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"Oh my God, that feels so good! Where on Earth did you learn to do that?" I ask, near breathless, between my moans. Eric just laughs quietly and keeps rubbing the ball of my foot with his thumb, like he's done nothing but spent the last thousand years practicing this one move.

"I spent some time in China in the 1800s and picked up a few acupressure techniques." He responds. I lift my head to give him a raised eyebrow.

"You studied relaxation techniques in China?" I ask, in disbelief. Sometimes the realization that Eric is lifetimes older than me really hits me hard. Again Eric just smiles, but I see his fangs run down a little.

"No, I was learning how to better torture people, but pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin, so you pick up skills in one and it tends to…bleed into the other." Oy, I'm not sure what the proper response is to that. Sometimes the realization that Eric is a lifetimes older than me murderer really hits me hard.

"Alright, Dr. Evil, just keep rubbing!" I command, in a 'the tiny human is the boss here' kind of way. What else is there to do? I'm a telepathic part Fairy waitress, in love and bonded to a thousand year old Viking Vampire who recently recovered from a bout of witch induced amnesia. The boat to normal sailed out of my life a long time ago!

"Yes, ma'am!" Eric replies, going back to his task with single minded effort.

As Eric pretty much makes love to my foot with his hands, I just lie back and try to process everything that's happened in so short a time.

Two weeks ago my life was a wreck: I'd lost a year of my life, my friends and family had given me up for dead, my house had been sold out from under me by my brother, and I was alone and scared.

Then I saw Eric running shirtless and shoeless down the old dirt road to my house. He'd been cursed, lost his memory, and he was alone and scared too. Even though we weren't even friends at that point, after everything that had happened before, something called to me in that moment and against every instinct I had at the time (no matter how wrong they turned out to be) I couldn't leave him there. He needed me and, despite my constant and loud claims to the contrary, I think I needed him too.

We'd been on a whirlwind adventure since then, one that brought us together and nearly tore us apart after we'd only just found each other. I'd learned who my real friends were and who they were not and I'd fallen deeply, irrevocably and completely in love with Eric Northman. The best part though: he'd fallen for me in exactly the same way.

Which is how I ended up here, down in the re-decorated cubby, naked as the day I was born, on the soft new bed with my head at the bottom, propped in my hands, and my foot in Eric's equally naked lap as he sits at the head of the bed, attempting to give me an orgasm just by touching my foot. If he succeeds, which is looking more and more likely, it will be my…oh hell, I lost count again, but we're definitely over six tonight already.

I'd come home at sunset after an afternoon shift at the bar only to be ambushed, thrown over Eric's shoulder and dragged down to the cubby, where my Viking honey all but tore off my clothes and made love to me like the house was on fire, for hours.

He'd done everything there was to do to me: licked, caressed, tongued and bitten every part of my body and then turned me over and did it again, before driving himself inside of me, hard and needing, and taking me, over and over again, sometimes in ways that I'd never imagined possible.

When I'd finally begged him for rest, he'd laid me down, picked up my sore and aching feet and began the message that still hadn't ended, and which I was beginning to hope might last all night long, or (looking at him sitting there all naked and magnificent and already half hard again) until I was ready for another round.

"Mmm." I sigh as he lifts my foot to his mouth, kissing the arch, letting his tongue dart out and swipe softly along the skin before putting it down and picking up the other one.

"What time is it?" Eric asks suddenly, reaching over to the night stand for his cell phone without stopping the circles he's making into my heel. Eric looks down at the display and then frowns. "It's nearly nine-thirty." He says darkly, as though the cell phone has somehow done it on purpose.

"What's wrong?" I ask, lifting up onto my elbow. I can feel his frustration and dissatisfaction thrumming through our bond, and I hate that something has made him feel this way after the wonderful bubble of contentment that seemed to be encapsulating us only moments before.

"I got a text from Bill at sunset. I have to go to Fangtasia again tonight." He says, scowling, and I can't help but join him.

It's not that Eric doesn't love going to his bar. As much as I've never been a fan of the place, it's his baby. It's the first business he's ever gotten to own openly, since all of his others were bought or started before Vampires came out of the coffin, and he loves it. It's why he's going that has us both frustrated and on the edge of anger.

Using the need to rebuild Louisiana after most of the Vampires were scared away during the witch war, dear King Bill has been inundating Eric with work, most of it busy work and all of it pretty much pointless, but things he demands Eric get done on short notice so that he'll have no choice but to rush to do them and, in essence, be forced to sacrifice time he would otherwise be spending with me.

If you ever thought that living for centuries on end would cure someone of their childishness, you'd be wrong. Bill is not-quite-living proof that an almost two hundred year old 'man' can still act like a bratty preschooler who's had their ice cream taken away by another child.

Bill can use whatever excuse he wants, but all three of us know that he's doing this because he's still hurt that I chose Eric over him. It's also possible he's maybe a little bit angry too, since I told him that I could never love him again, even if he were the last man on earth, that I'd kill him (for good) if he ever tried to hurt my man again and that I then lost control and shot him with my hand-light thingies and nearly set him on fire. And now he's using his position as King to get a little "Office Space style" pay back.

Eric drops my foot and the cell phone and begins to crawl over me on his hands and knees, until I'm caged under a naked and wanting Vampire whose eyes are like blue flames. Bending down, he takes my mouth with his in a rough kiss, his tongue pushing between my lips to taste me as I curl my own around his sharp fangs, playing with them and teasing them until I've robbed him of all his control and good intentions.

As we kiss, I feel Eric lowering his entire body onto mine, so that my breasts, which suddenly feel full and heavy, ache for his hands and mouth to fondle them, even as I rub my nipples desperately into the soft golden hair on his chest, and my thighs part to welcome the weight of his hips and cradle the velvety steel of his erection.

Eric leaves my mouth to trail kisses along my jaw and down my throat and I feel his hips start to move, his rock hard cock parting my folds and beginning to rub up and down my suddenly dripping slit, making me feel hot and needy all over again, as though he hadn't already spent the hours since sunset sating me in every way.

I throw my arms around Eric's back, holding tight to the hard plains of his shoulder blades as I feel him find my entrance and push in slowly. Eric is so much bigger than I ever even imagined a man could be but he's never, ever hurt me with his size. Despite the fact that he is, in many ways, his old self again (in all the best ways actually) when we're in bed he always reminds me the most of his amnesia self: loving me wildly, with abandon and without shame, but always taking care to make sure that he brings me nothing but pleasure.

"Can never get enough of you." He whispers into my neck, in between rough kisses, as he thrusts in and out of me in a steady, drugging rhythm that already has me beyond words. "Can never have enough of your sweet skin, your delicious moans, your tight, hot, amazing, addicting pussy. Need you so much, I can barely think of anything else. I want to stay like this all night, every night! Need to love you, fuck you, make you come, until you can't take me anymore!" Eric lets his dark words spill out in a rush as he moves faster and faster, his hips forcing his cock into me at just the right angle to make me go flying one more time tonight.

As I'm crying out incoherently, I hear Eric roar into the mattress beneath me and feel his cool seed bathe my insides, jetting into me over and over again, giving me the undeniable proof of his need for me, his love.

After a minute or two, he rises and leaves the room, quickly returning with a warm wash cloth. Cleaning my nearly comatose body gently, he picks me up and repositions me the right way on the bed, bringing the warm goose down quilt up over my shoulders and kissing my eyes, my nose and my lips before pulling away.

"Sleep, lover. You've had a long day. I'll be back before sunrise." He reassures me, petting my hair gently. I nod sleepily, but when he's about to pull away I grab his hand.

"Will you wake me when you get back?" I ask, suddenly feeling vulnerable. I hate when he leaves me.

I've never been a clingy woman. My Gran didn't raise me to be a needy little Mrs. who can't think or breathe or function without her man, but the truth is that I'm not quite over the fact that I nearly watched him burn to death a week ago. Nor am I over the fact that his being taken, chained to a giant pile of wood and set on fire, was directly orchestrated by his boss, my jealous and possibly unstable ex-boyfriend.

It's not that I can't function without Eric. It's that, every time we're apart, I'm worried that something might happen to him, that he'll be killed and I'll never see him again. It might seem silly to worry about a thousand year old Vampire who's been an ass kicking, no prisoners taking, leader of men since his Human days as a Viking Warrior Prince, but trust me, you see the man you love about to go up faster than a Roman candle and I promise you it will do frightening things to your objectivity.

"Of course." He answers me, his eyes going soft and gooey and his mouth breaking into that smile that I've come to think of as "amnesia Eric's smile". It's so open and pure and innocent and it's filled to bursting with love and devotion, only for me.

"Thank you honey." I answer him back with a sleepy smile of my own. "…love you so much." I say, finally giving in and ending on a yawn. I hear more than see Eric's tender smile as he brushes his lips over my now closed eyes.

"Not anywhere close to how much I love you, little Fairy." He whispers right at my ear, before he's gone.


The next thing I'm aware of is the sound of someone pounding on my back door hard enough to break it down and screaming my name over and over again. The sound sleep I'd fallen into is all but forgotten as I bolt upright, throwing off the covers and throwing on the wife beater Eric wore last night and left on the floor before we went to bed at dawn. I race upstairs, terrified that it's Eric and too panic stricken to consider the fact that if it was Eric, he wouldn't be pounding on the door; he'd just use his key.

When I finally make it to the kitchen, taking what feels like an eternity but was probably only a minute flat, I see Bill on the other side of the door, frantically scraping at it. He knows well and good that he can't get in here anymore without an invitation and so he's all but clawing at the door as he begs one.

"Sookie please, please let me in!" He says, his voice panicked, looking behind him every second word or so as though he's expecting monsters to come out of the trees, something that isn't entirely impossible actually.

"Bill, what's going on?" I ask through the door, curious but not yet ready to let him into my house after what he did not a week ago.

"Please Sookie, it's the Authority: they're after me. They've sentenced me to death. My guards held them off long enough for me to escape but they'll be following me soon!" It's not that I'm completely coldhearted, but, after everything Bill has done to me, I can't believe that he just expects me to save his butt again, and that he's come over here like a chicken with its head cut off and brought his problem to my door.

"Bill, if they're after you then run! Don't bring your shit here!" I say, ready to turn away. Maybe I am that cold, I don't know, but I don't want to be involved in this. I told Bill to leave me alone and I meant it. After what he did to Eric, and to me, I don't owe him anything anymore and I'm not getting involved out of the goodness of my heart. I'm just about to go back to bed when Bill says the one thing he knows will get him what he wants.

"They're after Eric too! If you have any hope of saving him, you need to know what I know. Now let me in!" He demands. If he says anything after that I don't hear him. I'm too taken over by my nearly overwhelming sense of doom. As happy as we've been this last week, I've had this horrible feeling that we were just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Apparently, there is always another shoe in our life.

"Bill Compton, come in." I barely hear myself say. Bill races into the house and bolts the door behind him as though the metal lock will be any kind of deterrent to whoever wants him.

"Thank you Sookie. I'm most grateful." Bill tells me, but I just hold up my hand, stopping him from saying anything more.

"Tell me what's going on and who's after Eric." I grind out in my most commanding tone. Bill gives me one sad, lonesome look that actually irritates me enough to want to slap him, even in the dire situation we're suddenly in, and then he starts doing something useful.

"An enforcer from the Authority showed up tonight with some of her men. She had two warrants: one for my true death and one for Eric's. She also had orders to apprehend you. Apparently, between organizing a state wide media cover up and getting her head lopped off by Eric, Nan had time to inform the Authority that you might have some interesting talents." Oh Lord! Oh sweet baby Jesus, this is bad!

Not bothering to acknowledge Bill, since I don't care what else he might have to say, I run over to the house phone that's mounted on the kitchen wall and call Fangtasia. It rings three times and then I hear Ginger on the other end, telling me I've reached the bar with a bite. Behind her seem to be all the normal sounds of the club: loud music, the clinking of glasses and the hum of a large group of people chattering away all at once.

"Ginger, it's Sookie. Is Eric there? I need to speak to him?" I say all in a rush.

"Oh hi Sugar. He sure is, he's in his office, hang on a second and I'll transfer…." Ginger doesn't get to finish that statement. Over the line I suddenly hear the sounds of screaming, things crashing to the floor and then what sounds like growling, all before the line goes dead.

"Ginger! GINGER!" I pull the phone frantically away from my ear and scream into the hand set, but it doesn't change the fact that there isn't anyone on the other end. Not knowing what to do, I dial again and get a busy signal.

Panic takes me by full force now and I run into the living room, grab my cell phone off the coffee table and dial Eric's cell number. It doesn't even ring, it goes straight to voicemail. Screaming, I throw the useless piece of plastic onto the couch and dart for my old room to put on underwear and jeans so I can go out and find him. When I come back out of my room I go for my shoes at the back door and nearly have them in my hands when Bill pulls me back.

"Sookie, what are you doing? You can't go out there. The only thing protecting you from those Vampires is the fact that they can't get in here!" Bill has me caged around the middle by his arms, my back pressed up against his front, and when I start to kick and scream, he hauls me off the ground and throws me into one of the kitchen chairs. "You are NOT leaving. I won't let you risk your life needlessly." He says in a sanctimonious tone. I'm nearly blazing with anger at this point and I can feel my hands firing up, getting ready to blast him across another room, when I see something glowing in the yard.

Forgetting about Bill for a moment, I walk to the kitchen sink and lean as far over as I can, looking out the window, straining to see through the dark.

"Bill, does the Authority have werewolves?" Bill makes a superior sounding, snorting noise at my question, no doubt offended by my ignorance.

"No. Never. Vampires and Werewolves don't mix. Russell Edgington was the only Vampire I have ever known to consort with dogs. Why?" I don't even look at Bill as I answer him, my heart feeling as though it's pounding out of my chest.

"Because there are wolves in the tree line."