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Chapter 1: A HERO IS BORN!

( You see Minato next to kushina as she is giving birth to u know who :D)

"Aaaggh!" yelled kushina as she struggled to deliver her child. "That's it you're almost there kushina just keep pushing" minato said incuraging his wife. "I can see the head my lord I it will out shortly" said the doctor. " waah wa waah waah" cried the baby "congratulations it's a baby boy" proclaimed the doctor holding the baby in a cloth. "Let me see … let me see my baby" said an exhausted kushina. She smiled and looked at her husband minato "he... He has your face" said kushina. "Well looks like he's going to be a handsome young man when he get older" minato said laughing with the nurse and the doctor.

"Aww well isn't this just cute" said a mysterious voice, all of a sudden a man wearing a mask that had a strange design with a hole on the right side of it revealing a sharingan eye morphed into the room. Minato sliding his hand in his weapon pouch behind his back said "who are you and what is you'r business hear". "Ah ah ah Lord Hokage you wouldn't want your baby to get hurt do you" said the masked Uchiha as he already teleported and grade grabbed the baby from the exhausted kushina. Minato and Kushina stared in horror as the man brought a kunai to the baby's throat and said "now that I have your undivided attention the thing I want is inside of your darling wife here and if she doesn't release it … let's just say the first born won't make it" the masked man said with a psychotic giggle.

"Wha… what do u want with the nine tailed fox" kushina said struggling to sit up in her bed. "Oh let's see what could an evil man possibly want with a demon of mass destruction, putting the fear in humans all across the nation. Hmm what could I possibly want with such a thing … umm I don't know maybe the classical bad guy thing that children hear in bed time story but I will let you slide since you haven't gotten a chance to tell any yet" said the masked man in a sum what annoyed tone. "What I want is total domination of every man, women, and child, heck animals would even bow before me." The masked man said laughing psychotically holding his hand with the kunai against his head. "Now enough of the talking you have until I count to three to release the fox or else you will feel the pain of watching your new born baby boy dies in front of your eyes.

"O...Ok I will do it" said kushina. Minato looked at his wife with pleading eyes. Kushina mouthed the word I love you to her husband as she be fell back in pain. Then the seal that was on her stomach began to burn bright red as the the fox began to climb out of the seal head first. Minato using this as a distraction teleported to the masked man grabbing the baby and teleporting back to his wife taking out a kunai that had three prongs on it. He grabbed kushina by her shoulder waiting for the last of the fox to leave his wife. Seeing this the masked man ran towards minato throwing the kunai he had at the baby in minatos arms, kushina all though in serious pain blacked the kunai with her arm as the last of the fox was released. Wasting no time Minato teleported his wife and his new born son to the safest place he could think of and layed them on a bed in the corner of his secret hide out. Minato looked at his wife and kissed her one last time before he teleported out to the village to see it being smashed by a giant fox.

"Hokage-sama" yelled a 13 year old boy running towards him with gray hair and a mask that covered his face. "Kakashi I have no time to talk, I need you to gather as many villagers as u can and get them to the safety rooms. After you do that I want you to do me a huge favor and go to my hide out after u get there u let no one in unless they give u a secret code the code is" Minato mouthed it to him NARUTO. Kakashi nodded his head in understanding, as minato turned to leave he said one more thing to his former student. "Kakashi…..before that person comes to the door and lets u know when it's ok to come out do not let my wife leave from there no matter what... got it" Said minato in a calm voice. "Yes Hokage-sama" the boy said bowing holding back tears for his former sensei.

Kushina awoke in a bed next to her son. "How am I still alive I thought I would die once the fox was released" thought kushina. She then looked back down at her sleeping son and thought "well I'm glad I did I wouldn't rest well if I knew u were left in this world with no one to look after you". She leaned in and kissed him on his forehead. Then she heard a knock on the door, "Come in" she said holding her son in her arms now and holding a kunai behind her back in case it was an enemy. Kakashi poked his head through the door and said "hi lady Kushina is it alright if I come in." Kushina relaxed a little as soon as she realized it was kakashi minato former student. "Yes it is alright kakashi" kushina said hiding her kunai back under her pillow.

Kakashi proceeded to walk in and turned making a few hand signs creating a shadow clone to sit outside the door, kakashi then pulled up a stool that was underneath the desk and sat next to the bed. "Wow is that the baby?" asked kakashi wide eyed at how much it looked like its father. Kushina giggled and said "yes this is him the spitting image of my husband and his father." "Does he have a name yet?" asked kakashi, "Yes it was a name given to him by Minato's old sensei" said Kushina. "Cool… what is it?" asked kakashi, "it's … Naruto" Kushina said looking down at the baby in her arms and smiling. "Naruto… sounds like a nice name… but isn't that the name of the fish paste with the swirl on it in ramen noodles?" kakashi asked with a confused face. Kushina blinked at him twice and started laughing. "ha ha ha I guess it is" said kushina holding her stomach laughing, but the light mood suddenly turned dark as kushinas hair started to float up like a possessed women. "Kakashi" kushina said in an evil voice, kakashi replying in a scared voice with a sweat drop down the side of his face "yes madam", "come and get me the next time Jiraiya come into town … so I can kill him where he stands for giving my son a name of a food product" kushina said looking at kakashi. Kakashi could have sworn he saw a red glow behind her eyes like a demon. "Ye… Ye... Yes mam" kakashi replied scared out of his mind. In another part of the country Jiraiya had a shiver go up his spine "hmm looks like I should stay away from konoha for a while longer."

Mean while minato was fighting against the fox in a one on one battle, but he noticed something about the fox mainly in its eyes instead of slits it had a shringan eye. "Damn he really did get control over the fox" minato said dogging another swing from the fox's claws. Minato then teleported to the top of the hokage monument, "well now that I have enough time to thi-" he was cut off noticing that the fox throat bulged and was smoking like it was about to fire something. With his quick reflexes he pulled out one of his kunai and held it in front of him. The fox fired the large canon ball of chakra at minato that nearly blinded ever one in the facility. Minato squinting at the ball Yelled "SEAL" , the ball off chakra then was absorbed into the kunai, but minato knew it wouldn't hold since it was a small seal he threw the kunai up in the air and watched as the kunai exploded . "Hmmm I should have known you would use that technique sooner or later" said the man in the strange mask again. "But then again you're only asking for death if you underestimate konohas yellow flash." "Heh… seems like you did your home work about me" said minato. The man laughed "you would be stupid not too" the man then rushed at minato with his arms floating behind him, minato did likewise but had a kunai in one hand. As soon as the men got close enough minato lunged at him with the kunai but he was surprised as he watched his hand go right through the man's chest like he was a ghost. The masked man continued to run and released the chain he had tied to both of his arms trapping minato in it. "Well looks like I got you hokage-sama" the man said. "Think again" Minato said teleporting out of it in front of and abandoned shrine.

Minato was breathing heavy "Shit I can't let my guard down or else I'm done for", "agreed" said a voice and minato felt a hand on his shoulder he turned his head to see that masked mans sharingan eye. Minato felt strange like he was being sucked in, he did the only thing he could think of and teleported away from the man only to reappear in front of the shrine tumbling forward. The masked man stood there laughing "congratulations on escaping my imprison sharingan, but I am a strong believer in the phrase second time's the charm." Minato thinking "shit I have to end this and fast I don't know how much longer the village can take on the fox", the masked man ran at minato just like before and minato did the same but instead he formed the rasingan in one hand and had a kunai in the other. As they got closer minato threw the kunai at the masked man's face. "That won't work" the man said as the kunai went through his head like he was a ghost. But the masked man didn't realize that he did what minato expected him to do. Minto then pushed his hand forward to make it hit the masked man's body and as soon as minato went though the man minato teleported to the kunai and changed directions hitting the unsuspecting masked man in the back yelling "RASENGAN" . The man was pinned to the ground as the rasengan damaged his spine. "AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHH" the masked man yelled in pain then a cloud of dirt exploded into the air. As the cloud of dirt disappeared it revealed minato standing over the masked man that was quivering in pain. "Cu… curs… curse you Minato" said the masked man as he slowly started lowering himself into the ground like a ghost. Minato breathing heavy "damn I used up mostly all of my chakra", minato started to walk back towards the village and saw that the fox was still causing havoc.

"I guess there is no other way", minato teleported into his secret layer. "Hokage-sama" said kakashi standing up and bowing. Kushina was sound asleep and didn't hear the commotion going on in the room. "Kakashi I'm afraid I have to ask you to do me one last favor" minato said picking up baby naruto, minato then started writing on a piece of paper then when he was finished handed it to kakashi. "As soon as kushina wakes up giver this she will understand from there tell her I love her and I will always be looking over her and our son" kakashi nodded whipping back tears with his wrist "ye… yes sensei" kakashi said crying. "Oh and one more thing" said Minato as he was about to teleport "please help kushina take care of Naruto" minato said smiling as he teleported away.

As minato teleported into the battle field he then was sounded by konoha ninja. "lord hokage we have to many injured I don't know how much more we can hold It off" said one of the ninja. "It's ok" minato said. "Sarutobi I need you to hold my son" said minato, sarutobi walked up and held naruto in his arms "lord hokage why would you endanger the life of your first born". "Don't worry my old friend I have no intention of hurting him" minato explained to sarutobi, then minato teleported away. The ninja then saw as a giant toad was summand and Minato was on top of its head holding his hand in a triangle shape. Sarutobi noticed something about the baby the baby had a seal mark on its stomach, sarutobi's eyes widened "no minato you can't possibly be thinking of that" thought sarutobi. Then everyone heard the word seal as there was a flash of light, and then all of a sudden baby naruto started crying. Sarutobi was rocking it trying to calm him down but he realized that he would be crying to if he had a seal burning his stomach. The seal was complete and as it faded away whisker marks formed on the boys cheeks showing that he was now the container for the nine tailed demon fox.

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