Azul's Pokemon

Cherry (Bulbasaur) (Female) - Ab: Overgrow - Moves: Take Down, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, and Leech Seed - Level 24

Nidoran (Male) - Ab: Poison Point - Moves: Poison Sting, Horn Attack, Focus Energy, and Double Kick - Level 22

Spearow (Female) - Ab: Keen Eye - Moves: Peck, Aerial Ace, Fury Attack, Pursuit, - Level 22

Pichu (Male) - Ab: Static - Moves: Volt Tackle, Thunderpunch, Thundershock, and Quick Attack - Level 24

Magikarp (Unknown) - Ab: Swift Swim - Moves: Splash and Tackle - Level 21

Sarah (Paras) (Female) - Ab: Effect Spore - Moves: Cut, Stun Spore, PoisonPowder, and Leech Life - Level 21

After a day's training with Misty, the sun was beginning to set. Misty had trained Azul around the water, battling many different water-type Pokémon. None were as strong as Daisy's, though. After that, she had him challenge Nugget Bridge.

"My name is Aven Peirce, and I'll be your last challenge for Nugget Bridge!" a boy cried out happily. His dirty blonde hair swayed with the wind, following over his eyes. Under a crimson red jacket, he wore a bright white shirt. Fastened up by a red belt were black, baggy pants.

"Didn't Lilla say that these guys were easy?" Azul wondered, looking at his worn out Pokémon. "This was not what I was expecting."

Aven winked. "You ready for this? Maybe after our battle, me and you can go on a date?"

Azul blushed. "What?! Do you think I'm a girl?!"

There was silence.

"Sometimes, even I forget, Azul," Jaune stated.

"That's it! I'm going to crush you!" Azul snapped. He pointed out. "Sarah, let's kick it!"

Paras jumped out, slashing her claws.

"Paras, eh? This'll be easy! C'mon out, Clefairy!" Aven said, tossing a Poké Ball into the air.

A light pink, chubby Pokémon appeared. Its tail curved into his body, rocking from side to side as the Pokémon danced.

"Clefairy, the Fairy Pokémon. Its magical and cute appeal has many admirers. It is rare and found only in certain areas. Level is 20, and known moves are Double Slap, Sing, Metronome, and Minimize," Azul's Pokédex chimed.

"You better watch out, Azul! This Pokémon is going to be an awful lot like the Jigglypuff that I tried to capture!" Jaune warned.

Azul nodded. "So, I need to watch out for his Sing…"

"Double Slap!" Aven ordered. Clefairy bounced into the air, smiling as she swung her hand at Sarah.

"Dodge! Then use Stun Spore!" Azul called. As soon as Clefairy landed, Paras jumped back, yellow spores releasing off of her body. The spores fell onto Clefairy, paralyzing her immediately.

"Try Cut, Sarah!" Azul called. She dashed forward, slicing her claw at Clefairy. The fairy Pokémon was easily knocked back, falling on her side.

"Keep it up! One more Cut!"

"Minimize!" Aven ordered. Before Sarah could come into contact, Clefairy shrunk, avoiding the attack.

"Metronome!" Moving her hands back and forth, Clefairy started to charge an attack. She jumped back, fire bellowing from her mouth. The fire overtook, Paras, burning her.

"What was that?!" Azul screamed.

"That was Metronome. It picks any Pokémon move at random and uses it," Misty informed him.

"Be careful!" Azul warned his Pokémon. "We'll get some health back! Leech Life!" Jumping forward, Paras stuck her claw into Clefairy, sapping away her energy. Clefairy slumped to the ground, and Azul took his opportunity.

"Finish this with Cut!" Sarah swung around, slicing at the pink Pokémon. Clefairy fell over, closing her eyes and fainting.

"That takes me down one Pokémon," Aven commented, returning his Pokémon. "But I still got two more! It's all you, Oddish!"

"Oddish, the Weed Pokémon. During the day, it keeps its face buried in the ground. At night, it wanders around sowing its seeds. Level is 19, and known moves are Sleep Powder, Absorb, Stun Spore, and PoisonPowder."

"That's an…odd Pokémon," Azul said, laughing at his own joke. Jaune smacked her forehead and looked away.

"We'll attack first!" Aven yelled. "Use Absorb!" Oddish nodded, jumping into the air and sending energy at Paras. The attack collided, instantly sapping away Paras' energy. She dropped down, heaving hard.

"Cut, Sarah!" Azul ordered. Paras nodded, lunging forward. She swung her claw at Oddish, but she was easily able to dodge. Paras stopped moving, having to take a deep breath.

"Now, toss her!" Oddish dashed forward and stuck her head under Sarah. With a quick heave, she tossed the bug-type into the air. Sarah landed in a heap on the ground.

"Dang…" Azul mumbled, returning his Pokémon. "I'll put my faith in you, Magikarp!"

Magikarp blew out of its Poké Ball, preparing to battle to the best of its splashy abilities.

"That's unimpressive…" Aven mumbled.

Jaune sighed. "I'm used to it…"

"Oddish, use Absorb!" Oddish nodded, flinging her small body forward. She wrapped one of her long leaves around Magikarp, sucking away its energy.

"Splash, Magikarp!" Azul screeched. Magikarp flung its body around, smacking its tail into Oddish. He was able to move out of Oddish's grip, moving to the side and preparing to attack.

"Tackle!" he ordered. Magikarp nodded, lunging forward. He collided into Oddish, tossing the Pokémon back. "Keep it up! One more Tackle!" With one more lunge, Magikarp moved forward. Oddish was hit back, purple pores flying off with her. The pores landed onto Magikarp, making it scream out in pain.

"Magikarp? Are you okay, girl?" Azul wondered.

"Awesome!" Aven yelled out. "I love it when you do PoisonPowder by yourself!"

"Be careful, Azul! Magikarp will start losing health faster!" Jaune warned.

"I know that!" Azul snapped. "Can you keep going, Magikarp?"

"Karp…" his Pokémon huffed.

"Then we'll end this!" Aven called. "Absorb!" Oddish nodded, sending out her energy once more.

"Power through it! Let's use Tackle, full power!" Azul commanded. Magikarp, using all of its power, darted forward. It fought through the green energy, smashing into Oddish. It wasn't very affected, the water-type falling limp.

"No! Magikarp!" Azul screamed.

"That's two down for you. It looks like I'm going to win this!" Aven bragged.

Azul gritted his teeth and returned his Pokémon. He looked back at his Pokémon, noticing how much they were worn out from their last battles. He had to think hard on his next decision. They had to battle through not one, but two different Pokémon.

Before Azul could decide, Pichu stepped forward. He popped his neck, glaring at Oddish.

"You want to battle, Pichu?" Azul asked. Pichu spit on the ground, darting onto the small battlefield. "Awesome then let's start with a Thunder—" Before he could finish, Pichu dashed forward, his paw crackling with electricity. He swung, smashing it into Oddish. "Punch!" Azul yelled, hoping not to embarrass himself.

"Absorb!" Aven cried. Oddish obeyed, releasing her attack. The attack sapped into Pichu, but didn't work as well as Aven had hoped. Pichu dashed, twisting his body. His tail started to glow, and he smashed it into Oddish. She was tossed to the side, struggling to find her footing once more.

"What was that?" Azul wondered.

"Iron Tail… I'm surprised Pichu was able to learn it by itself," Misty commented.

"Pichu is amazing…"

Before Azul could give Pichu his command, the Pokémon darted forward, his body cloaked with electric energy. Seconds before he could collide with Oddish, the grass-type released several yellow pores into the air. There was an explosion, and both Pokémon were cloaked. When the smoke cleared, Pichu was the only Pokémon who stood. But he struggled to move.

Aven returned Oddish. "At least I could get a Stun Spore in before Oddish fainted. You did a good job."

"What do you think of Pichu?" Azul asked. "Pretty strong, huh?"

Aven nodded. "Yeah. Too bad you don't have any control over him. But even with that strength, he stands no chance against my next Pokémon." He winked, tossing out his next Poké Ball. His new Pokémon sat on the ground, appearing to be asleep.

"Abra, the Psi Pokémon. Using its ability to read minds, it will sense impending danger and teleport to safety. Level is 21, and known moves are ThunderPunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Teleport."

"So, that's an Abra…" Azul noted.

"This battle is going to be intense," Jaune opined. "Pichu is easily Azul's strongest Pokémon, and Abra's move set could prove a big problem for him."

"We'll see…" Misty mumbled.

Pichu stepped forward, readying his next attack. But before he could start, Azul chimed in.

"Use Quick Attack!" Azul ordered. Pichu glared at him, not wanting to do what his trainer said. But he had planned to use Quick Attack anyways. He sighed, bounding forward anyways.

"Teleport!" Without any movement, Abra disappeared. Pichu tried to stop, skidding against the bridge, looking around frantically. Abra emerged behind him, a wicked smile on his face.

"Watch out!" Azul warned.

Pichu tried to turn around, but the pores on his body stopped him.

"Fire Punch!" Abra cocked his head to the side and lifted his arm. Flames blew out of his fist as he pounded it against Pichu's cheek. The electric-type flew across the bridge, landing near the edge.

"You got this, Pichu! Keep using Quick Attack!" Azul ordered. Pichu glanced over at him, rubbing his cheek. "Trust me… You can shock me all you want later. But I need you to trust me right now." Pichu nodded. He stood back up and darted to Abra.

Without needing a command, Abra disappeared and reappeared behind Pichu.

"Ice Punch!"

"Flip and use Iron Tail!" Azul screamed. Pichu took in a deep breath, and started his attack. He flipped forward, the iron hard tail destroying Abra's attack, stunning the Pokémon.

Azul laughed. "ThunderPunch!" Pichu turned around, smashing his fist into Abra's chest. The Pokémon was flung back, but stopped himself by floating in the air.

"Keep up the pace! Use Volt Tackle!" Azul ordered. Pichu shook his head, and instead of charging forward, he released electricity from his body. The electricity zapped Abra, making him fall to the ground.

"Abra!" Aven called. He grew worried with every attack.

Sooner than Azul could say anything, Pichu bounded forward, sparks blowing from his body. A second before he came into contact, Abra disappeared. He reappeared above Pichu, his fists on fire. He swung, jackhammering Pichu into the ground.

"Pichu!" Azul cried.

"Awesome, Abra!" Aven said. "Finish this with an Ice Punch!" Abra slowly lifted his arm into the air, slowly letting it become shrouded in ice. Pichu turned around slowly, watching as his fate slowly became closer to sealed.

"Trust in me, Pichu!" Azul cried out. "Use Thunderbolt!" Pichu gritted his teeth and let loose the bolts. They were sent into Abra's body, making him float away, dropping his ice covered hand.

"Yay, Pichu!" Jaune cheered.

"Pichibu!" Chiboo responded, barely hanging onto her trainer's shoulder.

"Finish this with Iron Tail!" Azul ordered. Pichu twisted his body in the air, slamming his hard, iron tail into Abra's skull. Abra flew back, landing at Aven's feet.

Aven sighed, looking at his fainted Pokémon. "I guess it is over…"

"Pichu!" Azul's Pokémon roared before falling to the ground.

Azul ran forward, picking up his fallen Pokémon. "You did awesome, Pichu!" The Pokémon responded by folding his arms and looking away. He spat at the ground and pointed at his Poké Ball. Azul nodded, returning the tough Pokémon to its hideaway.

"You were awesome, Azul!" Aven said, carrying his worn out Pokémon in his arms. "Kind of…cute how you don't have control over Pichu."

Azul gave him a look of disgust. "You do know I'm a boy, right?"

"Well, Azul! I didn't think that you could have beaten them all, but you did!" Misty chimed in, trying to break the awkwardness. "I really do have faith in your battling skills now."

"Yeah! You did really awesome!" Jaune added.

The sun had set, and the four trainers set up a campfire. Aven shared stories of his different Nugget Bridge experiences, while Azul and Jaune retold what has happened on their journey so far.

"What about you, Misty?" Jaune asked. She fed a small cracker to her dwarf Pikachu.

"To keep it really simple, I've been traveling for awhile now. I need to try to find myself. And once I feel that I'm ready, I'll be taking over the Cerulean Gym," she explained.

"Whoa!" Azul gasped. "That's amazing! Have you returned to take your gym now?"

Misty shook her head. "No. Not yet. I still have a lot more to learn. And I don't know if I'm yet ready to have that many responsibilities."

"Being a Gym Leader would be awesome!" Aven exclaimed. "Imagine all of the battles that you'd get to do! And there would be so many people that travel from all over, just to battle with you! You'd be really special!"

"Sounds like fun!" Azul laughed.

They all laughed and fed their Pokémon. After some silence, Misty finally spoke up.

"So, Azul, what are you on your journey for? Jaune is traveling with you to meet and befriend as many Pokémon as possible," Misty said. "What is your end goal?"

Azul thought on it for a moment and looked up into the sky. "Honestly, I don't know yet. I would love to take on all of the gyms and beat the Indigo League. But that's a really hard goal. And even if, somehow, I was able to do it, what would I do next?" He pulled Cherry onto his lap and smiled. "I guess I'll just have to go where the wind takes me!"

"That's an awesome plan, Azul!" Aven exclaimed. "I'll make sure to watch the Indigo League, and if you're in it, I'll cheer for you real hard!"

"Was that dirty?" Azul wondered aloud.

"Well, whatever your dreams are, I know that you can accomplish them," Misty interjected. "You just have to work hard like you did today."

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