Vondrakenhof here. I recently got into Kim Possible so here is my first KP fanfic. It is also my first Lemon and (hopefully) my first chaptered story. Please review, tell me what you liked, what you didn't like and what I can do better. Enjoy!

A Week Without Ronshine.

In the basement of the recently rebuilt Possible residence two figures were sparring on a crudely arena covered in body mats. One was a young woman who had just reached adulthood. Dressed in a purple and black ensemble she referred to as her mission outfit, she was clearly dominating the match. Kim Possible attributed this to years of training, extensive knowledge of sixteen martial arts and the agility gifted to her as only cheerleading could. Her opponent and long term boyfriend, Ron Stoppable, on the other hand believed that it was because he was unwilling to hit her.

Kim had to admit, Tai Sheng Pek Kwar or Monkey Kung Fu, was an incredibly flexible discipline. Ron was able to block and dodge many of her attacks without moving his feet an inch and all of a sudden would launch into acrobatic feats that put her cheer routines to shame. Even the fighting stances were flexible, being incredibly intimidating on one end, and lulling the opponent into a false sense of security at the other. Although Kim suspected that the latter was simply because of Ron.

But it was frustrating her that her boyfriend wasn't fighting back. They'd agreed to train and spar together in order to have a better understanding of each other in combat, as well as boosting Ron's chances in a fight. So she was pushing him, giving it her all, so that he'd have to strike back or be pummelled by his own girlfriend. And he knew it.

The heat was getting to Ron. Even in the Possible's basement the summer heat was stifling. The way Kim was working him wasn't helping either. Though intellectually he knew that this was a sparring match and he was expected to strike back against the girl who seemed to be doing everything she could to beat him to a pulp he couldn't bring himself to do it. He'd been raised to never lift his hand to a girl. It was old fashioned and slightly chauvinistic and he knew Kim could take it but he couldn't do it.

Ron realised he needed a break but also knew that if he stopped to talk he'd be smacked upside the head. He had to get some distance between him and Kim. The opportunity came when he ducked a high kick to the face. Sweeping his leg he made to take Kim's own leg out from under her. He would've succeeded in landing her on her back had she not dove away and came up in a defensive stance on the other side of the boundaries.

Kim was prepared for when Ron would press the attack. She was glad he was finally fighting back but was confused when the attack didn't come.

"Hold up KP," he said, "It's far too warm for this."

Kim rolled her eyes. "Ron, the bad guys are not going to stop trying to beat you up just because you're too-"

She paused when she realised what her boyfriend was doing. Ron was taking off his top to reveal his scrawny yet toned body. His chest was covered in sweat which served to emphasise the small amount of chest hair he had. Kim bit her lip as he tossed the top aside and prepared to resume a fighting stance.

"Okay," he said, "I'm goo- Whoa!" Ron found himself tackled to the ground and his girlfriend's lips pressed against his. Passion overwhelming all rational thought he lost himself in the kiss, the feel of her hands caressing his face and bare chest. He moaned as Kim pushed her tongue past his lips, not hesitating to push back. He savoured the feeling, the fire of the touch between the two of them. The taste of her mouth, the smell of her hair, the feel of her body atop his, all of it enticed him.

The young man took the opportunity to breathe when Kim release his lips, only to shift her attention to his neck. His eyes crossed and he let out a deep sigh as she kissed his throat. Ron's thoughts were thoroughly muddled and all he could do was pull his girlfriend closer to him. But his brain was shocked back into action when Kim bit down on his skin. He gasped. It felt good to have her sucking and nibbling on his neck, but the pain reminded him of what they had been doing beforehand.

"KP?" he began hesitantly, "Weren't we supposed to be practising?"

The girl in question stopped marking her territory to give her boyfriend a look.

"Are you complaining?" she asked. Ron had to admit she had a point. Putting his hand behind her head he pulled her into another deep kiss. His other hand slowly found its way under the hem of her shirt. Careful to tease Kim by being painfully slow Ron began to lift the shirt up, delicately brushing her breasts as her did so. He smirked when she moaned at his touch. Pulling her close again so as to feel her chest against his as her deftly undid the clasp of her sports bra. The pair moaned as Kim's hardened nipples rubbed against his chest.

Sliding one hand under the waist band of Kim's pants Ron gave her tight behind a firm squeeze. She responded by attempting to remove his own pants. As her boyfriend's other hand rested on her breast, his fingers teasing her nipple with slow and agonisingly delicate care, her efforts redoubled.

Damn, she thought to herself, they never come off easily when you want them to.

Finally she was rewarded; the trousers were loosened and pushed down so that only Ron's boxers separated her from his long, hard cock. A gasp came from his lips as she laid a finger on its head. Kim smirked. Even through clothing her touch had such an effect on Ron. Planting her lips on her boyfriend's throat she paused for a moment at the spot she had marked earlier. Giving it a fresh nibble she continued leaving a trail of kisses south, past his chest and stomach until her chin came to rest on Ron's member.

The red-head giggled. She loved the feel of it throbbing against her. But it was times like this when Kim Possible let her sadistic side have some fun. She slipped both index fingers beneath the waist band of the boxers. She looked at Ron's face, giving him an evil smile. Her head moved ever so slightly, slowly, barely moving at all, but enough so that Ron could feel everything through his second brain. It frustrated him. It drove him mad. Kim knew this. She knew the effect she had on him. She just wanted to hear him beg, plead, for it.

"KP! Please!"

He never did last very long.

Smirking, Kim relented. She pulled his heart covered boxers down, unleashing what she liked to call "her favourite toy". Greeting it with a peck she elicited a shudder from her boyfriend. Smiling demurely she kissed it again, harder. She loved to watch Ron's face as she did so, the look of pleasure almost as rewarding as when he reciprocates. Kim licked the tip of his cock for one more shiver, tasting him properly, before she engulfed the head.

"Oh fuck!"

Kim moaned for her boyfriend, adding to his pleasure. Steadying it with a hand she began take more of his member-

Beep Beep Bee Beep!

Kim froze. Ron's eyes shot wide open. This couldn't be happening, not when things were just getting good! Neither of them moved, hoping against hope that it was just their imagination.

Beep Beep Bee Beep!

Kim growled. There was no escaping it. She knew she should have removed the battery from that damned Kimmunicator! Getting up, and leaving Ron wholly unsatisfied, she crossed the room to where she had left the device. Ensuring that Wade could only see her face she answered the call.

"What's the sitch?" she snarled.

"Hey Kim!" the boy genius replied before noting her flushed face and less than pleased expression. "I'm not interrupting anything am I?" Having recently begun puberty and receiving The Talk from his parents Wade had a vague idea of what his friends might have been doing. He was also afraid of what they might do to him for interrupting.

"Yes!" yelled Ron before Kim could shut him up, "Dude you have the worst timing ever! I was just about to get some- OW!"

"We were just sparring," answered Kim after kicking the man in the ribs. "What's going on?"

"There's been a break-in at Dr Bortel's lab," said Wade, his face grim, "It was-"

"No, no, no, no!" protested Ron, "We are not taking this one, pass it along to GJ."

"Ron!" admonished Kim.

"No, KP," he said, wearing his serious face, "Every time we get involved with that guy one of his stupid, unethical, profiteering inventions fucks your brain up."

"Ron!" Kim shrieked, "Watch your language! You'll corrupt Wade!" Both Ron and Wade looked at her with an eyebrow raised. Ron because Kim was talking to the boy while topless, Wade because he'd been hooked up to the internet all his life and couldn't be corrupted any further.

"Before you guys decide you should know who the thief was," said the computer genius, "Shego."

"I thought she and Drakken went straight," muttered Ron.

"Alright, we're in," decided Kim, "When's our ride?"

"Five minutes, it'll take you straight to their Caribbean Lair."

Kim cursed under her breath; it wasn't enough time to finish things with Ron. "On our way."

"Why would Shego even want to steal from him?" Ron asked, "She gets hit with his crap too!"