in difficulty with sight

A HariPo drabble

by mew-tsubaki

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In the light, she looked just like them. In the light, she didn't have anxious bags under her eyes.

Elphias would describe her as "young at heart," because it didn't seem plausible that she was Grindelwald's great-aunt. Bathilda Bagshot seemed like the comely older woman up the street who smelled of ink, parchment, and treacle tart paste. Maybe she looked like the mother of Grindelwald, with a silver streak running along the left side of her head, messily pinned into her black bun as though it were a ribbon she'd decided to wear to make her pretty like Ariana.

Bathilda treated Albus with some trepidation when he and Elphias stopped by to "collect" Gellert, what Elphias was sure was the source of the bags under her eyes. Elphias didn't like Gellert and didn't try to hide it, so he wondered if Bathilda shared his feelings. She never looked disapprovingly at him, only Albus. "They're thick as thieves," she would say of Albus and Gellert. But then she'd turn and pass a freshly baked good to Elphias. She knew he didn't get into the trouble they did, but Elphias wasn't willing to rub off on Gellert even for her sake. She was a sweet woman, but Gellert—ugh, Gellert was beyond anyone's help, including his.

Once, Elphias asked her what she thought of her great-nephew. "He's only great by hyphen," she retorted bitterly. Elphias was slow to get it at first, but he did.

"Adopt me instead," he joked to lighten the mood.

Bathilda stopped what she was doing—writing, yet again—and stared at him. Then a smile broke out on her face like the sun dawning in the heavens (at least to Elphias). "You're fine just the way you are, Elph."

She patted his shoulder, getting ink stains on his jacket, and returned to her work, never minding the somewhat desolate look on the young wizard's face.

Elphias shrugged it off. Witches and wizards could live for nearly forever. So he had a lifetime to get her to see otherwise.

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I like this! Teenage Elphias fawning over a younger Bathilda… It kinda has potential. :+

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