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Chapter 13

Team 7 started to walk down a road towards the land of waves they were a few miles away from the border when sasuke noticed something. He quickly walked forward to kakashi who was reading his make out tactics book.

"Hey sensei when was the last time it rained" asked sasuke

Kakashi smiled "good eye sasuke it hasn't rained in at least 3 days so the odds of there being a puddle are slim to none" said kakashi. The said puddles they were talking about soon grew to form two figures dressed in black with medal claws for hands. Sasuke and kakashi already knowing it was a trap quickly turned and flung some shuriken at the two ninjas. The ninjas blocked the shuriken with their claws before dashing towards Tazuna

"Your life is ours" yelled the two ninja shooting a chain out from a hole that was under their claw gloves. The chain started towards tazuna before naruto blocked it with a kunai at hand. The chain wrapped its self around naruto and tightened trapping him there. "heh foolish boy you can't stop his fate now die" said the ninjas in unison they pulled the chains tight before cutting naruto in half.

"Aaaagh" screamed sakura and natsumi stood there in horror at what just happened.

"Heh now you know we are series now give us tazuna and maybe we will let yawl live" said one of the ninjas.

Narutos upper half and lower half then disappeared in a poof of smoke, reveling it to be a wooden log cut in half.

"WHAT" said the two ninjas in shock

"Heh I forgot to tell you... Don't underestimate my brother" said sasuke giving them a smirk. With that a windmill shuriken flew out to cut the one of the ninjas as the ninja was about to block the shuriken poofed and he was tackled to the ground by naruto who was smiling at him. As another windmill shuriken was coming from behind him to hit the other ninja.

"Shit I can't block it this brat is pinning my arms down." Thought the ninja watching as the shuriken was heading straight for his partner. The other ninja however grinned.

"Heh like I can't block that" said the ninja but he was about to get a surprise. The ninja blocked the shuriken and held it there. "Heh is that your so called brother has up his sleeve? A childish prank." Said the ninja but looked at the naruto holding him there as it smiled and mouthed counting down "3…2…1"

"BROTHER GET RID OF THE SHURIKEN" yelled the one on the ground but it was to late.

"What" said the other ninja looking at the shuriken then heard a hissing sound He flipped the shuriken over to see an explosive tag on each blade. "FFFFUUUUC…" he was interrupted by the explosion engulfing both him and his brother in flames.

"AAAGH" screamed the other brother on the ground.

The flames died down as there laid two burnt bodies of what use to be the demon brothers.

"Looks like their arrogance was their down fall" said kakashi going to the bodies collecting their claw gloves to turn in as a sign of them taking down two wanted ninjas.

"YOU start talking and now" yelled natsumi. "Why are two s class rouge ninja after you?" she pointed at Tazuna who was looking down in shame.

"Now now let's not get to hasty I have a feeling tazuna did what he did for a reason" said kakashi walking towards the group again. Naruto soon joined and walked back to them as well interested to hear Tazunas story.

"And It better be a good one you almost cost us one of our team mates" said sakura angrily

"I'm sorry I had to lie to get someone to escort me back to my home for cheaper price I don't have a lot of money you see. A man named Gato is ruining our village, and is causing harm to our people. He claims he is offering protection for food and taxes but we know that's not the case. I am building a bridge to make trading with other villages easier and hopefully bring our stock back up so that we can be a profitable village again. But until gato is dealt with I don't think that is going to happen." Finished Tazuna

"Wow so you are doing this so that you can help your village in its time of need" said sakura. Tazuna just nodded his head yes. Naruto stood there and thought about what they could do to help the man.

"But that still does not explain why two s classed missing Nins are after you" said natsumi getting back to the main question that was asked.

"Oh right … well anyway gato found out that I left the village to get help and I guess he was trying to get rid of me before that happened… Please help me I don't know what I'm going to do I can't let gato do this to my village, my daughter or my grandson." said tazuna, fighting back tears

"We will help" said naruto shocking the rest of his team mates and putting a smile on kakashi's face.

"I won't back down, I will never give, up and I won't run away" that's my ninja way (yawl are going to hate me for this XD) "BELIEVE IT!" said naruto giving a serious stare and a fist pointed towards tazuna.

Sasuke smirked while his hands were in his pockets. Sakura blushed a little not seeing this side of naruto before. Kakashi grinned knowing that naruto would follow in his father's footsteps, and natsumi looked shocked at how serious naruto was. Tazuna whipped away a tear that escaped his eye.

"Thank you … thank you so much" said tazuna truly grateful.

(Yo sorry I'm going to be skipping the zabuza fight I don't see any better way to do it then the way the cannon did it so I'm going to leave it the way it went but with one extra person there guarding tazuna.)

-Now at tazuna's house –

"Mmmh the food smells good Ms. Tsunami" said naruto kicking his legs back and forth

"Why thank you naruto" tsunami replied smiling

"So what training are we going to be doing while we are here sensei" asked natsumi

"Hmm well I guess I can teach yawl the tree climbing exercise using your feet" said kakashi

"Awesome" said naruto excited

"We will start first thing in the morning after I get some more rest" said kakashi sweat dropping

"Well we can just focus on food right now" giggled tsunami "Inari foods ready dear come down and eat" she called up the stairs

A boy came down the stairs a few years younger than they were and sat next to his grandfather

"So what the plan to deal with gato we know that that hunter Nin was not rally there to take zabuza to prison." Said natsumi

"Easy we beat him up" said naruto

"It's not going to be that easy dobe" said sasuke

"Why… why even bother ... he is just going to kill you to and make things even worse for us." Said inari "My dad was the strongest in the village and even he fell to gato" said inari

"Pathetic" said naruto his head down hiding his eyes

"What did you say "said inari getting up angry

"I said your pathetic" said naruto looking into the boys eyes. "He killed you dad and that makes you want to give up and not even want to fight back. I know if my mom was taken from me I would hunt her killer to his grave and fight. I don't care if he is stronger than me. But I know that I would not give up and live life as an empty shell of a man." said naruto getting up and walking out the door.

Inai looked after him crying in anger.

"Not everyone has it better then you do… I lost my whole clan and sat by as my brother is being accused of being the murderer... But I don't give up I keep fighting to prove my brothers innocence and I grow stronger every day until that day that I finally clear his name. So ask yourself this inari, do you want to live your life knowing you could have made a difference and die miserable, or do you want to fight and make something of yourself so that your father can look down and you ad smile that he has such a strong son to be proud of." finished sasuke walking out to talk to naruto.

Inari sat there and thought about what the two boys said before running back into his room and slamming the door.

"Inari" said tsunami in a low voice.

"Sorry about that he has been that way ever since his father died … you see his father was the only one to rise up and stand up to gato. But Gatos men over powered him and publicly executed him to make a point to anyone who tried to disobey gato." Said tazuna

"I see… well rest assure that we will do our best to take care of your problem" said kakashi smiling

"Thank you again ... you don't know how much this will help the village." Said tazuna.

-Mean while outside-

"You ok dobe" said sasuke sitting next to him

"*sigh* yeah I'm ok… sorry for losing it back there I just can't stand people just giving up like that.

"heh its cool, besides he's just a kid" said sasuke "even though we are technically still kids we had training to deal with these situations he hasn't."

"Yeah you're right I guess I will apologize later" said naruto scratching the back of his head shyly. Sasuke smirked and punched him in the arm playfully.

"Come on foods getting cold... besides you don't want to lose to me in the food eating contest now do you" said sasuke running back inside.

"HEY! No fair sasuke "said naruto running back inside as well

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