Izzy was thrilled with her new English teacher/Room tutor. She'd just started La Pietra School for Girls (well a few weeks ago) and settling in was proving difficult. She was finding some of the comments from the other girls hurtful. Living in Hawaii for over 7 years but had transferred from home tutoring to actual schooling so was struggling to fit in but Mr Williams kept asking if she was ok, if there was anything she needed explaining in more detail then to just ask him. Izzy had been assigned a mentor to help her with the transition but she was useless, in fact she was the one who started with the comments. 'Asking what a haole like her was doing at the best school in Hawaii? Did she come here on scholarship? Blah, blah, blah.' Izzy usually would just ignore it but it was approaching the anniversary of her mom's death and she was feeling pretty shitty.

It was the end of her 4th week and Izzy was looking forward to going home, her last lesson of the day was English with Mr Williams so that was good. She fancied him but then she knew every girl in her form did too. He had blonde hair swept back, sparkling blue eyes, what he lacked in height he made up for with his body. He was broad and his shirts were tight fitting so his muscles rippled across the fabric, making it impossible not to notice his body. Mr Williams was giving a lecture on creative writing and as he spoke his hands were moving, Izzy watched him intently wishing his hands were moving on her body, smiling to herself, she noticed him watching her. Blushing she looked away.

'Now, I want a piece of creative writing from each of you to be handed in by our next lesson. It can be on any topic you choose but I don't want it to be copied from anyone else and please keep it clean.' With that most of the girls giggled, Izzy looked around the room and shook her head, again she noticed Mr Williams watching her, she turned away. The rest of the lesson was quite quiet everyone working on their own 'masterpiece'. Izzy stared out the window, couldn't think what to write about. She knew it was to be her own work but on what? She picked her pen up and absent-mindedly started tapping it on the desk. Startled when she felt a hand on her shoulder, looking round she saw her teacher standing looking at her 'everything ok Izzy?'

'Erm, yeah sir. Why?'

He pulled up a seat and sat beside her 'you seem distracted Izzy and I know some of the girls have been giving you a hard time but I want you know you can come to me at any time and I'll sort it.' he said quietly

'I don't need a teacher fighting my battles sir.' Izzy said and looked out the window again

'Don't take an attitude with me young lady, I'm trying to help you.' came the reply in a low husky voice

Izzy shivered and looked at him 'sorry Mr Williams.'

He stood up 'because of your attitude Izzy, you can stay after school for detention.'

Izzy heard a load of sniggering and carried on staring out the window. The end of the lesson came and all the other girls shuffled out the classroom leaving Izzy alone with Mr Williams. He turned to the whiteboard and started writing on it, Izzy put her head on the desk and wished she was anywhere but here.

'Now Izzy I want you to write a piece on why you should not take attitude with your teacher.'

This wasn't how Izzy wanted to spend the first part of her Friday afternoon writing, when she could be going home, stopping off at the mall, shopping, eating, stripping into a bikini and going for a swim. She looked up to see Mr Williams was again watching her, he was sitting on the edge of his desk, arms crossed over his chest. 'You need to actually pick up your pen and use it Izzy.'

Izzy sighed, she'd now probably lost the only person who made her time at school bearable. Picking up the pen she started to write. She didn't know how long she spent writing but he did that sneak up on her trick and touched her, jumping Izzy's pen went flying out of her hand and hit him. 'Oh my god, I'm sorry Mr Williams I didn't mean to.'

He put his hand up to stop her and laughed 'it's fine, I should have realised not to walk up unannounced after the first time.' He pulled up a chair and sat down, picking up her work to read through it. Again Izzy looked out the window lost in the thoughts of the upcoming anniversary. 'I know it's tough being the new girl but I do want to help you in any way I can.'

Izzy swung her head round 'Sorry?'

He looked at her and realised she hadn't heard a word he'd said but she wasn't deliberately being rude. 'Ok, do you wanna tell me what's the matter Izzy, as I can't help you unless I know?'

'It's nothing sir. I'm tired and I wanna go home please?'

Danny Williams always knew when a woman was lying to him.

Walking home Izzy felt free for the first time that week. No school for a whole 2 days, no one in the house to bug her. She would raid the drinks cabinet get blind drunk and forget all that happened. Smiling to herself she thought about Mr Williams. Getting into the house she ran upstairs and stripped out of her uniform, hitting the shower before putting on a pair of shorts and vest. The house backed on to a private beach so Izzy grabbed some bacardi and a bottle of coke out of the fridge and headed onto the beach. Pouring herself a drink, wishing that life was different, knowing it would be if her mum was still alive, she knocked back the bacardi and coke and the taste made her shiver. Izzy went back into the house and grabbed a beach blanket to put down on the sand 'might as well be comfortable whilst getting drunk' she said to no one in particular. By 10pm Izzy had drunk the entire contents of bacardi and coke and was very drunk. Standing up the sky started spinning 'stop moving.' Izzy shouted staggering towards the ocean, feeling a hand on her waist she span round so fast she fell in a heap on the floor. Looking up she saw a familiar face looking down on her concerned. 'Izzy what are you doing?'

'Mr Williams what ya doing here?' Izzy slurred

'I had a feeling you were gonna do something incredibly stupid. Now get your ass in the house.' his voice low and husky and devoid of emotion

Izzy giggled 'can't stand up silly.'

Before she knew what happened he grabbed her arms and pulled her up so she was eye to eye with him 'I've seen you Izzy looking at me, I bet you touch yourself thinking about me don't you?'

Izzy looked at him 'no Mr Williams, that's a naughty thing to say'

'Get your ass inside the house now' with that he pushed her away from him towards the house.

'You don't live here sir.'

He smiled at her 'but you are going to invite me in Izzy.'

'I am?' she looked confused

'Yes, you are going to say Mr Williams come inside please.'

'I'm gonna say Mr Williams come inside please?'

'Thank you Izzy, now for the last time get your ass inside the house.' his voice was still low and husky

She stood there to protest when he picked her up and carried her into the house. 'Where are your parents?'

'I don't have, they don't, I mean I live with my brother but he's away all week on some exercise thing.' Izzy started to sober up fast

'So your alone?'

'Well yeah. I feel sick.' Izzy ran for the sink and retched

'Did you eat anything before you decided to have a one girl drinking session?'

She shook her head

'Lets rustle up some food then you and I young lady are going to have a little talk.'

Danny Williams knew how to cook and cooked up chicken breast with potatoes and salad. Izzy ate a little and pushed the plate to the side, she felt incredibly sick, her head was throbbing and Mr Williams kept watching her. 'Eat your dinner.'

'I don't feel well.'

'I don't care, I haven't cooked, for you to waste it.'

'You're not my daddy.'

He looked at her one eyebrow raised 'trust me Izzy, if I was your daddy, you would not be spending your Friday night's getting drunk. I thought we had spoke about your attitude earlier on. Looks like we are going to be having more than a little talk.'

'You can tell me off at school but you can't tell me off in my own home so get out.' Izzy stood up and had to brace her hands on the table as a wave of sickness overcame her.

'You really think you're in a fit state to argue with me Izzy?

'Mr Williams what do you want?'

'To help but I will not allow you to speak to me like that.'

Izzy sat down 'thank you for cooking but I don't feel well and I want to go to bed.'

'If you eat it will put a lining on your stomach and soak up the alcohol so you should start to feel better and before you go to bed we are going to have that talk. She sighed and ate more of the chicken and vegetables 'please don't make me eat anything else.' Izzy groaned. He smirked 'right upstairs if you can manage that on your own, brush your teeth, take a shower and get your pyjamas on then we will have that talk.'

Izzy struggled upstairs and had to crawl on the floor to the bathroom as the landing was spinning, she pulled herself up using the sink and threw up in it. She felt those damn hands on her again, moving her hair out of the way and putting the tap on to wash the sick away . 'I honestly didn't imagine I would be spending my Friday night cleaning up one of my students.' his voice sounded irritated

'I haven't asked you to do anything, in fact I told you to go and leave me alone.' Izzy tried to pull away from him but he pulled her tight 'if you don't stop it I swear I'll...brush your teeth and take a shower.' he walked out of the bathroom.

Izzy got out of the shower and grabbed a towel she did feel better, brushing her teeth she looked in the mirror and she looked like shit. She walked into her bedroom and dried herself off, finding a vest and shorts to put on. Realising it was nearly 1am she turned the light off and climbed into bed, the soft sheets enveloping nearly asleep the brightness of her light coming on disturbed her. 'What?'

'We haven't had that talk Izzy.' Mr Williams walked in dressed in just a pair of sweat pants. 'Can't it wait till tomorrow or later Sir?'

'No.' he sat down on the bed 'We will talk now. You will treat me with the respect I have earned. If you do not there will be consequences for your actions. Now because of your attitude that will cost you.'

'Cost me what? You expect me to pay money? Are you mad?' Izzy was tired, hungover and her teacher wasn't making any sense. He laughed 'Why would I want any money? No, what I want is something else. I want you to get out of bed and stand in front of me.'

'Erm, ok.' She got out and stood in front of him.

'Another thing my name is Danny, here you can address me as Danny but if you need to be punished then it will be Mr Williams or Sir understood?'

'Punished? Seriously, how am I going to be punished Danny?' Izzy was feeling seriously pissed off

He grabbed her arms and put her across his knees, pulling her shorts down and exposing her bare skin 'whoa what the fuck are you doing?'

'You kiss with a mouth like that? I told you for your attitude earlier on this is your punishment and you will address me as either Mr Williams or Sir? I was going to spank you 10 times Izzy but swearing? You have just increased it to 20.'

'You can't do this I'm a pupil of yours. Please don't.'

He stroked her ass cheeks gently 'as for me not being your daddy, is that what gets you off Izzy? Imagining me punishing you? Would that get you all hot and bothered calling me daddy?'

Izzy shivered involuntary at the thought; she'd never known her father, he wasn't on the scene when her mum died, no get that thought out of your head right now. She felt the blow on her ass 'ouch' she looked round at her teacher, his blue eyes now dark, another blow making her gasp

'I want to hear you count how many you've taken Izzy. We'll start again' she felt the short sharp slap on her ass 'how many is that Izzy?'


'One what?'

'One Sir.' Izzy's mind was racing, her teacher was spanking her and she was having to call him Sir. This was so not right, even if he was exceptionally hot. Another slap 'how many is that?' she heard the irritation in his voice

'Two Sir.'

'Good girl.' he stroked her and then another spank 'if I have to keep reminding you to count I'll start it again Izzy.'

'Three Sir.'

The next seven were made in silence except for Izzy's counting, her cheeks were really sore and she was trying to hold the tears in. He wasn't holding back the slaps were sharp and as she had taken 12, his words surprised her 'are you a virgin?'


'Are you a virgin Izzy?'

'Yes living with an older brother makes it hard for boys to be interested. Plus being home schooled I didn't meet boys, unless I was allowed down to the beach. Are we finished? Can I go back to bed please?'

'No, you have another 10 to go.' with that he spanked her again

'13 Sir'

'13? No Izzy that's 11, I think your enjoying this, aren't you?'

'No, I'm not please stop Danny, Sir, Mr Williams.'

'You have to be punished young lady for you lack of respect. You started this at school then continued it here and I will not tolerate it. Naughty girls like you have to be reminded of their place.'

'11 Sir.'

'Better, any more slip ups and I will start again Izzy and then I won't be so nice.'

'Yes, sir I understand.'

The next 8 felt quite light and Izzy allowed herself to breathe a sigh of relief before she felt the twentieth, screaming the words '20 Sir.' before the tears splashed down her face, the slap was so hard she felt it all the way up her spine.

Sobbing to herself, Danny picked her up and put her face down on the bed before leaving the room. Izzy couldn't believe what had just happened her teacher, her favourite teacher had just spanked her silly and now she was fucking in agony, she couldn't even move her legs because the pain. Izzy jolted when she felt cold cream being applied to her cheeks, picking her head up she saw Danny applying it tenderly. 'Why you doing that? Your the one that made me hurt .'

He looked at her 'Yes I did but I would be lacking in my duty of care to you if I didn't treat you. Just because I punished you doesn't mean I don't care about you.'

That statement confused her 'please let me sleep Dad...Danny' a Freudian slip but Izzy was too tired to even notice. Trying to fight sleep to see what else Danny was going to do, he rubbed the cream into her cheeks and gently pulled her shorts up, he climbed on to the bed beside her and pulled her into his arms, her back leaning into his chest. For the first time that night Izzy felt relaxed and allowed him to adjust her body to accommodate his, moving her legs slightly apart so he could put his one leg between hers, pushing his arm under her head so she was leaning on him, wrapping his other round her waist. She could feel his erection pressing into her but she just wanted sleep, feeling him kissing her right shoulder and neck. 'Sleep now.' She didn't fight it.

Izzy woke with cramp in her leg she tried to move out of bed but found an arm clamped her tight. Panic setting in, she turned round and yelped in pain, her ass was on fire before she noticed the blue eyes of Danny Williams 'hey good morning beautiful, some pain?'

'I got cramp in my leg and my bum is really sore.' she'd said it before she actually realised she'd said it 'let me check,' he moved down the bed and pulled her shorts off staring straight at her hairless pussy. 'Turn over' he hadn't expected to see her pussy but as he'd just woke up his brain was still in sleep mode. Her cheeks were red raw from the spanking he'd given her the night before, he felt his morning glory pressing against the mattress and brought his tongue to her cheeks, gently licking and kissing them. She flinched 'what ya doing?' he could hear her panic

'I'm making you feel better' he continued kissing and felt her relax, he did feel a little guilty as he hadn't meant to spank her that hard and knew she wouldn't be sitting down for the next few days.

His kisses sparked something, Izzy felt herself relaxing into what he was doing, moaning quietly as his kisses became fervent 'you like that?'

'Mmm.' Izzy moaned 'Oooh.' she felt Danny part her cheeks and start licking her hole 'Oh my God what you doing?

'It's called rimming, I told you I'm going to make you feel better.' He swirled his tongue around the hole before he pushed his finger slightly in. He felt her surge forward 'trust me Izzy.' he carried on licking her but pushing his finger in more, trailing his tongue down towards her pussy he tasted her 'you naughty little girl Izzy' he turned her over 'take your top off.' She did as she was told, lying there naked still sore from the spanking.

'What you going to do?

He moved up the bed predatory look in his eyes 'whatever I want.'

Danny Williams had wanted Izzy since he first saw her sitting in the office looking bored. He'd not actually met her until she had been brought into his classroom, he could still see her looking at him in awe, watching him speak to the principle then left alone. He wasn't entirely sure what she had been looking at until he spoke to her. She was focused on his lips, then watching his hands. When she noticed him looking at her she'd looked away embarrassed. He'd gone home that night and jacked off thinking of her green eyes looking at him. Knowing he wanted to see more of them.

'Do you want me Izzy?'

'Yes. No. I don't know.'

Danny smiled 'I know you do.' he bowed his head down and kissed her hard on the lips, sliding his hand down to finger her wet pussy 'Do you touch yourself Izzy?'

Her eyes were glazed over 'n...yes.'

'Do you think of me when you do it?' he was sliding his hand inside her watching her eyes close, she was slightly rocking her hips as he went inside


'Tell me.' his voice commanding her

'Please I don't want to.'

'I want to hear how you finger yourself imagining it's me. Do you imagine it's my hard cock fucking you nice and hard?'

All Izzy could do was nod her head because that is exactly what she imagined 'You pin me to the bed, my hands above my head and I can't move.'

Danny looked at Izzy, she was blushing and he noticed the look of shame in her eyes.

'You want me to take you by force?'

'No, it's just' he pushed his hand in further and she mewled

'What? You want me to pin you to the bed, hold you down and fuck you hard?'

'Remember I've never had sex oooooh.' he kept moving his hand when she spoke

'Do you want your first time to be slow and gentle or hard and fast?'

He saw her eyes flash so he kissed her again, tonguing her lips, tracing them till she opened and he moved his tongue in probing her tongue, sucking on it, his fingers still probing her wet pussy. He pulled away from the kiss and her eyes were blown wide bringing his hand up he put his fingers in her mouth and she sucked on them greedily making his already hard cock ache. Getting off the bed he took his sweat pants off, his cock springing free curving up towards his belly. 'You ready baby?'

She didn't know if she was but opened her legs so Danny took that as all the invite he needed, climbing back up the bed, positioning himself so his cock was resting at the tip of her pussy lips. 'How badly do you want this Izzy? Tell me how much you want my hard dick inside you?'


He rubbed the tip of his cock against her pussy lips and she gasped 'not good enough Izzy. I said tell me.'

She moved her head up and looked at him 'Oh God please.'

He smiled 'Please what?'

'Danny.' He pushed in slightly 'Ohhh,' she groaned

'I think I deserve to be called something else.'

'Please I'll call you anything you want just please take me oh god please' Izzy was pleading with him

His eyes filled with lust and he thrust into her


He gently caressed her breasts sucking and nibbling, teasing her nipples with his teeth and tongue. She moved her arms around his back arching with him as he thrust deep into her. This was better than she expected, he was rocking her with every thrust 'what you feeling Izzy?'

'Heaven.' and that was true she felt like she was in heaven

'You're a very good girl.' he raised himself up on his arms so he could look into those green eyes. He wanted to watch her orgasm, see her eyes, see if they changed colour. He felt her hands wandering up and down his back and that was turning him on more, another thrust and he felt her drag her nails down his spine with a gasp 'do that again.' she panted. He thrust deeper and this time he felt her scratch down his back. He growled with lust, grabbed onto her shoulders and started fucking her harder 'you wanted this didn't you baby? Me fucking your pretty little body hard?'

Izzy moaned with pleasure, she was holding his neck

'put your arms above your head.' Danny ordered

Izzy moved her arms above her neck and he moved himself so he could grab them and pin them down 'What you gonna do to me?'

'Take you like you want, pin you to the bed and fuck you.' Danny panted

Izzy wrapped her legs around his waist 'Yes please.' her brain was screaming at her to stop but she couldn't, the pleasure she was feeling was not like anything she had ever experienced. Her whole body was on fire. Danny moved his head down and bit her nipple. Izzy moaned 'more, harder, faster please oh please.'

'What you gonna call me Izzy?' Danny needed to know before he took control completely

'Whatever you want.' she was almost crying

'NO. You Tell Me.' every word punctuated

'D...D... Daddy' shame filling her but she couldn't stop it

'Oh god baby, daddy is gonna fuck you how you need.'

His mouth was all over her face, neck, breasts, anywhere he could reach he was biting and nibbling hearing her moan as he did 'tell daddy what you want baby girl?'

'Daddy fuck me hard please.'

He was so deep with every thrust his balls touched her wet pussy driving him insane. He thrust again and felt her pussy clamp tightly around his cock he looked into her eyes and her green eyes were filled with pure lust for him but they had changed to black, as she orgasmed she screamed 'Daddy.' Danny fucked her through her orgasm, kissing her lips and sucking on the bottom lip. Danny still hadn't cum, he wanted to take her through the back door 'baby girl Daddy wants to turn you over and fuck your sexy ass. Will you let me?'

Izzy was so out of it she would have agreed to climb Mount Everest and just nodded, her face was all blissed out. Danny turned her over, kissing his way down her back, along her spine, kissing her sore ass, he licked his fingers and inserted one inside her hole, she bucked against the bed 'it's ok baby, I'm just gonna help get you relaxed more,' as he fingered her hole he started licking her again listening to her moaning 'you enjoying that?'


In went another finger, her moaning grew louder 'am I hurting you?'


'Good girl.' Danny worked the two fingers inside, stretching the hole to accommodate his rock hard cock 'just a bit more baby girl and I'll fuck that gorgeous ass of yours.'

Izzy was making mewing noises in her throat, enjoying what he was doing, her hips bucking off the bed. He withdrew two fingers and put three back in, Izzy yelped 'shush baby it's ok, trust me.'

'I..I do but it's hhhurting.' she answered pain showing in her voice

'I promise it will make you feel so good.' he kissed her shoulders, down her back again, and her ass, licking at his fingers whilst they were inside her hole. Danny stretched his fingers more and she groaned 'I'm gonna fuck you now baby.' he bent down and kissed her once more on the back. He positioned his cock at the entrance of her ass and gently pushed through the ring of muscle 'aaaah' Izzy bucked and cried slightly 'shush baby, Daddy knows this hurts a little but trust me.' he carried on going forward, holding onto Izzy's hips tight so she couldn't move. He felt his balls hit her ass and that was all it took. He started thrusting in and bottoming out 'oh baby you feel so good, Daddy is enjoying fucking your tight little ass. I want to do this to you always baby. Can I?'

'Yessssss, please don't stop Daddy.'

Her words were driving Danny wild, he moved so he was over her body, gripping her hips in a vice like grip, riding her hard. All through the house the only thing you could hear was the sounds of ecstasy and skin slapping on skin. Danny kept on speaking to Izzy telling her she was 'his good girl and he was so pleased she was his,' encouraging her to be as vocal as she wanted 'oh Daddy don't stop.' Every time he thrust in she thrust back

'Oh god Izzy.' Danny felt his balls tighten 'I'm gonna cum inside you baby girl.'

'Do it.'

That was all it took, Danny let out a roar as he filled her with his hot spunk letting go of Izzy she collapsed on the bed with Danny on top. Heavy breathing followed, he rolled off her and bent down to check her hole which looked sore with some blood.

Danny started licking his cum from her. He could feel her shivering so climbed back up taking her in his arms, pulling the sheets up and kissing her hard on the lips. Izzy kissed him back sucking on his lips and tongue. 'You were terrific baby, go to sleep. Later we can talk.'

Izzy smiled and hugged him tight 'mmm'kay.'

Danny knew they would have a lot to talk about.