Author's Note: These were originally done for the 1sentence community on LiveJournal. It's been a bit over a year since I finished it, so I decided to go back, revise, and post the whole thing here. (There's five parts in all, one for each prompt set.) Most sentences are new, in case you've read it there or on dA. Some sentences are related to one another to tell a story. (I think there's three or four story threads throughout the whole work, in fact.) And some aren't really sentences but more like abuse to sentence constructs or complete technicalities. (Dialogue = part of a sentence here.)

If you got past all that, awesome! Enjoy, and if you liked it, leave a review. If you didn't, leave one anyway?

#01 – Comfort
She pretended that she wasn't afraid of anything, that she had no weaknesses to speak of, but the first time they had a civil conversation was when they were stuck in a broken elevator, when she cried and held onto him and made him swear he wouldn't tell anyone she was afraid of the dark.

#02 – Kiss
Lanette consented – for curiosity, naturally – to giving him his first kiss, but although it was short and not the softest or most passionate she had ever received, when she pulled away she couldn't help but notice the rosy color on her partner's cheeks.

#03 – Soft
Bill couldn't help but laugh when he saw what took up an entire bookshelf in her room; Lanette frowned, threw one of her plush dolls at him, and said, "Oh, it's not like your collection of comic books is any better."

#04 – Pain
The first time he was injured on the job – first-year internship, Safari Zone, when he thought it would be a brilliant idea to get a close look at the tauros herds – she stood in his hospital room, lecturing him into the ground while silently deciding that from that day forward, she wanted nothing more than to take care of him and protect him from himself.

#05 – Potatoes
One of the many things Bill never fully mastered was cooking, but rather than feel ashamed of it, he took pleasure in standing close to Lanette and having her teach him, for the umpteenth time, how to make potato pancakes.

#06 – Rain
"I don't know why you like living next to the ocean. It rains too much," Lanette said haggardly into her knees; she was too busy looking out the window at the dark night to notice what he was doing until he wrapped his arms around her, told her it wasn't so bad, and somehow made her feelings of dread vanish.

#07 – Chocolate
A fan once gave him supposedly dark chocolate, and because Lanette knew him well, she was the only one he didn't throw out of his hotel suite when he locked himself in the bathroom and proceeded to spend a good two hours immensely miserable.

#08 – Happiness
For Bill, happiness is freedom, a friendship with a rare pokémon, and the ability to work closely with someone who can keep up with him every step of the way, and as far as he's concerned, he has two out of three.

#09 – Telephone
"Oh, hold on, Lanette, lemme get him. Nii-chan! It's the girl you fancy!" his sister announced, and by the time the sounds of loud banging, the eight-year-old's shrieking laughter, and his colorful use of his mother's native language subsided, Lanette was too busy laughing hysterically to come up with a witty way to greet her partner.

#10 – Ears
He didn't notice she had pierced ears until the night of the Symposium's formal gala, when she put her orange hair up in a tight bun and added a pair of diamond drop earrings; Bill found he couldn't help but touch one of them and comment about how the style made her look like a princess, which led to his hand trailing down the smooth skin of her neck and bare shoulder… which then led to them forgetting about the gala altogether.

#11 – Name
The only person outside of her family who knew that Lanette was actually her middle name was Bill; she trusted him with her three-syllable secret, which to this day he keeps faithfully like a priest guarding the Holy Grail.

#12 – Sensual
At the end of their intellectual dance – the discussion of psychology and physiology and philosophy, their theories intertwining at some places and clashing at others – she's up against his desk with her tongue tasting his mouth and his hands exploring the soft curves of her body, and right then, they decide to drop their pretentious inquiries for an experiment of a more visceral sort.

#13 – Death
"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were worried that I was d—" he says, and despite his injuries, she clips his thought with a slap and a lecture about how stupid he is sometimes.

#14 – Sex
It was another great experiment of his: his head between her legs, taking in her scent, her taste, the vibrations of her pleasure; he considered it a success.

#15 – Touch
For all her experience, Lanette was shy to tell him about all the ways she sensed him: hearing the softness of his voice repeating her name, seeing the coffee-brown of his eyes, tasting the sugar-sweetness of his lips, smelling his bittersweet aroma as she nestled her head against the sweep of his neck, and – her favorite – feeling the roughness of his calloused fingertips trailing along her bare skin.

#16 – Weakness
For the life of him, Bill can't spell; no one knows this except Lanette, who agrees to proofread his papers and smiles a little too sweetly when he begs her once again to keep it a secret.

#17 – Tears
Because he sees her as a partner and not a lover, it doesn't hurt Bill to know that Lanette dates other men; it hurts him when those other men break up with her, when she tries her best in the following weeks not to cry, when he silently decides that he wants nothing more than to take care of her and protect her from everyone else.

#18 – Speed
They played a sort of verbal tennis with each other, throwing witticism and questions and answers back and forth with precision and quickness until, inevitably, one of them would stumble over his words while the other walked away with a smirk on her face.

#19 – Wind
The typhoon bore down on the coast of Cerulean Cape until it knocked out the power, and in that moment, Lanette curled up in the arms of her partner – the one who had lived through an entire lifetime of storms – and listened to him tell her all the stories he could remember about the sea.

#20 – Freedom
There was a time, right after Bill announced he would be buying and moving into a lighthouse in the desolate northwest corner of Kanto, that Lanette thought he was genuinely crazy, but when she visited him for the first time and noticed the peace and solitude – the lack of anyone to tell him what to do with himself or to judge him for the way he lived his life – she turned from skeptical to impressed.

#21 – Life
Little by little, the egg cracked and chipped, tiny pieces of shell flying everywhere as a tiny wet eevee nose poked into the world, and at the sight of it, Bill inhaled and grasped Lanette's hand until it hurt while Lanette smiled quietly at her partner.

#22 – Jealousy
They consider their relationship (whatever it might actually be) to be very open, but this doesn't stop Bill from greeting Lanette's new boyfriend (a wealthy trainer with a thing for zigzagoon, it seems) with a tense and slightly sarcastic, "Pleasure to meet you."

#23 – Hands
At first, Bill, afraid that Lanette might abandon him for his stupidity, tried to hide his hands from her, but when he accidentally let her see them (and how wrong they looked with only three fingers covered in white feathers), she looked at him with wide eyes, grasped his wrists tighter, and asked, "What's happening to you?"

#24 – Taste
If asked a certain question, Bill will reply that she tastes like fresh water; if asked to elaborate, Bill will always run off on a barely related tangent.

#25 – Devotion
The main problem Bill had was that, although he was convinced he had to devote his entire being to only one thing at a time, he was currently split between his research and his partner; Lanette saw this and knew that no matter what she told him, he would be too terrified of becoming his father to try having both.

#26 – Forever
Thanks to his past mistakes, Bill's body now slips from one shape to another, sometimes without his consent, but each time it happens, Lanette reassures him that she won't care what form he takes so long as he remembers he has been, is, and will always be Bill, the one person who deserves to be called her partner.

#27 – Blood
"Why won't you be more careful?" Lanette sighed as she examined the red cut going across his arm; just as he was about to respond with something indignant, she, knowing he would and preferring to have the last word in the matter, dabbed a cotton ball soaked with alcohol directly into the wound and listened to him yelp a little too dramatically.

#28 – Sickness
Sitting on the edge of the bed, Lanette put a hand on one of Bill's and realized that his fingers were ice-cold, but there was nothing she could do except warm them against her skin and wait for the antidote to repair the damage a wild seviper did to him.

#29 – Melody
"What are you working on now?" she asked, and when he explained it to her and played back the pokémon's deep, melodic cry, she told him it sounded lonely and was pleasantly startled afterwards when his eyes widened in what she came to call his "eureka expression."

#30 – Star
Whether it was because of Jirachi or their space program or something else, Hoennians seemed to have a natural affinity for the stars; that, besides the commentary his partner could provide, was the reason why Bill took pleasure in lying on the beach with Lanette and asking her what she saw.

#31 – Home
The Sea Cottage was not where Lanette lived while the Meteor Falls Outpost was not where Bill spent most of his days, but nonetheless, they still felt perfectly at home in each other's laboratories, working side-by-side on the same projects.

#32 – Confusion
Bebe, ever a gossip, once asked them what the word "partner" actually meant, and at that, they stopped, exchanged glances, and said in perfect unison, "It's complicated."

#33 – Fear
She barely remembers the day he found out she can't swim; the clearest image she has is of Bill (who was just as soaked as she was) carrying her back to the Sea Cottage, joking that he was supposed to be the clumsy one, and shaking uncontrollably from something that couldn't have just been the cold.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder
At one point, Bill ends up on the floor but can't remember how; all he knows is that Lanette, whose face is ghostly pale, is checking his pulse and saying to him in a suspiciously strained voice, "Your jolteon's Thunder is too strong to serve as a backup generator, and don't you dare argue with me about that again."

#35 – Bonds
They weren't married – and probably never would be because neither of them liked the concept too much – but when people saw him slow down for her, saw her walk a little too closely to him, saw them communicate with their language of looks and gestures and banter more often than the rapid jargon they would use with anyone else in their respective fields, it was very easy to call them "partners" and mean something a little stronger.

#36 – Market
Bill didn't actually like shopping in Goldenrod City's Underground Path because it was risking a massive dose of sensory overload for him, but he put up with it that day because he thought it was cute to watch Lanette flit from shop to shop on the hunt for the best bargains.

#37 – Technology
In another lifetime, he is an inventor under the employ of the Pokémon Cutting-Edge Technology Research Center, she is a shy lab assistant, and their first meeting involves cups of coffee in the research center's café, her timid voice sharing all kinds of ideas with him while he smiles and becomes the first person to take her seriously.

#38 – Gift
Bill knew since he was very young that he had the ability to do great things in this world but that most people would only see him as different and strange; as a result, he spent much of his life assuming that no human would be able to grasp the things that went on in his head… until fate gave him Lanette.

#39 – Smile
Over the years, Bill had seen a countless variety of smiles dance across Lanette's face: the knowing one when she was certain of something, the ironic one when someone did something stupid, the forced one when she was refusing to cry, and – his favorite – the indescribable one she would give only to him.

#40 – Innocence
Lanette was always amused by the fact that Bill, who grew up in a bustling city surrounded by all grades of people, managed to walk out of it completely sheltered, so when Bebe left him completely confused by something she told him he should do, Lanette couldn't help smile in feigned sweetness and explain to him exactly what "eating out" actually meant.

#41 – Completion
Although she didn't like clichés, she thought that their relationship could best be described as yin and yang: his eccentric personality, his interest in ancient pokémon psychology, his mastery of hardware matched her earthly disposition, her interest in ancient pokémon physiology, her mastery of software to the point where it couldn't have been a coincidence that they met.

#42 – Clouds
"How can you stand living next to a volcano? Don't you ever get bored seeing nothing but gray everywhere?" Bill asked, and she, giving him her indescribable smile, blew a cloud of ash his way.

#43 – Sky
At the top of the lighthouse tower, when the sky is painted pink and blue and purple, Lanette reaches out to touch the setting sun, and she knows instantly why he thinks that place is so magical.

#44 – Heaven
"As a scientist, do you believe Heaven exists?" she asked one day, and he responded by smiling at her and saying absolutely nothing.

#45 – Hell
They were taken to separate rooms and beaten and tortured until almost every inch of their bodies were tinged with the same color as the letter R on their captors' shirts; what made them stay silent wasn't the need to protect the storage system but instead the thought that no matter what happened and no matter how long those walls stood between them, it wasn't truly Hell so long as each one knew that the other was alive.

#46 – Sun
Hoennians did not worship the sun but rather feared it, and when the sun over Fallarbor turned unnaturally bright for days, the first person she turned to was him.

#47 – Moon
Hoenn did not worship the moon at all while Johto did, so when he told her the story of the Guardian of the Moon, fast asleep in a death-like slumber beneath the Whirl Islands, she clung to his every word.

#48 – Waves
Despite having her own life preserver, Lanette keeps one of her arms tightly hooked around Bill's waist as the waves carry them and her whiscash further out to sea; Bill pretends to preoccupy himself with keeping them steady on the fish's back in order to avoid betraying how much he's enjoying himself (for reasons other than the opportunity to witness a lapras migration).

#49 – Hair
"I've never seen you with your hair down. I like it," he said casually one day, and he wasn't entirely surprised to see her with it down again the next.

#50 – Supernova
The most wonderful thing, she decided, about being with Bill was catching the moments when he suddenly became inspired: at those points, he went from soft-spoken and serene to an excited whirlwind of motion and vocalized stream of consciousness – a difference that reminded her of a silent, brilliant star abruptly exploding in a dramatic rush of fire and light.