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You Will Rule The World.

Sebastian knocked gently on the wooden door. A second later, he heard his masters response from inside, and he pushed open the door, the tea tray carefully balanced on one hand.

Today's plan, master, will be an appointment with a foreign acquaintance at nine. You do remember him, don't you? He's the one who you hired to ensure that the eastern sector of the Funtom company was running smoothly while London was aflame last October.

Sebastian set the tea down on the desk, and gave his master a bow. Ceil hardly acknowledged him.

Also, Finnian has uncovered the nest of rats that you've been complaining about for the last three weeks – I'm sure he can handle it by himself but I've sent Bardroy down with him just in case something goes wrong.

For a moment, Sebastian felt like laughing at himself. Sending that cook down to take care of a nest of rats – Bardroy was most likely to set the mansion on fire. Or…something like that.

Pardon me, young Master, but is that your tie again? Goodness, you can't even keep it in a decently tied bow and yet you haven't even left the mansion at all today! Here, please, allow me to fix it.

He turned his young charge to face him, and gently retied the boys bow. Ceil waved him off and returned to his writing. His quill scratched across the page, and Sebastian stood by a moment to watch.

You're using that ink, master? Have you run out of the imported inks from Italy again? I'll send for some more right away.

Something about the way in which Ceil was writing made Sebastian pause before he excused himself. It was…different. The young master hadn't been feeling well for days. This was the first time in days he'd risen from bed and even made it as far as the study without Sebastian's aid. He had repeatedly told Sebastian that he was completely capable.

But you're not, are you, young master?

Sebastian's russet eyes held concern, an element of sadness without the usual tinge of a smile.

Young master, why are you so ill? What ails you? No common human sickness could drag even you down. You, so fragile and young. You – the head of the Phantomhive household.


Of course. Please, forgive me for staring. Y-young master, what are you writing?

The boy held the now folded paper up to Sebastian, and, reluctantly, Sebastian took it. He pocketed the piece, knowing that it was not yet time to read the words written upon it. He simply bowed, and then turned and left his young master in the study, the tea left unpoured.


It was late that night. The young master had collapsed halfway through the appointment at nine, and had excused himself for the rest of the day. He'd refused Sebastian's help, even when he'd collapsed again on the stairs to his room, eventually giving in to Sebastian as the butler had scooped him up and carried him the rest of the way, not taking no for an answer.

There was snow drifting down over the courtyard and surrounding grounds of the Phantomhive estate. Sebastian had told Finnian that, first thing in the morning, he was to ensure the front steps were swept clear of any snow.

Now, Sebastian walked alone through the mansion, and suddenly, in the quiet he could hear music. Piano, he recognized.

Following the haunting sound, he eventually ended up at his master bedroom. The door, open just a crack, allowed the soft notes to seep into the hallway without disturbing any peace.

And then, to Sebastian's surprise, his master began to sing.

Oh, master, what beautiful words. And the playing – you never told me you could play the piano. I know you're ridiculously bad at the violin – why did you never ask to quit? Why did you never ask to change your lessons? You know I would have done so in a heartbeat.

The music lifted, the sound rose and so did Ceil's voice, and through the crack in the door Sebastian spied his young master almost slumped at the piano on the stool, but still mostly upright and singing out to the silent, sleeping world around him.

My, what an impressive voice you've been harboring. I'd join you, master, but I fear you'd be interrupted by my presence, so please, bid me watch you a while more.

It was difficult for him to pull himself away from the door, from the visions he'd seen of Ceil seated at that grand piano, and the music seemed to follow him as Sebastian retreated into the shadows. He stood back, his spine to the wall, and for a moment, a wave of calm washed over him, and he felt as if he could stand in the darkness and listen to Ceil's beautiful voice forever.

Well. I suppose it's time to make sure that the grounds are secure before resting for the night.

'Urgh – Sebastian!'

The music stopped suddenly, Ceil's voice cut off in a cry of pain. Sebastian was in the hallway for a second, the next, he was bursting through the door to his masters room and he caught Ceil before the coy hit the floor.

You're far too weak, young master, to be up and about like that. Especially on a night like this. Just look outside – you'll catch your death of a cold. And we cannot have that happening, can we?

Holding the fragile boy in his arms, Sebastian could feel his charge shivering against the cold. He hadn't noticed, but the window had been thrown wide open.

Master! Were you trying to get yourself frozen to death?

No words were passed between them, as Sebastian laid his master to rest in bed again. As the window was pulled tightly shut or as the curtains were drawn. Not even when Sebastian set down the lid of the piano again, and then turned to his master for further instruction. It was clear Ceil was restless, unable to sleep, but also unable to do much of anything. When the boy spoke again, it was a hoarse, tired voice.


Sebastian returned to his masters side. There he stayed until his young master fell asleep at last, the boys small hand tightly clasping his own.

Of course, I understand my lord. I will be here always. Oh, yes I will, my Lord – I will be here until the world trembles at your feet and you will do however you please whenever and wherever you bid me take you. Someday, young master, this will all be yours and you may play the piano whenever you like. You can sing and you can dance on the dead, and I will be there beside you until that day, when I shall finally show you who I truly am.

Remember, my Lord.

Someday, you will rule the world.

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