Chapter 1-Moving, Outfits and Homophobia!

I was born in Oregon, in a small town named Chemult. It was constantly raining there and the sky was continuously overcast. I remember when I was about five walking down the slope of a wooded hill dotted with crunchy leaves to a flowing river. I tripped over a log instantly and fell into the rushing waves. It was my first near death experience and my only one. I can't tell you anymore on that as I don't remember anything of it.

My mother, Renée, was stricken with worry when she saw my dripping body on the banks of the river. She nursed me at home and soon I regained my strength and was again wandering through the hills and forests in solitude.

I've always been an adventurous person, always trying to explore more or do something daring.

It's one of my perks…and flaws.

My name is Adair Swan and I'm now sixteen years old. Halfway through the semester on my last year of school and my mother is trapping off with some minor league baseball player who wants to travel the country. I suggested as an alternative to me rowing with the latter every other second that I move north, to the even rainier, gloomier and more adventurous state of Washington, where my father, Charlie, and sister, Bella, live. I could tell my mom liked the sound of it but didn't want me to leave. "Adair, you don't have to leave," She said as I packed my bags after months of the move being arranged.

"No, mom, I want to," I replied, stuffing all my favourite books into a separate bag which I will personally carry.

She dropped her head in defeat and grief and then looked back into my leafy green eyes. "Tell Charlie I said hi," We both hugged tightly at the front door, I could feel her tears soak into my shoulder. I tried to hold mine back, but a little one escaped. "I love you, mom," I said, and then I was out through the door.

After shoving all of my bags into the trunk of the small car I got in and before I knew it I was being driven by Phil, the baseball player, to Eugene Airport. From there I'd fly to Seattle, where I'd get another plane up to Port Angeles and from there meet Charlie and Bella who'll take me by car up to Forks, the town I was now going to call home.

The car ride with Alex was silent as I stared out of the window. Rain droplets trickled down the glass and the soaring conifers swayed with the chilly breeze. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror and sighed. I hated my face. I had short brown hair, never ever spiked up. As you know, I have green eyes. The emerald shines brightly compared to my snow like skin which no matter where I go on holiday will always be pale. I have a slightly good body, but that's probably from all the exploring I do. Now that I mention it, I don't really do exploring any more. I've been gradually slipping away from that choice of leisure and been leaning more to reading. Also I've been becoming socially inept as of late. It's like something's changed inside of me, as in the old, childlike me has left my body and replaced it with a boring, introverted teenage boy. I'm not necessarily boring, just quiet.

When we got to the airport in Eugene the sun was out, but it was weak. Alex helped me put my suitcases etc. on some convertible carrier, though I waved him off and told him I can do it myself. "Thanks, Alex. Um, bye," I muttered quietly as he smiled to me. I pushed the carrier through the stands and checked in.

The flight to Seattle and then Port Angeles wasn't that bad. I was sat next to a cute guy and I could see his bulge through his pants so I had to hide mine over a cushion. The joys of being gay. Everyone in my family knows I'm gay, by the way. Charlie wasn't particularly happy about it, but he pulled through.

Stumbling off the plane in the town I was headed, I was greeted by Charlie and Bella waving to me from the stands, a dreary overcast sky and stunning mountains on the horizon sprinkled with never ceasing snow over their peaks.

I smiled at them as I walked up, Charlie giving me a hand with the cases and putting them in the trunk. Bella hugged me immediately. "I've missed you so much, Aidy," That was her nickname for me, and, because I liked it, hopefully everyone else's for me too.

"I've missed you, too, Bella," I admitted as she released me. "It's been so long." It had been four years since I last saw both of them.

I turned to Charlie then, and he smiled awkwardly under his centipede like moustache. I gave him a brief hug and I could feel him let out a pleased sigh. "I'm glad you're here, son."

"I am, too, Dad."

"-So I fainted when I saw the blood and my friend, Mike, had to take me to the nurse's office," Bella said as we both sat in the back of Charlie's cruiser on the way to Forks. She was telling me a story about what the school was like.

"Then…?" I pressed, giving her an encouraging smile.

"Well, Edward took me to the nurse's office instead. Mike was sending him daggers, though."

"I'm sorry, who's Edward?"

Charlie groaned and turned to us from the wheel. "Prepare to have your ear chewed off, Aidy."

I scoffed in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Edward's my boyfriend. I love him so much. God, I can't describe him, you'll have to meet him," She took a pause and was lost in admiration. She came back to me then. "So, do you have a boyfriend?"

I looked down at my lap in shame. "No."

"Oh," She replied. "You might find one here, eh?" She said this and elbowed me suggestively.

I gave her a sarcastic smile and we both began to talk about the school and the town itself. Bella was putting Edward in every other sentence, which was expected.

We parked up at the house. I wrapped my coat which was nestled like a baby in my arms around me because of the cold. It was just like I had remembered it, when I came up here every summer. Bella started coming up when she was 12 and loved it so much she wanted to stay. It took strength for my mom to agree, but she still had me. Now she has no one. I felt guilty.

"Aidy, you're going to be sleeping in the same room as Bella. 'That okay?" Charlie said as all three of us took a bag each up to the room. The house had a slightly musky smell, like a dog had been here, but it smelt rather nice.

"That's cool, oh, purple, my favourite colour," I threw my bags on what was probably my bed as it looked like new sheets.

"My favourite colour, too!" Bella shouted excitingly as she chucked my bag on the floor with her phone glued to her face.

"Hey!" I said in a tone of voice due to her throwing my stuff on the carpeted floorboards. I picked it up and placed it on the bed. I began to empty all three and sort everything out: Clothes, books, CDs, DVDs, bath products, stationary, Macbook Air.

"Sorry, I'm just super excited!" She screamed in ecstasy through her teeth whilst tucking her phone into her pocket.

Bella had always be the extrovert, very out there. It seems I'm the opposite. "What for?" I said with my back turned to her, not really interested, but not wanting to be rude.

"Edward's coming," She helped stack the books up as I hung up clothes. She smiled in agreement when she saw some of my collection: Jane Austen, Tolkien, Shakespeare…

"Cool," I replied. How was I meant to reply to it, jump off the walls and put fireworks up my ass?

"Believe me, when you see him, you'll think he's more than cool…How ironic."

"How's that ironic?" I asked, perplexed.

"No reason," She answered, but I could see there was something else, yet shrugged it off.

"Jacob's not coming up, is he?" Charlie shouted from the bathroom.

"Yeah he is, Dad, but they won't fight tonight; Aidy's here, I won't let them," She shouted back as the twilight sky was fading into its usual blue frame.

"They better not do, Bella, or else they're both getting kicked out! By the way, we're having jacket potatoes tonight, is that all right, Aidy?"

"They won't, Dad!" She yelled back in annoyance. She switched a light on and went through my clothes.

"That's fine, Dad, thanks," I then shut the door and turned the radiator on as she exclaimed in disgust at some of my attire. "Who's Jacob?"

"My best friend. He's a nightmare around Edward, though," She responded and squealed in delight at an outfit she made.

I sat down on the edge of Bella's bed and saw a picture of her and a stunning guy next wrapping his arms around her waist. He didn't look as enamoured with her as she was. It was as if he was hiding something in those eyes of his. I picked it up, scrutinising the details. "How come?"

"Well, Jake's quite homophobic. I don't know why, though. His father isn't," She turned to me with the outfit. "His friends are, that's must be the reason."

I groaned. "Bella, if he's homophobic he's not going to like me then, is he?"

"I won't let him do anything to you," She smiled warmly to me. The yellow light from the lamp shone all around the room and coupled with nightfall's blue glow from the window. It made me feel cosy and at home.

"You're wearing this, Aidy," She said in a funny, commanding tone. It was some black skinny jeans, a dark green, long sleeved top and some grey, woollen gloves because apparently we were going out.

I nodded and smiled. "It's very nice, Bella. Maybe you're going to be a fashion designer soon." We giggled. After about five minutes of us talking there was a knock at the front door downstairs. Bella smiled in devotion and tapped me on the nose. "Get ready." She then ran out of the room and downstairs where I heard her open the door.

I got dressed and pulled on the skinnies; I then ruffled my hair slightly and looked at myself. I wasn't that bad looking, I was just super unconfident. I need to grow my hair, to hide my face.

I opened the bedroom door and stepped out. Sliding the snug gloves on as I walked down the stairs I could hear Bella, Charlie and who I think Edward conversing in the living room.

I stepped into the room and everyone looked at me=EMBARRASSMENT! I did a crooked smile and my eyes immediately fell to the dangerously handsome guy sat next to Bella. His eyes widened as they flared butter scotch. "Doesn't he look amazing, guys?" Bella asked rhetorically.

I scoffed and sat down on the chair near the window. Charlie looked up to me and smiled a fatherly one. I returned the favour, but more son like. I then turned to Edward who was still looking at me. He had a small smile on his face and whenever I glanced at him he turned away. Bella was tapping her foot, waiting for Jacob to get here.

"So, Edward, this is Adair, but we call his Aidy. And Aidy, this is Edward, but we call him Eddie," She laughed, as did Charlie. Edward gave a crooked smile as I shook my head at the foolish humour. "Jokes, we call him Edward."

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Aidy," Edward greeted politely. A blush erupted into my cheeks, but thanks to the light off the TV you couldn't see it.

"Likewise, Edward," I smiled at him and he gave it back. We gazed into each others eyes before I looked out of the window awkwardly.

"So, how's your mom, Aidy?" Asked Charlie, soaking into the arm chair. He rested his feet on the coffee table which was wreathed with the rings from mugs and scratches. At least it looked loved.

"Oh, she's good," I nodded.

"Does she miss me?" Bella questioned, looking deeply into my eyes.

I felt empathy. "Yes, Bella."

She sighed.

"What are we doing tonight, then, Edward?" Bella said, changing the subject. All eyes turned to him. Mine stared at his statuesque skin and perfect features.

"I was planning on taking you two to the meadow, but since Jacob's going to be here I think he won't like that," Edward said coldly.

"Is Jacob really homophobic, Edward?" I inquired, fumbling with my hands on my lap.

"He doesn't like gays, that's for sure," Edward gave an annoyed look, as did Bella.

"He won't be mean to Aidy, though," Bella said.

Charlie watched the seen unfold.

"Most likely, he's mean to most," I saw Edward's eyes change to black like the night outside. "I won't let him be like that, though, Adair." He smiled to me, his eyes squinting beautifully. Bella smiled at Edward's words.

"He won't say anything, Aidy," Bella then got up, ruffling Edward's hair as she heaved. I saw her head for the kitchen.

"If he does then I'll just say something to him," I said, chuckling. I looked up to Edward, who instead of looking at Bella was looking deeply at my face, studying it. I smiled meekly to him, as he did the same.

Bella was chomping on a piece of a baguette and I was talking to Charlie about what life up here's like. Suddenly, Edward got up and said, "Jacob's here."

I instantly became uncomfortable when a knock at the door sounded. Sighs penetrated my lips and Bella went to tend to the boisterous banging on the wooden gate.

I sat there, looking at the wall which hid the door from view. I heard a deep, gruff voice say 'hey' and Bella say 'hey' too. "Don't start anything, Jake; like I said last night, my brother's here and he's staying. He's gay. Please don't fuss" Bella commanded under a hushed tone before I heard their footsteps begin to enter the living room. Charlie turned from the T.V to greet Jacob.

When the teenager, or so I thought, turned the wall his gaze dropped to me, sat on the couch, immediately. His eyes widened and a slight blush formed on his tanned cheeks. This guy was, to say the least, hot. I'm sorry, but he is. He is super muscled, got a cute baby face, but a perfect jaw, short hair and he's as tall as the Eiffel Tower! Too bad he's straight; no homophobe is gay…

I saw Edward look from him to me and back to him defensively.

"Hi, I'm Jacob," He said to me with a smile.

"Uh, yeah, I'm Aidy," I replied, laughing a little.

He nodded slightly with a grin on his face, looking intently at me. He then turned to Edward. Jacob acknowledged his presence with the utterance of his name.

"Jacob," The latter replied frigidly.

"Right, bye, Dad, we're going now," Bella established. I nodded and got up, as did Edward.

We said our goodbyes to Charlie and got into Edward's car. It was freezing outside and the sky was clearer than water. I got in the back and Bella and Edward sat in the front. Jake sat next to me.

The car ride was fun; we listened to music on the way to this meadow. Edward and Bella were deep in conversation when Jake turned to me in his seat. "So, um, you're Bella's brother then?" He gave me a cheeky grin.

"Yeah," I secretly was scrutinizing his gorgeous face.

He bit his lower lip while smiling and rubbed his leg against mine, but pulled it away quickly. "Um," I could see he was heating up. What was wrong with this dude? Have a seizure in your own time! "Are you older of younger?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Are you her older brother or younger?"

"Younger, but by only nine months," Bella said, turning from her seat as Edward drove.

"It's alright, Bella, just butt into our conversation," I joked, teasing her. Jake laughed, to which I turned and laughed with him.

"You two are getting along like a house on fire, first time I've seen Jake like someone," Bella replied, eyeing Jacob.

"What do you mean like?" He said firmly, his face going red. I could feel the heat from him.

"As a friend," Bella answered slowly, enunciating each word.

"Oh, right, I thought you meant as in fancied him. I mean, why would I like a guy? It's fucking gay," He was getting nervous, I could tell. When he finished these words I sighed loudly and turned from him, looking out of the window. I heard Edward tut.

"Jake, can you stop saying these offensive terms, especially with my brother here?" My older sister commanded, who was staring at him condescendingly.

"Well, I'm sorry, Aidy, I shouldn't have said that," He looked at me with deep, brown puppy eyes. I gasped under my breath at how cute he looked.

"Apology accepted," After I said that he smiled a big, cheesy one and ruffled my hair. I then thought back to how Bella ruffled Edward's hair and tried to connect something, but it never showed or glimmered.

"Jake! You apologised. You've never apologised to me!" Bella said, sounding shocked, but feigning hurt.

"He's probably got two more brain cells in that hollow oak tree of his," Edward said derogatorily. I tried to hold back a laugh and hid it by looking out the window. It was all good though as Jake was looking at Edward and vice versa.

"What'd you say, leech?" Jacob said angrily. He was staring right into Edward's eyes now. The car had stopped and Edward was fiercely looking at Jake. What an odd insult to saturate into someone's feelings. Did he drink blood or something?

"Stop!" Bella ordered. Edward looked at her sympathetically, but turned back to Jake who was now contorting and breathing rapidly.

"Jake, calm down," Edward said, trying not to provoke him. I was getting concerned myself. Bella and I shared a look, and Bella saw I was freaked out.

"Are you okay, Aidy?" Bella said, looking concerned. Both Edward and Jacob turned to me, with worry on their faces. Jake calmed down immediately and was right next to me. "What's wrong with him, Bella?" He asked with a tint of sorrow in his voice. "I'm sorry I scared you."

I laughed, "I'm not scared," Even though I was, I thought this was an overreaction.

He looked at me deeply and turned back to Bella. "I've got to go," Bella nodded at him knowingly and stared to me. She birthed unto me a weak smile.

Jake got out and smiled to me from the window and then was running into the trees on this thin, forest lane.

"Shall we go home?" We concurred with Edward's words as he started the engine.

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