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I was sitting down at the table looking at the beautiful romantic dinner that Dimitri had cooked for me, he wanted to spoil me after all that hospital food I'd had that previous month. My stomach however didn't seem to want it, I ran to the bathroom and vomited into the toilet.

'Rose? Are you okay?'

Dimitri my Russian god held my hair back as I vomited the rest of the delightful meal into the toilet. He felt my forehead for a fever, but found my temperature normal.

"It's okay, it must have been something I ate earlier don't worry comrade"

I saw the worry in his eyes and hoped he believed me, he nodded and picked me up in his arms and placed me into bed. Ever since I was shot, Dimitri and I finally became the couple that I always wanted us to be. Lissa has been ruling as Queen quite successfully, and Christian stayed by her side every step of the way, you could say that all was well.

That is until the vomiting started, every morning I would run to the toilet and vomit up whatever I had eaten previously, I put it off as food poisoning but I had none of the other symptoms.

I also found myself craving foods; Dimitri gave me a very unusual look when I asked for pickles and ice cream for dessert.

The next day Lissa came barging into my room insisting that we go shopping, I couldn't refuse since… well she is my queen and my best friend! She arranged for guardians almost immediately, I brought Dimitri along because he looked like he needed time away from court even if it was at the mall! Lissa managed to con sparky into coming as well, it was like the old days when all the problems I had was acquiring lip gloss. Half way there I had to get the driver to pull over, I was feeling nauseas again. I hadn't told Lissa about the vomiting or the cravings yet because my theory was beyond possible, I don't know how I was going to keep lying to Dimitri though.

I got back in the car, all concern in my friends eyes directed at me I told them it was just something I'd eaten. Dimitri had heard this excuse before and I knew he was going to interrogate me later.

We finally arrived at the mall and Lissa and I shopped for what seemed like forever and returned to the main entrance where we agreed to meet.

I told Lissa I just had to quickly grab something before we go and I told her that I would meet her there making sure she had plenty of guardians with her.

Even without our bond I could tell she thought I was hiding something from her, which is true anyway.

I scurried off to the chemist; I had to prove that my theory was ridiculous otherwise It would drive me insane. I bought the pregnancy test and the chemist guy gave me a funny look,

"What are you looking at?" I snapped

He went back to what he was doing and I quickly power walked to the meeting point, everyone raised their eyebrows at me. Why is everyone giving me this look today?

"What in the hell are you guys looking at?" I asked

"Everything okay Rose? You look a bit… pissed off" said fire boy

"Yes everything is fine, I'm just tired can we go?" I said

Dimitri walked with me to the car and raised his eyebrow, which I've always been jealous of. He gave me that look whenever he thought I was acting strange, which seemed like all the time.

Things on Dimitri had been tough since the shooting, he was close with Tasha after all and it takes time to get over a betrayal like that. He had gone to see her jail but didn't make it through the door, it has taken him several attempts but so far he hasn't succeeded. I didn't mind him going to see her; because I knew it would tear him apart if he didn't say his peace with her in case she got the death penalty. Which I was secretly hoping would happen, I never said that out loud though I mean the women did try to kill me and steal the man that I love for god's sake. Lissa was also struggling with the fact that Jill is her secret sister. Their struggling to bond but I know that they will eventually, it must be a shock for her too.

I fell asleep on the ride home and I felt myself being carried, I felt the softness of my bed and I drifted off into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of Dimitri's snores, it had been a long night for him to so I quietly got up and went to shower.

While I was in there I pulled out the pregnancy test, it took me a good half an hour to get the courage to do it. All these thoughts kept popping in my head, What if I became like my mum and just sent her/him to the academy and never see them?

What if Dimitri didn't want them and told me to abort?

And how the hell was this even possible?

But then there was a small apart of me that was hoping I was pregnant, I knew that Dimitri wanted kids that's why he almost took Tasha's offer. Thank god he didn't otherwise he would be producing evil spawn.

I checked it after two minutes and I took a deep breath.

I looked at it and blacked out.

It was positive.

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