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I do believe in the light
Raise your hands up to the sky
The fight is done, the war is won
Lift your hands toward the sun

Toward the sun
(It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie)
(The moment to live and the moment to die)
Toward the sun
(It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie)
(The moment to live and the moment to die)
Toward the sun
(The moment to fight, the moment to fight)
(To fight, to fight, to fight)
The war is won

To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death
To the edge of the earth
It's a brave new world from the last to the first

To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death
To the edge of the earth
It's a brave new world, it's a brave new world
It's a brave new world

A brave new world
The war is won
The war is won
A brave new world

'This is war' by 30 Seconds to Mars

Sophie happily skipped up to the door of the old house and knocked. After a few seconds the door slowly opened and there was Matthew. He looked pretty much how he always had, just a few wrinkle here and there. "Oh hi Sophie." He said happily. "Have you come to grab Emily?"

Sophie nodded and grinned. "Yep." Sophie was no longer a little girl. She was now a fine young lady. She was now a senior student at local high school. After several years she no longer had her verbal tick but was still as sweet as ever.

Matthew turned and called out. "Emily! Your cousin is here!"

A girl with short messy platinum blond hair raced down the steps in her combat boots, ripped black skinny jeans and white hoddie with the Prussian eagle. "Give me a second Papa. I need to grab my stuff and I'll be out soon!"

"Well hurry up!" Called Sophie. "I still need to pick up Nicky, Steve and Jacob!"

"In a minute!" Called Emily. "Vati where's my guitar and sports bag?"

"In your room with all your other crap!" Called Gilbert.

Emily ran back up the steps then back down. She was carrying her guitar case and her hockey bag. "Okay bye Papa!" Emily kissed Matthew on the cheek and turned to look down the hallway. "Later Vati!" With that Sophie and Emily were out the door. Matthew waved goodbye to them and closed the door. He sighed and walked into the lounge room. Gilbert was sitting on the couch drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

"So... Emily's gone?" He asked.

Matthew nodded and sat next to him. "Yep Sophie was just doing the car pool now."

Gilbert chuckled. "I can't believe she's a senior now. I remember when she was knee high to a grasshopper."

Matthew chuckled. "Yeah... They grow up so fast don't they? I remember when Emily was small too. So cute."

Gilbert nodded and grabbed his walking stick. Ever since Natalia had electrocuted him he his spine was damaged so he couldn't walk properly anymore. He had to give up working in the field and take a desk job but he didn't mind. After everything he went through he was just happy that his life had become somewhat normal. He walked over to the kitchen. "You want a coffee Birdie?"

Matthew shook his head. "I'm fine... You realize you already have a cup of coffee right?"

"Oh!" Gilbert walked back into the lounge room and sat next to Matthew. "I'm becoming old! I'm forgetting stuff! And this walking stick isn't helping me feel any younger!"

Matthew chuckled and rested his head against Gilbert's shoulder. "Yeah... but you were already old when we first met remember? You were a something year old angel and I was just a soul trapped in a forever loop of painful reincarnation."

Gilbert snorted and wrapped his arm around Matthew's waist. "You make it sound so poetic." He nuzzled against Matthew's neck and sighed. "You've been reading those romance novels again haven't you?"

Matthew blushed and smiled. "Yeah... What's your point? Emily reads them too."

"But Emily doesn't have a dick." Gilbert ever so smugly pointed out. "Or have I gone completely senile and think I've married one hot Canadian boy when I married a hot Canadian girl?"

Matthew rolled his eyes. "You aren't going senile Gilbert. I am a boy."

Gilbert grinned and he snaked his hands up Matthew's shirt. "Maybe I should double check." He pulled off Matthew's shirt and ran his hands down his chest. "Yep definitely a boy... but then again some girls have flat chests..."

Matthew blushed and rolled his eyes. "The older you get the more immature you get!" Gilbert chuckled and began to kiss up and down Matthew's neck, sucking and licking as he went. Matthew moaned and moved his head to the side giving Gilbert better access.

Gilbert smirked against his skin and chuckled. "Really? Do you think I'm more immature now than I was before? If I really was immature I'd say something really stupid like... Oh! I know! Since some girls have flat chests I'll just have to make sure that you still have a dick!"

Matthew rolled his eyes. He gasped slightly as Gilbert's hand slowly began to travel south towards his crotch. He blushed and bit his lip. "Gil..."

Gilbert chuckled and slipped his hands down Matthew's pants and squeezed Matthew's member. "Yep. Definitely a boy."

Matthew moaned and bucked into Gilbert's hand. "Gilbert..."

Gilbert chuckled and pulled Matthew into a deep kiss. Matthew wrapped his arms around Gilbert's neck to deepen the kiss. He loved how good Gilbert always tasted. A delicious mix of thick creamy beer and maple syrup every time. They pulled away slightly so Gilbert could pull of his own shirt. He began to lick and kiss his way down Matthew's jaw and neck. Matthew moaned and sighed contently.

Gilbert chuckled against his skin and pushed him back onto the lounge. He grinned and slowly began to kiss down Matthew chest until he got to his pants. He looked up at Matthew's flushed face and grinned. He grabbed the zipper with his teeth and pulled it down. He hooked his fingers under the Canadian's pants and boxers and yanked them off in one go. The Canadian's member stood tall and proud.

"HOLY SHIT! PAPA! VATI! GET A FUCKING ROOM DAMN IT!" Cried a shrill voice. Matthew and Gilbert looked up and gasped. Emily was standing in the doorway with her back turned to them. Matthew quickly jumped up and grabbed his pants.

Gilbert on the other hand pouted and sighed. "Cock block. What the hell are you doing here Emily? Vati was about to bang your Papa."

"EW! EW! EW!" Cried Emily. "That's gross Vati! EW! Are you two decent yet?"

Once Matthew was fully dressed he nodded. "Yes Emily... Um why aren't you on your way to school?"

Emily turned back around to face her parents. Her face was bright red. "I left one of my shin pads. I was just coming to get it... Please don't tell me you two do that every time I leave the house."

"Okay then we won't tell you." Said Gilbert with a smirk.


Gilbert rolled his eyes. "So your Papa and I have sex. That's a sign of a healthy marriage."

Emily buried her face in her hands. "No child wants to admit their parents have sex Vati... No child... Ever... Now if you two excuse me I'm going to scoop my eyes out with a spoon or something..."

Matthew sighed. "Where did you last leave it?"

Emily's eyes went wide and she looked over at the couch and gulped. "Oh God no..."

Gilbert smirked and pulled the shin pad put from in between the cushions. "Is this what you're looking for? I wondered what this was."

Emily shook her head and ran to the door. "KEEP IT! I'M STAYING AT SOPHIE'S TONIGHT!"

When the door slammed shut Gilbert started to laugh his head off. "That was too funny!"

Matthew glared at Gilbert. His face was bright red. "You thought that was funny? She walked in on us. We've probably caused some irreversible mental scaring on the poor girl... God we are bad parents..."

Gilbert frowned. "We are not. If anyone's a bad parent it's Francis! I heard the twins walked in on him and Arthur going at it 69."

Matthew's eyes went wide. "Poor Nicky and Steve... Oh God mental images!"

Gilbert chuckled and smiled. "See? We aren't that bad... Besides who hasn't walked in on their parents going at it? And considering we go at it almost every night I'm surprised Emily hasn't walked in on us sooner."

Matthew sighed and shook his head. "Yeah, yeah... Oh well now we have the whole house to ourselves for the night."

Gilbert raised an eyebrow. "What are you saying Birdie?"

Matthew smiled and walked out of the room. "I'm not saying anything Gil... But we were in the middle of something when Emily walked in weren't we?"

Gilbert smirked. "Oh yeah we were, weren't we?" He quickly got up and followed his sexy Canadian to the bedroom.

The End

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