Jessie jogged over to Screech, Slater, and Kelly holding a stack of pictures in her hand. "I just got these pictures of the fashion show developed!" she said with excitement. She held them out a bit for her friends to take a closer look. The three of them leaned over her shoulders as she flipped through them.

"Here we are behind the scenes!" Jessie pointed out.

"Oh, and there I am in that lovely dress you sewed together," Kelly mocked Jessie. Jessie tried to give her a serious look, but cracked a little.

"Oh, and there's me in my tux!" Screech exclaimed.

Jessie flipped through a few more. "Oh, and here's Zack and Lisa—kissing," she hesitated. As she slipped that photograph to the back of the stack she raised an eyebrow as she stated, "Here's Zack and Lisa kissing."

As the rest of the gang waited for her to reveal the next shot, she added, "And here is Zack and Lisa again—still kissing," pointing in front of her.

Slater, Kelly, and Screech were a mix of disgusted, amused, and uncomfortable, as they looked up to find a real life picture of Zack and Lisa holding hands and locking lips. Groans filled the hallway until the couple, blinded by their love, smashed right into the lockers beside them. Then the groans turned into giggles.

"Ouch," Zack said rubbing his head. "Love hurts."

Lisa nodded, rubbing her head as well.

"Don't worry, Lisa! I'm sure preppie will kiss it and make it better!" Slater mocked causing the rest of the gang to laugh even harder.

"You're so funny, Slater," Zack replied with a fake smile.

"I hate to break you love birds up, but we've got to get to class," Jessie handed the pictures of the show to Lisa and grabbed her by the arm.

"Wait, I wanna see these!" Lisa objected with a half chuckle.

"Lisa, you have the whole class period to look at them. We have Mrs. Culpepper," Jessie reminded.

"Well, in that case, you don't even have to go to class!" Zack joked.

"She might not be able to tell when we aren't paying attention, but she still calls role, Zack," Jessie informed.

"That's why you pay a nerd to disguise his voice and say 'here' for you."

"Spoken like a true expert, Zack" Jessie sarcastically admired.

Zack ignored her and gave Lisa a kiss on the cheek. "I'll miss you."

"Zack, its one class period," Lisa smiled. Then, she walked away with Jessie smiling and laughing.

"I've gotta go, too," Screech added quickly pushing past Kelly and Slater. He faked a smile and avoided eye contact with Zack and Lisa as he rushed down the hall.

"See ya, buddy," Zack called after him.

Slater let out a low whistle. "Zack, I know I'm not the most sensitive guy, but even my heart hurts a little," he pounded fist lightly over his heart.

"Huh?" Zack asked puzzled.

"Slater means the way you and Lisa acted right in front of Screech," Kelly explained.

"She's my girlfriend."

"Yeah, but Screech is also your friend," Kelly reminded.

"I'm allowed to kiss my girlfriend! Besides, Screech and I settled this already."

"Yeah, but it still hurts to see someone you've loved for years making out with someone else!"

"Says the girl who made out in front of me two days after we broke up," Zack said with an icy tone.

"Zack," she hadn't expected such a cold reaction so she was at a loss for words.

"Back off, preppie," Slater interrupted, "looks like you're still scarred from it, so I think Kelly made her point. "We're just saying maybe you should layoff the lip locking while Screech is around," he said this in a calm voice trying to change the mood of the conversation.

"You're right," he lowered his head for a moment searching for words. He lifted his gaze from the floor to Kelly's eyes, "Both of you. Saying you're ok with it and actually being ok with it are two different things."