Gears of War 4: Rico Squad

Okay Gears Fans! As you all know Gears of war 3 recently came out, I just beat the campaign a few days ago and am now playing multiplayer constantly. The game has gotten me so excited about Gears of war again that I'm trying one of my old writing ideas. This is a Gears of War OC story. So that means you guys, the readers, get to create your own gear! I will be accepting OCs until Saturday of this week so today is Wednesday, that's not much time people so submit fast! Here is the following I want you to use to create your gear, I used the main character (leader of Rico Squad) as an example:

Name: Matt Dunbar

Age: 42

Personality: Calm, Smart, Polite, Never gets angry, Strong willed, Honest,

Appearance(tattoos/scars go here): Bald head, Dusty Brown Goatee, Blue eyes, Muscular,

Weapons (2 main, one sidearm or grenades preferably): Lancer, Gnasher Shotgun, Snub Pistol,

Personalities they like: Honesty, Trust, Confidence, Calmness,

Personalities they dislike: Cocky, Mean, Annoying,

What they would do if they knew it was the end: Fight to the last breath

What they would do if they were surrounded: Pick off strongest enemies and work his way down.

Rank (your chars can be Sergeants, Corporals, or Privates): Lieutenant

Specific Training (Sniper, Medic, Engineer, etc.): No specific training

Okay guys I'm really excited to write this time. Preferably I want at least four Ocs to make up Rico Squad, if I get more than four they will be included in the story I promise. When you submit, leave it in the reviews please, it encourages others to do so! Ok I'm really excited, start ending the submissions in you gears fans! :D