Chapter 2: Instincts

'Aww man, this is so not good.' Kagome mentally told herself as she stared at the man walked towards her.

As the man moved to the now very irritated miko, the girl frantically looked around the room to see if there was something like a knife, dagger, or a sword. Just something sharp so she cut this damned rope off her wrists. To be honest they were staring to hurt like hell.

Then Kagome spotted it. There was a dagger laying on a shelf!

That thought left Kagome's mind when the man pressed himself up against her, seeing as she had no where to go because she backed up into the wall out of fear trying to get away from him. As soon as he did that, Kagome could feel his erection against her right thigh.

As you can imagine what her reaction would be had she still been alive and back in the fuedal era. She would freeze in shock and fear for losing her virginity to rapist and scream for Inuyasha and he woudn't appear til the moment she was about to be raped, kick the guys ass, or possibly kill him, for touching her then scream at Kagome for being a weakling for not being able to protect herself or something to that effect.

However, that was in the past and Kagome wasn't scared. No, she was irritated, pissed, and really wanted to kill something. Doesn't that kinda sound familiar to you? So at that moment when Kagome felt this man's 'excitement' on her, Kagome did the first thing that came to mind. Kinda a girlly move, but, eh. Whatever, it works.


The man took a few steps back and went to grab his groin to try and ease the pain as Kagome took her chance and ran for the shelf and kicked the blade's side. Making the tip to fall into the floorboard, the Kagome grabbed the hilt of the dagger with her toes and pulled it out causing it to fly in the air and fall down behind Kagome and sliced through the ropes.

Allowing Kagome the use of her hands once again. But what she noticed was that she had a pair of black claws. Damn had she known she had them, she would have used them to cut the stupid rope. Although, that thought would be continued later, for right now. There was an angery wealthy man stalking towards Kagome. Within a blink of an eye, Kagome ran towards the man and jumped in the air and kicked him in the side of his head. Causing him to fly backwards inot the wall behind him with a loud solid thud. He was out cold the moment Kagome's kick first made contact with his head.

"I gotta find a way out of here. And quick." Kagome murmured to herself, attempting to find some more suitable clothing. The ironic part was that those bakas cleaned her miko kimono and rested it next to the dagger that was jabbed back into the floorboard. So Kagome quickly changed out of her current 'clothing', if you want to call it that, and changed into her miko kimono. Then grabbed the dagger and quietly openned the door to see if it was okay for her to leave the room and hopefully make it out of this gastily hell-hole.

Well, getting out of the room was the easy part, however, getting out of the building was gonna be a bit harder considering she doesn't know where anything is here and she wasn't awake when she was brought here. So, yeah. Pretty much sucks.

As Kagome walked down the the halls, she finally found the exit. Only to be seen by a man, which Kagome was guessing was a guard, and have him scream that a 'whore' is trying escape and run towards Kagome.

'Well, isn't this just my luck, huh?' Kagome thought to herself sarcastically and ran for the door when she saw three more men rushing their way to her. 'Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!' Kagome sang repeatedly in her head. But as she ran, she felt like she was running as fast as Inuyasha had when she would ride on his back, but a little bit faster.

And Kagome was enjoying the speed. Maybe this has something to do Minori's blood and powers? Kagome has seen Minori run and fight and the youkai was pretty damn fast and strong.

The young miko took a sharp left turn and accidentally bumped into someone.

"Itai..." Kagome groaned as she stood to her feet and saw a man dressed in a pure black kimono, carry a large sword, that had no hilt, on his back and he had orange hair and brown eyes.

As soon as Kagome looked at him, she ran as fast as she could when she heard a man that was from the whore-house she was held in a few moments ago.

As Kagome ran, she felt a presence behind her and looked behind her to see the man with orange hair following her.

Just in time, Kagome looked ahead of her and saw a large tall white wall and swallowed. When she stopped she looked at the top of it and shrugged.

'It's worth a shot.' Then she used Minori's power and directed some of it to her legs and pushed off of the ground and landed on top of the wall. Then looked at the orange haired man and was about to jump when she heard:


Said girl turned her head to the direction an sensed a youkai aura that was similar to Minori's and figured that it was her son that Kagome was supposed to go to. So she ran after the voice so fast that the orange haired man didn't know where she went.

She just vanished within thin air. And she wasn't using a flash-step either. How strange...

Minori sat in a tree, watching that dumb-fuck of a magomusuko with that bitch-miko that shall remain un-named. Minori snickered when she heard Inuyasha scowling at the bitch-miko because that she was the reason that his obaa-chan placed the curse on him and the bitch-miko.

"Why did you have to fucking kill Kagome, Kikyo?" The hanyou growled to the bitch-miko.

"Because I couldn't stand sharing you Inuyasha." Kikyo said in a fake sweet voice.

'Yeah and you thought that if Kagome was dead that you'd the rest of your soul because there's that retarded rumor of Kagome being your reincarnation. Sorry bitch, but Kagome is Midoriko'sreincarnation. Not yours.' Minori rolled her eyes and mentally snorted.

"Is that the only reason Kikyo? Or is it also because Kagome's your reincarnation and you thought if she was dead then her soul would be obsorbed in your body. Reviving you and giving you a living body?" Inuyasha questioned the bitch-miko.

Minori arched a brow and 'hmm'ed.

'It seems that the koinu isn't as stupid as people think. I even thought he was fucking moron. I guess that saying is right, don't judge a book by its cover.'

Then the inu youkai stared at the sky.

'I hope your all right Kagome.' Minori narrowed her eyes. 'And Toga had better be taking care of Kagome when he finds her or he's gonna regret it.'

Minori sighs and quickly disappears from the tree without Inuyasha or that bitch-miko knowing that she was there or not.

Back at Miroku and Sango's hut...

"So what do you guys think Minori- obaa-chan's curse will do to Inuyasha and Kikyo besides giving them immortality?" Shippo asked Miroku and Sango.

"Dunno." Sango responded. "But given the fact that Minori is a youkai miko and youkai mikos being extremely dangerous and lethal, I'd say that it's not really all that good for Inuyasha and Kikyo."

"Hey, wait a minute." Shippo said. "Since Kagome's dead, wouldn't that mean that her soul went into Kikyo's body?"

"No." A familiar voice answered the kitsune. "Kagome isn't that bitch-miko's reincarnation. Kagome is Midoriko's reincarnation and Kagome was extremely grateful of that because she doesn't particularly have a liking to the fucking woman."

"Minori-obaa-chan. Why are you calling Kikyo a 'bitch-miko'?" Shippo asked the youkai miko.

"Because I refuse to call that thing by its name for two reasons. The first one is because that bitch-miko killed Kagome and Kagome was like family to me. And the second one is that Kikyo is the walking dead and needs to stay dead and not alive." Minori answered.

"I agree. My sister died many years ago and has no need to be amongst the living once again." Kaede agreed.

In the Soul Society with Kagome...

Kagome landed in front of an inn that was about the same size of her home in Modern Japan.

'This is where that youkai aura is coming this where Minori's son and his mate live in this world?' Kagome asked herself, not realizing that a woman that had long black hair and soft brown eyes and was wearing a blue kimono.

"Hello." The woman's voice greeted the modern-day miko. "May I help you with something?"

"Uh, yes. I heard someone call my name and their aura was quite familiar to my friend's own aura." Kagome explained.

The black-haired woman smiled at the 28 year old.

"What's your friend's name?"

"Minori Taisho. She's uh-"

"Inu youkai?"

Kagome's eyes widened.

"How do you know that?"

"Because your friend, Minori, is my okaa-san." A masculine voice announced.

'Huh?' Was all that came to Kagome's mind.

"Then that means your Minori's son. Toga if I'm correct." Kagome guessed.

The man nodded his head and smiled.

"Please come in. We can talk about this more inside." He motioned for both woman to enter the building.

As Kagome and the woman and the man, that reminded Kagome a lot of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, entered a room in the building and surrounded the table that was in the middle room and sat at it.

It was silent for a couple minutes until the long black-haired woman spoke.

"So, what would your name be?"

"Oh!" Kagome exclaimed. "Gomen, my name is Kagome Higurashi."

The woman smiled again at Kagome.

"My name is Izayoi Taisho." Izayoi introduced herself, placing her hand on her chest then gestured to her mate/husband. "And this is my mate and husband. Toga Taisho as you had guessed correctly earlier."

Kagome nodded, looking at the man.

He had the same silver hair and golden eyes as Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, except it was pinned back in a high pony-tail and he didn't have any facial markings like Sesshomaru did or Inuyasha when he transformed. He was dressed in a deep green colored haori and hakama that was the same color.

"How is it that you don't have the same markings that Sesshomaru has or Inuyasha does whenever he's in his full youkai form?" Kagome asked Toga who lifted up his hand and what looked like a leather braclet that has some weird carvings in the leather and it was wrapped around his wrist.

"It's because of this. It allows me to blend into the Soul Society and make me look like I'm a human soul." He explained.

"Oh. Well, it's very nice to meet the two of you." Kagome smiled at the two.