Summary; Cameron decides that since it's Halloween the sick kids in Pediatrics deserve some fun too, what happens when Thirteen ropes herself into helping Cameron?

Pairing; Camteen/Cadley

Authors Note; This is my first House FF, So be nice. cx It's a birthday present to myself. Hehe. October 6th, I'll be 20. This is probably going to be like a 4shot. Maybe a little more. (x Also, another gift to myself is a Castle fic similar to this involving my little Caskett twins, Olivia and Mathew from my last Castle fic, "Another World Inside Of Me." So, if you read that and liked it, you'll probably like the fic I'm gonna write. As for my Bones fics, those are sort of on a hiatus, I haven't been able to write much...Lots of writers block. I'm surprised this is coming out. xD Enjoy!

Disclaimer; I Don't Own House, but I'm asking for my birthday. (:

Candy Corn Kisses

Tripping For You

Allison Cameron poured an assortment of candy inside a large green bowl, filling it to the top. When she had proposed the idea to have a little Halloween party for the kids in Pediatrics, she wasn't expecting Cuddy to put her in charge. It was her idea, she supposed - But, this was a lot of work for one person. She was saddened with the thought of the kids too sick to go trick-or-treating, so she figured why not bring Halloween to them?

However there was no way she was going to be able to do all of this on her own. She sighed and grabbed the multiple bags filled with decorations and treats off her desk and then proceeded to - against her better judgment, grab the bowl of candy as well. Once she was sure she had everything balanced, she slowly made her way to the door. Some how, she managed to open and close the door without dropping her load.

That was until a certain Doctor with a cane spotted her. House hurried up behind her and 'accidentally' moved his cane beneath her feet, effectively tripping her. Cameron immediately stumbled forward, everything she was carrying, air born until it hit the floor unceremoniously. The blonde doctor was unable to stop herself from falling as she herself landed on the floor with an "oomph", her hands slapping the ground as she caught herself from smashing her face into the ground.

"House!" Cameron turned her body over so that her bottom was on the floor while her hands were behind her, palms facing down as she held herself up. She glared daggers at him while he simply smirked. Shaking her head, Cameron turned back over and got on her hands and knees, beginning to gather everything up - House's eyes staring at her ass shamelessly.

"The view is lovely from up here..." He smirked, watching her whip her head around to give him a nasty look. "Does the blonde hair make you clumsy as well as a moron?" He asked as he bent down to snag a sucker from the candy that had fallen out of the plastic bowl.

Cameron rolled her eyes. "You're an ass." She growled, crawling on her knees so she could reach some of the candy that had slid across the floor.

"So I've been told." House quipped. He pulled off the wrapper of the sucker and popped it into his mouth before limping off wordlessly.

Cameron was about to demand that he help her, but thought better of it, knowing he would blatantly refuse and continue to walk off. "Dr. Cameron?" A female voice broke her thoughts. She looked up to see a confused looking Thirteen. "You okay?" She asked, kneeling down to help the slightly older doctor pick up the candy and other things that had fallen.

After a few moments of stunned silence, Cameron nodded wordlessly, unable to take her eyes from the brunette. Thirteen felt the blonde doctor's eyes on her and looked up at her, blue-gray eyes meeting teal-ish ones. They both sat there for a couple of moments, staring at one another with different thoughts running through their heads.

Cameron was the first to break eye contact, she cleared her throat and tried to hide the light blush creeping onto her cheeks. "Thanks." She said softly, adverting her eyes to the rest of the scattered Halloween items. She began to shove things into bags, trying her best to ignore the heat still on her cheeks.

Thirteen bit the inside of her cheek, eyes still studying the older doctor with curiosity, noting the slight blush on her cheeks. When the blonde spoke, she was brought out of her momentary trance and proceeded to help pick up items. "Oh, sure. It's not a problem..." She replied easily. "So, what happened?" She asked, picking up a few bags and holding them in one arm while she stretched her arm out and offered her free hand to Cameron.

Again, Cameron stared up at her, still surprised the young Doctor was paying her any attention at all. When Thirteen looked at her expectantly, Cameron shook her head as if to clear her thoughts and gingerly took the younger woman's hand, before bending over to scoop up the left over bags as well as the bowl of candy. "House." She said in a slightly annoyed tone, knowing that would be enough of an explanation.

It was. Thirteen chuckled softly and nodded. "Figures. So where are you taking this stuff? I'll help you." She offered, her lips quirking slightly in a small smile. Most of the time, Remy Hadley made it her mission to avoid the slightly older doctor. It wasn't because she didn't like Cameron, in fact it was just the exact opposite. Allison Cameron was a natural beauty, as well as kind and caring and easily lovable. If Remy allowed herself to get close to the blonde, she knew she'd end up falling for her; And falling for her was against the rules. Never fall for a straight girl. It always ended up in heartache.

"Oh...It's going to Pediatrics. I thought that since they weren't able to go out trick-or-treating or any other sort of Halloween tradition they might celebrate, that we could bring Halloween to them." Cameron grinned wide, eyes sparkling as she began to walk toward the elevators, with Thirteen beside her. For a while, Cameron was pretty sure that her younger colleague didn't like her. She was never sure why, but despite that, Cameron had always found Remy to be interesting and rather mysterious. She was beautiful, too and her eyes were mesmerizing. Cameron was sure that you could get lost in those eyes. As they entered the elevator, Cameron brought her thoughts to a halt...Why was she even thinking things like that?

Thirteen couldn't help but grin at the older woman, why didn't that surprise her? Cameron was always thinking of others before herself. So when Thirteen found herself saying, "Oh well, if you need help with that, I'd be happy to lend a hand." She mentally berated herself. This was not avoiding the older doctor at all costs. Not only had she surprised herself, but apparently she had surprised Cameron as well because the blonde was staring at her with furrowed brows. That is so cute...Damn it! This is why you avoid- The smile on her face never left, however she was cursing herself in her mind.

Cameron stared at the younger doctor beside her with knitted eyebrows, confusion evident on her face. "R-really?" She stammered, clearing her throat as she realized how her voice wavered. "That would be great! I thought I was going to have to do this all by myself. Everyone I asked said they were too busy, and Cuddy said that I-" She rambled on until Thirteen held up a hand.

"Hey, whoa. Calm down. I said I'd help." She reassured Cameron, offering a small smile.

Cameron blushed slightly and nodded, glancing at the elevator door as it slowly opened up, revealing the Pediatrics ward. "Right...Thanks." She said, hurrying out of the elevator so she could avoid eye contact. She couldn't understand why Remy was suddenly being so nice to her, or why it was affecting her in such a way.

Thirteen shook her head softly with a small smile as she slowly followed behind Cameron, wondering how the beautiful Doctor was going to go about this, and just what all she had in mind for these kids. Whatever it was, she was sure that Allison Cameron would do whatever it took to make these kids happy