Yo- everyone! I'm back, more or less, to do some re writing and updating on my BMFM stories.

And since it's been a while I thought I'd update Bent.


The moment Throttle was out the door and half way down the stairs, he started to silently berate himself for being an idiot.

No- scratch that- he was an ass. How could he just kick in the only shield Alice kept firmly in place to help make her safe and accost her like that? Was he a total moron? Had his alien hormones suddenly gotten the best of him and overridden his common sense?

There were a reason why doors existed. Two reasons. One was safety, and another was security. And then there was the third reason, to sometimes lock monsters out. Which technically was the same as the first two but then again, technically not.

Alice had seen him beat Vincent the night before (that and aside from personal privacy) were why he was sure she had locked the door to his room. And he, being the fool that he was had just trampled on her right to privacy- and to hide from him if she so wished- and had knocked the door in just so that he could... He could...

Well hell- He mentally sneered to himself.

Actually at this precise moment he wasn't entirely sure why he had kicked the door in now that he really thought about it. Perhaps he had done it to assure himself that she truly was still there, alive and well. But then again, perhaps he had merely wanted her to see the beast that he had become and accept him.

God knew that he craved her acceptance as surly as he craved the feel of her soft body pressed against his own.

But that would have to wait until she came to terms with what was between them. And by now she was slowly figuring out that there was something between them. Something that neither of them would escape no matter how hard they tried. And the fact that she was just now putting things together in her mind, was a matter that he found most vexing since she was the one who had started this whole mess by scenting him in the first place.

But after spending what time he had with her since bringing her to the cabin, Throttle had learned a little bit about his Alice to know the reason why she hadn't started to realize what his interest in her was all about. It was because she had lived alone ever since she had escaped the ordeal that had robbed her of her adolescent years. Years that she should have spent learning about boys and sex and stuff.

Not that he found her to be totally ignorant. Just...helplessly, and hopelessly innocent for a woman of her years.

It was nothing too troubling or terrible, in fact he found the idea of being her first and last lover quite thrilling if he really thought about it. And he did think about it. A lot. Especially now after the stunt he had just pulled.

Walking quickly past the dining room table where Modo was fussing over Vinny after making his breakfast into a shake of sorts so that he could drink it through a straw without hurting himself- The grey furred mouse stopped what he was doing for a moment and glanced at Throttle as he went right on by him and barely had the time to ask, "Where's Ali-girl?" Before Throttle growled out,

"Probably climbing out of my bedroom window." As he hit the front door with one hand, causing it to swing open and back with such force that the windows in the cabin rattled when he stepped out and slammed it closed behind him.

He'd suddenly lost his appetite.

Which was a crying shame considering the spread that had been made this morning, but his thoughts at the moment were simply too chaotic for him to sit still in the same place as Alice and not want to reach out and touch her. So perhaps some space would be best right now.

Besides, he could always make up for what he missed now at lunch time.