"You're going to regret this, Potter!" A wounded man spat, as he was hauled away by 2 Aurors.

Harry smirked and placed his hands in his pocket, turning his back to the criminal. He was used to being threatened by lunatics such as that so he wasn't bothered by it at all. He gave out a loud yawn, his arms outstretched above his head, he wanted to go home immediately after a long hard day at work; which consisted of mainly running, dodging, and hexing a criminal.

'A bath would be really great right now.' He thought as he sauntered to the apparation point.

It was a lovely Sunday morning and the sun was shining brightly, birds singing melodically, the cool, crisp wind hushed to the trees making its leaves sway gently along with it. Harry opened the window to feel the fresh gush of wind to his face, he breathed in the crisp air that smelled like pine. It was a perfect day for a stroll in the woods.

Harry grabbed his emerald green coat and headed outside. These past few days were bliss. He didn't have any missions and he was given the week off his job, nothing could be much more relaxing than this. Lately he has been chasing criminals non-stop that he hadn't had a moment to breathe in air and calm himself down. Now, that was all he was doing, keeping calm and taking in the serenity of the scenery. Harry Potter's home was located at a semi-secluded place, which was quite a bit far from the city and quite near the vast, beautiful woods. It was so peaceful and quiet that sometimes it felt like he was the only one in the world. He was having a pleasant time taking in the beauty of his surroundings when his stomach started to protest in hunger. Harry chuckled to himself and headed for the direction to his house.

The black-haired lad stood in front of his house, taking a moment to admire the structure of his home. He was contended with having a bungalow house since he was living alone; he decided to go with glass instead of wall for his home because it gave him a sense of freedom, but he still valued his privacy and for that, he hanged a grass-green curtain around the glass walls to cover up the view inside his house.

After he was done admiring his home, he went inside and fixed himself some waffle and fruits; Harry wasn't exactly a good cook, but he learned enough from the Dursleys to feed himself acceptable food. Life was perfect. He didn't have anything to worry about anymore. The war was over and Voldemort's gone, there's nothing to worry about anymore... well except for his job that is. But even with the constant danger and threats, he liked being an Auror, he wasn't the type to just laze around all day and read some stuff over. Harry wanted thrill and something that requires body movement; well maybe it just comes from being a marauder such as his dad and godfather.

"Ahh~ I'm a bit bored..." he said out loud as he leaned back on the dining chair; he glanced at his watch and saw that it was quarter to 11. There was nothing in particular that he had to do for today. He sighed and debated against himself whether to go outside and spend some time mingling with fellow wizards or stay at home and bore himself to death; seeing that he only had 2 choices and one of them was crap, he decided to go for his first choice. He wasn't exactly excited over this but he figured it could pass some amount of time so he dragged his feet to the bathroom and took a quick shower. He used magic to get dressed and apparated to Diagon Alley.

Unbeknownst to Harry, a dark brooding wizard has been watching him and he had a plan that could destroy the raven-haired lad. He held a vial that contained a green substance that had streams of silver all over it, in front of his face. 'It's payback time, Potter!' he thought to himself as he sneered and apparated away.

The young lad wondered what he should do. It was stupid to go to Diagon alley without anything to do in mind. Harry sighed deeply and placed his hands in his pocket. As he strode in the alley, people greeted him as they recognize him as their savior who defeated you-know-who. Harry couldn't help but feel happy and proud at himself, all those people practically worshiped him whenever they caught sight of him and that never gets old; he hated to admit it but he somehow loved the attention given to him. Well, that's the Potter gene for you.

He decided to stop at the quidditch shop for a moment and bought some few types of equipment for his broom; Harry still played some quidditch. His backyard was big enough to accommodate 2 hoops and it was spacious enough to have a small match. Whenever the Weasleys visited, he would have a short game with Ron, George and Ginny. Harry thought fondly of Ginny, they weren't together anymore but there were no hard feelings between them; you could say that it was a mutual break-up. When Harry finally realized that he was gay, he immediately told Ginny and he was shocked that Ginny simply smiled at him and smacked him on the head with her fist, telling him that it had been so obvious. The red-haired girl also claimed that it felt like their relationship was more like being siblings than lovers so they decided to go on with that. It had felt great to have a sister, other than Hermione. Having discovered that he was gay, Harry tried going out with a guy but after a month of going out, the guy dumped him because Harry refused to have sex.

By the time his stomach started rumbling, it was already 1pm in the afternoon. He decided he wanted something greasy for a change so he went to a pub where they served all kinds of greasy and fatty foods. People greeted him as he entered the pub and the barmaid graciously offered him the best seat in the house. Once he ordered his food, a male server came to him and offered him a pint of butterbeer. Of course, Harry accepted it thankfully and not just because it was on the house... well okay, he accepted it because it was on the house.

'Enjoy your last moments, Potter. If one drop of this poison can kill you in a matter of hours then I wonder what a whole vial can do to you.' He eyed Harry Potter and chuckled maliciously.

A couple of minutes later, his lunch was served cheerfully by a young energetic lady. Ah yes, lunch. Greasy, fatty lunch; just as he wanted. He ordered a whole platter of fish and fries with a side order of mozzarella sticks and a slice of white-cheese pizza. That was a lot to devour but who cares? He didn't have to worry about money since he had enough to buy off the whole pub and he wasn't on some any kind of diet so what the hell, he could eat all he want. Some grunts and burps later, Harry had finished eating his heart-attack-on-a-table lunch and he downed it with butterbeer, with a contented sigh as he drank the last gulp. He took a breath for a second before reaching for his money pouch. The young lad almost lost his lunch when he bent down. He felt a tinge of guilt for abusing his body like that so he told himself to walk around till sunset to burn out even just a quarter of the fat he consumed. No more dinner for him, of course. He called the barmaid, paid his bill, thanked her for the free butterbeer and left without glancing back.

The barmaid raised her brow in question when she realized that Harry Potter just thanked her for a free butterbeer that the pub doesn't even serve.

Shit. It hurts. It was a bad idea to eat so much greasy food at once, he thought. He clenched his stomach tightly and staggered to a dark alleyway. His stomach was burning and his head felt like it was being brutally torn open, it was painful... so damn... painful.

"AHHH!" Harry screamed in pain. His whole body trembled causing his knees to give out. This wasn't a normal stomach pain, no it couldn't be, and it was too much torturous to be one. He bit his lip and curled up on the cold hard ground. The pain was unbearable, it burns, his whole body burns, even his organs and bones burned. What the bloody hell was happening?

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed again as a wave of excruciating pain shot through his whole body, numbing his limbs. "Hurts... ugh... help... " Were the last words he was able to utter before he passed out, convulsing on the floor in agony.

"Hey there little guy, what happened to you?" a soft voice asked.

Harry looked up to see a beautiful blonde man leaning in front of him. The man had stunning gray eyes and porcelain white skin. The man looked at him with worry and concern and Harry could not help but think the man was really pretty.

The pretty man asked him again when he didn't respond. "Are you alright? Where are your parents?"

Harry tilted his head in thought. Where were his parents? His Uncle and Auntie said that they were dead.. so.. He didn't have any.

"Dead... My mommy and daddy are both dead." Harry answered with his little voice.

"Oh.." The pretty man looked sorry.

The kid was just like him, all alone and abandoned. Draco felt sorry for him. The boy had an unruly black hair and emerald green eyes, which looked really familiar, and for some odd reason he felt some sort of fondness for the boy.

"What's your name?" Draco asked kindly.

"Uncle and Auntie calls me Harry." The boy replied, making Draco gasp. He was caught off guard by Harry's answer; Draco wasn't expecting to hear his previous arch nemesis name all of a sudden, especially from that young boy. Draco smiled at him and lightly patted Harry's hair, he now knew why the boy looked really familiar; the kid looked a lot like Harry Potter.

"Well, Harry, where are your aunt and uncle?" The blonde questioned, earning a worried look from the little boy.

Harry glanced around the unfamiliar area, he didn't know where he was and he couldn't even remember how he got there. Young Harry came to a conclusion that he was lost and all alone in an unknown place. No... what will he do? Are the Dursleys finally fed of him? Did he do anything wrong? Wasn't he being a good boy?. He suddenly felt terrified, if he was already thrown away, what would he do?, where would he stay?, how will he get food?

At that, Harry started crying.

"Oh shit!" Draco panicked. The last thing he needed right now was a lost little boy crying in front of him without him knowing what to do. "No, shh.. it's alright, I'll help you find them." He cooed.

Harry looked up at the pretty man for a brief moment and something inside him told him that the pretty man could be trusted.

"They.. they don't want Harry," He sobbed. "They lock up Harry under the stairs in the dark and—" Harry paused to breathe. "and they don't give me food and—and!" He started chocking. Harry was so scared and confused right now. He didn't want to go back to the Dursleys but he didn't want to wander off the streets forever either, he didn't know what to do anymore.

Draco frowned upon hearing what the boy said; he couldn't believe what that boy went through! And by the love of Merlin the poor boy was being abused at such a young age! Well that explains the baggy clothes.

Harry continued to weep from both fear and confusion. It wasn't the first time that he was left alone like that. One time, when the Dursleys took him out with them to the grocery because the cat lady couldn't take care of him, they forgot him in the middle of the grocery and drove home without him. He was lucky that a kind lady offered him help and she happened to be acquainted with the Dursleys so he was safely returned home. Now was a lot different, he was in a scary dark place without even knowing how he got there.

The pretty man spoke again and what he said turned around Harry's mood completely.

"Would you like to come with me to my mansion?" the pretty man asked him with a smile and dried his tears with a hanky that smelled like autumn air.

Harry chuckled and hugged the man's neck tightly and buried his little face there. He nodded in confirmation and felt the man lift him up. He wasn't going back to the Dursleys anymore! He was going with the nice pretty man and for the first time in his young life, he felt free and happy. He snuggled closer to the pretty man.

Draco couldn't help but think that Harry's actions were adorable. It was clear that the boy craved love and affection and Draco was determined, for once in his life, to make someone happy.

He stroked Harry's hair gently and remembered that he hadn't introduced himself yet so he told him his name and felt the boy smile on his neck. Then a question suddenly popped in his mind, "Harry, how old are you?" he asked without removing the boy's face from his neck.

"5." Harry answered sleepily. His eyes were drooping and his grip was loosening, he felt really sleepy all of a sudden.

Draco noticed the change in the boy's breathing and found it amusing that someone fell asleep in his arms. 'Why am I doing this?' He thought, with a smile on his face. Harry purred against him. 'I hope I don't regret this.'

With all things set, Draco apparated back to his Manor.

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