice Shard!"

"Dodge, Nidoran!" Azul yelled.

Seel opened his mouth, a ball of ice forming. He let it loose, freezing over some of the water. Nidoran attempted to jump out of the way, but the ball connected with his leg. He fell back to his island, his leg frozen.

"Fight through it! Use Horn Attack!" Azul ordered, ignoring his Pokémon's pain.

Nidoran winced, bounding forward as fast as he could. His speed was slowed, the ice getting in the way.

"Perfect," Daisy said with a sly smile. "Water Pulse!"

Seel put his tiny arms into the air, a ball of water appearing. When Nidoran came in close, he tossed it into the water. The ball exploded, causing a small tidal wave to appear. The wave engulfed Nidoran, washing over him. When the wave disappeared, Nidoran staggered around the ice.

"He's confused, Azul!" Jaune informed her friend. "You can't win! You have to give up!"

"I can still do this!" Azul snapped. He looked over at his Pokémon, not knowing what he should do.

Daisy smiled. "I'll just end it. Ice Shard!"

"Seel!" the Pokémon cried, another ball of ice appearing in his mouth, this one larger than the last. The ball blasted out of Seel's mouth, connecting with Nidoran. The horn Pokémon flew into the water, struggling to get out.

"He's too confused to get out! Just throw in the towel," Jaune cried.

Azul gritted his teeth, watching his Pokémon struggle. He hesitantly lifted his Poké Ball and returned Nidoran. "I forfeit…"

Daisy laughed. "How weak! Come back when, like, you learn how to battle!"

Azul let his hat's brim fall above over his face, tears pooling in his eyes. He turned around and took off, running away from Daisy's cruel laugh.

"Azul, wait!" Jaune yelled after Azul. He had already almost disappeared, running in a familiar direction.


When Jaune had finally caught up with Azul, he was standing by the Nugget Bridge. He fell to his knees, dropping all six of his Poké Balls.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I can't believe that I lost again! That was two losses in a row…" he said, tears falling from his cheeks.

"That isn't so bad. People lose all the time," Jaune replied. "And they were really strong."

"No! I was just weak!"

Azul's Poké Balls began to shake and rattle, and all six of his Pokémon emerged in a flash of white light, surrounding him but keeping their distance.

"You can leave…" he mumbled.

"Bulba?" Cherry wondered. She looked around at the other Pokémon, all as confused as she was. Pichu folded his arms and scowled.

"I'm releasing all of you. You deserve a better trainer," Azul explained.

"Pichu!" the Pokémon replied as if agreeing.

Bulbasaur moved one of her vines from her bulb and softly touched Azul's cheek. "Bulba…"

"Just go!" Azul screamed, trying to shove Cherry's vines away.

The Pokémon stood still. Magikarp squirmed, but flopped its way over to Azul. It snuggled up into his thigh. Spearow followed, flying and landing on Azul's head. Nidoran jumped forward, nuzzling his face into Azul's stomach. Sarah, his Paras, scuttled her way over and rested one of her claws on his hand. Bulbasaur followed suit, removing her vine from his face, and resting her head on Azul's lap. The trainer looked up, catching Pichu's eye. Pichu sighed and walked forward. He stuck out his arm and tapped Azul, letting him know he was still there with him.

"You…you guys will stay with me?"

The Pokémon, even Pichu, nodded. Tears fell poured from Azul's eyes. He reached out and pulled all of his Pokémon close, embracing them as tight as they could.

"I…I'm sorry guys! Next time, we'll win! We'll beat the Cerulean Gym!"

"You challenged the gym?" a voice asked. Jaune and a teary eyed Azul turned around. The voice came from a girl, only a few years older than them. Her red hair was pulled into a ponytail on the side. She wore a yellow, sleeveless top. Her red shorts were held up by a yellow belt.

Azul shook his head. "Don't remind me…"

"I know that gym really well. If you need any help training, I could give you a few tips," the girl stated with a smile. "My name is Misty."

"How do you know the gym so well?" Jaune asked.

Misty sighed. "Let's just say that I'm close to the gym leaders…"

"Let's do it!" Azul piped up. "Training, I mean. I want to get stronger. And if you say that you can help me, then who am I to say no?"

"Great! Then let's get started!"

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