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"Something More Than Friends"


"Touma…" A faint voice was calling.

Touma started to slowly open her eyes. She sees a blurry figure and hears her name being called again. "Touma..."

"…Mmmm..w-who?..." Touma lightly rubs her eyes to clear her vision a little and sees a mandarin haired girl sitting beside her on her bed. She slowly bends towards Touma's face, leaving only a few inches for their lips to reach.

Aaahhhh! Too close! Too close! Why is Torako here?

"Touma, kiss me…" The mandarin haired girl just stared, waiting for an answer.

K-k-kiss her? This can't be happening!

Torako had a playful grin on her face, she whispered in Touma's ear "I'm waiting Touma."


Touma blushed intensely red; she closed her eyes and slowly inched closer towards Torako. She smiled and grabbed Touma and kissed her. The soft warm pleasure ended. Touma opened her eyes seeing Torako smiling at her.

"You are slow as ever Touma".

"I-I'm not! I just..."

"You're really cute Touma."

Torako kissed Touma on the forehead and they both drifted to sleep.


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