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Luxa's POV

I stood there in the light of a single torch for what seemed like forever before I could tare my eyes away from the spot where Gregor had stood. I took a step towards the stone, tempted to move it and run after Gregor to- to do what? I didn't know.

With a shuddering gasp, I turned on my heel and dove into Aurora's wings, trying desperately to hold back tears. I couldn't afford tears at the moment; tears were distracting and told all creatures in no uncertain terms how shaken the loss of Gregor had made me. It felt like he had been there from the very beginning and, in a way, he had been. Even when I had lost faith in everything and was ready to let it all go, he had been there, reminding me why I should keep going.

I will not cry. I will not cry. I. Will. Not. Cry! I thought vehemently even as tears silently seeped out from under my eye lids to run down my face in two glistening streams.

"It's all right, it'll be alright, you'll see," came a very familiar voice from the shadows. It was Ripred who stepped into the flickering torch light and to my side as I new it would be, emanating a calm feeling. There had been a time not even a full two years ago when I would have viewed him with fear and suspicion if not out-right hatred. But as he placed a paw on my shoulder, a paw attached to claws with which I had seen him rip an opponent's throat out with barely more than a twitch, I felt only the comfort of a Bond. "It's not like you'll never see him again." His voice was no longer kind and reassuring, but matter of fact. Even in the emotional state I was quickly sinking into I could tell he was rolling his eyes.

I looked up at him, blinking rapidly to clear my vision before narrowing them in an attempt to keep them from watering. "What mean you of this?" I asked with a slight sniffle.

"Exactly what I just said," He replied in his trade mark this-should-be-obvious,-are-you- seriously-going-to-make-me-repeat-myself? tone. "Lover Boy," this he said with a dash of sarcasm, "doesn't have the ability to move on; and by the looks of it, you aren't going any where any time soon in that respect either. He'll be back, so pull your self together and get your royal behind back to Regalia! We have a city to rebuild, points to argue, and compromises to reach. Your people need their Queen to have a clear head on her shoulders, so stop sniveling and get going!"

I couldn't help the tiny smile that appeared at his proclamation as I dried my face with a sleeve. How very typical of him. "You are right Ripred." I stood up and squared my shoulders. "Let us go."

Oh, Gregor, I thought as Aurora flew me back to Regalia with Ripred running below us, I will not give up without a fight, I am to head strong for that, but remember that I love you and come back to me some day. Just come back...