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You Taste Like Candy Corn

After dropping Domi off, Thirteen was back at the playroom. She entered quietly as she watched Cameron set up little spaces where the kids could make their own costumes. There was plenty of construction paper of all colors laid out neatly and boxes of markers and colored pencils, as well as crayons and even glitter glue. She even had different props like plastic swords and capes and crowns, all sorts of little things that Thirteen knew the blonde had either bought or borrowed from the kids toy box. Probably a little of both.

Turning around, Cameron jumped as she spotted Thirteen staring at her with a small smile on her face. "Something amusing?" She asked, raising a brow.

Thirteen was brought out of her reverie as she noted Cameron's arched eyebrow. "Huh? Oh. No...You just...You went all out. That's really sweet of you." She said, gesturing her hand toward everything. She smiled softly. This woman was too sweet and adorable for words. Not to mention sexy.

Blushing a little, Cameron waved her off with a shrug. "Well, you know...I just figured that it would be a good distraction from daily needles and being sick for these kids." She looked down almost bashfully and Thirteen melted at the sight. With a quiet huff of frustration from Cameron, not able to keep the blush from her cheeks, she cleared her throat. "Anyway...You gonna help or just stand around and stare at me like a creeper?" Her hands balled into fists and she placed them on her hips.

Grinning, Thirteen nodded and began to help setting up.

The two doctors spent the next hour and a half setting up and decorating, and at some point, Thirteen had hooked up her ipod to the ihome she stole from House's office. By now they were just about done when 'Sweet Child Of Mine' by Guns N' Roses came on. The brunette couldn't help but start playing the air guitar as the song started, completely oblivious to a highly amused Cameron who had turned around from hanging up yet another streamer to the sight of Thirteen rocking out, long brown tresses flying about wildly as she head banged to the guitar and drums.

When the lyrics began, Thirteen lip synced, still playing the air guitar as she went along. By now Cameron was trying hard not to laugh. Honestly she had never seen something so adorable and she couldn't bring herself to interrupt.

Finally, Thirteen seemed to remember where she was and her eyes snapped open and heat rose up from her neck to her cheeks as she turned a bright red. Her eyes locked with Cameron and she seemed to have a deer in the headlights look as she watched Cameron shake with silent laughter, tears in her eyes. Finally the blonde couldn't hold it in any longer and flat out guffawed, her arms wrapping around her sides. "Please, encore!" Cameron said in between laughs.

Thirteen huffed, but smirked. "I need a back-up singer." The brunette deadpanned, the smirk gone as she tried to convey a serious face. Cameron laughed again and shook her head. "Can I play the drums too?" She smirked as Thirteen grinned back, all her previous embarrassment gone.

"I don't want you upstaging me." She raised a brow and grinned and suddenly began to belt the rest of the lyrics, Cameron soon joining in though not able to contain her laugh at the same time. "I'd hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of painnnn..." They sang off key.

After their "Concert", Thirteen and Cameron hung the last of the decorations. They had already sent a nurse down to corral the kids and get them up here. After hanging a paper bat from the ceiling, Cameron was attempting to get off the chair she was standing on when she started to lose balance. Thirteen was standing near the table full of food and candy and sneaking a couple candy corn into her mouth and lab coat pockets, she had already been chided once before when Cameron caught her eating them. She looked up to make sure she wasn't going to get caught again when her eyes caught sight of said doctor teetering on her chair, arms flailing in an attempt to get her balance.

Eyes wide, Thirteen abandoned her assault on the bowl full of orange, white and yellow treats and hurried just in time to catch Cameron before she cracked her skull on the floor.

Cameron's eyes shut and she let out an "Oh shit!" before she felt herself falling backwards, but before she inevitably hit the floor, she felt a pair of hands grip her waist and then a firm body against her back.

Thirteen quickly grabbed the blonde's waist and then stumbled back as Cameron's back landed against her chest, causing her to grunt. As she steadied herself, her arms wrapped around the blonde's waist as she gently helped Cameron regain her footing on solid ground.

As Cameron felt the brunette's slender yet strong arms wrap around her waist, her breath hitched. She knew it was just to steady her, but Thirteen didn't immediately remove her arms even when Cameron was well past able to stand herself. It set off a flurry of butterflies in her stomach.

Once Cameron was steady, Thirteen couldn't bring herself to release the ER head just yet, too caught up in the feel of Cameron's body against hers, the scent of her long blonde tresses. It wasn't until Cameron cleared her throat that Thirteen let go. "Y-You okay?" The brunette doctor mentally cursed at the way her voice wavered slightly. Why did this woman affect her so much?

Cameron moved out of Thirteen's personal space and turned to look at the flushed cheeks of the younger woman and nodded, knowing her cheeks were probably just as red. "Uhm...Yes. Thanks." She mumbled shyly. Before she could say anything else, the doors swung open and in walked a flock of children of all ages, some in wheelchairs, others walking.

Both doctors felt something they couldn't describe as they watched the kids' faces light up with pure joy and excitement as they laid eyes on everything. There were excited 'Ohhhs' and 'awwws', and 'this is so cool!'s. Cameron grinned brightly at all the happy faces. She turned to see a small smile on Thirteen's face as well. They had did a good thing.

Among the faces of children was a familiar little girl. She burst through the little bodies and rammed into Thirteen. "Oh my gosh!" Domi exclaimed, hugging the brunette doctor and then moving to wrap her arms around Cameron. "This is so amazing, guys." The little girl said excitedly as she moved back and looked around to the kids who were mingling and making costumes after being explained of everything by the nurses.

Thirteen grinned. "Well, you can thank Dr. Cameron. I just helped decorate." She said, nodding her head to the blonde beside her.

Domi grinned knowingly at Thirteen. She was going to make it up to these two doctors. They were going to kiss before the night was over. Her eyes traveled over to a slightly blushing Dr. Allison Cameron and she smiled. "Well, thank you Dr. Cameron. You're the best." Domi said as she wrapped her arms around Cameron's legs once more.

Cameron smiled, her heart warmed by the fact that she could make these kids so happy. She leaned down and returned the hug. "No problem, sweetie. You should go make your costume." She said softly, patting the child's head gently.

Domi nodded and trotted off to where the supplies were. Thirteen watched the little girl, her hand unconsciously moving to her lab coat pocket and grabbing a handful of candy corn before shoveling them into her mouth. Cameron noticed this and narrowed her eyes. "Hey!" She exclaimed, hands now on her hips.

Thirteen jumped slightly her hand frozen in mid air, still holding another handful of candy corn. Her eyes drifted to Cameron and then her hand before she grinned cheekily and quickly shoved the candy into her mouth. Cameron tried to look stern and snatch the brunette's hand away from her mouth but Thirteen dodged her, laughing. "I said those were for the kids!" She said though laughing as well and shaking her head.

"I worked hard, I deserve some candy too!" Thirteen whined childishly, all the while giving the ER head a pout. "Please Dr. Cameron?" She batted her eyelashes.

Cameron melted at the sight and rolled her eyes, letting out a huff and throwing her arms up in the air dramatically. "Fineee." She said grinning. Thirteen gave the slightly older doctor an impish grin, before winking at her and turning to go over to refill her pocket with candy.

The little Halloween party was in full swing, the adults sat at a table and watched the kids interact and have a good time. Thirteen had since acquired herself a green hat that had been crafted out of construction paper that Domi had made. It had a fake feather sticking out of it. Domi deemed her Robin Hood. She had also made a purple crown for Cameron and said that she was Lady Marian.

The two doctors played along, wanting to make the child happy. "Okay, now you guys have to kiss." The child said seriously, though couldn't hide the devilish smirk from her lips. Both doctors whipped their heads to stare at the child.

A series of "Whats?" and "Huhs?" were uttered at the same time from the two doctors who were sitting beside the girl on a rug.

Dominique rolled her eyes and huffed. "If You're Robin Hood," She pointed to Thirteen. "And you're Lady Marian," She then pointed to Cameron now, focusing on her. "You kiss Robin because he saved you from the kings right hand man who's name I can't 'member, anyway. Just kiss already!" Her braids bounced slightly as she stood up and screwed her face up in an annoyed fashion.

Thirteen narrowed her eyes at the child. "You, are jus-" Cameron cut her off.

"Okay." She said simply.

Thirteen's head whipped around as she stared at Cameron with wide eyes, her mouth opening and closing like a fish before she finally managed to utter a, "Wh-what?" Domi was grinning from ear to ear.

Cameron chuckled softly. "I said okay." She said simply.

"C-Cameron..." Thirteen stammered.

Dominique slapped her hand against her forehead as she watched Thirteen, knowing she was about to protest. "Gees! I give you a chance to kiss the pretty blonde doctor you told me you liked and she says 'okay' and you're gonna try and stop it? Are you for real, Thirteen? I mean, c'mon. It's SOOO obvious she likes you back. Stop being such a dummy and jus' kiss her already!" Domi said as if it was the most obvious and easiest thing in the world.

Thirteen's cheeks reddened and she looked to Cameron who was smirking despite her own blushing cheeks. "Yeah, Thirteen...She gave you a good opportunity, now you should take it." Cameron said, grinning widely now.

"I-I..." Thirteen was at a loss for words and as she watched Cameron inch closer, all coherent thoughts left her brain as her eyes traced Cameron's lips.

"Shut up, and just kiss me." Cameron said a little breathlessly, her own eyes glancing between Thirteen's lips and her eyes. They were inches apart now, and Thirteen could feel Cameron's breath against her lips. Her heart was thudding against her chest as she finally did what her heart, the 8 year old girl beside them, and Cameron were telling her to do.

Their lips crashed together and all the sound of chattering and laughing kids, including Domi's cheers drowned out as their lips moved languidly and gently together. Thirteen was pretty sure her heart was about to break through her rib cage as her hands moved to tangle in golden locks and bring Cameron closer.

Cameron felt dizzy and if she wasn't already sitting she was sure she would have needed Thirteen to support her because her legs felt like jelly. She grinned into the kiss, finally able to taste Thirteen's lips. Cameron cupped Thirteen's face and finally forced them apart. Licking her lips, she giggled. "You taste like Candy Corn..." Was all she said, causing the brunette to laugh and rest her forehead against Cameron's.

Dominique, having been excited for the two doctors and that she had gotten them together, had lost interest and frankly found kissing disgusting and boring as any child would and had since moved on to talking to one of the kids.

Noticing this, Thirteen grinned and pulled Cameron in for another kiss, now that they didn't really have an audience since they were behind little book shelves and were hidden from the party. Cameron hummed in appreciation to the kiss, grinning as one thought entered her mind, Candy corn flavored kisses from Thirteen are really good.