There were two different sides

Victims in the crossfire died

The wolves and vampires

How they fought

The wolves were degraded

And the wolves they sought

For equality and justice

But their body count was rising

And they were slaughtered one by one

They had to take action

A single bet was decided

That the body count would be collided

And whoever killed the most opposite kind

Such happiness and respect would they find

So it was agreed

And they killed with such speed

The werewolves they tore

And the bodies hit the floor

The vampires they sipped blood

And the bodies fell with a thud

The werewolves they gouged

And the bodies with guts splattered and slouched

The vampires they bit

And the bodies were beaten and hit

After many nights of killing

And both of them still willing

They met for a final fight

At the hour of midnight

To finish it off

In an empty building on a hilltop

They began and they were brutal

They were emotionless and cruel

And they killed opposite kinds

And scraped out what intestines they could find

But a wolf stayed outside and watched from afar

His name was Mason and he was a trickster by far

He coated the building in gasoline

And a grin across his face streamed

As he lit one single match

And tossed it in the fighting batch

As he watched the building ablaze

He had an evil gaze

And he thought with a grin

This was one bridge he burned

And made it all come to an end.