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"Sherlock, please give me my plane ticket, I need to go now" Molly said.

"Nice name Darcy's given you, Irene Adler" Sherlock said, trying to distract her, making her miss her flight.

"Yes, it's very nice, now give me my ticket" she said getting more and more upset with him.

"I'll rip it, then you have to stay"

"Sherlock, please don't make this any harder than it already is"

"It's not safe to go on your own"

"Darcy has people out there to look after me"

"I don't trust them"

"But I do, so trust me for once"

Sherlock tossed her ticket onto the floor, giving in.

"Fine go, I have John"

Molly picked the ticket up and looked at him.

"Sherlock that sounded wrong but ok, I'll ring when I get there if I can ok?" she reached up and kissed his cheek "I promise" and with that she left with her suitcases, getting into a taxi.

Sherlock had other ideas, he tried contacting Mycroft to see if he could cancel the flight, but even he said he had to let go for her safety. Annoyed he went to Lestrade and decided to ask him for the biggest favour he has ever asked for.

"I'm not too sure Sherlock, surely you should just leave her to it" he said.

"Lestrade, have I ever asked this of you before?"

"No, you usually ask if you can hurl abuse at Anderson and invade my crime scenes" he answered quickly.

"Then you know it's serious" he said.

"I don't know if I can do this Sherlock, could be hated for months, years by the boss"

"But would you lose your job?"

"Don't think so"

"There you go"

"That's not the point Sherlock, the point is my reputation"

"Ugh, why is everyone obsessed about what other people think of them? Get over it Lestrade, Molly needs protection, Molly? Who has helped you in so many cases without you even knowing" he said, hands on Lestrades desk, leaning over him.

Lestrade gave a huge sigh and stood slowly.

"I'll see what I can do ok? But I'm not promising anything!" he said leaving his office to see his boss.

"Thank you"

The flight was long but peaceful and as Darcy said there was someone waiting for her at the other end. She was taken to her new flat in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She had always wanted to visit there and now she was living there, building a new life, away from Sherlock and Jim and John and everything else dangerous.

After a few weeks she had managed to get a new job at the local hospital, the morgue as usual and was getting a decent income. It wasn't until the 4th week that she had an unexpected knock on the door. She had already been welcomed to the building which made her suspicious, Darcy always gave her a message if she was coming to visit or something similar. Hesitantly she went over to the door, peeping though the peep hole. She saw a dark figure standing in the hall way, unable to see his face.

"Who is it?" and she opened the door carefully.

Back in London Sherlock was reading a text from Lestrade.

"Sherlock we have that woman to interview in 10 minutes, shift yourself!" John said.

"I will move in a minute, it takes exactly 6 minutes to walk to this woman's house, I have 4 minutes yet" Sherlock stated.

John huffed and sat in his chair, looking at Sherlock angrily.

"Stop staring John"

"What has your attention so much? Who's texted you?" John asked

"Lestrade" he answered simply.

"Lestrade? Why? Another case for us?"

"No, wrapping up one, in a way"

"What is it then?" John getting more and more frustrated with him.

Not moving from the sofa, Sherlock looked at John serious but calmly "Dimmock has been sent to America to work, undercover work to look after Molly" after that he shot up, grabbing his jacket "come on then John let's go"

"Oh now he moves!" he legs it down the stairs, thinking Sherlock's in tow.

Sherlock stands in his living room, staring out the window. He was remembering his first night with Molly. The way she kissed him, held him, shaking his head he replied to Lestrade.

'Keep me updated on Irene Adler, SH'

The End?