The Legend of Chastity Lorna
Chapter Three: The Legend, Part One
By Alicia Jennings

"It all began when Charles the Second, the "merry monarch", became king. He took for him a wife, Catherine of Braganza, a Portuguese princess with a large dowry. Charles had many illegitimate children by dozens of mistresses. One of his children, however, was a legitimate child, born of wedlock; a baby girl named Chastity Lorna. Charles sent most of his children off for fostering. Chastity, however, was different....he kept her in his and his wife's care..." Dumbledore began telling the tale of tragedy, ignorance, and of love found and lost.


Catherine sat at Charles' left at the large banquet table, pondering the reasons upon why she was here, in England, at this table. Ahhh, now she remembered. Eager to marry her off to the first rich monarch, her father gave her to this pig who ruled England.
He could have dozens of children by his mistresses, yet she couldn't conceive the sickliest little son. It was hurtful. She wanted a son so much. Maybe, if she had a boy, Charles would pay more attention to her. Maybe he would have an heir to this precious throne.

For now, though, all she had was Chastity. Catherine loved the girl. She was so sweet, vivacious, and full of life. The exact opposite of her father. The only time he was vivacious was when he'd had too much to drink. Of course, that was becoming more often.

Charles had upset her greatly as of late. He spoke of nothing but possible suitors for Chastity. Catherine wept bitterly at the thought of Chastity going away, out of her life. What would she do without her? And Chastity was not yet ready for marriage. She had just begun her monthly courses. She had to become stronger before she was thrown into the world of marriage and childbearing.

Catherine shivered in the chill autumn air. She knew in her heart, however, that she was not shivering from the cold, rather from her fears.

Charles the Second, King of Britain, stood up, and the hall fell silent. He smiled at them all.

"Welcome! I bid you welcome!" Applause rang throughout the hall. "We are here ere the occasion of my beloved daughter's seventeenth birthday. We wish thee well, Chastity," he said, raising his goblet.

"We wish thee well," the crowd chorused, and drank to her honor. Chastity smiled and drank. Instead of her usual water, it was rich, red wine. She blinked, trying to accustom herself to its' taste. Her best friend, Perrin, chuckled beside her.

"Dost the lady not liken herself to the wine?" He took a deep drink of his.

"No, I do not," she said under her breath. "And I am not yet a lady. I am but a child."

"Thou dost not have the look of a young girl," said Perrin, grinning mischievously.

"Perrin Allen!" Self-consciously, her hand flew to the top of her dress. It was a little low cut, granted, but she did not have much to flaunt! "And art thou truly a man?"

"Dost thou wish to look and see?" Perrin grabbed her hand and swept it under the table, and she gave a small shriek and yanked it away. Perrin grinned. "You know I am only jesting."

Chastity gave him a small glare as she ate a small bite of the rich food on her plate. "Thou art a fool on occasion."

"What occasions are those?" asked Perrin as he too ate of the rich food.

"The occasions at which you wish to embarrass me, sir," she answered.

"What, dost thou now call me sir?"

"If thou art to call me a lady, a title that I am not worthy of, I shall call you a title that thou are not worthy of either."

Perrin shook his head at her remark as the king stood once more. A hush fell again.

"Good ladies and sirs! I have splendid, splendid news from the fair land of my lady's birth! The good Sir William, cousin to my lady queen, wishes to wed my fair daughter Chastity!"

Chastity and Perrin's mouths dropped as cheers went up from the crowd of nobles. All at once, women were swooping down to her, giving her hugs and pinching her cheeks. The young girl sat, her food forgotten, as activity bustled around her. The minstrels struck up a lively tune, and men and women began to dance the last dance of the night.

Chastity got up, as if to dance, but signaled Perrin to follow her. They snuck out of the banquet hall unnoticed, sneaking up the stairs to her rooms.

"I cannot marry him!" Chastity burst out, sinking down into a cushion by the fire. "I shall die before I do!"

"No, thou wilt yet live," said Perrin. "Mayhap something will happen to him en route to England. A storm, or a catastrophe."

"Not with mine luck," answered Chastity, tears flowing freely. "With mine, it is most like that a storm shall cometh upon him, and he survive, and be hailed as a hero."

"Come hither," whispered Perrin, taking her in his arms. "I'll not let him wed you. I'll find a way."

Chastity nodded, still curled up in her best friend's arms. She looked up at him. "Thou art the only man on this earth I trust."

"And you are the only woman I trust."

"If only you were of more noble blood," Chastity murmured. "I'd marry you."

Perrin chuckled. "You would be tired of me in but a week, sweet Chastity. Thou would throw me out like an old, worn-out gown."

"I -" Chastity started to retort, but stopped at the sound of something in the corridor. "Quick! Hide, you shouldn't be here!"

Perrin nodded, and dove under the bed. Chastity moved the hangings so they covered him, and went back to her place by the fire. "Come in," she called after a knock sounded.

The door opened, and her father and his wife entered. Chastity was very close to her father's wife, which was rather ironic. She barely knew her father, who was too busy governing Britain to pay her any mind. That is, too busy to pay her any mind unless it concerned marriage. She knew out of all his children she was luckiest, however. She was kept at the court, unlike her brother James Scott or the others.

"My daughter, you left the feast early," said Charles, as Chastity made a deep curtsy. "What upset you so?"

"You know what upset her!" Catherine exploded. "Any young girl who learns that she is to marry someone she knows not and loves not is bound to be upset!"

Charles looked at his wife angrily, but before he could say anything, Chastity spoke. "My lord father and king, my lady queen is right. I know not Sir William, nor love him, nor do I wish to marry him. When I marry someone, I want to marry an Englishman whom I know, who loves me and I love him."

"You will marry Sir William!" shouted Charles, not at all looking like the "merry monarch" he was made out to be. "I tire of your opinions! Both of you!"

"I won't! I'll kill myself before I shall marry that ignorant prat! I've heard Catherine talk about him. He's Catholic, too!"

There was a loud crack that rang through the air as Charles' hand connected with Chastity's jaw. The girl clutched the right side of her face, silent tears welling up in her eyes.

"There," said Charles, his voice steely. "I hope that convinces you. You will be marrying Sir William in three weeks time. Get thee a bridal veil." Charles turned on his heel and walked out. Catherine, her mouth moving silently, gave a look to Chastity and then followed her husband out. The door closed, and a lock clicked. She'd been locked in.

Perrin wriggled out from under the bed, letting forth numerous curses and profanities. "Sorry," he said at the shocked look on Chastity's face. "Here...let us do something about that bruise."

"Really, it will be fine -" Chastity started, but Perrin cut her off.

"You know 'tis not fine. Where is some water? Ahh, here..." He grasped a pitcher and poured cool, clean water into the washbasin. He dabbed a damp handkerchief onto the red and purple patch gently. "I could use a Healing Charm on it..."

"No!" Chastity grasped his hand. "Father and Catherine can't know about our powers! If I go into the hall tomorrow without a bruise, they'll know something is not right!"

"All right, all right," said Perrin, putting away the handkerchief. "Everyone shall know by that bruise alone all is not right."

Chastity sighed, leaning against the bedpost, her cheek slowly purpling. "Nothing in this palace has ever been 'all right', Perrin." She paused, her eyes staring into space. "Nothing."


"Days passed. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, months into another season. And then the word came. Sir William's ship had been lost at sea. The crew had survived. Sir William had never been found. Chastity and Queen Catherine breathed a small sigh of relief while King Charles fumed. The two women knew it would not be long before a suitor knocked at the door again."


Chastity, after hearing the news and being made to wear the traditional black of mourning, went to Perrin's manor, a short walk from the palace.

"I know it was you," she said quietly as they walked through Perrin's family's gardens. "I know it was you who sunk Sir William's ship."

Perrin looked down. "I did not have another choice, milady. It was either lose him," he said, turning towards her, his arms encircling her slim waist, "Or lose you."

"What dost thou mean?"

"I mean that I love you, sweet Chastity," said Perrin, and he bent down and kissed her with a burning passion she'd never felt before. It was happiness, sheer bliss. Chastity was grateful for the high garden walls that prevented anyone else from seeing her pink cheeks. In all fourteen years of her life, she'd never felt so giddy.

"And I love you," she answered Perrin after their lips parted. "And no matter what happens, I shall always love you."

An old man tending to the gardens a few feet off stole away, his presence unknown.


"Shortly after their declaration of love, the king found another suitor, and this time Chastity took action. She ran away to an entirely magical settlement, named Hogsmeade. A ways away from Hogsmeade was a school named Hogwarts, which she then enrolled in and mastered her magical abilities. She and Perrin corresponded, even meeting a few times in the Forbidden Forest....

"Chastity confided to Perrin that sometimes she felt like someone was watching her. She knew that before long, someone would find out who she really was. And the cost of someone knowing that information....would be much more than she and Perrin could bear."


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