"Zeref! Stop!" Natsu screams causing Zeref to turns toward Natsu, The Master saw the opportunity and fully attack Zeref senting him fly back knocked out on the floor...

"Im going to lite up the darkness of this world by erasing you!" he says with an evil looks on his eyes

"Light, Water, Earth, and Sky lend me the power to get rid of the Darkness... ALTEARITH!" and a giant blackhole opened up sucking from behind them Zeref and begin to suck his feet in...

"Natsuuuuuu!" Zeref screams as now the blackhole sucking half of Zeref's body... "Goodbye!" he says before closing his eyes

"No! Zeeeeereeeeeeffff!" Natsu ran over and hold Zeref's hand as he try to pulls him out... "DONT LEAVES ME!" he screams

"Let go you gonna get suck in here too!" Zeref screams as he trying to pushes Natsu away... Wendy and Gajeel stood their watching with their Master which they tries to help Natsu but Master stops them "Lets they finish their goodbye!" he smirk

"Im not letting urgh.. GO!" Natsu screams which shocked Zeref

"Im sorry! i... No WE will alway loves you!" Zeref pushes Natsu away as the blackhole closed Zeref's words still echoeing "I loves you Natsu!"

With this Natsu get on his knees crying caused Wendy and Gajeel's heart to break

"Natsu...!" Wendy says as he approach toward him.

"Well done!" Master standing there clapping

"Master whats now?" Gajeel asks

"Now to get rid of you!" he says before attacking Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel

"Time Sleep!" he says and all three lay there unconcious

Time Sleep is a power magic spell to make the targets sleep as they went back younger instead of ages...

And After this the Mysterious Master becames the King of the world and Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel was send to the three Dragon known as Igneel, Metalican, and Grandeeney...[1]

Soon Natsu found himself in a pict black space...

"Where the hell am i?" He screams out but then suddenly Zeref appears in front of him...

"Natsu im so happy to see you!" he says

"Zeref...!" Natsu shockingly says...

"After that happened you re-grown but didnt gained any memories but I just want you to knows five months ago i escaped that slumber and lives here!" Zeref says "Now you knows the true This is The Story of Us!" he smile before Natsu wakes up find himself back at Tenrou Island where Wendy, Lily, Happy, and Charla are taking cares of him and Makarov...

"Zeref...!" he mumbled to himself.

Fairy Tail

Now the battle on Tenrou has official over with Acnologia attacked Tenrou Island causing it to disappeared 7 years has passed as a young boy wearing Natsu's clothes with black hair and a Fairy Tail crest on his arm staring at the sea...

"Romeo lets go!" says the couple of Bisca and Alzack...

"Alright!" he says quietly as he follows them back... Suddenly Blue Pegasus arrived and informed them Tenrou Island they sent a search party and find out their first master Mavis Vermillion has protected them and now The Tenrou Team are back to Fairy Tail

"Everyone!" what left on the guild screaming as they jumps onto the Tenrou Team team hugging and bawling their eyes out...

"Romeo?" Natsu asks as he stares at the boy whom looks like Zeref and wear the same clothes as him(Natsu)

"Dad...?" Romeo says as he tears of joy

"Huh?" Natsu's now confused..

"Natsu i think we need to talks!" says Macao who walks outside and Natsu follows him

"Seven years ago the day Tenrou Island disappeared are also the death of MY Romeo!" Macao says as he tries to wipe away the tears on his eyes... "Everyone was shocked! when a young looking man carrying a baby to Fairy Tail and told us to takes care of this little baby who is your son!" Macao explains "We took him in and replaced Romeo with him to hid away the sadness!"

Natsu couldnt believes what he heard he knew he got a child with Zeref but didnt knows it was this Romeo... he's happy yet shock

"Thank you Macao! for taking good cares of him!" Natsu says before walks into the guild hugging Romeo "You really are my son!" they hugged as Romeo cry tears of joy over Natsu's shoulders..


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1. Yep the point of that its to tells you why Gajeel and Natsu couldnt get out of Fried's trap (80 or older shall not pass) in the Fighting Festival lolz.

And you might hates me for kills Romeo but when i saw he standing there wearing Natsu clothes and looks like Zeref i swear i thought it was they son and the fact how did Zeref knows Natsu so thats how this story hatched...BTW its was better in my head then the actual writing but im proud of it AGAIN THANKS FOR READING!