Izzy was prepared to start complaining when she saw the bulge in Danny's jeans. He pushed her towards the stairs 'get your pretty little ass up them baby girl, before daddy gets really cross with you.' he whispered in her ear before biting down on the lobe.

'Danny that hurt.' she hissed as she pulled away from him

He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her against him, his erection digging into her and his face right in hers 'you really are trying to push your luck today baby. Get your ass upstairs now.' he said angrily

'Yes daddy.' Izzy said meekly and ran up the stairs with Danny following close behind. They got into her bedroom and he closed the door 'if Steve was to come upstairs would we hear him?' Danny asked

'He can't get upstairs by himself, that's why he is sleeping in the downstairs bedroom but when he's fit and well, you won't hear him move about the house.'

'Ok, so for now we're safe up here? Good, I suggest you strip. You have to be punished for your behaviour.'

Izzy looked at him before saying 'Steve noticed my one wrist.'

Danny looked at her perplexed before she pulled up her shirt and showed him the bruising from their previous session. Both her wrists were heavily bruised and she had bruises on her shoulders from where he had gripped her whilst fucking her hard. 'You let him see your wrist?'

'No, not on purpose. He grabbed me and I yelped in pain.' she turned away from him

'What did you tell him?' he sounded irritated

'I was doing a science project about bruises and I tied my hand up too tightly.'

'Did he believe you?'

'I think so, he hasn't mentioned it since.'

'Did he also mention the hickey?'


Danny smirked 'On your neck.'

Izzy walked over to the mirror 'Oh my god, you bit me?' She turned round and looked at him 'How could you Danny? Are you trying to get us caught?' She realised her mistake when she saw his blue eyes were black 'I'm sorry, I just don't want you to get caught or into trouble.' she whispered

He marched over to her and pulled her over to the bed 'Strip now Isabella. I want you naked'

Izzy striped out of her shirt and shorts and pulled off her underwear. Standing naked in front of him she felt embarrassed. He was looking at her body intently 'Turn around.' Complying with his request she turned round and as she did she felt him slap her cheeks. Izzy flinched 'Danny, please?' she said pleadingly

She heard the zip on his jeans 'Come here Isabella.'

Turning round his trousers pooled on the ground and his erect cock was standing to attention, Izzy walked to him, he pulled her onto him and straight onto his dick. She gasped and felt him slide all the way inside. 'You've been a very naughty girl today baby and now comes your punishment.'

His hands were hard on her waist, pulling her up and then bringing her down hard on him. Every thrust he made she could feel him hitting her insides, this wasn't like the other times they'd fucked, this was painful. 'You're hurting me.' she panted through the tears that had started to spill down her cheeks

'I told you, you were being punished Isabella. This is what will happen when you're a naughty girl.' he said through gritted teeth

The pain was burning at her and she rested her head on his shoulder 'Please daddy, I'm sorry I was naughty. I'll do anything to make the pain stop.' she whispered in his ear

'Oh baby, Daddy will make the pain go away but you have to promise to be a good girl and do exactly as I tell you.'

'I promise Daddy. I promise.'

Danny fell backwards onto the bed taking Izzy with him and the change of position made it easier for her. He started kissing her tenderly on the lips, probing her, willing her to open up for him. She opened up her mouth and his tongue swirled round her hers 'Next time don't question me Isabella.' he said into her mouth

'I won't.'

Both of them continued to moan into each other's mouths. Izzy came with gasp and moan into Danny's mouth but he wasn't finished. Pulling out of her, he walked over to the laptop to print the paperwork he needed 'Get over here now, and finish me with your mouth.'

Izzy sloped off the bed and staggered over to where Danny was sat, grabbing her beautiful hair he pulled her face into his lap. She took his slick cock into her mouth, tasting her juice and the pre come that was spilling down. He pushed her head as far down as he could go and thrust up into her throat. Groaning, he could feel her nuzzling his pubic hair. She was licking and sucking him like she'd not eaten, making throaty sounds. Before he knew it she reached and caressed his balls and he spurted down her throat. Danny sank in his seat and Izzy stayed exactly where she was, both of them were flushed and panting. 'Fuck, that was good baby girl.'

After sitting for a while Danny stood and went to the bathroom, coming out with a warm cloth he helped Izzy clean herself up before pulling his trousers on. 'Right I need to earn my money, we will go down and I will help you with this work ok?'

'Yes.' Izzy put her clothes on but she was really sore, her movements were slow and stuttered. Going back downstairs they set up at the table and Izzy started doing her school work. Danny went out onto the lanai, Steve was sat there watching a surfer on the horizon. 'Does Iz talk to you Danny?'

Danny was surprised by that 'About what?'

'Anything? She's not herself. It's the anniversary of our mother's death on Sunday. She was crying out in her sleep. I'm sure you've seen the bruises she has on her wrist? She's lied to me about how she got it and then the hickey.'

Danny kept his eyes fixed on the ocean 'Well, I know she has been very quiet in school and as she's the new girl, some of the others are giving her a hard time.'

'She's been bullied? Damn. I knew something like this would happen.' Steve sighed

'Can I ask who taught her?' Danny asked

'Mom. Our mom was a former teacher and she felt it was easier if she taught Iz at home. I was in the Navy and Mary in LA. Iz doesn't really make friends easily. Sorry Danny, I don't mean to...'

Danny put his hand up 'No problem man. I was gonna say to you, I think it might be in her best interests if she goes back to home schooling.'

'Is she that bad?'

'God no. I just think it would be beneficial for her. She's so intelligent but I honestly think she is going to struggle. In some classes she excels in others she will need a lot of coaching. Don't get me wrong I will coach her for as long as she needs but I don't know if she will be ready.'

Steve looked at Danny 'Before our mom died she was ready to take her exams. The past year has been especially hard for Iz. I paid for some of the best tutors in Hawaii but after a few weeks they would quit. They said she wasn't interested, wouldn't do anything they told her, refused to do homework. I hoped by putting her in school she would start to do well again.'

Danny nodded 'I know. She's only been there for five weeks but I do think it's the wrong move for her. I would be willing to help her through it until you found yourself a tutor she felt comfortable with.'

'She's comfortable with you isn't Danny?'

Danny looked at Steve 'Well, yes she is.'

'Would you consider becoming her full time home schooling tutor then?' Steve asked

'I don't know Steve. I mean that would mean giving up my job but if it meant Iz getting the grades she needs...Let me think about it ok?' Danny replied

'Thanks man.'

'Let me go check on her.' Walking in Danny found Iz asleep at the table. Walking up to her he felt a little pissed that she was asleep but also understood as he knew she had, had a tiring night but still she'd be punished for that. 'Wakey, wakey Izzy.'

She groaned slightly before opening her eyes 'What?'

Danny bent down to her 'You're a naughty girl for falling asleep especially when I gave you work to do. I feel a punishment coming on later.'

Izzy groaned and got up 'I need to give Steve his meds. Can I do that please daddy?'

Danny's cock twitched at that 'Do it then get back in here baby girl.'

She smiled sleepily and set about getting Steve's meds. Walking out to the lanai she sat down with Steve 'Here you go, medication and toast.'

'You look shattered Iz.'

'I am but I'll be fine for school on Monday.'

Yeah that's what I was gonna talk to you about babe. I've asked Danny if he will become your full time teacher.'

'What? Why? I thought you wanted me to go to school.'

'I did but I know you're struggling Iz and both Danny and I feel it might be better if you were taught one to one.'

Izzy felt really embarrassed 'I'm not struggling.' she yelled at Steve. Storming into the house past Danny he asked 'What's wrong?'

'I'm not fucking struggling at school.' Izzy ran past Danny and headed for the stairs running up into her room and slammed the door. Steve hobbled in 'Where is she?'

'Upstairs. What did you say to her?'

'About home schooling.'

Danny looked perplexed 'She doesn't want me to teach her?'

'I honestly don't know.' Steve attempted to walk over to the stairs but couldn't manage. 'Let me go and speak to her Steve. See what's wrong with her.'

Danny took two stairs at a time and knocked on the door 'Izzy, it's Danny can I come in?'

Izzy opened the door, her eyes were red and he could see tears running down her cheeks. 'Let me in we need to talk.'

Izzy stepped away from the door and Danny entered. She looked at him and could see he was not happy but at the moment she didn't care 'don't bother Danny. I know you and Steve talked about me and seem to think home schooling is what I need but I'm not thick.'

Danny held his hands up 'Whoa, neither of us said you're thick but Steve said this time last year you were ready to do your exams. He also told me it's the anniversary of your mom's death is that what's upset you so much baby girl?' He saw her eyes change from angry to sadness and she burst into tears. 'Hey baby, come here.' He pulled Izzy into his arms and she sobbed into his chest. Running his hand through her auburn hair, he pulled her over to the bed 'Izzy, why didn't you tell me? I meant what I said that I want to help.'

'How can you help Danny? It's the anniversary of her death.' There was silence for a few minutes until she continued 'You know she died in a car accident and I was alone until Steve came back. I couldn't get hold of Mary, her number was out of service. The policeman who came to tell me, he rang the LAPD and asked them to get hold of Mary. She'd gone on holiday to New York but I didn't know. So they got hold of Steve's C/O. Steve was out of the country on a mission. Ten days it took for them to get hold of him and for Steve to get home. Had to wait for him before the funeral could be organised cus I didn't know how to. I remember this woman coming to the funeral and her saying afterwards that I must be really thick if I couldn't even organise a funeral.' His tee was soaked where she'd cried but Danny didn't move, rubbing circles on her back and stroking her hair 'Did Steve know how long you were on your own for?'

'I don't know, we never talked about it. I'm sorry Danny,' she launched for him and kissed him, straddling his hips as her mouth connected with his. Danny was actually startled 'Baby girl.' he moaned into her mouth 'What you doing?'

'Punish me daddy, I've been naughty, please punish me. I deserve to be punished.' she ground herself on his groin and he felt his cock throb and twitch. '

What for baby?'

'Swearing. I swore at you, punish me.'


'Why? I deserve to be punished. Please punish me.' Izzy started feeling him through his jeans, managing to get the zip down and her hand inside. Her hand touched his cock, he grabbed both her arms and flipped them over

'Isabella, you need to stop.'

'I won't, I want you to fuck me so hard I see stars. Want to feel you pound me. Want to scream your name as I come. Want to suck you and for you to fuck my face till your spunk spurts down my throat. Want you to fuck my pretty little ass till I beg you to stop and if you won't I'll go out and find someone who will.'

'Oh you will, will you?' Danny looked down at Izzy with fire in his eyes 'Right then, you want to be fucked, I'm gonna fuck you like the little bitch you are.' He slapped her across the face. Walking towards the bedroom door he opened and shouted down to Steve 'Steve, I'm gonna stay up here with Iz, I'll tell you when I come down what's wrong.'

'Ok Danny.'

Shutting the door, she was lying still on the bed but he could hear the small sobs coming from her 'You still want to be fucked like a bitch Isabella? Believe me I can do that.' Before he got to the bed, he stripped out of his clothes but taken his belt from his jeans. He was so angry with her for daring to threaten to go and fuck someone else but the fact she wanted him to treat her like a bitch or slut turned him on so much. His 9 inch cock was already pulsing and come was dripping from the slit 'put your hands above your head you dirty little slut.'

She obeyed putting her hands over her head. Tying her hands with his belt, he tightened it and she winced in pain 'you want me to stop?'

'No, fuck me like the whore you want me to be.' she spat at him

'Oh I will, he pulled her shirt up and ripped her bra off, pulling her shorts down round her knees, 'treat you like a whore then.' No prep he entered her roughly and she gasped. Still slick from earlier, he held her shoulders down on the mattress while fucking her, feeling her muscles tense when he did, she brought her legs up round his waist 'fuck me Danny, please.' she pleaded through broken sobs.

'Why you doing this baby?' Danny thrust in and she squeaked

'Because I deserve to be punished.' she managed to get out before she brought her mouth up and kissed him, biting him on the lips.

'Fuck, Izzy. Why?'

'Stop talking and hurt me Danny please.' she begged 'Hurt me.'

He pulled out 'No baby girl, I won't hurt you.'

'Don't stop I need your cock in me, fuck me, make me beg.'

Danny was losing control of both Izzy and the situation. His cock was painfully hard but he couldn't hurt her. 'Izzy, this has to stop now otherwise I'm not sure I can.' Danny was breathing hard, trying to move back, she locked her ankles 'please Daddy.'

Danny's dick took over and he thrust back into her, felt his balls touch her pussy lips. Thrusting as hard as he could, he saw she was crying but accepting what he was doing. 'Let me suck you off.' she choked out and released her legs from his waist 'Fuck my face and come all over me.'

'J'sus.' Danny moved up and grabbed her head, forcing his cock in her mouth. He was sitting on her face, knees placed either side of her head. Pulling at her hair, he fucked her mouth, feeling his cock hit the back of her throat and his balls resting on her swollen lips. She'd closed her eyes 'Open your eyes I want to see you.' he ordered. She opened them and was gagging on his cock but wasn't fighting him almost like she'd lost the battle. Danny felt her tongue the slit and managed to move back before he shot his load all over her face. Seeing her body sink into the bed, he untied his belt and grabbed her up to him 'Baby girl, why do you deserve to be punished so hard?' holding her to his chest.

'I killed her.'

'Who baby?'

'My mom. It's my fault she's dead.' Izzy put her arms round him and cried again.

'Why do you think that?' Danny held her close to him wishing he wasn't such a bastard

'I was supposed to go out to the shop but was listening to some stupid show so mom went and then she never came home. It's my fault.' her sobbing got quieter as she tried to pull away from him

'Oh no you don't.' Danny held her close 'You did not kill your mom. You definitely did not deserve the punishment you just had and had you told me before hand I wouldn't have hurt you. Baby girl...' he held her until he felt her relax and checking her face saw she had no more tears. 'Go take a shower. I need to talk to Steve. Home schooling is now the way we are going ok?'

'I'm really sorry Danny. I didn't mean to say I'd go and get someone else. I don't want you to think I'm a slut.'

Danny groaned 'I don't think your a slut or a whore. I just wish you'd fucking told me before. I do want to help you Izzy but you have to trust me. Ok?'

She nodded. Danny got dressed and went downstairs to talk to Steve.

He looked at his messed up hair in the mirror in the downstairs bathroom and his kiss swollen bitten lips. Danny knew he could be a fucker when it came to sex. He loved rough hard sex but there was always a time and place and hurting his baby girl because she thought she deserved it wasn't the time. Throwing water on his face, smoothing down his hair he found Steve sat back out on the lanai. 'Danny. What's wrong with Iz?' Steve's voice showing his concern

Danny sighed 'She blames herself for your mom's death. She was alone here for about ten days before you got home and some woman who attended the funeral called her thick because she didn't know how to organise it. So I guess she's feeling pretty shitty about now.'

'I knew she was here alone, well I didn't until I got back. I was in North Korea. My C/O got in touch with my team four days after the accident. Where we were it took us a two day trek back to civilisation. Then flights to the US and debriefings. By then it was ten days later. I thought Mary would be with her. I remember walking in and Iz was sat on the floor she was wearing one of my shirts. She thought it was mom coming back, she called out when I walked in. All the lights were on and doors open other than the front door. She'd broken a vase and had sat there with it for two days. I picked her up and cuddled her and asked where Mary was. She didn't know, Mary had gone on holiday to New York so we found out. Anyway ten days she'd been alone and I didn't fucking know.'

'Jesus Christ. So what happened?'

'I arranged the funeral. Finally got hold of Mary then we had to arrange who would look after Iz. She heard Mary and I fighting over who she'd be best living with. Mary refused saying that with her working she'd have no time to spare looking after Iz. So I got myself transferred to Hawaii to look after her but even then I go and get myself injured. Anyway once I'm back on my feet, hopefully everything will settle down. I've transferred to the reserves and will be running a special task force for the Governor. Did she say who said she was thick?'

Danny shook his head.

'I wish she'd told me all this. Is that why she got so upset about the home schooling business? Why does she think mom's death is her fault?'

'Yeah, she assumed we were saying she was thick and it obviously triggered a memory of your mom's death. Your mom had gone to the shops or something and Iz was supposed to go but your mom did and the rest is history. She cried a lot so I told her to go take a shower. Make herself feel better.'

Steve ran his hand over his face 'We've not spoken about it. I'm not good at that kinda thing.'

Danny put his hand on Steve's shoulder 'She'll be fine you know. Your sister is a great kid, she just needs some help and you are the only one who can do that. Look I should probably leave. Iz needs some brotherly love and I'll just get in the way.' He stood up to leave

'Don't go Danny. I mean Mr Williams. Steve and I will talk later. I was going to cook steak for dinner. Steve is it ok if Mr Williams stays please?'

Both men turned and Izzy was stood there in a black short skirt and white bikini top with a white shirt open. Steve smiled 'Yes, it's fine Iz as long as it's ok with Danny.'

Danny hoped Steve didn't look at him, his cock was rock hard and bulging through his jeans at the sight of her. Even though less than an hour ago he'd fucked and come all over her face, he could go again. She looked so sexy, water droplets falling off her hair onto her naked collarbones. Her tanned skin looked so perfect, she was hiding all the bruises he'd caused but he ached to be inside her again.

Danny smiled 'Ok, that would be great.' Izzy helped Steve in and sat in the living room. Bringing him the laptop, water, paperwork and some snacks. Heading into the kitchen she saw Danny was sat down at the table watching her intently. 'Have I done something wrong Danny?'

'No, just enjoying the view.'

She smiled and bent over to pick up a cloth she'd dropped on the floor. She wasn't wearing any panties 'What the fuck you doing Isabella?'

'What?' she said with that innocent voice and look

Danny strode over to her and gripped her wrists 'Your not wearing any panties and your brother is in the next room.'

'So, it's not like Steve's gonna touch me or anything is it?'

'What if you have to bend over to pick something up for him?'

She smiled sweetly 'then you'll have to make sure I don't have to bend over.'

'Get your sexy ass upstairs and put some panties on right now.' Danny knew his voice was gravelly with lust but there was no way he would allow Steve to see his sister's pussy and ass.

'Spoilsport.' but she grinned at him and went upstairs to put some panties on.

It was approaching Izzy's last week in school and boy was she thankful. The 'haole' chants had got worse and she'd ended up seeing the school nurse twice in the last week alone after she's been tripped over once and accidentally pushed down the stairs. She'd tried to hide it from both Steve and Danny but she'd failed miserably. Steve had seen the bandage on her leg and when she refused to say how she got it he called Danny up. As Danny had no idea either, he'd called up the school nurse and she told him Izzy had been brought in. So Izzy got a bollocking from Steve and when Danny arrived and said he'd brought some work over for Izzy to do. Steve told them to carry on upstairs to do what they needed. He put her over his knee and spanked her for not telling him. 'You'll get the rest of your punishment at school baby girl.' his voice rough

Izzy groaned 'You've just spanked me and your still looking to punish me? That's not fair Danny.'

He picked her up and looked her straight in the eyes 'Your not still questioning me are you?'

'No but I think it's unfair. I didn't tell you or Steve cus I knew he'd get pissed off and you'd want to try and protect me...'

Danny cut her off with a kiss 'Shut up and let me remind you on how this works. When those bitches at school start picking on you, you tell me and I deal with them. You don't hide anything from me Isabella do you understand me?'

'Yes. So what will the rest of my punishment be?'

Danny smirked 'Oh you will see and I already know you will hate it.' Standing up he dumped her on the floor, adjusted his trousers and left.

Izzy came downstairs to find Steve and Danny sitting on the sofa drinking beer 'Danny has told me he will have a word with those girls make sure they understand your off limits from now on.' Steve said

'Great.' Izzy said sarcastically

'Watch your tone Isabella, if Danny hadn't been kind enough to find out what had happened, I'd be in the dark and you know how pissed off I get when you don't tell me things.' Steve turned to look at her 'If I believed in corporal punishment, I'd bend you over my knee and spank you.'

Izzy's eyes grew wide 'You'd put me over your knee and spank me?' her voice grew higher as she said it

'Yes I would young lady' Steve said as he carried on drinking his beer

Danny turned to her and grinned. Izzy stuck her tongue out at him and went to the kitchen to get a drink. She was surprised to feel hands snake round her waist 'Do you think I should start to watch out for your brother Izzy?' Danny's breath ghosted over her ear

'That's a disgusting thought Danny Steve would never do anything to me.' Izzy was horrified he'd made the suggestion

'I dunno baby girl, you get off on calling me daddy. So why not imagine your brother spanking you? Just imagine this Danny is breathing huskily in her ear

'Steve finds out you've been a naughty girl at school and got detention but you hadn't told him. He found out through your teacher who rang to tell him why you were gonna be late. When you get home Steve is waiting and you don't suspect a thing.

He asks 'how your day was?'

You say 'fine.'

while Danny was whispering his story in her ear, he slipped his hand inside her jeans and into her panties feeling how wet she was

'Steve then asks 'why your late from school?'

You lie to him and say something like 'you went to the mall.'

He's pacing up and down the floor

You ask him 'what's the matter?'

He says 'he doesn't like you lying to him and he knows you've been in trouble at school.' You say 'it's not a big deal'

'but it is to Steve...' Danny starts rubbing Izzy's clit slowly, she puts her head on his chest panting slowly as he continues

'He's furious your not taking it seriously enough and threatens to 'spank you.'

You say 'go on then,' thinking he won't.

He grabs hold of you, puts you across his knee.

You start wiggling, telling him 'he's insane' and as you keep moving, your skirt rides up. Your wearing a thong, so your naked ass is on show. Steve feels his way down the curve of your ass cheek and you start begging and pleading him not to spank you'

Danny bites down on the lobe of Izzy's ear 'Beg not to be spanked.' while still rubbing her clit getting faster and faster

'Please don't spank me, I'm begging you don't spank me.' Izzy whispered

'Steve ignores your pleas and you feel his hand come down sharply on your ass.

You gasp at the feeling it provokes and he continues to spank you until your ass feels like it's on fire. Then his finger traces down from your sore ass until he reaches a moist patch. He asks 'Did you enjoy that Isabella?'

You know you shouldn't have but your so turned on you lie to him again and tell him 'you didn't.'

He sees straight through you and without warning plunges his finger into the tightness of your dripping hot mound.' As if on queue Danny does it and Izzy lets out an audible gasp

'He fingers you hard and fast and you can feel your orgasm building.' Danny was doing exactly that

'He tells you to stop lying cus only dirty little girls get turned on by being spanked and that's exactly what you are and he wants to feel you cum on his hand.'

Izzy is moaning loudly so with his other hand Danny clamps her mouth.

'Steve tells you how beautiful you look spread out on his lap with your ass glowing red from being spanked raised in the air and his finger in your pussy and tells you to cum now.'

With that Izzy's body went rigid, her head smacked off his collarbone and she was moaning shamelessly into his hand. Danny could feel her juices on his hand , he watched as her eyes rolled back in her head. His erection was pressing into her leg, turning round to make sure Steve was no where in sight, Danny pulled down Izzy's jeans and panties, unzipped and plunged into her sensitive hole, while still holding her mouth closed. It only took him 5 thrusts before he filled her with his cum. Letting go of her, she slid to the floor and Danny had to brace himself on the kitchen sink.

'Danny, Iz you guys ok in there?' Steve shouted in from the lounge

'Yeah Steve, we're good. Just making Izzy understand her attitude towards you was out of line and as her guardian you can punish her any way you see fit.' Danny shouted back a little breathlessly.

They heard Steve laugh 'Yeah and if she carries on being cheeky I just might do it.'

Izzy looked up at Danny eyes wide but sleepy looking 'Did you enjoy that baby girl?' Danny asked helping her up

All she could do was nod

'Come on you two the movie's starting.' Steve called out

Pulling her into a tight embrace they walked into the living room, Izzy sat between the two men. 'What movie we watching Steve?' she asked him

'Oceans Eleven.'

Settling down the movie started and Izzy could feel herself drifting off. Every so often she would open her eyes to see Danny watching her. Feeling an arm round her shoulders and pull her in she went with the flow, only to realise she wasn't going in towards Danny but Steve. Opening her eyes she watched as Steve smiled down at her then kissed her forehead, pulling her snug into his chest. Hearing his heartbeat Izzy couldn't fight it any longer and fell asleep against chest.