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A Week Without Ronshine.

Ron sat in the backseat of the Stoppable family car watching as the familiar sign bearing the words "Welcome to Middleton" passed by. It had been a long week but he was finally going to see his KP again. They'd talked on the Kimmunicators again the night before. Kim had sounded hungry, famished in fact. She'd talked in the same low, husky voice that haunted his dreams at night. The dreams where she pouted, begging for him as he tied her down and tore her clothes off. Last night he'd ruined her cheerleading outfit as he spread her legs, revealing her wet core…

Ron shook the fantasy out of his head. While his little sister was curled up asleep with Rufus in the car seat next to him all it would take would be for one of his parents to glance behind themselves to notice the tent in his trousers. That would be awk-weird.

Finally the Stoppable's house came into view. As his father parked Ron leapt from the car, not even waiting for it to stop. Stupid, he was sure, but Ron didn't care. In the time it took for his parents to realise what had happened he was already sprinting towards the Possible house.

He had a girlfriend to get to after all.

Kim had to physically stop herself from bouncing around the room. Ron was coming home today, today! She couldn't wait. Her little vibrator lay abandoned in the corner of her room. She hadn't gotten much chance to use it since that first night. Her shifts at Club Banana had kept her out of the house until the evening and she'd found at least one parent at home by the time she got back. She didn't trust herself not to scream out. It wasn't much of an issue with Ron, she could always bite his neck or he would muffle the scream with his mouth…

She smiled. Today her house was completely empty; as soon as Ron got there they could be as loud as they wanted. Of course that didn't mean there wasn't going to be any biting or muffling going on. Kim's thoughts were interrupted by a door being opened somewhere beneath her.

"Kim? You home?" yelled a voice. The girl's heart beat faster. Ron was finally here.

"In my room!" she called back. She took a moment to check herself in the mirror.

Oh yes, she thought, This was worth every penny. Ron is going to freak.

Ron bound up the stairs of the Possible home. Years of running away from villains had given him enough stamina to sprint all the way from his house. His breathing wasn't even laboured. He slowed himself down as he got to the steps leading to Kim's bedroom. He was sure Kim would find a way to make it special, given that he'd been gone a week. He wanted to savour it. Slowly, he made his way up the final steps. And then he stopped dead.

Kim hadn't disappointed. Ron was greeted with the sight of two athletic, stocking covered legs. The stockings stopped mid-thigh, leaving nothing but beautiful bare skin between them and a barely-there lace thong. Ron's gaze lingered on the supposed underwear (really it's more like a piece of string, he thought) swallowing with a gulp when he realised he could see Kim's ginger hair through the fabric.

Kim put a hand on her hip, jolting Ron's vision upwards again. Her midriff was bare, more-so than when she wore crop-tops. More lace fabric covered her breasts. There was too much of it to be called a bra, but not enough of it to be called anything else. Two thin straps were draped over her shoulders, keeping the top in place. Finally Ron's eyes came to rest on Kim's face. She was smirking at his reaction.

"You like?" she asked, her tone heavy with seduction. Ron didn't answer, he couldn't. He felt as though every drop of blood that was intended for his brain was being rerouted. Fortunately his legs still worked. He crossed the room to his girlfriend and crashed his lips into hers. He wrapped one arm around her while running his fingers through her hair.

Kim was quick to respond in kind. She let her tongue play out, twining with Ron's. Having been starved of their partner for the week both members of Team Possible were hungry for each other. As Ron guided her backwards she felt him push her up against a wall. She whimpered as he broke the kiss only to plant his lips on her neck. Kim groaned as he kissed and sucked from the collar bone, over her larynx to just beneath her ear. She tightened her grip on him as he nibbled on her lobe.

Ron move his hands slowly, tracing their way around Kim's back until both of them found their way to Kim's breasts. He wasted no time in pulling the fabric of the top down, freeing their pert forms from within. Kim gasped as he gripped her tits, being both firm and gentle at the same time. She moaned as his kisses continued past her neck again and on to the valley between her breasts. He caressed one breast with a hand while the other suffered under his lips, tongue and teeth. Ron sucked and licked the whole of her tit, nibbling on and flicking the raised nipple with his tongue. Just as Kim thought she couldn't take anymore he switched his focus to the other breast, repeating the process.

Ron was almost lost in the simple act of pleasure Kim through her breasts. Almost, but not quite; his free hand travelled south, raking across her mid-riff before he let it enter his girlfriend's panties. He ran one finger across her entrance. Kim whimpered and his finger came away covered in her warm juices.

My God, he thought, she's already soaking wet. With this in mind he gripped the scant piece of cloth, which barely qualified as underwear, and tore it from her.

Kim squealed as she heard the ripping sound. Grabbing Ron by the hair she lifted his head to stare him in the eye.

"Bad Boy," she whispered. Ron didn't answer. He assaulted her lips with his own again, all the while unbuckling his belt and opening his trouser button and zip. He let them fall to his ankles. His boxers followed soon after. Cupping Kim's behind in both hands he lifted her from the floor, keeping her pinned to the wall. And he thrust into her.

Kim broke the kiss to let out a throaty scream. This was what she'd been waiting for. This was what she'd been missing while Ron was away. Forget her fingers, forget that dinky little vibrator. This was what she wanted. This was what she Needed. And then Ron thrust into her again and all coherent thought left her. She just wrapped her legs around him and focused on the feeling of Ron's cock deep inside of her.

He was moving faster now. Each thrust brought greater pleasure, each thrust added to the pressure. After so long apart neither of them was going to last long. And then, The Dam Broke. Kim was the first to be hit by orgasmic, mind-numbing, forget-your-own-name-because-nothing-but-this-feeling-matters pleasure. She threw her head back, never minding that she hit the wall, and screamed to the heavens in a wordless prayer of thanks to ancient gods of sex and vitality. It was all she could do to hold on to her mate, to squeeze him tight with her stocking-clad legs. And then he came too. He didn't scream, or shout out, but Kim felt more than heard the low bestial growl that rumbled through his chest as his throbbing dick released its load into her pussy.

Neither of them knew how long it took them to come down from that incredible high, but eventually they did. Ron slowly let Kim down, ceasing to pin her to the wall. It was the moment that her feet touched the floor again that she was able to think again. And she decided she wasn't finished. She pushed her boyfriend back to her bed, forcing him to sit down on its edge. Kim knelt before him wasting no time before taking his half-hard cock into her mouth. She could taste herself, mingled with his own juices, his "Essential Ronness" but she didn't care. She sucked and swallowed as she bobbed up and down. With one hand she gently massaged his balls; with the other she caressed his bare leg. It wasn't long before Ron was at full mast again.

As she released the member from her mouth she caught Ron staring at her blankly. She smirked; it appeared that he wasn't able to think yet. Kim rose, pulling his jersey off as she did so, revealing his bare chest. Slowly, carefully, sensuously she lowered herself onto his dick. Evidently enough of his mind had recovered to pull her close as he began to work his mouth on her neck again. Kim rocked her hips, ensuring that she was penetrated as deep as possible. It didn't take long for her to build back up to the frantic pace Ron had maintained before their first orgasm. But this wasn't for Ron, this was for her.

Kim held him as close as possible, pressing her hard nipples against his chest, pulling his head into the crook of her neck. Ron was nibbling and sucking at it, at one specific spot. He was going to leave a mark for all to see. She welcomed it. She wanted people to know, wanted the world to know, that she was his and only his. She worked her hips faster, every time they rocked brought a little more pleasure. Every time she moved the pressure built up again. And she wanted it, so badly wanted it, again and again and again and…

It boiled over once more. She screamed, low and guttural, but it was still a scream. Ron pulled away from the newly formed hickey to look into Kim's eyes. His deep brown orbs told her he wanted more. Told her he wasn't finished. The throbbing cock that was still in her pussy agreed. Of course, she wanted it too. Ron braced her against his body as he stood up, keeping himself inside of her. He lowered the pair of them back onto the bed, so that he was on top. He rose onto his hackles and, hooking his arms beneath Kim's knees, lifted her legs to rest on his shoulders. Only then did he begin thrusting again.

Kim was flexible, remarkably so in fact, so Ron knew he wouldn't hurt her when he bent over her lithe form, despite the fact that her feet were almost right next to her head. But she was looking her lover in the eye and she couldn't get enough of it. Ron grabbed both of her wrists, holding them as tight as any handcuff. The message was clear: You were in control before, but now it's my turn.

Ron was working hard, his earlier energy returned in a second wind. Sweat fell from his brow, mingling with hers as it traced her skin. Her green eyes begged for more, wanting to feel bliss, wanting to have it all, wanting to-

"Auuugh fuck!" she screamed, closing her eyes. "Oh fuckshitFUCK!"

But Ron didn't stop. Her orgasm didn't have the chance to die down; Ron's dick kept pumping life into it, prolonging the pleasure. Even in the throes of ecstasy she could feel another orgasm on its way, building fast and hard. She could barely think, barely breath as Ron pound into her. But she knew he was nearing his precipice again. And she wanted to be on top for this.

Swinging her legs Kim brought Ron to the mattress and with a roll she was above him once again. She managed a smirk before a groan escaped her lips as another wave of pleasure rolled over her and her orgasm drew nearer. Leaning back she grabbed Ron's ankles as she rocked her hips back and forward. For his part Ron used his thumb to caress her clit as he watched her take his cock in and out of her.

"Oh God Kim!" he cried, "I'm gonna come!"

"Oh come for me babe," she breathed, "Come with me please."

At last neither could take any more. Ron exploded, emptying his seed once more into his girlfriend warm, wet core. Kim screamed as he did. She saw stars. She heard nothing but the blood pounding through her ears. And she felt nothing but overwhelming pleasure before she collapsed.

It could have been hours before Ron gained the strength to pull Kim up to his side. Neither of them cared.

"I should go away more often," he whispered in her ear as he pulled her close.

"Please don't," Kim answered softly without opening her eyes. Ron chuckled and told her he wouldn't. "Besides, this has more to do with Bortel's NHI than you being away." She filled him in on the conversation she'd had with the scientist. "So it's likely I'm gonna like this for another week. But you can handle it, right Ron?"

Ron swallowed.

"I think we're gonna need some ice."

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