Chapter One

Setting: Hueco Mundo, Las Noches, Throne room

Context: When Ichigo, Ishida, and Chad tried to save Orihime.

Summary: SPOILER* Ichigo becomes a part of Aizen army. Oh and Ishida and Chad are dead. Boo-hoo.*SPOILER ends

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Chapter One

'Please.' The boy heaved, coughing blood. 'Please, just-'

Aizen looked away from the broken boy. Soul Society's greatest hope, defeated. How naive of them to let him go to Hueco Mundo with his human friends. He thought that Soul Society valued him for his service to the realm. He questioned if they really do care for Ichigo, or only kept him as a last resort weapon. It wouldn't suprise him that Soul Society would turn their back on someone they're indebted too. Afterall, the whole system is corrupt. It will all change when he comes to power.

Aizen diverted his attention to the substitute shinigami. Just a few moments ago he was full of hopes and dreams, but now he is lying prostate on the ground, shamed in front of Aizen and his espadas. Not one espada snickered or jeered at ichigo. They have seen the boy fight, they have felt the bite of his sword. He was a worthy opponent.

Ichigo's defeat cannot be credited to any espada. The only reason why he is down on the ground is because Aizen intervened in Grimmjow's little Aizen-sama they would have died by the boy's sword. The ten espada turned away from the horrible sight. He should have died in a glorious battle, they thought. No warrior should ever be forced to grovel like an animal.

"Look at me Aizen Sousuke!" Ichigo spat vehemently, hacking up blood up his throat. Grimmjow lips tightened at the sight, tearing his gaze away. 'Ch`. That idiot.' He said to himself.

'What is it Kurosaki Ichigo?' Aizen drawled, tapping his fingers on the arm of his white throne.

'Inoue- Inoue...'he sobbed, clutching his broken ribs. 'Trade her for me. Trade her for me!'

Aizen narowed his eyes in delight. A low chuckle can be heard from the dark corner where Gin is lurking. Aizen could feel Tousen's reiatsu sharpening, clearly objecting to the notion of a human ally. Tousen could feel that this would not end well.

Aizen ignored the insistent reiatsu and leaned on his right elbow, his fingers still tapping the great white throne. 'You have nothing that intrest me.' He lied, letting his own reiatsu flared up as a testament of his power. 'Tell me why I shouldnt kill you now Ichigo-kun.'

Unperturbed by the sight ichigo stared at him square on his eyes. 'I'll fight for you'

'I already have excelent fighters.'

'But none like me!' the boy desperately shouted. 'I'll kill anyone for you! Kenpachi, Hitsugaya, Yama-jii, anyone!'

The throne room was silent. No one dared to take a breath. Aizen sighed and rubbed his temple. The other two humans also said the same thing, that they would trade their life for the life of their comrade. Humans and their petty notion of virtue. The Quincy and the large boy had sickened him so much that Aizen used his reiatsu to crush their skulls. He would hate to do the same thing to Ichigo.

'Foolish boy, you're arent strong enough.' Aizen said coldly. On the surface, he held a perfect poker face. Cold, disintrested, ruthless. In his heart he smiled like the chesire cat. His plans are falling into place just as he calculated.

'I'll be stronger! I'll be stronger than all of them and I'll be yours! So-' Ichigo coughed up a mouthful of blood. 'Please just... please.'

Aizen stood from his throne, his white robes billowing around him. He glanced at a livid Tousen, his hand already placed on the hilt of his katana. 'Aizen-sama, allow me to rid you of this insect..' Aizen's held up his hand to silence him. The man clearly hates the idea, but he wouldn't dare to defy his god.

'Ai-zen-tai-chou...' Gin sing-songed from behind the throne. 'Should I prepare another uniform?'

The former fifth division captain only smiled.

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