Luthinea- this is something like what you've asked for so I'll go on and dedicate this to you.

I don't own the biker mice. And to be honest I don't wish too. I'm too sadistic and dark minded for such nice guys and I'd bully them endlessly for my own amusement.

This story will have violence, mentions of torture and gore. Some of it will be explicit.

So anyone who got squeemish during all of the Saw movies shouldn't read chapter one. In fact...skip it. God knows I wish I could.


It was supposed to be an ordinary day in June.

The guys had beaten the snot out of their least favorite fish then had gone to the Garage and grabbed Charlie girl, their human companion and friend, and had gone on a little road trip intending to go on a picnic and unwind.

They didn't know what was in store for them or they would have stayed home. They would have stayed away from Charlie-girl. They would have watched football on their TV, eaten hot dogs and rough housed a little bit.

But instead they had gone out. And the second they reached the outer city limits they'd sprung a trap set by their enemy-well one of them anyways. They'd lost control of their bikes crashed into the ditch or each other causing considerable damage to their bikes and their bodies. Charlie had been thrown from Vinny's bike and hit a piece of cement railing so hard that Vinny had almost broken his own leg just trying to reach her.

But he never made it thanks to the black hooded figure that walked up and shot him with a dart gun before shooting the rest of them.

After that things went fuzzy for a while. When their minds cleared of the drug induced fog they found themselves laying on a cold concrete floor in a large warehouse like place, their weapons and helmets having been stripped from their bodies leaving them helpless.

There was a length of thick silver chain attached to one of their wrists and they could vaguely see through their blurred vision, Charlie.

She was hanging spread eagle by her wrists and ankles, her arms and legs stretched taunt. And she'd been stripped of her jacket and pants leaving her in just her shirt and panties. Half naked and vulnerable.

"Guys! Guys! Wake up! Wake up please- Please wake up!" Charlie sobbed.

She sounded so scared. Terrified even. Her fear was enough to completely rouse them. Forcing their minds to go from semi conscious to fully conscious in the span of a heartbeat.

They all pushed themselves up and started to look for weaknesses in the chains and wall that they were attached too while Modo talked to Charlie. Asking her if she was okay and if she knew anything about how they could get out.

Charlie was barely coherant enough to tell them anything. She was utterly terrified of the one's that had done this to them. Something that the bros found more than a little bit alarming since the woman was usually so calm in the midst of danger.

She babbled, her words rushed between sobs. And though they were listening they couldn't understand what she was saying. She was talking much too fast. Vinny tried calming her, telling her not to worry none, everything would be fine. They'd been through worse.

They couldn't have been more wrong.

They realized this the second that the chains holding Charlie started to screech as a large spinning saw blade descended from the ceiling above her and started swinging back and forth like a pendulum, dropping a scant inch or so after making one swing.

They stared at the blade suspended above her back in wide eyed horror and disbelief as an disembodied voice said. "All you have to do to save her is break the chain and reach her. If you can manage that, the blade will stop. If not- Then it's bye-bye baby."

They pulled at the chain around their wrists frantically, trying to rip the mental from the wall. They jerked and pulled until the metal cut their skin causing them to bleed. By this time the blade had dropped dangerously and was close to making contact with Charlie's body. She screamed in fear and tried to pull herself free, tears slipping down her pale cheeks, her breath coming out in quick ragged sobs.

Vinny managed to partially pull his hand free, the burning in his wrist warning that he was close to breaking the bone as he pulled savagely, desperate to reach Charlie-gilr before any harm came to her.

The blade touched her skin and the three nearly had heart attacks when they looked up at her as she let out an agonized scream as the saw started to cut into her. They jerked harder-

Snapping their bones and cutting their wrists deeper. They could see Charlie's blood, spewing into the air as she was cut. Throttle jerked his wrist free and took off running as fast as he could across the warehouse, and was half way to Charlie when the saw dropped competely down.

Charlie's body was severed in two, spilling her blood and organs onto the saw laying on the floor under her.

They screamed in rage and denial. Pain and grief. The sounds of their screaming was so loud that it drowned out the last breath Charlie took.