Another World Meeting was taking place, and as usual, chaos was reigning. England and France were fighting, with an obnoxiously laughing America egging them on. Russia was chatting quietly with China, all the while shooting glances at his sister, Belarus, as she kept trying to sneak up on him. Spain was chasing Romano around the room, somehow managing to do so with a full basket of tomatoes in one hand. Germany looked like he was about to yell for order, but Northern Italy kept darting around him chattering in fast, loud Italian, effectively distracting him.

For some odd reason, Prussia had decided to attend. Whether he was invited, or had decided to crash was unknown, either way he was spending his time thoroughly annoying a very flustered Austria. Poland was talking to Lithuania almost as loud as North Italy was talking. Lithuania was just nodding and sighing softly as he painted Poland's fingernails as flashy glittery pink.

Toward the back of the room, the Nordic countries gathered, a rather heated conversation gong on between Denmark and Sweden. Finland looked worried, possibly fearing a fight would break out. Norway leaned on Iceland, both of with looked thoroughly bored. Canada, Cuba, and Netherlands had sequestered themselves in a corner, a whiff of the smoke from the 'cigarette' they were sharing was all it took to discern it's not-quite-legal status.

Japan was leaning against Greece, both looking to be asleep, cats in both of their laps. Turkey lingered a few seats down, glaring at the two, Egypt next to him sitting as stoically as usual. Romania was curled up under the table, muttering something about too much light. Belgium was kneeling down to him, trying to coax him out. Ukraine sat in a chair by the door, eyes darting around to the chaos occurring, looking quite nervous, as though she didn't belong there. Estonia sat typing quickly on his laptop, headphones on ignoring everyone. Little Latvia was shaking terribly, afraid of….well, pretty much everything that was going on. His little hands were gripping onto the armrest of Estonia's chair.

Hungary sighed, looking out at the mess. She stood, walking toward the door. As she got close to the door, she ducked, a flash of light going over her head. Hungary laughed softly as she saw a worried England, wand in hand, rush over to a stunned Ukraine, who's hair was now a delightful shade of bright sky blue. France was laughing as well, weather at Ukraine's hair or England's look of terror at the rapidly approaching Russia, she wasn't sure. As Hungary slipped out the door she could hear England speaking quickly, apologizing and saying he'd fix it right away.

After she slipped out of the room, Hungary slid a small remote control out of her pocket. Hitting one of the buttons, she grinned as she heard the door to the meeting room lock, knowing all the doors had made the same sound. I'm so glad it was my turn to host the meeting! she though as she pushed another button on her remote.

As she hit the button, the vents in the meeting room kicked on. No one noticed the gas slipping into the room, not until many of those inside started to pass out. Greece's cats freaked out, hissing loudly, though they too succumbed to the slumber the humans were falling to. Kumajiro jumped on the table to try to get to his master before he succumbed as well, but failed, knocking over the abandoned bottle of pink nail polish.

After a while, the gas stopped, and Hungary opened the doors again, a gas mask on her face. No one could see her grin as her military picked up the various countries, moving them to where she had instructed them to. Her laugh behind the mask was wicked. This will be the best meeting EVER! Time to improve on county relations! she thought, moving to where her seat was in the room, retrieving her bag. She peeked inside, her cameras still there. She slipped off the mask, tossing it aside, a wide grin on her face as she left the room, shutting the door behind her.


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