Chapter X: The Epilogue

The next day, Ash and Yuna sat on a hill nearby the Ashura Household. The two were snuggling up to each other, enjoying each other's company, when Sojiro came in, something glowing in hand. "Hey Sosuke, what's that?" the two asked, only to be met with surprise... in his hand was a shard of Renkinji Ore. "I managed to sneak this here after the fight with Nikura. Now, there's nothing stopping you from creating a Tenshi Stone... now you can get your lives back..." the man responded. The teens looked at each other, then made their decision.

"Thanks... but we'll pass..." the raven-haired boy told him. Shock overcame the older man's face. "Wait... what? But... you've been looking for this power! Why won't you take it?" The two simply gave a warm smile. "We don't need it anymore. At first, we thought these mutations were a curse... but now, we realize they were a blessing in disguise..." Sojiro stared for a minute, but then smiled at the two. "I'm glad you two are happy..." he added.

That's when a voice came from nowhere. "So May and Dawn were right... you are alive..." The three turned to see Ash's old friends: May, Dawn, Brock, Max, Misty, Tracey, Gary, Iris and Cilan. All of them had sad looks on their faces. The raven-haired boy's expression soon turned sour. "What do you want?" he spat at the group, causing them to flinch. Iris was the first to speak. "Look. We're sorry we turned our backs on you. The truth is, we never wanted to leave you..." Ash didn't trust them, though. How could he?

That's when Brock continued. "The reason we left you was because we were forced to. Some more grunts came and attacked your mother, so we had to fend them off. By the time we came back, you were gone." Cilan was next. "After that, we had a search party look for you, but when they couldn't find you, they just up and pronounced you dead." Next, Misty. "Since then, we tried to move on, but couldn't. When May and Dawn told us they saw you, we didn't believe them at first..." Finally, Gary spoke. "But through much convincing, they got us to come here. It's a good thing we did... or we would have never seen you again..."

Ash couldn't believe it; his friends cared about him after all... Soon, a tear fell from his mutated right eye, which prompted Yuna to wrap her arms around him. "See? They do care. What do you say? Forgive them?" After a minute, Ash had made his decision. "Apology... accepted..." The group was awash with relief. Their friend understood them, and forgave them. That's when Yuna pulled him in for a passionate kiss, which he gladly returned. The others were shocked beyond belief; Ash? With a girl? But soon, their shocked faces turned into proud ones. They were happy for him. Happy that he found love.

A month later, everyone was celebrating Ashura's Eighteenth Birthday. But the greatest surprise wasn't given to him. No. It was one he gave to Yuna. For as they were celebrating, Ash got in front of Yuna, got down on one knee, and pulled out a black box. "Yuna... you brought light back into my life when I was surrounded by darkness... you stuck by my side when no one else would, or could... I love you with all my heart... and because of that, I ask you this question today..." he paused before opening the box... which contained a platinum ring with a large, pale blue gem on it. "... Yuna Toumeinayuki... will you marry me?"

Yuna was at a loss for words. Tears filled her eyes as she picked up the ring. Soon after, she pulled Ash into a tight embrace. "Of course I'll marry you." And with that, the two began to make out, the others watching with proud smiles on their faces.

The day of the wedding, all of the couple's loved ones showed up, even Nanako and Sojiro, who had started dating three weeks prior. Of course, Yuna's parents weren't there, as they were sentenced to death for attempted murder. Anyways, after the long speech, the two Aura Alchemists exchanged their vows and kissed each other. This was the happiest day of their lives...

-Ashura's House, Karasu Town-
-Six Years Later-

Yuna awoke from her slumber, and rose from the bed. She then looked down at and rubbed her swollen belly, a smile on her face. But soon, she noticed something; where was her husband? She exited the room and entered the kitchen, where she found her husband cooking breakfast; chocolate chip pancakes with scrambled eggs. But she also found someone else... a five-year-old boy with Yuna's white hair and dark skin tone, but her husband's brown eyes and zigzag marks, as well as his blue wings and tail. The child was petting Pikachu, as well as Lopunny, whom the woman had received in a trade from Dawn, who felt that she couldn't keep the rabbit pokemon from her love anymore.

Yuna soon decided to make her presence known. "Good morning, Ash. Shoji." she chimed, which earned their attention. The raven-haired man slowly pulled her into a hug. "Good morning, dear. How did you sleep?" "Quite nicely with you to snuggle against." the woman replied before being hugged by Shoji. "Good morning, Mommy!" he chimed before having his hair stroked by his mother. "Hello, son." she responded before pecking him on the forehead. That's when the father interrupted. "Breakfast is ready!" And with that, the family began to eat.

At the table, Shoji began scarfing down his meal, which earned a slight scold from his father. "Shoji! How many times have I told you to mind your manners?" The child seemed sad, but sson, his mother spoke. "Oh, come on, Ash. You were the same way when you were younger." The man merely blushed in embarassment, but soon sweatdropped when he saw what his wife was eating; she had topped her pancakes with hot sauce, pickles and whipped cream. Yuna noticed Ash's look, and gave him a teasing glare. "Oh, come on! I'm pregnant! What did you expect?" The man then appproached his wife and pecked her on the cheek. "I know, hunny... I know..." The woman smiled warmly at him and kissed him back.

At the start of this story, Ashura thought he was cursed, but now, he considered himself the luckiest guy in the world. He now had a loving wife, and they were now part of a family of three, soon to be four.

It just goes to show you... sometimes, a curse is really a blessing in disguise...