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Chapter 20

The courtyard of the 11th division was filled with the sound of wood clashing against wood. The new recruits all shouted out energetically as they rushed forward to attack each other with wooden sticks. It was recruitment season for the 11th division, and about a thousand peasants has come into Sereitei to try their luck at becoming a division member. Only five will be admitted this year.

As the only unit specialized in fighting, the 11th division has no qualms at taking in recruits with no education what so ever. The other division used to look at the 11th division as second rate, a place to dump some trouble makers in, but under Kenpachi's leadership, a membership in the 11th division is looked on with pride and admiration.

With the absence of their captain, plus three of their highest ranked officers, the future of the 11th division is uncertain. In the past, they used to be a disciplined fighting unit which every recruit literary died for to join in. However, since Kenpachi's leadership the prestige of the division has fallen, and the interest from the nobles has dwindled. Yet what the outside deemed as a horde of rowdy undisciplined punks was in fact a tightly knit brotherhood brought together by one leader strong leader.

Now their leader is gone, presumed dead, and the responsibility falls into the hands into one called Makizo Aramaki, the division's 10th seat. Though he is cowardly and weak, Maki-Maki has high aspirations. He remembered the time where being in the 11th division was desirable, where people actually look at him with respect and not reprehension. He wants to ring his division back to it's former glory, but he realized that he's an impossible candidate to do so. The rest of the clan might be strong, but they lack the leadership qualities that could surpass the previous Kenpachi . They needed a new leader and he's intent to find him amongst the new recruit.

So Maki-Maki sat on top of a deck and watched the progress of the fight with hawk like eyes. This is the first time he ever held so much power, and the feeling was euphoric. He watched as the men moved at his every command, each of them straining against each other all because they wanted to come and join his division. In his power high, he forgets his search for the new Kenpachi.

One man with unnatural blue hair rolled his eyes as he crippled his opponent to the ground with a series of well placed hits. 'What a waste of time.' He thought, kicking his opponent on the stomach for good measure.

"Oi! You, with the blue hair!"

It's Grimmjow." He snapped to his senpai, using his remaining willpower to stop himself from throwing his sword at the man.

Grimmjow was indeed a sight to be hold. Aside from being the only good looking recruits amongst mediocre faces, his shocking blue hair was an eye catcher. As if his hair wasn't enough to catch the attention, there was the things that he had done in order to conceal his true identity. To hide his hollow mask, Grimmjow slapped a large band aid over it, and wrapped his abdomen tightly with bandage. On his left wrist he wore an inconspicuous bangle. To the passing eye, it might just be a piece of jewelry, but Grimmjow knows that it was the only thing that kept him from accidentally releasing his power and being detected.

The bottom line was Grimmjow was a good looking recruit who happen to be skilled as well. This does not sit well with the existing members. "Whatever you say recruit Guuriiiinjooouuuu!" a group of unranked shinigami snickered as Maki-Maki mocked him. "Go do the laundry, you useless sack of shit!" one of them hollered.

"But I knocked him down!" He protested, pointing to his opponent who bears an uncanny resemblance to a pig. Maki-Maki snorted and ignored his protest, which prove to be bad for him. When the man on the balcony away, Grimmjow grabbed his opponent's sword and threw it at him. 'Maybe he'll think better with a sword stuck through his brain.' Grimmjow though, a crazed smile dancing on his lips.

The second Grimmjow launched the sword he mentally kicked himself for doing so. 'So much for laying low.' He thought, but before the wooden blade can lodge itself through Maki-Maki's head, a large furry hand stop the incoming blade.

"Komamura-taichou!" The 11th division member gasped and all bowed their heads down.

When Komamura saw the gaggle of gossiping division member and the rouge recruit, his nose flared out in anger. "You will be an example to your recruit or you will be stripped of your rank." He said menacingly. The 11th division member cowardly bowed their heads and shivered away.

Komamura then turn to Grimmjow, who is still heaving with anger and glaring up at him with a cocky look. "Learn your place, worm." The captain said. He threw the sword back at Grimmjow, who caught it easily with his bare hand. Smoke could be seen rising between his fingers, something that did not went unnoticed by the captain. Saijin narrowed his eyes, he dislike this cocky young recruit. "To the back recruit. The laundry are piling up." He said disdainfully.


"NOW! Or you'll be flogged until nightfall!" the captain growled, turning away with a flourish of his haori.

Grimmjow slammed the wooden sword to the ground with a frustrated shout, smashing it into pieces. The 11th division was the last place he would want to be in but it was the only division where kido training was not needed. Grimmjow kicked a wooden bucket, glaring at it as it skidded across the lawn. He meant to smash it to pieces. Now it's just sitting there. Intact. Mocking him. Stupid bucket.

When he remembered his mission in the 11th division, Grimmjow strode to the same bucket and kicked it again, sending it skidding around the curve of the barracks. "Fucking Aizen." He quickly grabbed two bucketful of dirty laundry and threw into a very large bucket. It's almost the size of a small pool. "Send me to do your laundry eh? Well lets see how you like it when your clothes all smell like piss." He mumbled, heaving the large volume of water into the first bucket.

But as he grabbed a hose to fill his bladder with, a gurgling sound could be heard from inside the first bucket. "Ahhh! Help!" a voice said, accompanied by a sloshing sound and flailing pair of hand. After a few second, the sound stopped and only gurgle of water can be heard.

"Awh, Fuck." Grimmjow cursed. It's his first day and he already killed someone. By accident. This is not a good day fro Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

He quickly move to the other side of the bucket and pushed it over, spilling water and dirty clothes onto the yard. A shadow of black figure was swept out between the white robes, like a piece of laundry flowing down a river. Grimmjow quickly grabbed him and turned him to his side.

"The fuck? Why were you IN the bucket?" he bellowed, smacking his back to help the water out.

"I was cleaning the inside then I slipped and hit my head.." He sputtered, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "You saved my life." The man said rubbing his face to clear the water from his eyes.

"What? No- I was the one who filled the bucke-"

"Please sir, may I have the same of my savior?"

Grimmjow sighed and rubbed his forehead tiredly. What a retarded shinigami."Grimmjow." He said, offering his hand to a drenched boy.

"My name is Yamada Hanatarou, Thank you for saving my life Guri-san!" The little man jumped up and bowed energetically. After a while, the boy swayed to the side and fell onto his knees. Apparently the stress of death was too much for him.

"No, its not Guri-"Grimmjow sighed and massaged his temple. "Forget it." he grumbled, pulling the boy up by his arm.

Hanatarou yelped as he was roughly manhandled by his odd savior, stumbling on his steps and somehow ended up on the man's lap. When he looked up, he saw blue. Shinning blue eyes, with regal blue marking on the sides, and blue hair framing an otherworldly handsome face. It was like seeing a movie star.

"Gg-guri-san?" He asked.

"What?" Grimmjow snarled, narrowing his eyes in irritation.

"Ah! So sorry. I'm sure you don't want me to call you by your first name, Mujo-san." He blushed, trying to avoid the piercing eyes of his savior.

"Right. Guri Mujo." Grimmjow scratched his head. Huh, he got an alias. He offered his hand out again, still uncomfortable at the sudden show of politeness. "Just call me Guri then." He said, still unaware of how the Japanese greet each other.

"Then you can call me Hanatarou!" The boy said, bowing once again and ignoring Grimmjow's outstretched hand.

Grimmjow scowled. The first time he ever offered to shake someone's hand and it's ignored."Fine." He agreed, but the big blue eyes kept looking at him expectantly. "Hanatarou." He relented.

The boy beamed and turned around, hiding a giggle. "Well we better start cleaning this up then, Guri-san!" he said, running around and began picking the stray robes. 'Dammit, why are people so damn happy here.' Grimmjow thought, watching as the boy run around energetically after he almost died.

At first the worked in silence, Hanatarou washing clothes and Grimmjow moving his hand under water just so he could seem like he was washing them. Though he hid excitement well, Hanatarou couldn't kept silent. "I saw you from here." he said, beaming at Grimmjow. "Right before I fell asleep. You're strong." 'and handsome too' he added quietly.

Grimmjow gave an arrogant smirk. Finally, someone who see's him for who he is. "Yeah." he said, taking a random robe from the pile and forcefully stretching it out. "Captain's are supposed to be strong, aren't they?" He gruffly said, smirking when the robe ripped into two.

"You want to be a captain? Wow." Hanatarou said in awe, his eyes twinkling with admiration. "Have you reached your Bankai yet?"

"Nope." Grimmjow said flippantly. "Don't even know my Shikai."

"Bu-but that's impossible!" Hanatarou protested loudly. "Captains are supposed to have a Bankai!"

"That bastard Zaraki didn't have any."

"But Zaraki-taichou was strong."

"I'm stronger. "

Hanatarou eyes widened. "Wow..." he sighed. Grimmjow looked at the boy funnily, unsure weather everyone in Sereitei is this dumb, or if the boy is just easily impressed. He sincerely hoped it's the first one, because it would make his job all the more easier.

"Umn.." the boy called out again, still avoiding his eyes.

"What?" Grimmjow asked whilst ripping another set of clothes into two.

"Well..." Hanatarou fidgeted between the suds. "If you're going to be a captain then you might not even wanna... I mean- I'm just a fourth division person, so you probably..."

"Spit it out."

"Hai!" Hanatarou blushed. "I just... I want to be your friend." As soon as his words left his mouth he regretted it. 'It sounded so lame!' he thought, slapping his forehead. 'Now he's going to think I'm a weirdo. What am I thinking? An eleventh division being friends with someone from the fourth?'

Grimmjow stared down at the boy, watching him fidget restlessly, wrinkling the robes he's holding like a nervous little boy. Something about Hanatarou reminded Grimmjow of Ichigo. Maybe it's the fact that both of them seemed to manage staid innocent despite their respective world. Or maybe it's because they both of them liked him when everyone else is against him. Despite the reasons, Grimmjow found himself agreeing to the ridiculous suggestion.

"Fine." He scoffed, turning back to his task of washing the robes. 'Shinigami's are weird.' He concluded, dumping a whole box of detergent into the already soapy water.

"Ah! No Guri-san! We already have enough!" Hanatarou stopped Grimmjow from pouring more detergent in. When their hand touch, Hanatarou drew his hand back and looked up to the man's face, hoping that the man also felt the spark that happened between them.

Instead of surprise or understanding, Hanatarou found Grimmjow arching his eyebrow menacingly. "Heh?" He asked, snarling at the boy for questioning him. He looked like a certified eleventh division member. Yet, no matter how afraid Hanatarou think he should be, Grimmjow's handsome face just made him smile.

The blue haired espada sighed at the beaming face and shook his head in disbelief. "Just shut up and sit here." He said, patting to a spot right next to him while he ripped open another box of detergent.

"Oh." Hanatarou blushed " Hai." He replied, sitting down obediently.

As the water became more and more saturated with soap, Grimmjow stilled and his thought began to wander. He thought about his next move, how to avoid that annoying guy in the balcony, and he thought whether hell butterfly could reach Hueco Mundo. Hanatarou however was stupefied for another reason. He hold no deep inner musings in his head, instead, he hold his breath in from the sheer excitement of being with the most beautiful person in the world.

"I miss Grimmjow." Ichigo moaned. "Grimmjow never locks me up in a tower and forbid me to go out."

Aizen raised his eyes brows and sighed. Ichigo is in one of his moods again. "You know, you are free to go as you wish. It's been a week you know." He said, dipping his fountain pen in ink. "And if you call my room a tower again, I'll throw you out of the window." He paused. "I won't do it because I'm cruel, I'll do to prove that a tower cannot be two story high."

Ichigo sulked an buried himself deeper into the cushions. "I'm so bored here! I want to go out!" he said, completely ignoring the man's previous threat.

"So go."

"Stupid Sousuke!" Ichigo threw a pillow at his head, which, surprisingly, hit him square on the head. "What if something bad happen? It'll be your fault!" Ichigo grumbled. The incident with Kenpachi and Stark still fresh in his mind.

Aizen put the pillow on his desk, cursing when he remembered his unfinished manuscript. "Ichigo, It's been one week. Nothing is going to happen." Aizen sighed, trying to rub the ink out of the pillow. He should really start using a normal pen.

"You don't know that for sure."

Aizen sighed and continued writing. He liked the boy, he genuinely do, but when Ichigo is bored, Aizen couldn't stand him. Ichigo would pace the room continuously; he'll rip papers into small little squares and throw it at him like a confetti. He'll even go as far as stacking Aizen's tea leaves into a small little tower and then smashing it into powders while making Godzilla noises.

Aizen has threatened, pleaded, negotiated, and even bribed the boy to not to destroy any more of his personal effects, but his efforts are all in vain. As of now Ichigo is scouring the room, prospecting for new things to play with, and Aizen does not like how he's eyeing his beloved tea set.

Aizen looked at his papers but decided that they could wait. Better distract the boy before he destroyed his only means of making tea in this God forsaken universe.

"Hey!" Ichigo protested when Aizen dragged him away from the refreshment table. "I was doing something you know." He sulked.

Aizen gave a half hearted apology and open a sliding door that hid a secret room. As they stepped inside, hidden garden complete with it's own sky and creek came into view.

"Whoa." Ichigo exclaimed in wonderment. "You had this place here all this time?" he asked, catching a red ginkgo leaf flutter down past his face. The garden was impossibly large, with it's own artificial dome showing a clear autumn sunset. The rush of cold air revealed that aside from having it's own sky, the garden temperature is also controlled, artificial autumn breeze. Most of it's space divided between small rolling hills and a section of perfectly manicured pastures.

Numerous number plants grown in the secret garden. Way up in the north, rows of briars grow to form a thick wall dotted with blooming roses. On the east, a small tree of bamboo tree stood. On the west. Was an enclosed stone garden, and gob smacked in the middle of it was a path leading into a small enclosure surrounded with numerous number of trees, shrub, and, bush.

Despite it's impossibly large size, the space reflected an image of old Japanese elegance. Small red bridges curing over creeks and tranquil walkways with rough stepping stones reminded Ichigo ancient temples and tea houses in Kyoto. Just stepping into the space calmed his nerves and filled him with a sense of peace.

Aizen noticed the calming effect that the garden had over Ichigo and smiled. This was the first time he ever saw Ichigo so entranced. Aizen took his hand and lead him down the deck and onto a thick carpet of pasture. Ichigo shivered, closing his eyes as he buried his toes into the misty green grass. It's bee so long since he felt grass. "Wonderful." He sighed, sitting on the wooden deck and closed his eyes.

Aizen chuckled, taking a seat next to Ichigo. "Does this please you?"

Ichigo smiled. "Hell yes." He said softly, his eyes following a red ginkgo leaf flow down the small creek.

"Good. Because now it's yours." Aizen said, holding putting his hand over Ichigo's and giving it a small squeeze.

Ichigo looked at him with disbelief and happiness, but it quickly melted into one of his usual expression. "No thanks." He grumbled, moving his hand away from Aizen. "I don't need a garden to keep me occupied, thank you very much."

Aizen frowned, not expecting a rejection. "Well would you help me water some of the plants at least?" He asked. "I barely have enough time for then"

Ichigo crossed his hand. "Fine." He agreed, turning around to hide his smile.

"Thank you very much." Aizen smiled. "Now don't be so glum. I've given you free charge of one of my prized possession. Smile!" he said, taking Ichigo's face and stretching the lips playfully.

Ichigo gave him one of his 'really bro?' looks and blew a raspberry.

At first the two laughed uncontrollably, doubling over against each other in the laughter. But as they realized how close they are, the two quickly drew themselves back, lauging uneasily as both trying to ignore the unspoken words.

For a moment it felt a little bit awkward, but Aizen quickly cough to rectified the silence and handed Ichigo a watering can. "The bonsai needs watering." He pointed to the rows of small miniature trees close by.

"Right." Ichigo said, moving a tad bit too fast and spilling the content of his can everywhere. When he saw that Aizen has established himself on the nearby deck, he couldn't help but curse. Why can't the man do his work inside, like normal people do? Despite his grumbling, Ichigo carried out the work in relative silence, afraid that any snappy remarks would either sound flirty or hostile. He wanted neither one. He only wanted to get along with Aizen, nothing more.

As he watered the small pots, he noticed a very particular bonsai tree. It's tree trunked looks older than earth itself, with moss covering it's bark and roots. It's bark rearing up to the sky like an angry dragon. Next to it he saw a lonesome little juniper, with it's branches spread apart from each other. The tree was so melancholy that Ichigo was sure that whoever style it, he was in a very sad mood. "Did you planted all of these your self?" Ichigo asked, leaning down to observe a miniature pine tree cascading down past it's pot.

Aizen looked up to see what the boy was working on and smiled. "Yes, I did some work most of those trees. Gin and Tousen helped around, of course. This is as much as their garden as it is mine, but Tousen has long stopped coming for obvious reason."


"He's blind." Aizen pointed to a cut off stump with a little branch and a leaf sprouting from the middle of the stump. A crude kanji of 'Kaname' was carved into one of the side bark. "Blind people make ugly bonsai."

Ichigo exploded in laughter. "Harsh. I'm gonna tell Tousen later." He teased.

"Oh really?" Aizen challenged him with a superior smirk. When he received no response from the boy, he turned and walked back into the room.. "Now off you go. Don't over water them."

Aizen disappeared past the screen door only to reappear with a more papers in hand He settled himself on the deck, putting on his glasses and began writing.

"Keeping an eye on me eh? I promise I won't kill your bonsai." Ichigo laughed. Aizen raised his eyebrow but said nothing, opting to silently continue his work with the sound of running water on the background. He smiled when a slight humming was heard from the boy.

Ichigo stopped at a tree with barely any leaves, it's has been hacked and sanded vigorously. For a moment Ichigo was puzzled. Why would someone with a high aesthetic standard like Aizen would do such an un-elegant thing to his trees. A certain silver haired fox entered his mind. "Lemme guess this one is Gin's?" He sneered, holding the tree up for Aizen to see.

Aizen looked up from his work and took of his glasses. "Ah yes." He cringed, remembering how Gin butchered the plant during one of their 'Taichou-fukutaichou bonding time.' "He is rather abusive to his... specimens." He said, thinking of a certain blond haired shinigami. "Make sure to give it a little bit extra water. It looks rather dry."

Ichigo snickered and did as he was told. Leave it to Gin to make a plant look miserable. From the corner of his eyes, Ichigo noticed a familiar glisten in a tall thin tree.

"Hey, a persimmon tree!" he exclaimed cheerfully. "There used to be one in my grandparents houses. Ahh, so nostalgic!." He said, circling the tree to determine which fruit should he pick. "Can I have one?" Ichigo asked excitedly.

"I'm sorry, but that one belong to Gin as well. He won't even let me have a taste. Only his fukutaichou is allowed to eat it's fruit." Aizen laughed when Ichigo raised an eyebrow in confusion. "They have a history together." He shrugged.

"Huh," Ichigo snorted. "I never pegged Kira as a fag."

Aizen threw an irritated look at him. "Nnoitra's language is rubbing off you."

"Speaking of Nnoitra," Ichigo dropped his watering can and picked up a garden shear. "What is up with that fucker? Why is he so fucking psycho?"

"Language." Aizen softly reprimanded him, getting up from his seat to take away the dangerous scissor from Ichigo.

"Sorry. Why is Nnoitra so... what's the word..." Ichigo waved his hand around, trying to find the appropriate word to describe him.


"Yeah. Psycho."

Aizen laughed, amused at the boy's lack of vocabulary. "Well let me ask you this," Aizen gave Ichigo a small scissor and snipped a few leaves away from a tree. "Why is your Zaraki so 'psycho'?"

"Hey, don't lump Kenpachi together with that retarded metal patient." He said defensively. "He just likes to fight."

"Well, it's the same with Nnoitra."

"Well no shit."



"Hmm..." Ichigo mused, trying to copy Aizen's nimble fingers. "I get that he likes fighting, it's just that..." he sighed. " I wish he was less crazy. I bet we could get along pretty well. We have a lot in common you know. I like fighting. He likes fighting. You're forcing him to lay bricks, and you're forcing me to cut grass."

"Pruning." He corrected.

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "It's still a stupid menial job.

Aizen stared at him, both amused and irritated by the boy's wit. Ichigo noticed the look and laugh. "All I'm saying is that... we're in the same side right? Might as well get along. I mean, you guys are the closest thing I got to my family now." Ichigo said. "Unfortunately." He added with a cheeky smirk.

"Unfortunate indeed." Aizen chuckled. He had to admit, he loved the boy's company. Ichigo is smart, insightful, funny, and blunt as hell. During his self imposed 'imprisonment' they have connected on every subject that they talked about. Ichigo might be an obstinate and headstrong boy, but the conversation that they had solidified Aizen's theory that the strong are only fated to be with the strong, that Ichigo were meant to be with him. Even for a few days, Aizen even forgot about the whole 'Ichigo is King!' incident inside the boy's soul.

Aizen stopped his pruning and turned to face Ichigo. After the he dove into Ichigo's soul, Aizen couldn't shake off the feeling that the boy was unhappy. Why else would his should be driven to such desperate act if it weren't because he was unsatisfied with the world around him. He looked at Ichigo for a long time and sighed. "Do you like it here Ichigo?" he asked seriously.

"Huh? That's a random question." The boy laughed. When he saw how serious Aizen was, he quickly kept quiet and coughed into his hand. "Yeah, I guess I do. Why did you ask?" Ichigo eyed Aizen suspiciously.

"Because contrary to your belief, I'm not some overbearing despot who wishes suffering upon everyone."

"Uh-huh." He snorted and rolled his eyes. "Except you are."

"Say what you want." Aizen chuckled. "But I do care about how you. I've told you that a number of times, have I not?"

Ichigo said nothing and continued to pour water over a Gin's bonsai. "You're overwatering it." Aizen said amusedly, moving behind Ichigo and pulling his hand away.

Ichigo drew a sharp breath. He couldn't deny the definite magnetism that he felt from Aizen, but the guilt tugging inside him prevented him from moving with his instinct. "It probably needs it." he said quietly, lowering his chin, Stark's name kept ringing in his ear.

Aizen smirked and lean down to kiss the exposed neck. "Your hair is getting long." He whispered, wrapping his hand around Ichigo's waist. He moved closer, pushing his body flush against Ichigo's.

"Stop. I can't..." Ichigo hesitated. "Stark and I...we-"

"Stark?" Aizen asked, feigning surprise. "Awfully selfish of him to keep you for himself isnt he?" he leaned down to rest his head on Ichigo's shoulder.

"But.." Ichigo mumbled. "He said he loves me." he said weakly, turning his face away from Aizen.

Aizen sighed and turned the boy around, raising his chin with his hand. "And you think I don't?" he asked, and eyebrow raised in question.

Ichigo looked at him, and for a moment he looked like tears are threatening to fall from his eyes. Before they could, boy uncharacteristically rushed forward and hid his face into Aizen's chest. "Do you?" he asked with a small voice, hoping that Aizen have the decency to lie to him. what kind of cruel man would turn a boy down and still held him in his arms.

Aizen smirked and kissed the space between Ichigo's brow. 'How adorable' he thought when his innocent little kiss makes the boy glare up at him and burrow deeper into his chest. "What do you think?" he asked, brushing Ichigo's hair away from his eyes, placing another kiss between his brows.

Ichigo shook head, pushing away from Aizen and stepping back until his back hit the plant table.

Aizen grinned and leaned down to kiss him. "How about now?" He mumbled against Ichigo's lips, continuing to sensually assault the boy's inexperienced lips with gentle little tugs. Ichigo tightly close his eyes, torn between wanting to kiss the man back or running away. On the back of his mind the figure of two certain espada and a shinigami popped up, making his body stiffen. At least he could pretend that he don't like the kiss, then he could tell himself that it's Aizen's fault, not his. When Aizen fingers laced through his own tightly close fist, they both knew that any pretense that the boy had was gone.

"Ichigo..." Aizen whispered, leaning his head against Ichigo and held him there. "I lo-"

"Don't." The boy choked, out of breath from the kiss the just felt. "Don't." He said again, reaching up to cup Aizen's face. He looked up to the man and turned away painfully.

"You say no but your eyes are begging me to kiss you again." Aizen says, trailing his finger down his cheek. Ichigo looked away, but held tightly onto Aizen like he was the last piece of driftwood on a tempestuous sea.

"I can't." He sighed, pulling away. "God knows I want to... but I can't."

"Then I will have to take you against your will." Aizen smirked, pulling the boy back to him. "That way you can blame it all on me, okay?"

At that moment, the sliding door to the secluded area opened, revealing a very angry looking Stark. He pulled a flushed Ichigo away from Aizen, glowering at his master. "Ichigo is mine." He said, his lazy voice gaining an edge of assertiveness.

A loud laugh could be heard from the doorway. "Wrong." Kenpachi piped up. He offered his hand out to Ichigo, and when the boy took it, he quickly pulled Ichigo and kissed him on the lips, asserting his dominance straight away.

"Let him go." Aizen said, a kido spell dancing on the tip of his tongue.

"Fuck you." Kenpachi smirked, still holding a struggling Ichigo against his body. Stark unsheathed his sword, blue reiatsu flaring angrily around him.

The three of them were locked in a stalemate. Stark and Aizen had their weapons out, their eyes trained on a struggling Ichigo.

"I swear if you're going to fight then I'm outta here." He muttered, jerking himself away from Kenpachi's arm, stomping towards the sliding door.

"Wait." Stark pulled him back. "We won't fight." He said, leaning his head against Ichigo and sighing in contentment. He haven't seen Ichigo in so long and he'll do anything to be with the boy just for a moment longer.

Kenpachi scoffed. "Like hell we won't." His eyes gaining a crazed glint as he summoned his zanpakuto.

"Stop fighting already." Ichigo said, throwing a garden shear at Kenpachi. The captain titled his head and ignored it, raising his sword and began attacking.

"Hush, Ichigo. We're talking." Aizen said, side stepping an attack from Kenpachi.

Ichigo looked away, cursing himself for what he's about to say. "If you stop fighting then I'll..."

"You'll what?"

"I'll..." Ichigo mumbled.

"Speak up pup." Kenpachi

"I'll... you know." Ichigo whined.

"No, I don't know." Stark said.

Poor Ichigo is surrounded by the three men, trapped under their predatory gazes. He pulled them close whispered the words slowly, his face turning red as he does. Stark looked at him with his mouth wide open, Aizen raised an eyebrow, and Kenpachi had a unreadable look on him. "God, I feel like such a slut." Ichigo sighed, covering his face in humiliation.

Aizen noticed the boy's reluctance and took his face into his hand. "We like it when you're slutty." He smirked, kissing Ichigo's red lips. "Don't we?"

Kenpachi first looked perplexed, unsure whether he's put off by the suggestion or by Aizen's grubby hand on his pup. Deciding on the latter, he pushed Aizen away and pulled Ichigo towards him. "Stop hogging him to yer self." He said, kissing Ichigo slowly. Aizen chuckled and pulled Ichigo to sit on his lap, kissing the nape of his neck and caressing his body with feather light touches.

"I want a kiss too." Stark whined, pulling at Kenpachi's arm like a kid. Kenpachi growled and pushed Stark head away, resuming his task of completely devouring Ichigo's mouth. When Aizen's hand wandered onto his cock, Ichigo yelped and pulled it away. "Wait." He gasped. "I've never been...you know."

For about five seconds three pairs of wide eyes stared at him, mouth wide open in disbeluef. After an eerie stillness, those three dove straight for Ichigo's hakama, knocking plants pots and water cans over.

"Fuck off." Kenpachi growled, tearing apart the side of a hakama and. Stark silently came from behind Ichigo and palmed his ass cheeks, sliding his hand down, his finger searching.

Ichigo gasped when strong long fingers invade his insides. "You weren't kidding when you said you never done it." Kenpachi laughed. "So tight..." Stark frowned at Kenpachi's tone.

"Shut up. " Ichigo scowled. "Of course I'm going to be tight. I'm a virgin."

"Was a virgin." Kenpachi smirked, adding another finger and wriggling them victoriously.

"Still a virgin." Stark insisted, his finger joining Kenpachi's, rubbing a magical little spot on his way in.

Ichigo moaned. "F-fuck! One at time!." Ichigo stuttered, overwhelmed at the fullness. "Ba-bastards... you're going t-to rip me apart." He said, his ass clenching an unclenching around the four digits bunched up inside of him.

Concerned about the boy, Stark relented and pulled his finger out and focusing his attention instead to Ichigo's cock. "Your cock is so cute..." he murmured absentmindedly, touching wet pink head. Ichigo closed his leg shut, partly because of his body's automatic response, but mostly because Stark called his cock cute. 'Cute' is not a desired adjective to describe someone's manhood. Sure, compared to the humongous bulge Kenpachi hid under his hakama Ichigo penis might look small, but it's not small enough to be called cute.

Stark saw the slight frown and understood completely. Ignoring his protest, he pulled Ichigo's legs apart and began to nuzzle at it softly, the stubble on his chin rubbing deliciously against the hot quivering flesh. When he thought the boy was distracted enough, Stark opened his mouth and swallowed Ichigo's cock whole, his tongue rubbing against the base of the smooth shaft. Ichigo bucked and trusted into the warm heat, pushing Stark away. The espada smirked with Ichigo's cock resting on his lips. "See? A perfect size for my mouth." He said, resuming to close his mouth over Ichigo's cock, smiling when the boy broke away from Aizen's kiss to moan and pant.

Feeling a mouth on his shaft for the first time, Ichigo could feel himself quickly approaching completion. "Mmhhh..." Ichigo stifled a moan between Aizen's lips. "Stark.. not to fast, I'm-" but his protest went unheard as his first load of cum gushes into Stark's mouth.

"I cummed." Ichigo groaned, embarrassed when he loses his load so easily. Aizen smiled and nibbled on Ichigo's earlobe. The boy is blushing and avoiding their eyes. How cute.

"Fuck yeah you did." Kenpachi leaned forward and wrapped his forearm around his neck. "And I'm gonna fuck another load out of ya." He spat out a nice gob of saliva and rubbed it along his hard length.

"Wait!" Ichigo pulled away from Kenpachi's firm grip. "Is it going to fit?" he asked worriedly, reaching behind to touch the wet slippery cock.

Kenpachi shivered, turned on by the idea of his oversized dick shoved deep into Ichigo's too small entrance. "Sure." He said breathlessly, kissing Ichigo's ear, wrapping his hand over Ichigo to squeeze his cock.

Ichigo turned to Aizen, pleading him with his eyes. "I'll be right here." He said, his eyes fixed on the monster nudging at Ichigo's entrance, his own curiosity winning over. Ichigo nodded and braced himself against Aizen's shoulders, his eye clenched shut. He knows that it's going to hurt, but he'll be damned if he'll break down and cry about it. But as his pliant flesh were forcefully stretched impossibly around Kenpachi's width, his brave bravado broke.

"Just relax pup.." Kenpachi grunted as he felt warm heat enveloping his hard throbbing cock.

"Hhhh!" Ichigo drew a sharp breath and bit down on his knuckles, hiding his face from him. Aizen noticed the silent scream, the fingernails digging into his skin. "Pull out Zaraki. You're hurting him." he ordered. Like a starved dog clinging to a bone, Kenpachi tightened his hold and snarled at him, shoving his cock deeper, moaning in pleasure.

"Please Kenpachi. I don't think I can-" he almost sobbed when the thick member plunged even deeper into him.

"Shh.." Kenpachi hushed him, planting fervent kisses on his neck . "It's gonna feel good real soon."

Stark s slid his finger over the stretched hole, finding the taunt skin stretched just at it's limit. "You're going to tear him."

"Shut up." Kenpachi grunted, his strong hips pumping against Ichigo's quivering figure.

Finding the man impossible to talk with, Stark reached for Ichigo's member, hoping to distract the boy from the pain. But instead of finding a soft flaccid cock, Ichigo's member stood straight and hard, the clear precum oozing from the head continuously.

"You're turned on by this?" The Primera espada looked up to Ichigo with a mix of lust and disbelief. Ichigo replied with a strangled moan, biting his lips and nodding shamefully. Stark stood back let Kenpachi take control of the motion, pleasuring himself only to Ichigo's mewl and blissful cries. Ichigo was now arching his back against the brute and moaning like a two bit whore. The harsh pounding sending sparks of pleasure through his body. He cried out in a frenzy of pleasure as Kenpachi buried himself deep into him and stopped, something wet and warm gushing into his insides.

"Did you..?"

"Yeah." Kenpachi pulling Ichigo against him and kissing his shoulders, breathless.

"Fuck... I can feel it inside of me." Ichigo moaned, his cock twitching and bobbing up and down.

Kenpachi laughed and kissed him again, running his hand up and down Ichigo's slender form, enjoying the body that he had just thoroughly fucked.

"Hey, looks like those fuckers feel a little left out." Kenpachi whispered and nodded to the two. Ichigo turned to see Aizen and Stark watching him closely, their painfully hard cock in hand. "Why don't you make 'em happy and suck their cock, eh?"

Ichigo gulped and nodded obediently, going down on all fours and crawling to the two men. Kenpachi softening cock pulled out with an obscene pop, making Ichigo blush even harder. Kenpachi, amused by this, gave Ichigo ass a little spank to send him on his way.

The espada licked his lips and opened his leg out, watching, waiting for Ichigo to finally come to him. Once he was within reach, he pulled Ichigo up, cupping his face and gazed deep into his eyes. Ichigo blushed, unaccustomed with the deep emotion welling deep inside of him. He broke their gaze with a kiss, his tongue moving with an uncharacteristic ferocity. Stark, taken aback, relented control to the shorter boy. Ichigo pulled back, a strand of spit still connecting their lips, and turned to Aizen and gave him that same blistering kiss. "Lemme..." Ichigo blushed, batting his lashes at the two. "Let me return the favor." He mumbled, kneeling down and eyeing both of their cock nervously.

"No, Ichigo you don't have to..." he said.

"Let the boy do what he want." Aizen smirked, moving in between the two and pushing his underwear down to reveal his own hard member.

Ichigo gave Aizen a glare, but reached for his cock nonetheless. When he began to move his hand, the two man groaned and gasped in unison. Ichigo smirked, finally he's able to make someone else moan. He turned to Stark, wrapping his finger along the hard shaft and weighing his ball with the other. Stark's cock was longer, lighter, and smaller in girth compared to Aizen's, but his balls were heavier and fuller compare. Copious amount of precum were leaking from the silt, making the red head shine. Taking a deep breath, Ichigo stuck his tongue out and licked.

From then on, it seemed like his body was on autopilot. He swallowed halfways down Stark's shaft and pulled up, dragging his tongue on the underside of the cock. His senses was filled with the scent of musk and men, and slowly being driven over the edge by it. He gave the same attention to Aizen's cock but this time, gagging slightly because of the man's thickness. Aizen gave a superior smirk and trusted deeper, ignoring the muffled protest and the angry glare.

"Whoa, go easy on him chief." Kenpachi said, pushing Aizen's thrusting hips away from Ichigo's face. He gave Kenpachi a grateful look and glared up at Aizen, his eyes red and watery. Though he felt that he should feel guilty, Aizen couldn't deny the twitch that he cock gave seeing Ichigo look violated like that.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to force you." Aizen cooed, leaning down to kiss Ichigo, tasting himself on those puffy lips. "Let me make it up to you." He smirked, moving behind Ichigo and running his hand up and down his body. When his finger found the sensitive hole, Ichigo jumped and yelped.

"Ahn! Don't..." Ichigo bit his lips, pushing Aizen head away. The man persisted and began probing at his entrance, his fingers making some obscene wet sound. Aizen licked the shell of Ichigo's ear, smirking as the boy squirm and moan.

"Such a dirty boy." Aizen panted. "Zaraki's cum is still warm and your hole already begging for more."

Ichigo breathed in and let it out in a hiss. "There." He said, pushing back onto Aizen's fingers unconsciously. "Awwh fuck... there!" He whined, his cock erect again.

"Do you want to move to the bed?" Stark sounded concern, remembering how horrible Ichigo sounded when Zaraki first entered him.

Ichigo released his cock with a pop. "No!" Ichigo choked, looking back at Aizen pleadingly. "Please, just shove it in me." he whimpered, spreading his ass cheeks out.

"As you wish." He gave a lustful sigh and drew small kisses down Ichigo's spine, pulling out his fingers and replacing it with the head of his cock. He circled the spongy head around the quivering entrance, teasing, drawing out the pleasure. In a slow agonizing manner, Aizen pushed, burying himself to the hilt, eliciting a small moan from Ichigo. His cock entered his ass surprisingly easily. It must be because of Zaraki. The thought of the man planting entering his boy first infuriates him, and he gave a series of angry powerful thrust.

"Too much?" he whispered teasingly, looking up at Kenpachi with an irritated look.

"No! Keep going..." Ichigo whined, dropping any pretense of pride and began backing up to the cock.

Aizen fulfilled his wish and began to pound Ichigo's hole with long steady stroke that make his shoulder buckle and shudder. He gave Kenpachi a superior smirk. You may be his first, but I'll be the one who makes him screams. It said Kenpachi chuckled, unperturbed by Aizen's cockiness. In his mind, he already won for taking Ichigo's virginity. Now all that he has to do is relax and rub another one off. "Suck." He commanded, putting his newly hardened cock on the boy's full lips. Ichigo raise his eyebrow angrily and ignored it. Kenpachi rolled his eyes. "Suck. Please." He said, wagging his erection impatiently. Ichigo giggled and relented, fisting Stark's wet glistening cock while he his mouth closed over Kenpachi's large cockhead.

He alternated between the two throbbing members, teasing their heads and sucking hard, a difficult task with Aizen pounding him behind, but he managed. He could feel the cocks trying to push themselves greedily into his mouth, painting his face with precum. Every time Ichigo mouth enveloped his member, Stark held his breath. The way Ichigo hungrily gobbled at his cock turning him on more than any motion could.

Impatient, Kenpachi grabbed a handful of Ichigo's hair and push halfway into his throat, stopping when he felt the throat seizing up. Kenpachi hissed and dug his nails into Ichigo's head, pushing himself deeper into the boy. When he felt the throat tightened, Kenpachi shuddered and pulled out, jacking up and down furiously."Open your mouth." He rasped out. Red faced and teary eyed, Ichigo opened his mouth obediently, his hand reaching up to touch Kenpachi's angry red cock head.

"Shit." Kenpachi exploded into Ichigo's mouth, his cum splattering over the boy's nose and forehead, his cum mixing into Ichigo's hair. "Fuck, boy." He laughed, pulling his cock out and rubbing it against Ichigo's cheek, smearing his face with spit and precum. "You look good with my cum on your face."

A few hours ago and that comment would've made the boy blush. But without missing a beat, Ichigo took Stark's cock and too began swallowing it voraciously, this time exploring the ridges and veins of the organ with his tongue. The impact of Aizen's thrust making him hum deep in his throat, sending delicious vibrations along Stark's cock. The espada moaned and put his hand onto Ichigo's head but left to rest there, letting Ichigo explore and experiment as he like, shivering when the force of Aizen's thrust made the boy gag and convulse around his aching member.

"Dammit, look at that mouth go." Kenpachi snickered, draping his arm over Stark's shoulder and pushing Ichigo head back so they could watch his mouth work. Ichigo eyes were glazed over, his lips puffy as they strain to close over his length. He pulled up and darted his tongue out, licking Stark's cockhead, finding himself addicted to the taste of precum. His brown eyes looked up to the espada, half lidded and heavy. "Cum." Ichigo whispered, licking another pearl of precum away. With the permission, Stark grabbed Ichigo's hair and buried himself deep into Ichigo's throat, cumming around a convulsing cavern.

Ichigo pulled away, coughing and spitting the cum out. "No." Kenpachi said, catching the strand of spit with his fingers and shoving it into Ichigo's mouth. "Swallow." He said. Too turned on to complain, Ichigo sucked the fingers clean letting Kenpachi play with his mouth. Kenpachi chuckled and pushed his finger into Ichigo's mouth, feeling the warm cum slide as Ichigo sucked on his digits. "Good boy." he laughed, leaning against Stark and collapsing in exhaustion

Ichigo fell onto his forearm , his ass sticking up air, stifling his squeals under his hand. "I'm close." Aizen said, pulling Ichigo up against him and trusted up. "Cum with me." He whispered, his fist jacking Ichigo off as he continue to spear Ichigo open over and over again until it was all too much for him to bear. With a grunt, Aizen pushed up for the last time and released inside of the boy.

Ichigo cried, the feeling of another man spilling his seed inside of him too much for him to bear. He held onto Aizen's hand, crying out as he released for the second time that night, his semem coating his hand and stomach. Aizen pulled out from the boy and laid back, watching the stretched out hole tighened and leak his seed out. Ichigo laid prostate on the ground, motionless except for his ragged breathing.

"Next time we'll only be doing this alone." Kenpachi murmured sleepily. "Too crowded." he pushed Stark off to the side with his foot. The sleeping espada stirred softly and snuggled closer to Ichigo, wrapping his hand around his waist.

Ichigo pouted. He rather like the attention, and Stark was not a bad snuggler to boot. Kenpachi, however, has a possessive streak in him, something that he needs to rectify if this 'arrangement' is going to continue. "But you came when you watch them fucked me." Ichigo said, tracing a the scar over Kenpachi's eyes. "Don't you like seeing me like that?"

"Hmmmfcourse.." The captain mumbled. "Who wouldn't get hard seeing you all sweaty...and red.. and moanin' and whimpering..." he yawned. After a moment of silence, a snore was heard.

Ichigo chuckled. Placing a soft kiss onto Kenpachi's open mouth, wrapping his finger over Stark's hand. Ichigo might complain about being gagged, stretched, or fucked by these men, but he would be lying if he said he hated the aftermath.

"Stop snickering to yourself and go to sleep." Aizen said, entering the room and slipping into a simple white robe. Ichigo pouted and reach up to him, grasping the thin yukata that the man wore . "I was waiting for you." He whined, grinning when Aizen pulled him up for a kiss.

"I saved you a spot." Ichigo murmured against his lips, nodding to the small space between Kenpachi and Stark. Aizen frowned, unhappy with the sleeping arrangement. Taking matters into his own hand he rolled Kenpachi over to the far side of the room, wrapping the tall captain in his comforter. He looked like a spring roll, especially with his spiky head jutting over the end.

"He's going to pick a fight over that you know." Ichigo laughed as Kenpachi continues to snore, oblivious that his precious pup is on the far edge of the room.

"Let him." Aizen smiled, pulling Ichigo down and to rest his head on his chest. "I'll quench his bloodlust once and for all." Aizen paused. "I wont kill him." he added to a concern looking ichigo.

"Of course you won't." Ichigo sighed, sliding his hand up Aizen's chest and let it rest there.

"Hmm... maybe we should put you to bath first. You're starting to smell like that big violent oaf." Aizen teased, kissing Ichigo's wrist. Ichigo gave a horrified gasp and threw a pillow at Aizen. "Rude." He said and stick his tongue playfully out at the man. "I'll be sleeping near the big violent oaf then, thank you very much." He huffed and dragged his futon near his springroll lover.

Aizen chuckled but slipped next to Ichigo, biting down on his earlobe. "So childish." He murmured. Ichigo huffed and turned away, pretending to be offended. At that moment, Stark woke up, realizing that he was alone, dragged himself across the room and snuggled between Aizen and Ichigo, resting his head on Ichigo's stomach. "'chigo don't leave." He mumbled sleepily, falling back into sleep as soon as he has his hand around Ichigo.

Aizen frowned at the extra body but did not complain, afraid that his next words will get him kicked out of his own room. When everyone is asleep, Ichigo finally realized how lonely he was. Though three people surrounded him, he felt like each of them are miles away from him. At the moment A thought popped into his head.

'I really miss Grimmjow.' Ichigo sighed. 'He always likes the way I smell and he never tried to get into my pants.' Ichigo frowned and threw that melancholy thought out of his head. 'I just hoped he enjoys his vacation because I'm going to kick his ass for leaving me with these perverts.'

With that last thought, Ichigo fall into a wonderful dreamless sleep, unaware of the long months he will share with those three perverts.

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